Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 14, 1937 · Page 42
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 42

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1937
Page 42
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TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 14 M 1937 mended an appropriation "in keeping with the apparent need." i "Save for the drought," he explained, "Iowa would today be able to discontinue relief." If the state mortgage morator- salaries which teachers were forced to take during depression years, adding: Improve Education. "It is quite generally agreed — • . , * - j j i _ +,,1 j i that we should greatly increase mm law is not extended, he told , standards cE the teaching force .u~ In^c-l-aint-1* '•tnnnsjinns OT , , . mi. 1 in our elementary system. This will necessitate higher salaries. It will, also, involve increasing the facilities of the Iowa Teachers' the legislature, "thousands of practical and dependable farmers would lose their farm nomes." Outlining a possible source of revenue for construction of farm- to-market roads, said that the state should levy a "proper highway usage tax upon trucks using our highways and the increased revenues thus produced be allocated to the Iowa state highway conjr r 'l3s;on" for construction. Gas Tax Rec?ic>f;. Together with gasoline tax receipts now allocated to the commission for such roads, and federal appropriations, he said, "it is not unreasonable to expect that such a plan would eventually provide 10 million dollars annually." The $70,000 annually which the state pays for office rent, he said, •would finance "over a relatively snort period of time" construction of a new state office building. Enforcement of truck regulations and highway safe':y measures, he told the assembly, should be placed in a single motor vehicle department, with an enlarged highway patrol empowered to enforce all highway college, which trains the greater part of our teaching staff." After stating the educational system should be "divorced from politics," Krascliel said: "If the superintendent of public instruction is to continue as the one co-ordinating influence between state and the public school system and the public school system with the rest of the educational system, it seems desirable that the selection of the incumbent should be the responsibility of the board of education or some other non-partisan body created for the purpose of dealing with educa- j TOLD OF DEATH OF HER HUSBAND Mrs. Johnson, Partner of Explorer, Brave as She Gets News. LOS ANGELES, (IP)— Mrs. Osa Johnson bravely heard Thursday that her husband and hunting partner, Martin Johnson, had died of injuries suffered in the crash Tuesday of a transport plane near Newhall. Johnson, noted camera hunter on African game trails, died early Wednesday, the second fatality of the crash which occurred Tuesday morning. Dr. Sydney Burnap broke the news to Mrs. Johnson as she lay in the Hospital of the Good Samaritan. With Mrs. Johnson was Mrs W S Leighty S " ' judiciary." STOLE $1,700 FROM COUNTY IO CLUUl^c a*i 1115,41 .v fc..r H....... A 1" laws. At present, the state rail- j former I OIK Deputy Audl- v. ay commission has the enforce- | me'nt of a number ot truck rcgu- ; lations. , . ' Some state control Voard insii- : tution buildings. Kraschel said, . are firetraps. He stated the >:i<ti- < tutions are overcrowded and told | '.he assembly "ji would seem desirable now to start a carefully planned building program." In the same section of his ad ire;?, the governor suggested tha: wealthy convicts be required to pay for their own upkeep a; pcria: insli- lutions. For Packing Industry. As he has dons MP.CC he firs' became prominent in I' wa politics, Kraschel advocated a :;tate promotion program for '.ho Iowa packing industry. "We car, and should raise, finish world's cago Thursday. Asked about Mrs. Johnson's reactions, Dr. Burnap said: "She is carrying on. She is a brave woman." He added that Mrs. Johnson is "doing very nicely." She suffered a fractured knee and concussion. To Question Crew. James Kinney, federal air line inspector, said the plane crew would be questioned. "Not often are the pilots o£ an airplane left to tell their story I after an accident of this sort," | Kinney said. "Results of a hearing should be most helpful in eliminating the danger zones in the west . . ." Pilot William Lewis told rescuers he was beset with motor sicned i and ™dio trouble while trapped , in the fog. recashing 23 county | At Washington, the commerce tor Recashed 23 Pay\ roll Warrants. ; DES M01NES. f/P)—County At- I torney Carl Burkman said Thurs| day that Lyle E. Gemricher, 35, i former Polk county deputy audi- ' tor. liad confessed in a statement to payroll warrants totaling 51,700. Burkman said Gemricher, who left office Jan. 1, admitted cash- ir.g the warrants which had already been cashed by the persons to whom they were issued, but through an oversight did not bear the county treasurer's stamp showing cancelation. The county attorney said Gem- was employed in the Jackson Heights apartment building where the attractive 25 year, old housewife was strangled and beaten with a hammer before her lifeless body was dumped into a bathtub Monday, would be arraigned in Queens felony court. The murder charge on which the Negro was booked by Lieut. Edward J. O'Neill at the Newtown police station said Greene "during the commission of a burglary xxx struck and killed one Mary Case with a hammer, causing her death." "Theft was the motive," Sullivan said in a terse statement. "He was let into the apartment by her (Mrs. Case) on the pretext he was going to wash the windows. That was before 2 p. m., just how long I can't say." Blood-smeared fingerprints on the apartment woodwork and a bloodstained pair of trousers found in an incinerator chute were the clews that led to the arrest of Greene at his Harlem home 36 j hours after the killing. Skull Was Crushed. A blood stained hammer, also taken from the incinerator, was established by police as the instrument with which Mrs. Case's skull was crushed. Frank Case, 30 year old Cornell university graduate now employed by a hotel supply company, found his wife's lifeless body in the tub, which was covered by a sheet, when he returned from his office Monday night. Overturned furniture in the apartment gave evidence of Case's struggle for life. Funeral services for Mrs. Case were arranged for Thursday afternoon at her former home in Lancaster Pa., where she and Case were married Nov. 23, 1935. DIAL AT 1210 KILOCYCLES DON AMECHE FORMERLY ATTENDED IOWA SCHOOL More than 10 years ago, Father Howard, president of Columbia academy at Dubuque, saw a handsome young student playing a part in a school play with finesse he thought remarkable for a prep school boy. After the performance, he singled out the boy and took him aside. "Son," he said, "you belong on the stage, and if you have the courage to take the knocks that go with success In a career, one day you will be a famous actor." The boy left Columbia, studied law at Marquette university, at Georgetown and the University of Wisconsin, abandoned law for a stage career and became a star of screen and radio. Last week the kindly clergyman and the former Columbia student held a reunion at the NBC studios. The clergyman was Archbishop Howard of Portland, Ore., whose spiritual qualities had .brought him elevation to one of the highest posts in the Catholic church within a decade. His former charge was Don Amsche, famous matinee idol of the air, leading man on Campana's First Nighter and star of "Ra- raona," "Ladies in Love," "One in Mrs. i a Million" and other pictures. ! With almost prophetic vision Father Howard had predicted Ameche's future. Campana's First Kighter, starring Ameehc, is broadcast over WHO each Friday night at 9 o'clock. SIMPSON FILES SLANDER SUIT Declares Wpman Said He Was Paid to Let Wife Divorce Him. LONDON, (#>—Ernest Aldrich Simpson, former husband of Mrs. Walk's Simpson, has filed a slander suit against Mrs. Joan Sutherland, alleging she said Simpson received 3. sum of money to permit his American wife to divorce him, it was learned Wednesday. Mr-.. Sutherland is the wife of Ly.-ut. C)l. A. H. C. Sutherland v; o has been decorated by the gov"'TTvient with the Order of the British Empire and also the Military Cross. Simpson declined to discuss the case except to coi.lirm that notice of the suit had been issued and served on Mrs. Sutherland. The suit, sources clo;* to Simpson said, was the result of Simpson's efforts to quiet talk of his divorce and alleged payment of money which arose after the temporary decree was issued to his wife at Ipswich Oct. 27. Simpson was declared to have been irritated by discussion in both the London financial district and in Mayfair society circles. Simpson's attorney refused to disclose details of the suit beyond the fact notice had been served. NOXZEMA PROVES WONDER CREAM! CITY-WIDE CHECK-UP UNCOVERS 39 DIFFERENT USES FOR FAMOUS MEDICATED CREAM! FINDS HUNDREDS OF DOCTORS ACTUALLY USE IT THEMSELVES —Thou- use Npnenu u an nid ifl relieving and department announced more severe air safety regulations were being prepared. To Call Expert Jury. Coroner Frank Nance said he planned to call a jury of aviation experts to make findings. No inquest will be conducted for the victims until the others have recovered sufficietly to testify. Four were reported in a serious condition—A. L. Loomis, Omaha, Nebr.: Co-Pilot Clifford P. Ow-I Brookings institution told the sen- WOULD REGROUP LENDING UNITS Brookings Institution Says Government Could Save 31 Millions. W A S H I N G T O N, (&)— T h e our incomes. Chain store Uix legislating. he said, "i? within the rcal-n of proper «.:tion on the par; of this or any other legislature/' j county Kraschel told of the decrca.-:° in ; bond. 1 to the auditor's of. i removed the signatures with an ; ink eradicator. Burkman said. Gcrnrichci- was held at the jail in default of S7.500 SAVE 51c ON MEDICINE ens, Glendile, CaL; R. T. Anderson, Buellton. Cal.,; and Earl £. Spencer, president of the Strora- ! berg Electric company, Chicago. ! Loomis remained unconscious. i At least two public hearings are i in prospect. It was the fifth | transport crash in the west in i tour weeks, with a total loss of i 29 lives. All Who Suffer. Medicine Until This Don't Euy You Read Every persor. >i.09 worth of icdicinc a'. oL To prove the great »o\vrr n'. Old Mo-a\.'-; Indian Mcchcmr, :\-e o.'jcr lor » :T.I*C<! 'irrc the rcguiar SU-'l hot! c :or cents. >"ot -note than three to a < us- Pills Are Needed With This O(fc:' LO MOHAWK INDIAN VTQNIC It In- :hc poi-;oi:- i- .ai footer a'.'^i^ch Trouble, perminmr : he k idncvs ;mcl Jr T cr to f'. lF iv'iio;; properly, U acts •wi'.hin ten nin- ll'CS *O SlOP -'-i^. pain?, .son *pf : s. bloaunR and b*-!'-h- It will r.ot cr;pc or nauseate, but i- v.-ijl A-ork the hi!e fro:*i '.ver i-.e svs'.rm and relieves backache, blad- | der irritation and weakness. Suen£iricr.5 l'ic nerves bv natural means. What Will It Do? Old Mohawk Indian Tonic will cleanse vour bowels i gradually nol drastic or severe i as '.hey were NEVER CLEANSED BEFORE. H will bring awful K^SCS and impurities 'frequently from the first dose' which may have been inside you a lone tirnr rauMnR you many days ot misery, wiin headaches, dizzy spells. ykin 'eruptions and laity, drowsy, tired feeling. Oid Mohawk will relieve acid conditions and make Hie digestive orsan;i sweet and clean and give relief from jn- dicesiinn. bloalmc. sour stomach, .shortness of breath and dyspepsia. It will jrivt* you the greatest Appetite VOL: EVER HAD IN YOUR LITE. Old Mohau'k will aci as a diuretic and flush out quantities o: matter which rnay have become dammed UP inside, catisinc BACKACHE, SHARP PAINS, and NIGHT PORTER ADMITS KILLING WOMAN ate's government re-organization committee Thursday that .$30,161,000 could- be saved annually through consolidation of federal money lending agencies. Consolidation of the federal housing administration and Home Owners Loan corporation alone would result in saving of S24.500,- 000, the report said. The report attracted. immediate j n g arrangements attention at the capitol in view of snoopers who wis President Roosevelt's estimate that i yearly savings under his entire re| grouping program would approximate only 330,000,000, unless con' gress should abandon many functions. r }\ r I ' " i Tne institution, a private organ- r till LomeSSlOn in | - aa ^ on f 0 r economic research, sub- KGLO will not be prepared to hold auditions for those wishing to go on the air for teii days or two weeks, it was announced by Program Director John Price. Mr. Price said that anyone interested in auditions should write to KGLO. listing- their qualifications, and each person will be given due consideration. + * * So popular is the Story of Mary Martin in Akron. Ohio, that the M. O'Neill company, owners "f one of the city's largest department stores, provide oci s for women shoppers to in to the program. The custom developed by chance when thf manager of the radio department noticed that women who passed through his department invariably stopped to listen when the Story of Mary Marlin went on the air. Permanent seat- were made for shoppers wno wished to hear the broadcast. The Story of Mary Marlin, costarring Joan Elaine and Bob Griffin, is presented Mondays .through Fridays at 11:15 i.i the I morning over WHO. rod SUNBURN—Ac fflior funous Beach Hospital! Noxzcm* is used to trial worn suaburn cues. CHAFING. SCALDS, SORE FEET and dozens 01 other uses for Noxzenu, were mentioned in surveys. HELD FOR DEATH IN COUNTY HOME Inmate Accused of Hitting 75 Year Old Man With His Crutch. VINTON, MP)—A coroner's jury here found E. E. (Red) Leninger, 52, "criminally to blame" in connection with the death Wednesday of William Hamilton, 75. Both were inmates of the Benton county home. It was alleged that Leninger struck the aged man with his crutch last Friday-whec Hamilton bumped into Leninger's bed. Leninger, self styled "boss" of his ward, is a former railroad man, and a cripple. He is said to have served time for breaking into a boxcar at Belle I Plaine, and to have other criminal ' records in Iowa and Nebraska. He is held in the Benton county jail on a charge of assault. MAPPED HKNDSue Cut binds, ocediux rtal medication — miny million! use Nocemi for Chtp- ped Hindi 14,000,000 JARS USED YEARLY TRY NOXZEMA ON SPECIAL OFFER TUST THINK! Two our of three homes in » J city using Noxzcma! Men and women- rich and poor—doctors and nurses! 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Casey Drur Store You Will Profit By Using G-G Classified Ads Bathtub Murder of Mrs. Case. n-wiLL DIMINISH those t kin lions that /-ire caused by impurities in me organ?, v/il] overcome the ?allov/nc^ or miidci:nc<s ithat is due to sJucsish liven and will put '.he ROSY GLOW OF HEALTH into your checks acain. beer. the of > ou r c 3 1 , mis- ; What Is It? medicine known as Old Tonic drive; the potsoi,^ from I Coupon Worth 51 Cents on Purchase of One Large Bottle of Old Mohawk Indian Tonic. At— HUXTABLE DRUG CO. H4 South Federal MAILED ANYWHERE Lie PER BOTTLE EXTRA NEW YORK, f/?.)—District Attorney Charles P. Sullivan announced Thursday that M a j o r Greene, stocky Negro porter, had signed a full confession admitting the bathtub slaying of pretty Mrs. Mary Robinson Case. The 33 year old porter broke down and admitted his guilt at . llp . I 5:25 a. m. Sullivan said, after he ' had refused for 24 hours to admit complicity in the crime. Three minutes later authorities had booked him at the Newtown police station in Queens. Greene answered questions amiably when he was being charged. He was transferred later to Manhattan police headquarters to be shown in the lineup. A special guard was placed at 'i,': door to his cell. Beaten With Hammer. Sullivan said the porter who mitted the report—first of a group covering the whole government— to Chairman Byrd (D-Va.) Could Be Greater. "It is my personal guess." said Byrd. "that this saving can be made even greater because the recommendations cover agencies | employing more than 25.000 per| sons at total operating expenses aggregating more than $60,000,000 annually." The Virginian, affirming his determination to press for great economies, has estimated the budget could be reduced by up to $300,000,000 a year. The Brookings report, discussed by the Byrd committee in execu- "— session, suggested principal- tive 1 A dizzy diatribe on the ad- | vantages of life in the Ozarks compared to life in Hollywood will be delivered by Bob Burns as a highlight of the Kraft Music hall program over WHO at 3 o'clock Thursday nigbt. In addition Burns will be heard in another of his brilliant bazooka solos. Bin? Crosby will sing and act as master of ceremonies and Jimmy Dorscy's orchestra will supply the music. Elinor Harriot, young actress who has appeared as Ruby in the Amos 'n' Andy program since she spoke the words "I do : ' in Amos' radio wedding on Christmas day, 1935, will leave Chicago Friday Palm H takes TWO Types of Gasoline ONE Gasoline MASON CITY'S Weather FOR EACH COMMUNITY to join Amos 'n' Andy in Springs, CaL, to continue playing Consolidation of the housing ad- I that role. ministration and Home Owners Freeman Gosden (Amos), Loan corporation, eliminating duplicated personnel and ex- of the Commodity Charles Correll (Andy) and Bill Hay, veteran announcer on the series, left Chicago Saturday for Palm Springs and started their penses. Transfer „ ..__ ... _ . Credit corporation to the Farm broadcasts from the California Credit administration. | resort last Monday over WHO at Transfer of Assets. | 6 p. m. They will be heard on that schedule daily except Saturday On termination of the Reconstruction corporation's lending activities, transfer of its assets to other existing agencies for speedy liquidation. ! Transfer to the treasury of the I into government expenditure. 5 ALL TIME H!GH Double Warmth OVERCOATS and Sunday from Palm Springs for the next few months. leading activities and assets of the j the possibility o£ public works administration. i federal activities. and j consolidating Byrd explained the report was not complete even on lending agencies, and about 12 more major sections were still to be received by his committee and that headed by Representative Buchanan (D., Texas) in the house. Basis for Action. They retained the Brookings institution to draft a functional survey with "efficiency and economy" the objectives, he said. He emphasized the recommendations were a basis for action by the committees and "are not to be construed as the sense of the committee." "Upon the president's invitation," Byrd said, "1 have discussed the matter with him and was advised by him that the recommen- I dations of the senate commitlee for abolition and .consolidation might be used effectively to supplement his own investigation." Senator Byrd has criticized some of the president's recommendations, opposing creation of new cabinet posts, an increase in cabinet salaries and abolition of the comptroller general's office. Split Wide Open. The house, split wide open- over the president's recommendations, was called on to decide whether to set up a special committee on reorganization legislation. Leaders were confident of shoving to passage measures to establish a temporary committee of seven which also would serve with senators on a joint committee studying the revamping problem. Some prominent democrats like j Chairman Buchanan (D., Texas) | of the appropriations committee, thought a permanent unit should be created to "nose" .continually Keep Close Tab. Others like Representative Dies (D., Texas) said the appropriations committee itself ought to be able to prune the executive branch of the government by holding down appropriations and keeping expenditures under close surveillance. Buchanan said a reorganization committee ought to be able to report out 30 or 40 bills in its first year ar.d that its first measure should provide for abolition of 15 to 20 federal agencies. Chairman Ramspeck (D., Ga.) opposed a permanent committee on the grounds it would usurp three-fourths of the jurisdiction of the civil service committee. We believe these to be the strongest, the best OVERCOAT values in all North Iowa. Every garment is tailored to our own high stand— of high quality woolens. Profit by buying now sensational rise in prices is unrepeatable. Look around today's COMPARE they're extraordinary. FREE Glassware INE PURCHASE TANK AR GAS is 41 i Sou Hi I'"-Usriii Avenue Mason City, Iowa QUALITY - SERVICE • SATISFACTION ABEL & SON INC. AT NUMBER SEVEN SOUTH FEDERAL

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