Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 2, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1939
Page 2
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HOPE STAB, HOPE, ARKANSAS Hope |p Star Star of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report: Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. E. Palmer and Alex. H. Wnshburn, at'tho Star building, 212-214 South Walnut strest, Hope, Ark. Political Announcement The S(ar Is authorized (o nn- iioiiuro the following emulhlutrs Mibject to (he iiellon of (lip Deinii- iTiilic city primary election Tiies- C. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBUR.V, Editor mid Publisher \.^ N (AP) —Means Associated Pi-ess, (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. For City Attorney K. K. MTADDIN LAWSON K. GLOVER Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advanced By*city carrier, per week lac; per month C>5c: one year S6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayette counties. S3 50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member ot The Associated Press; The Associated Press is rxchisively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes. Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cardTof thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy it) the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER !L • "7'A.s More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • * You Can Talk to Only One Man 0 Want Arfs Talk to 'Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads co.s/i in advance Not taken ovar the Phone One tima—2J word, minimum 3flc Three time*—3%c word, minimum Me Six time!!~-€e word, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum $2,70 ' Rates are tor continuous insertions only. Qurrtlims on Page Out' 1. Groat Britain: <c> Now Hebrides; IP Trinidad; (o> Barbadoes. 2. Unitivl Slates: (li> Guam; (h) Virgin Isbnd;:; lm> Pureto Rico. .'!. Holland i<\> Sumntrn; Ik) Java <n> Miiluci-a Isles. f. I'YaiK'r: la' iYlnnwo; (o) Al- Kcri.i; iji Mai Unique; Ml Tahiti. .'). Italy: u;i .S»iiKilil;iml: (!) Kritre:i: <p> [,ihy;i. For Sale ldo Clean-up in theBuilcling Industry Home owners should regard with glee (he eurrenf invcsfig-.itiuii by tin- United States Justice Department on the high cost of building. Whoever may be responsible for high prices--contractors, unions or both -the entire matter should be laid open to public inspection. Prospective builders of family dwellings have already suffered loo long from unreasonable buildhu; costs. Attorney General Murphy has pointed out that in some communities, at least, (here are sufficient grounds to helieve that unscrupulous contractors and j-ure iiu\iS'.iii.'i\i"n!-. Death rates MIIIOIU; certain groups of unionists are directly responsible for high building costs. [ l H>rt<vus will > li;w I'lood pressure are Certainly no one believes that the majoriiy of contractors or the bulk of A. F. ' '' tms i (f '-rcal>!y lower. of L. unionists is anxious to impede buiklint! progress through obslnu-tive tac- ' From a sludy of insuram-e corn- tics. But it takes only a handful of persons, engaged in nefarious schemes, lo i ! ii '" y ''I!' 1 ""-- " appeal's lhat persons rising slc;idily as lln-y RI'IIW iVRirhility rah.'. 1 ; inci-:'a»' p >ivcly with ri.M'.s in the blond FOR SALE—We save you money on I your furniture buying.' Complete 'stock new and used '.furniture, stoves. I bi'ik. We pay highest prices for fnr- inituro. Sec us. Franklin Furniture i Co. 02 1m 1 FOR SALK—One female Setter pup. 'Six months old. From Hifmdr Atkins j Slock. Little Hock. K. R. Tinilx-i-luki'. ! :iO-Glp I FOR SALF- 1(11) acres. 8(1 acres j creek hot loin, good house and barn, four milt's southeast of Mope. P. II Alber.-:, bos tax. Pint- IJInff. Ark. For Rent FOR RENT: Nice home. Newly decorated. Hard wood floors. 717 West lith street See Chns, Bader. Sl)7 West (itli slri'et. 2ii-:i p FOR RENT— Nice hi/me. Newly decorated. Hard wood floors. 717 West fillr street. Sjc Chas. Bnder. 807 West lith street. :!S-;)tp FOR RENT- Five-room unfurnished apartment. North Hfrvey Si. Call M Rfittit;. 117. FOIl RF,NT: .1 room house flood rou- rlilion on South Main Street. Kent reasonable. Call 7IM 2-Iltp. wield their influence over an entire industry. It has been charge! that collusive bidding among building contractors is one factor responsible for high costs. This is a system whereby builders get together and agree in advanct; on what bids are to be made on a project. Contractors can in this way completely eliminate- competitive bidding. Murphy's chief complaint against the A, F. of L. is the series of jurisdirtional strikes -that have disrupted home building efforts from time to time. There is no argument with the A. F. of L. or any other labor organization on the right to conduct peaceful and legitimate strikes for the attainment of lawful ends. There is, however, considerable objection to carrying on internnion battles at the cost of the innocent home-builder. A great deal may come of this nationwide investigation in the way of general reform in the building industry. Unionists and contractors alike may be indicted on a widespread scale to answer questions the public has been asking for years. But if nothing more is gained than complete dissection of this problem, the purpose of the inquiry will not have been altogether lost. Home-owners will know, at least, where the blame may he justly placed. The road for future Betion will have been paved. Meanwhile, another element, disturbing to anyone contemplating construction of a home, has entered the picture. Flans are afoot for development °f C. I. O. building unions to compete .with A. F. of L. organizations in the construction industry. If this program goes through, helpless builders will be faced with the unpleasant prospect of having their union workmen picketed by- rival unions. The only way anyone can judge to what extent home-builders would be affected-with both the C. I. O. and the A. F. of L. vying for contracts is to reflect on what has happened in other industries where there have been similar disputes. Arguments resulting from such dual jurisdiction have brought untold injuries to innocent business men and their patrons. Perhaps the Justice Department, while it is looking into the building industry, will elevate some time to .the possibility of this new complication. having Ml) when more than lo have a h pli> whose pri-s: ure:, iUiich depend': on | FOR S'AI.K: Good corn nl (lllc a i bushel. F. O. li. at Crib. A. N. Slruud. I Washington Ark. 2-lilc FOR 8A1.lv Wood for salt Jackson on Fast Division. •. See T. A Phone Hur>. 2-lll.c I KOK SALK: Four loom house with i lialh. built-in cabinets. excellent 1 iieif.hhoi hooil. Bargain. -IM Wt'SI Ave. G. ' 2-litp. pri'ssui'e nf greater Ilian Ihe heart is conrlacleil -ind '.III :,fler iliUilii'.n" are likely ij'.licr de;i(h rale than peri- art 1 lexs. Ihe rehition be- Iween the >ysiolic U.-onli aclion i »nd lie; ili.-i.-!olii- idilfilioin blood pressures. For example. hii;her morlalily is expected .•iincny |ieople with pressures of 130 sysiolir and W) diabolic than riiiont; lhi;,.> with pressures o|' 12(1 ami 80. j'' : " Al!hoii!!h Iliere is no fixed sland- j aid of blovid prosnure-;. persons should I not feel llml [he mailer i.s unimporl.'inl ! and ran be .-;,f(ly ne<;lected. It has'' __ bi'i'ij . i ho\vjj I!KI| iiii-n die .sfioiic'r! if Ihrir pulfi; rales, teiiiperalures anil I c; "" 11 Wai kins route iipen now in ljlui:d )i)',—siirt's are :ib<>\><> ilie noinial Hopi? for Ihe right parly; no ear or ex levels. ! |,erience necessary; a chance to make ' KOK HKNT: "1 room furnished aparl: iiu-iil, all bills paid. See Ha/el Ahraiu I at Mary's Heauly yhop. ;!-.'ile. pan I'hone. KOI? i Soulli call at KKNT: Six-room house, llervey street. Phoni- 1S-I Patterson's Cash Store. Radio Guaranteed Radio Repair Service and replacement parts. Tubes tested Radio Service, Phone 806. 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MORRTS PISHBEIN Bdltos, tonrnal of the American Medical Association. u4 «4 Hytfela, the Health Magazine N Normal Range of Blood Pressure Between 90 and 120 jmeters - cept for a slight rise at 20. Eloocl pressure, with individuals may vary daily from ."> to 10 millimeters. Persons who have a tonclenc.% toward low pressure arc not likely tc suffer from high blood pressure anc the train, of symptoms associated will • that condition in later years. There is a tendency for high blooc pressure to rise even higher. Peopl 1 having high blood pressure 'at earl i ages are likely lo find the pressure The'normal range of blood pressure, proven by examination of nearly 12,000 persons, us between 90 and 120 millimeters of mercury when the heart. is contracted, a"hd from 60 to 80 millimeters after the heart has relaxed. •• Most people reach their normal stan- clard of blood pressure at about the "age "of 15. The range at this period ^ maintained throughout life, ex- IMPORTANT PLANT lleanty Nolc ' COLUMBIA. K. C.—(/l'i—All the | aives at tho exhibit barn at tho Slate air were r.ol sissies, but they hail i iioii- haii- curled and their horns man- ' •lived. Thoir I ails were plaited at ight lo got that permanent-wave ef- c-ct the next day. Their horns were nanirinrd with a rasp, smoothed with •rin-ry and finished off willi a dash of v/eor nil ,-nul purnii-o stoni>. Chesapeake Bay Dressed Hens and Fryers Kvcry Day Phone 767 CITY MARKET We Deliver VUH WAMT TO BE A LITTLE CAREFUL 'ROUMD HERE, WES, IM FIRE VWOOP PER. TH' COOK— I THIKSK VOU'VG ROPED AM rTLIs/ Lost LOST -No. -til I'.M-kel Slide (.'nliper Rule on Clear Lake on Ocl. lilsl II found return lo me and ivceive rr- ward. ,1. M. Kesner. :!!l-:!le LOST: Red bull calf, six months old. missing since Wednesday. Rewai-l S2.. r )n for return to Highway 2!), Hop NOTICE Life Polities. Slllllll ii|) 20 -Pay day «lil and up. Tall.iot Feild. Hope ArU. !) yrs with Reliance Ot-l. 27-1 in. THF J. R. j 1 will gin beds and Iowa Ave.. j November 111. John 30-llp j lilevins-Horie road. (niill.in« col Ion S. Ilarlsfielil. PK.IFTWOOD By Edgar Martin BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WWZ.7. - VOO Of VOfo -• OV COURSE V. T. Hamlin Another Guinea ALLEY OOP Male Help Wanted .some real money. Write WATKINS CO., 70-00 W. Memphis, Tenn. TALBOTF£lLD,Sr. ACCIDENT ami HEALTH With I,ife Insurance Clai'ms Paid ]<){) r / l , Promptly !l years with Reliance Life Hox 41, Hope, Ark. HORIZONTAL Mmportant fibrous plant pictured here. 5 It belongs to the genus 10 Performs. 14 Wee. 15 Amphitheater center. 16 It has a flower. 17 Volumes 18 Royal. 19 Tennis stroke. 20 Leases 22 To doze. 33 Principle. 25 Accessory. 28 Lymphoid mass in throat. 32 One who gilds. 30 To ridicule, '.'.'I Solitary. •SO To roast. 41 Sick. 42 Fruits. 44 Tiny vegetable. Answer to Previous Puzzle ALJKH'ANLJYVE ; I A,G ! Q:R; B A I €BP;BRT| i •15 To mot):. •16 Bone. 48 End wall.-; of buildings. 51 Cooks 54 Enthusiasm. • i:> Italian coins. f>6 Wrathy •il To come after\vard. f/J It is cultivated for it.-: linen . 60 Us . arc- the valuable flaxsecdi- of VERTICAL 1 Fc-t. 2 Citric fruit. :; Soon. •! Open portico. 5 Gibbon, ti Goddess of peace. 7 Denial of reality. 8 Unsuitable. 9 Disease. 10 Capable. 11 Plant group. 12 Hsdio bulb. !.'; Southeast. 20 It is prepared for use by rotting or 21 Capuchin monkey. 23 Thrice. 24 Its fiber is used to make linen -. 20 Trumpet blasts. 27 Mold ing. 2.9 Night bird. 30 Nothing. 31 Strer-t. 33 Pound. ?A To fi:-h. 3") To piece out 38 Note in icale 39 No good. •12 Aperient. 43 Projecting parts of walls •lfj Winged. 47 To glearri. 49 Pertaining lo air. T.OTo chatter f>2 Gr.olic. S.'i Affrnv. f.G Providei\ f.8 Elc'Ctricul term. QUALITY PIANOS Beasley's 'IVxr.rkana. Ail;. HARVEY ODOM l.uciii JteprcsciitniiVf IT WASM'T HIS TALK SO MUCH AS THE FUMPS WE RECEIVED FROM THE SALE OF OOP'S NECKLACE THANKS TO THE ACCIDENJT THAT ) SEMT BROMSOMTO TR.OV IM •' THE 8ROWZE AGE, WE MOW HAVE TWO TI \AE-GOALS RECORDED OW THE GKUGEl WASH TUBBS -'""AOTIA vou \ i JUST ciof\ ' MEfkW, WE'RE I UP, TOO. I JUST IM TllY\6 SLEEP FOR BREAKFAST? It'S ALMOST PRESL)M1M(3 OUR FIRST T1ME- OOAL, VVAS IM THE CRETACEOUS, /VWHEi'vAATlCAL CAL~ CULATIOM MI&HT TEMDTO . EErTABLlSH ST1LL V MORE POIKITS IM A \\AMMER OF SPEAVilMo, VES, BUT WE MUST PEFIN ITELV LOCATE AWOTHEC. TIME-GOAL BEFORE WB CAM HOPE FOP- AMY PE6REE OF ACCURACY, /OH, 1 SEE... MOW WE CAKJ BEG IMTO CALL OUC. SHOTS J Some Housekeeper By Roy Crane !/, Price SALE $7.<>. r , Drosses $3.97 $4.97 $6.47 I2.!ir, Dn-sses LADIES Specialty Shop BU^E-Sl WM'S 'ONUV A WEftSEL. , ER-UMCL6 LINCOLN ALSO xetPS KOOr OWUS FOR. P6TS, T MICE.. AWD VHE WEASEL KEEPS CH1CKEWSOUTA MV 6AC- DEVJ. OF COUB'oE THE UEIGHBOeS DOW'T LIKE IT, BUT I DOM'T LIKE TWEIC DAV16ED CH\CKEM6,SO, \T g\JER WE'RE BUT VCAU PEEL THE POTATOES. EASV CAU SET THE TABLE .C^TC K1UDA, LOW OKI GLEAM DISHES, THO. |F j-' ' IT POESW'T PAIU PPETTy-SOOW ^r-S*- "— ILL HAVE TO VIAPT 'JUASHIH 1 , FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Good News AT YOUR SERVICE Prescription Specialists "UV I'lm 've (;<,{ II"' .Miilorryclf Delivery S?t MAY I 7 FOR A MOMENT i HAve :\ LETTER f/ ITS X FROM WASHINGTON! By Merrill Blosser THE- NM'lOMAU COMfAlTTEE/ / J He. CM-\ OPEN IT HALVES J WlLl- ME-AM A LOT TO HIM, MR. v/VEVf? GOT A GAMf-; or FOOTBALU GUfTlNS UMDER WAY HERE , MRS, tA£ GOOSt'Y .' WE Nt-fc'D x THI; cL'c-,1." OFT' LOS/M." THIS our ' RED RYDER HIM NOW/ After Him ll-i ( RYDER." YORE \ VJIUU'DO MO GOOD AGA\NST THAT V. IMHurAAW ©EA'oT By Fred Harman Bl.' Hl-3 FiST

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