Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on January 16, 1958 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1958
Page 2
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Established in 1914 Published erery Thursday morning mi F«r*"«, Iowa SUBSCRIPTION RATES (YEAR) Fayette County _ $3.00 Outside Fayette County $3.50 SECOND CLASS MAIL PRIVILEGES AUTHORIZED AT FAYETTE, IOWA 16 JANUARY 1SSS CREEK-BOTTOM COMMENTS by Reuben NATIONAL IDITORIM 1a$ 5 oc 5 t D N .••>M;iA;f V.IMII(R_ President Eisenhower, in his . State of the Union message, at- ^ tempted to speak to the Russian people, in behalf of world peace, CHURCH which was as it should have been. But we believe it will prove to have been an empty useless appeal. Nikita Krushchev has been named "the man of the year" by intelligent highly informed newsmen. How much bad, how little good, there may be about the ... • ..("•«AY EVIRy DAY SCHEDULE Grace Lutheran Church J. D. Wangerin, pastor Sunday School . 9:30 a.m. Divine Worship 10:30 a.m. First Methodist Church Paul L. Husehar, Minister 9:30 a.m. Communications of Ipublic interest are invited. Such communications r "jj7cuJous for John Foster Dulles IHOrnu ,K wonuup 10:30 a.m must be received before Wednesday noon to insure publication in to cont i nue to snub him. IUJ ^- M .fhrwU .t the current issue. What this country needs ab^ve JJf^»aS5S ^2Lr " all else, is a Secretary of State DONALD L. KIMBALL Editor and Publisher w ; tn a warm-hearted flexible Sunday School 9:30 a.m. JOSEPHINE BORCHERT _.. Assistant Editor pergonalit y ( and also an intelli . Morning Worship _ 10:30 a m Linotype gator gence flnd with y ouUl Service 7:15 p.m. Fayette Corrsepondent w hich l <> NOT be bamboozled in Evangelistic Service 8 p.m. Maynard Correspondent parley with the crafty Commu- Prayer Service Thuxs. 8 p.m. Randalla Correspondent nists. In our small amateur way, Lima Correspondent we believe Henry Ford II would 1 do a commendable job, if he could be persuaded to take the man, does NOT alter his power- _ . ful position In world affairs. Sunday School Therefore it is both pathetic and Morning worship WAYNE BARNES BUCK MAXSON MISS ANNA WILSON MRS. FRANK CUMMINOS MRS. TED LENflJS MRS. RALPH DICKINSON EDITORIAL St Francis Church Father Lowall Shekleion CHRISTIAN PESSIMISM OR COMMUNIST OPTIMISM extremely difficult and all im- Sunday Masses: 7:30 & 10:30 a.' portant post of Secretary of State. Weekday Mass: 7:15 a.m. We believe the right man in this Confessions: Sat. 7:30 to 9 p.n Cabinet Post could do more for r» j this nation ' s peaceful future, We were particularly impressed with both Reverend than ten billion dollars worth of Gale Hawhee of Randalia a week ago Sunday and with ™* rocket missiles, his sermon content concerning Christian pessimism and We be i ieve an Englishman Communist optimism. could be both correct and also an He very ably pointed out the effect of the great gating cuss. We are amused J J - - - ... . , and a little shaken by the early Randall* Methodist dale Hawhee. Minister Sunday School, 9:30 a.m. Worship Service, 10:30 a.m. OBITUARY Thoro (Tom) Evenson Funeral services 'for Thore (Tom) Evenson were held Monday, Jnnuary 13, at the Belles- Wright Funeral Home in Fayette, and at Stavanger Lutheran Church near Ossian Iowa with burial in the Churchyard Cemetery. The services were conducted hy Reverend \. H. Vallem of West Vnion. Thoro Evenson, son of Pioneer residents of Dover Township, Even and Astrid Larson Evenson, was horn Feb. 22, 1878 and passed away January 9, 1958 at the age of seventy nine in an Elkadcr Nursing Home. In his infancy he was baptized in the Lutheran faith, and later confirmed. On December 18, 1907 he was united in marriage with Ellen Sampson, of Eldorado, and to this union were born two sons, Martin Bernard, and Edwin Albert, both of Fayette. He was preceded in death by his parents and four brothers. Surviving him are his wif« and son's, one brother, Jacob of West Union, and two sisters, Mrs. Engeborg Johnson, of Eldorado and Mrs. Bertha Johnson of Ossian, nephews and nieces and a host of friend*. He engaged In various occupations, farming many years, working as county road maintenance patrol during World War II, and served on the board of directors of a rural school. He loved the outdoors, and his home, Professional & Buiness Directory DIAMONDS SILVERWARE JEWELRY AND ELGIN HAMILTON AND BULOVA WATCHES SABOE JEWELRY WEST UNION, IOWA DR. PAUL F. GOURLEY CHIROPACTOR Monday and Friday Evenings By appointment, closed Thurs. Lady Attendant Phone 82 Fayette SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Life-Auio-Firc-Liabilily and Hospital Insurance 'Insurance you can depend on' PHONE BLUE 229 Fayette SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Life-Auio-Firc-Liabilily and Hospital Insurance 'Insurance you can depend on' PHONE BLUE 229 Fayette YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union, Iowa YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union, Iowa BELLES FUNERAL HOME; Prompt Courteous Service Ambulance Service Phone 199, Fayette Fayette and Maynard Dr. Harry I. Robinson OPTOMETRIST Hours: 9 a.m.—4 pan. Ph. 156 ofc. Faratle Black 79 rat. iowa Dr. Harry I. Robinson OPTOMETRIST Hours: 9 a.m.—4 pan. Ph. 156 ofc. Faratle Black 79 rat. iowa THE FAYETTE AGENCY Insurance — Real Estate Phone 14 THE FAYETTE AGENCY Insurance — Real Estate Phone 14 DR. t. J. DAHLQUIST Veterinarian Phone 171 Fayette. Ia. automatic washer 140 to 150 degrees F) The water is hard. (Use a non- precipitating water softener— even for rinses. If the water is very hard install a water softener.) OBITUARY Grace Mellon Hutchinson the wet garment and rub between hands or with a brush. Rinse with clear, cool water.) Lastly, you may let clothes get too dirty before washing. Merle R. Bovis suggest that You use the wrong soap or do- and was an unselfish servent to tergent. (Use either soap or dc- all, tergent in soft water, detergent you g i ve "all clothes a "brighten- Pall bearers were, Harold W. j n hard water. You'll need a lessons of history in both philosophies. In our day when cheers of "THE AMERICAN Alma Grace Melleni daughter j ^—^oyd W. Manson, Jake hcavy . dutv detergent for heavily ^' treatment periodically. Wash the two, the Christian going hand in hand with our own WOMAN- by Eric John Ding- ot Myron and Ida Mel]en Jon - - > was Yearous. Peter K. Fauser, S. E. and Henry Pfieffer. Fayette. soiled clothes.) You use too much or loo little soap or detergent. (Have your water tested so you'll know how political and economic and social ideals and the Commu- w , aU Author Dingwall holds both w7in' ( '.Jk" 7n" 10'nVT'rvi" Itt,,uu; '• . i i i .. i Ph .D. and Sc.D. decrees and is a * i>eptember 10, 1888 at Edge- Campbell nist embracing an unsound economic philosophy on one world traveler He has compiled wo °t' Iowa and passed away at a n of Fay hand and a tyrannical political philosophy on the other material for the past 30 years i 1 ™ near Fa y«"e on Janu- hand, are so strong and at the same time the leaders in a 'his latest book, The Amerl- . IT . „ .. Wo P arents often are careful to hard tUt , water ^ T)u . hardt , ho i i i i • J ii t • • . can Woman. We believe his wit, he attended Upper Iowa Un> point out possible dangers to our , vnt(<1 . , hf , J. global sturggle, it is commendable for any minister to .„ 0 . inB [!!„;ZIlTl e « .J?^ yersity, graduating from the children ' v Ul thc mmc waUl solUn ^ direct his such a struggle. Too often sermon subjects do not, over a period of or had you n0 ^ e \ time, embrace the full length and breadth of Christian A co -ed brought a friend home "* """" a6i; w,Ui "viw concern. In his message, Reverend Hawhee certainly did tor the week-end, who was a Hutchison at Fayette, Iowa. Her an admirable job of expounding these ideas. Z^T^. h °J? y * hlonde J intr °- ° .... , , duced her tograndpa, and added, clolhcs in hot water, without soap or detergent, but using twice as much non-precipitating water softener as you ordinarily u . , _,„„„,.,.„,, v .,v Wo warn them about - - • . ,. „: B L, nnl > ra n ( l y s | in « ln 8 fon^enif tfNOT Education Department, after pouring flammable liquids on n efforts toward informing his parishioners ot be taken lightly. These United which 8ne t Hht ln th ; Lamonl £ rc to hasten its burning, and States have become a matriarchy, schoo]s find dJd , t tutorlngi we teach our children to be cau On May 5, 1916 she was united in marriage with Myrten A. iwiw _ _ _ loving devotion to her husband """"*'"-" T"" 1 "" " —•» ,, , u »i.™„ tl ,,„,„„,, _,,„ and two daughters was uncreas Paramount m the message was his discussion of the "grandpa is in his nlnetlw" wm; m «- She was preceded in death concept that Christianity has of history; it recognizes a gleam in his oye, grampa said, hv hftr * l,shanH ln 1BBfl the practical, is completely logical, and knows, from its <rEARLY nineties, that ia." centuries of living and growing that people and nations ARITIIADV are weak, but become strong through the guidance of Mrs JMlan CP the spiritual power. He also pointed out the reason why Mrs " - - ' * ra * by her husband in 1888. Surviving are two daughters, Jean Eleanor, Mrs, Wilbur Weers, Wenatchee, Washington, and tious in crossing the street. Yet our own behavior often teaches them a possibly hurtful kind of attitudes about taking safety precautions. We remove or ignore the guards on feed choppers, or we operate them in ways we know are dangerous, and we cross busy intersections against the light, Knowledge of the risks we run Christians might think this same idea- from the historical ^ mcag( standpoint, could be classified as pessimistic. Then he 4 1915 in Chlcag0 rjpinted up the fallacy of Communism's optimism in the She was a receptionist struggle to save me masses." ' We certainly commend this minister for his work. His church can be very proud of him. Mary Frances, Mrs. Fred Beatty, Kansas City, 'Missouri, one sister, is essential to adequately safe be- Allan C. Payne nee Julia Mrs. Lester Shatter, Minneapolis, havior, but just as important, it Borach, 2815 West 25th place, Minn, and five grandchildren. would seem, is the attitude that M. Chicago, Illinois was born May Services were held from the such Knowledge should always - - - - - - — be used. We cannot afford to gamble c... ..._ . ~tire uKenhood ol serious 'accident. you'll need to use with the use. "right" amount of soa'p.) You don't sort clothes properly. (Sort clothes according W> colorfastness, soil and construction. Isolate any item that isn't colorfast.) The washer is over crowded. (Know the pound capacity of your washer, and check the weight of your loads every so often. It's better to be a half pound under the limit than a half pound over.) You don't pretreat extra-soiled spots. (Sprinkle sonic of the detergent onto the soiled areas of • Well Drilling • Modern Equipment • Rotary Drill JOHN D. AKIN Ph. 2574 Day or Nite Lamont P. 2-58 Belles-Wright Funeral Home m a riage in November 1952 to Allan C. Payne of Fayette, Iowa. Since teacher entered. for Fayette with interment in Grand. . gamble on the. odds., governing MAYOR COUSINS TOWN MEETING While commendations are in order, we extend ours to Fayette's Mayor Roscoe Cousins, for his efforts in behalf of Fayette's betterment their marriage they operated a novelity-toy, and gift store, Julia's Hide-Away at 3638 West 26th St. in Chicago. She was taken to Oak Park hospita in Chicago on December 27, sufferlnf from an enlarged heart and passed away Tuosday "Do you know what you're doing?" he asked. "Of course I do. I'm. . ." and I launched into' what I thought was a brilliant technical explanation of the process. The teacher said quietly, You're also generating phosgene, There Are Reasons And Remedies For Gray Washings If your wash comes out look_, - .. morning, December 31 in her a deadl y 8 as - & you keep on as E rav as ™ early morning The meeting last evening was part ot what ^V»\JUU sleeD 61 you . u murder the class in the in January, note this check list, next-room." suggests Merle R. Bovis county In this case a little knowledge Extension home economist. The was an exceedingly dangerous ,. . " ine thing. I had not even wondered ^ gives y° u some of th * rea- about the possible by-products of . " " . , , sleep. become a local crusade for the improvement and growth Services were held at St. (Pius of our town. Next to a dire need for action, the impend- Church in Chicago January 3, . „ _„ • • . 1958, with two of her nephews, ing requirement is unity. Father Bdmond ^ m £ All too often, many are prone to be cautious in- Father Leonard Borach otticlat- « stead of constructively critical. From criticism comes ing. Burial was in Resurrection experiment, yet my experi cynicism, and some projects can end in failure. Then, of SS^SSL we'S course, there s the old saying about people trying to do Mr S p ayne leaves a husband, about ^ e increasing incidence of something—they put themselves up like a target to be 3 sisters and one brother, several Injuries and deaths resulting fired at nieces and nephews and a host t* 0 ™ failures of homemade rock- nreaai. # of friends in Chicago and Iowa. Well, the vactory is in the errort. What Mayor Relatives of Mrs. Payne at- Had 1 known more about the Cousins proposes to do in the months ahead is good for tending the funeral were his sis- experiment and its (products, I Fawtti* And whatever is rood for Favette is Hood for ter and niece - Mrs- Carl Scharff ^ve closed the door be- r-ayette. And whatever is gooa tor rayeiie is gooa ror (Elennore) md Nor> u tween ^ lab and classroom and all of us. So, don t sit back and do nothing. Help. Suggest. Aur0 ra, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Fitch med the lab ventilating system; Believe. Whatever we all t\y with unanimity and faith Payne and family, Fort Dodge, the Process would then have been in mira^lvea we can accomDash! Iowa : fl nd Mrs. Earl Payne, safe - 1 would have been m ourselves, we can accompasn i Stockton, Illinois, and Mr. and taking a calculated risk with high Next week, the LLAULK will carry a rull acount ot Leo Payne, Chicago. One assurance that no serious conse- the proposals of the meeting of last night. sister, Betty, Mrs. Kenneth Fox, Quences would follow. As it was, Bacheler, Missouri, was unable 1 ^ not have enough information to make a sensible guess as T. A. Johnson Elected union. The principal speaker for t0 attend, the meeting will be Secretary of To Head VeU Group the Army, Wilber M. Brucker Washington. D.C. — (Mr. Thee- (World War I, Rainbow) UNDERSTANDING IOWA CHILDREN By Lloyd Lovell PARENTS NEED TO SET EXAMPLE to the likelihood of an accident. SAFETY One day when I was in high school, I received permission to ,„„ A A T . „„ D „„ „, w ro T „„ Mr. Johnson is presently serv- dore A. Johnson, son of Mrs. Ina , ng aJ Contract Administrator of Johnson of Fayette, has recently Collins Radio Company, Wash- been elected (President of the ington, D.C, and is a member of Washington, D.C. Chapter ot the the Washington Chapter of the Rainbow (42nd Infantry) Divi- National Association of Account- sion Veterans Association for a ants. He is a graduate of Fayette rehearse some "fire-eating" one year term. The Association High School and the State Uni- tricks in an empty chemistry lab. will hold its mid-year reunion in versity of Iowa, College of Law. J mixed a solution of chemicals' Washington on February 22, and Mr. Johnson resides in Washing- lit the combination, and poured Mr. Johnson, in his capacity as ton with his wife, Shirley and the flaming mixture from hand to President of the host chapter, their four children; Julia, Geof- hand. As I was reveling in the will serve as Chairman of the re- frey, Jeannine and James. spectacular stunt, a chemistry 1 MAYNARD LOCKER SERVICE COMPLETE PROCESSING Phone — 65 Hmmn!l!i)HiHiHiliHHHHHilHi!Ui!i:iiH!liHHinHHHHflHl!!»mmimiimi!HmmHmiliHHIIHHI!HmiH!lHlliIiHliU DRIVE IN -5 BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER ABOUT RCA RADIO, TV, RECORD PLAYERS AT Howard's Radio - TV Shop WE WILL BE HANDUNQ RECOKDS sons why you may have poor laundry results—as well as some of the remedies. Water temperatures are too low. (When you hand-wash washable wools and lightly- soiled synthetics keep the water , at a cool 90 degrees F. For gen- j eral washing in a conventional • washer have the water at least U .I .U. — JAN. 17 Central There U .I .U. — JAN. 18 Simpson There U .I .U. — JAN. 21 Wartburg Here F.H.S. — JAN. 21 Calmar (Girls) There F.H.S. — JAN. 21 Waukon (Boys) There F.H.S. — JAN. 24 Arlington (B & G) There Limestone and spreader trucks awaiting your order. are Fayette Stone Co. Inc. Phone 73 «>uai»:i- uavu me water at least [{{ »«*«*«5 «»J Fayette. Iowa 120 degrees F. or warmer, in an —— ——- ::!!ii!!!!i!i!!!:iii » i!!! "i»»&»:'»»:K!KH »n;^ mnmiiiaisi!; •iiliiffliiil Many' Exceptional .Lw'^^^^^ Thoroughly Recon*tiowe4lf^^

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