The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on June 25, 2006 · Page 36
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 36

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 25, 2006
Page 36
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D8 THE HAYS DAILY NEWS SUNDAY, JUNE 25,2006 FAMILY CIRCUS DENNIS THE MENACE DM by K*g "How can these big plants fit Inside these tiny seeds?" BEETIE BAIIEY TOOK AFTER YOU* SIPE OF THE NICE SHOT, SIR! GARFIELD GARFIEU?, WE GO TO THE ver VOU HAVE TO GET) I VOUR SHOT5 WHAT POES SHE THINK I AM, A PINCUSHION? THE PINCUSHION IS REAPV TO LEAVE WHEN VOU ARE.' WIZARD OF ID BABY BLUES FOR BETTER OR FDR WORSE POKIS! LOOK AT you!) we usep TO <&gf - — '—* IMH6N OUR PAR£rt15 TOOK US QM THE. FPVJWOW TRAIL I HAVEN'T S6EM YOU, PAUU WRI&HT, 61NC& ysuweRe it,! WHAT C\%£- VOU DOIN& IN ^ ——\1 Nttl&WAKI? —— 7>— // / ' PMSTARTiN&T& , INSI&NIFICANT! BLONDIE MR. 3., I'VE 'DECIDED TO CUT VOUR SRASS THIS SUMMER WITHOUT HAVING TO GO THROUGH THAT ARBITRATION BUSINESS I KNOW...NO SENSE POOLING AROUND WITH CONTRACT, MR. B. THIS WAV, I HAVE THE OPTION OF GOING OUT ON A WILDCAT STRIKE ANV TIME 1 WANT WELL, THAT'S A RELIEF, ELMO IWPRN1PP0N WfgRMN. BlllEBT I'rA BETTY THE BULLDOZER, AND I ALUAYS GET WHAT I UJANT! \U DROP EVERYTHING AND START DOING rAY BIDDING NOW, INTERN! \\/ THIS WAS JUST A TEST. WAIT HERE UNTIL I NEED SOMETHING. Aimie'sHaHliox Dear Annie: I have a 19-year-old daughter, "Eva," who is bipolar. She has had multiple hospitalize- tions and one suicide attempt. She sees a psychiatrist and a therapist, takes her medications, and we are working with an agency for some help with her transition to independence. My concern is the extended family We get together every two to three months to celebrate birthdays, holidays and other special events. Eva often does not feel able to handle more than 10 people in a room, and frequently refuses to attend these celebrations, or needs to leave very early. In addition, she struggles with social skills. She is better on a computer, with e-mail, but her great-grandmothers, the ones most concerned with etiquette, are not online. I haven't visited my grandmother in several years, even though she lives only four hours away, because Eva's moodiness rubs her the wrong way. I love my daughter, but 1 am not sure how to ease this situation. — Struggling In Wisconsin Dear Struggling: You are doing everything right to help Eva, so please don't feel the need to apologize for her behavior with the relatives. She is doing the best she can, and they will have to learn to accept her as she is. Surely the family is aware that Eva has problems. You can confide the details if you wish, or simply say, "Sorry Eva couldn't come, but she is uncomfortable in large groups." Great-Grandma actually may prefer to see Eva, warts and all, if the alternative is not seeing her in several years. And there is no reason you can't visit your grandmother without Eva. As for thank-you notes, remind Eva to write them, and whatever happens after that is beyond your control. Let it go. Dear Annie: Please settle a difference of opinion. My friend says you can inherit alcoholism from a family member. I say no, you can inherit the genes for cancer, heart disease and so forth, but drinking, smoking and gambling are acquired habits. You drink, smoke and gamble because you want to nobody pours the booze down your throat or sticks the cigarette hi your mouth. We will be looking for your reply. Thank you. — J.L. and R.F. Dear J.L. and R.F.: Scientists are still looking for specific genes, but there is evidence that a predisposition for alcoholism may be inherited — which means if Dad is an alcoholic, Sonny has a greater- than-average chance of being one, too. Dear Annie: I also lived through the situation described by "Just Another Soldier," whose wife cheated while he was away and his friends knew and didn't tell him. I went to Kuwait for a year and asked my best friend to help my wife with any problems while I was gone. Well, he helped her all right. I discovered they were having an affair. I then found out that most of my friends and co-workers were aware of the affair, but didn't want to get involved. I could not trust them any more than I could trust my wife. I quit my job and changed professions and am much happier; with my new job and new friends^ — Retired Soldier Dear Retired: There aren't many people who would tell someone in the middle of a war zone that his spouse is cheating. The consequences of such information could be severe. However, we're glad you managed to save your marriage, and we understand why you felt you needed new friends. — Write to Annie's Mailbox, P.O. Box 118190, Chicago, IL ore-mall REAL LIFE ADVENTURES CLOSE To HOME DOING MY TH£S(S ON MA X IMITATION OP TH& €OUCATIONAL T/M€tlN£ OF AND 'ITS' COK.&.ZLATIGN TO R&AL.' t^OK.LD £MPLO VA76VVT A VOIDANCJE. Here's hoping they graduate before It's time for them to retire. "Well, let's see ... looks like she's got six lives left, which is quite good for a 9-year-old cat." Daily SudoKu 4 5 7 6 1 4 5 6 3 4 6 9 7 8 1 4 7. 5 6 8 3 9 3 4 1 Level: Advanced To solve a sudoku puzzle, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. Use the numeric clues provided in the boxes. g 9 L z 6 1 * 8 e Z \. \r 8 i. e g 6 9 e 6 8 g * 9 i L Z L 8 Z fr e g 6 9 i. \. f 9 6 8 Z L e g 6 g e 9 \. L Z * 8 8 e I / g 6 9 z V fr z 6 1. 9 8 e g L 9 L g e z fr 8 t. 6 Dr. Paul Donohue HEALTH DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I am 26, a female and have been exercising for five years, I take a daily aerobics class that lasts an hour. In the past three months I've frequently gotten a headache toward the end of the class. I believe I am in good health. What can I do to stop the headaches from happening? — N.D. ANSWER: In the general population, the most common kind of headache is the tension headache, a painful tightness that encircles the head. In athletes, the most common kind of headache is the exertional headache — your kind. It's believed to be the result of an increase in blood pressure in brain and head arteries. Weightlifters who hold their breath while they hoist heavy loads often get this kind of headache. They can stop them by exhaling when they lift and inhaling when they lower the weight. At no time should they hold their breath while they are straining. Aerobic exercise — running, biking, jogging — and ju§t about any sport can also give rise to headaches for the same reason: an increase in the pressure of brain and head arteries. You can prevent them by taking a medicine like Indocin before exercising. Exercise can also bring on migraine headaches, so they must be considered. In older people, angina—chest pain due to blocked heart arteries — can sometimes be manifested as a headache. You're not in the age group for this consideration. If the headaches continue, see a doctor just to be on the safe side. — Write to Paul Donohue, M.D., P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-647$. neyed 41 Universal donor's class 42 Disorder DOWN 1 AXYDLBAAXR is LONG PEL LOW One letter stands for another. In this sample, A is usec) 4 for the three L's, X for the two'O's, etc. Single letters; \ apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. 6-24 CRYPTOQUOTE FALPMPMB PU RORAHFVPMB. FVR WRLDV TLU SMDR L ZPFFRA LGCSMK; DLXGPQGSTRA PU ZXF DLZZLBR TPFV L DSGGRBR RKXDLFPSM. — CLAE FTLPM Yesterday's Cryptoquote: EDUCATION IS A BETTER SAFEGUARD OF LIBERTY THAN A STANDING ARMY. — EDWARD EVERETT CROSSWORD By THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS 40 Hack- 1 Farm chunk 5 Speeders' worries 10 Writer Dahl 12 Japanese films 13 Belly button type ' 14 Open the toothpaste 15 Hearty brew 16 Plague 18 Young fox 19 Fenway Park team 21 Composer Bart6k 22 Election gauges 24 Singer Reese 25 Run away 29 Silver- tongued 30 Glacial period 32 Ness, for one 33 One for Juan 34 Some H.S. students 35 Red leader 37 Desert spots 39 Set off 8 Like excited fans Shallow ravine Blue, in a way Bulldog backer Ersatz Roadhouse Site of 9 Nose dividers 11 Ardent 17 Clarify 20 It's opposite the hit 21 Ice skate , part 23 Codger Jefferson's 25 Nodding, portrait perhaps Net 26 Shanghai receipts? 27 Dog star Yesterday's answer 28 Wading birds •' 29 One of •the black keys 31 Slalom curves , 33 Golden . Rule preposition 36 Rage 38 Radius's place NEW CROSSWORD BOOKI Send $4.75 (check/m.o.) to Thomas Joseph Pook 2, P.O. Box 636475, Orlando, Ft 32853-6475

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