Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on January 30, 1958 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1958
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r?r-r. OF time-? ,* ".n":;iY::3 -Liia • > .'Jl:;h;S 10, f'.'.VA VOLUME 42, NO. 31 FAYETTE, IOWA thru the week with the editor We were ad<!:cs : in,!', the PTA and Fi'drraii. d Wonr n'.; t'luh last W(*(lne.--<!;iy t-VL'ii.nn ,:t llav.'ki'yi- und HUM the -^i ',ev i>f a prominent Fayt tte man, Mrs. John MoehoJl. si: tcr of Kklrer! DunuTinuth. ttw Hilly rh.-ise got :i rabbit );n( week and didn'i know niuch about :-;kinnint! them. So, Alvie told him 111' had to lake (lie hair off, first. So Hilly went outside. Wh< n he didn't return immediately Alvie Went on.I (o .--iv what was gi'in;; on. llw Wei!, you Know In/, 1 / you picl; a I'hie'u 1 ])'.' That's \\\\~ way yo'i'iv 1 . Price Five Cents 30 JANUARY 1958 TO MEET WESLEYAN ftw Son: FaihiT, \v!iv il. •i ;;o to Kiii'iipc'.' up S o m c ".SV;I\VI!,'JI.T l.iir.t. r.," called at tl.e home <•!' V.:\ ;ui i ..i:'S. i.llll i!dV •: III Oi'lV.'-'ill Sun : ay i".-rmnL',. Merle Bovis is in .Mir Farm Hurean i-.i'l'ie; heie i'l Kayeltc as Hume I'Vonoi ;i-t. On.' iiciii !!:i' kids y.'nv after v.'as a re 1 hair. i. »>'••.i;)i', a'i )<i>:i ;:n.l Merle they c;jm!,i.'i,t.-d, "Well, looks like' we'ii' in the wrong place." ttw CORRECTION: After all was said and done and reported in both Oelwein and Fayette and other newspapers, Fayctte's Boo Marvin was high scorer in the tournament instead of Larry Maxson. Except for headlines, from the ^n^wspapcr. standpoint, it takes everyone to win a game. So, here's congrats to Bob Marvin. ttw With the help and assistance of Fayettc's Mrs. Oliver Stevenson the LEADER is in the finishing stages of a plan that will present to Fayettc's people at weekly summary of Fayctte's history, ttw Since the editor has settled here and declared it to be his permanent home, he has found many interesting bits of history and background of people that certainly should be retained in some manner. The printed page is the best. ttw Therefore, the first, issue in March has been set up for this project's beginning, ttw On theatres, it continues to amaze us at how few people exercise the privilege of attending a good movie. Vic is running one show per week. Sumner theatre is going to two shows per week, so we understand. What will we non-TV owners do then? ttw Advertising boosts the spirit in business Sure-helps bring in the dough, The businessman who never advertised Went out of business long ago. By E. M. Albright Thank Notes Must Be Cashed By February 10th Chamber of Commerce officials have asked that persons holding Thank Notes from the previous promotion cash them at any participating Fayette store by K-b. 10th. Please cooperate, if you are holding notes, by cashing these. They are worth $1. in merchandise at any participating Fayette Store. M.Y.F. To Sponsor Ground Hog Supper The M.Y.F. is sponsoring a ? roUn ? Sro g un S d Tog Day eC WUh tion of (jiouna not ^'j- the Ground Hog there Will be Dancnkes and waffles, eggs and bacon, coffee or milk « nd cake The' supper I. to be 'held in the basement of the Method^ "Jure! 0 » We—,-evening. February 5, from 5.30 The money earned KSVCl^X"-' Methodist Church. Everyone is invited, so come an friends too. Vim will be well upprecwtec Mrs. Moser Celebrates 83rd Brithday Mrs. Myrna Mo.:llcring enter- Grace Lutheran Sponsors Sunday School Teachers' Banquet The- Secon I Annual Sunday tained Friday, January 24 cele- Scno<)1 Teachers' BanqueL was NMt'ng her mothers, Mrs Ella B llL ' Id Iast Sunday at Grace Luth Moser, 83rd birthday. Dinner eran chu ' Tn guests for the occasion wore ° dinner, in recognition of Mr. and Mrs. Hal Moser, Gutti-n- SL ' rvicL1 given by the Sunday K/.rg, Mrs. Lewis Moser and Jeff- Sclu)o1 staff is sponsored annu;>i- •-ry and Arlie Sperry. lv ^V tlle «mgreg;ition It was felt that a more verbal "thank you" Ch.™ Given .„ SrS.S'S uVt"; 1 ,',;: Memory Of Thomases round weekly service rendered Visitors to the Fayclte Commit- b - v l "c teachers in training the nily Library have noticed five youth. child's si/ed oak chairs now in The Rev. Walter D. Getting, usa in the children's section. Waterloo, President of the Iowa These chairs were given in District East of the LutheVan memory of Glen W. Thomas by Church — Missouri Synod, was the Thomas family. The addition the guesi speaker. He addressed of these chairs to the library the group o n "The Church's equipment has greatly pleased Challangt? in the Second Half of the younger library patrons. the Twentieth Centmy." Mr. Howard Larson. West Rosary Society Union. President of Hie amgroga- Meeting February 5th Sh^Th^ l!!,!!;,,^ ; S Hie Rosary Society will meet other staff ineini.eis m t'ic Parish Hall. Wednesday Mr. John Gimbel, Fayette, rc- ••iiurnwn. Fel rvary 5th for -i tiring superintendent, spoke on 2 oclock desert luncheon. Fol- behalf ol ihi- UaeluT.S. Mr Uon- lowmg the meeting, a white aid Albert, Han ..alia, is the pus ..Ijphant sale will be held. Hosst- ent superintendent, esses are Mrs. Clare Hogan. Mrs. Members of .he stall are- L\m- Jack Doyle, Mrs. Clarence Clark, aid -ie^-k, Assistant Supermten- M:'>. laic Chase and Mrs. Don d.nt, John G.mbel, Mrs. Ralph „,,_., „ ~-j< Mr.-i. Eldred Dumer- The St. Agnes Circle of the mu th, Lauivtta Quandt, and Rosary Society will sponsor a _, , , a U . IM n , f Kavetto public card party in the Parish Donald Albori, Su|K-rintv.-n\k.ii!.' Hall on Sunday evening, Feb. Veniece Schnu-di-r. S.-cretarv 2nd at 8 o clock. iUl . s . ., yit> vargason, Mrs. George Buhman, Mrs. Fred Engler, Mrs. Luverno Meyer, and Barbara Betty Wilkc Hostess January Birthday Club Miner, all of Uandalia, and These live and others on Upper Iowa's 1958 basketball squad will meet Iowa Wesleyan on the Pea- T Betty W ,L lke , was hostess to the cock's home floor Friday evening. Pictured from left to right are (kneeling) Wayne .Sawyer, Ron Jarms, " Carl Moe and standing Dan Rouscher and Bill Walter. ports of the various committee meetings. Mayor Cousins addressed the CHAMBER MEETING WELL ATTENDED n The FaycU-vCharnber of Com- we 8h6u1dtlK"'piaiSlng 1> *to' doTo ~~ merce met for its first meeting improve our town. His talk was meeting of 1958 at the G & B well accepted among Chamber ^"lowa 'conference" wufbT un Cafe' m Fayette where a wonder- members and provided an inspi- "" IT* ££," " 1, XL*,?* ful meal of meat loaf was served, rration to make the development UIU TANGLES WITH WESLKAN IR1DM Fred Behrens of Odwein. Members of Grace Lutheran ,. . Mission Circle prepared the nu-i'l. social afternoon. Pr^eTota Members of Grace Lutheran Wai- were retained for a two year ^"League served and the ben period, President, Ethel ciark; lor ^T" °,', the Sund " y SL ' ho ° l Vice-President, Leah Potter, Sec.: were baby g.tters. Treasurer, Jean Ingels. ! ~ ~! ' ~~ conducted two ^H!™ 81 * of fA ™»™ and a cle- u\_la,w i fepni .p e p au | uni . FAYETTE — Second-place in _ be Donna Thyer. F" ^^.V"!!? 8 "?,, 1 "" 81 ?! w i* POLIO DRIVE TO President Dean Kenyan was in- commission idea an active part j owa Wesleyan college in the stalled as the groups presiding of the community betterment Upper Iowa gymnasium at 7-30 officer for the coming year. . Plan. nm Rnf}l toamc nrn tioH ,„„ co/ . p.m. Both teams are tied for sec- BE JANUARY 30th Collector! will call toaighi Kenny Wilke has an- Mrs. She was admitted to the Illinois bar in 1952. All women in the deanery are invited and urged to attend. Members of the clergy, pastors and assistant pastors, also, are invited to attend this institute. There will be a registration fee of 25 cents from each registrant. Lunch will be "served in mid-afternoon. Ample opportu- cAROUND TOWN... Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Cole and daughter Lois have returned to .heir home at Midland, Mich., having been called here by the death of Mrs. Cole's father, Dr. R. M. Doming. Mrs. Russell Cloniger will be visiting in the Claude Smith Jr. home for a couple weeks helping her daughter with the new baby girl. * • • • Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Nelson and family visited Sunday evening in the Don K'mball home. • • • • Dr. and Mrs. B. W. Borchert, C'larksville, were Sunday visitors in the Virgil Borchert home. • « • • Mrs. Barney Hubbell spent Thursday thru Sunday visiting with her parents at Waterloo. Her father, who has been ill, is reported as being about the same. • • « • Mr. and Mrs. James Cantrell entertained some ten college students at a card party last Thursday night. • « ..•>•..,•'•» M.-. ;::-ti Mrs. Jack Soeners were viiiied ?un lay bv the Sen- ''<r c o TUT.- •',' ;> "irni; r'ov/n to visit .heir grandchild, Roger. Mr and rr.i. Nathan Hum- p-'icry, Hurry l_.aniphier were the Sunday night guests of James Thompson and John Gutz. The group was entertained by showing of slides of the servicemen's travels abroad. • • • • Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Garbee, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bowen and Mr. Robert Keaton drove Sunday tp_Mason_^Cifck_.wJ»ej»t Jhey were purt o? a group of -thirty-six who attended dinner and an organizational meeting for an Upper Iowa Alumni Group. The regular business meeting The Mayor also read a letter O nd with 8-1 records. followed the dinner. Attendance from the department of public There is a possibility that the was at a record high as several safety which reported that the w i nne r of the contest could also new members were introduced State Legislature's intent in mak- va i ut into a firts place tie with ,.« u - H .^« uu .i. n .,.^ » w along with several guests. Among mg the laws pertaining to motor Central, if the Dutchmen fall be- nounced that the a »n ual P ol "> nit y will be given for questions them were Howard Johnson of vehicles for use in town for fore the talented Wartburg dnve wil1 be held on Thursday, an d answers with a question box safety and law enforcement was Knights on the Knights home January 30th at 6:30. for those who do not wish to that towns should not rent these f i oor Friday night. It will be a whistle campaign participate in open discussions. vehicles from individuals Scoring Giant. Appear and all are urged to turn on their The Mayor reported that the Two a ii_tj me conference scor- lights when the whistle blows, /,«„/, n no n««« IT iuwtn Council will be working on a ing g re ats, (Upper Iowa's Wayn S o the ladies can come by and CONGRESSEAN TALLE solution to comply with the pres- sawyer, and Wesleyan's Don pick up your contribution. WHW.MJMMHWH *miiuj ent law. Gibbs, will be facing each other 8:30. The meeting adjourned about for tne first time this season. Sawyer won the conference scoring title in his first two seasons of competition, but relinquished the honor to Gibbs last season. Also, both men have scored r»r.. IK1 MARTIN Claude Smiths', Jr. FLYNN DIES AT 97 REPORTS TO PEOPLE Rediscover FHA Last week I had the privilege of speaking before the annual meeting of the National Associa- Parents Of Baby Girl 0 verT,40o"pijnts*"in the'ir fa"nt'as" FAYETTE - Services will be | ion ° f "°n« Builders in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Smith Jr. tic careers at these two schools, held Friday at 9:30 a.m. at St. l ™" W ,^ nwc " rc P«!sentcd at the announced that Wednesday, Jan- with Sawyer needing just 2tt Francis Catholic church in Fay- S n °m,^i L w'"" """'"r uary 22 was the birthday of their more points to break the all-lime ette for Martin Flynn. 97, a resi- m'!?: " ?u r.v» • plobloms ,° r baby girl, Kathleen Ann weigh- Iowa college career scoring of dent of Fayette for many years. „;„:, £ r ",A , , ^ sm , g ing 5 IDS. 11% o*. 1.772 points. Currently the record Mr. Flynn, blind and in oil ™" d £ rn<!mod ,? atel £ pnct ; d ncw 1 is held by Jim McCabe of Loras health the past three years, died f n °™S n ^h ,7'nL H ? me ,. fmanc e .,,.,,„ , and was set in 1951. a t the home of his sister, Mrs. ng and h . ou . sing co ^truct,on are Smithfield Homemakers Also featured will be three Charles Langerman, with whom ' iis , utes fwhlch aro thc rMDOni "., ,. r . i .« w ..i. » other scoring aces. Two of them, he had made his home the past «"£.„„ Met With Mrs. Lillian Berry Bob Ballard and Bob Gunter of 51 years, Tuesday afternoon. panning ,..- » UJ ^.^ „...,,„...,, »..„,, Iowa Wesleyan have already Survivors include three sisters, ^ m a ' . . ,. , .,, , ., Gaylen Biehower, new barber, T h c January meeting of the eclipsed the coveted 1>000 point Mfs Langerman> Fayet te; Mrs. . l I ' eminded h ^ ulldcrs . of , tl ? c Bob Lewis, new owner of the Smithfield Homemakers was held mark, and the third, Ron Jarms. Frank Brown, West Union, and lm P° lldn . 1 P arl . *" A na -> naa ' n Fayette Variety store and new at the home of Mrs. Lillian Berry, is almost a sure bet to stride by M rs. Maggie Gerken, Hazleton. nnn^hn^ln^'nrnrtii^Pn rh SECRETARY LOIS DAVIS committee reports the Fayette Stone Company, Inc., issues which are the responsi- Currency, of which Vice-Presidenl of the Chamber The lessoni making aluminum the mark before the season is The rO8 ary will be recited at "™1 °erms and on "soundIbasta of Commerce, and Dave Thomp- ' . * over if he continues at his pres- Belles funeral home tonight at i tld |g*f™rSt Vnt tho hrmt' son of the Kenyan Motor Compa- trays> was wel1 under way at tcn ent pace of 26 points per game. - - - «.._,.,...„, L . ,_ .u-r...u " »s impoitant that the horn..- /^'j-mlrtrtlf* nfiiV* 1Q la^jcko itv<nafmt U7a f**««» f M»ma pM ,•-— ij Upper Iowa's "Come Back Kids", rightly nicknamed so, because of their four straight come- from-bchind wins, will be looking for their fifth consecutive win ny o'clock with 19 ladies present. We Guests of the Chamber were were happy to have our County Mayor and Mrs. Cousins, Don 8 p>m . Burial will be in the Cath- o ii c cemetery. makmg - !2-<m J It is important that building industry and Congress revitalize FHA because it is an excellent basic mechanism for assisting low down payment home financing on a sound basis. Slum Clearance <- lln H nv Nearly all trays were through and tne i r twelfth in thirteen On SuTnday ; , ., ,, „ .. t , . ., ,. , , . a . na . l ".~. „"„' p.m. an Institute for the Council My Committee has just com- the first process at noon when we starts this season. *' ~ all enjoyed a delicious pot-luck dinner while the trays were un- jJgJ^P in ^ ^ ^ dergoing the etching process. end ^ Mrs. Arnold paul conducted meet tl the business meeting. Mrs. Hen- junior varsity in a game at 5:30 p.m. niges explained the futur ceoun- ty executive meetings and urged, all of the ladles to read books and report them to th ecounty library chairman as the stale of- i on »v>i= nor,io..t should of Catholic Women of the Ossian pleted hearings on slum clear- u to be one of the top at- deanerv will be held in De Sales ance and urban renewal. Wo p sek- ce ntral high school, according to heard many competent witnesses, w iH Mrs. M. J. Miller, Ossian presi- among them Mayor Wagner oC dent. New York City, Mayor Lawrence institute is one of 15 for of Pittsburgh (where excellent archdiocesan council of Cath- work in both slum clearance and women to be held in each of urban renewal has been accomp- the deaneries during the first lished) and many other civic two weeks in February. Purpose leaders. As a result of the hear- of the institute is to acquaint ings I am convinced slum clear- members with the national and ance and urban renewal will be SOLOMON SALE NEXT TUESDAY state programs and council op- continued on a realistic basis in erations at the deanery and par- spite of politically-inspired scare fi™ i= «,o^^i«« „,.• „ » «, A public sale will be held at ish levels. stories to the contrary, fice is awarding a prize to the f * home of the late Ed Mifl8 Nora Le Tourneau , field p , p R eforejltat i on county having the,most people Solomon. secretary for the national council runa » ror iwroreiiauon reading. (Plans were made for the Cattle, hogs, machinery and of Catholic women of Washing- This week I appeared before District Legislative dinner at miscellaneous Hems are among ton D.C., will conduct the insti- the Subcommittee on Interior which Smithfield women nr« tn that which is offered for sale. tute. Mrs. R. C. Berrie of Mason a nd Related Agencies of the wmcn amitniieia women are to .^ fw . m to lc!cated tj^e mites City, president of the Dubuque House Appropriations Committee serve> north and two miles east of Pay- archdiocesan council, also will be to urge that our forest programs Twelve beautiful trays were e ^ e or three miles south and two present. . .. be continued. I was disappointed, made in gold, blue, copper and miles east of West Union. iMiss I* Tourneau, a native of in studying the budget presented Johnny Hhiele of Maynard will Hugo, Minn., is a graduate of to Congress, to find that the M'luiimiB D w^.M.,, o ,. „,> the auctioneer. Clerk will be the college of St. Benedict of St. amounts appropriated in pnst mary of the first meeting of the on owplay at our annual day in the gtate Bank of Fayette. Joseph, Minn., and holds a mas- years for programs which have Fuyette Betterment group and r«- Maynard. Watch lor the date! ~ _ ter's degree from the Catholic helped our citizens to reforest MAYOR COUSINS addresses chamber and Lloyd Holtaman, local peace ° Lois Davis, newly installed and orchjd ^^ These'wilfbe returning secretary, gave a sum- PUBLIC INVITED TO LUTHER FILM AT WESLEYAN The Fayette Wesleyan Youth will be host to a District Rally on Friday evening. The young people of this District will enjoy a banquet and a time of fellowship at the Farm Bureau building early in the evening. The District Wesleyan Youth is sponsoring the showing of the Martin Luther film in the Church at 8:00 p.m. Everyone is invited and there will be no admission charge. One of the interesting features of the evening will be a quiz contest on the Gospel of St. John. This is one of several such contests in our District. After the elimination contests in the various Districts of the Conference there will be a final contest at the Annual Youth Conference in Charles City next August. denuded lands, have been reduced to barely one-quarter million dollars, or have 'been eliminated altogether. I am interested specifically in the program for helping the States to produce inexpensive tree planting stock for reforestation and windbarrier planting work, and in the program that helps the States to replant denuded commercial forest land. Each year I have testified before the Appropriation's Committee to my continuing interest in forest research. In Iowa the Ames Research Center and the Amana Experimental Forest are moving ahead on better ways to grow, market, and use our forest tree (Top. I was responsible for obtaining the first Fedei«l monies to start the Paint Creek Experimental Forest in the Second District of Iowa, which is so helpful to farmers in our area. As a service to farmers, as well-as to the general public, I will continue to seek adequate funds for promoting scientific forestry. Profitable crops can be harvested from trees. The farmer's woodlot, when properly cared for, can be a valuable asset. Talle Attends White HOUM Dinner Honoring Spanker Mrs. Talle and I were among the 76 guests at the White House last Thursday when President and Mrs. Eisenhower entertained for Speaker of the House, Sam Rayburn. The guest list was kept to an exact number in trib- continued on page six

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