Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on January 16, 1958 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1958
Page 3
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THE TATTLER t CROSSWORD PUZZLE THE EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR CLOTHES HITS MIXED CHORUS GIRLS GLEE CLUB SENIOR SKETCH GRADE NEWS TYPISTS BIRTHDAYS FUR AND FEATHERS GIRLS SPORTS BOYS SPORTS SPECIAL FEATURES HIGH SCHOOL NEWS SPONSOR TATTLER STAFF ~ n, v, v . «ating than from any actual Hut?™™" Poison in the mold. We are re- Donna Ht-tlh and Kathy Shaffer * eivin ? «"* reports o f these Steve Talcott dl 8estive troubles where poor- Carol Dahlquist ? uallt y high-moisture corn is J;m Schabacker and Bill Hughes in S fed Jan Bunnington and Roger Otterstein Wn Y »'« *hey recammendinc. nor Ruth Nims and Jan Bermington to &** Grub Control E.T. 57 lo° Uccky Maxson and Marge Downing laciating dairy Cowi? Doe* ii Lowell Paul have an Injurious effect on beef I c-» Eischeid and Sharleen Mullins cows in milk? Kip KniRht and Gene Van Buren Extension Veterinarian Herrick Breed of Dog Here's the Answer Kolh- -yn Anfmson and Gloria A her and Extension Entomologist Jean Cue and Carolyn Bright Earje Rau a . Mrs, «..~ THROUGH THE GRADES Fifth Grade News SENIOR SKETCH Earje Raun answer . Thja insectlcide is forbldden by Mm y Buhman V/cyant was man consumption. The carry-over The highlight of hist wock \v;is horn January 15, 1940 at Fayette, would be small. Food and drug the debate in our room. The Iowa. She has attended Fayette regulations do not permit the problem under discussion was .school all her life. Mary's favor- fain test trace of any medicine in slavery, Dane McBrkle, Tom ites are: oven fried chicken, millc * or human consumption.. Schmidt and Dennis Schmidt bright yellow, and Home Eco- However, this treatment should argued for slavery nncl Linda nomics. Her favorite actor and not nave an V Dad effect on beef King, Donna Kuhens, and Mike actress are John Wayne and Deb- cows or tneir nursing calves. The Beekner were against slavery, bie Reynolds, while Perry Como dru 8 should not be used on The pro-slavery side seemed to and Father Knows Best are her slighter animals within a period be the victors in the contest, favorite television programs. She ° l B0 davs before slaughter. It is Dane McBride, with his South- states as her favorite passtime, important to complete this treat- em background was a very agres,- loafing. Mary's pet peeve is ment now, if it is to be used. By -sive and determined speaker for 'iPoople who crack their gum." tne end °* January most of the his side. Both parties, however, Best of Luck after graduation, 8 ru bs in native Iowa cattle will did a very good job and we all Mary! enjoyed the debate. The class lost their half hour recess Friday because they fell down in Spelling. They' had reached 20 A's in Spelling and fell down to 19 on Friday's lest Language Class is working on HOT LUNCH January 20-27. 19SB Monday Story writing and Story toiling. Chicken Noodle Soup WL- are going to typo some of tht- Cheese Sandwich better stones and put them in a Celery Sticks booklet to keep. Peach Cobbler Everyone is working hard on a 'i Pint Milk list of 45 words in Reading. Many of us did not know the meaning of these words or how to use them correctly after wurk- Tuesday Porcupine Meat Balls Ma.shed Potatoes with Butter have passed the stage during which the drug kills them. Immediate treatment can be effective. It Minhaier oali a good on* for me to grow? (This question from norihewi Iowa) Agronomists Thompson and J. L. Robinson, Iowa State College, answer: Yes, if you can get the seed at a reasonable price. This variety is not listed for certification in Iowa in 1957. It has been officially approved for certification in 1958. Apparently fellow 31JUW1ZONTAL •d I of dog orated t to whom art committed in trust MPcruie 19 Ocean 17 Thin If Organ of hearing lIFox 10 Attempt 31 Half-em 11 Three-toed sloth >< Direction 21 Scrutinize It Oriental me«fur« *0 Negative reply II Hypothetical structural unit II Toward II Promontory II Chief None fod MPalmUJy II Pronoun 40 Correlative of neither 42 Golf term 49 Written form of Mistress 41 Enthusiastic VERTICAL 1 Perforation 2 Plane surface 3 Traps 4 Sorrowful 5 And (Latin) 6 Trial 7 Laughter sound t Lubricate 9 Pertaining to 25 Military the gums assistant 10 Close 27 Against 11 Refute 28 Midday 13 Wicked 34 Progeny 16 Daybreak 35Ycs(Sp.) (comb, form) 36 Mystic syllable 22 Symbol for 37 Claim as due niton 40 Bird's home 23 While 41 Oil (comb. 24 "Emerald Isle" form) MOTOR MAIDS 42 Dance stei> 43 Measure of area 44 Log float 46 Cereal grain 47 Female saints (ab.) 49 Compass point 51 Sheep's bleat 53 Electrical unit 55 Railroad (ab.) Recognize the Symptoms of "Highway Hypnosis" By Jeanne Smith, Dodge Safety Consultant HAVE YOU EVER driven on n superhighway and suddenly found yourself rigidly gripping the wheel nnd staring fixedly at the road? Or perhaps you've felt a strange Bcnsn of unreality after several Hours of constant driving on these modern marvels of engineerftif. II so, you were probably experiencing the symptoms of a sometimes fatal -"•-• •-—~ 10 Brazilian macaw tl Enticement MNeU MThli breed originated In 58 Modulations of the voice 8T Barters Miss Smith malady known as "highway hypnosis." It develops, according to Don Slutz, director of the Traffic Safety Association of Detroit, because normal driving problems have bern alleviated. Stop and go driving, frequent braking to avoid Blower moving vehicles, ami crossroads have been eliminated. Instead, mile after mile of i-I'l'iirtlvHa dri\in<,'. accompanied by the purring of the motor, can lull a motorist into a dream which suddenly may become a nightmare. He- action to rriviiu; problems is Homctimes too slow to prevent an accident. To avoid becoming n victim of this malady when you travel su- perhighways, Slutz recommends several practices that will keep your mind functioning and your senses tuned to the driving task. 1. Stop every 100 miles for a refreshment break—or switch drivers if you're traveling with a companion. 2. Vary your speed and check your .speedometer frequently. 3. If you're traveling: alone, pl.iy (lie radio — loudly, or ain(. •I. Keep your eyes moring. Glance to the front, the rear view mirror, and the instruments to avoid the frozen star* of "highway hypnosis." 5. Chance your drlring position periodically by moving the car .sent. 6. If there's glare from the HIIII or pavement, wear sunglasses. (Glare causes eje- strain and drowsiness.) But, don't forget to take them off at sundown. "In other words," gays Slutz, "to drive superhighways safely, you've got to work at Jt." the source makes no different-. 1 to the cow, let the savings in price show up in your feed bill." who "knows how" to there is a considerable amount make a farm pay He wiu haye rowing and nursery swine pro- in C 'witir'thJm'i Vi rn,-;,Vin/H' 1 ^ Cabbage and Carrot Slaw F^u^ntly' ha"? -ol^-i Ivm tele. to be willin « to limit ^ 'amily d " c " on systems without com - C^nsequentl each word anyone BrL ' atl and BuMer sandwiches » 1 or .Jr. yla. old. ?, rtd h«y Iivin 8 c ° st * «>' quite a while in P>«tejr renovating the building, — • .'. Butterscotch Purfdine worth leu than this MUon's hay order to carry the debt. And he sa y Dale °- Hull and John H. if both were of eqqal quality in has to want 1 u 'te badly to own a Pederson, agricultural engineers the yee* they were hejnresled? »rm. This goal of farm owner- at Iowa State College. The walls, (Most questions hare been in re- S "*P must be high among his doors, windows, etc., should be gaxd to alfalfa hey.) family goals to induce him and sealed to prevent drafts and heat Animal Husbandman C. C. nis family to make the neces- losses beyond the capacity of the Culbertson, Iowa State College 8a ^y sacrifices. heating unit. It's desirable to answers: If the hay waa fully Should I buy supplement with provide foundation and floor in- cured and dry when it was stored "Dynalme" for my steers? sulation. there will be little change in Extension Animal Husband- One method dairymen could nu' ^ nutrients, except that legumes ma n B »H Zmolek, Iowa State use to increase profits is deczeas- and Chipped Beef will lose most of their caro t ene> College, says: In one Iowa State ing feed cost. This can be done by missed in a quiz we had ' last B . u "? r f P! 0 . 1 ? Puddin S week is to be looked up in the - n M K dictionary, two meanings writ- Wednesday ten clown and a sentence written Bean Soup using the word. Orange-Cranberry Relish We are finishing the work in Carrot Sticks two figure divisors in Arithmetic Cornbrcad and Butter and will be ready to start on Peach Tapioca Pudding fractions the first day of the ',<• Pint Milk Second Semester. Thursday Science Class is studying about rrp _ mpH health at present. We are learn- r ,™™a sned ing how the body works, what chccso Sandwich loods are best for us, how to pre- g nsnme s a lad vent diseases, how to care for p t Butt Cookie our teeth and eyes, proper cloth- ,. pint Millc ing, and rest and exercise. We check hands before lunch for Friday cleanliness and each of us keeps Potato Salad a Ipcrsonal record chart of our Creamed Peas and Carrots health habits. Peanut Butter .Sandwich We will have several Semester Frosted Brownies Test this week, January 13 to Pears January 17. Then we can say our Vj Pint Milk work for this year is one-half * ____________ finished in most of our classes, p « n (iff I? D O We will start a new study Janu- r A K M h K b ary 20. This is Health and our a n I» • O VIII S> study of this subject in Science ARE ASKING at present is a good beginning Ig there danger o£ feed poisoning for oor work in the new subject. t<J cjUt j e fr<J|n —^^ w -<„„ ^ Susan Torson visited us last week for a couple of hours. She Carl Ma*n- poor , „ . , „ Extension Veterinarian John B. is the little sister of David Tor- Herrick Iowa state College, re- Chuck Nelson was absent four feed ' can cause digestive troubles days last week because of illness. fccd intoxication and im p act ions.' He came back Friday feeling These can make cattle very sick . ^ ^ ^ __ much Deiiei. ^ ^ Some die However, this is not swers . To do tn i s successfully, he usually the result of a toxic would have to nave either a large Sixth Grade News principle in the feed or mold it- en0 ugh farm unit to make his Patty Thomas moved to Flori- self. The cattle often eat more of work f u u y productive, or access da last month, we will miss her. this poor quality feed than they to .-, o ff.f_,rm job to supplement We arc glad to have Joe Smith would of good feed. The trouble his farm i ncome . He should be a back after having missed seven is more likely to come from over- days of school. Congratulations Linda V a n _ Sickle and Gary Voshell for having alf A's this six weeks in Spelling. • • • . Seventh Grade News Mrs. Capell Thursday we elected new officers for our club. They are: President, George Van Buren; Vice-President, Ron Timmerman; Secretary, Kathy Keig; Treasurer Mike Gaynor. In health we had a test on the way our skin is built and how it functions. We are studying about Paraquay, Uruguay and Argentine in social studies. It's about time for our semester test which are next week. Carolyn and Sandra Henig both had their tonsils out right after Christmas vacation. They are back to school now. Question of the week in the seventh grade was, what is your favorite Christmas present? Mike Gaynor likes his Fayette high school jacket, a camera is Renee Jellings favorite, Ronnie Brown got a record player, and Carol Beck got a coat. It may be necessary to add vita- College feeding trial the addi- buying protein supplements on min A to the ration with this old tlon o f "Dynafac" to a feeding the basis of cost per pound of hay if your livestock is not get- ration for 800-pound steers gave actual protein, says Extension ing vitamin A from other sources, no response/The ration consisted Dairyman Floyd Arnold of Iowa Remember, new hay can also lose °* ground ear corn, a limited State College. Tests at the col- carotene, rather quickly, if it is amount of alfalfa hay, supple- lege and at other experiment stored too moist.) ment, minerals and salt. Ten mil- stations show that a single-source How much can 1 afford to p»y lot ligrams of stilbestol were also protein such as soybean meal is my 400 pound cahrei? included in tRIs rationr"Experi-"just as efficient as a combination Extension Economist Thomas mental work at other stations is of several high-protein feeds Rackham, Iowa State College, not conclusive in favor of the ad- The protein equivalent provided says that there Is not any set dition of "Dynafac" to rations. by non-protein nitrogen materi- price recommended. The price It's possible to adapt an old als such as urea is no better than will depend on the quality of the fe-Towinjr house or barn for far- the protein in oil meals. "Since calves, on the market and the prospects of the future. Just how much you will pay will depend on your personal circumstance, the length of time you wish to have. I farmer buy a when his down par- will Wadena Riverside 4-HClub The Wadena Riverside 4-H Club met Monday night in the home of Stanley, Dennis and Jon Shaffer. There were 10 members and 1 visitor present. Dennis Shaffer, President, called the meeting to order by all members repeating the U.S. flag pledge and the 4-H pledge. Roll call was answered by each telling what conservation methods were being used on their farm. Each member gave some facts about our State of Iowa. Orville Dldfather, former Sup- entendent of Schools of Marana Arizona, showed slides from Arizona. He also explained about Arizona school system and how they teach agriculture in school We all enjoyed the pictures. After a delicious lunch we adjourned to meet in Feb. with Dennis Tope. PLUMBING HEATING WIRING BOTTLE GAS Gene Wm. Singer INSURE PROTECTION Your personal property Is more likely to be deitroyed or damaged by added winter hazards. A modem Insur- T artee policy is an up-to- S«c | date way to cover your IMMS .... but be sure your policy coven teley'e , value of the thlngt you own. Let u* help you Inventory tne value of your poneuions. us US TODAY INSUKANCI H«pr«i«mln« MAMWAM MUTUAL THE FAYOTE AGENCY CLOSED MONDAY, JAN. Fayette, Iowa PHONE 247 13 1c SALE 1c SHADOW WAVE Home Permanent «- •< •*!*•• • a^VSfc'i i Insurance Real Estate 5.-' ' ": '•' ,'-, , BAND NEWS ; .- Saturday six band members ""went to Oelwein to try out for the ^fAH.County Band. Those who "/-wwe accepted were: Bonnie ^ Olson, oboe; Barbara Nading, "clarinet; Gene Van Buren, saxophone: and Larry Keig, baritone. , The All County Band will (play ~ as a part of the County Music Festival to be held at Fayette on Saturday, January 25. 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