The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1940
Page 1
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Buy a Button lie a Sponsor VOMJMR XXXVH--NO. 44. U^miMSWm NEWS Blylhcville Dally News Ulythcvllle Courier Mississippi Valley Leader lilytlievllle Herald a Sponsor a Button HM"riiKvn,LB, ARKANSAS, WKUNKSDAY, WAV s, HMO CHAMBERLAIN ACCEPTS FOES' CHALLENGE Holland Fears^uick^^TT^iru^ Rumor Of Imminent Invasion Discounted But Tension Is High cheek oi ' Uic countr > r <l'«-losc<l that nil was a.m. (2:40 RDT) th(! fighti " B forccs had »"*ii can- . u* mv, nijii tuiy jui i,urt JUul IJGCU CillJ- nbei's of anti-aircraft units ami searchlight )>at. had been released to work in war production factories were recalled to military f i, lty . Key rive« an mh mobi& 8ed l ° fm ' eig " t ;^ all(1 4« >'» them"^ Train and boat services had been restricted because of troop movc- (There had been reports outside Holland that German troops were marching toward the Dutch frontier, ft had been supposed for months that Germany had maintained about 1,000,000'men on the frontier). Telephone calls lo and from foreign countries had been sharply restricted during the night and some calls had even been cut oil Dawn today disclosed that nil public buildings in main towns throughout the country were being guarded by strong detachments of soldiers. Police forccs had been fully mo- bilked during the night. Amsterdam's "storm brigade" of defenders was ready to rush to any part ol the country. Government authorities and military quarters refused any comment on preparedness measures, more stringent than any since the World -,War. consort of Crown Princess Juliana visited the general staff at Tin-' Hague yesterday and lalkcd to Gen. J. G. Winkehnan, commander in chief of defense forces His visit was regarded 'as an indication nf the alertness of Queen Wil- hclmina and her heiress daughter to all angles of lhe national defense. Foreign telephone calls were resumed lit a a. m. today after the night long suspension durlnc which B. S. R[[I TO HI Dei} Youth is Burned Severe!^ • 'By "Explosioiij' Woodrow Brewer, 23 - year - o: I d runner of near Uell. was serloijsly , burned this morning when gasoline i exploded while lie was - cleaning - — ["int.vt, i»,o 1IIV1IIIILK \VIIL'II K llou1111 " Decision Sorn Ac M«,,« T«' ftxl)10(ie<l wllllc '"' was 1 cleaning m.ciblon oeen AS !\10VC Jo |t! , B parts of an aiitomoblle. -, .^ Discourage Any anese 'Grabs' WASHINGTON. May 8 (UP)— - ~The navy department and the lowln » lhe accident which look White House indicated today thai |)lncc nl 8:3 ° ° 1<:10<: k, his condition Urn m-dpi- whipi, t.rin i ,\., early this afternoon was reported Ills chest, anus and hands"! were bndly burned by the flames \i>h'lch were extinguished before tliey renched his face, j Brought, lo Walls Hospital fol- lhe order which will keep the United States fleet In Hawaii, Am' - 'Tair." occurred, - ... u .....,., j.^^t , u iin\vuji r AI1J- TT . ,' erica's mld-Paci.-.c naval base "In- Hc wns "^Pairing an automobile definitely" was entirely the idea of mitl WRS usln B Bnsollnc to wish Admiral James O. Ri'chardson its UK 1)al ' ls ° r tlle engine when the coinmaiidcr-in-chief. ' .-—•—'— - • The navy departmeul and the White House both indicated their "approval" while congressional and diplomatic circles anticipated that lhe order would be taken in Japan >is n move lo discourage any change In the status quo in the far east Having completed its season maneuvers-they had been staged in mid-Pacific this year a movf -nil ,. U was Intimated, however, that -l preparations .were ..part of a precautionary' pla'n previously perfected in connection with the present war and the nation's tlcterm- iimtion lo be on the alert for any development. Reports from Belgium said that everything was quiet In that country, Holland's neighbor on the German frontier. This fact caused the Dutch public, aware of foreign rumors that an attack on Holland might come at any hour, to accept the statement that their government's extraordinary military preparations " -, j|'^i.oiuii (.mi liiv \VI1]IJJ1 " milKary authorities forbade calls c , had drawn some crillca SEtt. JUDGE'S BFFI Bf IJGEIELT Mouse Disapproves Agency's Reorganization Plan Of President WASHINGTON, May 8. (UP) — The house lo<lay voted disapproval ol President Roosevelt's fourth re- organisation Man which i>J ivi would c wou rnnsfcr the Civil Aeronautics A»- itior ty to the commei-ce depart- The vole to disapprove lhe president s order wns announced us 2112 •Senate action, still is required to reorganization order since from Holland and permitted only a lew calk info Holland. In these calls listener!! at tin's end were not permitted lo speak-. It was believed that during the suspension hours the army had kept all lines busy ivith summonses to reservists nnd with Iroop orders. The suspension even affected some domestic calls. A United Press Amsterdam call to a correspondent at Winschotcn. in northeast Holland near the German frontier, v.'as held tip until th c general 3 a. m. resumption. But calls to other frontier points had been made! without difficulty aiid all correspondents had reported the frontier quiet. The United Press had liookc'd calls to several European capitals duriog suspension hours. Promptly at 8 n.m.; they started coming through. New York Cotton were precautionary. But, what lind caused the sudden precautionary moves remained a mystery. It was understood that the government had reserved all telephone lines to foreign countries nil night for its own use. (Sonic cable messages from Amsterdam were considerably delayed during the night, apparently by censors.) Early this morning the United Press Berlin bureau telephoned the May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. open . 1Q49 . 1022 980 . 905 958 . 950 lu'gh 1055 1025 1)84 mi 9GO 955 Prey. low close close 1049 1021 980 965 958 950 1D55 1023 983 969 95B . 1155 105* 1025 983 OGa SSI morrow for its west coast bases Last night, Admiral Richardson announced In Honolulu that he had nsked^ permission to keep the licet. "-"-'--" Hawaiian waters I il Harold R. star To Put County On Cash Basis Or Draw No Salary Promising, If elected, not to draw "one penny" of his salary until he 'i • the'neartt 01 ^ "ap? " "" Mr. Gwaltney said that contrary an, the Dutch East Indies and ; , V,' ">>" ulll! y ^'M »mt contrary the rest of the far cast Adm" ,- ° ', C , USIm " y n ™°™«d clistom. Richardson said th<nicdl would en- ' r "• ^ d f' mt ! ; °? n - solicited..hy-bji exercises nnd , ' S '° " rahc thc rncc bul lind exercises and decided lo (lo J0 „, gage in extra spring Maneuvers. Ordinarily, such unusunl He stated that he believes arc capable of be- county numm-i.,1 - w " rt i ordcrecl lng Dandled on an improved bus!. dcpartmeiu. and ,"?c WhUe "^ ""^ """ WCmUed " !itrlct House last night merely connrmcd ^^^^urr^ '^i" 10 " 0 ^ (w - ta «-^« no significance. General congressional reaction was Hint thc placing of the fleet was this country's business so long as it remains within the "slrateglc defense area of lhe United States " /Vei/> Orleans Cotton May Amsterdam bureau to comment on fl report that Germany had re- j o c t called to military duty all reserv-lDec ists between the ages of 30 and 50 j an ' years. Berlin had just said (hut Mar "officials refuse any information since the report is of military nature" when the telephone line developed interference. Then the call was severed. Prcv. open high ] ow close close . As the army, navy and air force- cancelled leaves, the governmental inspector general of navigation in home waters announced that entry of vessels Into strategic waters would be halted between Saturday and Monday, Ships which enter these waters during thc closed period will be held up until release Is given Monday. Affected were the River Meiise above the town of Grave, near the German frontier, and thc Juliana canal in southern Brabant province in the southeast on the Bel- glum and near thc German frontiers. This territory is that includ- 1062 1030 98^ 970 9G4 953 1M5 1034 990 970 9G4 957 1002 1030 984 970 SG4 953 10S4 1033 989 974 904 957 10G5 103;{ 98« 971) 987 955 Stock Prices A. T. & T. ; Am. Tobacco ...' Anaconda Copper Belli. Steel Chrysler Cities Service Gen'l. Elect Gcn'l. Motors "' L . . Int. Harvester .. 55 o ' Mont. Ward 173 90 3-4 29 1-3 86 3~f 85 1-2 6 1-8 3G l-l v. centra, North Am. Aviation Packard . ... Phillips "' Radio ."._' Republic Steel ... ', . Socony Vac Studebakcr mg the Metise-Waal canal. Its'.Std. of N. J. Haters provide the main commer-!Texas Corp. cial connection between Belgium i U. S. Steel and Holland. The area is one of the most strongly fortified In the country. It'was notable that though the! government had refused all infer- , T ir.ation of the reasons for its ex-1,,,^' traordmary precautions, the public y though curious, showed no signs' of nervousness, it was accepted! that the government was making I a tacit announcement that It would I not be taken by surprise. i M . v Thc feeling was that there was|ju'i v nervousness among thc Allies and! in Germany, each believing that T . ~ the other might make some move Livestock which would involve The Netherlands or other neutral countries. What did t cause surprise was the extent ot the measures the government had • taken. A coll not only to army and air force but to naval reservists was taken lo mean that 22 5-8 3 !-•! 40 1-8 C 3-4 20 3-4 10 7-8 10 his proposals for increasing the ffllciency of county- government and pulling it on a firm financial footing be made laler, Mr. While House Secretary Stephen '« T. Early said President Booscvclt' "«-- « -< ji-ms oi age. married mid nan been informed by Secretary ol has three children. He was cou- tne Navy Chnrlps FHknn TT/* >™in» nr^ii'H u-in, T „„ nm -_. . _ .. GwuHney said. Mr. Gwaltney wits born and reared in Mississippi county, having lived in Blytheville and Osceola mitl attended school In both cities. e is 37 years of age. married mid thc Navy Charles Edison. He pointed out that lhe president, as com- maniier-m-ehief of the navy kept m close touch naval move- remain at. - ments and has been following closely thc lleet maneuvers. There was no indication how long the fleet would Hawaii. The announcement brought predictions from diplomatic ooscrvers that tlie order would cause Japan lo slio-.v displeasurD ol. what •probably would be Interpreted in Tokyo as a significant move relating 'lo the far eastern situation. Sen. William H. King, (Dem iicetcd with Lee Wilson ana company for 20 ycnrs. 12 the the law requires ntrirmnflvD 1 act'loi'i by both houses. The vote came on a concurrent resolution Introduced by Chalrnvm Clarence p. i fn (D( , m-| Cnnr , of the muse Interstate commerce committee, The senate resolution is sponsored by Senator Pat Mc- Carrnn (Dem., N ev ,). President Roosevelt lust week dc- nouiiecd opposition to the plan as based on, "gullibility, |g lloril , lcc 0| . politics." Nevertheless miiny Dcin- ocrnls charged in house debate llinl the proposed transfer of the C. A. A., together with nliolltlon of the air safety board, would tend (o imt aviation regulation under political domination. Supporters of the president con- endcd that thc agency, particularly :he nlr .safety board, hud gotten into one of the "worst ndmlnlstra- Is 19th Birthday Of Guard Company Nlnetcen ycnrs ago today Com- imny M, !63rd fHfunlry, of Illy Ilievllle, was granlcd federal rec- omilllon by Hit- Win- ncpnrtmenl us » imi-l of llm National Guard ol no unlieii siniM, The ttroup wll: have no special celebration ihf< year but pluns appioprlulo c<'i-o- monles for the -Join blrlhdny In Husse-ll PlillHjvi was named rap tain; Thomas J. Jones, first lieutenant, nnd Joe Uurus, • second lieutenant, of the company of 71! enlisted men which had been or- ganfeed following the World Wai only n few weeks before thin ilmo Miy », 1921. Of lhe entire company, only one » still a member of thc or 8 iinta- tlon, ClnrcncQ E. Kohvyek, who Is >t presont supply sergeant for the company. The company, argimlited us Com- wny M, 5th infantry, wns a i-l(lo company but later tii c dralgnnUoii wns chaiiKcd to the present one of Company M, 153rd Itnfantry Wendell M. Phillips is now cnp- aln of the company which has ?|) tion messes" ot the , government and ' tnat .veqrgiiniaaUpi; i was the only way of dealing wllh lt~ s '- ' This Is the first tlnie any presidential reorganization order has received an adverse vote In con- lESSEB ffflf 1 Obtains Pledge, Says He'll Keep Office From Going By Default ; U-rtLE HOOK, Mny 8. (UP)—' J. Itosser VenabJf, iJttle Rock- World War veteran, today obtained a Democratic party p| e ,|g 0 trotn the office of lhe secretary of slate nnd announced that lie would be a candidate for governor. "tn view of the possibility that . complications may m-Lse whereby ] 1:0 one will flic for the governor i flip," Vennblc said, "i nm uohv general years ns i Men Who Allegedly Paid Congressman Money Are Now Indicted m or lhe office which h c S0 cks and which he regards as primarily one business acumen and A spoon made from the beak of n hornbill is supposed to be a pol- ri^rj^-^^\?'^w nvj ,ss move." lo manage;- of the Victoria | branch. He is engaged l n the 1 GAINESVILLE, Ga Mav a fanning and mercantile business, (UP)—A federal grand Jury totliw' which are his own interests, now. '"dieted three north Georgians oil Mr. GwnlUicy believes his biisl- clmr l! cs o[ paying cash to neprc- ncss experience qualinc.s him for = cnlntlvc Frnnk Whelchel (Dem., • • On.) for poslal Jobs. Whelchel was acquitted here Monday on charges of conspiring to sell postal appointments. J. H. Holcomb Sr., ami a son Union E. Holcomb, were indicted jointly for paying whelchel and H. Orndy Jones $1100 In December. 1338, for a "promise 1 ' that Hulon would be appointed rural mall carrier In Ball Ground, Ga. Jones was tried Jointly Whelchel and acquitted. requiring ability. Toisnn Detector tnke of- the spoon turns black ...ji^i. with poison. when In , nif to be prepared to prevent the office ram going by default when th ticket closes May 15." Walter Scott McNutt of Arkadcl Pilu is the only person who has Mlcd lor lhe Democratic nomination for governor beside Vecnlile Gov Carl E. Bnlley. who goes to Bntesvtllc Friday Jo,- dedication of the new livestock and forestry experiment station, has refused 'to indicate whether he will use Ibis occasion to announce hLs candidacy for a third term Lloyd George Leads Attack On Cabinet; Vote Is Due Tonight s s-.::«^;»« »=«==.: —- o"j **^-*j' iivu of Commons to ,i 'climatic ° '' ° on conduct of in Nor- cab P , ca with Clmmberlai,, ami fifteen Committees Created To Handle "Sponsor Bullon" Sales At 11 meeting held yesterday iif- icrnoou In llm Chamber of Com- nerco 31 representative lllyihe- inia business men formulated new nans for the continuance of the jamnnlKii ( 0 M n DQOO «g,, OHSO1 : Billions" in niythcvllie nnd Mls- Comity, t t - w ,i s rcporlcd by James Terry, [jrcslilcnt, of the of Commerce. "Thcre Is notlilti ff [hat coufd contribute more lo victory in this war limn tlmt lhe prime minister .should sacrifice Die seals of of/Ice" The white haired little Welsh statesman and Woild War premlei vigorously attacked lhe British fall>n-e In lhe war In Norway and warned that, Adolf Hitler had Ger- maiiy In d better strategic position than ever was achieved bv Wllhclm. • * "Hc has nut us In greater imrdy," Lloyd Gcur b ; ;-'•! The Gorman success In Norwsv', lie snld, . |jroui!lit i Oernian , i enian bombing planes and -submarines 200 miles closer to British iwrts d thai as result of the Norway the influence 00 mil lie fl failure In Fifteen commute linvc been sot ip to caver ovcry conceivable type of business operating m the county, Mr. Terry said, SupurvlsiiiB I licsc committees are Cecil Shane V. M. Scruggs, J A. Leech. Dor telwards and Clarence H. wiison "It Is the Job of each ot these 'oiiimlttces (o gel every business or which It Is responsible actlvc- y pushing the sale of 'Spotisoi Buttons'," Mr. Terry sold, Almost 2,000 buttons were chcck- 1 out of the Rational Cotloi 'Idling Assoc|atlcK) hcndquriiicrs >y the..nvg> commlUce sup.ecvUiors Ills morning', ancl vp! triesa-''billions arc expected lo be sold by lhe va- laus committee heads and lliclr rarkcrs ivlthln u week. id Humphrey Runing For Sixth Time LITTLE ROCK, May 8. (U p)_ Slnle Auditor J. o. Humphrey of OcQuecn ttxlny qiinllficd ns n can- aldate for rciionilnatlon Iti the — .». «^tiwiiin nn LUU m tiip Democratic primary by filing- his pledge wllir :atc. He is '" C n o' MI M '' llmc """ h r has r.o announced opponent. IPebb Miljer, Ace War Reporter, Dies In mduni^d^.i '# Members of the National Cotton Icklng Association were visited estcrday by Mr. nnd Mrs. Cokci uf the Coker's Pedigreed Seed Company, Hartsvlllc, S. 0., whose "Is being planted for After surveying the site chosen or Ihn contest on thc II. n. ottou seed he contest. Hughes farm Cokcr snld: . . west, of town Mr tion, I This looks like n perfect loca- , I can't imagine why someone In lhe South hasn't held n Cotton Picking Contest before. Thc event has tremendous possibilities and I'm sure It will be n success with continued efdctcnl innnngu- mcnl such as you've given It so far. Rest assured I'll be one of your most Interested .spectators on Sept. 24," he said. Kiwanians Observe Better Music Week - - . .^,, ., HJ *m, ninnci ^c and prestige of the nlllci had been affected In other parli of Europe "nrlllsh promissory notes are now rubbish on the market," ho asserftd mnld cries of "slmme" fiom the govcrnmciil benches Uoyd aeorgc brought the debate "- climax altci .uberlain had accepted 'a Lnliorite challenge for a confidence lest vole at the end of debate to- iilBlU-wlth (he life of his cabinet at stake—and- again waincd that united action was needed "to face a.relentless. eiiemj ' who might strike anywhere. 2. Cabinet members had revealed that perhaps...the-greatest loss to BrKftju during the Noiwejlan cam- V, , _ ^ ^ MMdiHl antl-nlrci-'aft gunj, aim that; 11 nrlllsh. fighting plane bise established In .Norway was bombed to pieces by ; 80 acniinn planes In a 15-hour raid. 3. A Lhborltc, Hugh D niton, had suggested bitterly that the goverr- iiicnt was pursuing such a feeble policy In the wnr (hut the allied forces mlt'hl soon give up Mich lait foothold hi Nonvny In thc NarvK region. 4. Another Luborilo Herbert Moi"- rlson, had j.icsscd for the iesl»na- lion of Chainbcrlnii, Sir John Simon, chancellor of the exchequer, nnd Sir Samuel Hoare, air minister, on thd ground Hint othciwlse Circat Britain was In danger of oslng the wiir. Missouri Fugitive Ulythcvllle Arrested Near Here Herman Harris, 21-5 ear old ne- gro" who escaped from the Missouri talc prison April 10, was captured oday iieai- Blythcville, II v,as announced by Sheriff Hale Jackson' Mwanlans observed! Arrested by county officers at ,' - •»•"•""«"» uuairiri-u! niicAiea oy coiuitv officers at Natloiml Better Music Week wllh! lhe, home of relatives near- the nn fif Fni-f tn l.six^A.m i i,~i_. _ \t i._ ... ••~i«t »nw Number readily Nine community, Harris siibmltl-sd without any trouble and admitted his Identity. Harris, Who was sentenced 'to prison for two years on a charge of stealing an automobile at Ca- 42 3-4 i n ollr maor wars ' wns f 46 3-1 toll!>y bcs!dc » railroad ' 46 CO 5-8 Chicaao Wheat Open High LOW Close • 100 1051-4 10-13-4 106 . 103 3-4 105 1023-4 105 Chicago Corn Open High LO«- ciosc C63-4 547-8 65 3-8 B75-8 651-4 671-4 6S5-3 Hogs, 8500. Top, 590. 170-230 Ibs., 580-590. Bulk sows, 485-525 Cattle,19fO-l80» on sale Steers, 850-950. Slaughter steers, 756-1175 the government was responding lo, siaughU indications of increased foreign Butcher lorlal waters. ' el " i BKf^ows.'Kk Prlnco Bernhard, Gei man-born' Gutters Sc low cutters. 400-575. LONDON. May 3. (UP)-Wcbb Miller, famous United Press reporter who flew 400.COO miles for news and risked Ins life under fire in four major wars, was found dead " side a railroad track — ly the viclii.i ol a prosaic accident during the London blackout. Ife covered Prime Minister Neville Chamberlair/s historic statement in commons yesterday on lhe British withdrawal from Norway but his ivnr correspondent's kit was packed and he hoped soon to be back o'l the firing line in (he latest war of his long ard brilliant career. H was presumed the accident occurred some time after 9 o'clock last night. .Miller v.-as on his way lo the country to get a goot | n i fM - s rest before returning for today's session of Commons. Blackout restrictions require that lights O :i trains be extinguished when approaching a station. Police believed Miller planned to change trains at Clapham Junction, nnd stepped I off lhe coach thinking he was near the piatfonn. A hard blow on the right side of the head incurred when he stepped from the speeding tr fl |,i apparently caused Instant death. An engineer en the first daylight train saw thc body and railroad police took It lo a mortuary. Two letters were found in Miller's clothing, one from his son in New York and the other from Hollywood—praise from a reader of the reporter's best selling autobiography "I Pound No Peace." Miller, whose career earned him thc reputation of ace of war correspondents, was only 48 years old, but into his newspaper career had been crowded more excitement and advcr.lure than the average man can hope for in a life of three score and ten. The burden of "I Found No Peace" wits that the author iva.s at heart a man who would like to read philosophy In a quiet countryside far from wara and the alarms nnd worries of tlie world but, whenever trouble broke out in far away places Miller was thc first man lo look up airplane schedules and make plans to get into the thick of thc story. Ber/Ilo Mussolini and he managed to perform two Jobs at once for In addition to being a lop flight International reporter he was- general European manager of thc United Press. Miller, a soft spoken man of medium height and inclined to be slender, did not appear lo have thc constitution that would enable him to scurry around thc world risking the fevers ol India and the rigors of mountain travel in Ethiopia but he always got through with lhe story and frequently he got through with it lo the outside world hours ahead of anyone else. He scored a world beat on thc Italian Invasion of Ethiopia and United Press newspapers knew the war had started even before word reached the war office in Home. In 1930 Miller flew 12,000 miles through 10 countries lo do a brilliant piece of reporting on lhe salts riots In India. He wont into Russia and came out with a com- .*„ ...v. *...,.,* vi me MUI.V. : missia ano came out with a ilc watched war change trom I prehciwivc explanation of Pershing's cavalry maneuvers on lhe border In pursuit of Par.cho Villa Into lhe mechanized 'bltU- krlcg' that makes'today's headlines. He had the knack of making friends of men of such diversified personalities as Mahalma Gandhi and .. thc Stalin blood purges. Those feats ar.d the work he did on four major wars—lhe World War, thc Italian campaign in Ethiopia, thc Spanish civil war and the Uusso-Pinlsh conflict — did not dampen Miller's zest for being where momentous things were happening. Bdort hi, toth. he had obtained credentials that would have admitted htm to almost every European country and he had made arrangements lo be among the first correspondents accredited to lhe British expeditionary forces in Norway. One of the big peace time assignments of his career was the abdication of former King Edward VIII. In thc months following thc abdication he witnessed thc coronation of the new king—George VI -and later covered the marriage in France of the exile monarch and Mrs. Slmpsoji. Lusl year Miller accompanied George and Queen Elizabeth on Ihclr tour of the United states and Canada. He returned to Lo,,. don convinced that tlie peace would be broken again ar.d that perhaps he would be called upon to cover bigger news than ever before an effort lo Improve Ihelr club singing loday. Led by Klwantan W. R. Porter lhe group saug "Ar>-..nsiis". official slalc song composed by an Arkansas woman, mul then , u . oL,-»u,, a ,„, nuiomomie at Can old folk songs. L. T. Moore ac- I rulhcrsvillc, had only served a few' companlcd at the piano. | months of his sentence when h» The Hcv. Matthew Curry ills- made his escape. He. said he 'came cussed club plans for lhe Nallonal to this section April 20 immediately Cotton [>leklr,g Contest in thc fall after gaining h's freedom and President John Dccn urged j Lodged in [he county jail here every member of thc club to ob-|he will await removal to thc Mis- lain one of the Sponsor Buttons sourl state prison when agents of for tho rnnlflet liftrH/'tilorl,, lw,nn..^ n i flvnt ln^ni-,.n nrrir.-/* f *...., *,.«, MI mu opuiu>ui imuons auuu stale, pris for thc contest, particularly because I that Institution, thc civic clubs of the city are co sponsors of the cver.t. pany him there. Clock Pusher Would Be Popular Candidate It looks like political candidates have been overlooking a sure bet If I lhe Courier News' poll on the qucs- tlon of daylight saving lime Is any Indication. A firm stand for daylight savin? time, with no quibbling about cutting off five minutes here or adding to minutes there for "local situations" would bring someone a flock of votes. The Courier News will give thc Chamber of Commerce and probably the city council as well a report within a few days on the results of the poll. And there can be only one result—a landslide for No belter words than .\fiii er 's I 8 . 5 ' 1 , 1 ! 1 ." *™^ tlme - at thc P" s - o\vn could describe his life. He, ", i*,% , , wrote In his book that he had had ' i" or yo " r wnvenleiwc 'a. grandstand scat nt the most momentous show In history." Miller is survived by his wife Is on page five. The U. S. Nav? has set up officials h\ 12 key seaports to mobilize Lion* Hear Junior High School Glee Club Members of the Junior high school glee club under the direction of Miss Mary Emma Hood, presented a program at lhe weekly luncheon meeting of thc Lions cliib at the Hotel Noble yesterday. ". Mrs. J. Mell Breaks Jr. Is accompanist for the club which presented several numbers. •:-.. The forty three members present voted to Join with other civic groups in promoting the movies to be shown under the auspices of thc Ark-Mo Power Corporation at Hie Hoxy theiUer Monday afternoon, May 20. ' V- WEATHER Arkansas — Cloud y, mattered showers in west, slightly cooler in northwest portion tonight, Thurs- ' day thiindershoivers and cooler. ", Memphis and \lclnltj—Fair aiTd continued warm tonight »nd Thursday, lowest temperature' ta- nlght about 62

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