Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 2, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1939
Page 5
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Thursday, November 2,1 HOPE 3f Aft. HOPE, ARKANSAS Bruce Catton Says: Peace I'Yont Shifts Fight to Bolster House Isolationists . By BRUCE CATTON i NKA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON — Tin- "pence lobby" Is not yet re;idy to admit tbat the fitfht to ke";> the nrms nnbnrgo hns been lost. Must niilitnnt ponce societies today* • nre (he Women's Inlcrnnlionnl League i **• Soimlor LuFollette's plnn is the snine (hint} i»i milder form. II would provide that Congress could not declnre war (except, again, in wise of in- vnsion) until ufter 11 referendum h;ul been held, bulbil would not necessarily amke this referendum binding memlmenl in (he Bloom bill. ! "P» n Congress. pressure is Hiking the form ! Dorothy Detzer. who handles Wash- , ' ington mailers for the League, says j her group will support 111 is plan principally on the ground thai it is simpler than Ludlow proposal and could bt; put into effect by u mere act of Congress in place of the lengthy constitutional amendment process. Embarrassed by Confusion In Names Just incidentally, Miss Di-Ui'r wish- OUR BOARDING HOUSE 'for Peace and Freedom and the Nat- (Mnnal council for the Prevention of JWnr. lioth groups have launched intensive last-minute campaigns to keep iimigrpssinen in line, principal objcc- *' live being (he (il Democrats who last ' spring voted to insert the Vorys em Tliis n[ personal contacts and appeals to groups "back home," in the hope that a flood of Idlers ami (elfKrains will descend on Cnpilol Hill. I'liin Heyoml Kinlmrgo Vole Meanwhile, both organisations arc looking nhead In the period when the embargo debate shall have ended and .ire mjiprmitf (lit'ir strategy for the fi-sl of the fall and the early winter. Fredrick Libby. bend of Ihe National Council for Prevention of War, plans .in active campaign for "(K'fice imw." His organiAation will try to I'M'uic seiilinii.Mit for an internntinnal pfSice conference in end hostilities and settle differences between warring nations, l! is trying to re-establish its pre-war contacts in Great Britain. "We dike the altitude that (here i.s no sense in this war. Ilia! no one wiihls it thai no one knows what they're fighiing for and thai it's lime it was stopped,'-' Libby says. "And. of roiirM'--l)ie sooner the war is slopped, the ujeiuer the likelihood that America can remain jit peace," Tlie Women's International Ijcague. fur 1'rai-e and Freedom, meanwhile, plans to make a strong drive for en- •u'tment of a war referendum measure •imilar to the proposal which Senator I.aFollette unsuccessfully tried to lack onto the neutrality bill. People Would Take War Power Alreaily ponding in Congress is the (•'institutional amendment brought up long ago by Congressman Louis Liul- Inw of Indiana, which would (to all intents and purposes' take the war- declaring aiilhority away from Con- I'ress and put it in the hands of the voters, except in the case of actual or threatened invasion of the United Slat- I TMOUGUT ATHLETES COULDN'T EAT MUCH ON THE DAY BEFORE THEY PERFORrAjMAOOR^BUT YOU'VE. I BEEN STUFFING ALL DAY LIKE / MY UNCLE MUGO, WHOSE APPETITE USED TO KEEP THE > FAMILY IKI DEBT-*--"- BUT EVEN HE NEVER GOT A AAATTRGSS UNDER HIS VEST UKE YOU/ es people would get il through Ilicir heads that the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom has nothing whatever to do with the American League for Peace and Democracy, the outfit which the Dies committee has branded a Communist- fronl organization. Because the names are similar, lots of people get them mixed; Mi.ss Det- •/.er points out lhal her organi/.atiofi is .strictly a membership affair, that it has—or had, until the war started —sections in 22 countries, and that it maintains international headquarters at Geneva. League officials have always been n litlle sore al Ihe Peace and Democracy crowd, suspecting thai the similarity in names was not exactly accidental. The Women's International League is much the older of the two. having been founded in 1915 by .land Addams. There is nothing radical about it: it's national treasurer, for instance. is Helen Taft Manning, daughter of WHERE ,TWO GOIKJG) TO WEIGH IN FOR THE 816 HEAV& TOMORROW with Major Hooplej Unbeaten Camden Team Here Friday I 0 A COAL YARD ? :-®r\ '-0-' V—-/.— TWRiCE BAH ON YOU BOTH.' EGAD, CALORIES BUILD ATHLETIC -RESISTAMCE, AND IF YOUR DISPARAGING? REMARK'S REFER TO MY WAISTLINE, LET ME SET YOU RIGHT—TIAAT BULGE UNDER AAV VEST IS BUT THE RlPPLE OF MIGHTY ABDOAAIMAL MUSCLES/ THIS FOOO WILL "STAND f\AE IN GOOD ^STEAO WHEN. I AAEET BAD BOUNCE BAB A ^>^>N :e: 'J -5" ^ f~~ Q<5 ?£ I: - J 7 V' r/ !$d >». 2£/&w :^>> ^ v»° -Tt -.vc Yerger Squad to Clash With Black Panthers i at 3 o'Clock will play the at. the Yerger The Verger Tigers Cnrmlen team Friday stadium. This will be the sixth game of the season with the Yearger team winner of the five previous games. The Camden (earn has been undefeated this year the sa'me as Yerger so this game will mean disaster for one or the other. This will be Yerger's homecoming game and a bonfire will be staged in, honor of the occasion Thursday night' «tj:30. The lineup for both teams follows: Hope P. Grady Camden F. Culhoun iCQI'M »<)J9 BY Uf - -^ ,IHC. rt. i%,r my WAY, DIDN'T NAPOLEON'S A^ TRAVEL ON \TS STOMACH? Right end Right tackle Right guard Center Left guard Lefl lackle . Slmpkins former President Senator Taf( of Taft and Ohio. sister of More than half of the 300000(10 milies in the United Stales use for cooking purposes. fa- gas if it'sHANES! E HAVE I T 1 TALBOT'S 'I STOPPED WEARING A TRACK SUIT . FOR FOOTBAll J WEATHER" *: • I used to sit in tlie. hi anils with my teeth cliultcriiig. Now, I'm all wet for comfort in HANKS m<</<//ric-ci'i'/ii \\IMT.K Si-rrs. UAM.S NViMT.it SI.TS pivc you outdoor \Mir-intli wilh indoor roiii for I. You !'«•<•! riglit, too . . . with (lie (•ciillc, athletic Hiip- popl of I m; 1 1 ANKSKMT t'.rotch-<Mi»ir«l. SIM.- your H.V.NKS. Dcnli-r "lotluy. T. II. lliiiK'* Knitting Company, Vinsloii-Siilcm, N. C. HANES WINTER SETS 50c to 79c THE GARMENT Wi-ur u miildlr- \trixlil umtri-Mtiirt. Thru rlmtiHtj a pair uf ( Irtil rli-diiartl \Vli>il-Slilrl<l> (flu- lire w li o v r ) , i> r Cro I c- h - <; u u ril Sliorln. Cixiilit-.l yurii . . . «r IU?u w .... I . II A N K S IIKAVVWKJUHT T.IIAMI'IONS $1. l>ilirr»7V�� lu *2. Legal Notice NOTICE OF KKVISION <)!•' ASSESSMENTS Ctiimpioo MCHCHAHTS • l»rge»l itoct. ol HftNtS und.r.c.f Inth. South. L«l ui ».r»« >ou! WM. R. MOORE'S MEMPHIS NOT1CK IS HEREBY GIVEN Thai Ihe Board of Assessors of Street Improvement District No. 9 and also the Board of Assessors of Curb & Gutter District No. 5 in the City of Hope. Arkansas. (North Side districLsi will meet in the Council Room nt the Cily Hall in tin- City of Hope. Arkansas, at 1(1 o'clock A. M. on Friday, the 1st day of December. 19M. for the purpose of revising and readjusting the assessment of benefits against the real property in said districts. Any person desiring any revision or readjustment of assessment or change in value whatsoever 'may appear before said boards and make application therefor, ami the same will be considered. The said Boards may also consider revisions on their own mo- I i lion. DATED This 25th day of October I'JIl!). C. E. TAYLOR L. 3. BILKED Board of Assessors of Street Improvement District No. !l und also of Curb & Gutter District No. !i of Hope. Arkansas. Oct 2C, Nov. 2 NOTICE OK KKVISION OK ASSKSS.MKNTS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That the Board of Assessors of Street Im- j provemenl District No. 11 and its An- 1 nex No, 1 and also of Curb and Gutter District No. 7 and its Annex No. 1 in the City of Hope, Arlum- stis (South Main Street districts! will | mcel in Ihe Council Hoom al the City Hall in Ihe Cily of Hope. Arkansas, I two o'clock P. M. on Friday, the 1st day of December. 19S9, for Ihe purpose of revising and remljusling the assessment of benefits against Ihe real property in .said districts. Any person desiring any revision or readjustment of a.s.scssmcnt.s or change in value whatsoever 'may appear before said Boards and make application therefor, und the same will In- considered. The said Boards may al.so consider revisions on their own motion. DATED This Mill day of October. Mary Sue Gordon j Is Football Queen Will Reign Over Curly Wolf and Paragould Game Friday rKESCOTT. Ark—Mi.ss Mary Sue Gordon, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Gordon, has been elected homecoming queen to reign during the Prescott- Paragould game Friday night. Miss Gordon is a senior. She will be attended by the* following miiicls: Carrie Jane Greeson, Daisy Nell Dickinson, Dorothy White and Verna Marie Porter. She will be crowned by Watson Wilson, captain of tin- Curly Wolves in ceremonies preceding the game. Centrifugal force, now balances the pull of Ihe ,sun and keeps our earth in place. If our orbital motion stopped we would slur!, falling toward the sun immediately. The first second the earth would fall only une-ninth of a mile, but when w.- finally struck the sun. we would be traveling 381) miles a second. • HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Why people believed and felt the things they believed and felt during the first World War is explained, in the most timely book. "Words That Won the War" by | James R. Mock and Cedric Larson [ (Princeton University Press: S3.75'. j The most, complete study to dale I i.f the operations of Ihe Committee j on Public Information between ; 1017 and 1919 has heightened in- , tcresl today. Were we censored i during the World War? Here is a ! '. brief estimate by the authors: ' If the censorship was not quite j as voluntary as many Amercans be- t lieved it was during 11)171918, it was i very largely self-administered. The; Committee on Public Information set j down the general principqlcs. and • without legal action, the great majority 1 of Amerisan newspapers followed ' these rules under their own inter-'j pretalion. Hints of political use of Ihe CPI were of course constantly offered during the war. In a sense they were justified, for if it is difficult to distinguish between the President as • politician and the President as stales- man in pence-time, it is practically impossible when Ihe country is at war. The CPI was naturally used to the advancement of Mr. Wilson's ideas; but in the narrower sense of seeking aggrancii/emenl for the administration's political party. George Creel's committee has a rernarkabley clear record. Some of Ihe eommitlee's mosl responsible positions were filled by Republicans, and Mr. Creel set his face against involvement in local politics even when the "patriotic" excuse for it seemed pressing to some of his friends. Censorship, too, was employed "politically" in so far as the term covers stippcrs-sinn of arguments against the • Wilsunian system if ideas, but it wus ! never successfully charged that Mr. i Creel used Ills censorship authority for strictly partisan advantage or to advance his personal or political fortunes. Even charges of outright disloyalty he received without calling ,on (he government for protection. But Ihe power was there. It was there in abundance, and it is easy to imagine how logically and effortlessly, supported by wave on wave of patriotic emotion. George Creel might have continued to expand his powers and tigh- , ten his grip on the American press. That he did not is (he strongest C. Coleman ft. Greene . C. Wright A. Kount/ J. Williams D. Shaw (Left end E. Poindexler Quarterback D. Carson Left half J. Stuart Right half P. Carrigan Fullback The game will be called at 3 o'clock. Advance tickets until" 12 o'clock Friday, 15c and 35c, are on sale at Lewis' Grocery. Admission at gate 25c and 50c. Hughes May Play In Zebra Contest Tiger's Ace Ball Carrier Getting Ready for An- naul Battle SERIAL STORY JOAN OF ARKANSAS BY JERRY BRONDFJELD COPYRIGHT. I83P. NEA SERVJCE.'.IMCi LITTLE ROCK—Howard Hughes. Little Rock's all-state halfback, in- ciipacilated the past several weeks be- ciitisc of a hand injury suffered in a woocl.shop accident, may be in uniform when the Tigers play the Zebras at Pine Bluff November 18. It was necessary to amputate below the first joint of his middle finger on his left hand after the digit came in contact with a saw. Coach Clyde Van Sickle said that Hughes had been running in a sweat suit for the past two days. A special cast for the injured hand is being made and may be fitted Thursday. If the cast proves satisfactory, Hughes may return to action against the Bedbugs'at Fordyce next week. .. "Howard's hand is far from being healed." said Coach Van Sickle, "but he may be able to play if it is properly protected." Congratulations to TALBOT FEILD On winning a Reliance Gold Walcli Boyett Bros. Xiirlicr Sli»|) C. F. RG-JTON. T. M. KINSKH R. K. CORNELIUS Board of Assessors of Street Improvement District No. il and its Annex No. 1, and al.su Board of Assessors of Curb & Guter District No. 7 and its Annex No. I. Oct. 2li, Nov. 2 VI-'S'I'F.IID.VY: Thriilisli P.lnlni-'H iiuiiiciivi-riiiK. .Innii l» iiiiintMl i'«.•li.-iii iii.-in t\illi linn lor "I.IINl \Vi-rk" I'i'i-i'iiitiiiii'.s. Dint is iirruiil Ki-illi ivill lif iinur.v, lull llluiiIrM hfitm*. Unit' in li-ri'.'.l. \\>ilnr*ijjiy« llirrr il:ivs ln'1'tii-i* llu- I'ill ^nnir, llirrr in.i sirrimis at I-HIIKITN tvnil I'm- .limn oul^Itlt' «' rl:i**rironl linildiiiK, slinly IIIT hilrnlly as sin- . CHAPTKK XX '"JPTIEY waited ttnlil Joan was '•*• well on IIC.T way duwn tlie walk before any of. them .spoke again. Sam. Ihe driver, shifted his hat tu (he back of his head, turned and I'accil.tho bulky one. "Okay, , l: ci we saw her. .So what do we do now'.' I'm tellin' yon, Kd, this is gotta be quick." llu .iammi'tl a eigaret ill his moulb, lished for a match. "I like to work fast, see? Fast. Like this, FCC'!" lie snapped his fingers twice, rapidly. The bin "tie called Kd blinked ovjjishly. "I ain't askin' yuu how you like to do things." He spoke mildly but there was an undercurrent of authority in his voice. '•Hoei'ii back there," he jerked a thumb over his shouder. "Rocco thinks this is gonna be easy. Me, I ain't so rure. We're gonna look up and down both ways before every step.' 1 Roeco, Ihe srarfaee, smiled thinly. "Sure, Ed. sure." lie ges- '.vith the nail tile. . "Mean- uiu 1 what about her'.' Do we her home'. 1 " All I wanted In Wi \ CONGRATULATIONS Talbot Feild Districl Manager on winning the Reliance Gold Watch Contest and Receiving the award of a Hamilton Gold Watch Stewarts Jewelry Authorized Agents liulova Watches Elgin Watches Hamilton Watches got "Fifly O'.s said Uiri'd while, follow "No. All I wanted In do was take a gander al the gal today. We know where she lives so there's no use t railing her now." He nudged Ihe driver. "Let's go, Sam. some liggerin' in do." "Yeah," .said Huron, worth, hey Kd?" "Y'.-ah . . . yeah, sure, 1 Kd slowly. * * * TOAN had planned to Flay in lhal •' night bill Marianne talked her into going to the library. "It'll just, lake me an hour al Ihe most," Marianne promised. "I've got lo skim over some outside reading for that silly economics course. It's a swell nighl and we can slop in al the Varsity for cokes or something. C'mon." Marianne didn't do as much reading as she planned and they wound up at Varsity a little before in. They were dallying over their drinks and did net notice when a Miorl, dapper man in a dark blue pull entered and bought a pack of cigarets at Ihe tobacco counter. Rocco lighted up and leaned back against llie showcase. He putted a stream of smoke into I the air and slaved around i place absently. The nickelodeon was going full blast. Students straggled in looking for empty booths. Waiters rushed around helplessly as usual. Rocco smiled at old Uncle .lim, Ihe cashier, behind Ihe counter and jerked his head al the .scene in general. ''Those kids never get tired of this stuil', do they?" "Hop:' not," Uncle Jim said dryly. "I slop eating when they do. Al least 1 stop eating reg'lar- ly." Rocco laughed, good-naturedly. "You've got somethin' there, grandpaw." And then: "Say, tell me—any tickets to be had for that bull game Saturday? Understand it's a sellout." "Sellout? Son, I'm tellin' you I've been here clors lo 24 years and I've never seen a demand for tickets like this is going to be. Why, there ain't going In be room for an undernourished gnat in lhal stadium, come '2 o'clock Saturday." Rocco flicked ashes into Uio tray. "Look, gramps, 1 never saw Ihe football game a guy couldn't gel a ducal to somehow. There'll be guys scalping 'em for .III bucks a pair by Friday." "Ob . . . lhal way? That's different. Maybe you can pick up. You're something of a stranger, aren't you? 1 mean, you're a slranger in here." "Oh, jusl sorla. I'm a salesman. Get through here every six weeks or so. I shoulda made some arrangements I'or a tickul, 1 guess." Rocco blew another stream of smoke into the air as Uncle .lim rang up two sales. Rocco looked down lho crowded row.-; i>( booths ! inside and riveted his eyvs on .loan and Marianne. lie .saw tlioy were through with their drinks but he knesv llu-y'd be silting there awhile. He j a (licked ashes to the lloor wiih a slight movement of his linger. He turned back lo Uncle Jim. "Kid brother of mine went lo Tech a few years back," he Jicd. just 1o make conversation. "Is 1hal right? What was his Tommy laughed. "Pass up the Pitt game? Jim, you must be getting slug-nutty. There isn't a kid on this campus who'd miss that thing for 50 bucks." He turned to Rocco. "Your best bet is to camp down in the hotel lobbies. That's where the gambling crowd operates. You usually can pick up a ticket, there, too." Tommy looked at Rocco more closely, glanced at the scar. Rocco toyed with his cigaret. "Haven't I seen you before?" Tommy inquired, "or are YOU a .stranger around here?" "granger,"' Rocco said easily. "Total." Tommy nodded and wandered inside. Ho waved to Joan and Marianne when they stood up to leave. The girls stopped and chatted wilh him for a moment or two and then moved on. * * * 'P OCCO was browsing through I the maga/ines when the girls stopped lo pay their check. He looked up and studied Joan in- lently as Uncle Jim made change. When they had gone he approached the showcase again. "Very striking gal, that dark- haired one. Student here, I suppose." "Yep . . . Joan Johnson's her name. Awful nice girl. Pretty as a picture, don't you think?" "I think," Rocco replied succinctly. "Hut how come a gal like that ain't squired by one of ll>c college boys?" "Oh, she usually is. By Keith Rhodes.. He's our crack halt'l.yck, you know. Kut Ihe football boys aren't out. much tin's week." j "Keith Rhodes, hey? Interesting. Well, I'll drop back, grand- paw. Let we know if you hear of ,ood ticket on the loose." • !!:• drilled out and Uncle Jim looked up again to confront Tommy Peters. "Say. .Tim, who was that guy, anyhow?" "Let's see." He scratched his chin. "Said he was a salesman Germany's glass industry employs TiiOOO workers in 1252 factories and workshops. evidence of his sincerity in advocating "expression not repression." KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help 15 Miles of Kidney Tube* Flush Out Poisonous Waste If yi.u huvf an m-i-.-f i,f ;„.:,!, ;„ y,.,in- lilood, yotir I,", Mlill-s „( l.ulni.j- lilllr> inn")- III- i,v«T- ,vork»d .Tl.iw liny lill.T- :„„! |,,|,,.« a '« „ of |,; U|( day and intflit 1.. l..-||, Nuiure rid ymn^ynteiu ul «'•<•** Itfid.s anil (juiMinuus uusti-'. Wlirij di-'..rili-i i,l l.iiluci fiiiii-linn permits poisoning inalli-r lu ivinain in your blood, it inuy i::m>(. n:iti;;nt' liiii-l.:.i-ln-, rliriunulir uniu- THE SECRET OF THE NEW METHOD OF PAINLESS MOTHERHOOD Now ToW folly tmd Frankly! A young mother tells her actual experiences! What happened when she decided to have a baby the new way — her problems, her fears, every step .in the process of becoming a mother by the newest, .„ scientific method . .;. Every woman should read this first-hand account of the miracle of modern motherhood! IN THIS SUNDAY'S CHICAGO SUNDAYTRIBUNE .tuh ,^.- ,,l ,„.,, „,„( en,. riry , g pniin. ,m llin^, puniiK-!-.- iiiuli-r llit tyi-?, l.eail- di</iiM-s>. l're.|iu-nl or .-i-luiiy pab- siuariiiii! ami iminini! s-nin'ttimes to«.- Ilii-rr l ? .soiiiclldni; WIMIIK willl vour Vldin-.\-s or hlailder. Kiiln.-.vs may ni-.-d iu-I|. ll. inii.sk yiinrili-ui.vi.-i fin- Duai io \-er /ut- happy i-Hli-t i.u.l uill li«lp knlni-y tubes llunli nut II.MMIII. yinir l.luoil. Gei. Dimn'.- I'ilk. •nine !ifc bowels, I'ilU, 1IS.-.1 Mi•III ycaix They I he l.» miles uf ma wahte froia Congratulations . . . r SOUTHERN CAFE Admiration Coffee K C Steaks Highway b'7 name? Maybe I knew him. They! tvuvelins through here. Had a all come in here sooner or later." i brother at Tech some years back Ji "Uh—Kinkade. But hi stayed here a year—his man year." "Oh, I see." * * * npIIE outside door opened and -*• Tommy Peters came in. Uncl^ Jim called he began, named Kinkade—so he said. Y'know, I didn't like lhat guy, Tommy. I didn't like the way he called me grandpaw, all 1he time." Tummy leaned both elbows against Ihe showcase. "Jim, I've got a queer gift. Once I see a him over. "Tommy," j picture somewhere I never I'or- "Ihis gentleman here | get it. Nov.- I'd swear 1 saw that wants to pick up a ticket .for the 1 ti-lla's picture somewhere. In a game Saturday. You know—any-j newspaper. Yessir, Jim, I think thing at all will do. Think muy-jit was in St. Louis a couple- y?ar.. be one of Ihe kids would be wdl-jback. Bui 1 can't recall what the. the ling to pass over his ticket—iur a I connection was'." j price?' 1 i (To Be Continued), Congratulations to Talbot Feild on winning his 2nd GOLD WATCH and (.nullifying for tlie 1939 SI00.1)00 CLUB PERFFCT PROTECTION CLUB Leo Robins RIVAT LIVES OF HOUVWOOD

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