Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on October 1, 1968 · Page 3
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 3

Mt Vernon, Illinois
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Tuesday, October 1, 1968
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f TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 19G8 THE REGISTER-NEW? — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS SOCIALLY YOURS . . . By NAD'NE , Mr. and Mrs. Carter Weaver | Mr. and Mrs. Roy Newman of McLearisboro spent Sunday j have returned to their home af- vvith Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ber- ter attending the 16th National ry of the Fairfield Road. ! Convention of the Veterans of -x- -x- -x- | World War I, held in New Or- Mr. and Mrs. William Wei- 1 leans - Mr - Newman represented King City Barracks 102 and Mrs. Newman represented the auxiliary. The Newman's were accompanied to New Orleans by Mr. and Mrs. Sam Merriman of West Frankfort, commander and auxiliary president of 1st district of V.W.W.I. Vets. The round trip of 1479 miles was made by automobile. -X- -X- -X- Mr. and Mrs. Harry Camp of Evansville, Ind., and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Webb spent Sunday visiting in St. Louis, Mo. -X- -X- -X- Mrs. Joe Wilson of Route 3, Mt. Vernon, will be75 years old today, October 1, as reported y her daughter, Mrs. Faye Wells. . . . -X- -X- -x- Veronica's Views... By VERONICA VOSS gand of Hendersonville, N.C., have returned to their home after visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Heil and Lawrence Bedard. The Waltonville Modern Woodmen Junior Club snared a skating party with the Marlow Jun- :i»r Club, Thursday, September 28 at the Mt. Vernon skating rink. An enjoyable time was reported by all attending. Mrs. Blanche Miller of 211 Colorado Ave., Apt. 4, Pueblo, Colo., 8100a a former resident of Bonnie, will be 72 years old today, October 1, as reported in a telephone call from her niece, Mrs. Wanda Bullock. Daisy Leneave of Route 2, Mt. Vernon, will be 78 years old, October 2, as reported by her daughter, Mrs. Opal Burton. . J. O. (Ola) Allen, a patient in the Hamilton Memorial Hospital, will be 84 years old, October 4, as we were told in a letter from his sister, Allie Huffstutler ... We do hope they will receive many other cards along with the one we are mailing today. George Washington Shelton, of 1012 Warren Avenue, will be 9b years old, October 6, as reported by his son, Rev. George II. Shelton. PERSONALS Mr. and Mrs. L a wrence -X- -X- -X- I itf„™, T „ , , . . Wiehe, Jr., of Washington, D. Mary L. Garges, daughter of „ , „ , ' C, are the parents of a daughter born September 25, in that cMy. She weighed seven pounds and has been named Lara Ann. The parents are former residents of Mt. Vernon. Beulah Ohms of Carmi shop- pi. d in Mt. Vernon Monday. Norma Mullins of Opdyke was a business visitor in the King City yesterday. Carolyn Fryar of Benton transacted business in Mt. Vernon Monday. Fern McKinney of Dix shopped in the King City yesterday. Maxine Shields of McLeans- toro was a visitor in Mt. Vernon Monday. Irene. Sturgis of Herrin transacted business in the King City yesterday. Dianna Johnston of Be nton shopped in Mt. Vernon Monday. Sue Poninski of Wo odlawn was a business visitor in the King City yesterday. Mrs. Mary I. Hartling of 600 Conger has been named on the Dean's list at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville campus for the summer semester. -X- -X- -X- Mrs. Katie Beardsley of Parma; Mo., was guest of honor at a dinner held at the home of her niece Mrs. Marie Brien, of this city, September 26. She is 93 years old and the last of her generation. Those attending were, Mrs. Ella Smith of Springer ton, Mrs. Lorrene Allen and Mrs. Marie Peters of Evansville, Ind., Mrs. Louise Kreher, Mrs. Edith Spruell, Mrs. Wilma Heck and Mrs. Barbara Hays of Dahlgren, Mrs. Lucille Nadolski of Ashley, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Goffinett, Mrs. Zella Glatz, Mrs. Lena Sefried, Mrs. Lucy Shelton, •-Jenry Shelton and Guy Leo Shelton and children. Mrs. Beardsley is in good health and enjoyed the day with her relatives. Among many other tilings at the October Fall Festival, i and Sesquicentennial celebration, on Thursday and Friday nights, from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m., the Beta Club of the local high school will be in charge of tours of the McCoy Memorial Library, to me the most beautiful library in Southern Illinois, and evidently outstanding to visitors passing through. I have seen cars from every state in the union, stopping somewhere in the vicinity, taking pictures of the building. Tour guides for both evenings will be Linda Lamer, Hunt Bonan, Lea Ann Farlow, Karen Knight, Debbie Ledbetter and Jim Tevebaugh. The library is seldom open nights, so this will be an opportunity to see how beautiful it is on the inside too. It holds a special place for me, because the brick were a special order, hand-pressed, for the building. And they are just as beautiful now as they were in 1884. In the old supplement to the Times, it tells that the Smith Brothers plant, Caleb Smith manager, had received highest honors at the St. Louis World's Fair in the various tests, and especially for uniform color, wearing quality and smoothness of surface. Caleb Smith was my grandfather. They had 20 acres north of McLeansboro, situated on the L. & N. railroad, for clay alone. In later years it was a playground for all the children growing up oh the east side of town. It was called the "Clay Hole." If some­ body's young 'un was out of pocket, nine times out of ten you could find him at the clay hole. In the history of the Smith Plant it states that Mr. Smith had seen the plant advance from the old time way of hand mould­ ing and drying in the sun to the modern plant, with its thousands of feet of drying sheds and an output of thirty-five thousand bricks daily. If you get to McLeansboro on these two nights, make it a point to visit the library. It will be well worth your time. * * * From a pioneers diary, in Illinois of olden times, writes William Calk: "We set out again and went down to Elks garden and then supplied ourselves with seed corn and irish tators then went on a little way and turned my hors to drive before me and he got scard and ran away threw down the Saddel Bags and broke three of our powder goards and Abrams beast I urst open a wal- et of corn and lost a good deal . . j We begin building a house and 1 a plaise of Defense to keep the Indians off thjs day we begin to live without bread . . . We git our house kivered with Bark and move our things into it at night and begin housekeeping Eanock Smith, Robert Whitledge and myself ... I went out in the morn-. ing and killed turkey and come I in and got some on for my breakfast and then went and sot in to clearing for Corn." And we celebrate the 150th Birthday of Illinois. SOCIETY Legal Secretaries The Mt. Vernon Legal Secretaries held a regular monthly meeting recently at the L. and |N. Cafe. j Rosanne Arnold introduced Attorney John E. Jacobsen, with ' the firm of Craig and Craig, j who spoke on the subject of ; "Antiquated Methods of Law Enforcement", citing cases in | Illinois which imposed sentences of "39 lashes", or selling ! a person into slavery. I He also related the case of Elizabeth Reed, who was found guilty of poisoning her husband and was put to death by hanging at Lavvrenceville on May 23, 1845 before a crowd of 20,000 people. Mr. Jacobsen discussed the legal rights of women and how they have changed for the better over the past years, which was of considerable interest to those present. He presented several actual cases in the well known style of Perry Mason. Suzanne Ahlf, bulletin chairman, announced that the bulletin has been named the "Le- Gazette", and that information should be sent to her for publication. It was announced that Mary Dennis, as acting governor, will represent the local association at the board meeting in Marion on September 28. Guests present were Nancy Schutte (Craig and Craig) and AIR. AND MRS. DAVID SOMKRb (Milliard and Myers), Melody Hilliard (First National DEAR ABBY . . . The Bible Says, 'Go And Sin No More' Abigail Van Buren W.S.C.S. Meets The Women's Missionary Society of the First Baptist church met Thursday afternoon, September 26th, at the church. The social period was held first, in Fellowship Hall, with members of the Mary Setzekorn circle in charge. Cake with topping, coffee and tea were served. The table contained a centerpiece of yellow and orange flowers. Mrs. Lee Wooden gave the table grace. Belle Rive Homemakers The Belle Rive unit of the Homemakers Extension will meet Thursday, October 3 at 7:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Brook Irvin. . Mrs. Edith Oliger will present the lesson, "A Time for Everything." Visitors are invited to attend.. The East Side Baptist church of this city was the setting for the marriage of Miss Sahra Sue Joy,' daughter of Mr. and Mrs. j Franklin Joy to David Somors, ! son of Vancil Somors and the j late Mrs. Jo Ann Soniers all | of this city. The candlelight, | double ring ceremony was per- I formed at seven-thirty o'clock Saturday evening, September 21 with the Rev. Clarence \V. Coats officiating. The altar was decorated with McPherson Reunion A reunion of McPherson cou- The group "went to the church i sins was held a t Virginia's cafe parlor for the remainder of the! at 6:00 P- m - September 26. DEAR ABBY: I am so ashamed of myself I hardly know how to start this letter. I am 28 years old and have a good husband and three sweet children. We recently moved to a small town where my husband bought a business. For the first time since my marriage I found myself attracted to another man. Last night I made an excuse to get out of the house to meet this man, and Abby, I made a terrible mistake with him. He is one of my husband's best customers. It wasn't worth it. Now.I get sick to my stomach every time I think of what I did. This man's wife has invited us over and my husband would like to socialize with them. What am I going to do? What excuse can I give? I don't care to see this man again. My husband would die if he ever found out. I am (or was) a good Christian woman. Please help me. SINNER DEAR SINNER: Be realistic, /.t the first opportunity, tell the man that you regret the "mistake' and that it must never happen again. What's done, can not be undone. As a Christian, you know that Jesus forgave an adulteress. "Go and sin no more." John 8:11. DEAR ABBY: I like "A" but I don't love him. I love "B" but I don't like him. I am 28 years old and I'm not. getting nay younger. I can have either one of them. My "mother says Catch NFL Football See all the action on CBS-TV Sundayl See me for a better deal on your car, home or life insurance any dayl WILBURN DAVIS 2o00 Broadway Mt. Vernon, Illinois 242-8770 j muM.M 244-1649 Office Home INIUKANCI STATB FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE COMTANV » Hot* Offic«: Bloomlngton, llltnoii • I'm better off marrying "A" because he's a solid citizen who will look after me, and in time I can learn to love him. But how about my marrying "B" — the guy I love? He's kind of shifty and bends with the wind, but maybe in time I can learn to like him. "EENY-MEENY" DEAR "EENY": Your mother is right. Your chances for learning to "love" a responsible man you "like" are far better than your chances for learning to like an irresponsible man you "love." (At 28 you're not ready tor the rocking chair. There could be a "miney" in your future — and Mo!) DEAR ABBY: We recently bought a lovely home directly aevross the street from a mortuary. People attending funerals there park their cars in front of our house. If we happen to be outside doing yard work they give us dirty looks as tho we had no right to be there. One lady saw me shaking a throw run and said, "Don't you have any respect for the dead?" It's a busy funeral home, Abby, and there is always something going on there. What are we supposed to do? Got all dressed up like we were iToing to a funeral just to pull weeds? Thank you. IDAHO FAMILY DEAR FAMILY: No. Go about your business, a nd disregard tl.e mourners. CONFIDENTIAL TO "BRICK- TOP": I think you spend too much time worrying about what other people think of you, which could mean you have more confidence in their opinion than your own. ' Everybody has a problem. What's yours? For a personal leply write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069 and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope. For Abby's Booklet, "How to Have A Lovely Wedding," Send SI 00 to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069. session, The program, in charge of the division of leadership, was given first. Mrs. Ellis Roane, the chairman, was in charge. She was" assisted by Mrs. Lee Wooden, Mrs. Nan Bullock, and Mrs. Pat Jones. A list of various books, pamphlets, and other aids was posted; these are study materials intended to help the leadership section in its work. A question and answer period followed. The lesson was then summed up by the participants after which Mrs. Roane led in prayer. The business phase was conducted, in charge of the president, Mrs. Fred Welsh. In this, the monthly reports were given. The White Cross quota has been received, and will be distributed. Mrs. Roger G. Webb is chairman. Also the group voted $25.00 to aid the Red Cross and the Home Extension groups in preparing, "ditty bags" for our service men in Vietnam for Christmas. One of the mission circles has also contributed a sizeable amount and the other circles are privileged to do so j Waltonville PTA Those attending from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. (Vema) Charles Clark, Oklahoma City, Okla., Mr. and Mrs. (Elda) Joe Gorman, Redding, Pa., Mrs. (Ha) Francis Blue, and Mr. and Mrs. Arlin McPherson, of Urbana, all children of the late Mr. and Mrs. John McPherson of Urbana. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rich, Salem, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Inskeep, Mr. and Mrs. Carl McPherson, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McPherson, all children of the late Mr. and Mrs. Eddie McPherson. The Mt. Vernon residents for many years. In the afternon they visited the West ,Salem c e m etery, where their grandparents are buried. They also visited the homes- of other relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McLaughlin, Ml. Vernon and Mr. and Mrs. Onis McPherson, of Dahlgren. Bank and Trust Company). Jea- nettc McBride was introduced the top of the train completed j Smith were special guests and , as _f new member, the gown. Her matching headpiece was a four-tier veil of pink illusion attached to a black cherry bow. The bridesmaids were Miss Jerenda Joan Joy, sister of the bride, and Miss Donna Echols. They wore identical gowns to the matron of honor. The attendants dresses were made by the brides grandmother, Mrs. Lottie Joy of Bonnie. Their flowers were cresent: bouquets of each wore a corsage of white | Thc nexl meeting date is Oc- carnations. tober 22. Immediately following the "~ i ceremony, after the bridal par- pink velvet. baskets or while Gladiolus i P ink carnations and black cher- palms. two fifteen branch spiral^ i ; i:bi ; Hns . 1wi, . h long streamers candelabras, two seven branch! 0 ^ candelabra and centered with one three branch candelabra. The family pews were marked with white satin bows and a white aisle cloth was unrolled prior to the entrance of the wedding party. The bride, given in marriage by her father, was lovely • in a floor length wedding gown fashioned lace over Observed ty and parents had received I B \ ft hQQV guests, a reception was held ! in the basement of the church. The reception area was decorated in a black cherry and i A birthday dinner was held pink color theme. The table, j ir honor of Mrs. Nellie Wilson covered with a black cherry ta- at the Mt. Vernon City Park ble cloth, surrounded with pink recently. Those attending were, net and held a four-tiered wed-j yi r , an 'd Mrs. Dannie Mulch and ding cake trimmed with black i lamily, Mr. and Mrs. Tom cherry and pink rose buds and | Capps. Mr. and Mrs. Carol G. topped by a cluster of i n k > Wilson and son, Mrs. Rita Ann cousin of the bride, was flower girl. Her dress was identical to the other attendants. She carried a white basket with black cherry and pink ribbons and sen tiered black cherry rose petals. Mark Somors, nephew of the groom was ring bearer. Lindell Somors, brother of the of rc-embroirioivd j groom, was best man. Steve bridal taffeta. The ! Clemens and Steve Gregory were lace cage was over a fitted taf- j groomsmen, feta sheath and styled with a • As the guests assembled, Mrs. scalloped edge scoop neck and; Robert Pooie played a medley long tapered sleeves. At thc; of nuptial selertions. After the Little Miss Betsy Clemens, < wedding bells, pink net and pink j Harlow and fnmlly ^ of M t. Edwards nen, Mrs hemline was a band of satin. The detachable train of lace was accented with a wide satin band which edged the entire train. Her elbow length bouffant veil of illusion was caught to brides mother had been seated, Miss Becky Fields accompanied by Mrs. Poole sang "Our Father In Heaven," and "The V o i c o that Breathed O're Eden." At thc close of the cere- a circle of lace and pearl petals \ mony, as the couple knelt at accented with crystal tear j thc double kneeling bench, Miss drops. Her bridal bouquet was [ Fields sang "O Perfect Love." a cresent of white gardenias accented with green leaves and matching ribbons attached to a white bible. Her only jewelry was a pearl necklace pendant gift of the groom. Mrs. Larry Sargent, sister of, the groom and Mike Somers the bride, was matron of honor, j nephew of the groom kept the She wore a floor length gown '• guest register. Proceeding the of Black Cherry bonded crepe. j ceremony, the tapers were ligh- The couple then lighted a single candle simultaneously and then extinguished two lighted ones, thus signifying the uniting of Lily of the valley. The cake ] Vpl . M „ and Mrs Joe Half . was baked by Mrs. Daisy Ed- j nm . s nnd famil and Mr . and Mrs. Henry Man-,.. yIrs Don B and daugnter Mine Dnhiiin M Pn Hilliard and, MR AND J^Q. Miss Debbie McCartney served. ! ~ D ., , *„^n„ „» The gift table was presided ov- Bndgernnn fam g rm °' er by Miss Debbie Morgan, Miss Wvi"c. Mr. and Mrs James Hrenda Vallowv. Miss Ledie Tat0 and famil y of Warreos- Menet'ee burg. Mr. and Mrs. Max Wilson A pie-nuptial shower honor- 1 i;nd family of Dix, Mrs. Jolene ing the bride was given by Miss > pi "K anci family of Joliet, Mr. Debbie McCartney and Miss ! fmd ?,Irs - Bob Crooks and dau- Tressa Ellis at the McCartney '• ll,C1 ' o( Salem, Mrs. CTarles home. E. Wilson, of Paducah, Miss The bride is a 19(18 graduate : A:\gela Kock of Mt. Vernon, and of the Mt. Vernon Township Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crook of high school and is employed in Quincy. thc office of Neal Brothers Roofing Company. i The bridegroom graduated n . • • r->\ . from the Mt. Vernon Township DI rthdQy Uinnei j High school and is a sophomore I at Rend Lake College. A birthday dinner was held | For a wedding trip to St. Lou- ; n honor of Mrs. A. J. Dixon | is, Mo., the bride wore a dress m the home of her daughter, of moss green tweed with mat- Mrs. Ben Laur, Sunday, Sep- ching accessories and wore a'timber 22. corsage of white gardenias from 1 Those attending were Mr. and her bridal bouquet. M rs . j o0 Dixon, Mr. and Mrs their lives together. . ... Miss Janice Somers, sister of.. The C ° U| *L a ™ T kl " g lho,r Jack Dlxon and Steven ' i home at 200 Opdyke Avenue, Mrs. Kirby Dixon and Brad- The sheath - style gown featured a high neck, and long sleev- This was the first reunion held i es wnich were gathered to a here since the John McPherson family moved from Mt., Vernon in 1920. also The prayer calls were given by Mrs. Nan Bullock, chairman of spiritual growth. She also an- The Waltonville PTA will meet at 7;30 p.m. Thursday at the Waltonville Grade school. Marion Poggas, who is asso- nounced the Bible reading book ; c i a ted with the Illinois Depart- for October, First Corinthians. men t of Public Health, will pre- j sent an informational proram Little Grove i on the proposed Jefferson coun- School Reunion j ty Health department. The 11th annual Little Grove School reunion was held at Mt. Vernon city park September 22. A bountiful dinner was served at one p.m. Towns represented were Herrin, Centralia ,Woodlawn, Moueaqua. Several songs were sang by the group and enjoyed by all. Mrs. Alma Stone gave an interesting talk on school days. Prizes were won by Mrs. Amla Stone, Mrs. Marsha Dodson, Mr. and Mrs. Bert phillips. Officers were re-elected Martha Lanear, president and Carl Lanear, secretary and theasuer. Al parents and citizens are invited to attend the meeting. There will be class room visitation, with seventh and eighth grade mothers serving as hostesses. All mothers are asked to bring doughnuts. band of pink velvet. The front and back yoke was also edged with a band of pink velvet. The dress was s accented with a detachable train which had a band of pink velvet around the entire train. A pink velvet bow across ted by Larry Sargent and Jackie Cates. They also served as ! Rome: ushers. | and beans, spinach, cheese, fruit, j in this city. l oyi Mr . and Mrs. Lawrence Pitman and granddaughter, Monica, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wright and family, and Mrs. Mable Wednesday: sausage j Wright. School Menus The brides mother wore a double-knit suit of American Beauty Rose with matching accessories and wore a corsage of pink roses. The grandparents of the bride Mrs. Lottie Joy and Mrs. Laura WORLD ALMANAC > ° necVauri f, ty FACTS For Each Year B-B-M. Thursday: Bar-B-Q on! bun, pickles, lima beans, choco- 1 late pudding, milk. Friday: bak ed fish with tarter sauce, vege^ table jello, creamed style corn fruit, B-B-M. The suffix "hurst" in place names, such as Maplehurst, <'omes fa-om the Anglo-Saxon "hyrst," which means a wood or forest. Hello Friend" ' Phone A Devotion 242-3224 Anytime A Different MMMB * Everyday A.A.U.W. To Meet The American Association of University Women will meet tonight, October 1 at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Vernon French, 3208 Lemon. Sam McVey director of social service of Good Samaritan Hospital will be the guest speaker. Dorcas Class Please note that dues are pay- The Dorcas Class of Epworth able at this meeting. United Methodist church met' Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Vise cf Macedonia observed their .VTth wedding anniversary on September 7. They were pleased to receive on the occasion a | gift parcel from the H. J. Heinz Company manufacturers of ".i7 Varieties" food products. recently at the home of Mrs. Mae Hertenstein with nine members present. Mrs. Eva McCauley gave the devotions, closing with prayer, Mrs. Mae N Hertenstein, president, conducted the business session. Tray favors for November in keeping with "The Giving Thanks," were made for patients at the Mt. Vernon State Tuberculosis Sanitarium. Delicious refreshments,, were served by the hostess. An all day meeting will be held with Mrs. Eva McCauley October 24. Social Scene Gray Ladies The Gray Lady shoppers for this week are Becia Cdnnaway, Katherine Meddcrs, Gerry Wilson, Pauline Sharp and Ruby Tinsley.. On Wednesday of each week a group of these volunteer worker's shop for the patients at. the Mt. Vernon State Tuberculosis Sanitarium. Past Noble Grand Club The Past Noble Grand Club of Vamell Rcbekah Lodge will meet Thui'sday, October 3 at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Corinne Ridgeway, 1203 Harrison. This will be a tacky party. 1'ianklln PTA The first meeting of the Franklin Parent- Teacher Association will be held Thursday evening, October 3 at Uie school. There will be a business session. Mr. Bain will be guest speaker concerning the proposed County Health Department. Open house will follow the .neeting. Karel Capek coined the word "robot" in his play "R.U.R." ("Rossum's Universal Robots"), notes The World Almanac. Robot is derived from the Czech "robota," servitude; "ro- botnik," serf; and "robot- it," to drudge. Since publication of the play's English translation in 1923, "robot" has been used to describe either machines so ingenious as to be almost human or humans so conditioned to repetitive- work as to be machinelike. Copyright © 1968, Newspuper rCnterprtae Assn. Timely Quotes Two hippies were racing down ' the desert highway at 90 miles j , per hour. A back door was i i rattling and the passenger | | reached back and slammed it I | shut. The driver, looking stead- j I ily ahead, asked, "Hey man.| who got in?" The four things that "come not back" are thc spoken word, the sped arrow, time past and j the neglected opportunity. HOME IMPROVEMENTS ADD A ROOM. NEW KITCHEN, FURNACE Nothing- Down Up To 5 Years To Repay. 242-4045 G LEND ALL DAVIS ANNOUNCING SALLY GRAHAM Is Now Associated With LEE'S BEAUTY SHOP City Hall —242-1818 OPERATORS: Lucille Kite — Gertrude Standridge — Marion House LEE PEEK, Owner Call Evenings for Appointments Fly Ozark's Family Fare Plan. The kids ana Mom fly at half fare, Dad at full. Baby flies free as a bird. And we're not kidding. Call your travel agent, or Ozark Air Lines at 244-1714. CHICAGO go-getters go OZARK N 01

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