Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on July 3, 1951 · Page 14
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 14

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1951
Page 14
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TI­ THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS TUESDAY, JULY 3, 1951 U.S.STARTS BACK INTO RED AFTER RECORD SURPLUS Nation Ends Fiscal Year With $3.5 Billion Left Over. DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE TO BE GASSED HELIUM GAS will be used in an effort to preserve the Declaration of Independence. Ink on the document is fading fast. A magnifying glass is needed to make out some of the signatures. The gas also will be used on the Constitution which is still in good condition. Both will be sealed between panes of glass Sept. 17. Meanwhile trial runs are being made with facsimilies. Here are some pictures of the process. By Associated Prcis WASHINGTON, July 3. — The government began sliding back into the red today after chalking up a $3,509,782,624.25 budget surplus for fiscal 1951, ended Sunday. Secretary of the Treasury Snyder, who announced the final 1951 figures yesterday, said government spending may exceed income as much as $3,500,000,000 over the next three months. Expenditures In July, August and September will continue heavy but tax receipts will be seasonally light. Furthermore, Snyder predicted, fiscal 1952 as a whole will pile up a $10,000,000,000 deficit "unless appropriate new taxes are enacted as soon as possible." The House voted a $7,200,000,000 tax hike. The Senate gives indications of making it less, despite the administration's insistance on a budget-balancing boost of $10,000,000,000. The nearly $3,510,000,000 surplus of fiscal 1951 will go down in the books as the 76th in the nation's history. It was the biggest so far except for the $8,419,000,000 record setter of three years ago. The third largest surplus was $1,155,000,000, recorded 25 years ago. Treasury records show 85 years 9f deficits. The Treasury used $2,135,000,000 Df the surplus to reduce the Federal debt to $255,222,000,000. It held the rest to add to the amount of cash it keeps on hand for operating expenses. This cash kitty now amounts to $7,357,000,000. Buy Drinks on One Side of Bridge, Chaser on Other By Associated Press WILLIAMSON, W. Va., July 3. —For years the people of Pike county, Ky., which is dry, have been crossing the river to buy their whisky. Nowadays they're meeting their West Virginia neighbors on the way to buy soda pop. The folks in WiHjamson started their river crossings Sunday to dodge West Virginia's new penny- a-bottle soft drink tax. Seeks Divorce Custody of Five Opal Ramsey filed suit for divorce against Kenneth Ramsey in Circuit court here late yesterday, charging cruelty and habitual drunkenness in the complaint. The plantiff seeks custody of five minor children and alimony for their support. The couple married March 31, 1944 and remained together until January 10, 1951, according to the complaint. Attorney Joe Frank Allen represents the plaintiff. 1 COVER — Dr. Roy W. Wangler puts glass over the top of the Declaration. He's research director of Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Co., which will seal the documents as a public service. Alvin W. Kremer, left, of the Library of Congress watches the test sealing of the facsimile. TESTING — Leakage of helium from the glass' cases might be a future danger for the documents. Here E. C. Creitz of the National Bureau of Standards shows how periodic tests will be made. He is using an instrument which he developed to detect any changes in the gas. PRACTICE —Louis Gilles puts the tube to admit the gas in place. Helium, being inert, is expected to help slow the fading of the ink. Quarter-Billion State Pig Crop By Associated Press SPRINGFIELD, 111., July 3.— The 1951 Illinois hog crop is valued at more than a quarter of a billion dollars, an increase of $60,000,000 over 1950, the State Agriculture Department said today. Hogs on Illinois farms totaled 6,976,000 at the beginning of this year. Five counties have more than 200,000 hogs were Henry, 286,000; Bureau, 223,900; Warren, 206,100; Pike, 205,000; and Mercer, 203,400. Fractions appear to have originated in India, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. TIME TO BUY LIQUOR IS NOW from the only Liquor Store in Mt. Vernon. East Side Square — FREE DELIVERY. PHONE 100 or 708 Free Parking in Bear For A Happier Tomorrow.., INSURE WITH SUNWAY TODAY All Types of Insurance Coverage Phone 1558 For Our Want-Ad Users' Convenience USE THIS HANDY FORM TO MAIL IN YOUR ADS It It's unhandy for you to come to our office to place your add . . . CLIP THE FORM BELOW and WRITE YOUR COPY to the space provided . . . It's the easy way to place your wants before a large audience of readers. (OVER 35,000 READERS IN THIS AREA) The convenient rate chart below will show you the cost of your ad according to the number of words and times you want your ad to run. 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CARD OP THANKS—15c per line. Minimum charge 75c. 8 POINT READERS—15c per line: 25c per line for Blackface headings SPECIAL HEADINGS in Classified Section—50c each. i HOW TO WRITE A WANT AD Results come quicker when fou tell everything necessary to make your offer clear and attractive . . . Describe completely . . . Make It sound interesting to yourself and It will sound Interesting to others . . . "The More You Tell—the Quicker You Sell!" *BUY! *RENT! •SELL! *TRADE! Write i One . Word To The Space •3 The More You Tell the Quicker You- Sell! Will Try to Climb Highest Mountain By Associated Prou LONDON, July 3.—Another sot of British mountain climbers are going to try to reach t.he top of the world—the summit of 29.002- foot high Mount Everest in ^hc Himalayas. Since the peak was discowdod 102 years ago, no man has reached the top and come back alive. The British Alpine Club announced last night a new expedition plans to leave" for India late this month to try the climb from the south side of the world's highest mountain, in territory of the Little Kingdom of Nepal. Africa's Transvaal district vies with the Belgian Congo as the leading source of the world's diamonds. Nine Jefferson County Men Due to Take Draft Exam The Jefferson County Draft Board office today had its first call in a month and a half for men for pre-induction physical exams. Nine young men will be sent to St. Louis on July 17 for pre- induction exams. It was the first call for pre- induction exams, for Jefferson county men since May 11. The last draft contingent to leave Jefferson county for induction was on April 10. It consisted of three men. More than 25 per cent of total foods consumed annually by the average American consists of milk and milk products. Charter No. 13884 — Federal Reserve District No. 8 I REPORT OF AN AFFILIATE OF A NATIONAL BANK 1 PUBLISHED IN ACCORDANCE WITH SECTION 14211, U. S. REVISED STATUTES Report as of April II. 1(151. of Kltijr City Federal Savlnns and Loitn Association, lOOii KroiulU'.'iy. Mt. YVriion. Illinois, which IB affiliated with First National Bank of Mt. Vernon, Ml. Vernon, Illinois. Kind of business: Saving's find Loan Association. Manner In which above-named organization Is affiliated with national bank, and defrreo of control: Majority of directors of affiliate also act a» directors of bank. Financial relations with tianU: Stock of affiliated bank owned (par ralite) None Loans to affiliated bank — »—- None Borrowing from ntflllatcd bank $40,000.00 Stock of affiliate mustered in name of bank or known to bo owned bank directly or indirectly „ None Other obligations to. or known to be held by, affiliated bank None Other information neeessary to discloso fully relations with bank: None 1, Marlln Rich, Vice President of First National Bank of Mt. Vernon, Mt. Vernon, Illinois, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is true, to tho best of my knowledge anil belief. t MA RUN RICH. Sworn to aati subscribed before me this 3rd day of July. 1961. (SEAL) BOYCE HUSON, Kotary Public. TOEE GflT HANDY 4 -QT. INSULATED GET YOURS TODAY! Just for coming In to too how you can END DEFROSTING FOREVER When d»fro»»ing—it keeps frozen foods from thawing.» When shopping—it keeps them cold till you get home. On picnic*—it keeps beverages cold til] ready to serve. KOLD-KEEPER BAG—FREE while they last! You get AUTOMATIC DEFROSTING txactly when H's needed only in \\festin£house WST-nttt MKic AUTOMATIC RIFRIOIIATOI Tho ONLY refrigerator that Refrigerator door openings let in warm air that forms frost. FROST-FREE counts door openings, defrosts when needed. N 't completely automatic! 1 the Only One that gives yotf ALL THREE Automatic Defrettlng exactly when needed. No clocks or timers! Automatic Disposal of firoat wetorij No trays or pans to empty!' Automatic Detailing SO fast even ice cream stays hard always! NO DEFROSTING ... anywhere, any time! Other Models as Low as $189.00 Use Our Easy Budget Plan A small down payment will hold any Refrigerator or Range for Future Delivery JAUTY and SEfWICE^^-j^Tf ^j YOU CAN 8f SURE. .IF rri Wfestin^house 1112 BROADWAY , ' Phone A BANNER MONTH! *252,700.00 WORTH OF REAL ESTATE SALES DURING THE MONTH OF JUNE BY VIRGIL T. BAILEY, Inc. 1,—Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Epperson purchase the modern distinctive 5 room ranch type home located at No. 10 Northbrook Drive from Mr. and Mrs. Paul Trees for a home. 2.—Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schweinfurth sell their office building: located at 718 Main street to* a client for an investment. •OTHER SALES NOT PICTURED- 3.—Mr. and Mrs. William R. McCoy sell their modern brick home located at 7th and North streets to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gregory for a home. 4. —Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Wimsey purchase modern 6 room brick home located on the Salem Road from Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Cormany, Jr., for a home. 5.—Mr, and Mrs. Thomas Lowry purchase property known as the "Fowler" home in Ina, Illinois for a home. 6.—Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hicks purchase the West Side Sundries from Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kinison. 7.—Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Chapman sell their property located at 1316 South 25th street to a client for an investment. 8.—Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Miller sell their property located at 1218 South 23rd street to a client for an investment. 9.—Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Poston purchase modern 5 room ranch type home on the Brownsville Road from Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Bailey for a home. 10.—Mr. and Mrs. John T. Refieuna of La Grange, Illinois, purchase modern 5 room home located at 2500 Logan street from Rev. and Mrs. Ace Summers for a home. 11.—Mrs. Marie Lancy purchase apartment house located at 305 South 11th street for an investment from Mrs. Clara Egbert. 12.—Mrs. Alma Byard purchase home located at 1019 Gilbert from Mr. and Mrs. George Beck. 13.—Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Foster purchase modern 7 room brick home located at 611 Salem Road from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wlecke for a home. 14.—Mr. and Mrs. Paul Solomon purchase modern home located at 1214 South 27th street from Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Coryell for a home. 15.—Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lowery purchase modern 5 room home located on the Fairfield Road from Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ramsey for an investment. 16.—Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Simmons sell their modern 5 room home located at 1100 South 24th street for a horde to Mr. and Mrs. Manual Levins. 17.—Mr. and Mrs. George Loss purchase the "Chale Campbell" property located in Opdyke, Illinois, for a home. 18.—Mr. and Mrs. David Brown purchase modern 5 room ranch type home located at 1016 South 24th street for a home from Mr. and Mrs. Irving Reznick. 19.—Mr. and Mrs. Diamond Smith purchase modern 4 room home located on the Ashley Road for a home from a client. 20.—Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Tucker purchase 6 room home located at 727 Casey Avenue for an investment from Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Campbell. 21.—Rev. and Mrs. Samuel B. McCoy purchase investment contract on the Mr. and Mrs, Gerald Gatewood property located at 1*09 Herbert street. 22.—Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lovier sell their home located at 2403 Perkins Avenue to Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Mustaine for a home. 23.—Mr. and Mrs. Ray Noren sell their modern 6 room home located on the Fairfield Road to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mezo for a home. 24,—Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Mustaine sell their property located on the Tolle Road consisting of 60 acres and a 6 room modern residence to Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lovier, for a home. 25.—Rev. and Mrs. Harry Hooker sell their property located at 608 South 17th street to a client tor an investment. WANTED •• MORE LI ST I N G S • • WE HAVE BUYERS Free Parking For Our Customers VIRGIL T. BAILEY, Inc. New Location—10th and Harrison * • Telephones: 63-789

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