Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on January 23, 1958 · Page 6
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 6

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1958
Page 6
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WANT ADS WM. L MOOTY RUNS JFOR LT. GOVERNOR TOWN MEETING BOY SCOUTS (continued from-page 1) (continued frorrf page 1) foi*' knowledge of otrjer civic or- Scoutmasters, and Explorer Ad- ganizations and the dissemina- visors will be given by Rev. tioh of information. • A steering Louis Sagert of Independence, committee to guide the general Graig Mosier, run of activities was discussed. Area Council president will in- CommiUee Appointed stall the 1958 district officers. Fayette County Extension Service Calendar Of Events Classified (Local) 15c per line. MATURE WOMAN Classified Display (Local) 70c per Avon Cosmetics has immediate per col. inch. opening for mature woman to .. , „ . . Classified (National) 18c por line service good Avon territory, office, appointed the following «e Moms Nelson Oelwein, Uis Classified Display (National) 77c P 1 " 8 ™ 1 ' dl «" l ««| „«"»*• Writc committee to investigate the sug- tnct Chwman ;; Robert S Jag— . . . PO. Box 352, Dubuque, Iowa gcstions of the evening and re- a 3 ™- '-'eiwcin, uisuiui vimimw ^ mch - (30-31-32) port at the next meeting, which sioner; Robert Henderson, Discard of Thanks $1.25. will be held on 17 February, a Met Vice-Chairman; Jay Part- Minimum Classified Ad 45c CARD OF THANKS Monday. Heading the committee ndge. ^w^»ng and Activities We wish to express our sin- « Attorney W. V. Clark, local Chairrnan; Melvin Gray, Leader- fa^ j Blind Classified Advertising 20c core thanks to the many neigh- lawyer and bank director, and ship Training Chairman; anc Der line , lnanK * lo l " c ma " y nt, ^ n s „ rvin „ w i t i, him will be the Robert Carson, Advancement per une. bors friends and relatives and serving wun mm win oe ine n . ,. ' T.,j„__ nr i pn „, Minimum Charged ClassWed 50c Rev. Gale Hawhee and pall- Reverend Howard W. Johnson. J^" man - "J % ^.T^ 0 ™ the Day convalescent Councilmcn Robert Addy and E««ene Beck, Fayette, GRUNDY CENTER — W. L. Mooty. Speaker of the Iowa House of Representatives has announced he is seeking the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor in the June primary election. Mooty. 51. u-iilely known for his interests in farming, business and banking, operates a cattle feeding business on a 440-acre farm he owns en-.ht mile- southeast of Grundy Center, and he manages two other fauns. He is a partner in an auto agency, the Center Wapsipinicon Thursday. Jan 23 Harlan .„:n s_ Township Agricultural Adjustment in Iowa discussion led by Motor Co., Grundy Center, and is a part-owner of Heine Implement „. . fiii M. C. Wangsness and Merle R Co., which operates in Grumiv Center, Parkersburg, and Conrad. He Mayor Cousins, the presiding The ™Zul!™"- to ,j5LI£ nE! Bovis. Maynard Community Hall] has been a number of ,)«<• legal profession since 1930 and is a direc- , FOR SALE: QUALITY v. . ,, |,. i. sand, aggregate Pea Gravel Riack dirt for lawns and gardens Carl Zupke and Son, ;? indalk -phone 0617. C3-TF) FOR SALE — 7 room modern -;v,home in Fayette — 2 lots, garage, •V****-, immediate possession. Redecorated — cash or contract. Mark ••*'••• "Risinger, Randalia, Iowa. Phone ^ 1609 (30) •>rs, the Day convalescent uouncumen nuDerc /\aay ana — Be Sh' . , „. . :e for the cards and memori- Harold Schmidt, Lois Davis, who and Safety Chairman; and Rich- als and the many acts of kind- was designated as secretary, and ard Westerfield, Finance Chair- ness during the illness and death Roger Olson, Upper Iowa. man of our beloved mother and grand- Those attending the meeting In addition, awards will be mother. an d the organizations or busi- given to unit leaders who qualify Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Llewelyn nesses they represented were: for basic training, national camp- and family Mildred G a r b e e , Shakespeare ing, and round-up quotas. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Beck and Club; Robert Addy, City Council; Scouters and others who wish family Mame Cole, 20th CenturyClub; to attend the-.district fellowship _ Dr. E. E. Garbee, Upper Iowa dinner are asked to make reser- CARD OF THANKS University; V. C. Crafton, lUIU; vations with the dinner chairman, We wish to express our sin- Howard Johnson, Town Council; Robert Jaggard, or th 0 district cere thanks to the neighbors and h loyd _ Hol ' zma n. P»rk_ board; Executive, William Kephnrt. potluck dinner at noon. Friday, Jan. 24, Illyrin Township Agricultural Adjustment in Iowa discussion led by M. C. Wangsness and Merle R. Bovis. all, Wadena, potluck noon. Union, Dover, Windsor and Auburn Township Agricultural Health Adjustment in Iowa discussion led by M. C. Wangsness and Merle R. Bovis, Odd Fellows Hall. West Union, 8 p.m. Monday, Jan. 27, Putnam Township Agricultural Adjustment in Iowa discussion led by M. C. Wangsness and Merle R. Bovis, Charles Schlumbohm residence, Aurora, potluck dinner at noon. tor of the Gnim mal Bank. "FOR SALE — 2 maytag washers, frionds who contributed acts of RaI P h Sinnott, Fayette Coopera ^ gas stove, table model Admiral kindness, sympathy and comfort tive Creamery; Harold Schmidt, TV set. Hamilton Beach sweeper at the time of the death of our "" ° McLeese- husband and father. .with attachments. Ley.tze Furniture Store. (30) HOWARD'S Fayette RADIO & T.V. Mrs. Deminp Eleanor D. Cok TALLE (continued from page 4) BASKETBALL (continued from page 1) is put in him for the future. AlJho, he had played but a half a game before last week, Dennis started the entire tournament. In addition to scoring 25 points throughout the tourney, his constant feeding during the final half set up several needed baskets. cv->r ,oArr< „ u • P . Kepdroi' lour caret Henrv Rosarv Societv oarreuea approacn .win neea Mike Eischeid opened the sc.- parf of SvLTte ^uToder?" wSS" TSSSH* SSL administrators in the . nd half of thc game , led then „ v part of rdjette. All modern, l oersons attended nv Rocer Olson UIU' Lois Department of Agriculture. It Valley 16-14, by evening the rv'f'lkefTurnTce^r'roomf l£TcS£TteK ^cLrXf^ot Sle^ will also require quick action and score. With another 5 points Srobifi front porch bu™ on Saturday, January 18th. 4-H Betty Wilke, Legion Auxiliary; a friendly attitude on the part of hurriedly put thru Mike put F .-.y garage YounLtown cunbords Club members' homes visited Pearl Lewis, Outlook Club; Gene Congress in dealing with farm c to out front 23 to 18 and ,t was garage, loun^stown cupooros, -„„.. U „ K T„U„ -KK c: A T —— J nroblems." victory from that time. Contributions by Maxson and Phone 265 J un j or Cattle Town Council; Don Kimball, Fayette County Leader; R. R. Erion, Town Council; Reverend , , Howard Johnson, Weslyan Meth- ta » k . °' taking the long view and, odist Church; Elma Hofmeyer *t the same time, do whatever :s and Betty Boulton, Kinderlein necessary for immediate assist- Club; Mary Schneider and Mar- aI * e to agriculture. This double- Feeders' Tour garet Henry, Rosary Society; barrelled approach will need big lawn and garden. Priced to wer e Tony Habeger, John Meyer, Singer, American Legion and problems. sell — immediate possession. Will Reed Graf, Jerry Brown, James Robert Anthony who represented The Subcommittee on Agricul- carry part of paper. Earl Schnei- Maurer, David Jellings, Cleo and the Lions Club. • ture of the Joint Economic Com- .der. Phone Black 241 (30) Gaylen Cumberland, Dean Rue- . . mittee, of which Congressman ber, and Larry Alber. John Thiele Talle is a ranking Member, con- LOST OR STRAYED All appraised the calves. The Ameri- ducted hearings last month on - - farm problems black hound pup about 9 months can National Bank of Arlington dj nn er at noon. f""" 1 P roblem s and expects old, wearing collar. Charles furnished the noon meal. Thursday, Jan. 30th, Center, iss }^ a report sr »°rtly to Yearous. Phone 4617, Fayette, la. (30) JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE Used SPINET PIANOS from ,$285 Used spinet ORGANS from $845 Open from noon till 9:00 Mondays. RENIER'S 531 Main Street (29-30) Smithfield and Westfield Townships, Farm Bureau Building, It is just as important to lick farm problems as it is to achieve success in the missile and satel- Marvin sent Fayette into a 10 point lead after Eischeid's action. Marvin hit two straight shots and Duane Watkins sunk an easy lay-up, all on splendid passes by Dave Dennis. This put the score at 42 to 27 with three minutes and ten seconds to go. Then the W. L. (Bill) Mooty W. L. (Bill) Mooty of Grundy Ctnt.-r. .Speaker ol the Iowa Hon-" of Representatives, is seeking tlv Republican Nomination as Lie'ii , "nint Governor. Chosen by the Des Moines Press and Radio Club as- 1! o outstanding legislator among Iowa representatives iii 11)57. Mooty also is an elder in the First Presbyterian Church and is widely known as a farmer and businessman. He operates a, cattle feeding business on his 440 -acre farm southeast of Grundy Center and has interests in implement and auto sales agencies. He is Til, married, and the father of two daughters. "Agricultural Adjustment Fa ^ eh8p P pm ; s £or meeU o£ lite field," Talk said. «I have Cards f,w.o the ball. In Iowa" Meetings other townships and groups not S^fJ^-Si* **L^™!f te * c .?." Diffcrent * rom th ^ Friday Scheduled yet scheduled. "Agricultural Adjustment in Iowa" has been substituted for Dubuoue TIL the January series of meeting ^' ia " "Credit — a Tool or a Trap?" scheduled in the not you want to raise fruit, determine the spare you have avail- do-both." We can do that, if we game, fouls were few and far be- abio an<! l»« space requirement put the Interests of our country tween. Each team was assessed for the fruit vou wish to grow, ahead of political advantage." 15 personal and each scored cheek it the Coimtv KINDERLEIN CLUB from there free extension office for the exact fruit--space TO MEET TUESDAY Co™*? Educational Group HOWARD'S Fayette RADIO 8c T.V. Phone 265 RESPONSIBLE PARTY eight points throws. Fayette run its season record «'M»i^'ments. to eight wins and five losses with t-"" 1 he found The Kinderlein Club will meet ' Met"'At-Maynard an accuracy record of 35 .4. Farm Handbook Homemakers' Extension Program January 2o , 1958 at 8:00 p.m. at - " • sion office. We are faced with a cnangina the LaMn Contarenefc room -of ^b*^ seventy members o« th» ..... - ... • If you have a lot of space Colt American agriculture, !ts affect Upper Iowa University. Fayette County Educational As- Order Your Spring ' The program, "Problems of soclation held their third meet Now serving his fourth term in thc Iowa House of Representatives, he was Speaker in the last session and presided over thc 108 members of the house. He was named by the Des Moines Press and Radio Club as the outstanding legislator of the House at the 1057 session. An elder of the First Presbyterian Church of Giundy Center, Moot3' is married and the father of two daughters. His wife is the former Jean Lehman, and his' .laughters ate Marcia Ann 9 and Helen Prances 7. The family lives in Grundy Center. A Giundy county native, Bill Mooty received his high school education in Reinbeck and was graduated from the State Univer- ty of Iowa with degrees from liu- College of Liberal Arts (1928) and the College of Law (1930). He practiced law in Grundy Center from 1930 until 1942 when he w.is commissioned an officer in the Army Air Force. He was in service until 1946 and rose to the rank of Major serving as contracting and procurement officer for Tinker Field, Oklahoma City. Oklahoma. Since 1946 he has devoted iiis primary interests to his farming and business operations. As a Republican, he was elected Grundy County Attorney in 11)32 and was re-elected in 1934. He has served eight years on the Grundy Center City Council and is a member of the board of the Grundy County Memorial Hospital. He has been Grundy Coun,'y Young Republican Chairman, Grundy County Republican Chairman, and in 1940 was an alternate Third District Delegate to the Republic National Convention in Philadelphia. His service and fraternal organizations include Masonic orders, Elks, Odd Fellows, American Legion, Amvets, Rotary, Farm Bureau, and the Iowa State A complete list aar Association, in the "Midwest _ originally at the exten- on farm families and their rural apple, cherry, To j . and urban neighbors and the re- Disapline" will be presented by mg of the year at Maynard school of electron^ hJ£ PP V a . cc ° unt ? Iftion of agriculture to the na- Frances Hendrix and Estelle Lor- 0I » Thursday evening,- -January -Li . _ IC nard wares in local tional economy as a whole. enz Hostesses will be Ruth Ash After the dinner which was area, as your own distributor. Township groups will meet as and Catherine Hoover. Part time to start, need not in- follows to discuss these problems. Mothers of pre-school fringe on present employment. The meetings are open to every- cn jjdren are invited to attend. No selling required, all inventory one, rural and urban, who is in.•• and supply work. This is your terested and are for both men :• '• -own business with $400 a month and women. The Extension Di- , in?cir nnumii i|t|v to start with a potential of $25,- rector, M. C. Wangsness, and VVfcM l/tKllUlL IV .'• 000 per year. $2800 available cash the Home Economist, Merle R. - . nnramjT TUDCI? needed immediately to start Bovis, will lead the discussions. riUjuEJll llllUJb . which is secured by equipment Friday, Jan. 24th, Union, Dov- and stock. If sincerely interested, e r, Windsor and Auburn Town advocated planting Fruit Plants Soon pear or plllm trct " s - If - vou hav limited space, you might like to Nursery catalogs are coming try strawberries, raspberries or served by the -Future Home- °H the presses now. County Ex- grapes. a „ e makers of the Maynard High tension Director M. C. Wangsness Af . . aR * School, discussion was led by suggest Fayette County fruit AIlLl you havc t,cculcd what Vice-President, Paul Frank of growers order 1958 fruit plants as you want to ' ,!ant aml how many Oelwein • on various legislative soon as possible to insure a bet- y° u should order, determine the agenda which will be voted upon ter chance of getting the varieties variety of fruit you want In at the coming Delegate Assembly they want. choosing Attending the Wangsness says Extension Hor you want, variety, consider the in Des ^Moines. „ „ Assembly will be .County Dele- ticulturist Ed Cott, Iowa State. season of harvest, your flavor ^itfSn^ to ^.l! 1 ^ ^ ips ' -° dd Fell0WS Hal1 ' ^st MAYNARD ONF-AfT PI AVSL gates> Catherine Klaus, of West College, VllEnttVl IlittlO Union, Paul Frank of Oelwein* common cAROUND TOWN... Mr. and Mrs. Shorty Thomas and children were Sunday guests in the Elmer Nelson home. • • • • • Virgil M. Borchert and Miss Ivadell Brause journeyed to Colesburg Wednesday where they judged a speech contest. HOWARD'S Fayette (30-31) union 8 p.m. RADIO 8c department of West Central High Union. Putnam will present three one act plays, believes there are four Preference and some of the newer Both reported a very enjoyable common mistakes made by home varieties that are becoming pop- day. The dramatic and E> D - Archambault'of West fruit growers in fruit production. ular - ..... They are: (1) Many people order Cott recommends ordering too many trees for the space they your fruit plants from an Iown B . ^ , - - r h, av . e available. (2) others plant nursery. By ordering from an in- *»noi» 265 home, beginning with potluck the. Maynard. Community Hall. Smith oj Des "Moines we^M^ni , S close to 8 ethei- > (3) state nursery, you will have bet- •— • The,, u /ill inr.1n .4i> tho .rlalinhtfnl ; 3 V 1 .'* CB I. ViV2iat.nl SOme order too mart Iron- Monday, Jan. 27th, . ... T.V. Township, Charles Schlumbohm Friday..January 31, at 8 p.m. in': - "Appetite Satisfier O A£k*% ; MARGARINE L lbs. lUC Doeskin Facial with free sponge OA TISSUE only UUC . Octagon *7 OCl^% SOAP I bars LDC GLOSSTEX - qt. 29c Kitchen Charm 1A WAX PAPER roll IVC Duo-Dustin OC*» SHEETS . box CDC Brown or Powdered fl OC^» SUGAR £ boxes CDC Pure Ground Q AQ^_ BEEF . O lbs. TOC Goekens Food Mkt Anthony Yzerman, son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hettler, passed away at his home in Seattle, Washington. His body is being brought to Fayette for burial in They will include the delightful of the Iowa H ^aTAsSion ^ me / I ^ ny trees <? r er rcco "™' and , tho plants you comedy, "Quiet Please", a dra- announced today ^ c,r ne f d , s and «\*?™ make buy will nave been produced Saturday, January 25th maticcomedy, "Happy Journey" '•• Mr. Hindis a well-known ^,tZ P f° ° rdCmg " any " "" dor condlt,ons similar to v0lu ' from the pen of the famous auth- business man and currentlv serv- e v'.u- . ^ or, Thornton Wilder, and a dra- i£ „ County Coronet He is aT Several things must be con- Iowa nurseries, Cott points out, ma, "The Room Upstairs".-One of tive in civic Affairs S d « red ^ f0ie ord f m S tree8 - »re as reliable as any these.plays .will reprint Wfest • JTbTa -bclation vnll conduct its e ^uTb^ wor,d ' he says " Central at the preliminary speech annual fund-raising drive durine must De sure ne is wiuing to contest. The casts have been se~ the month of FebruaS™The SS! th ° i™ and mo " ev need " lerted and rehearsals are now un- \ fiii ?L Z pruary : Ane * am "' ed to properly care for the plants, l^cted and rehearsals are now un g^g^-Pg^Igf This care includes pruning an- This promises to be f good with / a 'SSSS^SjSt timet Tyl7 evening of family entertainment conducted by several thousand g • J n y J ° nce the y The public is invited and urged Heart Sunday volunteers come «to full production, to attend i: * mUu „.ni v "i m ~Y 8, , Cott warns that many times year Iowans will be able to con- Mr. And Mrs. Henry lh£ > Hettler Will Observe 62nd Anniversary Sunday FAYETTE — Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hettler of Fayette will observe their 62nd year of married life together Sunday, Janu- Says, Wangsness Jfg^ to s ^ nd 0 Eliminating brush and Good Time For Brush Control Now AIMS i ,,u « a County Hnrt Drive Mst number o( years, the ™ d "£ u v ™'ri SiS ?"i y , T ns now """ re 8 u '" r se<!dli "e treos should be cut out •Mr. c „ ly .,e Htate o, Oe^eU, S^^^STgl X^StJZ 'l ^ZS r«SS,VTVSLSfS ^^iSt will serve as chairman for the H tfou *h the 1958 Heart Fund Campaign in Campai 8 n Fayette County, Dr. Herman J cost and time will not be im- Fayette. HiiiiiwiiaauaiiHatnumuHiHmffiBaHitaamaiBa Pboiie 10 e, Iowa FOR SALE A good; going feed, foudnou well located, nearly new building. Handle feed*, teed*, chicken leads') paini, sleel com <#*b »i. Sell wtth or with oui building. 4 Bedroom House. All • modem A dandy elote to eoUege. Big garden, garfge. A bargains 4 Bedroom House. AU modern Big garden, close to ooUege. A money majrer. 3 Bedroom House. Pari modern. Dandy garage. Big -- gaopd^gh WeU located. t. . .... .... Bedroom House. AU modem, close in. A dandy. ROY ZftBIH 1 REALTOR FEED THE BIRDS WEATHER FORECAST: Pnow -foUowad by hungry birds Now is the lime to let the birds know you appreciate their summer songs their insect eating habits r- their beauty — your bird friends wlU send you a golden note from a grateful throat if you put ,«Ut food these cold 'days ••' ',v^ Bread and peanntbutter. pop corn — dry cookies and dough' nuts, TT thty like them all — but for the banquet they love — give them Audubon Society mix • StcforSlbs. Wangsness of growth is about a foot high portent--items. The pleasure of He notes that E. P. Sylwester kilTer'" win 'finish Th^io^ producing your own .fruit cannot weed control specialist at Iowa recommends a solutfnn be measured in dollars and cents. State College, suggests getting^ quTrT of^ "brush km™ After you decide whether or the job in the next two or three gallons of water He of 1 in 25 JANUARY CLEARANCE at Nelson's Clothing Store WILL CONTINUE THRU JANUARY 25th. COME IN LARGE SELECTION OF WONDERFUL BARGAINS. AND SEETHE Sftwfc W^^»Wt3q.p.m. week days and 9:00 p.m. Sat. Starting Monday, Jan., 27

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