The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on June 25, 2006 · Page 34
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 34

Hays, Kansas
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Sunday, June 25, 2006
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D6 THE HAYS DAILY NEWS BUSINESS SUNDAY, JUNE 25,2006 Unicel sales manager pleased with company's progress By PHYLLIS J. ZORN HAYS DAILY NEWS Dale Heins Is bringing a renewed emphasis on customer service to a cellular phone company operating in Kansas. Heins is the Kansas sales manager for Unicel. He came to Hays in November, moving from Parker's Prairie, Minn., where he had spent 10 years working for a rural telephone company Despite the change in landscape, Heins said he and his wife, Jan Heins, are comfortable in Hays because of the familiar feeling of the rural culture here. Although coming to Hays was part of taking a new job with Unicel, Heins' history with the Unicel company actually goes back several years. "1 go back with this company as a vendor for them since they came into being in 1990," Heins said. In earlier days, Unicel did business under the name Cellular One. His assignment to Hays also is related Heins to some company restructuring. The Kansas business territory used to be managed from a customer service office located in Enter-, prise, Ala., Heins said. Now the operation is under the supervision of an office in Alexandria, Minn. Heins said one of his primary focuses has been to bump up the level of customer satisfaction, by giving employees customer- service skills. "We've really re-energized our people, our staff," Heins said. Part of that re-energizing force is the introduction of new service plans and new products, Heins said. Unicel now carries Motorola Razr phones, Sony Walkman phones that hold MP3 music files and Palm Treos. "We have a product called an aircard that you can plug into your computer and operate right off your laptop," Heins said. Besides the new high-tech gadgets, the company has introduced a new high- tech network. It has incorporated Global Systems Mobile network throughout western Kansas. "We spent over $8 million in Kansas on . that introduction," Heins said. Since December, 10 new tower sites have been added in western Kansas, including one at Colby. ', More are coming, including an addi- ; tional site at Hays, Heins said. GSM sets the worldwide standard for ; cellular service, yielding the best perfor- • mance with data available, Heins said. Reporter Phyllis Zom can be reached at : (785) 628-1081, ext. 137, or by e-mail at phylz& Briefs Eagle to complete purchase agreement with Galaxy Eagle Communications of Hays announced the completion of a purchase agreement with Galaxy Cablevision to acquire 21 cable television systems in Kansas. The acquisition will be finalized July 1. The cable systems are located in the communities of Barnes, Chapman, Cuba, Durham, Florence, Green, Hillsboro, Hope, Lehigh, Lincolnville, Marion, Milford, Minneapolis, Morganville, Palmer, Riley, Solomon, Tampa, Wakefield, White City and Woodbine. "As a customer-minded, Kansas-based company, who listens and responds to the needs of the community, we are pleased to add these fine cities to the Eagle family. We strive to offer a quality product with great customer service and a local focus on the community," said Gary Shorman, president and CEO of Eagle Communications. "We are pleased to welcome an outstanding group of Galaxy employees who will now become vital members of the employee- owned Eagle Communications family." Throughout the year, Eagle will be analyzing the needs of each community and providing necessary upgrades to the systems. Eagle strives to provide efficient and high-quality communication services to customers in each community. Eagle Communications, Inc., is a Kansas-based company with over 250 employee-owners. The company now operates 23 radio stations in Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri, as well as cable TV systems in Kansas and Colorado. Eagle Communications also offers e-business solutions, Web hosting, high-speed Internet, wireless internet and digital phone services in most service areas. For more information log on to The following restaurants were inspected between March 2 and June 16. Thirsty's, 2704 Vine, March 2: Mixed vegetables in walk-in closet not cooled to 70 degrees in two hours; hot holding temperatures for beef brisket, meatballs and baked beans not in compliance; cooked beef strips not reheated to proper temperature; staff lacks knowledge of temperature on hot hold and reheated items; wait person cleaned off plate, did not wash hands prior to filling customer soft-drink glass; food temperature device not sanitized before testing hot food order; degreaser bottle stored on shelf above disposable gloves; not in compliance; two temperature food probes off by 8 degrees; no wipe rag for spills and counter wiping in sanitizer bucket. March 21: Follow up inspection. No violations found. Horse Shoe Bar & Grill, March 3: Potato fries slicer and can opener cut blade, dried food residue; broken tip on knife, knife had taped handle and was discarded; knives with dried on residue not cleaned frequently; line hanging by ceiling light bulbs and power chord above make table, fuzz balls on ceiling near grill; after-wash dishes, rinse then sanitize. Gamblno'8,1101 Highway 40, Victoria, March 3: Can opener cut blade had dried food residue. T-Bones, 113 Centennial, March 14: Shell eggs and lugs of ground beef not stored at proper cold-hold temperatures; cooked cheese broccoli not at proper temperature for hot hold; cooks had no knowledge of cooking temperatures on hot holding; open drink cup on make table; three cartons of shell eggs stored over open box of single-serving sour pream packets In walk-In; dirty pans under hot hold shelf under pizza oven; open cleaner bottle by can of food on cart; open spray bottle cleaner on cart, no label of contents; wiping cloth practices not In compliance; no air temperature device found In walk-In closet; ceiling vent In wane wash room still dirty and dust lint hanging; unused prep cooler with food debris Inside unit; accumulation of food scraps under grill, make table, and under pizza oven; food debris under wine conveyor rack of pizza oven; slicer with dried on food residue; scraps on floor Inside of freezer; plate of twice baked potatoes at 57 degrees; no hand dry provisions at kitchen hand sink; no Improvement In cleaning practices. FH8U Memorial Union, Mirch 19: Gravy and cooked sausage not cooled to 70 degrees within two hours; cooked rice and cooked steak were held more than 24 hours with no date marked; food workers not updated on when to wash hands and cooling; serving line person Sony'side up KATSUMI KASAHARA / Associated Press A businessman walks by the Sony Building on Thursday in Tokyo's ritzy Ginza shopping district. Howard Stringer, the first foreigner to head Sony, tried to allay investor worries about the future of the Japanese electronics and entertainment company by pointing to a budding recovery in its core electronics business. Stringer, wrapping up his first year at the helm of Sony, was facing shareholders for the first time as CEO at an annual meeting. He assured stockholders Sony Corp. was "on track" for a turnaround. Northwest Kansas businesses honored Food inspoctions drinks from lid cup with gloves on, touches lip contact portion while transporting back to service line, no change of gloves, no wash of hands; open drink cup on food prep table; ready to eat soft tortilla touched by soiled rubber glove; dried meat residue on food slicer; can opener cut blade had dried on food residue; not in compliance with glove use and cleaning frequency; non-food contact surfaces were not clean, or cleaned frequently. March 29, Follow up inspection: No violations found. Holiday Inn and Restaurant, 3603 Vine, March 16: Gravy and rice not cooled to 70 degrees in two hours; staff lacks knowledge ol cooling, reheat temperatures; disli wash person removed gloves, drank from open glass, failed to wash hands before gloving up and touching clean dishes; cook touched sandwich bun with bare hand; open drink beverage glasses on food prep table; bag of salt stained by plumbing pipes; inside microwave oven dried on food residue; wipe rag sanitizer bucket on counter next to open tea; one chemical bottle with no label of contents in lounge area; wiping cloths not at main cook station; can opener cut blade had dried on residue; food temperature device off by 7 degrees; handle on scoop kept above sugar in sugar bin; to bulbs with no protective shield or cover, dust/lint on ceiling bulbs; one ceiling panel with flakes of paint peeling. March 30, Follow up inspection: Two staff persons lack applications of cross-contamination prevention; cook failed to wash hands after shelling raw eggs, did not change gloves, used to touch ready to eat orange slices; food worker used bare hands to put sliced cheese on serving platter; microwave oven at cook station had slight build up of dried-on food residue; can opener cut blade not food free; wiping cloths not sanitized at cook station; tip of knife broke off with sharp corners. May 10: Holiday Inn and Restaurant receives civil penalty from KDHE. June 12: Cooked taco meat placed In walk-in freezer had no date on package; one package of sliced ready to eat roast beef was held over seven days; spray bottle chemical had no label of contents under prep table. Other Side Grill & Bar, 2400 Vine March 21: Commercial precooked beef not reheated to proper temperature for hot holding; cook touched buns with bare hand; air freshener spray next to drinking glasses; not in compliance with wiping cloth standards, glove use and sanitizer test strips. Al'e Chlckenette, 700 Vine, March 29: Chicken noodle soup not cooled to 70 degrees in two hours; chicken in hot hold not at 111 degrees; staff lacks knowledge on proper cooling/hot holding tips; previously used oil container used for raw chicken storage; potato fries slicer had buildup of dry food residue; medicated burn relief spray above food prep sink; fried foods absorbent plates not changed out from prior use; not in compliance with wiping cloths; food contact surfaces not clean; non-food contact surfaces not cleaned frequently. April 18, Follow up inspection: Chlorine in wipe buckets too strong; wrong sanitizer test strips used; ceiling not cleaned frequently. Golden Q, 809 Ash, March 30: Cook placed bun on cooked burgers bare handed; microwave ovens with dried on food residue inside; chlorine in wipe bucket weak; no food temperature measuring device. Taco Grande, 412 E. 23rd, April 7: Staff not practicing times for appropriate hand washing; after handling money employee did not wash hands before putting on gloves to prepare food; nacho chips touched by adulterated gloves; can opener had cut blade and slight food residue; equipment, utensils in three vat sanitizer, no delect; no detect of chlorine in two wipe buckets or three vat compartments; not in compliance with glove use or soap availability; delivery employees return to facility, fail to wash hands before gloving up and handling ready to eat food. April 27, Follow up inspection: No violations found. Woodrow Wilson Elementary, 101 E. 28th, April 10: Open box of apples stored under hand sink; two cases of canned food not elevated off floor in storeroom. Hays High School, 2300 E. 13th, April 10: Spray hose at wane wash hangs below sink flood rim. Pizza Hut, 2102 Vine, April 17: Dish wash person failed to wash hands between handling soiled dishes and clean dishes; dish wash person does rinse off hands, no soap used for hand wash; chlorine In wipe rag buckets weak; current license not displayed; wash rack for auto washing build up of dried on residue. Bennie'8, 877 Third, Phllllpsburg, May 17: Received civil penalty from KDHE. Red Sun Buffet, 4325 Vine, May 30: Raw shrimp stored above open box; can of Raid Insect spray not approved for use in kitchen. Long John Silvers, 3380 Vine, May 30: Equipment not sanitized In third vat, .no detect for sanitizer; chlorine in third vat wane wash sink; can lighter fluid next to hand dry towel rolls; not In compliance with wiping cloths; missing grout in tile joints, seven missing floor tiles, water trap puddles between tiles; faucet base corrosion at hand sink controls. Gella's Diner, 117 E. 11th, May 30: Waitress failed to wash hands after handling soiled plates; waitress did not lather • and rinse hands for proper amount of time at hand wash sink; chemical de- greaser under counter next to skillet pans; chemical spray bottle, no label, contents under back prep table; cooked green-bean soup not cooled to proper temperature for cold hold. International House of Pancakes, 40JU General, Hays, June 12: Lacks demonstration of knowledge, seven critical violations; cook did not wash hands after shelling raw eggs to grill; a cook placed pancakes on plate with bare hand contact; sausage and bacon touched by unwashed hands from shell eggs; dish wash person did not wash hands after handling soiled dishes and before handling clean dishes; one cook wipes sandwich cut knife off on apron and places in storage holder; spray bottle of 409 cleaner sitting on top of auto wash dish machine; not in compliance with glove use; second cook places bacon and sausage on ready consumer plates; third cook places cooked onion rings on plate fo» service with bare-hand contact; fourth cook peels off lettuce and places on consumer plate. A follow up inspection is scheduled for June 26. Village Inn Pancake House, 3402 Vine, June 13: Wait staff returns with soiled dishes, no wash of hands before handling clean dishes; toxic items stored; no date for grilled chicken on make table. McDonald's Restaurant, 3406 Vine, June 13: Roof of inside microwave had dried on food debris. Taco Shop, 333 W. Eighth, June 13: One pan of cooked beans held more than seven days; spray hose at third vat sink hangs below flood rim of sink 86 China Buffet, 2406 Vine, June 16: Can opener cut blade had dried on food residue; weak on sanitizer for wipe rags; make table doors and handles not clean. • * • The following businesses had no critical violations: Washington Elementary School, 305 Main Dickinson Mall 8 Cinema, 2925 Vine Munjor Elementary, 892 Main The Library, 1102 Third, Victoria . Lincoln Elementary School, 1906 Ash Kennedy Middle School, 1309 Fort The Center for Health Improvement, 2500 Canterbury Washington Elementary, 305 Main Hays Senior Center, 204 E. Eighth Jill E. Pepper Cafe, 601 Vine puizno's, 135 W. Eighth Kathryn O'Loughlin McCarthy Elementary School, 1401 Hall SPECIAL TO THE HAYS DAILY NEWS Nearly 50 northwest Kansas businesses were recognized Thursday for the contributions they make to their communities and the state economy at the Kansas Department of Commerce's annual Kansas Business Appreciation Month Northwest Regional Awards ceremony in PhiOipsburg. "It is an honor to visit Phillipsburg and recognize the many northwest Kansas businesses that help make this state great," said Commerce Deputy Secretary Steve Kelly. "While the department sets aside June as Business Appreciation Month, it is my hope that events like this foster a yearlong appreciation for the crucial role our Kansas businesses play in the state's prosperity and quality of life." Thursday's event in Phillipsburg is the fifth of seven regional events throughout the month of June. At each ceremony, one company in each of four categories (manufacturing, service, retail and distribution)^ awarded a Regional Achievement Award, with remaining companies given a Merit Award. This year's northwest Kansas Regional Achievement Awards go -to:. , . : • Manufacturing: The Hays Daily News, Hays. • Service: Nex-Tech, Inc., Hays. • Retail: Gibson Health Mart, WaKeeney • Distribution: No nominees. The following companies received Merit Awards: Manufacturing • B&R Bierocks, St. Francis. • C&D Enterprises, a division of South Ridge Builders Inc., Quinter. • CMH Manufacturing, Schult Homes, Plainville. • Denning Machine Shop, Inc., WaKeeney. • Leon's Welding and Fabrication, Hays. • New Age Industries Inc., Norton. • Otter Inc., Clayton. • Shaw Builders & Consulting, LLC, Ellis. Service • AgSun, LLC, Brewster. • Auto Artistry Russell. • B&K Pumping, Goodland. • Bill's Service, Alton. • Brooke Corp., Phillipsburg. • Central Veterinary Services, Stockton. • Eagle Communications, Hays. • K-18 Cafe, Lucas. • Kiser Ag Service, LLC, Logan. • Schamber Historical Preservation, Damar. • St. Francis Good Samaritan Village, St. Francis. • The Keller Co., Palco. • Top Notch Cleaners, Hays. • Trego County-Lemke Memorial Hospital, WaKeeney • Valley Hope Association, Norton. • Your Insurance Corner, Stockton. Retail • Almena Market, Almena. • Carrico Implement Inc., Hays. • Coffee Rules, Hays. • First National Bank, Goodland. • Flying Pig Studio & Gallery, Lucas. ;V .. . ' • L&M Liquors, Downs. ; • Landmark Implement Inc., Smith Center. • Larry's TV, Smith Center. • Masters Oil, LLC, Natoma. • Miller's Food Store, Sharon Springs. • Nex-Tech Wireless, LLC, Hays. • New Peoples Store, Agra. • Ruder Oil Co., Plainville. • Smith Monuments, Inc., Stockton. • Super 8 Motel, Goodland. • Trio Enterprises Inc., Ellis. • Truck Town, Colby. • WaKeeney Food Center, WaKeeney • Witzel & Rhea Implement Company, Sharon Springs. Distribution • No nominees. Pooplo Bittel Marvin Bittel, owner of Bittel Photography, Hays, recently completed a course titled Depth of Spirit at Kansas Professional Photographers School. This week-long school takes place annually on the Bethel College campus, Newton, and is affiliated with Winona International School of Professional Photography and Professional Photographers of America. Marvin received certificates of merit from Professional Photographers of America for completing this course. KPPS provides a center for continuing education for active professional photographers to improve their skills, overall knowledge and motivation. Students experienced "hands-on" courses covering specialized photographic subjects and techniques taught by internationally recognized instructors. • • • Sylvain Ringer, Riddle's Jewelry partner and diamond broker, was honored as an inductee into the New York Diamond Dealers Club Hall of Fame during its 75th anniversary celebration, Jesse Riddle, CEO of Riddle's Jewelry and daughter, Tamara Riddle, diamond buyer and gemologist, attended the event. During the celebration, individuals from around the world were honored for their lifetime contributions to the diamond trade. Riddle's manufacturing division, Mount Rushmore Gold in Rapid City, S.D., designed and handcrafted the lapel pins presented to the honorees. "It was great to see Sylvain win this award," Jesse Riddle said. "He has made a huge contribution to the diamond industry, and this honor is well deserved." Ringer was one of the first to open the diamond trade with Russia and today has strong ties with Belgium, India and Russia. Since 1959 Riddle's Jewelry has opened 45 stores within an 11- state region, including Riddle's In The Mall at Hays in 2000. • • • Camille Bollig Ellard, Hays, has been certified as a Board Certified Diplomat in clinical social work, a national credential issued to advanced practitioners by the American Board of Examiners in clinical social work. BCD certification is annual and based on the attainment of specified levels of continuing education, currency of practice and maintenance of state licensure in good standing. Ellard is one of 38 BCDs in Kansas. Ellard is employed as a case manager at Hays Medical Center, She is a 1981 graduate of Hays High School and received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in social work from the University of Kansas. Ellard is the daughter of Marlon and Shirley Bollig, Hays, and has three daughters, Carrie, Cheyenne and Klrsten. • • • Nathan Dreiling and Gretchen Jennings, crew trainers at McDonald's of south Hays, have been promoted to the position of swing manager. Dreiling became a part of the McDonald's of south Hays team July 8,2003, and was promoted to crew trainer March 1. Jennings has been a part of the south Hays team since Oct. 25, 2000, and became a crew trainer May 16. 1

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