Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on January 30, 1958 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1958
Page 3
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FHROUGH THE GRADES Second Grade Kewm -ar i. , Mrs. Schichtl we have been learning some good teeth rules and why we should take good care of our teeth. Charts were sent home to remind us to brush our teeth at least .twice a day. We have drawn some interesting posters on good teeth care to be entered in the County contest. The school nurse was here Wednesday for a health inspection. Those receiving 100% in spelling last week were: Barbara Asnby, Kenneth Becker, Laderyl Bicrbower, Eileen Bonjour, Mike Buhman, Diana Dopp, Joyce Gage, Norma Hammond, Cheryl and Karyl Hienemann, Peggy Hofer, Irene Lambert, Darla Me- THE TATTLER EDITOR ASSISTANT HITS THE TATTLER STAFF -— Barb Kauten MIXED^rRnRuc Donna Hetth and Kathy^haffe? rTm<PrS^S US ..... Steve Talcott Qvwlr^n o£IL CLUB Carol Dahlquist rRATVP M»WC Jan Sc habacker and Bill Hughes TV-p^Ts; Jan Bennin eton and Roger Otterstein BIHTHDAW" -„- , Ru i h Nims and Jan Bennin « ton OTTD, AtrX ^L,--- Becky Maxson and Marge Downing FUR AND FEATHERS Lowell Paul n£5£?c£ES RTS P °S Eischeid and Sharleen Mullins ^gJS SPORTS ..._ Kip Knight and Gene Van Buren f^? 1 ^ FEAT URES Kolleen Anfinson and Gloria Alber ?J£?rSF HOOL NEWS Jean Cue and Carolyn Bright SPONSOR ,.. Mfg. pjckett EDITORIAL Many people do not realize what America means to them. It is Arlington's 47-28 victory at Arlington Friday night was made possible by one, Jean Belschner's 27 points. Some players have good nights, Friday was her's, hitting from every place on the court. Although the Cardinal guards did a remarkable job of botteling up the other Indian scorers," this wasn't enough, as Arlington came out on top of the Fayette scoring was accounted for b y olaon with 12 « Maxson 7, Mullins, Kuhens and Dahlquist with 4, 2 and 2 respectively. |. JwW Lowell Voshell. *«»"». Homemaker Of Tomorrow • • • . Common people are as important as rich people. You do not " omBnwKcr *•" lomoirow Fifth Grade News have to be »° r n of rich parents or of Kings and Queens to become The Betty Crocker Homemaker Our room was sorry to see Miss P°P ular - Many of the noted people come from poor families. They o f Tomorrow in Fayette High Luster leave us Friday. She will realize how tough it is to get by in life. School is Janis Bennington. teach Fifth Grade at Beloit, Wis- Many of the young people graduating from school choose to go She received the highest score consin next year. We wisji her to college. This brings on many new careers. It leads some people to in a written examination on lots of luck. places in the government. These people represent us. homemaking knowledge and at- Friday we did some interesting Farms make up a large part of the country. Farmers work hard titudes, administered Dec. 3, to art work. We used red, white, and making a living for their families. The American families stick to- senlor , « lrls ln the graduating W " J! - up having a good religion and going to Church closs - Her examination paper will in democracy. *» entered to ">"»*»»'«>» '« This is my idea of America. ^^X^^^^^^^^m^'^'^if. •''-v. ;.••£# 30 JANUARY 1958 POOR ROADS KILL AGAIN Poor roads killed one person, injured ten, and wrecked four ears recently in a head-on accident north of Cedar Rapids. Nearly 40.000 persons are killed each year on roads like these across the country. Already Iowa has started on a program to reduce this toll with construction of better roads. .South of Des Moines, contractors Jin; building a highway with nil the safety features. Opposing lanes will be separated — this would have prevented the fatal accident. Cars and trucks will join and leave the highway on access roads, allowing traffic on tin; main route to maintain :i steady flow. And cross traffic- red tempera paint, laid it on the construction paper, folded the paper together, pressed firmly on the string, then pulled the string out of the fold with a jerky motion. We put the resulting designs up for a patriotic border for the month of February. We got our half-hour recess back with 24 A's in Spelling last week. Everyone was happy about that. Some people in our room are going to work in an advanced class in Arithmetic. They may not all keep up but all feel interested and confident at present. Wish them luck. Seventh Grade News By Helen Kauten The question for this week is: Do you like to dance? Why or why not? Linda Niles says, Yes, because its fun. Ron Timmerman answers, Yes, for the heck of it. Kathy Keig says she likes to dance for a hobby, and Robert Gould says, Yes, just to be doing something. The following got an A in Friday's spelling test: Randy Anderman, Diane Ashby, Mary Austin, Carol Beck, Tom Borchert, Ronny Brown, Jim Buhman, Barbara Burget, Kenny Butters, Carol Clark, Paul Clark, Barbara Fish, Diane Franzen, Mike Gaynor, Carolyn Hennig, Sandra Hennig, Renee Jellings, Kathy Keig, Zoe Anna Martin, Linda Niles, James Rohde, Don Timmerman, Dennis Tope, and George Van Buren. In Social Studies we are studying about the Guianas and Brazil in South America. We each have a small booklet about coffee in which we're working. In Arithmetic we are learning all about percentages and how to measure air in a tire. We are learning how to choose WEEKLY CROSSWORD PUZZLE Indian Antelope HORIZONTAL 2 Interstice 1 Depicted 3 Car ° l animal 4 It black- 8 Moslem Jsh-brown 13 Get up 5 Require 14 Make lively 6 Girl's name 15 Lair ' Afresh 16 Went astray 8 F ««s 18 Tatter 9 Part of "be" 18 Canine 1° Vehicles ZOPulli 11 Russian 21 Mineral spring storehouses 22 Hebrew deity » 2 Nullify 23 Diminutive 17 Railroad (ab.) suffix 25 Rumple 24 Male sheep M Stain <pl.) 27 Secrete 27 Stockings 28 Scent *» rrepusiuan 30 Hypothetical structural unit 31 Thus 32 Accomplish 33 This antelope is found in the 35 Love «od 38 Near 39 Mixed type 40 Musical direction 42 Drops 47 Misdeed 48 Tilt 49 Once more SO Cooking utensil 51 Built S3 Angry 53 Plant* again 58 Apostle VERTICAL IMore sorrowful 1 13 13 19 2i *» 54 » 46 w ss 2 w 5 W< a . 29 il ^ m H ^ m $% & w, 'M m •a. j 1 3 & 4.3 IT M a V 1 | 0 V V o Tore's the Aiunvcr Sir] "IL N' 1 *•- WS V s I « 1 a \ i 4 > 1" m OU/lkj 1 . r |[PUA A V 3 *1 s| v </ a M r W -. E t 1 jwi 5f 5f 3 * S j r if 1* 1 § h INiV'Sj *> o vl JJ 1 M «* V a a V s 33 Church 44 Boys festival 45 Chinese 34 Dress measure 36 Drug 46 Cut 37 Offender 47 Gaiter 41 Mimics 52 Cerium 42 Destiny (symbol) 43 Old 54 Anent > ft) 4 « Hf • 17 b 14 1 nte AIM 15 4M MS a lil Mfc ^ sl 9 w m w< n SO * 55 H % w Si 10 ta F ^ za ^ 17 50 ii * » 2 57 name this. state's candidate the title of All-American Homo- maker of Tomorrow and will also be considered for the runnerup award in the state. For her achievement, she will receive on award pin designed by Trlfuri of New York. The national winner in the fourth annual Betty Crocker Search conducted among 327,000 young women in 11,800 of the nation's public, private and parochial high schools will be named April 17 at a banquet in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. General Mills is sponsor of the program designed to assist schools in education for home and family living. This year's huge entry brings the four-year participation over the million mark, A total of 1,071,000 girls has enrolled in this national homemaking project since it was launched in 1955. A total of $100,000 In scholarships will be awarded this year. Each State Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow will receive a $1,500 scholarship and an education trip with her school advisor to Washington, D.C., colonial Wllliamsburg, Va., and New York City. A $500 scholarship will be awarded the second ranking girl in each state. The school of the state winner will receive a set of the Encyclopaedia Brltannica. The scholarship of the young woman named All-American Homemaker of Tomorrow will be increased to $5,000. Girjs who rank second, third and fourth in the nation wtn receive $4,000, $3,000 and $2,000 scholarships, respectively. (Upper) One person was killi-il aiul 11) injuied in :i fuii< . ar smash lip on route 151) north of Cedar liapid*, la. Deatli r.'ir <l >. gassing on narrow, two-lane road, met ear ('.!) head-on. Anmiii".- .,\\\n (H) rammed the pile-up and pushed car 1 («J into r.n Mi. A p.r . iu;n- in the dentil car is on the critical list. (i'!' Photo) (Lower) Meanwhile, Iowa works to rcplaei 1 d.iniv i uu> Uvo-lane roads with wide four-lane highways under I'Vdrral-aiil program. Near Indianola. la., part of Die slate's Inlrr.-.lM' .••! >: •!'. n.•<• Highway Program takes shape. The new highway is ili-sunnM t.i .-.ave thousands of lives yearly. U.'NS I'liotm HOT LUNCH February 3 February 7, 1958 Monday Scrambled Enns '"id Cheese Hashed Brown Potatoes. Cabbage and AppU- Slaw Beamit Butter S;indwicli Butterscotch Pudding >/j Pint Milk Tuesday Meat Loaf Mashed Potatoes with Butter Buttered peas and Carrot.-; Bread and Butter Sandwicli Peaches % Pint Milk Wednesday Bcnn Soup Cheese Sandwiches Waldorf Salad Cherry Cobbler % Pint Milk Thursday Vegetable and Bco£ Pie lopped with Baking Powder Biscuits Extra Biscuits with Honey Butter Slice of Cheese Buttered Tomatoes Applesnuce % Pint Milk Friday Tomato Jtiico Tuna Salad Sandwiches Escallopcd Corn Celery and Carrot Sticks Cake Ms Pint Milk SENIOR SKETCH Larry Maxson was born In the safe places in which to play and third year. Our next game is Fri- The Cards outscored their op- how to identify poisonous plants day night when we play Cler- P°nent 42 to 21 during the final and animals, also how to care for mont-Elgin here. We hope to 1S m'nutes. Four boys scored in west Union hospital on March a snake bite and what we should continue having a good basket- double figures, as Fayette grasp a 19, 1940. He has lived in Fayette do if we touch poison ivy. ball season. tighter hold on 4th place in the a ii his life. • • • • I am sure everyone who at- conference race. Marvin s 18, Larry has participated in all High School News tended the Band Festival Satur- Gooders 17, Maxson's 14 and Da- sports, but says he likes basket- First of all, the Senior Class day night enjoyed it greatly, vis 10 along with Eischeid and ball the beat. He has been on the would like to extend welcome to There was a wonderful turnout. Watkms 8 apeace and Dennis 1 student council, in chorus, (for a our new student, Michael Lewis. Don't forget to attend the One- accounted for the 72. while) and is active in dramatics. We are happy to have another Act plays, February 3, at the • He likes Jeff Chandler and member in our Senior Class. Fayette High School Gym. Tirln Drnn Tvrn Mitzl Ga y nor - His favorite food The Freshman also have a new Have you noticed Janis Ben- uiri8 frwp two, j s f r j e( j cn i c ken. "Weasel" Paul is student. He is Bill Lewis. The nington|s interesting column in Calmar & Arlington nls pet P 0676 - His Mure plans ~ - . . ^ fi—n i IT- Lewis's came to Fayette from the Oelwein paper? Janis asks Cedar Falls. We are glad to have the students questions and sum- Fayette High, marizes their answers into a very having a nice column. If you haven't been «~i:_i i t i i_ .. °" undecided. Best of luck, W OO-OI L " ny ' just The annual staff is starting house Saturday evening. We are their sale of annuals. We hope to looking forward to an enjoyable have an exceptional annual this evening, year. ~°"~~ " Congratulations to the Basket- ., T\. tvnn ball boys on winning the County Fayette Boy* Dump Tournament and receiving two Waukon 72-58 more trophies to add to our display. The one is a traveling Fayette soundly trounced Con- trophy but we hope to gain pos- ference foe Waukon 72-58 at session of it next year by winning Waukon after trailing as much as the County Tournament for the 12 points during the first hall. !IIHHKH!im!HmHiliH»ffiHHamHHBHHM»HHmil!!imi!l!iffilIHflHini ONE-ACT PLAYS The dramatic department of Fayette High school will present one-act plays Monday, Feb. with 23. U.I.U — JAN. 31 Iowa Wedeyan Here F.H.S. — JAN. 31 aermont-EIgin Here F.H.S. — FEB. 4 Sumner (BoyO There (Boy* & Girl*) Limwton* »d «p»«d«r Iruaki «r« •walling your ordwr. Fayette Stone Co. Inc Phone 73 **** Iowa FREE EYE TEST IY LIC1NSID OPTOMrr»|ST OR PHYSICIAN (M.O.) -- - ^btolutcly No Charq« or Obllgotioii with this Ail or • ehange of gl«iMi w» not iHMdcd you wi« b« frankly told. fnm «f M H YOU MUST PRISINT THIS AD to R«««tv« PRII ly« Twt Service Optical Co. 30? E. 4*h, WATERLOO, IOWA cert in the Park," with the following as members of the oast: Kip Knight, Mike Eischeid, Marlin Weyant, and Ruby Cousins. A comedy of Mexican village life, "Sunday Costs Five Pesos," will be played by the following: Bill Hughes, Carole Duhkiuist. Kathy Shaffer, Peg Eiseheid, and Kolleen Anfinson. "The Jack Pol" will bi; sivi'" by Marge Downing, Becky Mux- .so;i, Larry Maxson, Lowfll Paul, and Max Gross. One of these plays will be selected to represent Fayetto Iligli School in the speeeh contest ;il West Union on February it. All •ire directed by Mr.i. Florence Lease. MUSIC In chorus we are looking forward to having Russell Elliot with us. He will be Practice Teaching in Music in Fayette miilcr UppiT ln\v;i I'uivLTsity's student, trarhini' ]>n>j'r;mi. Mr. KjM'.v]] h;i., brc'ii k'ivinf,' several of Hie Vneal f.nuips in- terrslill. 1 : lei'tlll'lT.: nil lieilli; llol'- ei| ami j;einTal ;il i :f ii'le. A little exeilrmi Hi is ho^in- iiini; to necllr iivi-i- the talent 1'iiiilest tij lie held eai ly in Maivh. SPECIAL EDUCATION My Mir. Svvarlx The Spei-ial Kducalinu students art 1 I'apidly hi r'unii) ; .iccn..tiiin- i'd In their )ii'\v .••'•lieilul'-s. All have individual instnu-liuu in Hoadin;.:. Arithmetic. I.nnKiiano •ind Spelling. Hose and Pally are taking Driver's Brlupalioii in Mr. Cn- pell's class. They wi'li Manilla are also enjnyiiu; Home Kfonom- irs with Mrs. Ashhy. As (heir first project, tho Riv\s have made curtains for out room. All of tho students lielfier? choose (ho curtain mfitrrial. Witli tile help <if Mr. Pickett, A]]i-n ;inrl Lnrl ;in< finishing sonic- lamps they had already started. All Speeial Education students HIT ;ilsi> t.-jjfin;,' p.'trf in Junior Hifjh music and Phy-:ir;d Education classes. Wi.- vi.siler! Die f'/inimnnily Library as ;i (V'fiup nn Wednesday and everyone; is already doing snnip free . readim', cjlhcr frnm the- (own or school library. Monday was "Happy Birlli- ilnv" for Hose and Patty. Wo are enjoying a number of Life ma.i;a/ines on our reading (,'ibJe, IriitiH'il ta us by Gary Voshcll of Hie sixth «ratle. will he carried over or under the highway, eliminating a n o I h e r major source of accidents. This will be part of the 41,000-mile nation-wide network of Intor- .•itiiic-Dc'fcn.s'e High way;;. At the same time, improvements are being made in our en- liiv system, from the main state mutes to the rural roads. Curves are being straightened, lanes are being widened, and dangerous intersections are being corrected under the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1950. All these roads are being built and maintained by Iowa, with from 50 to 90 per cent of the funds supplied by the federal government. Miles of safe roads we so sorely need will be provided, at only $9 per year in additional taxes under existinR law;,. HONOR ROLL Third Six Weeks Seniors Knl lee n Anfinsoh, Janis Bennington, Ruby Cousins, Bill Finch, Max Gross, Barbara Kauten, Ruth Nims, Lauretta Quandt, Wanda Tope, and Bill Hughes. Juniors 13:irbara Nading, Eddie Roberts, Frank Pickett, Marlin Weyant, and Mike Eischcid. Sophomores Sharon Blaker, Freshmen Kaye Campbell, Carole Dahl- qui.si, Deng Fay, and Gary Nading. BUTTON? See Page 5 Fayette Theatre GET MORE OUT OF LIFE — ATTEND THE MOVIES. SAT. — SUN. — MON._ FEB. 1—2 — 3 GORDON SCOTT YOLANDE DONLAN IN "TARZAN and the LOST SAFARI" (In Color) With Cheta The Chimp The all new Tarzan picture with handsome Gordon Scott — Greatest of all. COMING "Curse of Frankenstien" After the Game Mid-Nite Show. Feb. 7th. for school Valentine boxes..., VALENTINES Brin 9 the youngsters in today to select their Hallmark Valeminesl We have "Make-Your-Own" Val- enJines, Penny Valentines, and those especially for Boys and Girls to send, or the Lollipop Valentines with an addi- tlonal sweet treat for special friends . . . Just one trip to our Hallmark Card department and the kids will find exactly the Valentines they want. Davis Rexall Store

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