Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 19, 1971 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 19, 1971
Page 5
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COLLINS CATTLE CALL Hormone Pros, Cons Ignite Cattle Industry Quarrels By EDDIE COLLINS Occasionally you cannot see "The Forest for the Trees". In the early 1950's a synthetic hormone was developed at Iowa State University called "Diethyl-stilbesftrol" tot jwivanced beef feed lot gains. Today, the beef industry has permitted the wanton use of stilbestrol to lead us to "the point of no return". The industry quarrels 'within itself a* to the pros aiid cons of the benefits of this hormone, The time has arrived for ranchers, feeders, packers, and everyone connected with the 'beef industry' to wake up. Take the "bui by the horns" and immediately move in a. direction to clarify your confused status on this subject. The foul publicity that we are currartiy offering the general public cannot be other than detrimental. The following comments ore offered in good faith toward maintaining the status of wholesome supply of U.S. beef. ; To the drug industry involved in the production of Diethylstilbestrol, the responsibility exists for you to clarify the position of the drug that you produce. Our interests are the protection of the consumer, the producer, the adverse publicity that is poured upon the ranchers, larm«rs and feeders. In no way, can the remarks of the cattle industry leaders be justified in reference <to the statement that they have made pertaining to stilbestrol. Th« discussion of pros and cons of the benefits or detriments of stilbestrol should be left to qualified technicians within the beef industry and the Federal Drug Administration. Another concern is that of the advertising picture that we axe currently painting to the consumer of Our beef industry A brief review follows pertaining to statements that are pres- enfly flooding the newspapers and directed to the consumer. "Senator Proxmire has called upon the Federal Food and Drug Administration for a ban ion the use of diethyl-stilbes- trol." His reason — the World Healith Organization has recognized that stilbestrol can cause cancer. Experiments have shown that sbilbestrol fed in large amounts can cause cancer in laboratory animals. It's effect on human* through beef consumption i» not known. W. D. Faro, president of Americas National Cattle Association said "the senator ob viously is grossly misinformed about the use of. Diethyi-stil- besbrol in finishing beef cattle in the U.S. He further stated that stilbestrol means a 10 per cent savings in beef production costs, which are passed on to the consumer. "Arsnic" can be produced at a lower cost aftso, but no one could concede the consumer would be overly elated ait the benefits of that product event at a lower cost. Don F. Magdanz, executive secretary of the National .Feeders Association also issued a statement "that the nation's beef supply is absolutely safe and wtaioleisome. Senator Proxmire's estimate that 100,000 to 150,000 cattle slaughtered last year contained a substantial portion of stilbestrol is simply not true," Magnaz asserted. His quote — "only part of 35,000,000 head of cattle slaughtered in 1970 were ever fed stil- bestrol and when withdrawn 48 hours prior to slaughter, no residue was found. Also, if found, it was in th« liver. One question: How is sti!- bestrol removed from cattle "48 hours prior to slaughter .from cattle that have been implanted with stilbestrol?" Also, the 100,000 cattle suggested by Senator Proxmire is .000286 of all cattle fed. One could almost suggest that small a percentage could have been slaughtered without stilbestrol Dole Shares in Drug Concern WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Bob Dole, R-Kam,, saiiid Thursday he fully shares the President's concern for drug abuse. Dole, who has co-sponsored two measures designed to curb the 'drug traffic, commented Thursday following the President'* omnibus drug control legfetattve message. "Drug", use has, readied national emergency proportions," Dote «*&. To date, efforts to control cirugs Jbaye been in- Buffkent. The President, however, has demonsfoated that he imidersitamds 'the magnitude of <9»e problem by his com; jveben&ive program." / The Kansas senator said that time is critical in the niaitiian- wide battle against drag abuse. Taco John's 305E. Kontos "Tlw Hottest Spot JH Town" behig removed by human error. Currently "21" countries including the two leading foreign cattle producers (Argentina and Australia) have banned the use of stilbestrol. The common market has also recently reacted to prohibit ibs use. The preceding "quotations" were taken from the National Provisioner Magazine May 29, 1971. The next concern for the U.S. beef industry . . will U.S. importers and foreign beef producers start advertising campaigns . . . "Eat foreign beef . . . stilbestrol free." This would not be in bad taste to serve their advertising purposes. Gentlemen, a suggestion: If you hope to avoid a "total war" with the consumer that you immediately move to ban together in a common effort to fully exploit the positive and negative effects of stilbestrol. I do not mean for your personal fi- nancial gains but for the good of the beef industry. Other industries have been "stricken" from bad publicity. Do not feel that you are immune. (Example — the cranberry scare a few years back; the tuna and sword fish industries this year.) You must be the keeper of your own house. One can- not afford the ill effects of this type of publicity. Another warning of a possibility that could occur . . . the state of Iowa, within two weeks, will start sampling beef carcasses for stilbestrol residue, Oattle found contaminated couffldi 'be condemned . . . and ithis is a high priced financial lesson for any producer. To 'aH fairai organizations, ranchers, feeders, producers, packers, commission men, terminal stockyard personnel, and the beef industry, please mow to act immediately and stop this adverse publicity. If it is permissaible to feed stil- bestrol without harmful results, Page 10 Garden City Telegram Saturday, June 19, 1971 why not voluntarily remove 30 days prior to shipment (no 48 hours) to absolutely guarantee the quality of your product. • •w W vwv^.'v > tw>'VW.<,v-w/^^^ M v^/evvmwvit'wvwwmmttww^vqg'''^-^^ - - — "< - ta, - - j-sS ^<^ -^ "" -~- i^V "'' ,'-*-" /, - /W s > '<;- "'^ ' - w^pi < - , ,- ••. - -> .-s ••<• , -' - • V - k \ J - "' < f i -' " fJF " - " ' -* 'r>v'' V-^'-,? ^m^ ^(^^ ^MkHuMi »»« ^KMk «M M*^fm ^E ^^^ ^^^!'' • ^^^£ : ^ ^ M , '' w^ik jH|^ A ^^^ ^M|k ^Hfe " " "•' ''•••••• dip IUVW ^ III IwCw* • .» Shop where you get everyday low discount prices in all departments everyday! Whole Fryers U.S.D.A. GRADE A FRESH DRESSED Meadowdate Skinless Franks •oncleis Dinner Steaks Lfc. FOR SUPERIOR V QUALITY' ' Ground Beef Miracle Miracle QUART JAR Only One $5.00 Purchase, excluding Beer and Cigarettes, entitles you to all Super Star Specials at Prices advertised. 3-LB. PKGS. 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