The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on December 13, 1946 · Page 16
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 16

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1946
Page 16
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16 THE COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, KY FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 13, 1946. SECTION 1 K6TICE. Te Loulsvili and Jeffertftn County Fi.r.rur.g and Zoning Commuslon will r.,?.u a pub;ie hearing at 1:00 p.m. Tues-c if December 17. Bi. tn Room 800, Old lart Hru on proponed adjustment ; tne Zoning I'lan for the v"n"corpo-t ..: 3 Terntory of Jrffcrson Countv, to i r gr tuning of prtprtr on northwest ir of Grade Lane approximately 2.100 1 rt Miu!hrat of Preston Highway, 1 nri.r.i i4 feet southeast along Grade 1 me and at a depth northwest 200 feet, f (-. ' H-l ' One-Family Residence to -l" Commercial. i oi isvim.e and jT.r rrnsON county LANNi.NO AND Z-ONIXU COMMISSION T. D. Luikrt, Chairman AtCTION SALE Of AL'TOMOMt.t r viui srll at our (arage at 1213 Wfit I'"iliv. Lovilavliie. Kentucky, on trie j :h nmy of lrmber, ar about tie hour of loot) or lock AM. at puhllc .-,. ii.v to the highest and bent bidder. V !"liov'lP,j daatribed motor vehicle: 1 rord Coup. Motor No. 1023807. I irr:ne NO MM. beloniing to E. G. 1 lMfij South Second Street, Louia-ije. Kcnturay. 7 cm:!, ran fH tale being arid a for The r of satisfying our claim for latter, repair iccMimiK and atorage , r :rd on and f jmntied for said auio-h oi-iif in purtjanre to tn provisions of i . Kentucky Revised Statute governing -icr. mat'.era. HULL-DOBBS. AITTIOV I ALB OF 'AUTOMOBILE Me sell at our garage at 1213 West Broadway. LouisviUe. Kentucky, on the 1. :h day 6f December, 194,, at Or about me hour of 10:00 o clock A.M., at public suction, to the highest and beat bidder. t--,e to. lowing described motor vehicle: A iSi6 Ford I ordqr Sedan. Motor No. 2"-9S. Kentucky License Ko 361284. bt,rir,e:rf to Jamea Thompson, 408 South r;.-,e-eenih Street, Louisville. Kentucky. Terms rah; said sale being made for i-c purpose of satisfying our claim for iflix-r. repairs, ecrossorie and storage si ; ;ied on and furnished for said'it in pursuance to the provisions of f: Kentucky Ke vised Statutes governing sjth mailers. HULL-DOBBS. Schumann, Jos. N. At Violet M. 251.65 Bleek 210 Powell. Vm. E. 711.11 Potts, Mike 6c Clara 237.24 Ooose. J. W. . 711.71 Olllges. Tillie 237.24 Spillman. Frank X. . 474.47 Wood. Jas. At Bertha 474.47 Guilford. Steward Earl 474.47 Block 2211 Blankenahip. Burgess E. 271.13 Proctor, Lillian Ac A. W 203.35 Proctor. Lillian Ac A. W 474 47 Proctor, Lillian Ac A. W 237.24 Proctor, Lillian Ac A. W. 237.24 Lynch. J. L. J. 237.24 Morean. Bessie - 711.71 It Met. Clarence W.. Sr.. Ac Geneve . 237.24 It Met Clarence W. Sr.. At Otnlva ..., 237.24 14 Miller. Hobt. X. it Estell ... 237.24 20 Chingren, Jno. b. Ac Lilly A. 237.14 Block 220S Stromoky. Jot. SIS 81 Brooks. Elton A. Jewell E. 233 51 NOTICE OF TAX ASSESSMENT AUAINoi THE OWNERS OF PROPERTY AcCTTihG Ur-ON SOUTHERN HEIGHTS AVENUE FROM THE WEST PROPERTY LINE OF TAYLOR BOULEVARD TO li-.E EAST PROPERTY LINE OT WOODRUFF AVENUE: FROM THE EAST PROPERTY LINE OF WOOD-BUFF AVENUE TO THE CENTER LINE OF WOODRUFF AVENUE; FROM THE CENTER LINE OF WOODRUFr AVENUE TO THE WEST PROPERTY LINE OF WOODRUFT AVENUE; FROM THE WEST PROPERTY LINE OF WOOD-JSITF AVENUE TO THE EAST PROPERTY LINE OF LENTZ AVENUE; FROM THE WEST PROPERTY LINE OF LFNTZ AVENUE TO THE EAST PROPERTY LIVE Or K.HLFRT AVENUE; FROM THE EAST PROPERTY LINE or KAH-1ERT AVENUE TO THE CENTER LINE OF KAHLERT AVENUE: FROM THE CENTER LINE OF KAHLERT AVENUE TO THE CFNTER LINE OF WHEELER AVENUE: FROM THE CENTER LINE OF WHEELER AVENUE TO THE CENTER LINE OF CRAIG AVENUE; FROM THE CENTER LINE OF CRAIO AVENUE TO THE CENTER LINE OF POWELL AVE KIT: FROM THE CENTER LINE OF POWFLL AVENUE TO THE WEST PROPERTY LINE OF POWELL AVENUE. Te owners of property abutting upon f5Jlhem Heights Avenue from the west prrpertv line of Taylor Boulevard to the et property line of Woodruff Avenue: from the east property line tt Woodruff Avenue to the center line of Woodruff Aen'ue: from the center line of Woodruff Avenue to the ( property line cf W'oodruff Avenue: from the west prrperry lir.e of Woodruff Avenue to the east property line of Lentl Avenue; from the west property line of Lent 2 Avenue to the east property line of Kahiert Avenue; from the east property lme of Kahlert Avenue to the center lire efCahlert Avenue; from the center line of Kahlert Avenue ta the center l;he ef Wheeler Avenue, from the center 111 of Wheeler Avenue to the center lire f-f Craig Avenue; from the center trie ef Cra:g Avenue to the center lint cf Powell Avenue: from the center line of Powell Avenue to the west property 1-ne of Powell Avenue, are hereby notified that the aforesaid ttreet hat been Improved by original construction and that the cost of tuch improvement hat been apportioned among tuch ownert arid assessed against them at follo-wi: Block tin Vet Name Amount 1 Witti, Edw. K. Ac Clara rf t iw 50 Watts. Edw. K. Ac Clara N 1M M Wallace. Burley C. 4c Edna E. 133 12 Prvor. Emma - 2J 79 Havden. Robert T. At Lena C. 18 M Fagen. Berha 18 Srt 3 Berrv. Etherldae H. 233.91 2 Troncln. Alice 467.00 1 Ball, Dora O - 487.00 IS Russell. Raymond J. 4c Rot M. 233 Bl It Russell. Raymond 233 51 9 Harrnd. Jot. W. 4c Vandalee. 233 Bl 487.00 467.00 533. SI 233.51 233.S1 233 51 233.51 233 51 233.51 467.00 487 00 233 Bl 233 51 233.81 66.43 66 45 66.45 66.45 66.45 66.45 66.45 IPS 33 132.90 66.45 68.45 Oertle. Jno. T. Roberson, Naomi Black 2206 Hodges, Nora K o b , C. V. Ac France Davis, Robt. H. 4c Nellie M. Slinker. Wm. 4c Viola M Goff. Fred R. 4c Berntce . Carter, Wm. E. 4c Hattie A Bunse, Katie L. . Eisler, Elmef L. 4c Mary M... Hempfling, Alvin F. Ac Josephine . ................ Covene. Anna .. ..... 12 Llppy, Jno. J. 1 1 Llppy, Mary . . Block 2lf 10 James, Cyrus 4c Alma 17 Walters, Anita 4c Jas 16 18 14 13 11 Walters, Anita 4c Jas. Allen. Jas. C. 4c Pauline Sherrard. Jno. 4c Carrie Yatet, Leonard 4t Dorothv Orrender, Marshall C. 4c Mary L Bleek ?oo Gahhart. Geo. W. 4c Nannie Hi Gabhart, Geo. W. t Nannie H. rorreet. Marion A. 4t Ellzb... Lewis. Hy, V. 4c Virginia F... 14 15 18 2 1 Ser.reder. John F. Baker, Geo. W.. Jr. Mvers. Harry 4c Margaret Peterson. Bertha J. timmer, Jacob 4c Julia Merer. Edw. 4c Madeline 8? Abeli. Jos. A. 4c Phemie ... Block 223S K-irer. G'lhert E. 4c Francet Hurfer. Gilbert E. 4c Francet tarks Realty Company . 1 17 IS 16 IS 14 Barreh. Mary T. Myer, John 4c Helene . Mever. John 4c Helene Greenert. Frank A. Greer.ert. Frank A. Walker. Geo. W. Stevens. Robert 4c Ethel Roehr:e. Leo. J. . ...... 23 Sa-.ders. Fred P. 4c Margaret 5 tierr-en. Mary E. Bleek i?S2 1 Watts. Ew. K. 4c Clara V. J Wa'ts. Edw. K. 4c Clara N 3 W allace, Burley O. 4c Edna E. 4 Pryor. Emm . ...... 5 Havcen. Robert T. 4c Lena C. ( Fagan. Bertha 7 fccr.rader, John F. Black 2233 7 Hunter. Gilbert E. t francet) It Hunter. Gilbert E. at Princes t Sharks Realty Co. 4....... 5 Barreh. Mary T 4 Mever. John 4c Helene 2 Meyer. John 4c Helena Block 2t?7 Jl Vltmc. James R. ec Trancei 52 McNeelv. Louu P. ............. 53 ?iack. Jos W. 4c Mafy K, It Muerd'er. Robina . 13 Muerdter. Rohma ... Block 222 14 Revr.olds. Phillip G. aV Neilla M . 13 So-deraeld. Wm. B. at Mien M ... ... .... . XJ So-iderseld. Wm. B. h Ellen M . Bleek f?27 1 Orrrtrin, Auiust H. 2 Pa-Tn. Everett J. Jr., at Elub H. .... Hammond. Eliy 4c Omah . Mi'.ler. Lucy E. . . .... Davis. Alma C, 4r Geo. Oferman. John J 186 B0 373 00 186 50 188 50 186.50 188 50 186.50 186 58 186 BO 186 BO 186 50 186 50 173 00 213 14 159.86 48 00 48 on 34 27 61 70 48 01 48 00 48.00 4 00 46 00 48 00 48 00 46 00 96.00 t7 62 Bl 61 46 05 46 81 t? 61 7.62 195 23 46 11 Total t.lft.PM.M NOTICE OF TAX ASSESSMENT AGAINST THE OWNERS OF PROPERTY ABUTTING UPON BLUEGHA8S AVENUE FROM THE WEST LHME Of TAYLOR BOULEVARD TO THE EAST LINE OF LONSDALE AVENUE. The owners of property abutting upon and or In the assessment area adjacent tn Bluegrasa Avenue from the west line Of Taylor Boulevard to the east line of Iionsdale Avenue, are hereby notified that the aforesaid street haa been Improved by original construction and that the cost of auch Improvement hat been apportioned among tuch owners and assessed against them at follows; Bleek 2t:fl Lot Name Amount 3 Amelia Stolt $1,071.31 5 Board of Education t,J72.6 6 Beeler. Nell C. (Henderson, O. E., Adm.) 855.25 7 Scott, Geo. B. 423 56 10 Burrell, Kafh. O. 4c Martha J. 276 95 t Atwlll, Hettle 4t Bettie. ... 425.04 14 Shrader, Louise E. 4c Erma M. 425.04 8 Kelley, Arthur M. 1,589.98 Bleek 23S7 Wiseman, Jno. A. . Gray. Douglaa E. 354.46 241.21 Curtlss. Ed. J. 4c Emma 244 54 Stlnson, Jake 4r E'fie Bleek a 21 Tate Wm. L. Ac Margie It Kiddey. Andrew N. Ac Jose. phine .... .' . IS Bowlet, Lucille . Steilberg. W. H. Ac Selma Mantle, Jessie D. Dunn. Clara T . Plnkenton, J. W. AV Marie F. Dans. Carl S. Ac Mildred E. W'eher, Geo. J. At Martha A. Board of Education - Board of Education ..... Kelley( Katie C. ......... Kelley. A. M.. Sr. . Batnett. Chat. 1. Ac Myrtle M. ..... ..... Piatt. R. J. Ac Catherine Robinson, Roy Ac Erta .... 244.70 19.74 934 2.53 243.27 276.53 243.91 300.92 211.39 217.35 441.99 790.32 441.78 249.87 201.04 377.10 343.00 1 4 8 t 7 II It S3 12 184 10 184 10 164 10 164 10 164 10 184 10 SteUer, Emtl Ar Mildred A... 184 10 Total .... $15,901.71 NOTICE Or TAX ASSESSMENT AOAINST THE OWNERS OF PROPERTY ABUTTING UPON HALE AVENUE FROM THE WEST LINE OF 41ST STREET TO THE CENTER LINE OF 4IST STREET: FROM THE EAST PROP ERTY LINE Or CECIL AVENUE TO THE WEST PROPERTY LINE OF 41 ST STREET: rHOM THE CENTER LINE OF 41ST STREET TO THE WEST LINE OF CEMETERY ROAD. The ownert of property abutting upon and -or in the assessment area adjacent to Hale Avenue from the west line of 41st Street to the center line of 4lat Street from the east property line of Cecil Avenue to the west property line of 41st Street 1 from the center line of 41st Sttreef tn the west . line Af Cemeterv JBn.3UjH.oad. are hereby notified that the afore-16 00 I said street has been improved by original cd t .v j construction and that the cost of such 18" J" j improvement has been apportioned 166.50 j among tuch ownert and assessed aeainst them as follows: Bleek 1607 Lot Name Amount 38 Stevenson, Hayward L, Ac Tauline . . . 7 Romlne. Cov Ac Ruby 33 Sleet. Marie F. ... B7 Zlegler. Val B. At Lillian E 43 Klayer. Francis M. Ac Irene.., 0 Seheyd. Mary A. E. 40 Underwood, Margaret 44 Henderson, James K. Bleek 2797 IS Tlchenor, Basil A. Ac Gertrude L. ... . . 14 Seiberz, Clara 9 Klssell. A. J. At Josephine . .. 36 Pfisterer. Fred W. Ac Elizb. B. to Larktn, Clifford S. Ac Elir.b. A. Colllngs, B. H. Ac Bess H Seiberr.. Clarag . .. Cureton, M. Z. 8. Ac Lue Wright, Roseannah Bleek I607 Stevenson, Hayward L. Ac Pauline Romlne. Coy Ac Huby Sleet. Marie F. 37 Elegler. Val B. . 41 Klaver. Francis M, Ac Irene . Schevd. Marv A. E. 40 Underwood, Margaret - 187.97 44 Henderton, James K. 145.25 Bleek I7H7 18 Tlchenor. Basil A. Ac Gert. t t Kissel, A. J. Ac Josephine ... t Kissel. A. J. At Josephine . . 36 Pfisterer, Fred W. At Elib. B. 25 Larktn, Clifford S. At Ellrb. A. 11 20 26 31 38 7 33 $1.12 1 40 1 40 2 51 39.39 39.39 39.39 30.44 71 49 1.89 .99 .99 .44 51.74 51.74 51.74 74.24 181 47 lt 46 199 46 377 86 187 97 167 97 38 a 184 10 171 B9 104 63 8aJJ Muerdter. Robina Muerdter. Robina Eiack. Jos W. At Mary K MeNeely. Louit P. ... 11 Vrtitoc. Jamet R. Ac TrancM r. Bleek 2228 7 Crrer.der Oecar S. 4c Mary T. 184 10 Elho-t. Wm. L. 14 10 Wa-.le. Wm. L. 184 10 4 Hirhbaugh. J. E. At Eula I Rhoads. Henrietta . It Smith. Wm L. At Marie L.. 14 Renoldt. Phillip G it Nellie M ... 11 to-.derreiel. Wm. B. tk Ellen M 738 42 U Sordergeid. Wm. B. Ac Ellen M Blocs 22?1 1 NichMon. Our W. At Huth... 1? He i. Jno M. At Cath It Wie;and. Walter C. A Mae . J Pfterson Cha Ar Emma M. 20 McCoy. Dennis W At liillie U 11 Grrv. Price sV Katn . . .... Swan. Tarl M At Marjorle Swan. Earl M Ar Marjorle .. Grey. .tee At Cora Grey, Jesse A- Cora . . Black Cravrraft. Flossie Cravcraft. Tlntnt Cormney. Wm. M, Gardner. C. A.. Jr Gardner. C A.. Jr Newton. Clarence Tomer, Nora L. Klhr.Sev. Oeo A- Marv . . Me-non. Wm, G e Josephine a, Hundley, Elub B. Wite. Jno A.- Dimple - Sfov. Anna L. . . F K. At Leona 14 Harrington. Jovcte . .... Bleek tT'l McCov. Dennis W. Ac Blllle L. Pa-terson. Chas. At Imma M. Wieland. Walter C. At Mae... HeU. Jno. M. A: Cath. ... Nicholson, Giy W At Ruth Black Kit Cravcraft. Floswe r-,- Cravrraft, Flossie .... . Cermr.ey, Wm. M. At Lula T. Gardner, C. A., Jr., At Georgia Gardner. C. A.. Jr.. At Geortta 14 Newton. Clarence At Agelene. 4 Toomer. Nora L. Black Ztl Miller. Marv M. Ruil, Gilbert H. At rrancea N Hniiis. Morris. Jr At Ray. Nellie Buchelr. Albert . 251 85 Pcwneli. R. H. At Mary E 21 Colllngs. H H, At Bess H. 691.84 .99 136 33 256 33 111 SB 246 83 246 63 248 83 354.25 20 Selbert. Clarag 88 Cureton, M. S. Z, Ac Lue 11 Wright, Roeannah Block I6A7 44 Henderson. James K. 51.00 46 Orauman. Lawrence 224 41 45 Strong. VBetta 224.41 41 Snowball, Harry L. 0t Helen B . Block 2797 38 22 13 Greenwell. I-avena Ar Clyde J. 184 10117 Marrnnta. Fmlly Ar Wrm. V.. t S2 20 14 It It IT 1 15 59 It It 17 1 1 S3 20 5 1 2 1 12 13 6 At Lula F.. . it Georgia . Ac Georgia At Agelene 184.10 368 22 184 10 541 04 180 61 IBn si 160 61 180 ai ,isi at 180 61 180 61 361 24 180 61 180 81 lto.ti 180 61 181 61 180 61 180 l 180 61 361 24 1 80 61 J80 61 160 61 180 ! 180.61 75 24 75 24 75 24 75 24 225.65 75 24 75 24 75.24 73.24 75 24 73 24 75.24 251.85 754 04 Louise 25165 251 65 It Maier. Raymond E. Ac W'anetta 20 1 10 15 10 5 4 2 23 55 24 20 21 It Loesdon. Marv H. Beck. Herman J. Ac Pearl A... Ru'iedge. Jas. P. Ac Dorothy. . Morru. Garnett B. At Mary Z. Black 2217 Retber. Ravmond At Eva A.. P:erly. Walter V. Morgan. OIlie J. Ar Melisa Smith. Raymond C. At Margt. Better Grade Home Bldg. Cpr. Mix. The Ac Nannie . Smith. Juamta K. Kenner. Marvin At Lillian. KaUl Esrl L. Ac Hate! P Head. CecU At Patrick Herbert, G. H. At AUne B. Siock, Edw. T. At Mary A.... 251 65 231 65 231 63 231 65 503 30 251.85 251 85 Z51 65 251 63 231.63 754 94 208 26 182 22 182 22 182 22 251.65 331 65 251.68 308.07 1R9 41 237 56 4 Stratton. Irene . . 242.77 63 Smith. Clifton At Maude .. 247.03 46 Hisdon. Wm. Ac Augusta . 253.14 35 Lively, Sylvetter S. At Lilly Mae 06 41 Total $7,225.06 All of the aforesaid taxes and revenue shall be due and payable to the Director of Finance within thirty days from the llth day of December, 1946, which was the effective date of the ordinance assessing such tanas. Surh taxes may, at the option of the propprt.v ownert. he payable in cash without Interest, within tuch thirty days, or In ten equal annual Installments. Any property owner who desires to exercise the privilege of payment by Installment shall, before the expiration Of the said thirty dava, pay In cash one-tenth of the assessment aeainst him and enter into an agreement In writing with the City that In consideration of such privilege he will make no objections to any Illegality or Irregularity In the assessment, levy nr impoeltlon of aald tax aeainst his property. In the manner provided in Section 2839 of Carroll s Kentucky Statutes of 1030. Any property owner entering Into such an agreement or who exercises the option to pay in installments shall be concluded thereby, and shall waive anv defense against the assessment, levy and 'or payment of euch taxes. In all cases where tuch agreements have not been filed within the time limit, the entire tax shall be payable in cash without Interest' at the expiration of said thirty dayt. Any such tax not paid within said thirty dayt thall bear interest at the rate of 6 per annum from the date of taid assessment and lew. Unless persona, who In the aggregate are liable for at least $1,000.00 in excess of the cash payments made or provided for, exercise the option to pay on the installment plan, said option thall cease and terminate and the taid entire tax shall be payable In cash and collected as provided above. If any person liable for any part of said assessment defaults in payment on any Installment of such tax or interest for one month after the same becomes due. a penalty of 10"- of the installments in arrears shall be added thereto, which shall constitute a like lien as the tax, and all unpaid installments of such tax of tuch pertons. shall, at the option of the City or of any holder of a bond secured thereby, forthwith become due and payable. Any properly owner desiring to take advantage of the Installment plan In paying taid ttreet Improvement tax must call upon the Director of Finance within the time epecifled and enter into an agreement with the City, at hereinabove provided. EDWARD K. DTE RUE, Director of Finance, City of LeuiavlUa, Ky. Radar Expert Will Receive Collier Trophy Truman Will Present Award to Alvarez Washington, Dec. 12 C4 The Robert J. Collier Trophy for outstanding work In aviation will be awarded Dr. Luis W. Alvarez, University of California physicist, for his work on radar guidance of aircraft. The award was announced today by the National Aeronautic Association. President Truman will present the trophy to Dr. Alvarez at the White House next Tuesday, the 43d anniversary of the Wright brothers' first flight. Noted for Atomio Research. Dr. Alvarez is better known for his work with the atom bomb than for aviation activities. Now only 33, he was a group leader in the bomb work in New Mexico, and flew in a B-29 as observer when the first one was dropped on Hiroshima. The radar equipment which Dr. Alvarez helped develop is known as ground controlled approach. With it, an operator at the airport is able to direct a pilot to a safe landing through overcast, a system known as "talking down" a plane. It Was widely used during the war and is now being tried experimentally for use in commercial flying. The Collier Trophy is regarded as the highest award in aviation. 9 Scientists To Advise Atom Board Special to The New York Times and The C ourier-Journal. Washington, Dec. 12. President Truman today appointed nine of the country's most eminent scientists and engineers to advise the Recently appointed Atomic Energy Commission on technical aspects of the new source of power. The President, designating the group a general advisory committee, specifically authorized it to consult with the commission on scientific and technical matters relating to materials, production, research, and development. Conant Will Serve. The advisory committee includes James Bryant Conant and Lee A. Du Bridge, presidents of Harvard University and California Institute of Technology, and two Nobel prize winners in physics, Enrico Fermi of the University of Chicago, and I. I. Rabi of Columbia University. Other members include J. R. Oppenheimor, wartime director of the Log Alamot laboratories of the Manhattan District which developed the world's first atom bomb, professor of theoretical physics at the University of California, and member of the State Department board of consultants responsible for the report on International control Of atomic energy. Fruit Executive Named. Hartley Rowe, vice-president and chief engineer of the United Fruit company; Glenn T, Sea-borg, professbr of chemistry at the University of California; Cyril Stanley Smith, director of the Institute of Metals at the University of Chicago, and Hood Worthington, chemical engineer of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. The President said that the Atomic Energy Commission, headed by David E. Lilienthal, would shortly establish other advisory committees for other problems, including the application of atomic energy in specific fields such as biology and medicine, geology and mining, and the social sciences. Copyright, 1946. . isii')MUMtiaj,i.tia'S'wuiuMj..iai' iiaii f-Siiwatts..roinij t. 4 ? Jit r r.tfi rsi J XL . . - I !.: " rsm. a ,'13 y. & tefAkt. Aiteeiated Fret Wlrephete. ALL THE BREAKS lately have been good ones for Martha Hyer, young screen actress. Pleased with her work, her studio executives sent her on a two-week Caribbean cruise for color-film tests. When she docks at New Orleans next week she'll discover that her contract option has been picked up three months in advance. Moreover, she will be allowed to spend the Christmas holidays with her parents in Dallas before going back to work. UUJ Act fast . . e go after throat surface geimt with Ltsterfna Antiseptic ... up to 96.7 germ reduction In actual tests. Start now ... go after throat surface gargle, and up to 80 one hour after germs before they go after you. What's more, in testa over a 12- Oargle Listerine Antiseptic ytT period, those who gargled IMttrine Actual tests showed reductions of Antiseptic twice a day hadfewtr colds, bacteria on mouth and throat but- and usually had milder coldi. and faces ranging up to 96.7 fifteen fewer tore throats, than those who did minutes after the Listerine Antiseptic not gargle Listerine Antiseptic, Passenger -Car Output In '46 Hits 2,000,000 Detroit, Dec. 12 (JP) The 2,000,-000th passenger automobile to be built in the United States this year came off the assembly lines today and at the same time the motorcar industry moved its truck production into new high levels for peacetime operations. At the close of work today the year's total truck and other commercial-vehicle output had reached approximately BflO.OOO units, toppin gthe 1941 mark of 875,381 peacetime vehicles. However, while the industry was turning out its 1941 volume it also assembled 218,880 war vehicles, for an overall total of 1,094,261. Prices Are Increased. The aggregate truck output for the year probnbly will not go much above B30.000 according to present scheduling. Dodge Division of Chrysler Corporation announced price increases today on various truck models and extra equipment, in conformance, it said, with current costs. The increases range up to $100 on the heaviest duty truck, which has a gross weight of 23,-000 pounds. Prices of some of the smaller models remain unchanged. UN ILEUM BY THE YARD RUGS INLAID Cover Your Room Well to Wall With Felt-Base Linoleum jt tJ Irregular LINOLEUM LAID IMMEDIATELY OVKN SAT. & MaV. KITES TL S:30 p.m. EVERYTHING FOR YOUR FLOOR AT IWTolTWil CM USIEOT FOR COLDS mjM "' jpms-s.-w. but. ; Old m pitzgeraM r s4CL BOTXLED IN BOND 1 Smartly styled 1007o Ml Wool Your fullest appreciation of the rich, exquisite bouquet and flavor of Old Fitzgerald will come thru moderation. Drink less, but enjoy the best. 100 Proof a . Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey u u ice 1 iicmoi L io ui 1 l 1 y , 1 1 1 v . - - uiiivcijr, nciiiunjr il sMtt&Bt?jatjiMSM 4 v r "The bare fact is Libby's are e T PflGESTS 4 ; ' 4 trum i EXTRA GOOD FOR BABIES because Libby'e xcusve homogn!ztrt!on process refines coarse fibers, opens food ce-lls, making digestion extra easy. And fneVe xtra-tasty, tool How yum my -good tawting ... htrw satin-amootJi Libby'a spo-ial fooda for babies arc! And Libby's are not just strained, hut a!no homogenized an exclusive way. That's vthy these foods are recognizal as eA-fra easy for little tummies to handle! Appreciating this important benefit of Libby's special method of preparation, many physicians prescribe thitj brand as early as the sixth week of life ... keep adding more Libby varieties to baby's menus for months to come. For your little one, choose these nlrained'and-honiogpnized foods that are delicious and extra easy for that inexperienced tummy to digest. Libbyt l?Neill & Libby, Chicago 9, III. ARE STRAINED and HOMOGENIZED c& 4afy M 10M TO lffffrs F0? PfiFCffM FRUITS SOUPS VEGETABLES MEAT COMBINATIONS DESSERTS isUo - iv rrrTTi nrrv7 w rnihHdhr1 k FOREMEN T gjs OB CBEDII $gJl I I iflk srr. .coor.r.::; l- Ij I 1 1 VV llnltSl from Each a Sa- ' I SIHinmiS I New Holiday fiBk ) sc;s:it::J2?5 DRESSES C ,j I Large selection j II ;S I always a Good Gift Dresses for Every Oc- f v II jj j cuion All the New j ft 1 1 U I B Details and Shades I f I 1 II I ftTtrttm lffinmnnn I I I II I i I iiUKM mllr r l.r.K.N I .-v. I I III! I Ml " I ff7 yZ I I FINE QUALITY I J 'l QJll I 1-. AII-W00I 9 I 1A en n en I mBES B Jp ..."; ; P In In 0U I Selection if kvs I I THE liW'Vlklll I Excellent Selection I IDEAL jlWjjlflAl mm?-- V J in Sin,e an I GIFT ffifjM KJj Douhlo-Hreasted II $Q55 4SsQns, J Models hno charge for creditV 0 I 319 S. FOURTH I I 319 S. FOURTH utESr ; n Kear Liberty 9 j mmmmmmmammmmmmtmmmmmeaemmmmmi V TODAY'S BIG BATTLE XMAS SEALS vs. TUBERCULOSIS!

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