Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 10, 1942 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1942
Page 2
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, H6M ft At, H6ff, ARKANSAS fiieicfdy, Fobfuofy 10, 1942 i, Robber ixchange Shots Both Wounded in K Attempted Robbery ''"'at Stamps STAMPS, Ark. — A... liquor store dperator and a bandit were wounded in an exchange of gunfire shortly after 9 p. m., Monday as the latter attempted to hijack Mark Jarnigan, 52, at his place of business here. Jarnigan confronted by the bandit as he stood alone m the liqtior store, heeded the gunman's command to 'open that cash register." Just as the money drawer shot i open Jarnigan ducked beneath the eoxvnter for a pistol and the bandit fired a shot that struck the Stamps man in the elbow, ranging up toward the wrist and emerged to strike him again in the heck. Despite the flash of p'aiti. Jarnigan leveled down on the highwayman as the latter ran out of the store and fireH with a .44 caliber pistol. It, .was believed certain that the man was hit, because City Marshal E. E. Galloway reported following a trail of blood .from the store to a spot nearby where the bandit's getaway car was parked. Jarnigan was taken to a Magnolia ihospital. His wounds were not believed serious. . Meanwhile a police alarm was flashed.'to Texarkana to be on the lookout for the bandit as his car was •last seen traveling in a westernly direction from Stamps. State 'Police Officer Max Tackett, City Policeman Jesse Stewart and Charlie Chittim together with members of the Miller county sheriff's department early Tuesday had blocked, and were searching Highway 82 from Texarkana to Garland City in search of the gunman. Ninety per cent of the dentists in Finland are women. All'War Time' TEIEPHONE DIRECTORY GDIS TO PRESS FEB. 27 To change your directory listing...to get an additional listing...please call the telephone business office, NOW. NEA Service Telephoto As the clocks go ahead and "Wnr Time" went into effect Monday, airline passengers will find that the Flagships arc also to run on the new time, as designated by the President. There will be no more asking "Is that Daylight or Stnncl- dard? Here ticket agent George Moore of American Airlines sets up the sign for the "Mercury," the airline's leading' transcontinental schedule. Oil and Gas (Continued From Page One) L. Gordon, et al. NW% NE'/ 4 Sec. 19 Twp. 14 S., Rge. 23 W., 40 acres. Except an undivided one half interest in and to all oil, gas and minerals sold by T. E. Hollis and his wife to Root Petroleum Company. Quitclaim Deed, dated 1-8-42, filed 2-10-42, 40 acres. Leo Adams, et ux to Mrs. Bessie Granville. SWVi NWVi Sec. 32, Twp. 12 S., Rge. 26 W. Quitclaim Deed, dated 11-15-41, filed 2-10-42. Mary Bell Roberson to James L. Bell. NVa SEVi NE% Sec. 29, Twp. 9 S., Rge. 25 W. Warranty Deed, dated 11-22-41, filed 2-10-42, 60 acres. James L. Bell, et ux to U. S. A. NEV 4 NEVi; NVfe SEVi NE'/4 Sec. 29, Twp. 9 S., Rge. 25 W. , Q. & G. Lease, dated 1-15-42, filed 2-10-42. Wm. Temple Estate to Barnsdall Oil Company. NWVi NEVi; SWVi NE'/ 4 Sec. 7, Twp. 14 S., Rge. 25 W., 80 acres; EVa NEVi Sec. 17, Twp. 14 S., Rge. 25 W. 80 acres; NVa NEVi Sec^3; FrV. WV> NEV 4 Sec. 4,''Twp. 14' S:," Rge. 26'W., 160 acres; SEVi; NVi NEV 4 Sec. 11, Twp. 14 S., Rge. 26 W., 240 acres; WM> SWVi; SEVi SWVi Sec. 13, Twp. 14 S., Rge. 26 W., 120 acres; Frl. EV'-> NEVi; W>/> NEVi; Frl. SE>/ 4 Sec. 14, Twp. 14 S." Rge. 2G W., 320 acres; NEVi; EVs SEVt Sec. 23, Twp. 13 S., Rge. 26 W., 240 acres.; Pt. NEVi SEV 4 Sec. 35, Twp. 13 S., Rge. 26 W., 25 acres. Containing in all 1265 acres. (10 years). Nevada County February 9, 1942 Prepared by Helen Hesterly Warranty Deed, filed 2-6-42, George M. Gresham et ux from Leona Thompson, frl. SW Sec. 4, Twp. 14, Rge. 21. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-9-42, Hunt Oil Company from E. W. Caudle, SVz SEVi Sec. 19, Twp. 14 Rge. 22. Mineral Deed, filed 2-7-42-. J. M. Passwaters and wife, Pansy, from Howard Manning, Sec. 26 and 27, and 34, Tender, delicate, delectable! meringue shell a la Karo MERINGUE SHELL 2 egg whites 14 teaspoon salt l /4 teaspoon corn starch % teaspoon vanilla «/j cup KARO (red label) Place egg whites in mixing bowl; add salt, vanilla and corn starch. Beat with rotary beater until they begin to hold shape. Add KARO, 1 tablespoon at a time, beating thoroughly alter each addition. Meringues should be glossy and stiff enough to stand in peaks. Place heavy ungreased paper on a baking sheet; shape meringues in shells on the paper with a spoon or pastry bag. Bake in a slow oven (250 degrees P.) 1 hour, or until dry and faintly browned. Remove from oven; let cool 5 minutes, and remove from parier with a sharp knife. Cool thoroughly. Fill with jellied berries or other fruit and place in refrigerator to set. Makes 4 large meringues 5 inches in diameter, or 6 small meringues. TAMBAY GOLD By SAMUIL HOPKINS ADAMS Copyright, 1941. NEA Service Ifce. REU..ION A* If HAD plenty to tell Juddy when •* I sat dldwn to my typewriter. She wouldn't get the letter till the Kent yacht docked in Brooklyn, which would be a couple of weeks yet. This is what I two-flngered out. Friend Juddy— Trade continues good. My accounts are a mess without you. Bixie Groff shot Maurle. They found his bullet. Angel Todd has quit Welliver. Coach Harley is wild. Sheriff Mowry is still trying to horn in on Tam- bay. No dice. Loren Oliver has got him checkmated. You know; Old Doc Oliver, the chess player. Mowry has not found it out yet, but the only gold at Tambay was old Chief Whoo- zis's watcb charm. You couldn't mine enough gold in a century here to fill my hollow tooth. What did I always tell you that Doc was a straight shooter. He is back and looking peakid. If that is not spelled right, spell it yourself. He asks after you. So do the Four Horsemen. Tam- bay Tree is down. Doc and Old Swoby did it' with their little hatchet. So you got no excuse not fo come back. Let nothing deter you; not snow nor rain nor heat of the sun nor what have you as Jim Farley wrote on the post office steps. We need you at Tambay. Yours for results, Morrr. Two days before I expected it I get a telegram. Coming by first train. Love. Juddy. So there was a situation moving in on me! Wishing an illegitimate child onto a couple of imaginary parents called for more explanation than I had in stock at the moment. I sent Uncle Andy over to the station for my pal. When she got out of the car at Tambay she looked all around her, and stretched out her arms, kind of loving the place. "Hello, Juddy." "Oh, Mom! I'm back." "It's swell to have you. You're looking elegant." "Where's Lo»on Oliver?" "Over in the stockade." "I'll be back in a mfosiw-." ."•*» 1 '•vent in>o t^:o mansluw ami sts iVos.'n -jid '.aid r.iyself sad sto- ri-d a° tr».i d?a'i. c£ kinfcs and v.'orvdired \vhat forrr; the explosion would tste. T>Y what Jttddy reported" ~t6 me later, the" start was peaceful enough. She tried to apologize about being rough about the gold, but he wouldn't have any of that. He was so nervous, that pretty soon she got nervous, too, "What makes you keep looking at me so queerly?" she said. At that Doc turned so red that she got suspicious. "You're holding out on me," she said. "What is it? Don't stand there like a dumb bunny." From then on he was fighting the jitters. The first sense he made was this, and it wasn't too good: "I want to help you, Juddy. That's all I ask." That got under her skin. "I don't know why," she said, "when I've been so rotten to you." That set him back on his heels. "Do you want me to marry you?" he said. "So that's the painful subject! Why should I want to marry you?" "You've got to marry someone, haven't you?" "Why?" "The—the usual reason. You wouldn't have to live with me, you know." "The usual reason! The usual reason?" By this time poor Doc was desperate. "Mom has told me everything." "And then some, apparently. What has she told you?" "That you were—were going to have a—a—" Then Juddy got it. "She's crazy! Or is it you? I'm not going to have anything. How could I? I mean—wait!" She ran over to the Feederia and gave the three short toots on my whistle that were the come-a- ru'nnin' signal. It sounded like the trump of doom to me. Coming through the front door. I stopped under the faded sign over the doorway. St. Francis & St. Benedight Bless this House from Woful Plight. "You two old plumbers have never lifted a finger to help anyone yet," I told them. "Not since I've been at Tambay. Now get busy." Then I breathed a prayer for those who were about to die and cussed my knees into supporting me over to the stockade. When I saw those two faces, I figured that I might as well get in the first lick and go down fighting. So I gave them the story in words of on.-; syllable. "And if you don't like it, the devil with both of you," I said. Juddy begins to laugh. But Doc glares at me like fie la r«ady to bite. I'll be a thissenthat If the ungrateful twirp wasVt sore. Juddy shushed him! "I'm not sure yet that I know what it's all about, Mom," she said. "But your Doc has done his part. He says painful as it is, he's willing to marry me, but he won't live with me." "Lay off him, Juddy," I said, for poor Doc was nearly choking to death, trying to deny he'd ever said any such thing. "He did, though. He's just the sort that would." * * * W/'ELL, the tone of her voice ought to have told him plenty. But the poor boob still thought she was only making fun o." him. "I said you wouldn't have to live with me," he explained to me. "You understand, Mom, don't you? I meant she could always divorce me or annul me or whatever it is the courts do, you know." "Annul you?" she said. "I'd hate to have you annulled, Loren. There's only one of you." "And the species might die out," I said. "Not if I can do anything about it," she said. At last he got it. "Juddy! Juddy!" I walked over and opened the door. "It's your move, Chessplay- er," I said. Smoke was drifting toward the sun that hadn't quite risen when I got up next morning. Dolf sniffed the spicy air. He put up a paw and nudged my knee. "Okay, boy," I said. "I know how you feel." For goodby, I wrote a note and pinned it to the ..tockade door. At the crossroads gassery the redheaded man came out yawning. "Hiya, Mom," he said. "Fill her up?" "Hiya, Monty," I said. "All she'll take, and oil." He popped his eyes at the Fee- deria. "Off to the roads again. Mom?" "I liked Tambay a lot," I said. "But you can't stay one place forever." "No," he said. "I expect not. Not if a lady has breathed as much dust as you have, Mom. It gets in the blood. And there's always the road." "Yes; there's always the road," I said. I put her in gear. The Feederia rolled. The dust banked behind us and rode the breeze back toward Tambay. I looked ahead at the far turn nnd wondered what was around on the other side. THE END money raising efforts of Party leaders in this state and an outstanding Democrat will come to Littltf Rock for the dinner program according to word from the Democratic National Committee headquarters m Washington. In accepting chairmanship for this County. Mr. Jewel said thnt the two- party system is the very foundation of our democratic form of government. Political parties nre the medium through which the citizen makes himself effective in 'a- democracy. It is his privilege and it should be his duty to support his own party organization. C. C. Lewis Home From Spring Buying C. C. Lewis returned Monday from a 10-day buying trip to New York city, where he purchased spring and summer suits, dresses, hats, and coats for the Charles A. Haynes Department Co. Gil his return, Mr. Lewis stated that plenty of merchandise is available and price increases are slight. High shades will predominat, and suits will lead the spring parade. Hats are unusually gay this season, according to Mr. Lewis, who viewed several New York style reviews. Kiwanis Enrolls Civil Defense Registrations Pick Up at City Hall Headquarters Twenty-six persons registered in the Civilian Dofunsu office in the city hall Monday afternoon, Talbot Feild, Jr., county chairman, announced Tnes- iloy. Up to noon Tuesday the following enrollment by posts had been announced: 8 firemen, 8 policemen, 11 fire watchers, 4 oir raid wardens, G nurses. !) first aid. 3 emergency food and housing, 1 sewing, and 2 Scoutmasters. At the suggestion of Ed Ilankins, members of the Kiwanis club marched in a body to the city hall Tuns- day at the conclusion of their luncheon meeting at Hotel Henry to the Civilian Defense office to register for posts in the city-wide drive. High school students will be in charge of registration Tuesday night. Better Skiing Research hris shown thnt skl.4 slid. y better over "warm" snow, when tht-'| temperature is just below freezing. Friction between skis and show increases as the temperature drops. The office will remain open ffom to 9 o'clock. Kulieves CHAPPED SKIN • If youi- akin la chapped, you will be delighted with the cllcct of Mcntholaturn applied to the stinging, rod, swollen parts. Mentholatum quickly cools and soothes the Irritation, assisting Nature to more quickly heal the Injury. Mentholatum Is also a most soothing and eflectlvo application for other minor BklQ Irritations. Jars or tubes, 30c. MENTHDLATUM Many Cases in City's Court Municipal Court Docket for Monday, February 9 Proceedings in Hope municipal cour f llonday were as follows: City Docket ( Helen Morris, assault, plea of guilty, 'ined $5. The following forfeited $1 cash bond 'or operating a car with one head ight: . Noel L. Justus. O. B. Garrett, Llo- in Kerr, B. A. Quillin. The following forfeited $1 cash bond on a charge of speeding: . J. R. McNeil, Charles Terry, W. A. -oston. Alvin King, reckless driving, for- 'eited $25 cash bond. Emmett O. Duvall, reckless driving, forfeited $25 cash bond. Wayne Swindle, hazardous driving, 'orfeited $10 cash bond. I The following forfeited a $1 cash x>nd on a charge of operating a car ! with no tail light: | J. M. Spicer, Nelson Fisher, Delma Pipkins, T. Simpson, Willie Pugh. Llotin Kerr, operating a car with no driver's license, forfeited $1 cash aond. Norman Coleman, operating a car with no driver's license, forfeited $1 cash bond. • Haynie Jackson, driving a car with improper lights, forfeited $1 cash bond. C. G. Coffee, driving a ear with j mproper lights, forfeited $1 cash bond. | J. H. Osburn, operating a car with ' no clearance lights, forfeited $2 cash I bond. j J. B. DeLaney, running a stop sign, | forfeited $1 cash bond. A. G. Kinsey, running a stop sign, forfeited $1 cash bond. Odis Watson, petit larceny, plea of ;uilty finded $241.00 and 1 day in jail. Robert Turner, disturbing the peace, plea of guilty, fined $10. Suspended Twp. 13, Rge. 22. Warranty Deed and O. & G. & Minerals, filed 2-7-42. J. L. Rushing from J. Patterson Blake et ux, frl. NE NE, Sec. 13, Twp. 13, Rge. 20. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-7-42, Mid Continental Petroleum Co. from James H. Hamilton et ux, Sec. 26 and 27, Twp. 12, Rge. 23. Royalty Deed, filed 2-7-41, C. D. McSwain from J. H. Hamilton et ux, NE SW, Sec. 27, Twp. 12, Rge. 23. Royalty Deed, filed 2-7-42, J. W. Warren Murphy from Luis Suckle et ux, SE NE; N SW NE SE, Sec. 27 and 28, Twp. 12, Rge. 20. J. K. Riffel, Jr. from State of Arkansas, filed 1-28-42, sale of Gil, Gas and Mineral rights only in Lands in Sec. 6, Twp. 14, Rge. 20 W, Sec. 2, TWP. 14, Rge. 21, Sec. 12, Twp. 14, Rge. 21, Sec. 11, Twp. 14, Rge. 21, Sec. 3, Twp. 15, Rge. 22, Sec. 4, Twp. 15, Rge. 22, Sec. 8, Twp. 15, Rge. 22, Sec. G, Twp. 15, R?e. 22. Sec. 10, Twp. 15, Rge. 22, Sec. 9, Twp. 15, Rge. 22, Sec. 12, Twp. 15, Rge. 22, Sec. 14, Twp. 14, Rge. 23, See. 3, Twp. 15, Rge. 23. during good behavior. Dave Stewart, disturbing the peace, forfeited ?10 cash bond. Elmer Ray, gaming, plea of guilty fined $10. Robert Urner, gaming, forfeited $10 cash bond. Phil Maxwell, gaming, forfeited $10 cash bond. Autry Dudney, driving a car while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, forfeited $100 cash bond. Son Hill, driving a car while- under the influence of intoxicating liquor, forfeited $100 cash bond. Leo Scott, resisting an officer, dismissed. Maek Burton, operating a car with no state license, dismissed. The following entered a plea of guilty to a charge of drunkenness and were assessed a penalty of $10 fine: Sid Sanders, James Burns, Roy Hurst Homer Burns, B. Brantley, Willie Brown, F. T. Hudson. The following forfeited a ?10 cash bond on a charge of drunkenness: Leo Scott, Jennie Jones, W. H. Anderson, E. C. Fairchild, Claude Spates, E. E. Evans, C. C. Chamberlain, J. L. Brooks, Leroy Webb, Henry Compton, T. C. Parks, Isaac Cole, Jr., Grady Richie, W. R. Henry, H. W. Halligaii, George Hathcoat, Henry T. Burns, Scott Williams, Bert Durham, J. A. Dent, Joe Carlton, Berry Porterfield, Marvin Bennett, U. A. McNatt, C. W. Warren, Roy Galloup, Vernon Ponder, Holbert Flesher, Jessie Givens, Eddie Mack, David DeLoney, W. Morrison, Clyde Wallace, Jess Atkins, Red Hamiter. State Docket T. E. Davis, driving a car while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, plea of guilty, fined $100. J. C. Kent, Jr., giving an overdraft, forfeited $5 cash bond. Albert Walker, assault & battery, plea of guilty, fined $10. S. Rollins, beating a board bill, tried, fined $25. Wilbur Ellis, Jr., drunkenness, plea of guilty, fined $10. Elige Walker, drunkenness, plea of guilty, fined $10. Robert Gillis, drunkenness, plea of guilty, fined $10. The following forfeited a $10 cash bond on a charge of drunkenness: Cliett McLeod, John Swim, Charles Drew, Henry M. Kelly. Civil Docket Ritchie Grocer Co., vs. J. C. Vines, action on account, judgment for plaintiff by default, garnishment dismissed. VV. E. Callah&n Construction Co., Garriishee. Jewell to Head Party Campaign ,.. To Retire Democratic Indebtedness From 1940 Nick T. Jewell of Hope has been named by the Democratic National Committee to serve as chairman for Hempstead County in raising funds for the Democratic Party in this year's campaign to pay indebtedness carried over from 1940, when President Roosevelt was re-elected to head a united nation under emergency conditions. The selection of Mr. Jewel was announced by Joe N. Martin, state chairman, who notified The Star and who said that the drive for funds was already under way in Hempstead County. Tlie Washington Day Dinner, which this year replaces Jackson Day Dinners previously sponsored by the Democratic Party, will be held at the Hotel Marion in Little Rock on the evening of February 23 climaxing the The first gasoline vehicle was placed on the road on July 4, 1894. 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ON COTTON ROW Agents for International FERTILIZER We recommend that you buy your fertilizer now. As the ingredients in fertilizer are used in the man- ufactu/e of munitions, shells and bombs. Price subject to change without notice. Seersuckers Fun to wear and their behavior in the washtub is delightful. Easy to laundry and requires no ironing. Stylish too — for this Spring "seersucker" is one of the fashion favorites in cotton. Buy several of these economical wash frocks. Dresses Full of Spring Animation Inspired creations of the designers art. The animation of Spring exemplified in every style. Fresh, bright new Spring colors—pastels, gay prints, and perennial navy blue. Smart alpacas, exciting prints, and cheerful, wearable cotton. New as Tomorrow Temptations and creations, this large group of Spring favorites are pulse quickeners. Lovely pastels, vivia- tious prints, smart navy blue. Featuring the long torso, pleated skirts, and loveliness beyond compare. $10.98-$7.98-$5.98 Wash Silks This lovely group of wash silks and spuns are induced with oil the imagination of design possible to attain in a 'little money" group. Refreshing new styles in the colorful mood of Spring. $2.98 $3.98 Chombray- Seersucker Cheerful, wearable cottons— and two of the "top flight" favorites in the Spring fashion whirl are woven chanbray and seersucker. High fashion detail, lovely smooth finish quality and they wash beautifully. Buy several of these lovely cottons. $3.98 Printed Cotton Housedresses Even though the price of cotton piece goods has soared upward, these inexpensive cotton prints are even more thrilling than ever before. Strpes, flor- als in light or dark grounds. Chic styles or tailored. A colorful assortment of these popular cottons. $1.98-$2.48 The Leading Department Store WR Give Eagle Stamps Geo. W. Robison HOPE Co. NASHVILLE §' k r

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