Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 26, 1952 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 26, 1952
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 1952 IDENTITY? WWT5 M \f THIS CHAP IS ALIVE A WILL . !* P >* IN T"^ GOT TO DO WITH IT WHAT 5065 WITH THESE "L MS ! L * A9 500N AS YOU HAVE PROVED YOUR IDENTITIES. MILLIONS THAT MISS GRttti AND I ARE SUPPOSED TO SHARE? MIUAYBOM MAN IN YOU* «AC«T 19 USttJ TO TAWNO CARE OF HIMSELF-WHICH MAKES /ME VEftY 61.AO THAT l&S G«EN HAS SOMEONE TO TAKE CARS SEE WHER6 /MY CLIENT LIVES, DOES IT ANSWER SOME OF YOUR QUESTIONS? HE HAD OfHEP-i VVORK.IN6 WITH HIM PR.WIU.IA/U J.O.BODD-- TO TPLL ME- WELKIN COULD BUILD THf; ' YOU HAVP.IHMlNV, , COLONfil. KL'tON? INDI4PFN4ABLE MAH M/\JOK,BUT JOI.VE ODE" KPV PP0W. -SHIP 14 LAMOIM6 ow THE w?oviN6 CIVILIAN PN6INFEE 6JUN6-- IN PACT, I UNT POP CUNE. MOW po you &XPECT tf& tb YEH...LOOKS LIKE WF'RE GONNA BE M.ONGTIMF. fi GETTIN' RICH.' ) I'LL LEARN 7HO6E HAIRY- S NOT HEY.WHAT'eijl'M A-fill I IN' WITH YOU. \HEKETOMY FOOZY? Y(?U SELF, I THINK6 LOOK SOKlA/THItJ MINE OF ...FORTH'SIZE OF THAT HOLE, WE LABORED TO DIG OUR REWARD IN GOLD 19 NOT VERY BIG OUKO, PHEW: IT STINKf).' Til'WAY WE'RE COIN'. IT SURE: WILL.SON! SO WF'RE GOIN' AI-TH.K IT BY -~v TH' VON! OUR BOARDING HOUSE — WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS EGAD.' "TUB TU PERFECTED/ A 15 ALNAO&TVl I'M GROPlMGllTHE OMLV MO\M IT R0ll£ OP V^ITl-Ur FOR THE- U PLACE T'\J£ LIKE A gOYvJ <-—./CORRECT REPLV^ 6EEM A ACCOST . ^ , LETTER WORD DM .'DO VOO \ } MEAMISJG WrXKJT ALICES OF / (DOM'T 6TUM8LE FlNlAlOCIAL MELONS' APIECE I COULD THAT LATELY =. OlO I WOT'5 \~/ I'VE AP ME EVfc OM DE OL' / VOU.PAVIE Mt: LAR ClilMK, (i ( AMD WITH ^UCH A WAMT \ ) FIME MOTHER AMP WITH ) / FATHER •>DU I LL. B-E BREAXIM' THEIR HEARTS RUKJNIM' WIP THAT , ^ OF ALLEY TO ( . ~- — t.^f—r Jjj^w|| HOLV SMOKE, WHAT A BURG/ S MV PEOPLE-IF- I EVEM LOOK IM A HOLE IMTH'(3ROUMP A SERMON) COMES OUT / OF IT.' w?&^ BOCK) THIRTV YEMCIi TOO SOOKJ TrreASUBf-Huvm _ _ ... ._ dtJ4/Ay-•>--/) r A MW /or>i7/cw/ ,(«--•''-"'" - --' ll - - ni-,^^.1 «."— ~. .1 _ v« THIS is MORr Like ir.' UMFM HOW L CAM ALMOST SMELL Aftour THAT For OF GOLD/ / DI60IN' IT f-OMKTlME 'f X M&RICS TMt? OKAY- YOU SHOVEL- JOCKEYS- — OF-1 AMBITIOUS/ TTHPU5HT VOU'DTVE5- HE WASNT HOME. BUT I WEVER GET BACK.f EXCHANGED'EM A5 J HAD EfcSY! P-PIP VOU \ AGREEP TO, J)\ME...IVNP IEF GET MY AFRICAM WBO* KEV WITH HIS MOTHER. PRIMITIVE WHEW VOU RETUfcWEP MK BLEEP'S? VOU'UE TWWTEP THE TRUTH /PUT VOU CrXNT TO WE FOR THE IA5T TIA\E/ GO VET, I'M CLEARING OUT BEFORE VOU lUVOtVE f WHAT HAPPENED ME IU SOME KIKJP 0 VOU PARTING! AFRAIP VOU DON'T HAVE A CON5CI6MC6 WHEN WANT 50MBTHIN(jl VOU SEE, I MET AtKEP LMEK, ANO IW6I6TEP OM RIGHTING THE OUT M THE GARAGE WHILE vou AWAVi WRONG 1 PIO HIM!\ HOW HE W<VS FORCEP. IN $ELF MV CONSCIENCE- IV DEFEND, TO LET VOU CO TO 9K.(SOti\ FEEL5 SETTER ALREAPV! The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart Wednesday list) (NBC) KXUH (ABO) WBW RFtO KMOX (CBS) KWR (MBS) MO Rt M« KC 710 HO MO KG 1120 KG 11*0 KG WIL 1480 KG WOR2 100 Mff, F»t P aC : \lj) 1 7 8 9 10 Ntw«; Tom, We* * at H»rr» Ed Bonn«f Newn; Banner N«Wt Sonfi Sport* Retdtng Orel* Pr»li* Allan J«ck«oa Newt Hint* Curt MMtty Lowell Thomll H*ytNrd News: Recordi Bob Croibr J.W.Viindercook Record Btport D*ne« Tlm«: N«Wt Sport* *«tf «..;._ N«w« Sport! TrtMUtt ChMt Nit OU*rd Show N*w« StiorW R. ItarlineM World N«w« On* M*n'i L«ttx Newi ton* fUnitt Concert Hr. Clot* of D»r B«til*h Jack Smith Club 15 Ncwi rirtt riv* N*I»* Newt: Can Jostph Harien Four KnlftiU Cot« O!e* Club N«W* KeheM •upptt MtMM :00 Halli of tvr 1.1 30 4.1 Mrittry ThMtet Top Guy N«w« Sport* r«mti.f Selene* Bit Town Dr. ChriltiM Green Hornet Bill Hlekok Chuck Normaa Hurt* 00 Bet Your Lit* :l» 30 Bit «tor» o»n*rr Cxfe I»t»nbul Pllfrlm Church Red Skelton Binf Crabr Oabrtel Heatter Sporti tt Newi r*mlty Theatr* New«; Combo Tim* Oueit BUr Bindittnd :00 Sllisnt M*n :IS M M«i*dllh Wll»on Mmlc Hull Mnon Dreamt New* Concert Halt Newi Open Bible Boxinf'Bout Frank Mwardi Newt; Lombardo Mutual New*r**l Orch. Gruel* rield Herc'i the Band :00 Newi MS Newi of World .TO Platter Parade •4S Beautiful Mull* Mu«lc Maiten Newi Mine* rirtt n»* Murrow; Sport* Newi Health Aldi Abide With Me You & the World Orch.! NfW WIIIU B«llln«*» Initrum*n» 11 :00 Newi Mfl Platter Parade :30 Newi Orch. :49 Newi By Concert Fivorltei Newi; Orch. All Nit* frollci Orch.: New* Merrymikw Newi; Dawn Pat Thursday 6 7 8 •4.1 I no is •no •4.1 New» tlymn* Mclodle* News Weather Alex Dreler Weather Tempol rimelnblei Newi Town It Country Newi and Weather Stookev Mkta Concert Prac Land Die New* and Weather Call Farm Home Jr Newi Country Jr Mkt Sunrli* Salute Tom Dall*y Bunrli* Ser«n, New*, Wtiem**) Music Ncxvn Stook«T Cfineert Bnice BnrrlniftoB Sacred Heart Meditation Hymni Muilrai Reveille Chapel Window World Newi Crosby Slnm Newi B'fMt Club Al Rlehl—Newt News Rex D«vl» News Fred Moeflt Mutlcal Clocfc Weathtr V«r. Ed Wll§on N«wi New* B'fmt Club Al Riehl—Newt Muslcnl Clock :4.1 World Newi Bruce BarHn«ton Newi Newt: Salute Sports: Tempo Breakfast Club Newi Melody Mairlo News Time and Tempo* Newi Stock Yards World New* Clock Watcher Quiz Xd Wllion Newi B'fast Club Al Rlchl Musical Clock Chapel o< Air 9 10 U 12 sf 2 Welcome Traveler True Story High Mac Double Nothlnt Betty Crocker Agalnit the Storm Faith Human New* Student'i Devot'n Themei of A(ei Arthur Godfrey Serenadem News HI. Nabor. New* Newi; Walti Ttma HJ Neighbor Paula Stone oo Strike It Rich :l.1 :30 Bob tk Hay :4.1 Dave Oorroway Lone Journet News Break The Bank Symphony Newi Music of Master* Grain; Serenade Woman's World Grand Slam Rosemary Ladlei Fair Queen for a Day News; Oppty. Hr. Call'g Your Haul* Meet the Band Guest Star Harmony Houi* Bargain Counter* Newi Weather Kate Smith •4fl The Menjoui Jack Berch Victor Llndhlar Kitchen Club Frank Parker Melody .lust for Women St. Louis New* Open Bible Newi Concert Melody Lane Warren New* Aunt Jenny Helen Trent Our Gal Sunday Recalltt it Win Shopper's Guide Meet the Band News Lou lee Personalities Quiz Newi Playhouse New» Piirty Hal Frederick! New In Stores? Concert Newi Minute Master Repose Chrtit " n nalph Edwardi Melndfes Sa|i(* Hlders Marr McBrlde .'10 Dortor'« Wife :45 Judy & June 00 I.Iff Bnnutlful Hurry Fender 15 Rond of Life :.10 Pepper Voung loyre Jordan -.45 Right to H»p'ne« Evelyn Wlnlen The Common good Vic Damone Piano Portrait Markets Music Ap Hour World Newi Cxirt M*«sey New»: Tnke Ten Farm Hour Ma Pcrkln* Commentary Home Hun Hits Young Dr Matone Bandstand Revui Sports Quiz Big Slsttr Dugnut Interview 2nd Mrs. Burton Perry Maion Nora Drake Brighter Day Cards vs. Yankees News Record Shop Curtain Call Sacred Heart Native In Ton* Program for You Newi Ask Me Another Grain Report News necltnl Time Hilltop House House Party Cedrlc Adami C Smith. News Tom Dalley Newi. Dalley News Tops In Pop* Concert 3 4 no Backstage Wife :1.1 Stella Dallas TO WlUder Brown 4.1 Woman In House Hal Frederick! Momenta-Masten Bible. S'ng*& St'y Quiz Recital Hadcn> Family Dental Society Curt Ray Newi Trnvclng Guiding Light Ed Wllion Personality Time Records Plain Bill :1S Farrell .•30 Lorenzo Jane* :4.1 Hits & Encores Ed Banner News Chamber Music The Song Shop News; O'Brien Children's Albumn Curt Ray FaUma Romary .. Open Bible Lee Adam* ' Serenade News, Records Ed Wilson News Dance Ttm» Souvenirs Melody New» Teen Tim* Tunei TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 WEDNESDAY S 00 P M.-Wrnnclrr's Club R:IS P M.—Space Carieti 3:30 P. M.—Sportsvlew Weather .1:4.1 P M.—I N S Telenews 6:00 P M.—Kukla. Fran. Ollle r,:13 P. M.—IDottye Bennett «::tn P M.—Those Twn «:4» P M.—News Caravan 7:00 P M Kate Smith H 00 P M —Television Theater !>:00 P. M—Pantomlne Quiz !i.:M) P. M —The Big Picture 10:00 P M.—Arthur Godfrey 11:00 P M —T V Theater THURSDAY 7:00 A. M.—Dnve Gnrrnwny fl:00 A. M.—Lnngford-Arnec'he Show 9:15 A. M.—Arthur Godfrey 0:30 A. M.—Steve Allen Show 9:49 A. M.—1st 100 years 10:00 A. M.—Garry Moore 10::)0 A. M.—Strike It Rich 11:00 A. M.—The Egg and t. • 11:15 A M.—Love ol Life 11:30 A. M.—Search For Tomorrow 11:45 A M.—To the Ladles ScvertB 1:00 P M.—Garry Moor* 1:15 P M.—Homemaklng 2:00 P M.—Big Payoff 2:30 P M — Bill Goodwin 3:00 P M.—Kate Smith 4:00 P M.—Hawkins Fall! 4:15 P M.—Russ David 4:30 P M.—Howdy Doody OH - YOU POOR DEAR ' YOU TRICKED }/, AAE - HENRY ' S / . >DU'RE ^ C FIRED.V EMPLOYMENT AGENCY HERE >ou REPORT TO ' THIS ADDRESS. 1 C \Ilf\IV\L Bf| nick fin ner "No, the boss didn't seem surprised at me quitting• fact, he knew it before I did!" -in Ye»»el of Death JAKARTA, Indonesia /P -Reports from Hie remote island of Flores lolls of the discovery of a "ni>'- -stonous \essel-of-deaih". Local authorities recently set out by mokniaunrh 10 investigate stories about a boat which cruised aimlessly along the east coast of Flores. I Naturalization Application* Klse i SINGAPORE" .V The Singapore government has been swamped by 109 applications for naturalization since relaxation of the English language qualification by Colonial 'Secretary Oliver Lyttleton. Circus Days Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1 Circus house 7 Main attraction at the circvu 15 Spanish weight 14 Abrogate 15 for a circus are planned in advance 16 Handled 17 Leg joint 18 Containers 20 Knock 21 Lampreys 22 Indian 23 Circus wild animals are up 24 Many circuses use these for transportation (ab.) ^5 Exist 26 Saucy 27 Steamship (ab.) 28 Circusej have performers 29 Distress signal 30 Possessive pronoun 31 Devotee 32 Deadhead Ub.) 34 Edges 36 Orange or lemon, it's popular at the circus 37 God (Latin) 38 Rebel* (toll.) 39 Pastry 40 Bristle 41 Night before 42 Rodent* 4'' > "'-niplr»r 44 Every circus has artisti 46 Baseball four* baggers 48 King's scion 49 Citrus fruit 50 Perched 51 Circuses over t£e world VERTICAL 1 You hear these at the circus 2 Pressers 3 Disables 4 Carries (coll.) 5 Order of British Empire (ab.) 6 Grasslands 7 Lifting device 8 Camera's eye 9 Italian goddess 10 One who has on 11 Floating 12 Slumbered 19 Follower 23 Nuisance 25 Deeds 26 Sit for a portrait 28 Intentions 29 Every circus has one — 32 Cleanse 33 More grating 34 Venerate 35 Parish in Louisiana 36 River islet 37 Rely 38 Harvests 39 Whitened 40 Rain tree 42 Contest of speed 45 Interest (ab.) 47 British mone; of account Chile is busy buying new ships. I No amphibians live in the sea.

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