Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 7, 1937 · Page 60
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 60

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1937
Page 60
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TWENTY , MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY7 • 1937 LIQUOR OPPOSED FOR SNAKEBITES Reptile Kingdom Widely Misunderstood, Says. Dr. Gloyd. CHICAGO, (UP)—Humanity's loathing of snakes has given rise to an universal misunderstanding of the reptile kingdom, according to Dr. H. K. Gloyd, director of Chicago Academy of Sciences. First, Dr. Gloyd says, there are few poisonous snakes in this country. Second, the most deadly species are the prey of other varieties and few survive. And third, effective serums now may be obtained to halt the venom's advance before great harm is done. Dr. Gloyd. who has studied North American poisonous snakes for more'than a decade, says the most deadly variety is the huge American bushmaster found in Central America. Both its size and potent venom are factors in its threat to man. Three Species Feared. In the United States the snakes most to be feared are the'familiar "rattlers" and the moccasin species, chiefly the cottonmouth, the only poisonous water snake in this country. Out of his broad reptile study, Dr. Gloyd has developed refutations of popular theories on snakes, their habits and treatment of their bites. He denies the age of a rattler is recorded in the number of "rattles" appended to its tail, for he says the snake may add from two to five segments yearly. The rattler, Dr. Gloyd says, may control the charge of venom it injects into the victim, through action of well developed mouth mus*les operating the glandular sacs attached to the hollow fangs. Debunks Home Remedies. Home remedies for snakebite do more harm than good, in the estimation of Dr. Gloyd. Whisky and other alcoholic spirits are harmful as are potassium "salts—heretofore believed beneficial. The best treatment, he says, is use of incision and mechanical suction. "This method has been perfected by Dr. Dudley Jackson of Robert B. Green hospital, San Antonio. Tex., and small first aid kits are on the market which permit a layman to use it in the field. "The method consists of .Applying a slight tourniquet between the bite and the heart. The wound is then cleaned with some antiseptic, such as iodine. It is deepened with a knife provided for the purpose and a suction cup then applied to Leader Robinson Welcomes New Senators Senate majority leader, Joseph T. Robinson, welcomes new senators. Left to right, are Herbert Hitchcock of South Dakota, Prentiss H. Brown of Michigan, Edwin C. Johnson of Colorado, Allen Ellcndcr of Louisiana, Clyde Pepper of Florida, Robinson, Harry S. Schwartz of. Wyoming-, Charles O. Andrews of Florida, James H. Hughes of Delaware, Guy M. Gillette of Iowa and Josh Lee of. Oklahoma. » lowans Back "March on'Washington" Set for Feb. 20 to 22 IOWA CITY, W—Milton Felsen of Brooklyn. N. Y., member of the University of Iowa chapter of the American Student uniop, said the local organization will support a "march on Wash- ington'' movement scheduled for Feb. 20-22. The march has been characterized as a movement by "students and young workers" to demand passage of the American youth act as outlined last month by the union. '•'-.V'e will, of course, support the movement." Felsen said. "It is possible that local delegates will oe sent." Mrs. Mary Tangney, 74, Dies at Spencer SPENCER, OT—Mrs. Mary Tangney, 74, wife of E. C. Tangney, hotelman, died here '• late TV i TT^J, Jinrr Wednesday of a heart attack. Her IS Key to _ Undei Standing j husband / stablish ed the Tangney- STUDY OF LATIN IS ADVOCATED Pays Check, Released. CLARION—J. J. Haase of Concordia. Mo., who was being held to the grand jury on $750 bond for allegedly passing a check to the Woolstock elevator without sufficient funds, paid the amount, S309.93, of the check and was released Monday "night. 1 Life, Dr. Butler Tells Girl. NEW YORK, (UP)—Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia university, recently commended the study of Latin in a letter to Margaret Louise Gurisic, 14, a student in Princeton high schopl. Miss Gurisic wrote to Dr. Butler asking,his ppinion of the advantages of Latin, explaining that she was "making a Latin project." | "The question put in your letter I is very important for the young Americans of today who look forward to preparing themselves in their school and college life for in- j McGinn hotel chain. Her husband and the following. children survive: Earl J. Tangney, Spencer; E. F. Tangney, Waterloo; Helen Tangney, Fort Dodge; Mrs. H. H. Mueller, Muscatine; and Mrs. Floyd Booth, Carroll. 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'•To my thinking, knowledge of Latin is a vital part of any school and college preparation for the world of tomorrow which is to be in any wise adequate. Latin is not only- the basis of all of the so- called romance languages of the modern world, but it is the key by which alone can be unlocked the stupendous amount of knowledge and culture which the Romans possessed and transmitted to the world for over one thousand years. "Our modern philosophy and our modern law cannot be fully understood without some knowledge of the fundamental principles of that law which Rome gave to the world. In literature, the Latin language enshrines some of the greatest masterpieces of the human mind, including the writings of historians, such as Caesar and Livy and Tacitus, of orators such as' Cicero and of poets such as Virgil. Provides Understanding-. "Moreover, in our institutional life, in our political and social organization, we are all at this moment under the influence of Roman example and Roman accomplishment. Anyone who studies zoology in any of its subdivisions is immediately directed to embryology, which is the study of the beginnings out of which later and adult life have come. "In like manner, to study Latin is to study the beginnings, of the life which we now live and which the young people of today will have to live a few years from now, There is no way to understand what is going on in the world today that compared with a knowledge of how it came to be going on, what were its causes, its origins, and its earlier history. "By the study of Latin, intelligently and thoroughly pursued, all of this knowledge may be put at the disposal of the student of today and tomorrow." Advocates Grant for • Iowa Public Schools DES MOINES, (/P)—Russell Jones, director of research for the state education department, Wed- nfesday advocated an outright state grant of 57,200,000 and an equalization fund of $4,800,000 for Iowa public schools. Speaking before a Polk county school.administration club, Jones said "a homestead exemption law would hurt the schools since they receive 98 per cent of their revenue from property taxes." Kelly to Put Up Oil Station at Rockwell R O C K W E L L—Following the sale of the Kelly cafe in Rockwell, announceemnt was made that the former proprietor, J. E, Kelly, plans to erect a service station on the acreage tract purchased some time ago frgm B. McCauley on highway 65, located midway >between the George H. Meyers and- Leo McEvoy stations, as soon as weather conditions permit. Visit at Detroit. JOICE—Vernon Fiblestad returned home Wednesday, after visiting several weeks .with his sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph RosendahL Detroit, Mich. iaW,' Mrs. Hall, 75, Is Buried at Rockford ROCKFORD—Funeral services were held Wednesday for Mrs. Melinda Hall, 75, who died Sunday on the old Hall homestead where she made her home with her son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hall. Mrs. Hall was born Jan. 15, 1862, at La Salle, 111. On Nov. 15, 1882, she was married to Myron Hall of White Hock, IU. Following their marriage they came to this community which had been their residence since. Mrs. Hall had been in poor health for a number of years and suffered an embolism which caused her death. She was a member of the Methodist church and was an active member of the Ladies Aid society"." The funeral was held at' the Methodist church in charge of the Rev. C. G. Fort. Mrs. Wallace Kelly sang the funeral hymns. Mrs. Hall is survived by two sons, Fred and John Hail of this place, one brother, William Jelm, Grundy Center, and seven ^grandchildren. Her husband preceded her in death on February, 1921. Funeral for Foote, Iowa Falls, Is Held IOWA FALLS—Funeral services were held for A. J. Foote, 53, Sunday afternoon at the Wilbur funeral home with the Rev. W. E. Butler in charge. Born Nov. 5, 1884, at Goldfield, he moved with his parents to Iowa Falls in 1900 and lived here until going to Nevada, Iowa, to manage a lumber yard. He later was manager-of a' lumber yard at Lanesboro, Iowa. In January 1920 he returned to Iowa Falls and had since been associated with the Farmers' Elevator of this city. He is survived by his wife and two daughters, Alice and Aileen, both living at home; his father, Fred C. Foote of Iowa Falls; two brotehrs, Charles E. Foote of DCS Moines and George L. Foote of Indianapolis; and one sister, Mrs. Dean W. Peison of Eldora. Four Papers File for Kossuth Publications ALGONA—The three Kossuth county official newspapers, the Kossuth Advance, Algona tipper Des Moines Republican, and Bancroft Register, have refiled for official papers, and the Titonka Topic, edited -by Lee O. Wolfe, has also filed, thus creating a contest. W. E, McDonald, newly appointed chairman of the. supervisor board stated Tuesday^hat the selection of the official papers would, be made' at a meeting scheduled for Jan. 12. I. O. O. F. Intsallation Held. SHEFFIELD—Sheffield lodge No. 422 and White Lily Rebekah lodge-No. 137 held joint installation at the I. O. O. F. hall Tuesday evening. Mrs. W. W. Brower will serve the Rebekahs as noble grand and C. O. Thurston-was installed noble, grand of Sheffield lodge. Installing officers were Glen Craighton and Mrs. Tom Whitehead and staffs of Hampton. Complete Auto Electric Service for All Con and Trucks JACOBY Battery and Electric Service 110 S. 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