Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 26, 1952 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 26, 1952
Page 21
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26,19S2 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE ..__ _._.T4705 "-And Mr*tcti*d tflLL~DO "WASH7N^S~1T 1 RONlNCJ«P AEARtMENti — ft At» - 3-rootti ft on 4" roflnfl titifxit • ninhed apartment; automatln heat hardwood floors ind Venetian bltndi Inquire Apt. 1, Aeton ApU. tt B»«i Acton. Wood Rlvef. a-HOOM EFFICIENCY APT --With Mr. age. Call 4-4830 after 5 p. _n\.__ | 2-ROOM APT.—FurnUhed (it unfiirnlsh- fd. Call between 4 • 8. 1724 BOK«. . CENTURY TBRMITl A "J," n '' Ownef GUTTERING CONfWSt 152 - .»- JtANri A POWER MOWEnS-Sharpened «!' mn [. n ' n<! ' repaired. Km So. 14th St., Wood _ n . i i?r. Phone 4-9388 HAND i POWER LAW~N~MOW1S§~^ Jiu^ 1 iSn * h *r p 52 cdp repaired. Sawi tiled. 440 Kjut_Thlrd._PhQB. 2-5597. ' LAWN MOWERS - Slupperlch 3108 Alby SERVICE Ces.i pools, septic tanks, and outside 12 LAHCJF. UNFURNISHED 'ROOMS — Heat, lights, voter and tnrdert fur- :i ROOM APT. •- Unfurnished, hoat and water furnuhed. Adults only. Phone 3-fltjtt. _ 3-ROOM MODERN APT.*-Utllitl«* furnished. Win ear* for child over 3 ' vvhtl<! _ m . oth .f r __w or ' i!i r>no p e •''-fl' 139 UNFURNISHED—3-room apl, modern, with private bath, gas heat, utilities pnld. 9«I]-_3-*?.77 « f ler _4::IO p. m. WORDEN APT. -- Will sublease ultramodern unfurnished apt. Heat and water furnished. Greatly reduced rental to August 1st. Phone 2-B863. ROWLAND REFRTGERATiON~ SERVICE _____ 2 '_7 Orson Street. Dial J-S84B SAWS AND LAWNMbWEHS~-rMicnTne cd. 25 West Penning, Wood tTETWcTAUST Trim Tops. Take Down & Haul Away Insured. Free Estimates. ED KRA UT -- piine4-9343 - — _ CONTRACT CEMENT WORK^-O? ail , [ S$,l; V, nton work Fr " eatlmaten. LYNN WOOD. 3603 Franor Phone .3-9293 Or 4-7150. HENDERSON"~St^WORKMAN — General contracting, block laying, brick laying, concrete work, tuck pointing. 2-9454 or CONTRACTING — ForTn^-ncioseTTJaT- O-See Windows, aluminum awnings, remodeling, screens. Call 4-4B7B. GENERAL CONTRACTING— All concrete work done; block and brick laying; Interior and exterior painting. 4-249B. " ~~ Dl«« trenches B" to 20" wide. Use for— • Drainage Tile • Foundations • Sewer Lines ft oil & Gns Mnei • Water Mains ft Underground cable • Fnrm Improvements • Whenever trenches must be dug For detailed Information see or call McGaughey Bros., Ph. Bethalto 5634— «8!)4. »4 DECORATING _ ~~ CONTRACTING — PaTntiniTflmrpiiper- Ing. Interior nnd exterior. Union. Morris_Pnrkins. 2-3248. yi/obinSANbiNO—And reflnlfmlmf,""and Interior painting; reasonable rates. For free estimates dial .1-0514 or 3-:t2^n. INTERIOR" — ATid^exte'rior^parntlng'a'nd INTERIOR—And exlterior"decoraTinS". Walls washed and painted; patch plastering and all kinds of repair work. Phone 4-JM9B. _ PAINTING — Decorating^removing wall paper, plastering, pntch plastering. WANTED — Plaster patching! Work gua ran teed. Ph. 2-1444. WANTF.b—Paper hanging, good work at reasonable prices. Phone 3-5067 or 2616 Vanger_street. WALLPAPER REMOVED—And waiipa- per cleaned; walls washed. Call 2-2823. m Ji 1 JJ.9TTCJCL ~; RADIOS HOOVER VACUUM CLEANERS SALES — DENNIS BROS. — SERVICE For Demonstration Call ROBERT WILLIS. Phone 3-7701 RADIO & TELEVISION SERVICE SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY —3-9411 EIGHT MEN TO SERVE YOU _ HOBERSON RADIO &~TELEVISION SERVICE Guaranteed Service Phone 2-4213. 8011 State, Alton. M STORAGE—Ml) VINO FOR QUICK MOVING Phone 3-7030 2-6240 2-7454 PRES BELCHER MOVERS AGENTS FOR VON-DER-AHE Van LINES ANYWHERE IN 48 STATES Also Quick moving of stoves: refrigerators, pianos, trunks, boxes or what have you? Also storage. McCOY TRANSFER CO. FREIGHT LEASING MOVING CALL 3-7791 FOR THE ANSWER TO YOUR TRUCKING PROBLEMS AFTER 6 P.M. 3-7400—2-1245 SMiTH BROS. — MOVING LOCAL — LONG DISTANCE DIAL 4-6561 19 W. Forguson — Wood River USED FURNITURE BOUGHT and SOLD H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE ACROSS THE STREET OR ACROSS THIS CONTINENT LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE 1B28 WASHINGTON AVE DIAL 2-2883 •r rtlBNISBKD APARTMENT! 2 FURNISHED ROOM'S — Private bath. lights, gas, heat, and water furnished, ^ d l'^!.-_5.' a I-H.'?. 357 ' ?•*?! t;nl<>n 2 ROOM FURNlSHED^APf . -"- All modem, heat and water furnished, washing facilities. Close downtown. 320 Bluff. 2-9473. _ _____ __ 2 ROOM F'tfHNISHEiT— Basement apt. Gas heat, electric stove and refriger. ator. 600 South Tenth. Wood River. 2"-ROOivMFtJHNTsHEb' APT.— ?10 wcck'- ly. 2!U4 Hu nlicr I . _JI -H02B. " _ ___ 2-RooM FURNISHED" APT.'— Modem. private entrance. Adults only. Phone JL-1 8 _°2_? f ! e !L? _? • _ m • 2 ROOM ' F"URNISHED"APT. """-" 1st floor. Private bath, utilities furnished. Billmore Apta. S. Roxana. ___ _ 2"ROOM BASEMENT" APT.— Furnished. Private entrance, utilities furnished. Call 3-S049. ____ ___ gen THIS BEAUTIFUL MODERN HOME FOR SALE BY ORIGINAL OWNER Open for Inspection Next Sunday, March 30, from 1:00 to 5:00 P.M. BUILT TO LIVE IN — NOT TO SELL! .This mottrrn brlrk with RnrnRr nllnrhrd has InrRp HvltiR mom ttlfh |ilrtitrf> window, nirpHed dlnlii^ mid llvlnir room, two nice *\i.e hpilrooinn mid npiitiniu kltchrii with Inillt-lii enblnrU mid hrriikfnst booth, Other Imporlnnt modern fpnlnros urn: Automatic oil forced nlr runiitcp; flreplnce with built-in hook shelves; hnth wllh tub iu\d acpurnte ahower; nluiiiimitn wlndo\vx, Mtorni sftnh mid vrmi*. Mutt he Keen to he iipprcciuted. IIMMKDIAT.; I'OSSKSSIO.N, On Honle inn, -I miles north of North Alton, Kremer Addition. HO BRICK HOME . ____ ___ 2-HOOM FURNISHED APT.— Fo tleman: living room and bedroom, twin beds; private entrance. Shower bath 2-5479. __ __ __ _ 2 NICELY FURNisiIEb ROOMS- Private entrance, stool and shower, automatic BBS hot water. Adults. References. _2-:i;tfi(). __ 2~R66M"FURN1SMED APT." — Lights. heat, gas and water furnished. Close to bus. Call after 4 p.m_._2-a42S. 3 FURNISHED"" RodSis— wllh" "'pFivnti bath and refrigerator. Adults. Inquire 712 East 4th. :!-noOMF(IRNisHF.b APT.— Private entrance and private bath; all utilities f "rnlsiheirjCal^ 2-159 1 . __ _____ 3" ..... FURNISHED "ROOMS— With private bath and refrigerator. Adults. Inquire 712 East _4th. ____ __ ________ _ 3 ROOM — Furnished apartment, private entrance,_or^Jjus line._2-9;jr>0. __ ____ 3""n~66M"~F~!"THN'iSHED APT." — - And 2 rootn furnished apartment. Children welcome. Phone 2-174:1. __ _ a 1 BOOM--FuTnlshed aptT. all modern. Apply BOO Delrnar. Hartford. 4-7796. :"f ""FlY R N I SI ! E D " R OOMS '-"- Share ~ba I h , lights, water furnished. $12.50 per week._3-!)073.__ _ ____ _____ ^FURNISHED RO;OMS"— _At_1000_Alby. EFFICIENCY APT.- For rent. Sfifl Wood River avenue._Wood Rlvcr._Adults_only FOR RENT— -;t room furnished apt. Adults._270p Colle«c_Ave. ___ FIj'RNISIIEb APARTMENT — 3 rooms convenient to bus. siiltahle (or two, centrally located, reasonable. Write Box B30 care Telegraph. ___ ____ WOOD RIVER-2 furnished rooms. 325 North 3rd.__ ___________ ___________ 412 AlfGUSTA~ST.~-3 modern furnished rooms. Private entrance and hath. lights, water and lieiit furnished. Adults. Call after 5:00 p. m. _ 928 EAST 6th— 3-room "furnished apt. Private entrance and bath. All utilities furnished except heat. _ Four rooms and utility room, less than 8 years old. Corner lot In restricted «ubdivision automatic oil heat. Large room.. Be sure to see this home. Only ................................ WOSO LEONARD DANIEL AGENCY 47 HOUSES FOR RENT 3 ROOM HOUSE — Furnished or unfurnished. SB5. 128 Van Preter, Wood River. 2-2196. :F"ROOMS~--~l.Jnfurnished house, semi- modern, shower, «tool, running water. Call 4-2425. 4 ROOM — All modern. Inquire 140 W- Second St.. Roxana. Ph. 4-8305. t'» FURNISHED HOUSES 4 ROOM — Furnished house. All utilities furnished. References exchanged. JDial_4-8404. __ 4~ROOM~MbDERN — Furnished home. Located on Bond St., East Alton. $90 per mo. Dial 3-7110. . FARMS AND LAND FOR RENT —- 120 acres with good building near Mulberry Grove. .1250 State St. 54 WANTED TO BENT ~ ~ C"lvTl7"ENGINEER — And wife "des'lre nicely Xurntshcd house or apl. Phone 4-02H7. KURNlSHEb EFKICIENCY APARTMENT WANTED — No children or pets. Write in detail. P. O. Box 122, Edwardsville. IIL WANTED — 3 or 4-room unfurnished apt. or house in Alton, Di_al_ 2-3B77._ YOUNG ^OuFLE — Desire 3 or 4 rooms unfurnished apt. or house. Middletown or Upper Alton. Good references. Ph. REAL ESTATE SALE r.r. BUSINESS rKorEirrv ~__ FOR SALE — 2 room house in Calhoun county. Suitable for club house. Musi hp moved. Dml 4-60flfl. V\ FOR !•' A IU1S A N I) LAN I) SAI.L--40-acrc farm. Apply 412 RENTALS RLKKPINO KOOMB 41 ____ ...... ___________ ............... _ EAST ALTON — siceplnR room. Gentleman preferred. 120 North Pence, near _ _ _ _ ilHST CLASS 'sijKEPiNG 1 ~7!OOMS — Every convenience. Heasonable 107 Hawthorne, Hartford, III. Call 4-diHI or 4-(i(M2, day or night. TO~R~RENT~^r~siecpinK ""rcioms." with or without kitchen privileges. Double or twip beds. n-ii(in3. ____ _ LARGE— Comfortable room for 1 or 2 Kent I«nen^_ini4_ Washington. 3-9154. LARGE COMFORTA'BLE^HOOM— "-" for Kcntlcmnn. Adjoins bath. G«rage available. DIM__2.J547_9._ I. A 'n'GEr"CL;EAN "~SLEEPING~RbbM' — for couple, twin beds All modern. close downtown. 320 Bluff. SI.l:EPiNG~n6o"M""6r will consider board for claV worker in all modern pnvnto home. 30!) Bowman, East Alton 4--IKI7. SI.KEPINc; "HOOM --Newly decorated, private entrance, nrlioms hath. Dial .'l-Hlll.!. SLEKPING HOOM - Km- rent in modern F-nM Alton home on hu- line Kili'hen and waablllR privilcKt-s. rver.Mhinu supplier/. Workl/lR person Dial 4-.'lli». : > SLEEPING" ROOM - Kur 2 "gcntlpmen Board optional F'li 4-:tH!>2 Sl.KEPINC; HOOM— i-'irsl floor; private entrance with Mvmx roinn, laundry nnd phone prlvllet-i's Kitchen pnvl- IcReJf ^e«l£ed._ 3-8997. ____ NICE ROOM— Twin beds, kitchen privileges : block from bus. 844 Danforth. :t-ti2aa. _________ _ _______ _ __ ROOM— In beautiful iunne near town. on Washington-State bus line; first floor. Private entrance, privileges. Dial a-7938._ Job street. East Alton FOU sALE--43-acre farm with 7-room hrjiisp. Koulp (i7. l:l miles out of Alton :ill E. _Prnirie. .Icrscyvill... Phone_ flOl-W FAlilM FOR "SALE"- SO '«c're«. 4-room j house, full hasioment. running water Srcond ' crossroad of Livlngslon I and '< mile north off New Douglas ] slab, Fred STOCK FARM -For sale hy owner. 167 j acres. 00 acres tillable: wired for elec- ! tnc-itv. (i-room house. ~.\ miles west of Olter'ville. Sirillft Cnll 2-4110.') 77 x 130 LOT FOH "SALE — New addi- i tion in Tro\ . III. Write P. O. Box 54ti, ! Troy, Illinois. __ __ ^ __ CHOICE LOTS— ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS 70 x 140— On lluihw.iv »S .v 140- -On HiKhway Priced neosnnaljle Other Lots Well Lornird JOHN BE1UC.AN, REALTOR __ 4-6014 FOR~ SALE ~ SIX 10t"« in Relhalto Will sell all or separately. Phnnc Tie IhflHo B5IW. __ LOTS' FOR ¥ALE — Milton area. F. H. A oved 70-fl. front Price M4M) .1 WICKENIIAUSEH ACJENCY app M. WILSHIRE WOODS—Restricted to homes of brick or stone. Have a few choice lots avail able. FRANK YODER. Realtor 202 E. Main, East Alton Dial 4-9113 or 4-4627 4:i IlOUSKKEEl'INCi KOOMS TVVO^One-room effirienries. M4 Stale or rail 2-7!)7(i belween 10 a m and -1 p. m. 41 "i'NKlJRMSHKD ROOMS 2 UNrtlKNiSHED ROOMS - :>""blocks from Western. Utilities- Inquire 24-1 l-orena. Wood Hivei. ?»~__ AP^RTMENT*—FLATI AVAn.A'Bt'E APRII' Ut S-rd'm\~ modern, up lairs; automatic K.u heat and wjjlcr furnUhtd. $B5. Dlul .J-32BD. | BKAUTIFl'I. 4-ROOM —t'nfurnislicd ill | modern apt., uaratie. Air conditmned ' $110 per month. Exclusive location. By i apiJOintincnt onb._Dial j)-34Z6. j FOR KEN 1' — 2 room furnished or un- j furnished. Lighte, heat, gaj »nd water furnjlshed. 3 -'!(W3-_ FOR HENT—Apartment, 4 large room* and alcove; heat and water furnished. elevator service; clean and conveniently located to downtown, schools, churches, bus. 3-UM1. 2-l!«:i. MODERN :) KOOMS Bath, main floor. 101 Tomlinson. Job's, ji'l!'-^-* 151 A " on NEW LARGE 3-~ROOM APT - Vcncimn blind". hc»t and waler furnished: wired for Private entrance and lj<Uh TWO— 2-routn apartments. One on first floor, front entrance, one on second lioat. tlcctrlc. ga- Frmidfuro •'<"'' \: ,,-her furni.shed '-;<* Jefferson ".-.,!i'>:t TWO LARGE VNH RN1SHED D.i-i- inent rooms, private entrance. b;ilh. hul and cold water All ui.litit- INJ- ni^hed^ Childicn welcome Ph 2 ^'4'is WOOD~HIVEH- 3-ioom unfurni.ihccl ui.i Phonf 4-3860, alter 6 Ou p. m , 4-4163 to Insptcu i NEW BRICK HOME— Modern, 4 rooms. hnlh. full hasemcnt. hardwood floor* plaster walls, gas heat and water heat er, insulated, city sewer. Washington avenue at E. Main, E. Alton, clone to , ichools and but $2200 down I FRANK VODER. REALTOR ! 202 E. Main E. Alton ; Dial 4-111 Kl - 4-K!:iH - 4-4(127 COM) STREET - Small modern hou»e I Small down payment Dial 2-.1312 or I 3-8IOS. 1 BY OWNER - S roomi. ga» ht«t, cahi- ncls in kitchen, ncvviv decoriied. »toi m j uindowi. ^orid ijeiRlihorhood Owner | leai ing town. Write Box 640 c«r» Tel- ARBOR " UR1VE Bcautilul S-rooin modem home. 4 vtars old ItWF. cabinets, yas fuinafe, insulated. ktunii windows and ftrrcenx A g'X>d buy ...... SI 1. 500 CALL VilLBl'HT H. SCHNEIDER 2-7801 __ HeinphlU__A||ency __ F~blTTHE FAMILY THAT^MUST HAVE 3 BEDROOMS- AT LOW PB1CE, WE RECOMMEND THIS ONE YEAR OLD HOME. LOCATED ON A 100 BY 200 FT LOT. LOVELY LIVING ROOM, DINING ROOM. CHEEHFCL KITCHEN WITH KNOTTY PINE CABINETS j BEDROOMS 6 LAROE CLOSETS M;LL BASEMENT. C;AS HEAT, AUTOMATIC WATER HEATER FULLY INSIU.ATED, STEEL BEAM CON PHICED FOH «l'ICK SAM J. HENUKHSO.'. STRfCTION SALE CALL "TINGLEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY, REALTOR 2-8622 2603 STATE STREET SKVEN-ROOM MODEniNf APT. BI..DG.— 5 nnd 2-room npt!< on one floor. In Wood River. $8500. Box S70. care Tele- ffrnnh. _ fi ROOMS— North Allon. 3 bedrooms. new tile hnth $11.000! :i ROOMS -(JcorRr street. Upper Alton. | BreezcwH.v. $1500 down fSDSO RIEHL AGENCY PHONE: 2-7722 2-7HR7 2-:io2!) :i-,-,nim :i-Btm.'i UPPER "ALTON"— Ave. Lovely 5 room brick home newly decorated, large living room with fireplace, new kitchen cabinets, new gas furnace, garage. One of Alton's better homes. Sale price ....$18,900 Harry F. Hemphill Agency 3-3584 STROOM" — $7500 FURNISHED 2 ROOM EFFICIENCY APT. I'rlvnta entrance, automatic honl, rnmplrtc hiith. Drslriihlc resldontlnl tllMrlrt. Ph. 2-871A Plus stairway to attic Like new roof Like new furnac* Plaster walls Good condition Newly dccornled Oood sl/.e rooms • Oarage H Porches • Don't miss this • Kast Alton "EXACTLY AS ADVEHTISKD" CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY (>•!!) E. Broadway. Phone 3.8621 After 8 P. M. Dickmann. 2-IH34 or Ktruif, 2-2148 NORTH~ALTON Newly decoiated. 8-room modern. HWF. stoker Our bust buy for $7000 TENTH STREET, Near Henry Vrr.v nice 4-room all modern home. Very ck-nii. Only $0300 CENTRAL AVE.—$2000 Down Extremely well built 7-room home. Automatic heat. Can be arranged for 2 apartments. Sale price $11,800 BOB WUTHENOW 2-6335 Hemphill Agency $500 DOWN Three room home. Good location In Cottage hills. This property has good possibilities and Is priced right. Balance can be paid in convenient monthly pay- LEONARD DANIEL AGENCY Collage Hills _ Telephone 4-flftt) WOOD RIVER 909 EAST PENNING — Partly modern, 4 rooms, 2 lots, front 100 feet, now vacant. 475 PROSPECT — 5 rooms, HWF, gas heat, garage, insulated. Shown by appointment only. 852 ACTON — 5 rooms, fireplace, oil heat, insulated, screens, immediate possession. Key in the office. 543 WOOD RIVER AVE. —New 4 room with garage attached, HWF, nice kitchen, oil heat, immediate possession. Think will go G.I. loan with $1500 cash. 116 EAST LORENA — Near business district. Large 5 room modern brick and attic, also 4 room modern in rear. Both vacant. Keys in office. Priced reduced to settle estate. SOUTH ROXANA — 5 room brick, full basement, lot 75 by 140, will sell on contract, $1500 down. T. P. EGGMANN, REALTOR Emmet Howard, Salesman 4-5714 WOOD RIVER " ~ ! I)I'I.ANY---.•, room*. Full ha-*-mf-nt with linker bent, insulated, nutrm windows fliiri doors. Hoiihe only .'( \ p;ir* old. Pine . $10.500 ROXANA f.'K\"[HAI. -'i inmu.». Full hiiM-mr-nt with new gait fin nacc, tn^iilittcrl. him tn win- d<w. s and finiu s. f,;ir;.fii- 1*1 icr $0750 EAST ALTON U IIJTKI.A W I nvmij, Kurlo-,cd breeye. w«y nnd iiliiichcd giirjigc. K.H heal.. iiiMil.itcil, .iliiiiiinuiii Mnim u indfiws Price $12.000 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS NEW :i-bedroom home, hull basement wllh oil heal Prit-o . $II..WI R. H. HESSENFLOW AGENCY 12 Wood River Ave Dial 4-3M2 Evenings, Dial ', .lack . . 2-7BSB I.t-!<-in /'oe t;/»[*fJlM^rr '; *)24.*i FOH SALE — Hv IIWIIIT ."i mum mod- cm hiiiisc, f'nd h,,.in,,n Immediate [)f>>^ciMi>n. Dial 2-247H K)l( SALE S room hnusi', '.' licil rooms klti-hcn. livinn i (Mint iilh mom Full hii.-cnifiil. m:m\ fxiriis. liugc- ihaded Int sml larnc g:ir»ge. I'hune llelhalto HOUSES FOR SALE BETHALTO ^ lar«e room* good lot Spei-lal lerini Sliluli 4 HOOM MOOFMN — Blnok^lde i.'iU'll I HOOM MODERN — Nonh M l-o.v down . *-14.'i» 5 HOOM MODKIIN — 2 lol». Vie« l«nd H HOOM .MODERN •- SliM'iH 6 ROOM MO1JEHN f;mnd'. lew *«H.',(y Al TON' HEAI.TV CO REALTORS Of i K c pfiunc.s 2 -2iiiJ2 ^-611.!i£ liU E Bruoduiiv Everungi Johnson :i H284 Moore . il-1742—2-:i:W2 GOOD' LOCATION--ON HIGHWAY" IN COTTAGE HILLS. 4 ROOMS MODERN. LARGE LOT. IMMEDIATE POS- 5iESSION GOOD SPOT FOR BUSINESS BUILDING A GOOD BLTY FOR |«2UO HALE REALTY CO EAST ALT(i.N 4-3m AFTER 5 P M CALL WALTER HALE JH 4-8208 MILTON AREA e-HOOM WOin.HN 1 . ,,,,,.. i,id Oi.i- flour pljn. ', hcdnn/nis all M/f ior,ii.« HaiO.'.o-id, -PI,in, »a- h bw^eineni uiih ea^ fui in,' t and v.ater r.f t iit_i S'li-ctud tear p,nf.h n-n!atcd. Urge gaiagi Lot ICiOxKu. Woith 'he I "EDS'ON A. DODGE AGENCY^ »!> IIOUSl'lS FOR SAI.E llETIIAi.TorDtiGGER "isT!—:i-roonf~col- tone, not modern. Wired for stove, city wnler, Insulated. Extra large corner lot Included. All for . $2300 FRANK VODER. REALTOR 202 K. Main, EnM Alton 4-till;i or 4-02,'ia ON McADAMS HIGHWAY" 6 large rooms, city water. On good level lot, with over 3 acres of ground that could be subdivided or gardened... .$10,950 HARRY DREW AGENCY 2-1296 , 5 LARGE ROOMS" • Living room 12x15'. • Kitchen KPj.vH'i • Bedroom l.lxll • Bedroom 11x10 • Healed Sunporch 12x33 (possible 2 rooms' • Ons heal • Automatic hoi waler • Insulnled • llarwood Floors • Built-in Cablneti • 4 Closets • (jarnge • Around $2000 down payment 4 LARGE ROOMS • Large Lot SO.X223 • Gns Hen I. • Automatic Hot Water • Fully Insuliiled • Hardwood Floors • Cabinets • Picture Window • Garage • $:!00(> or lesii down payment will handle • Don't fjiil to see thin, located In North AIIon CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY REALTOR 040 East Broadway Office Ph. 3-6021 Evening! Please Call D1CKMAN . . . 2-B4S4 STRIIIF _.__. . _. 2-2148 _ HOME "WITH PERSONALITY" Irlpal for couple or small family, Large level lot. Nicely landscaped. Trees, shrubbery and rone bushes that really bloom. 2 hnclrooma. living room, kitchen and full basement. Located In quiet attractive neighborhood in North Alton. Convenient. Price f U,5fiO Dial 2-9211 nav Luken LUKEN AGENCY, Inc. FOR THE "WORKING MAN I have a 3-room frame home which In very economical to maintain. Be your own landlord and buy Instead, of just paying rent. 2 bedrooms, hath.'kitchen, dmintf and livintf room. Home In excellent condition, clean and nicely dec- ornlnd. Convenient to all Industrial plains Located on Bucna Vista avenue in Milton area. Price JMOfl Dial 2-9211 Hay Luken LUKEN AGENCY, INC. WELL BUILT' COMFORTABLE HOME 5 LARGE ROOMS Glassed and heated porches, stoker heat, cabinets, landscaped level lot, barbecue pit. Bargain $10,500 Ask For VERNA C. RIGCS 2-3239 or at Hemphill's. 6 ROOM BRICK $19,000 ~ ONE FLOOR PLAN • Life time roof CALL ON US FOR CASH TO... PAY WHAT YOU OWE Get your bills together. Wo will provide the cash to pay them. BUY WHAT YOU NEED Our broad loan service includes LOW COST financing of a car, radio, refrigerator or other purchases. MEET EMERGENCIES Our service provides a QUICK WAY of having needed cash for illness, operation, sudden trips, etc. AUTO - SIGNATURE - FURNITURE Alton Finance & Thrift Co. 318 E. BROADWAY Phone 3-8814, 3-8815 RESTAURANT - Wood River Corner or Marguerite and Wood River avenue, Six booths and 5 stools. Refrigerator, stoves, fans, soda boxes, etc,, and doing good business. Owner must leave and will sacrifice. Lease with 3-year option. Total price $1100 and you're in business. DORRIS REALTY CO. ROXANA OI'^'ICK 4-87SO Jl» MOtlStg I OH BAI.H KOR SALE — Four room frume home, nuinmer kitchen, surnKi'. outhullditidi, hnlf *prr. good location Price $2.100, B c. GriiMl, n. Ph. «t Ihu Drug Store Wnnlrn. Illlnoin. EAST ALTON South Pence slrcnl. S-rooin. nit tnixl- «rn. OH» hcnl. liuulntcd. Cinilracl for derd. 1 1.10(1 down payment. Snle price. CALL HAROLD AUSTIN n- 7 inn HEMPHILL AGKNCY • lOriclosed pnrrhrs • • Nice ha.scmt'nt • hent with blower • Automatic hot water • Hardwood floors • Siorm windows and »cr*en* • Well constMifterl home • No thoroiiKhl'fii'e si rep t, in North Alton • Appi iti'.fd fnr more • fhil.v *:in()fi or *U)l)0 down pn.mrnt A FINE BRICK HOME 6 ROOMS PLUS—Asking $18,000 • l.«r«e rooms • fins hrenk fust room • flits hlMjlll SUM! noNl • Horcpi ion it/Hi • SiHirwu.v lo attic • Kireplace, large living room • insulfilr-d nnd M'Jrin windows • (Jus furnace with blower • A veil c'lmstnirtM hornu • Wrll worth con bit) ft ring LARGE 5 ROOM HOME GOOD PRICE AT $13.700 • Si/p oi A H-room home • l.iv.nir room Hxlid with fUrpl/u-e • vi ,-i ^ i (• i 1 hr-d r t»o n i 1 fl x 13' - t 0 Still! 'A il\ tO HttlC • In-n latrd • I ..irvtf iiu'oimii tr hot V.&\PT • Wrll UindHcflped lot (itiKl^H • Kivncpd in hack >ard • (.JirnKe • > ! IM"'r AMon 9 An uniiMtnl hr>m« "TMK MAN TO SEC" FOR RKAI/ry CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY A HEALTOR Bl'l K Hd'.v\ Offii-e I'lionr- 3-6(131 A fin- « P M f'lcnre Call DU kituiriii, 2-84M or Slrulf. 2 2MB MAURICE ST., NORTH ALTON —6 ROOMS AND BATH, ONE FLOOR. 3 NICE SIZE BED ROOMS, LIVING ROOM 15x15. SMALL DINING ROOM, I KITCHEN FACING STREET! HAS STEEL CABINETS, WIRED; FOR RANGE, STOKER FIRED! FURNACE. INCOME FROM 2! BASEMENT ROOMS $28.50; PER MONTH ONE-CAR GA-I RAGE. VERY GOOD LOCA- ! TION . $10,000j MARIE ST.—NEW 4-ROOM &j BATH STEEL GIRDER CONSTRUCTION. GAS FURNACE.. Pz BLOCKS TO BUS. A STEAL i AT . 58950 C H. AUTEN AGENCY 2415 STATE ST PHONE 3 8422 EVENINGS: i i TED PRICE .... 2 8970 I JOHN KELLY .... 2-8269 W. j. WICKENHAUSER AGENCY REALTOR NORTH ALTON modern Muoro hmne. Stool mid lavnloiy In hiilli rnnni, full hnncnu'iit. new cnnl fm-nncr, I 1 ; Acre*. Idcnl fnr dnrdi-n. $2.000 down, fil.1 prr munlli. Prli-c J.12SO UPPER ALTON rrnmo opnrtiiient house. F'niir a-rorim iinlti, furnished. $70 per unit a month. New electric stoves nnd refrlgemtorn, nil funiiKhinK* iip-to-dnli*. Private nnlriinrc iind pi'lvulc biilhs. This upl. ViiilldniK !•• in good condition Mini In un excellent location. Kull Imsc- mcnt, gnu hent. Prlcn ^21,000 WOOD RIVER Va-room frninc wllh full basement, 1 year old All tile /loom. («.i heat, living room 10x13, cabinets. Corner lot. Excellent buy. Prlcr. $nooo UPPER ALTON 8-room modern frHin«. ExrfA -flftfe lot, csblnels. h/trdwoorl Jlnors, cAhfnrts. Prtrn $(ir».'_0 HERBERT STREET fl-room modern hrick. Harrf- worn! floors, rubinrls. «n« hent, Automntif hot w;iipr h enter, nit-r floset hpnrr, in- Inld in I Kith /ind kite lien, Inrgfl flour plnn. Full hnsr- ment. Price . . . . $.4.n(i(j EAST ALTON 4-room modern f t nine, (la hi nets tn kitchen, ;i yours old. Hardwood floor*, inlaid )n b«lh and kitchen. KMK hrnt. jiut.omnl if hot wntf r hciilcr, • torn i window* and fii'rcens, l.ovol lot in good location Price ¥0775 MILTON DISTRICT 4 i onin ni'iilri n fi niitf <..'jil>l • nptu in kitchen, level hit .Vixl.ift. hiurlwr>od floi'iH, jscr ppurrl in front poi rh. Hi or m window* Hiitl Bfrrpn^. s1f>krr. lino I nu m in kltrht-n and hnth. Price UPPER ALTON R -i fifim morlt*rti brick rnnrh rnhini-ls luurlwdod f\<«n^. vc'hhhule with U L H'bt dusc I, oil hfrttcr, clfrli ic hul vvjitcr hpfiti-i. com hi tuition sl<u in witulown. D In in I nil in lih- in hiiHi. l.ol 7.".x20». I'IHT ^(j.OOU MIDDLETOWN hu r-nii- pitipcrl v I'l-innin nunlci n ApaH mmi hoitsf wil h ;t ') i oom piipiii tnpi'nl, .', \ oom npAi'linrnl nnd n U-rnnin v. ii 11 hi own i fm nil in if in I he .( I fir>ni »IU( 'i I ooni ApDI (• nu-nU included II Wl 1 down- Klmr*. new rHtnticU in kih h- fti, Kft t HRr Within v. a )k \t\n d ifitfi nf (* fif Mown i ov, n 1'dirr $l;» H-'iO ABERDEEN AVE. 4 room n\tn\i'i n hi irk \-. illi AI I;K hrd 8 »i'«(?(- In In id ni U ilchcn and h^Ui HH* f ui - iifti-f ' ribmrtK m k itr-hcn, S.'ix I*" . iiiniilaifd. t t-isli It-1 - fd vihdlvn.loii 'J \ r'iii -. r.lfj /' IIA n\>pw\<'(\ f'rn-r M1,;.i,0 MILTON DISTRICT 4'/ innin mnilnn li.nnr L,,iBf> living innin nnd rllninK iili iivr I,,,irl-A mid /lorm., liulll -in < alilnclp!. (i,-is tienl MIDDLETOWN 4 room Miodn n liar d wnnrj 1 1nnr n l«t «r rooms ftilmiMA 11 IP in hH'h nnd k ii< hen vuriptian blind.-. Cine t I'J,i»'Hi GODFREY 7 I Oom liKK.M Ii VS ith *\ Ifti'ti M It 1 " ''^' ^ l! r "i " n * 1 tH'ni an'l m good < orifdi ;on f HI i r* <jf '4( oiii.d 'i \A\ iic «-hi- MPn l.'-ii.f ^ Will ( fi|"n - It , t;J OOdCT IlllUSt l'\ H f V !"- V **n NORTH ALTON 4 inmlri I. ' Jiii' Mh V. n (•(! (in rlti n ii ,:,,.!• full, imiildifd Pi ne 5t).IUO FOSTERBURC FARM fi4 jcre farm •> mow tfou.^r. fchov, er. full basemen! Ktnali ham nr:d tfi unury, la i «o EAST ALTON 1952 Plymouth Suburban IMMEDIATE DELIVERY A 1961 Plymouth Suburban LIKE NEW ROBERTS' MOTORS, INC. WOOD RIVER DESOTO-PLYMOUTH DEALER 102 W. Ferguson Ave., Wood River Phofli 4-4392 IIOIIHKS FOR SAI.ft "HOI IS ~f, -"floodeond I i I on. fitix 100 lot, city waler, wired for stove. 2-2(117. NEW BR'fCK"HOME .1 rooms wllh KnniHe nttaclied. Concrete drive I.nmn level lot. Located In ,Ier- »eyvlllr. Price $1(1,000 Dial 2-9211 H»y J.tikrii LUKEN AGENCY, Inc. HARTFORD—New 3-room home. Modern. Insulated, with atorm windows and doori, gai heat. Two lots. Very nice $11500 KOREST HOMES — Basement home, xl/r 24x2R, electricity and Hood well, large lot »17.10 FOREST HOMKS — New 4 room home, large back porch, good well, wired for clpcirli' stove. Titrm* $.'1700 KOREST HOMES — 3 room home wllh hack porch enclosed, good well with water pi-ensure syvtem, electric hot wnler heater, Terms $31Sll FOREST IIOMES--2-room home with front porch, electricity and well. Loi 5l/.c itnxinil. Terin.i $IBOU HOME SALES COMPANY 103 Knni liioadwny. Alton. Illlnoli I'hone 2-3211. After 5 P. M., 2-7;i:i«_ 5 ROOMS PLUS—$8950 • Plus lovely enclosed porch ft Plus miilrwny to nltlc ft Lovely Interior Including basement In perfect condition ft Paluled plaster wall* ft Compact kltche.n with cabinets ft Venetian blinds ft Storm windows and screens ft Nlc« landscuped yard ft I.Ike new garage ft Located In Wood River ft A neat and clean home 4 ROOMS—$8500 ft Perfect condition ft Insulated ft Venetian blinds ft Lots of cabinets ft PlRHlered walls ft Attached garage ft Dry partitioned bailment wllh sink nnd alool ft Lnrwe lot 7.1x130 feet ft $2000 down payment will handle ft East Alton "EXACTLY AS ADVERTISED" CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY B4n E. Broadway. Phono 3-flfl31 After « P. M. Dli'kmnnn, 2-H4D4 or Strulf, 2-2I4R VERY NICE 6 ROOMS'."3 or 4 bedrooms. Close to West junior. Very neat, newly decorated. Tiled bath, inlaid linoleum. H.W.F., insulated, garage in basement. See this for $9400 ARCHA E. TRABUE 2-8140 or 2-1172 Hemphill Agency EXCELLENT LOCATION — S»n- \ ford near Main, 5 room modern,: gas furnace, garage, level lot. Price $8950 ALTON REALTY CO., Realtors 2-2222 613 f. Broadway Ben Moore—2-1742 ELI M. CREER AGENCY PARK DRIVE, ALTON 4-rooni modnrn honic In A-l condition Fully insulated, .ilorm mmh, 'J. hr-d- monih. ciihinctK and Inlaid* in kllchrn and hath. Tile kitchen. Venetian blinds Kull htticmrnt Stolter heal, electric wnler lutnler finnige Price . $70011 MILTON AREA .1 i Odin modern Large floor plan wllh lni«i' livmu rniiin, IIWK, cjthinolfi », lr | mliiid* m kill-hen nnd hiith, Insulated Aliiiiiiniini Moi-in Misli. full hiurment. stoker hent Large giirage (or repair work. Price MILTON AREA, Thomas St. Four room modern In good condition tn- Mdu and out Venetian blinds, cuhineti, in kitchen. Kull basement wllh garage Furnace heat, storm windows Prim, ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS *"""" Woodbind avenue. Open for Inspection f'.'cv.- iimeh style. ;i-bedroom, largi* liv- >nx rooni 211x14 with fireplace and pic (in,, v. Inflow Hnrdwood floors, tile kitchen ant) hutti Inlaid* and cuhmeu (•nil hiiitf.fiicnt flniulicrl in knnlt.v pine find fnepjace. Oil heat. Guragn Laiue . ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS N»w 4 room modern wllh K^rfige Altarh . f\. l'U«o Iwlritf ruuiri and ftrrplare, 'i \ \;\\¥*~ drill (imn«» with l.irue cluftet »QO'-* i knutly itiiie biet:/c wav. cabinet* atid In Inldt In hilrhpn nnrl hnth, full haoprnrnt il htitc'* lot rtOx^'K) r'Mcc $|2.ftOO ' RE-STYLE YOUR HOME WITH HHS-HAHVILLE SIDING . • FREE ESTIMATES • CONVENIENT TERMS • 8 COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM • Company Trained Applicators MARCAL HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. Phont 2-5915 HOUSES FOB SAL! NKW FHA APPROVED "NATIONAL HOMES"—In Alton'! newest and tMst subdivision it Herbert street and Oak Drive In Milton district. ilSOO down •nd $B4.flO oer month. For Information phone Kdwirdivllle 31«S RALPH H UADO builder. WOOD "lHVErt — Soller Place. 8-room bungnlow wllh 3-room apt. up. Apartment rents for IBS per month. Double garage, screened front porch. HWF. stoker heal. Hale price. $14,700 CALL HAROLD AUSTIN I 3-7 lllfl _HEMPH1LI. AGKNCY CORONADO"DRIVEJ near Milton Road—4-room modern two bedroom home, H.W. floors, cabinets. Stoker heat, garage. Perfect condition $8900 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY ph °J 1(S ?-3584, after 6_p.m. 2-1335 CENTRAL AVE.-Immediate possession for this 7-room modern home, Oil automatic hear, garage. Near schools and churches $2000 down payment. $10,500 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY i pjrn. 2-1335 IN B-room all modern. Gas heat, gas ho water heater, large lot. Priced fo quick sale. Sale price $84C ' CALL HAROLD AUSTIN 3-71BO HEMPIIILL AGENCY "ALTbN™TEAl ESTATE' EXCHANGE SUBURBAN ESTATE Helnx nnd enjoy the heller Ulingi life In this modern year around home near North Alton. Nice large floor plan of six rooms with • 21-foot living room Master bedroom wllh room-wide built- in drehftlng tnbln. The walk-In clothes closets offer delightful convenience Kull basement with half-bath, recreation quarters with bar, Thn over one- hnlf arm grounds urn set In shrubs, flowern and trees, Screened barbecue pit tor Joyful evening pleasure. Is the HOME with year around beaii- l.v. Be nurc lo muke an appointment lo see this iiiburbnn home within walking distance of North Alton, Price $17,1130. Dial :i-.1HI4. 3-71 UK, 3-3712. ROUTE 100 BO-ACHE FAHM Six room farm house. Forty acres for cultivation. Blue grass paMure, plenty of water fnr stock. Some marketable, timber. Price $0300. WASHINGTON AVE. F.iailT-nOOM MOOF.IIN flume home neni business district. Four bedrooms, lull hasemenl with rock foundation Innuliilcd. filed *i 1.0011. Dial 3-AR14 or '""HAWTHORNE STREET IN WOOD ItlVEIl. Will Bell or trade for a three-room home. Thin new four- room modern home. • Gun circulator heat, tiled floors, large rooms, utllliy room with automatic hot waler. In- sulaled plus coinhtnullou storm windows. A cull FHA approved homo Terms wllh $IBOO down, balancit n! 14.1 per month Including taxes jind insurance. Price $7300. Dial 2.000(1. ''""" "COTTAGE HILLS PHOKPEC.T STIIEET- Modern (uVrnoin hoim; 111 A I condition, plus two tbrco- MIIIIII hoii.sf^ Oond Incomo Investment I'v. u liirite lots. Kpf'Ui! .it JII.UW. Ulal '^""HAWTHORNE BLVD. NF.AH NOIITII ALTON Very nice five- i(M,in ini'dein ga^ heated home. Dual- i"iie decoriillnns Full basement wllh pimt-lcd recreation mom. Large land- scaiicd lot Ideal residential nei'Uon. Many nice (eBturen Shown by appointment inilv. I'riii' ^1 limn Dial :i-3HI4 or :i-7ll(l .ALTON REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE Vlfl K 'Itli SI Olal 3-7110 All Lines of Insurance. CORONADO DRIVE, Milton Area nouses Y OWNirt — o-room all modern on Mayfleld. Newly decorated, clow to school and buses. City ' sewer. WMO. I-50IS._ : - • HELLY'stT, State Sr. -i. 4 room home, furnace, concrete basement. Large level lot Work shop on rear of lot, Completely furnished. Widower and owner says sell for low price of $4200 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Phone 3-3584. after 6 p.m. 24335 -HOOM MODF,nN — Oarage attached, completely furnished, Including television, (0700, Dial 3-0487. WANTED, RKAL eSTATB FOR A QUICK SALE—Ol your property Cell ELI M. GREEK AGENCY TOM GIBSON 2-49M IAHIUSON AGENCY — Needi ll«ting». For quick reiultt dial 3-6397, • veiling i 3-MflB, WANTED—4-room home for eetbred, near bui line, Hiehl Agency, 1-7722. 2-rioao. WANTED— 4 room modern tiout* tn Alton from private party. Will"'my caih. Ph. 2-7037. WILL BlfV' — From owner only, 4, 8 or A room modern hou«e. Pleaie itite location, price, etc. Box. 650 care Telegraph. AUCTIONS 040 AUCTION! AUCTION SALE— Wedne«d«y. 7:30 p. m. What have * you we may (ell? .! OO.EnS, 8ii Went Ferguion. 4-g«30. AUCTION ~ Tile*, iind Sat night*, 7 p.m. m, 140, Cottage Hills, III. What have you to irJJV Cell 4-8288, Ootnm»n Auction, rt/nNl'TURK AUCTION — Friday *ve- nlnft, 7:00 p. m. Jouett Auction Home, 1700 Wanning ton. Complete Um» of household itemi: Urn or imall aos- «lgnmont« accepted. Dial 3-3084. 100 AUCTION SAL?— Spotted Poland China sown, and Utter*, bred gllt*. full fooari nnd Rllt«. Friday evening I'M, April 4th. Alvln C. Stunkol farm, U mllen norlheant of Edwardnvllle. _ FARM - LIVESTOCK a_8 ___ DOflg— CATS— PET» _ CANARIES—Maled pain, flngerf. henn Phone 4-n05ll. ___ IJAROE CANARY FLIGHT CAGE— And other uned catint. 4-6B70, POINTE'R PUPPIES — For wie^ Eaii 2-4.157. nAnnifs FOR s/xilfe *-' a - 8 i aa ^__ « does, i buck, - __ SIAMESE" KITTENS — Pedigreed, itoy 3-7114.9. __ 2 SMALL FEMALEfHABBIT HOUNDS— One running. JIS. Dial 4-9806. 1« t'Mltii DID YOU KNOW? That you could buy a new Fbrd Tractor wllh Chloride, itarter, proofmeter, lilihts; rcndy lo RO — delivered on your farm lux Included, for leu than 5IDUM'' see tin today for complete Information on a new Ford Tractor and IJi'iirlmrn Farm Equipment. CAHTER BROS. THACTOH & EQUIPMENT CO. Dial 3-3541 Highway 07 — ^} i ° n - ill- g EEp| II. - dood. leafy, 2nd cutting. 9^.Koeller and Soiu. Dial 2-3068. BALED ALFALFA HAY—For aileT'ttrl Schoffel & Son^ Brighton, 111. FOn " SALK ~—~ClTnton 11 seed oets. (termination 00%. Stanly Castle, Route 2, AltorL_Phone ?-7548. dltbER YOtJiri'FiSTER — Hybrid «eed corn now Everett Harris, FoiUrburg road. 2-4008. Wlll_deltyer. 3Itl)"OUTTiNCJ"ALFALFA HAY^l year old spotted Poland China registered hoar, 4 coop battery brooder with heating element. Frank Person, Dow, III, ilH ~ ^ UVEgTOCK FC)R"S"A"LE ~~:i"ye«fiing"c8ivei, a bulls. ' I heifer 2-70B8 FOIt SAL15 i 3 year old white horse, sacidh- and bridle Phone Bethalto OS82. -5 room modern home, stoker I ™»«,r& ;Si".,^'Te... SSSft heat. Garage. A-l condition. Very good buy for . . .$7500 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY »(>i "f ksitlu 2 ."Hill I breeching harness. Dial In W. j WICKENHAUSER AGENCY 3010 K Un,..:i.-.*i Alton (Union Fii'/neh ^ ',t\il f>: '4 t/5.i^ Mid .) 'HI P M. C:«ll PAYNE . 2 17ftl SCHWEKDTf KfiKR . 2-bZ7a DIXON . .) ,1111 WICKfiNHA 1 S£R . . Z-.HIIH HoiviMttn 81 .1-rciuin riiorirrn hoin, A J <(jii(litiun I'ftfge floor plan ruhlnftk .irul i ulihctued j/ilaldfc in kitchen Jinri nnlh Vr net inn blinds, alunitiium stoi in .1 h sun porch, fully lti>ulair<J i' nil MVL'TON"AREA—Ifviichigan* Ave' One of the neiier ririck nofnek uf Milton ail-it Lovely "'-room mrKlein Sluirwnv lo lariji, aim (He Urn floor large living room with stoni IUI-I.IJIT tiuili m nook canes, nard v.'"d ii(,o[« tin- Hath Ocautifui cal>met woik m kitchen, inl.iid. Venetian blmdi. iv'l basement, stoker heat, in- Mii.,li:iJ i,rick nuiag** lev«l lot Other leaturei not advtrllsed Call for further information MILTON AREA-Mayfield Ave. S-rnorn modern home. A-l condition lluulv.ood floors, cabinets and inlaids kitchen and bath, full basement. ktr neat, insulated, itarage; other iturei in,! udverllM'd Price $11500 MIDDLETOWN 11 ill Ave ('I <>*»• io Si An thorn '» lov«-h 4 room jnncJern hont* A 1 ri^uJilfOii 1 it epJ.i>'e in living x: f.ihinft-. ami ittluiil* in k ift'hrn '1 >>,!<), '. cnf t blind* nihiillili'd i o.i-1 'lit n t. , i ftKci hr;i l, t lct'1 r u 1 ,'. i ,, K.'il -W PI 1 '«' *J 1 500 ELI M. CREER AGENCY REALTOR Olliie l-'riorie. :t V.vi4 Hue Milton Road UK'K BEUTTEI. . . •! 8I:)'I KENNETH CHEER . , S .5177 I1IOMAS GIBSON . . i 4«B GUERNSEY "COW — And calf for iale. John Mui-«bel. cure Robert McCauley, Fonterliiirg, III _ , „„ , , , .,._ HAMPSIIIRE SOW - S ihoats, 8 pifl. Phone 3-3584, after 6 p.m. 2-1335 Phone --JIOM or Z-BOTO^ TCMTU CT KJ« " 'u»^, C nn ^ i ''" fins ~To'We'ki old. O'NeUI. Alby TENTH ST.—Near Henry, 5 room : S1 ,,, )a(li , miio from Eim. a-agja. A-l condition, i in WEANING PIGS—i'a weeka 014. c«n <tf. unn! «-o"77. .pQOUU - r-^JTIL^:--:^ gUPPUEl ; Phone Carrollton 181 Collect and make a date to com* for your i -hicks. 4 or 2 weeks old Pullets, cockerels or straight run. All with a big guarantee Open _Sunda>s. BABY CHICKS—Poultry supplies, OccU dent feedi with multl-mycln. Wert'i Orocery. Dial 2-8008 in • to modern home. A bargain for HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Phone 3-3594, after 6 p.m. 2-1335 UPPER ALTON, near high school. Large 5 room modern home. Classed and screened front porch. _ H W flnnrc i-ihinotc Venetian i BABY CHICKS—Heavies and hybrids; .W. floors, caomets. Venetian i hatche , cvery Monday jind Frid»y. spe- blinds, gas heat, garage. Clean as a whistle. See this one for $10,500 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Phone 3-3584, after 6 p.m. 2-1335 MIDDLETOWN, Blair "Avenue— A very nice 5 room modern home. H.W. doors, cabinets. Best of taste in interior decorating. 3 bedrooms. Gas heat. Large porch. A better home in a selected neighborhood. See this for $13,500 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Phone 3-3584, after 6 p.m. 2-1335 A cials on heavy mix. Cocktreli |) per hundred. Started cbloki available, torn* over 2 weeks old. Phone 1837. WoU'» HjU-hery, HO Vandalia St., Edward*- vllle, 111. SUPER BABY CHICK VALUES AT SEARS White Rock* Barred Rockf Buft Rocks White WyandotUi N«w Hanipihiret Auatra White* White Leghorna DAY - OLD Stiaight - Run . ..$16.29 »»t bundled 2-week-old chickt. add 111 t« above price, 3-wcek-old chicks, add 11* t* above price Available Every Thursday- Order 4 Days Ahead SEARS BIG ALTON FARM STORE 4th k Pi»ia. A.Uon. IU. MIU i

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