Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 2, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1939
Page 3
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS SOCIETY IVirs. Sid Henry Telephone 321 The Common Tusks The common disks arc beautiful if we Have eyes to see their shinning mini- Mi ry. The plowman with his .share dec)) in the loom, The fnrponter whoso skilled hiinds build a h6me, ^"he s»rdnor working with reluctant soil, Faithful to his imrlner.ship with God The.se me the urliMin:; of )jfe, iind. 0)1 A woman with her eyes and checks Watchim; a l<c(ilr fjilmc, Guarding a little name KOI- this tin-ill ministry, but eyes arc tfiicliiiK ii .scarlet dull Tlmt (In nut .sec thai it is beautiful; Thai do not .sec willii Tlu- simple answer lo the thing that God nslis Of ,-uiy child, n pride within His brcasl: 'Dint «t our given work we do out- best. —Selected. The Hose club will meet Friday fiflcrnoon at three o'clock, fit the home of Mrs. Hugh Jones, South Main street with Mrs. Cecil Weaver us joint hostess. Among the Hope Teachers atlcnd- iiif! Hie 71,st Convention of the Ark- •HIMIS Education Association, meeting in Little Hock this week end tire Miss Horyl Henry, Supt, City schools, , , , Mary Billingsly, Miss Pansy Wimherly, Miss Mabel Elhridgc, Miss Mamie Bell Holt, Miss Mary Delia Ciirrignn and Miss Bessie Green. FRIDAY - SATURDAY DOUBLE FEATURE CHILLS - THRILLS "REVOLTof the ZOMBIES" — and — TIM McCOY u FINGERS" PAGE THREE Feild Makes Good Insurance Record Wins SeconcTGold Watch for Writing Required Amount of Business Talbot Feild, district • manager for the Reliance Life Insurance company of Pittsburgh, I'a. was recently notified Ihdl he had uynplolod qualifications (o win another gold watch and chain, for writing an application each week for a year, with a volume of SIOO.OOWI including required pro- miniums for accident and health in- THE THEATER KUrance. Mr. Feild advised (ho company that he would like to have thorn make the purcha.se of the gold watch locally, and they .sent mi order to the Sto- "NEW" The outstanding cast of stars included in "Yellow Jack" such as Robert, Montgomery, Virginia Bruce, Lewis Stone, Buddy Ebsen have been well cast in this story of the trials and tribulations of the Government's effort to overcome the plague of the Panama Canal with its tropic heat. Medical science is given full credit for (heir heroic efforts in "Yellow Jack", milking it not only very interesting bul excellent entertainment. Friday and Saturday the "New" will feature a Double bill which includes Hoot Gibson in "The Gay Buckaroo" and Charles Stared in the Peter B. Kyne. stories "One Man Justice." The serial "daredevils of Ilic Reel Circle" in chapter number nine completes the program. THURSDAY - FRIDAY The Bay View Reading club held the common j its regular bi-weekly meeting on Wed! ncsday afternoon at the home of Mrs. O. A. Groves with Mr.s. R. M. Brian t as hostess. Beautiful colorful fol. flowers adorned the reception suite iind Mr.s. Brian! was joined by Mrs Graves in welcoming the members The meeting was called to order b> the president, Mrs. J. A. Henry, liol call responses brought out some very clever .stories as to women inventors, and items pertaining to the women who luivc assisted in perfecting some of the most useful of our conveniences. Following n .short business routine, Mrs. Henry turned lhe meeting lo Mr.s. Gus Haynes, program leader, who introduced Miss Bessie Green who gave u most interesting .-it-count of the trip East this past summer with the National Education Association, dwelling on the beauties .•m tlhigh spots of the national capital, WilliHDi.sbiirg Va,, and its restoration! Iho many wonders of New York City, iind the Worlds Fair, the mccca of all tourists ITiis past .summer, Idling of the wonderful exhibits, dewllinfi on Arkansas' contribution. Miss Green held her audience's attention throughout the trip. Mrs. Henry told of the bo.-iuly of the flowers at Niagra Falls and a .short trip into- Canada. Mrs. Sieve Carrigan gave interesting points of interest about West Point, iind the Hudson Palisades, the program closed with an informal discussion of the New York Fair. The guests were invited into the dining room where Mrs. C. C. Sprukins and Mrs. A. L. Black presided at coffe urns at either end of a luce covered table, centered with huge ring ob bon bon ehrysan- thelums, around u five branched S AENGER - Thursday-Friday 1 Although Man of (Continued from Page One) Tiilliol l-'eild. Xr. wart's Jewelry .store of Hope for a solid gold Hamilton watch to be delivered to him. This is the- second Bold walch that Mr. Feild has won since his company started Iheir gold svatch contest, and he entered in the conlesl lo win another. During the e;ilen<iar year he has made lhe $1(10.000 club and also the Perfect 1'roloclion club which entitles him lo another valuable pri/.c. He selected an automatic electric toaster his Perfect Protection pri'/.e. die, producing only another pious resolution. The clement of hope.howcvor, came from the setting of another conference for 1915, this lime not al the Czar's call, but al the call of the second conference, thus making it a truly international undertaking. Man (if t'eace Bows to War But it was not to be. In August, 19K (he timid little Czar who had dreamed so mystically of peace, was helplessly watching his ministers mo- boli/.e. As "Uicky" he wrote his scared little letters lo "Willy," the German emporor, hoping still for peace while his military establishment was taking the bit''in its teeth. The ineffcct-. ive little man was helpless to halt the catastrophe he feared and hated. Disaster followed on disaster; the rotten empire crumbled and fell. NicI holas and his family were imprisoned and led finally to the Ekaterinburg cfllar. There the "Czar of Peace." his wife, and five little children fell beneath a hail of Bolshevik lead. Thier bodies were soaked in kerosene and burned, a last flicked of the flame Nicholas had tried so wistfully to avert from all of Europe. NKXT: Olfrcd Bcrnhard Nol>cl, wild turned from explosives to peace. 20,000 Men A-l'car-Kiindolpli Scott • HARRISON IN HOLLYWOOD Long Moiiths of Waiting Culminate In Success for New Juvenile Singer T canlabra holding pinck candles rest- ! us •-- ----- , -- r or over- 20 years Mr. Fend was in lhe lumber maiuifacluring business in Hope, and has many friends in south west Arkansas. In 1931 he made a connection with the Reliance Life Insurance compiiny and lias written :i nice volume of insurance, in this vicinity. He lives in Tcxarknna. Ark. and maintains headquarters, also in Hope, and is always ready to give Reliance policy holcleis prompt and efficient service. Mr. Feiid staled Ihat advertising in ing on a round mirror, reflecting the beauty of the lovely flowers, other flowers adding their beauty in the dining room were pink and red Radiance roses. Appreciated guests for the afternoon were Mrs. J. T. West, Mrs. A. L. Black, Mrs. Alice McMnth) Mr.s. C. C. Spragins and Mr.s John Vescy. The ncxl meeting will be held at the homle of Mrs.'J. S. Gibson, with Mrs. J. A. Henry a.s program leader. The Cemetery Association will meet at ;i o'clock Friday afternoon nt lhe fir.sl Methodist church. __Miss Mary Delia White of State Teachers' College, Conway will spend the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred White and grand mother Mrs. Delia White. Miss Evelyn Briant of Stale Teachers College Conway will arrive Thurs- NEW THURSDAY 7, 8:^(1 9:30 Theatre .'!—Shows—.'! ROBERT MONTGOMERY VIRGINIA BRUCE, LEWIS STONE BUDDY EBSEN —in— "VKLLOW JACK" FRIDAY & SATURDAY HOOT GIBSON —in— "TUB GAY UUCKAROO" No. L' . CHARLES STARRETT -in— "ONE MAN JUSTICE" No. 8 "DAREDEVILS" . the Hope Slar has matermlly helped him .securing the volume of necessary paid-for business tu win the pri/.es. day In spend the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kdgar Brian!.. Negro District Fair Is Held at Nolen School The district fair was hold at Nolen School Friday. October 27, and was a success-. Prizes were given to the following persons: Household Arts Mrs. Icy Royston, first prize. Mrs. Estella Scott, second prize. Little Wonda Lee Curry, third prize. Fruits and Vegetables Mrs. Icy Roy.ston, first prize. Little Ruth Leo James, second prize. Lecstcr Wise, third prize. Candies Geneva McClinton, first pri/.c 4-H'Clul) Clothing Ruby Ja'mes, first prize. Luella Cromorc, second prize. Field Crops .1. D. James, first prize. Lawrance Snowdcn, second prize John L. Scotl. third prize. HOLLYWOOD-The studio biography yf Susanna Foster declares that at the age of 7 or 8 she could sing "every note on the piano, with the exception of two." Bul that's probably just an unintentional misstatemcnt, since Miss Foster never has been famous for her rumbling basses. She had, however, and still has, an astonishing reach in the uppcrregistcr. Today, at 14 (she'll be 15 on December 6), Susanna can reach and, sustain B-flat above high C, which is higher than any other warbler can go. She'll do this in her first picture, "The Gay Days of Victor Herbert," and she'll do it on the radio lo prove that the flicker performance isn't a trick. Miss Foster already has been Die , subject of a good deal of misinformation, and it's time that some of the facts were established. For one thing, she was no stranger to Hollywood when Paramount signed her for lhe Victor Herbert picture. More than three years ago in Minneapolis, Susanna (then Suzanne De- Lee Flanders Larson) was auditioned by Carl Johnson, leader of the orchestra at the Palace theater. Johnson was enthusiastic. He coached her without charge and paid her to sing with the orchestra on Saturdays and Sundays. Then he and Merle Potter, a Minneapolis entertain'mcnt editor sponsored her for pictures and Metro had fired me. Future is Set Her Bosses Say "Bul I wasn't signed by RKO', because the Paramount deal went through about that lime. Paramount thought just the opposite of MGM four years. in her hand. Her New York venture is a slory in itself. For like the heroine of a ' Hope chapter 328 O. E. S. will hold I." , , K . or likc "'c heroine of a its regular meeting Thursday even-! AWOrk himl , a " d bc « success" talc, ing at 7.30 at the Masonic Hall. ^"".imary had a tough time of it m the big city. WE, THE WOMEN Certainly (he typical American girl isn't an opera .-.inner. But il so happens that one of lhe Metropolitan's newcomers this season — Annamary Dickey—is a typical American girl, can be the judge. Born in Dccalur, III/ Father n den- list. Put herself through college iMil- likinn University i by winning schol- j arships and working. Taught diving at .summer camps for •^HHBBHHI^KBB^^HI^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^Kfl^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^••^•^•••^••••^••••^•••l Reptian's Outstanding Values In LADIES' SHOES GROUP I A large group of Ladies Shoes in Ties, Pumps and Oxfords. Scores of smart styles in all the new colors. Sizes 3 to 9, ® VALUES UP TO $1.98 . Even though she came to New York to study, it was necessdry for her to support herself as well as pay for voice lessons. So she earned a little money here, a little there, singing in church choirs, for funerals, at women's clubs. She even turned housekeeper for a year and a half. Sometimes Went Hungry Also, like the heroine of a success story, Annamary was up against it now ;md then, A number of times she went hungry. Once all she had to cut for a week was one loaf of bread and half pound of coffee. Later she was in the chorus of the St. Louis Municipal Opera Company, understudying the stars. You guessed it— the leading lady became ill and Annamary took the role on 30 minutes' notice. The St Louis critics raved about her voice, which, by the way, is a lyric soprano. Back in New York again, Lady Luck turned her back on the singer. Annamary was ready to admit that ' Interest Grows In Revival Meeting Evangelist E m p h a s izes Need of a Heart-Felt Religion Interest continues to grow in the revival meeting being conducted al the Hope Gospel Tabernacle by Evangelist Wm. F. McPherson of Sanford. Fla. • , » 4 ; t Speaking to a large crowd on Wednesday night the evangelist emphasized tho need of a heart felt religion. A religion that will effect your business and social dealings with your friends and ncghbors. Using as a theme the Life of Jacob. and the word of lhe Lord lo Jacob, "Go back to Bethel and dwell there." once enjoyed religion, bul who have he pleaded with those who may have allowed the cares of life and pleasures of the world to seperate them from this happy association to "Go back to Bethel (that meeting place with God), and dwell there!" An enjoyable feature of Wednesday night meeting was the singing of the Girls Tabernacle Quartet. Special music- and singing is an interesting part in every evangelistic service. The afternoon services are being well attended, and are provitig unus- sally interesting, according to Rev. James E. Hamill, pastor at the Tabernacle. The services are held Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons at 2:30. The night services begin at 7:30. / New Under-arnt • Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration 1. Does not rot dresses—does not irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. Can be used, right after shaving. 3. Instantly stops perspiration fot 1 to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration, 4. A pure white, greaselcss, stainless vanishing cream. 5. Arrid has been awarded the Approval Seal of the American Institute of Laundering, for being harmless to fabrics. IS MILLION ]ars of Arrid have been sold. Try a jar todayl ARRID t. * l •" •!»"• •cllinc toilet Roodl jar (.l.n in IQc .nd 59* j««J This Silo Is Built of Hay VIVI_AN, S. D.—(/P)—Archie Zarr and his sons have built an economical silo. t nv til " w;us " u . "' ™^«7 his sons have built an economical sil hey sa,d 1 had a voice but couldn't U, built u fn>m ba]es of h : ,.cl So I was given dramatic Jjssons. bales ,„ clrcumfercncc and 13 £ ates week"), ^ek """ ^ h ^-wircd together. It holds 40 tons ot cane silage. The eighth week was the first week of the Victor Herbert picture. They still weren't sure about me, but I guess f did all right because I stayed in the picture, and rny salary went up to $300. Now that the picture is done, I get $250 a week and I'm praying they'll keep me another year." Studio officials, convinced lhal they've got another young singing star, assure Miss Foster that she hasn't any- Ihing to worry about. I noticed that her fingernails were bitten to the quick and made some remark about nervousness. She said. "No, it isn't that. I'm not nervous when I'm working. But I've been going lo a lot of movies lately, and I always get excited and chew off my nails. I even eat artificial ones." McCaskill Mrs. Graydon Anthony and Mrs. Cllio Gorham visilcd relatives in El As they feed the cane, they tear clown the silo. It, too, is feed. And This School is Built of Sod WANBLEE. C. D.—M>)—A modern sod school building has taken the place of the little sod huts that dotted South Dakota prairies in homestead days. The school building here is made from tamped earth—the gumbo that slowed ox carts. It has stood weather as well as any concrete structure for the past year, the agricultural experiment station at State College, Brookings, reports. Candaian refiners produced 996.689,000 pounds of refined sugar during 1937. Congratulations to Talbot Feild District Mgr. Reliance Life On Winning his 2nd Gold Watch and especially on his fine spirit in asking his company to make the purchase locally, which was granted. • John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 sent recordings of her voice to Holly-' Dorado this week end. wood. Metro hired her for $100 a Miss Nell Henry spent the week-end visiting freinds in Camden. Miss Arlinc Wortham of Prcscott spent a few hours with home folks Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Bert and Marshall Scott and week. Things Look lTp—and Thtn Down The first few months were fine. Metro treated her like a queen, bought her clothes, gave her drama lessons and everything. But wouldn't give her anything to do in pictures. That went on for a year, and she didn't once face a camera. "I was called in and lold thai 1 could act a lilllc bit, but lhal I didn't have a voice!" said Miss Larson. "So they didn't take up my option, and things be'gan to get tough. The finance company took our furniture and car. and we had to rent two rooms at the beach. It was small for mother and father and us three girls, and I gol so I hated the sigjit of oleomargarine." When Paramount was lesting children for "The Star Maker," she stood in line with hundreds of others and eventually was auditioned. But by thai time lhe leading role already had been given to Linda Ware. Miss Larson had the approval of Dance Di- son had the approval of Dance Di- RELIEF FROM rector LcRoy Prinz, though, and he Sym - ntoms of Distress Arising from Joho P. Cox Drug Co. ni ^ - B *^ We Give Eagle Stamps Phone 84 Miss Wanda 'Scott spent the week end with relatives in G'kolona'. Mr. and Mr.s. Ray Cullpepper spent the week-end with relatives in Nashville. Graydon Anthony spent several days this week in Hot Springs. Mrs. Chester McCaskill and daughter JanelJo were visitors to Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Thornton and children visited relatives in Ozan during the week-end. Miss Leta Rhodes spent Saturday shopping in Hope. Mrs. Claud Bradley was a Hope visitor Saturday. Mrs. Chas Norms of El Dorado visited her daughter here this week. , took her around the lot lo sing for j STOMACH ULCERS DUETO EXCESS ACID FreeBookTellsofHomeTreatmentthat Must Help or it Will Cost You Nothing DESIGN Make crisp, delicious .pop,corn in a jiffy! every executive who'd listen. After about 20 such private auditions, she got a four-week contract at $75. "In the meantime I'd been trying lo get in at RKO." she said. "Mother had changed Iny name from Larson to Foster, and I got a chance on the "Gateway to Hollywood' radio program. Rufus LeMuire heard me and said, 'That was a rare treat. Haven't seen you somewhere before?' I told - bottles of lhe WILL-'vu l-N r liavo boon sold for n-lit-t nf symptoms ofdi.sircAs- arising from Stomach p-} ( ' D »° dc "?' Ulcers due to Excess Add- Poor Digestion, Sour or Upset Stomach d""O"EXC«""*""'"' ^'eep'esiness^el•",' "** 1 o cloys i j'Jjil! GROUP II New Fall Shoes in your choice of Black, Brown, Blue and Wine. A wide selection of styles . . . Oxfords, Pumps, Gores, with interesting new details. • VALUES UP TO $2.98 PAY CASH —AND PAY LESS PHAN THE FRIENDLY STORE ... •> •" ».v..i ( -v Liii.it, i seen v -— chdn t have what it takes to .,;', , , make lhe grade ami had better start '" y rcal " amc ' iind romi »dcd him looking for a job doing something else. Then Lady Luck turned 'round and smiled, and Annamary won lhe Metropolitan Auditions of the Air contest— and was immediately signed by the Metropolitan Opera Company. So you can erase your mind's picture of an opera star—hefty, foreign and temperamental. For if Annamary Dickey, of Decatur, 111., is a fail- sample, lhe new crop will be young, streamline, and as American as the BRIAN'T'S DRUG STORE hot dog. A goldfish, after having been frown 552 times and revived each lime, appeared none lhe worse for the experience. Congratulations to My UaJ Talbot Feild, Jr. TO MY DELINQUENT CUSTOMERS: This is to remind you that 1 am not rich and that, like you, 1 occassionally need money as strange as it may seem. Many of you have received statement alter statement which you ha v e ignored. What i.s wrong? I do not want to turn these accounts to the collecting- agency, hut will be forced to unless you pay something within the next few days. Signed Don Smith, M. D. VITAMINS OLAFSEN ATOL (ABDG) CAPSULES BOTTLE OF CC|c 25 CAPSULES 3>*7 Build up your resistance winter colds.' IT'S FUN TO POP CORN IMPROVED MODEL ELECTRIC CORN POPPER MODERN COD LIVER OIL—Olafsen, Pint ALCOHOL FOR RUBBING, PINT HINKLE PILLS Bottle 100 ~.-T OLIVE Oil 4-oz. Bottle . . -. Right Reserved, to Limit Quantities 23 Congratulations Mr. l-'eild on your whining your 2nd Keliimce Gold Watch FRESH "Of Course" Its an Old Dress- Cleaned and Pressed by Phone 385 for Prompt Service HALL BROS. CLEANERS and HATTERS AT OUR FOUNTAIN Hot Butter Toasted SANDWICHES . lOc and 15c 5 kinds to choose from HOT CHOCOLATE . . lOc Maxwell House Coffee . . 5c 1940 Zenith 6 Tube Radii III Ivorv ur .'M;]IitiK<>ny Oilu-i-s !.') SI 4.95

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