The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on September 20, 2002 · Page 33
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 33

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 2002
Page 33
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THURSDAY EVENING Cable Conversion Chart on page 16 3:30 4:00 I 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 | 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 SEPTEMBER 26,2002 BROADCAST STATIONS , KSNfNBC weakest Link O G .:00) Martha Stewart Living (Vho Wants to Be a Mil- ionaire A Who Wants to Be a Mil- Ionaire A NBC Nightly News® wWS Wheel of : ortune (N) S Friends A Scrubs "My Overkill" A WIII& Grace A Good Mom- Miami 'A 9 '' _. "Chaos Theory 1 (Season Premiere) (N) A H News (:35) Tonight Show Actors Jennifer Love Hewitt and Donnle Wahlberg. |:37) Late Night Joe Pan- ollano, Coldplay. (N) A ':36) Ust banA m KSHB/NBC Weakest Link A 11 NBC Nit News! Access Hoi- ywood m Friends A Scrubs "My Overkill" A WIII& Grace A Good Morning, Miami ER "Chaos Theory" (Season Premiere) (N) A H KSAS/FOX Hughteys SalTy has her provement baby. Home Im- prm f\\ Roseanne AH Simpsons AS KMGH/ABC (:00) One Life to Live AH Who Wants to Be a Millionaire A Jeopardy! Oprah Winfrey! Liberty's Kids (N) A Mama Fiona (:35) Tonight Show Actors Jennifer Love Hewitt and Donnle Wahlberg. :37) Late Night Joe Pan- bliano, Coldplay. (N) A :36)Ust ball AH Just Shoot Me "Nina oBGS nSu Will* Grace A Frasler •Hui Heai inmL art" A That 70s Show A Wheel of |Push, Nevada "((TV) A News Push, Nevada (iTV) Jim gets a tattoo and the name of a killer. (N) A Primetlme Thursday S3 News OS Spin City "Striptea A se" Cops "Arizona" A E 1:35) Night- line® Cops "Albuquerque" A (12:06)Up Close HI (:37) Inside Edition (N) KOOD/PBS Between the Arthur A Lions A (El) 'EI)U lews) Newshour With Jim LehrerH As Time Goes By A Civil War "War Is All Hell: 1865/The Better Angels of Our Nature: 1865" A H Oprah Winfrey H When the Forest Ran Red® Keeping Up Appearances Nightly I ness I port(N) 7TW (Off Air) KBS/CBS :00) Life Moments (N)H News A (:00) Dr. Phil Judge Judy ry; (N) A CBS Eve- ningNews All News A Friends A H Survivor. Thailand "The Great Divide" (N) A ffl ABC World News Tonight H CSI: Crime Scene Investi-IWlthout a Trace "Pilot" gallon "Revenge Is Best served Cold" W (Series Premiere) (N) A 1 News A [:3S) Late Show Johnny Knoxville; a performance from "Hairspray." (N) A (:37) Late Late Show Tony Danza,Kelli Williams. (N) A H KAKE/ABC Forgery; theft. (N) Jackie Chan Adventures (4:59) News News 1] Yu-GI-Oh! A (Part 1 of 4)11 Dharma & Greg A ffi Entertainment Tonight (N) A Push, Nevada The Black Box" (iTV) All Push, Nevada (iTV) Jim gets a tattoo and the name of a killer. (N) A Primetlme Thursday U News® (.37) Seinfeld "The Chaperon" '12:08) Paid Program (:3B) Holly wood Squares (N) KWCV/WB Pokemon AII Rlckl Lake m M'A'S'H H Family Affair (N) A Do Over(N) AH Jamie Kennedy Ex Off Centre The Cock- periment(N) [fight" (N) Dharma & Greg A H Cheers A M'A'S'H H Cheers A Blind Date Elimldate Changed Heart IS 5th Wheel CABLE STATIONS A&E Murder, She I Murder, She Wrote A HlTheView A I Wrote Real Story The divorce process. H Biography "Rock Hudson: Acting the Part" ... J ...L**r'a-i i i'R'iL. 1 - 1 Biography "Doris Day: It's Magic* Interviews and film clips help explore the life ol actress Doris ~ W.J' ('."•Mi*'Jim-' .U..'.iilM"|l. i'.!'B''BLL..I"J» Li . Jii'.IIJ'llL.tJ'J'.'J [Third Watch "32 Bullets and a Broken Heart" A [Biography "Rock Hudson: [Acting the Part" "Doris Day: It's AMC Backstory Cinema Secrets H News With Brian Williams Kudlow & Cramer H m i Brian Williams CNBC :00) Clos- ng_Bell Business Center U Capital Report H News With Brian Williams U Kudlow & Cramer S3 CNN :00) Inside Politics Wolf Blitzer Reports H Moneyline 1] Crossfire H Connie Chung Tonight Larry King Live H Late Night Jackie Chan, Mario Thomas. (N) M ***\Cheech&C| rfV)Cneech'Mann; Newsnight With Aaron Brown m Connie Moneyline Larry King Live Daily Show Newsnight With Aaron Brown COM Beat the Geeks Boy Meets World Daily Show Seinfeld A birth control crisis for Elaine. M South Park As Seen on TV(N) Stephen Colbert So Weird The River" Saturdi Singer Dolly Live Ion. A Smart Guy DISN loyd in ipace Smart Guy Sister, Sister ED Even Stevens S3 Sister. Sis- iterBl Lizzie McGuir'e Even Stevens H Sister. Sister S3 Boy Meets World Lizzie McGuire Jett Jackson Boy Meets World E! :00) Versace: The El True Hollywood itory A 11 Fashion Week El News (N) Saturday Night Live Jon Stewart, India.Arie. (N) Three's Company: The El True Hollywood Story Ex- amlnes the hit sitcom of the 1980s. A H TV Tales Behind the scenes of "Night Court." Howard Stern Howard Stern tana Nicole Anna Nicole Saturday Night Live A IB ESPN :00) PGA Golf Texas Open -- First tound.(Live)H- Sportscenter El College Football Florida State at Louisville. (Live) SB Sportscenter OS Baseball Tonight (N) SB Sportscenter SB ESPN2 Outdoor Outfitters Almanac Pardon the Interruption Auto Racing RPM 2Nlght (N)® NFL2Nlght (N)H Major League Soccer Playoff Game -Teams to Be Announced. (Live) 10 Karate: ISKA Baseball Tonight (N) SI Mohr Sports (N) Pardon the Interruption Tony Hawk's Gigantic •JkaleparkTour(N) NFL2NlgM 11 RPM 2Night FAM Braceface At® S Club 7 A Two of a Kind IS Home Videos Home Videos 7th Heaven A 11 Whose Line? Whose Line? 700 Club D Caroline Rhea Show II Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program FOX rapper .John, M.D. Big Valley The Invaders" Fall Guy That's Right, We're Bad" Knight Rider Trust Doesn't Rust" Fox Smith LAPD'.LIIe on the Beat LAPD: Life on the Beat Sexwars We the Jury FS ieyond the lory Off the Wall (N) You Gotta See This! You Gotta See This! Totally NASCAR Cardinals Tonight Major League Baseball Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals. From Busch Stadium in St. Louis. (Subject to Blackout) (Live) Sports Report Last Word Best Damn Sports Show Period FX M'A'S'H Cowboy" X-Files Tooms" A (Ml X-Files "Born Again" A U Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Witch" A Married.. With Married... With Shield "Dawg Days" H **,Sples Like Us (1985, Chaw Chase, Donna ' FXM ) ***H valftG'lenh ,;The Secret Life of an American Wife ' 'fl' ':01) **K Justine (1969-Adventure) Anouk Almee, !)lrkBogardB.'R6bertForsler.'R' ,. t .-' H&G : rom Marha's Home \wesome nteriors If Walls Could Surprise Gardener Rebecca's Garden This Old House A Curb Ao- Landscapers Weekend Warriors Designing- Sexs Designers' Challenge House Hunters House Hunters Landscapers Weekend Warriors Designing- Sexs Designers' Challenge House Hunters House Hunters HALL Bewitched Facts of Life Facts of Life A A Life Moments A I )r. Quinn, Medicine Woman SB Touched by an Angel The Perfect Game" A Dr. Quinn. Medicine Woman A S3 Touched by an Angel The Perfect Game" A FalfestofThemAllflCj HIST Wrath of GodEB n Search Of... Haunted History Circus Freaks and Sideshows 1] yiodern Marvels Secrets of the Ancient World 11 Men Who Killed Kennedy Modern Marvels H M History's Mysteries H Secrets of the Ancient World S3 Men Who Killed Kennedy LIFE Shattered,;; Mad About YouH Golden Girls H Golden Girls m ntimate Portrait "Bo Derek" Bo Derek. A [ Unsolved Mysteries A Golden Girls H Golden Girls H Mad About ,You[B Mad About You®] MTV Wannabes Brandy. (N) Dismissed (N) A I Bet You Will (N) A Diary A MTV Special A Direct Effect A Ultra Sound A Prime Time Players A MTV Special A MTV Special A Dismissed A I Bet You Will A All Things Rock A Rock & Roll MTV After Hours A NICK Hey Arnoldl A Spongebob Sq. Spongebob Sq. Rocket Power A Rocket Power A rley Arnoldl Football. A SCI :00) Outer Limits A Babylon 5 "Objects in Motion" AH Star Trek "Patterns of Force" A H Rugrats A 11 Spongebob Sq. As Told by Ginger A Klds-Darnd-lKids-Darnd. est lest Night Visions "Hate Puppet/Darkness" A 52 Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? A H Cosby ShowH Cosby ShowH Cheers A Cheers A Cosby Show SB TBS Drew Carey A® Home Im- Home Improvement | provement TDC Perfect Partner Storm Warning! "Power of Storms' H DrewJJarey (Friends A Wolverine TW endangered wolverine. Major League Baseball Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies. From Veterans Sta-l dium In Philadelphia. (Live) H Lethal and Dangerous: Venomous Snakes Ocean Mysteries: Unseen Forces H Into the Death Zone "Deep Sea Dangers' Crossing . Over Crossing Over Twilight Zoned Cosby ShowH light ZoneH All In the Family A All In the FamllyA Lexx The Game" A I Ocean Mysteries: Fury In the Abyss H Ocean Mysteries: Unseen Forces El Into the Death Zone "Deep Sea Dangers' Ocean Mys the Abyss SB s: Fury in TLC Spaces :00) Trading Home Again Home Again Police Force "Gangland" Superskwths: Son of Sam SB Metal Monsters TNN (:00) Bay- watch A V.I.P."K-Val"(N) AH Mad TV A TNT (:00) Pretender A Charmed That 70s Episode'(N) njS_ Mad TV A Real TV m Pretender "Bulletproof A TV A iRealTV A Im- Derailed: America's Worst Train Wrecks Without Warning Plane, car and boat accidents. Metal Monsters Derailed: America's Worst Train Wrecks TOOND Teamo Supremo A Goot Troop 1101 Dalma- A H Itians iue ITimon* Rangers Pumbaa A (:00) Curious World Adventure Bound "Out- backtoWinnlninnle' ilker, Texas Ranger The Neighborhood^ A Treasure Hunters Law & Order "Savior" (N) AH Vacation Video House of Mouse A High-Class Haunts S3 Star Trek: The Next Generation A H Law & Order "Deceit-(N) D. Supremo A [Space A Ultimate Ten Hotels (N) IStar Trek: The Next aGetwation A I I Law & Order" V.I.P."K-Val"A ilDoug I Walker, Texas Ranger "Heart of the Dragon" aunted Hotels: Where I Phantoms Lurk tries JAG "Ares" A U ICouldi iMonkT 1 Hotels: If Walls PetH Ult Pumbaa A Monk "Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation"!] Without Warning Plane, car and boat accidents, Baywatch A" . Duck Haunted Hotels: V Phantoms Lurk Nash Bridges "Smash andGrab'AH mtod Could Martin Living Single Efl Al PREMIUM STATIONS HBO MAX SHOW TMC, Illnside the NFL (N) A H I (:45)Tuxe- |Real Sex 23 An erotic (Inside the NFL A H do: First dance company; a pleasur- |Look(N) able Paris sex club. |(:15) Street Time "Ran- |dom Acr (iTV) A H ;om- (:35)Love sing Street (ITV) Situations A

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