Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on July 3, 1951 · Page 13
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 13

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1951
Page 13
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TUESDAY JULY 3, 1951 Glances Through the Files ul The Register and The Newt RED RYDER BY FRED HARMAN RED SHOLlLOA TOOK ME ALO^G 1 KNOW EVERY GOPHER. HOLE WEST OF -ri-r fAtSSOURl SIT A 1 BUGS BUNNY GETTIN' TH' OU HEAVE HO AGAIN/HEV, rt CAPTAIN EASY BY TURNER DNPOVS A TIGHT- Jf^TEP BUSINESS MWO, <M*SH. HE DOESN'T HWJD OUT RM5ES IP YOU POWT DEM AMD •EUAl WE CMO'T MAKE- END* MEET ON VOUR 480 A WEEK. I 'HL TELL'IM WOT"© WOT, CAROL'. VOU'LL SEE!! r/0 WOT COULD I 00. HOMEY L IF I'D TOLD 'IW I GOT EI6HTV HE WIGHTA DOCKED ME THfVT FIUE BUCKS' OH. WASH..NOU LET HIM BLUFF VOU WITH ONE Of- HIS S-HREWD TRICKS! IF VOU DON'T HAVE IT OUT WITH HIMi I WILL!! 55 YEAKS AGO TODAY A very thrilling runaway took place on Main street, shortly after 7 o'clock last night threatening the most serious consequences to Mr. and Mrs. George Carter, but fortunately without very serious injury to either. 40 YEARS AGO TODAY A most disastrous accident happened at the home of O. T. Smith, north of Mt. Vernon, when Robert S. Taylor. 19 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Taylor of 516 North street was fatally injured by an explosion of powder. Chief of Police Satterfield stated that no arrest was made in Mt. Vernon for drunkenness on the Fourth. has been erected in Oakwood cemetery, will be dedicated on Sunday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. 30 YEARS AGO TODAY John Long died at the home of his son, Arthur Long, 508 North street in his 86th year. 25 YEARS AGO TODAY The Fire Department was called to Thirteenth and Conger avenue, where a large empty two story house belonging to C. E. McAfee was burning. The house was ignited from a small paper balloon which had been sent up a short time before. The monument to soldiers and sailors of Jefferson County, which 30 YEARS AGO TODAY Ignatius C. Osborn, universally known to his friends as "Teant" Osborn, died at 5 o'clock this morning at his home on the Richview road. W. Ft. McCoy of this city has been chosen as archietct for a new store and funeral parlor to be constructed for N. W. Osborn of Dix. 15 YEARS AGO TODAY Mr. and Mrs. Herman Collins and Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Collins and daughter, Mildred, are spending the holidays with relatives in Elgin and PauPau, 111. The big three-day Fourth of July celebration at the city park got off to an excellent start this afternoon with Republicans of Jefferson County and other Southern Illinois counties gathering to hear an address by C. Wayland Brooks of Chicago. 10 YEARS AGO TODAY A troop train carrying soldiers on leave for the Fourth from Camp Forrest, Tenn., will arrive in Mt. Vernon about midnight tonight on the L. and N. railroad. Mt. Vernon baseball and softball fans who attend the Fourth of July celebration at the city park will have the opportunity of watching a full day of activity at the park diamond. Mrs. Nell Webb and Miss Irene Scarber were hostesses last evening at a farewell party honoring Miss Helen Higinbotham, who with her mother and aunt, Mrs. Madeline Higinbotham and Mrs. W. A. Shephard, will leave soon to make their home in San Antonio, Tex. 5 YEARS AGO TODAY James T. Moore was installed to- RUTH MILLETT By RUTH MILLETT NEA Staff Writer BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY MARTIN W*AYO VOO f— 1 1 v : ' WtU AtA VC6 V\\6W* WANT TO ^° TO WtOOW HOVO TO OO WO*AV.\ "OxONft V<V40V>4 'tWWfc COPR. 1951 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T? M.REOJ U- S. PAT. OFF.—J day as the first president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Mt. Vernon's newest civic organise- tion. Morrison Bundy, World War It veteran, has been elected ai. the; new commander of Jefferson Poet American Legion, succeeding Nick Jordan. ' William G. Heirens, youth accused of the kidnap -murder of little Susan Degnan of Chicago, if being held on $270,000 bail. SIDE GLANCES BY GALBRAITH DON'T BE VAGUE IN WARNING CHILD AGAINST SEX CRIMINALS OUR BOARDING HOUSE WITH MAJOR HOOPLEOUT OUR WAY SO, MY FRIENDS, viB HAVEJ /vJO FIREWORKS THIS GLORIOUS V* OF JULY/- 6l>T IF AMY POWER Tf?£ADS, Oti 00(2- LIBERTY, WJe CAM PROMISE THEM Art UNFORGETTABLE DISPLAY] -THE ATOMIC «:IND ~~ MAR-ROMPH/f HE'S PDTTIrOS THE FlNllSHlNSS" COAT OF RED, WHITE ANJD BLUE OKi HIS DVOUS, PlCMlC SPEECH -<~VME CANVT SLIP THE BAD MEVMSTO HIM LET '5 SAWE IT/ IF We TELL HIM Hl£ INVENTOR. FRIEMD HAS 60HB PACK 10 THE TEE-HEE FARM, IT'LL TuRhJ HIS VJERBAL. gOMBS TO . .CLlMkEKS.', 9 i f ( HOLY SMOKE/ IS THIS LE6AL? I K f MEAW DOES TH' 5\ I OTHER. SIDE ALLOW XV YOU TO FIELD IM "How to Tell Your Child About Sex Criminals" in the July issue of Pageant magazine is an article that should interest a great many parents. For it is the "how" of such instruction that stymies the average parent. As the article points out, it isn't enough just to tell a child never to get in a stranger's automobile or never to take candy from a stranger. Says the author: "Let's face it —there is a huge gap in this kind of approach. The children are told to take rather extensive precautions against something — but they don't know just what they are taking precautions against." There, of course, is the danger to the child. For the sex criminal isn't always a stranger to the child. Nor does he always offer just the lure the child has been taught to shy away from. HOW SPECIFIC MUST YOU GET? Parents, understandably, often wonder not only just how much it is necessary to tell their children in order to protect them, but how to go about the telling. Tine author answers both questions and his answers make sense. If you've been terribly vague in your warnings to your child, a BY WILLIAMS ft) ' JATRIOTISM. COMES FIRST* reading of this article may make you decide that for your child's safety you should make things clearer. At least you owe it to your child to give the matter real consideration. Being vague with our children about sex matters is the easy way out. But the easy way isn't the sensible way, nor in this matter, the safe way. 'cow, mi gy MA soviet, merr. *t «e. a «. MT. orr. "Keep your room tidy, Bill! You won't have ma to piok up after you, and you want to imprest the generate!'' KILLER'S PACE BY WLIUS LONG COmUGHT 1991 8V MCA SERVICE, MC XXXVIII C TUNNED, poor Smiley Wetlauf *^ fer looked at Clara Mayhew as if he had never seen her before She was wraithlike now in her pallor. She looked Star straight in the eye and said evenly "You concoct a swell yarn, Mac but you can't prove a line of it! Star's brows lifted. "Can't I though?" He turned to Paul Waltz. "Give the inspector the number, Paul." Paul got\out bis notebook again "The number is 73591," he read "That's the number of the safety deposit box Clara Mayhew rented at Bank Y the morning after Barney Bidault's murder." Star looked expressively at Mer ica and turned over the palms of his hands. "There you are, Inspector] What do you want to bet that you won't And Car] Prater's confession about Frannie Martin's death in that box?" Quietly but with a wealth of variety, Miss Clara Mayhew began to tell Star Williams exactly what she thought of him. She was still getting him told when a matron came and took her out. "There's one thing more," Star told Inspector Merica, nodding toward Wertheim. "Tonight this man would have repeated his performance of faking the drowning by auto accident to my two friends, Sonya Sareeta and Jim Marshall." Merica nodded woodenly. "I'll take care of Wertheim—and Prater, too." He shifted his gaze to Andy Tanner, who thus far had been without a word to say. "You had several other charges. Against Mr. Williams and Mr. Marshall. What are your wishes with respect to those charges?" Tanner looked as if the words would choke him, but he managed to. get them out. "Under the cir in policy requires the withdrawal of the charges." He turned on his heel and walked out with an eye to neither Star nor myself. Tanner had scarcely departed when McNa mara burst in, fat and puffing. "What's going on here? What are you doing to my client?" Prater mopped his face. "So you finally got here! A lot of good you can do me now!" McNamara looked around alarm, and his eyes grew suspi cious as he beheld Star. He turned to his client. "You didn't talk, did you?" Prater laughed almost hysteric ally. "No, I didn't talk! Wertheim didn't talk! Clara didn't talk! Nobody but Star Williams talked That's all—nobody but Star Wi] liams." He continued to laugh on the hysteria borderline as McNamara tried to get some sense out of him I figured there was no reason for McNamara to be in such a hurry There would be plenty of time. Sonya, Star and I were out in the corridor when Nick Ricardo showed up, complete with candid camera "Say, what's going on around here?" "Star just worked another piece of magic. Too bad you weren't here with your cute little camera!" Ricardo brushed by us and in to see Merica. I chuckled. Merica would not be easy to deal with this night, and I wouldn't have wanted my worst enemy to have to get a story out of Andy Tanner. • • • CTAR set up steaks later, and I ^ felt like eating two. Even with the benzedrine I'd absorbed, I was hungry as a bear. Smiley and Paul Waltz joined us, and the steak did Smiley some good, too. Only Sonya didn't partake. She sat quietly; knew she was having a bad time. killer delivered up, but it had' a painful process to her. "You weren't so far ahead me," I told Star. "I finally bled to the fact that Frannie been drowned in that tank. I ured Wertheim and Prater at that, and even guessed why sent me up to Valleyville to aak a single question of Esplin and Brayton. When you broke into the Prater offices last night you fat their names off the caller list and figured a special demonstiatkat had been put on for them. Tea) knew that if I asked whether they'd known Frannie Martte, they'd realize you knew the troth. Naturally they'd try to hire you la defend them. After that it wee easy for you to sell them the Mea they should sign an affldarit telling the truth. They were Innocent bystanders, and a little scandal was better than being made accomplices. But how did they find you tonight? You didnt dare fa near the office." I told Kitty where I could ha located. She had instructions at send them to me." "Well, it was close timing. M grant that 1 couldn't have produced Frannie's killer by the deadline I was foolish enough to set, even if I had guessed all the ea>* swers." Star cackled. *That*f yea* trouble, Jim. You guess all the answers, but a theory isnt worth a hoot till you can back it up with proof. Give Paul here credit fat getting the proof." Paul shrugged. **And witheaft your directions as to what information I was to get, I'd have beea powerless to get it. Jim and 1 both have good legs, but you've fat the brains." Star made no argument en Ma point. I suggested: "We ought ta phone the story to Max FeMateaa for his final." Star yawned. "Oh, I him the story before I went ( Merica's. I suppose, he will Ho check some minor details Merica, though it did tun out aa I gave it to him." m Paul looked at me, (Tinned aadi,; , shook his head. I looked at Soaye. She smiled. "Hello, Jim." "Hello, Sony*. ,-So»**?iBjJ|fJJf** cumatances, I believe that public She had'wanted to see Frannie'a

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