Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 26, 1952 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 26, 1952
Page 20
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PAGE TWENTY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 19S2 Closing New York Stock Quotations Abbott L Allied Chem.. Allied Sirs .. AMIs Chal Arn Can Am Cnr * F. Am Gas & El Am Loco Am Pw & Lt. Am Rad SI S. Am Smelt ... Am Tel & Tel Am Tobacco . 71 71 38 'i 124 34 'i 1!) 25 ' a 1fi' 2 44 J54U 58 \' t Am Zinc 21U Anacon Cop ... 4(i a i Armo Stl ,'!7'.« Armour & Co. lift Atchlnson .... 81 'i Avco Mfg .... 7!i Bendlx Av .... 49 s * Beth Stl 49"i Borden ....... 5.1 ?i Borg Warn ... 68',4 Briggs Mfg .... 34'.i Budd Co l.V!i Cannd Pno .... .'15'i Case (J I) .... B'J'/a Ches & Oh .... M* Chi & NW 17*« Chi Ki & Pnc . 55 U Chrysler 74 ', 3 Cities Svc .... 307 Comw Edls .... 32% Cong Nairn .. Con Edis .. Con Na Gas Copped Rng.. Corn Prod .. Crane Co. .. 22',4 34 lil 2IH4 67% Curtlss Wr .... 8'a Doug AI re .... 7U Dti Pont M** Kaslm Kod .. -13'i Knton Mfg ... .Wa Kl Auto Lite .. 5(W ."ten Klec !>8 r;en Foods ... 42',4 !lf-n Motors lien Time ,'ioodrlch .. iloodyear 44 fit N Ir Oore 14'ii :;i Nor Ry pf 4P'» Greyhound .. 11'i llomestnkc .. 3G',< Houd Hersh . 13'4 Hudson Mot . 14!i til (,'cnl f>4 Inland Stl .... W* Inspir Cop ... 24'i Inl Hnrv 33',i Int Hnrv pf.,.171!i Int Nick W» Lib McN&L .. 8ty Marsh Field .. 25 li Monlg Ward .. fi3 Nnsh Kelv .... 21 Not Rise 30'i Nn at Cont .... 12 r 'ii Nal Dnlry .... 50% Nat Steel 4(1% N Y Central .. 19', Owens Til C,\ .. 78V4, Packard 4% Pan Am W Air KJ'i Pararn Pict .... 28 : fd Penney (J Ci . .fifi^ PA FIR 18 Pepsi Cola ... 9 Pholps Dotl Philip Mor Phillips Pel .. 55 Pure Oil fM'.i 49 Radio Cp ..., Rro Motors , flrpub Stl ... Schenley Ind. Scott Pop ... 2fi% 21* 40% 2914 51 'i Shell Oil 77"t Simmons Co .. 28'Vi Sinclair Oil ... Wi Socony Vnc ... .'ill's South Pnn .... li<i ;l| n Splry/'l n'.i Std Brands .... 24 : !fc Sid Oil Cal .... :).'!'•« Sid Oil Ind ... S7»fc Sluflehnker ... :t(i'.ii Swift A Co .... :i2 ' Texas Co Sftfi Tlmk DP! Ax .. 1!)% Trnnsnrnrr .... 2li tin Cnrhido ... B0 : !4 Un Puc .f 1l(i Woolworlh 4,'l Wor P I'r Pf. 80 Xenllh Rarl ... 7(i s >, /ionito I'd .... 5'.« NKW VOIIK fltillll Ark Nat Otis A IfrVi Carnal ion Sii 1 .^ l-;i Bond *. Sb 2fi>4 Ford M Can A 5il r :i llccln.iVIin .... IPi Knlsfr-Fra/cr. K-% KiriK.ilf>n Piod -1'* Mirror Aircraft Makers Have Two Gripes fly HAM OAWSOX NEW YORK, March 26. /P-Alr- craft rnnkors -• with thr greatest backlog of orrlors In their history Kunranleeing busy limp* Into 1955 Alton Area Deaths Mrs.A.Vanderbeck nnrl longer lodnv: Mill Inivc two gripes Mrs. Anna Vanderbecfc, 89. of 614 Spring street, mother of Mrs. Charles Sneeringer of Alton, and of Otto I^ingendorf of St. Louis, married to Miss Mary Lawless, who preceded him in death. Surviving are a son, Fred Jacobs, and four daughters, Mm. Harold Pla/zi, Mrs. William Haluch, Mrs. John Wendzinsky and. Mrs. John Blarkls, all of Glen Carbon; also four sisters, Mrs, Sophie died at 3 a. m. today In St. Jo-1 Bookman, Mrs. Minnie Nagel, seph's Hospital. She was the widow | Mrs. Bertha Huser and Mrs. Marof Arthfir Vandorbork. A nnlive of Brighton, she WHS I. 7'hc mllilHi-y h/ibil of blowing | bom Oct. '2, 1W2, a daughter of hof, blowing cold on defense plans makes it hard to keep output running fin /i steady, efficient bnsis. '1. Government pressure to cut Imck profits on military business keeps record sales ' from belnf; Iranslaled into higher profits. The stretch-out of the defense program is causing aircraft companies to revnmp their schedules. Tbey nre trimming their production hopes for this yeiir by around one-fourth. Kven .so. they expect to turn out twice tis many warplnnes as Ifisl year, and more civilian aircraft, loo. 1'i-llh fur IUVI-.VS f News of Stocks Market Pursues Mixed Course NEW YORK, March 20 /P The stock market pursued a nnr- rovvly mixed course today but ended on a steady note, There was nothing spectacular about (he performance nl /ill, Prices spread out over a range of around a point either way, and many leaders quietly swung from one side of the line to Ibe other. Trading came to an estimated 1,100,000 shares, In the same unusually low region of the two previous sessions this week. Yesterday's total came to 1,060,000 shares. Steel negotiations dominated the market. Caution wns thq watchword and accounted for Hie low volume. Steel slocks were steady to a little higher. Higher were U. S. Steel, Republic Steel, American Smelting and Zenith. Lower were Texas Co., Studebaker, Goodrich, American Can, and Armour & Co. U. S, government bonds were steady In the over the counter market. Grains RcvorHo Gain* CHICAGO, March 26, if - Failure of a slight upturn in midmorning lo stir up any follow through buying caused grains to reverse their trend on the board oi trade today. Many contracts slipped under the previous close before the final gong. Wheat enjoyed a brief period of popularity. This helped steady the rest of the cereal list. Buying was based largely on small exports of com and statistics which showed a Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYAHDS. III.. Mnroli i/t'l—lUSDAl--Uog« 12.000; urllvn; rlKhm IHn-220 lt>« fltnnrjy In It) lower Ihnn Tiie«flny'« nvemge; lop IS off, 2.10 lh» up mo«tl.v »li>ndy; 170 Ids down mnnlly 2,1 lower; nowi itendy In 3D lower; hulk UIO-2.10 I tin full wldih or rholcn «rn<l« 27,00-10; lntl»r pnlrt frrely by uhlppiTu and l)Ulrher.< fnr wi>lRhli up in aao HM; >:in-2fltt iiw, ano-270 ih» in.oo-no; aim-:inn iin> irvso m.oo. i no no u>»; 120-140 lh«. I2.7S-H.SO; 100-110 llu I I.2.VI2.VB; <inw» 40(1 Inn down 14 75-I5.IV); hnnvlrr own 1.-I.2.1-14.2,V few 13.00; »I"|M II.SD- 15.5(1; hnnm 11.50-1200 Cnltln 2(100. cnlvei rum; opening nljoiil nleiicly mi all cl/i«»r»; ihlp|i«r liilrriiilK Inking ncvetnl liinrtu anil Intn Kood .mil cholcn xlcfn nl 21100 .'l.'l.50; Kunil nnd cliolre lirl(pr« nnd mixed yin'llnKi -''I'" 1 32.00: iillllly mid fomioerrlHl i-osv) Kttl.v 2I.OO-V.'100; runner* nnd rnllrr* in.flll-aO.flll; ullllly and rommrrrlnl liull> 2.1.00-2(1.(10; muni Kond nnd rluilre vealcn r IO.O(l-;in.(K); mirlnri prime lo 40.0(1; utility nnd cnrnmciTlnl vpnlein 20.0(1 'M HO. Sheep 1000; (mile nHlvp nnd ulclidy [i iilronK; »pol» 25 lilRlicr; cmr Inl holco flnd prime woiilaklnn 'nriiund 100 IhK 211.2.1; olher flood In price woolrd Hllil full shorn prlln 27.IIO.UII (HI; deck choice, No. 2 .ililrn 211.25; lond <hiiin iiiiihn nnd few lot" henvy wool.iklnn nllll iniold; IflUKhter ewe.i ulcacly; niuatl.v 12.00-14.00; culli fl.00-11.00. Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS. Mnrrh 20 i.'fi - PrndufF and live poultry: Fl«gi, unclnmiiried Wj-'M Fowl, commercial fryer, ronsler nnd jrollcr cro«.ie> and whtlen. Zfl OT. reds !i«2(1. nearby mliicnllnneoii» wlille.s ^7 red» 20, younK loin turkeyn 3.1, yoiinK lien turkeys .111. Other prices iinchnnKed. further decline in locally - held stocks of wheat. Soybeans led the Inle decline. They were upset by renewed liquidation In soybean oil futures, iiuin.v of which went, to new seiisonni lows. Crude bean oil broke belou the 10 cents n pound figure, being quoted at 9% cents. Preliminary estimated receipts of grain in carlots: Wheat 3, corn 89, oats 11, rye 2, barley M, and soybeans JG. SUFFER NO MORE VAGUE PAINS, BAD BREATH, HI AD ACHES, DIGESTIVE DISTURBANCCS, DIZZY SPELLS, LACK OF VITALITY AND ENERGY, PALENESS, NUMBNESS, HEARTBURN AND STOMACH GAS Alto Bad Breath aud Complexion, The penk of military production is now scheduled for I!I5<I and 1J155. Mill even nfler that the industry expects lo lie turning out around HI,(100 replacement planes n year. l,;isl ycnr the industry turned out around 'ITfill military craft and 2<IOO civilian jobs. This yenr they expect lo produce iKiOt) for the military ;md more Hum '',000 for the rom- merciiil nirlines, Order backlogs nre high, fvxnmpies: l,(ir;khec(l tofliiy reports a backlog of around l' a billion dollars, a record for the company. Douglas also has a new high hack- log of l?i billion dollars. North American says its backlog will teep it busy into infifi. The aircraft makers have still mother string lo their bow. In four five years, when the military iroduclion peak is supposed to be iver, the plane makers expect the American commercial airlines to ic ready to rcquip with new jet ; ind turbo-prop airliners. Nut Kntlrcly Happy The plane m'akers aren't entirely lappy, however, in spite of •cisy prospects. Robert 10. f,ross, Lockheed president, says of the lefense stretch-out ordered in ,I(in- iary, "We can only trust that our security will not have been seri- iiisly impaired." In other words, (iross hopes the mliori won't regret some day that t chose more "butter" just now. Floyd H. Odium, chairman of "'(insoliilaled Vullee, notes that the sudden shifts in military policy- low a speed-up of aircraft output, iow a slowdown have sad effects >n company operation costs. He lopes the government will help him do that by sticking to a steady military schedule. Closing Chicago Grain Quotations d Clish (irnlll March Ufi. /T •- \VIIKAT--NoriP. CORN No. 2 yellow l.ST' 1 !: No. :i, l.SL'VH-l 1 .!; No. •!, 1.7-I-83- 1 ..; No. f>, 1.51 VH^i. OATS NOMP. RAKLKY -- Nominal: Mailing l.lilVTO; lend 1 'Jfi-IO. the late Mr. nnd Mrs, Willlnm Mochle. She bad resided at the Spring street homo for the past 14 years. Mrs. Vandnrbeck was of genial disposition nnd enjoyed entertaining her friends In her home. Surviving In addition to her daughter and son, are three sisters, Mrs. Krnma Schrier of Dor- chesler; Mrs. Lena Robertson, St. l.ouis, Mo., nnd Mrs. Sadie Wied- ncr of Lakcworlh, Fla., three Hcandi hildrcn, and eight grcat- ijrnnd. hildrcn. The borly is nt Stalen funeral homo where friends may call after noon Thursday. Funeral services will he conducted by the Rev, O. W. llcKKP'Tirier, pastor of Evan- Sr Reformed Church, at 2 p. m. Friday at the funeral home. Murial will be in Upper Alton cemetery. tha Eschcr. all of Glen Carbon. The body Is at the Straube funeral home, where funeral services are to be conducted at 2 p. m. Friday by the Rev. H. J. Bredehoeft. pastor of Kden Evangelical church, with burial in Glen Cambon cemetery. Harold L Blume Charles Frascr CARLINVILLE-Charles Fraser, 72, retired farmer, suffered a heart attack at Wiese funeral home at Ir.lOp. m. Tuesday and died shortly thereafter. Mr. Fraser had gone to attend Ihe funeral services for Mrs. Mathilda Ruegg. After viewing the body, he signed Ihe register, sal down In a chair and slumped forward with a heart attack. A doctor vwis called who pronounced him He was born Sept. M, 1879 in Western Mound township, a son of George W. and Sarah Beard Fraser. His wife, Knima Kashlen Fraser. preceded him in death. He was a member of Ihe Christian Science Church of which Mrs. Ruegg was also a member. Since Jan. 1 !).">(), he had been residing at Ihe True Nursing Home. Besides several nieces and nephews, he is survived by three brothers-in-law, Robert Mills, of Springfield; Gilbert Kaslen and Walter Kaslen. both of Carlinville. The body remains al Wiese funeral home pending funeral arrangements. KDWARDSVILLE -Harold Louis niumc, 60, of 137 North Fillmore street, employed as a pipefitter in the engineering department of Shell Oil Co. the post 13 years, died at 3:2") p. rn. Tuesday at St. Francis Hospital, Litchfield. Death resulted from compactions of a five weeks' illness. A native and lifelong resident of F.dwardsville, he was born here Oct. 2, IDOL His parents were the fate Henry and Lillie Voight Blume' of F.dwardsvillp. On June 12, Ifl'.'fi. he was married at (ireenville to Miss Flossie Ann Shut I, who survives. Also surviving arc a son, Charles Blume, arid a brother, f.leorge H. Blume, both of Kdwardsville. Mr. Blume was a member of the pipefitters' local No. 55:! at Wood River. He was n member of First Presbyterian Church and the board of trustees of the church. The body is at Lesley Marks funeral home, where friends may call until 11 a. m. Friday. Funeral services will be conducted at 1:30 p. m. Friday at First Presbyterian Church by the pastor, the Rev. F. L. Kinsman. Burial will be in Ml. Auburn Memorial Park, Circenville. Church Services At Hartford HARTFORD. - Midweek prayer ...... ^ 4(% ,.,..„...-,»». services will be held at the Metho- WANT AD INFORMATION dlst Church thte evening at 7:30i }* o'clock. The Rev. Floyd Chastran' will conduct the lesson from the Book of Acts. Choir practice will be Since It* founding In 1802, thellL United States Military Academy has had 42 superintendents. In Its 150 year history West i Point has graduated a total of 18,491, of whom 12,764 are still living. NOflCtS STATION WAGONS at 8:30 p.m. The Assembly of God Church services Thursday at 7:30 p.m. will be led by laymen of the church, in the absence of their pastor, the Rev. J. M. Graham. The General Baptist Church will hold their regular Thursday evening prayer service at 7:30- p.m. with their pastor, the Rev. Lester Williams. The First Baptist Church will have their "Hour of Power" service tonight at 7:30 with the Rev. Maurice Powers conducting the lesson on "The Life of John." Choir practice will be at 8:30 p. m. The Church of Christ will hold Ihelr mid-week service tonight at 7:?iO. After Inn lesson, an open forum for discussion of Bible questions \vill he held. Attending Convention HARTFORD. - The Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Graham, Mr. and Mrs. 'hilip Hendricks, Mrs. Grace Pope, and Miss Wanda Davenport are representing the Assembly of God "hurch at the National Sunday School Convention at Springfield, vbicli opened Tuesday and ends "riday. Fneult.v Cage HARTFORD. 1 time 3 tlmei 12 Word*- 8 tlmei 13 Word*—24 time* ADJUSTMENTS 41 .11.13 M.M $8.78 Error* not the fault of the tdvtrtlMi' which clearly lenen the value of the advertisement ihould be corrected the flrit day when one extra corrected injection will be made without, chart*, rhe Telegraph anaumei no refporillbllltj> (or error after the flrit Iniertlon. NDER NEW MANAGEMENT - curb tervtce. Open 10:30 a. m. to 2 a. m. Starting March Mth. The Dinner Bell. Prop., C. H. Wilson. 8.10 Wood River Avenue, Wood River, IIJ. WHAT IS TINA FOAM? — An easf to uie, lafe and efficient rug and upholstery cleaner. Buek'i Paint Store, 635 E. Broadway. i Ad* are accepted until 11:00 for publication fame day. 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Born Oct. 10, 18(i(; in Bluifdale township, Mrs. Holford had resided in Ihe Kltlred community all her life. Her parents were the late Hiram and Laura Flatt Snyder. On August 27, 1885 she was married lo John Holford who preceded her in death December. 11)^3. They were parents of 10 chil- FIELD SKF.D Per- hundred- j dren, three of whom survive: Mrs. weight nominal: Mod Hover ?,ll.")0-I Mary Wilson, of Kasl St. Louis, :il.5l); limolby 9.511-10 00; .sweet I Waller of Krlwardsvillc and Harry 10 (10-10.M; ii-dlop Hfl.50- <>f Kldred; six Krandchildren and :',0.fill; jilsike 3H.OO-.' 1 .!VOU. SOYMKANS Nomv Chirami (iraln Futures Low Close lice CORN May ... July ... OATS May .... .lulv .... i.s;> 7N l.S7 7 H 1.S7) .l.Tli'i Sli' .j 8-1 L'. Ill's L'. .12 'a 1!. •!•!'» 2. -17'% 1.87 1.8'l'i 82 ' ... 8-1 7 live ureat-grandchildren; a broth- Henr.% Snyder of Kldred and a step-brother, U'oody. Pearl Snyder of The body was moved from I ho 2.MM!1~8 Alehl (unerai borne, Carrollton, to 2,-12'VJH tbe residoni-re where friends may 2.-M',i-M I call afler 5 today. Mrs. Holford 2,17', was a longtime member of the Kl- dred Baptist: Church and funeral rites will be .conducted there Friday at 2 p. m. Interment will be in the Stith cemetery. 82V83 82V- 1 , 1 SI 7 s Dr. Andrew Berry KANK-Dr. Andrew Berry, sc f the late C. and Nancy Jane Car- NOTICB OF CLAIM DATB Notice Is hereby given to ill perform that Flrat Monday In May, 1BS2, U the Claim Date In the eitate of Hattle Hms iHarrlet ffaaai. deceased pending In the Probate Court of Madison County, 1111- noi». and tnut claim* may be filed nualnst the »ald estate on or before snld date without liisuance of nummont. Dated thl« 19th day of March. 1032. MARIE SCHWEOKL, HELEN COLEMAN. ExecutrlceJ. Attest: DALE HILT, Probate Clerk SCHAEFER O'NEIL, Attorney. March 26, April it. 9. ANNOUNCEMENTS" CARD OF THANKS. JOHN RICHARD BENSMAN— We would like to thnnk all our frlend.t, neighbors nnd relative!) who were so klnc during the recent Illness and death of my husband. Especially Fr. Donohoe Fr. Glcrut, Stnten funeral home pallbearers, slsterx and nurses of second floor Fast, St. Joseph's Hospital I hose who sent cards, flowers. or> as- The faculty of, »""««» In any way. be Hartford school will oppose the M "' John Rlehnrd Betlsm " n 'acuity of the East Alton school Friday night at the Woodrow Wilson gym in a basketball game scheduled to start at 7:40 p.m. The preliminary game will be between lartford and Wood River teenage boys at 6:40 p.m. Workshop Held At Lewis-Clark a_nd__Faml!.y. _ _ LaVETA BRAMLEY— We~"wouid~Tike to take this means of thanking all our kind friends, neighbors, and relatives who were so kind duolng our recen bereavement. Especially we would like to thank St. Joseph's Hospital, sisters and nurses. Sister Fellclta. Streeper funeral home, Rev. Mitchell, pallbear ers, those who sent flowers, cards, or assisted in any way. Husband, Son, Slsler. Father IN MEMORIAM '•4- -' rii-i) Berry, u ho was born al SOYHKANS Ma.\ .... '.'.HP .Inly .... •_' !!'-' Si-p. ---- 'J.S.V' Mm. .... L'.7!) ;1 2.82 :l .i -' 77 St. l.cmis Cash Uraiil ST. 1.01 IS Mar.-b L'li. .1' \VIIKAT Receipts 1) i-ars. sold. CORN Receipts :':' .-ars s, No. L' >Hlow I.S7 1 -. eu City, . Mo.. July 1883, died 1, Monday al Oknuilgee. Okla. Married in IDOL 1 (o Hattie Reynolds, of Kane, lie entered osteopathy school at Kirksvillc. Mo., and following uradualion \\cnt lo Oklahoma. \\hcre he practiced until a short time before his death. lie leaves his widow and eight children, and four brothers, t.'harles, U'illard anil Wiley Kerry Thirty-three Attend Meeting The SI. Matthew's Mother's club met Tuesday evening with 33 members in attendance. The three new members attending were Mrs. Joseph Heinhart, Mrs. John Hellrung. and Mrs. Leonard. The evening business meeting, presided over by Mrs. Robert Morrison, made tentative plans for a school ha/aar. to be held May l<t. Mrs. Morrison who read a letter from the Girl Scouts made a .$5 lonalion to the two Girl Scout organizations in the school, the Brownie troop, led by Mrs. Harold Sweeney; and the Girl Scout troop led by Mrs. Robert O'Connor. A check for $14.53 was presentee as profit from a recent, paper drive which was led by Mrs. huss Sig lock. Breakfast will be served to the students Friday, April 4, by the club. Mothers in charge are Mrs. Donald Wood. Mrs. William Stobb, Mrs. Ralph Kcehner, Mrs. George Suninger, Mrs. George Loveless, Mrs. John Voracek, and Mrs. Robert Morrison. In December of 1fl,">2 the Girl Scout and Brownie troops of the .school will be sponsored by the Mother's club. Hostesses al the meeting, who served refreshments after the group played cards were, Mrs. John Voracek, chairman; Mrs. Jack Miller, Mrs. Robert O'Connor, and Mrs. John McConnell. Mother's Club Luncheon The Clara Barton Mother's club will meet Thursday for a noon luncheon, and ] :30 p. m. business meeting. Hostesses at the luncheon will he Mrs. Kolb, Mrs. Earl, Mrs. Wildorman, and Mrs. DeLong. Guest speaker will be Mrs. McAfee, county probation officer, (iirl Scout Hoard Mcctlnj; The Upper Alton Girl Scout Board met al 1 :30 p.m. al the Upper Alton Baptist Church, with Mrs. Glenn de Alley sr. Mrs. Ralph Kober acted as chairman Tentative plans wore discussed for the HARTFORD. -- The teachers' monthly workshop meeting was neld Tuesday evening at the Lewis-Clark School in Wood River. Floyd Carlton. John Elic.h, Mrs. Woodrow Summers, and Mrs. William Maupin represented pai-ents of Woodrow Wilson school. After dinner. Elmer Schwalbe. principal of Lewis-Clark, showed two films as a prelude to panel discussions on "The Psychology of Teaching Children," and on "Child Development." Glenn O. DeAtley, superintendent of schools in District 104. then introduced the panel members, Miss Selma Lcmmcr- man, Mrs. Lila Snider, Miss Mildred. Toomey, and Gene Holmes, who represented the teachers from kindergarten through junior high. The subject open for discussion was "Grading and Reporting." The panel members brought out questions they had discussed during the first half of their workshop period to get the parents' reaction to the present system of grading and reporting. The one definite conclusion arrived at, was that Ihe parents and teachers should have more such open discussions. all of Kiln , mulgee; OIK L'lmer Merry of Ok- sister. Mrs. Mother Daughter banquet. OATS Receipts S cars, sold 'J, ! Acker, New Jersey. Burial was at No. I ulute llti 1 ;, .sample' yradc Okmulgee, Wiley and a nephew. while '.II!'.... Arthur Roady, left unlay to atiend (Man Seminar At Bunker Hill Ihe funeral. William Galore t HILL Xion Lutheran Church men will be hosts to the Lutheran which will be held in April. Those interested in assisting with the work in day camp are to contact Ihe Girl Scout office in Wood River. Fishermen's Club Meetinn' The newly-ornani/ed Fishermen's club, from the Mam Street Methodist Church, will hold its initial meeting tonight after the midweek program at the church. The organ- isation is composed of 70 members i . ., , , divided into 35 teams which will to tho fHll)llc ' make weekly calls and make re- Gen. Gruenther May Eliminate Trip for Ike ny mrssKU. BRINKS WASHINGTON, March 1!6 /P — Clou. Alfred M. Gruenlher may eliminate the last: prospect today of calling his boss. Cicn. Dwight D. Fisenhower, to testify before Congress on foreign aid. Oucnther will give the House foreign affairs committee a further outline of Europe's military problems in private sessions today on the administration's new $7,300,000 foreign aid program. Rep. Mansfield iD-Mont>. strongest proponent in Ihe committee for calling Hisenhowor. said he would decide finally alter these meetings whether to press for the European commander's own testimony. "I'm beginning to waver," Mans- fiojd said after hearing Eisenhower's chief of staff discuss military and political problems during a lengthy open session yesterday. The Senate foreign relations committee today hears William L. Bait, American representative on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO i defense production board. The meeting will be closed IN LOVING MEMORY — Of Anton fanke who died 7 years ago, March 20. 1945: Deep In our hearts you are fondly re memhered, A sweet, happy memory Clings round your name, Two hcarls that loved yon, With deepest affection, Always will love you In death lust the same. Sadly missed by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carter, Daughter and Son-in-Law._ _ IN~~LOVING MEMORY OF—Our dea mother. L. Alice Whiteslde. who de parted from us March 26, 1D4B. God gave us strength to bear It, Courage to meet the blow, Though how tt hurts to lose you. Only those who loved you know. Heartbreak lies behind our smile, And laughter hides our tears. It seems like only yesterday, Instead of four long years. We think of her In happy days, When we were all together. Her loving smile and cheerful ways Will live in our hearts forever. Sadly missed by The Children 87 WANTED — Good used stoker. Dia 4-7163. MONUMENTS—CEM. LOTS CHOICE 6 GRAVE LOT — Valhall cemetery, First Addition. Ph. 3-7676. PERSONALS WELCOME STRANGER — It you hav lust moved to Alton or know of a n«w family in Alton will you call 4-5171 i our hostess can contact them? Welcom Strangers Service RUMMAGE AND PASTRy SALE RUMMAGE SALE—By College Avenu Presbyterian Church. Thursday, Marc 27lh. 1 p. m. RUMMAGE SALE — Saturday morn ing. March 29, Gleaners, Elm St. Pres byterian Church, al KM Belle St. RUMMAGE SALE — St. Paul Paris House, in E. 3rd St., Friday, March 28 9 __^ RUMMAGE SALE—Friday morning, a. m.. March 28th. at Franklin Ma sonic Temple. 1513 Washington avcnu given by Walton Chapter. O_._E._S._ "SOCIETIES — LODGES STATE LICENSE Auto, CHiulfeur't, Dmeri, tte. CHARLIE CLAHK, 1504 E. Bra«dw«y 1A K1DBR8 -IDE WANTED — To Army Finance Center, St. Louli. Dial 4-7834, Wood River. -1DER8 WANTED — Oolnf west at t»r ai Sin Francisco, Calif. Leaving Mar. J9. B*ference« exchanged. 4-9350. WANTED — Rider* trom «a»t Alton and Wood River to Oloot Co. All 3 «hlft». Special rate. 4-4389. WANTED RIDE — From Milton ar«a to Defenw Plant on Ooodfellow. Working houri 8 to 4:30. Ph. g-1405 after 8:30. EDUCATIONAL tA INSTRUCTION .RE YOU TIRED OF THE SAME OLD JOB?—You can do something to change thlngn. If you have the courage and grit, you can get bigger and bigger Jobs, and more pay. Business and Industry are crying for skilled men nnd women. If you get technical training and know-how you can name your own price. Let the Internationa! Correspondence Schools show you the way. Phone 3-6935 for Interview. No obligation. . MUSIC, DANCING, DB.AMA ACCORDION INSTRUCTION — Modem Interesting lessons taught by qualified Instructors. Beginners' Instruments rented. We specialize In accordion and guitar. Royal School of Music. Phone 3-5342. MUSICAL INSTRUCTION In mil Instruments and voice and baton twirling. Could Musle Co.. £51 C. Broadway, Alton. .. EMPLOYMENT 17 HELP WANTED—MALE COUNTER MAN—And salesman. Must be aggressive and willing to work. Good opportunity for the right man who has an eye on the future. Write Box 350, care Telegraph, giving full particulars. EXPERIENCED MALE BAKES HELPER —No phone calls accepted. Evans Pastries, 2011 State. EXPERIENCED—Fruit and Vegetable man. Apply 1838 East Broadway. FIREMAN—For small industrial plant; must b« qualified to operate stoker- fired steam boiler. Steady, Write Box 380, care Telegraph. MANTFOR CAR LOT To Detail Cars REPAIR CARS Change Batteries Must Be Hustler NO DRINKER Will Pay $50.00 Weekly to right man 1730 BOZZA at E. BROADWAY WANTED—Man for grocery. Must have chauffeur's license. 5-day week. Steady work. Give full information your working experience. Slate wages wanted. Box 540. rare Telegraph. WANTED—Bookkeeper, experienced In automobile accounting system; others need not apply. Excellent opportunity for right party. Write Box 600, care Telegrap'h. give past experience. WANTED—Man who might, be working. Interested in additional part-time employment as a masseur. Experience nnt necessary. Give background. Box 610, car« Telegraph. WANTED — First class mechanic by Les 1 Motors, 1300 Broadway. YOUNG MAN—IB or over lor porter work in bakery. Apply in person. Uptown Bakery. 2522 College. IIELP WANTED—FEMALE EXPERIENCED WAITRESS —And grill girl wanted. East Alton or Wood River girl preferred. Dial 4-7135. GIRL or ELDERLY LADY—To care for 2 small children, stay on place. Dial _4-4161 : HOME ECONOMIST— College graduate, for local milling industry. Write Box 500. care Alton Telegraph. LADY OR GIRL — To care for 2 children. Light housework. Parents work shift work. 4-6669. WANTED—Young lady stenographer, bookkeeper. State age, education and experience In writing. Stolze Lumber Co.. Main Office, Wood River, III. WOMAN — White, for general housework and cooking. Stay. Private room. No small children. Wages. S100 month. Address BoxJJTK^ care Alton Telegraph WANTED — Girl or woman, stay 5 davs week and care for 5 year old girl while parents work. Call Belhallo 4573. WANTED ^~~Womnn for light housework. 2 in family. Stay on place. 1200 Alby St.. Alton. :T WOMEN—:! hours .'! days per week, $30 Some use of car and phone: no cnn- vassing. delivering or collecting. For appointment phone 2-7048^ FRANKLIN LODGE — No. 25. Specia meeting Thursday. March it. 7.00 p. m Work in 2nd degree. Visiting breth- i hour. Box 620 care Telegraph '£_ l JJJiL.J VANTEP ~ MALE .* MA"N~OR WOMAN" — With car, 4 hours per night. 4 nishts per week. $4 per ren welcome. R. E. Mitchell. W. M. JKRSKYVILLK - William Galore, 70, of Route 1, Fieldon. died Tuesday in an Alton hospital. He seminar, which in- was boni March 8, 1S82, in Jer- I'ludcs men's groups fivm the t.u- soy county, a son of the late Mr. ' Iheran churches in Ihe Alton area'and Mrs. Joseph Galore Friday oveninK. H is widow and five sons. John 11 In- im-otinu which begins al 8 Ulul James f FU ,, a , p. in. will include a message bv the ,... t , ' ll "'""• «"» Kcv. A. I). Kaul of Hit- KaiilicUl •'«"*-«>mi Joseph, and a di Lutheran Church, on tlip "Trailer tpr> • Mrs - L^'ille Dennis of Ml. Messeiiner." Lunch aiTl a social Vernon, survive him. He also leaves a step-son, Roy Schrum. of Si. Louis, Mich., a sister, Mrs. Pearl Randolph of Stone Fork, and 10 grandchildren. The body is at Jacoby funeral home where friends may call. Fun- .S al "which Judge L. K. Wil- j *-'ral riles will be Friday at 2 p. hour will follow Hie service. GUI' Meet Hl'NKKK HILL — The executive committee of the Bunker Hill Republican Club met Monday evening at 8 p. m. to make plans for Ihe primary election and Monday's F0R0 HOPKINS %** DRUG STORES 119 W. 3rd St. liite will speak. Kfi'oivi's Pin BUXKKH HILL - Mrs. Robert -iriebel received her 25 year pin it i he Lady |)i>tiKlas Lodge of the Daughters of Scotia in Clillespie Monday evening. m. in the Nutwood church. Frederick Jacobs ports at monthly Wednesday evening meetings. Of I ieers ol Ihe men's organization are Raymond Keiser, president ; Stephen Show, vice-president: Mrs. Thomas Hill, secretary, and Mrs. Wilbur Wilson, assistant secretary. Members will give primary reports at tonight's meeting. ( liurcli >Iet>ting!> anil Notes Main Street Methodist Church— The Jenny Renecke Circle will present a program at the Main Street Church tonight at 7:30. The Rev. Mitchell, pastor, will speak on Mansfield said Gruenlher "seemed able to supply all the information" that the legislator wanted from Eisenhower. Gruenlher, .speaking easily from notes, told the House group that the European buildup could "prevent a war from ever taking place." Kditor Hliibts Keels COLUMBUS. O.. March 26 —/P- Russian leaders think of the family as a machine for producing soldiers, a Calholic editor said last night. Dr. Waldeman Guurian. editor of a political review at the WOOD RIVER LODGE No. 10«2.—Special meeting. Wed., March 26, 7 o'clock. M.M. degree Visiting brethren welcome. C. L. Radmacher, W.M. LOST—STRA VBD— 4TOLKN FOUND—Pair of shell rim glasses on Culp Lane at Stanley Road in Forrest Homes. 4-2SS5. LOST—M keys and pencil on key ring; name plale. Reward. Dial 3-HB41, extension 40. LOST—Brown com purse containing about $27. possibly on Central avenue in vicinity of Pearl and Market. Reward. Call ;i"-7B54 or notify Mra. Wm. Maher. 1118 E. 7th. Alton. LOST — Yellow gold chain bracelet, 10 year Shell emblem "D.H.Y. 1950" on back. Reward. 4-4B44. LOST — Saturday around 3:30 p.m. near Bo/.za and Washington, 22 pistol In 32 frame, in holster. Registered. Reward. Call :t-!)8118. a a.m. lo 1 a.m. LOST—Saturday, top to Coldapot refrigerator on Route 159 between Edwardsville and Wood River. 4-5430 or 4-758U. LOST — Probably at III. Terminal, brown leather wallet containing money, Akron, Ohio, address. Finder call NOTICE* II CHICKEN FERTILIZER—For sale. 2-5633 "The Prayer of a Saint." Members | University of Notre Dame, told the •J - , , • tj'l.l !• T^ .'!..¥:*•_ and their families are urged to attend this meeting. Messiah Lutheran Church—"Our Redeemer Crowned With Thorns," is the topic of the message at the lenten service of the church tonight. Thursday at 1:30 p.m. the Ladies' Aid of the church wili meet for a work day. Upper Alton Baptist Church — Further study in the Letters of National Catholic Family Life conference Stalin's regime tightened divorce laws and abolished abortion because Russia needs more soldiers. night. He has planned a showing of 100 slides taken during his recent tour of the Dominican Republic. Thursday the women of the church will hold their work day I EASTER HOME MADE VENARDOS CANDIES Special Chocolate Mint 75c Ib. for 60c Milk Chocolate Rabbits 12c 20c 35c 65c $1.10 $2.00 $3.00 $4.25 Milk Solid Eggs Divinity Easter Eggs with Fruit and Nuts Vi-lb. $1, $2 and $3 Also Easter Cream Eggs. All Sizes—70c Ib. Milk Chocolate Baskets 50c 75c $1.00 Paper Easter Baskets 18c 25c And Many Other Things We Love VENARDOS CANDIES 520 Belle St. LICENSE > NOTARY SERVICE EARL W. MANNS 2520 State, North Alton Ph° n « 2-7722 or_3-«83£ "NOTICE All listing and contract accounts with • 1, ., Us l.i Vita I f*t. tnti* A a Ait i 1 '*' '}/! 1 K I? , John will be discussed by the pas- meeting at 9:30 a.m. At 1:00 p.m., 1 the Hale Real Estate Agency 2tiifi E. Mor, the Rev. LaRtio Jensen, at i the previously - announced RpH! Broadway w.n b e a, .he Ha,e KDWARDSVILLK 1 the Hour Frederick , iii^ht. More than 110, OUO men died fight-! Uustave Jacobs. 76. a coal miner,' Brown Street Baptist Church ing in the Union Army in the Ci^ilidied at 2:45 p. m. Tuesday- at his The pastor, the Rev. Howard K. Red of Power meeting to-! Cross film, "Blood and Bullets," will be given a public hearing. War as compared lo 52,000 lost in j Confederate forces. residence in dlen Carbon. , Miller, will present a special pro- A natne of Germany, he vsasigram at Uie midweek service to- Jameson Baptist Church — The Rev. Shields will speak tonight on "Called By Grace — Taught By God." ay Co. office at 208 Smith avenue. East Alton By combining the 'wo offices we feel we can give you better and more complete real estate servige. NOTICE — I will no longer be respon- iible Jor any debts contracted by any- on« other than myself Dated this 25th day of March 1952 Norman W. N»v«, IK Hamilton St., Alton, 111. WANTED—Man or lad.v with car to rte- IIVIT in East Alton and Wood River. Apply Miss Edwnrds, Stratford Hotel, n a. in. to 9 p. m. SALESMEN ID WANTED—Salesman lo collect established debit for legal reserve life Insurance Co., selling life, hospitalization and polio insurance. A worthwhile guaranteed salary. Excellent opportunity for advancement. Apply 244 Plasa Bldg., 7 to 8 Thursday and Friday; 8 to 12 Saturday_niormn_g. TO SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE COLORED LADY — Wants work by day or by week. 3-8726. COLORED WOMAN—Wishes day work. Dial 2-1492. TWO GIRLS—Want work lo do at home in evening; typing, bookkeeping «nd ahorthand. 3-3801 after 3:30 p. m. FINANCIAL II BUSINESS OPI'ORTUNITIKS BUSINESS PROPERTY We have several businesses and Investment properties for sule. Some are real bargains and some have a fancy prire tag on them. But maybe we have what you want. Call us and find out. LEONARD DANIEL AGENCY Cottage Kills Telephone 4-6031 FOR SALE Pool liall equipment. Four tables »nd all' other equipment. Worth twice the asking price. Can continue operation m present location if desired. Price $750 LEONARD DANIEL AGENCY Cottage Hills, Telephone 4-60:U $300 CASH National company offers reliable party secure future servicing route of vending machines. No selling required. $150 per month possible part time, full time more. Car and $300 required which is secured by inventory. This will stand strict investigation. For interview with factory representative in your town, include phone and address in application. ABBEY MFG. CO., Dcpl. M, 3553 Easton Avenue, St. Louis 12, Mo. ______ FOR SALE — Grocery business, building, fixtures and stock. Doing nice business. Small living quarters. Located close to Alton. Low tax area. Write Box 660, care Alton Telegraph. __ GROCERY STORE — In good location; fixtures. $3500. Will inventory stock ROLL A H. HARRISON. REALTOR Office: 3-5397 ___ Evenings: JI-5368^ 2-06BO _ HARDWARE STORE & LUMBER YARD — Will sell separate if necessary. Also 8-room 2-family house. Write or call Grafton Lumber Co., Grafton, 111 Phone j6053. __ NIGHT~CLUB — And tavern for lease. Fully equipped. Newly remodeled and decorated. Ph. Tri-City 7-0280. _ ~ TAVERN Located in good river town. Brick and frame building. Living rooms in rear, hall on second floor. Very large basement, automatic oil heat. Good season now open. John Berigan Agency — 4-6614 _ Evenings. 2-4270 __ PERSONAL SERVICE" ,<tt OHESSMAKINQ-TAILOKING COVERED BUTTONS - Belts and but- tooboles 24-hour service Central Sew- 1*1 Supply Co 18 W Broadway Di«l _____ __ ___ SLIP COVERS i DRAPEHIES— Expertly mad*. Free *-««. cstimatei and tampl**. I

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