The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on September 20, 2002 · Page 48
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 48

Hays, Kansas
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Friday, September 20, 2002
Page 48
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FRIDAY • SEPTEMBER 20,2002 Survey: Evangelicals, Catholics see growth By RACHEL ZOLL ASSOCIATED PRESS The Mormon church and evangelical faiths grew during the past decade while more liberal Protestant denominations shrank, according to a new census of U.S. religions conducted by a Roman Catholic research group. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints grew at the fastest rate, with the Pentecostal denomination Assemblies of God following closely behind, the 2000 Religious Congregations & Membership study found. The Roman Catholic Church also posted strong growth while its population shifted. More Catholics now live in the West than the traditionally Catholic Midwest, and the Catholic population in the South grew faster than it did in the Northeast. "That has a lot to do with the growth of the Hispanic population in the United States," said researcher Clifford Grammich, who collected Catholic figures for the study "How well the church has been holding onto Hispanic Catholics, a study like this can't determine." The survey is conducted once a decade and was released Tuesday The latest version includes Muslims for the first time, finding 1.6 million in the United States. The count was lower by millions than some other surveys, but researchers said the figure was only a tally of those active in mosques, not the total American Muslim population. Estimates of all Muslims vary dramatically from 2 million to 6 million. The study was conducted by the Glenmary Research Center in Nashville, Tenn., a Catholic research and social service organization that coordinates the study with analysts from several faiths. It's one of just a few religious surveys across denominations. The 149 participating faiths sent membership estimates to Glenmary, which adjusted the figures to make them comparable. The U.S. Census Bureau does not collect information on religion. The numbers for each denom- ination might not be exact, but are close enough to help uncover important trends, said the Rev. Dale Jones, a Church of the Nazarene minister who oversaw the survey. Jones said one of the most troubling trends was that, in most areas, religious groups failed to increase the percentage of members compared with the total population. This was especially pronounced in the West, where denominations claim the smallest percentage of members. People there "consider themselves religious, but some will.say you don't need to belong to a church to be religious," Jones said. The study found the Los Angeles metropolitan area was the most diverse urban center, with 106 different denominations reporting members. Illinois was the most diverse state with 120 different faiths. The evangelical Southern Baptist Convention grew by only 4.9 percent during the last decade, but remained the nation's largest Protestant group, with nearly 20 million members, according to Glenmary. Other surveys put the Southern Baptist figure closer to 16 million. Roman Catholics remained the largest denomination in the country, growing 16 percent to 62 million believers. The Mormon church grew about 19 percent to 4.2 million members, while the Assemblies of God grew nearly as quickly to 2.6 million. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) was among moderate and liberal Protestant denominations posting a significant loss, drop- • Ping by nearly 12 percent to 3.1 million. Mainline Protestant churches have been losing members for decades. The study put the Jewish population at 6 million, but Jones said the figure researchers gave Glenmary included Jews who were not members of congregations and therefore was difficult to compare to other participating denominations. Predominantly black denominations, such as the National Bap- THE HAYS DAILY NEWS AS Keeping the faith in American religion The Catholic church is the largest in the United States. Denominations within the Protestant churches collectively have 66 million adherents with Southern Baptists i being the largest group. Top 15 faiths In United States by number of adherents Faith Catholic Adherents 62,035,042 Southern Baptist • Convention 19,881,467 3.'" United Methodist 10,350^629 4. Jewish 6,141,325 5. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 5,113,418 6. the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-dax Saints 4,224,026 7. Presbyterian 3,141,566 8. Assemblies of God 2,561,998 9. Lutheran Missouri Synod 2,521,062 10. Episcopal 2,314,756 |J7 American Japtjst'3,767i4i52' 12. United Church of Christ 1,698,918 ja'Churches of Christ '1,645,584' 147 Muslim (estimate) 1 £591294 '•is. Christian Churches 1,439,253 Key statistics Fastest growing church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints County with the most people in a congregation Los Angeles County reported 5.5 million people in 4,044 congregations. ... with the least Loving County, Texas, reported none in any congregation State with the highest percentage of Catholics Rhode Island 52% Most widespread religious group United Methodist congregations are present in 96% of counties tist Convention, did not participate in the study, since many lack ASSOCIATED PRESS the resources to count their membership, Jones said. ASSOCIATED PRESS Gordon B. Hinckley, president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, surveys the renovation done at the Mountain Meadows Grave Site Memorial prior to its dedication in this Sept. 11,1999, file photo at Mountain Meadows, Utah. Author blames Mormon leafe {ml 857 massacre, SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — • Nearly a century and a half after California-bound pioneers were slaughtered by Mormon settlers and their Indian allies, a new book blaming the massacre on church leader Brigham Young is causing a sensation in the Mormon community. Church historians vehemently disagree with the premise of "Blood of the Prophets: Brigham Young and the Massacre at Mountain Meadows." But author Will Bagley says circumstantial evidence points to Young's involvement. "Claiming that Brigham Young had nothing to do with Mountain Meadows is akin to arguing that Abraham Lincoln had nothing to do with the Civil War," Bagley writes. "His own words reveal that both before and after the massacre, Brigham Young recognized the likely results of his acts." On the shelves since late August, Bagley's book is a best seller in Salt Lake City, headquarters of the Mormon church. Sam Weller's Books, which specializes in Western and Mormon history, has, sold more than 400 copies, said store manager Dennis Evans. On the heels of Bagley's work, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints now is planning to publish its own book on the killings. This comes after years of church leaders insisting that the Sept. 11,1857, massacre should be a closed chapter in Utah history. Author Richard Turley, the church's chief historian, said his book will make clear that Young did not plan the murders. The victims of the Mountain Meadows massacre were a group of men, women and children on their way from Arkansas to California. Young at the time was the church's prophet and president, its second, and the man who brought the faith's headquarters to the West hi 1847 after founder Joseph 'Smith was murdered''in»Illinois* •Under Young's leaderships the«ter j ritory that would become Utah operated as a "theo-democracy" Ten years after the Mormons arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, however, the U.S. Army was preparing to squelch Utah's resistance to federal control and its practice of polygamy, Bagley writes. As troops drew closer, Utah trained its own military and stockpiled guns, ammunition and food. In the midst of growing war hysteria, wagon trains continued to move through the territory on the way to California, including the pioneers from northwest Arkansas. About the same time, tales also began to spread about the death of a Mormon leader, Parley Pratt, in Arkansas. Rumors made their way around Utah that members of the Arkansas wagon train were involved. Bagley, who writes a state history column for The Salt Lake Tribune, said this coincidence helped seal the pioneers' fates. "Brigham Young considered this a righteous act of vengeance," said Bagley But he said Young also wanted to send a message to the United States that he 'controlled the road to California. Bagley said the massacre was planned and organized before the Arkansas group — traveling through Utah from north to south — reached the southern part of the territory. The Mormon set-tiers and Indians ambushed the wagon train of 40 men, 30 women and 70 children. The pioneers circled their wagons and dug in, surrendering days later when the Mormon settlers promised them safety if they disarmed. Instead, the Mormon militia and Indians killed them. Seventeen children under the age of 7 , were spared and adopted into the community. Stop running, listen to what scripture says The Resurrection Story from John 20:1-18, the story we hear every Easter: "He is risen! He is risen indeed!" No excitement? Are you thinking I need to look at the calendar? Easter was six months ago. Yes indeed. However, the gift that we have been given needs to be celebrated and talked about more than on Easter morning. "He is risen!" Why would we want to talk about such a miraculous event in the life of Jesus just once a year on Easter morning? The powerful resurrection story: "He is risen! He is risen indeed!" But, did Mary Magdalene shout, "He is risen" when she saw the empty tomb? No way. She saw that the stone had been removed, and she ran to Simon Peter and the other disciple. She said to them, "They have taken the Lord tl out of the tomb, and we do not , vknow where they have.laid him.'", ". nd. did Simon .'*!» * Sheryl Johnson FAITH disciple shoijt^J'He„ is',,; risen!" No, instead the two were running together and the other disciple outran Peter and beat him to the tomb. In Mary's mind someone had robbed the grave. Her Lord had disappeared. The only things lying there were the linen wrappings. As Simon Peter entered, he saw the linen wrappings. When the other disciple entered, he went in, and he saw and he believed. Then, the disciples returned to their homes. Why weren't they shouting, "He is risen?" After all, the scripture says the other disciple believed. Apparently he believed but did not know what to do with his faith. Obviously, they did not understand what really had happened. They did not understand what Jesus had been telling them in the past days about his death and resurrection. The scripture says they were running. Mary ran to the disciples, the disciples ran to the tomb. I'm sure they were frantic, excited, confused. They weren't only running physically, but I'm .sure their minds were running. .JSmotipns, wondering what. ii ha4 ,'i .t^aken ^place, jumping to conclu- ^sipns^o'l,, their own. Running ".to' the point of feeling helpless. Does that sound familiar? How many times in our lives do we find ourselves running? Running because of busy schedules between work, parenting, activities, doctor's appointments, the usual household chores, and the list goes on. How many times in our lives do we find ourselves running because a loved one is sick? We might be running to kee.p up with everything, and we might be running because we are scared. And what about addictions? Always running from the truth. The truth that the alcohol, drugs, gambling or whatever addiction it might be is keeping one from facing the truth. Running away from the problem. Running from responsibilities. If we ignore them, they will go away. Running away from the church. Running away from God. If I go to church I might have to face feelings and memories that are painful. If I go to church, everyone will talk about why I haven't been there for so long. If I try to talk to God, I will have to admit I am a sinner. Running never seems to solve the problem, whatever it might be. We can run from place to place, to beat the clock, to make it to work and every activity, but in the end we usually haven't won the race. We feel exhausted.,! "might feel'.cheated out ',of tj r „.,...„._, and we, might feel resentfuOo-^Stop and realize that bee ward others or just the r^ 1 -•* fe!S *** M ^ M *^ ii *»*** iKiV '^^"**' /( ' Mt Running away from an member, to stop and to listen to the words the Lord had told them? What would have changed if they had stopped and thought about the stone rolled away and the linen wrappings? Two big clues were given that day. The stone had been rolled away, not so the grave robber could leave, but so the disciples and Mary could see that Jesus was gone, he had risen. The linen wrappings would not have been left in the tomb if someone stole Jesus' body. The robbers would not have taken time to unwrap the linen cloths. But you see, they were too busy, too confused. They were too busy running to see the obvious. The same goes for our lives. We need to stop running so we can listen. Listen to what we have been taught from the scriptures. Listen and feel God's love JtaE^ansLrealize does not make it go away. Running away from sickness and death does not make one physically or spiritually well. Running doesn't usually help, unless we are trying to outrun the cow in the pasture that is not too happy with us being too close to her calf. In that instance running helps. Running did not help Mary and the disciples that day What would have happened if they would have taken the time to stop and re- use of fifr- the sin, the turmoil, the death of a loved one, the busy schedule can be dealt with. Why? Because of the resurrection and the hope and promise that we have because of it. Stop! Stop and listen. Stand still long enough to hear God calling. Let the resurrection fill you with faith and hope. He is risen! "The Lord has risen indeed!" — Sheryl Johnson is pastor at United Methodist Church, Ellis. Briefs American Family Radio personality to speak Hays Family Radio (89.7 FM), a translator station for American Family Radio, will present radio personality J. J. Jasper at a dinner Sept. 27. Jasper is heard weekday mornings on American Family Radio, a national Christian radio network that includes approximately 200 stations in 34 states, with more than one million listeners. A $10 fee will cover the meal with an additional free-will offering taken that evening to cover expenses. Ticket deadline is Tuesday. For more information, call Pastor Will Haworth, Church of the Nazarene, (785) 625-5555; Pas- tor Steve Dinkel, Liberty Fellowship, 625-6245; Pastor Jimmy Pitson, Agape Southern Baptist Church, 625-5373; Pastor Gary Simon, First Southern Baptist Church, 628-3996; or Vickie Rohleder, secretary and treasurer, 625-6291. CROP Walk scheduled for Oct. 6 at HMC trail \ The Ellis County Mininisterial Alliance is endorsing the 2002 Walk for CROP from 2 to 4 p.m. Oct. 6 on the walking trail behind Hays Medical Center. The purpose of the walk is to help abate local and worldwide hunger. From the local walk, 25 percent of the money collected will be returned to the communi- ties of Ellis County and be donated to First Call for Help. This agency provides services to those in Ellis County who are in need as well as to transients. Those interested in joining the walk should contact their local churches or coordinator Jeanie Munsch at St. Nicholas of Myra Catholic Church. Poll: More than half of Americans pray regularly BOSTON (AP) — While less than half of Americans regularly attend religious services, more than 60 percent said they prayed once or more a day, according to a poll by The Christian Science Monitor. A third who prayed regularly said they did so more after the Sept. 11 attacks, but more than 60 percent said the tragedy did not change the amount they prayed. Less than a third of the more than 900 adults surveyed said the terrorist strikes made them more interested in participating in interfaith services. Since the war on terror began, many clergy have held worship services with other denominations to promote religious tolerance. However, some conservative Christians have resisted, saying interfaith worship sent the wrong message that all religions were the same. The poll, released last week, included questions asked Aug. 5 to 9 and Sept. 3 to 8 and had a margin of error of 3.3 percentage points. IAILY NEWS FIEDS 1081 ou For Subscribing to The Hays Daily News fBSSSi CHARGE IT! You may use your Visa, Mastercard or University Card to pay for your subscription to The Hays Dally News. JUST CALL 628-1081 OUT OF TOWN CALL 1-800-657-6017 Today is Friday, Sept. 20, the 263rd day of 2002. There are 102 days left in the year. Today in History By The Associated Press Today's Highlight in History: On Sept. 20, 1519, Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan set out from Spain on a voyage to find a western passage to the Spice Islands in Indonesia. On this date: In 1881, Chester A. Arthur was sworn in as the 21st president of the United States, succeeding the assassinated James A. Garfield. In 1947, former New York City Mayor Fiorello La Gunrdia died. • In 1963, President Kennedy proposed a joint U.S.-Soviet expedition to the moon. Ip 1973, singer-songwriter Jim Croce died in a plane crash near Natchitoches, La.; he was 30. In 1977, the first wave of Southeast Asian "boat people" arrived in San Francisco under a new U.S. resettlement program. In 1984, a suicide car bomber attacked the U.S. Embassy annex in north Beirut, killing a dozen people. In 1989, F.W. de Klerk was sworn in as president of South Africa. Mathematics Activities I Examine ihe comic strips and ask your students lo determine the I fraction of the whole strip that each frame represents. Single frame I comics would represent one. A strip with four frames would represent I one-fourth. Be careful of strips that do not have equal sized frames. In 2000, Independent Counsel Robert Ray announced the end of the Whitewater investigation, saying there was insufficient evidence to warrant charges against President Clinton and his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Ten years ago: The space shuttle Endeavour landed at the Kennedy Space Center. Leanza Cornell of Florida was crowned "Miss America" in Atlantic Cily, N.J. Five years ago: President Clinton's allorneys insisted no laws were broken as it was disclosed lhal Attorney General Janet Reno had taken a first step toward seeking a special prosecutor to investigate the president's 1996 fund-raising activities. One year ago: Presidenl Bush cautioned a shaken nation that there were "struggles ahead and dangers lo face" as America and its allies combat global terrorism. Today's Birthdays: Actress Sophia Loren is 68. Rock musician Chuck Panozzo (Styx) is 55. Former hockey player Guy LaFleur is 51. Jazz musician Peter White is 48, Actress Betsy Brantley is 47. Actor Gary Cole is 46. Aclress Kristen Johnston is 35. Rock singers Gunnar Nelson and Matthew Nelson are 35. Rock musician Ben Shepherd is 34. Rock musician Rick Woolstenhulme (Litehouse) is 23. Thought for Today: "Ninety-nine percent of ihe failures come from people who have Ihe habil of making excuses." - George Washington Carver, American botanist (1864-1943). Newspapers in Education Sponsored By: BankofAmerica.

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