Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on July 3, 1951 · Page 9
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 9

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1951
Page 9
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TUESDAY JULY 3, 1951 THE REGISTER NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS LITTLE EGYPT NEWS IN BRIEF By Ms»«l*1td Pr«i» BROOKPORT — The four taverns in this Ohio river town •m closed yesterday when the city council, in a surprise move to produce additional city revenue, hiked the cost of their liquor licenses from $600 to $1,000 annually. HURST —Marsha Lynn Childers, 19 months old, of Hurst died last night of head injuries suffered when struck hy a car. Illinois State Patrolman Clarence McClatchey said a cai driven by Maurice Meyers, Hurst garage operator, hit the child Monday a. morning on a highway. He was * not charged. NASHVILLE —Friends planning gifts for Mrs. Ida Anderson's 100th birthday were asked by her today to give the money to the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis instead. Mrs. Anderson, who will observe her 100th birthday Friday, July 13, doesn't pay much attention to her diet. She enjoys radio and movies. She was born at rlillsdalc, N. Y. I A brother was a Union soldier in the Civil War. A son served in World War One and four grandsons were in World War Two. She has no immediate relatives in Korea. CARBOND ALE— Southern Illinois University said today'Gover­ nor Stevenson has been asked to •peak at a Nov. 16 opening of its training school building. It is part of a $7,100,000 campus build- hg program. MURPHYSBORO — Clyde Asbury of Chester was elevated to tommander of the American Legion's 25th Illinois District in a Week end convention. Ted Catanzaro of Du Quoin was advanced to senior vice commander. HERRIN — Charles Wilson of Berwyn was admitted to the Herrin hospital yesterday with a broken, neck which the hospital said showed up in X-rays four days I after Wilson was injured in the wreck of the Meadlowlark passenger train. Two persons Were killed when the Chiacgo and Eastern Illinois railroad train left its rails. First home of rhe Declaration of Independence, signed by 56- patriots from the 13 original States of the Union, was in Independence Hall, Philadelphia.* In December, 1776, British troops batHed General Washington's troops back across the Delaware. Farced to flee Philadelphia, members of the Continental Congress used a light wagon to transport the document and other precious papers to the safety of Baltimore. Returned to Philadelphia in 1778, the Declaration's next trip was made in 1783, when angry Colonial soldiers, clamoring for their pay, marched o* the State House with fixed bayonets. The lawmakers fled, with the Declaration, to Princeton, N. J. A silent witness of historic assemblies at Annapolis, M<i., and Trenton, N. J., the charter of liberties accompanied the 'Continental Congress to New York in 1785. There the first U. S. Congress was formed and the Declaration given to President Washington. The document suffered its next narrow escape in the War af 1812. At the British laid siege to Washington, by now the nation's capital, Gen. Vincent Pleasonton had the government's papers wrapped in linen and placed* into carts which were hidden overnight in .an abandoned grist mill i Georgetown, Vo. Returned to Washington, the defiant document by which the Union had severed its allegiance to Britain was housed in several buildings—longest in the supposedly fireproof Patent Office Building where it hung for 35 years, exposed to light that made it _ fade badly. In 1877, fire destroyed, the Patent Office. Fortunately, the precious paper, which had just been brought back from Philadelphia's Centennial Exposition, was, at that time, on exhibition at the library of the State, War and Navy Departments. For the next 27 years, the parchment was kept in a steel safe. In 1921, by order of the President, it was placed on public view in a permanent shrine) in the Library of Congress. Independence Declaration Has Had Many Escapes As America celebrates the 175th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, few Americans realize the exciting, thrill-packed life the great document has led. Homeless for the first 101 years of its life, it had narrow escapes from "clangers of invasion from without and convulsions within." It survived journeys to 10 cities in five states as well as two wars on American soil. Above are illustrated some of the adventures the Declaration experienced in it drama-packed history. LEGAL NOTICES TAX PURCHASER'S NOTICE STATE OF ILLINOIS ) COUNTY OF JEFFERSON) TO: Persona In possession or occupancy of the premises hereinafter desrjMbed; to assessee npalnst whom the taxes hereinafter describen were assessed; to owners of or parties interested In said property; and to trustees or mortgagees of record; and to unknown owners and parties interested. TAKE NOTICE: That at a sale of lands and lots for general taxes duly made In the County and State aforesaid, A. ,C. Burke purchased on the 10th day of October. A. D. 1949. 3 BE SE Sec. 9, Town 2. Rnngre 4 a. of 3rd P. M., 40 acres, assessed in the name of A. M. Jackson, Webber Twp. SW 8W ex 1 A. NE Cor. Sec. 8. Town 3, Range 2, S. of 3rd P. M., 39 acres, assessed in the name of Sarah Rig-htnowar, McClellan Twp, 8E 8W Bee. 22. Town 3. Range 2, 40 acres, assessed in the name of A. J. Ford. McClellan Twp. SW 8E Sec. 4, Town 1. Rang-e 1, 40 acres assessed in the name of William T. Kell, Grand Prairie Twp. W% NE NW Sec. 27, Town 1, Range 2, 20 acres, assessed In the name of Chas. True, Rome Twp. N % NW SE Sec. 31, Town 1, Range 2, 20 acres, assessed in the name of Rueben Anderson, Rome Twp. SV4 SW SE Sec. 31. Town 1, Range I. 20.S" acres, assessed in the name of Jesse Lane, Rome Twp. NE SE ex 1 A. Church and ex. NE Cor. Sec. 30, Town 1, Range 1, 37 acres, assessed in the name of Ida C. Adams. Farrington Twp. 1 A SW Cor. SW SE 178% ft. N and S by 33 rds. 11 1-3 ft. E and W, Sec. 18. Town 2, Range 1 1 acre (Mt. Vernon Twp. i. assessed in the name of Zelbert Taylor, Lot 532, City Park Add (Mt. Vernon Twp.), assessed in the name of Wayne Jackson. Lot S34, City Park Add (Mt. Vernon Twp.). assessed in the name of J H. Rackaway. Lot 744, City Park Add (Mt. Vernon Twp.), assessed in the name of Paul Plgg. All of the above situated In said County and State, for the delinquent taxes levied and assessed thereon for the vear 1948. The time of redemption from said certificate of purchase will expire on the inth day of October. A. D. 1951. Redemption may also be made after the expiration of said last mentioned date at any time up to date a tax deed Is issued upon said certificate of purchase in the manner as prnvlrted for in Section 263 of the Revenue Act of 1939 as amended. A. C. BURKE. Mt. Vernon. 111., R. 7. Redemption should be made at the office of the County Clerk. 7-3 TAX PURCHASER'S NOTICE TO: Kirby „ Smith; unknown heirs or devisees of Kirby Smith, deceased, and unknown owners. You are hereby notified that'a tax sale of real estate made by the County Treasurer of Jefferson County, Illinois, in the Court House in the Town of Mt. Vernon, in the County of Jefferson, and State of Illinois, on the 10th day of October, 1949, William H. Grahlher purchased the following described real estate, situated in said County and State: The West half of the Southeast half or the Northeast quarter and the West half of the Northeast quarter of Section 35 Town Four South, Range Two East of the Third Principal Meridian situated in the County of Jefferson and State of Illinois, containing One-Hundred acres more or less. 1 That the said premises were taxed in the name of Kirby Smith and sold for the payment of taxes assessed against the premises for the years 1938 to 1949 inclusive; that the time allowed by law for the redemption of said real estate will expire on the 10th day of October, A. D., 1951. WILLIAM H. GRAHLHER, 7-5 Purchaser TAX PURCHASER'S NOTICE TO: Crete Clark, John C. Clark, Carroll E. ClaTk, Mamie C. Irwin, Floy Hyre, Olive Ellis and parties interested in the Southwest Quarter (SW&) of the Northwest Quarter (NW%) of Section twenty-one (21) Township One (1) South, Range four (4) East of the Third Principal Meridian, Jefferson County, Illinois. You are hereby notified that at a sale of real estate made by the County Treasurer of Jefferson County, Illinois at the Court House in the City of Mt. Vernon, County of Jefferson and State of Illinois, on the 10th day of October, A. D. 1949, Noah H. Irwin, of Johnsonville, Illinois, purchased the following described real estate: The Southwest Quarter (SW l 4) of the Northwest Quarter (NWVi) of Section twenty-one (21) Township One (1) South Range four (4) East of the Third Principal Meridian, Jefferson County, Illinois and that said land was taxed in the name of J. E. Clark. That the said sale, of the said above described real*estate situated in the County of Jefferson and State of Illinois was made for general taxes, interest, penalties and cost due and unpaid thereon for the year, A. D. 1948. And that the time allowed by law for redemption of the said real estate will expire on the 10th day of October A. D 1.951. 7-11 NOAH H. IRWIN. 1VOTICE OF CLAIM DAY Notice Is hereby given to all persons that Monday, August 6th, 1951. ts the claim date in the estate of Lydla Llvanos. Deceased, pending in the County Court of Jefferson County, Illinois, and that ojaims may he filed against the said estate on or before said date w'lthout Issuance of summons. EMANUEL G. LIVANOS. Executor. HASSAKIS & ECKER. JOHN A. KIRK Attorneys for Executor, Mt. Vernon, Illinois. T-S PUBLICATION NOTICE In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois. OPAL RAMSEY, Plaintiff vs. KENNETH RAMSEY, Defendant—Complaint for Divorce. No. 51-2100. You, Kenneth Ramsey, will take notice that on the 2nd day of July A. D. 1951 a complaint for Divorce was filed against you in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois, to be held in Mt. Vernon, in said County; to which complaint you must answer or otherwise make your appearance on or before the 8th day of August A. D. 1951, the return date, or default will be entered against you. (SEAL) HARLEY V. WARREN, Circuit Clerk Joe Frank Allen, Attorney for Plaintiff Mt. Vernon City Bldg., Mt. Vernon, Illinois. 7-17 TAX PURCHASER'S NOTICE TO: Kirby "Smith; unknown heirs or devisees of Kirby Smith, deceased, and unknown owners. You are hereby notified that a tax sale of real estate made by the County Treasurer of Jefferson County, Illinois, in the Court House in the Town of Mt. Vernon, County of Jefferson, and State of Illinois, on the 10th day of October, 1949, Dan Morgan purchased the following described real estate, situated in said County and state: The East third of the North three-quarters of the Northeast quarter of the Northwest quarter of Section thirty-five (35), Town four (4) South, Range Two (2) East of the Third Principal Meridian, situated in the County of Jefferson and State of Illinois. That the said premises were taxed in the name of Kirby Smith and sold for the payment of taxes assessed against the premises for the years 1938 to 1949 inclusive; that the time allowed by law for the redemption of said real estate will expire on the 10th day of October, A. D„ 1951. DAN MORGAN. 7-7 Purchaser HOME FOR SALE, TRADE OR LONG LEASE-BY OWNER 227 S. 18th Formerly Dr. Williamson Home — 7 rooms, 3 bedrooms, large closets in each room, carpeted throughout upstairs and down. Hot water heater, stoker, hot water heat, 1% baths. Kitchen completely remodeled throughout. Venetian Blinds and awnings (new) throughout, curtains. Best buy in Mt. Vernon ... In stones throw of Field and Jr. High School. See Troy Hawkins 205 N. 14th—Ph. 735 BEN E. SMITH Office 1744 V. H. QUIGLEY W. .N. CURLESS SALESMEN 815 Sonth Iftth Stwt 5 Rooms, modern except heat, newly decorated, south—13900. Easy terms. 8 Room duplex, modern except heat, west location—$6500. $500 down, balance like rent. 12 Room apartment house, furnished; income $90 month. Can tM bought on easy terms. 6 Rooms, two lots, priced to sell. In Waltonville. 6 Room duplex, modern except heat—$300 down. West location. 5 Rooms, northeast location; modern except heat, double garage, tool house, close to new Franklin school. 5 Rooms, water, lights, 605 Bell street. Can be bought on terms. 4 Rooms, modern except heat, west location; $600 down—total price $5000. 4 Room house, modern except heat, west location, good terms. Price $4750—a good buy. 4 Room new house, Insulated rockwool, two lots, glassed-in backporch, water in house—$4250. Located in Bonnie. Farms—5, 7, 8, 10, 30, 40, 80, 180, 300 acres. LISTINGS WANTED—FARM and CITY PROPERTY Beautiful 8 room modern duplex in west part. Suitable for two .apartments; 2 baths, basement, furnace, cottage- in rear—good Income property. Would trade for small property. JULIA RUTHERFORD — REAL ESTATE Phone 400 1011 Main St. Res. 48 JOE P. BOYLE & GEORGE M. COX REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE Harvey Williamson - Don Thomas, Salesmen 1009 Main St. — Phone 3150 %-section of land, fair improvements, mostly high rich bottom soil, % of land limed, 1/8 mineral rights, Blissvilie township. Priced so two years crops will pay for same. 5 Room strictly modern suburban home; 1 acre of land, Summersville school. See this one if you want something nice—priced below today's building costs. New 4 room bungalow, modern except heat, 10 acres of land, I miles out. 4% acres, 5 room house, close in, all weather road—$1000 down. New 4 room bungalow, modern except heat, attached garage, near. 26th street, west Broadway. 10 Acres, 4 room house, cabinets, good fence, chicken house, southwest, near Route 148, Priced under $3000. New 4 room modern bungalow, suburban, city water—$5000. Terms. ____________ « 5 Rooms, modern, Logan street, near 24th street. A nice home—GI financed. < Rooms, bath, nicelv decorated, shady yard, excellent north location —Bargain, $3700. Vogeler Says Reds Will Still Kidnap Yanks GRAND LAKE, Colo., July 3 — Communist satellite countries will continue kidnaping American na tionals and holding them for ransom until the United States takes a firm stand, says Rqbert Vogeler. Vogeler is recuperating here from his stay in a Communist prison in Hungary. He pleaded guilty to espionage charges there, and repudiated nis confession when released. Commenting on the guilty plea of AP Correspondent William N. Oatis to Czech spv charges in Prague yesterday, Vogeler said, "the confession was forced." "As long as we don't take a firm stand in these gangster kid- napings, we shall have more and more and more," he told a reporter. "We won't tolerate them here: Why should we do so on an international basis? They snatch an American citizen and hold him prisoner until our State Department coughs up a ransom, or grants *ome condition the satellite country can't get by negotiation." By letting "the Reds walk all over us," Vogeler said, the United States is losing face with the] smaller countries. "We are much too tolerant. I say we should respond with re- Seize Slots in E. Moline Clubs •y AneeUtfd Prtis • EAST MOLINE, 111.. July 3 — Clubrooms of two East Moline organizations were raided by authorities yesterday and four slot machines were seized at the American Legion clubrooms. Deputy sheriffs and police also raided the East Moline Eagles' clubrooms but no slot machines were found there. State's Attorney Bernard J. Moran said a study of records at the internal collector's office in Chicago showed federal tax stamps for the coin machines had been issued to the two clubs. He then ordered the raids. Tax stamps, he said, also were Issued to the Silvis Veterans Association where six slots were seized recently, and to the Rock Island Arsenal Golf Club, over which local authorities have no jurisdiction. taliatory measures. This game can be played by both sides." He predicted that the Czechs would give Oatis "their 15-year sentence, which amounts to life in that country. "Then they will begin negotiating with the State Department for some ransom for his release. Can't Washington see that this will go on and on if it isn't met?" LeRoy Simmons Post 952, American Legion, wishes to express appreciation to everyone who helped to make our popularity contest and dance a great success. C. E. SPRINKLES, Chairman Entertainment Committee SMALL ACREAGE $500.00 Down, Balance juit like rent — Practically new house on all weather road, close in, East. Call 3263 $350.00 Down—Balance monthly with interest included. Good lot, small home, well built. Lights and Call 3263 t Bedroom, practically new ranch-type, all modern home; hardwood floors, beautiful cabinets, breeseway, garage attached. Se« as about this nice spacious suburban home. New all modern 4 room bungalow—only 9000. Pay $1000 down and move in. West. All modern 4 room brick, new hardwood floors, nice kitchen cabinets, oil heat—west. 5 Room modern borne, newly decorated, Inside and out; has basement stoker, close in on paved street. 7 Rooms, modern except heat, newly decorated, on South 12 street; corner lot, small down payment, pay balance like rent. Nice 4 room house and large shop—on Waltonville Road. Income property on South 34th, modern, 4 apartments, furnished, Very good income. S Room home; 1400 down. Just move In and pay as you live. We have some nice homes In Oak Grove and Meadowbrook addition. Call us for details. We have several farms, small acreage and up; some unimproved. Call us for Information. LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITH VS FOR QUICK RESULTS 309 S. 10th & HENSON Real Estate Brokers Phone 3622 HENSON Phone 3149-J BOB HARVEY, Broker HAROLD E. CHAMBLISS, Salesman HINDMAN Phone 4035 See this well constructed 5 room; kardwood fl«o". ,w» nt - ta . bath ' modern kitchen, plaster walls, insulated, full lot, 1821 Forrest Ave. $1000 down—only 15500, Beautiful 5 room modern ranch style, long living room, hardwood floors, modern bath, and kitchen, den, breeseway, garage. New S room efficiency, hardwood floors, built-in bath and kitchen eablnets, gas heat—northwest. > rooms, modern except heat, garage, 1213 Jones street. Very attractive 5 rooms, modern, hardwood floors, built-in bath, modern kitchen, plaster walls, oil heat, sun room, garage, west—only $7850. Nice 5 room efficiency, built-in bath, modern kitchen, hardwood floors, full basement, furnace, garage, west—$7900. 5 rooms, all modern, garage, plot 125x165, elose In Fairfield road— $6850. Nice 5 rooms, strictly modern, garage, No. 1 Shaw's Garden, 9 room modern duplex, garage, north—only $8750. New 5 rooms, hardwood floors, built-in bath, modern kitchen, fireplace, full basement, west edge of city. Prewar 5 rooms, all modern, 2 car garage, 916 South 21st street. New 4 rooms, plaster walls, built-in cabinets, garage, Holts addition—only $3150. $600 down, $30 a month buys 4 rooms, lights, water—Westcott street. A. HAROLD WILLIAMS LOGAN C. RICHARDSON "YOUR RELIABLE REAL ESTATE DEALERS" 115 South 10th Street, Room B — Telephone 251-755 SEE US FOR THE FINEST SELECTION Of WEAL ESTATE L. L. PHEMISTER REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 1007 Main — Tel. 187 1.—Business location on Salem Road; 150-ft frontage, city water, 5 room house, basement and furnace on south 50 feet of prof* erty. It's worth the money. 2.—Five acre farm with city water and seven room modern home; some building sites could be sold off the back side. Price reduced to $10,500. 3.—Very liveable two bedroom home, oil heat, modern kitchen and bath, utility room, located Meadowbrook Road—price $7000. 4.—Five room modern home; I acres ground, on Fairfield Road. 5.—Duplex, with private baths, 4 room unit and a 5 room unit, good location—price $12,500. 6.—Vacant lot on Stanley Avenue; city water, 50x200 feet, nice shade. 7.—Invest $4000 in a contract for deed, at 6 percent interest. 8.—$1500 down, $65 a month payment buys attractive new t bed* room home on Mannen street—price $10,500. IWil i*. Murphy REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Marv«n L. JV^ce - Frank Hopkins Salesmen GLENN MURPHY. Broker 1118 Main St. —Phone 217 1.—New 4 room modern ranch type home; hardwood floors, modern kitchen and bathroom, utility room with oil furnace, electric water heater stationary wash tubs, west part. 2.—4 room modern ranch type home, hardwood floors, built-in cabinets and bath, utility room, oil furnace, electric water heater, attached garage, newly decorated. 3.—Good 6 room house, modern except heat, built-in cabinets, built-in bath, 2 car garage, 2 lots. 4.—5 room modern bungalow, cabinet sink, bath, full basement, pip* furnace, corner lot—west part. 5.— i room bungalow, modern except heat, also 2 room cottage on same lot—South 18th street. 6.—8 acres, 5 room bungalow, built-in cabinets, water system, wired for electric stove, closed in porch, close in east. 7.—5 room bungalow, electricity, garage, t lots—North 10th street. 8.—Lot 100x190 ft, Old Union road; lot 50x150 ft., South 20th street; lot 50x150 ft., George street. 9.—4 acres, with 225 feet frontage on highway. Waltonville Road. 10.—10 Acres, ideal building site, located Just off Waltonville road. L0» >* CITY HOMES W <r;ARMS ^BUSINESS LEASES NEW LOCATION TENTH & HARRISON — Same Phones 62-789 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE "FREE PARKING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS" A RARE BARGAIN Only $1000 down, balance like rent buys 5 room modern home, 15*1 Lamar; hardwood floors, built-in cabinets, built-in bath, gas heat, Insulated. This is the home that you have been loosing for. Owners leaving city. 5 Room modern ranch-type home; close in Waltonville Road, 1 acre of ground, attached garage, hardwood floors, built-in cabinets, built-in bath, oil furnace, nicely landscaped. Can be purchased for only $100j down, balance like rent or would exchange for Mt. Vernon property. $1000 Down, balance less than rent purchases duplex consisting of 2 5-room apartments, hardwood floors, built-in cabinets, private baths, separate heating systems and basements, near Logan Street Baptist church. Owner leaving city, will sacrifice. 6 Room modern bungalow, 3 bedrooms, all on one floor, full basement, oil heat, corner lot, GI financed. Only $8950—easy terms. 5 Room modern bungalow, automatic heat, nice shade, newly dee- orated, an ideal home at 720 Park Avenue. Priced to sell or would exchange for property on the west side. The "Webb" apartment house, northeast corner of 15th and Casey consisting of 5 apartments, with private baths, hot water heat, furnished, income between $200 and $300 per month. A real investment. Out of town heirs have ordered this property sold immediately. Beautiful 5 room modern bungalow, 2 acres of ground, east hard road, every modern convenience, abundance of shade and fruit, nice outbuildings. The home that you have dreamed of. Only $8250. Already financed at 4 percent interest. 4 Rooms, mode/n except heat, utility room, steel cabinets, full lot, 2410 College—will sacrifice. $300 down, balance $25 per month buys 5 room home; modern except heat, full lot, close to Car Company, Wagner Electric and Jefferson Memorial Hospital. Why rent? $500 down, balance like rent buys two new homes, 1 2-room home; 1 3-room home, near Shoe Factory. GRAB this before it la too late. 5 Room efficiency modern bungalow, new addition, Waltonville Road, built in cabinets, built in bath, oil heat. Only $4950—$500 down balance like rent. 6 Room modern colonial bungalow, close in north, full basement, hardwood floors, built in cabinets, built in bath. 1 acre of ground. Personal reasons necessitates the owner selling property. Beautiful home with 2 apartments upstairs, newly decorated inside and out. Income $100 per month besides downstairs living quarters. Reasonable down payment, balance easy monthly payments. A home and an Investment that will pay for itself. $1000 down, balance like rent buys new 5 room bungalow, stairway to unfinished upstairs, hardwood floors, built-in cabinets, built- in bath, niee lot. Wonderful location west side. $500 down, balance like rent buys 5 room efficiency home; Meadowbrook Addition, located In the Summersville school district- only $3650. Coniuh o Real I$tote Specialist who knows OIHJ wM hai had over twenty year* of luccettful experience- We will make you a CASH OFFER for year home or terefc. <i

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