Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 9, 1942 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1942
Page 4
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FOUR HOPE STAR; HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, February 9, 1942 itish Protest mish Riots f See Axis Pointing ! for New Drive Upon Morocco '•By tM Associated Press battle of diplomacy and pro- 3a for strategic positions in the literranean overshadowed actual „' there Monday with the 'itish charging the Axis with spon- ting native outbreaks against them [Spanish Morocco. fxMidbn disclosed that a strong pro- It had been lodged with the com- tnder of the Spanish military forces |Tangier over "Axis-inspired" riots Bg Moslem natives following the ision of a time bomb for which propagandists with remarkable nptness blamed the British. i authoritative London source said attention of the Spanish govern- nt probably would be directed to attempts to embitter British - sh relations. Spain conceivably Ltd be forced into war by Germany ' Italy, old time benefactors of the at Nationalist government of ralissimo Franco, he „ inflammatory trend of Axis paganda over the Tangier incident gested that this was Adolf Hitler's Bective. pctxial -warfare in the Mediterran- fc region was marked by an Axis rt of a raid on the British naval at Alexandria, Egypt, new air jacks on Malta, and claims that airmen had scattered British rial columns in eastern Libya. e Axis admitted a new RAF at- on Tripoli.. ^and large, the British appeared Sjhave checked the German-Italian pnter offensive in Libya about 40 |es west of Tobruk. The Axis of- no new claims of ground gains. yat used the slang expression, • as a bone," as early as 1833. BUMPS ILY IRE JIAL heads, due to external irritation). • clearing-up help of the antiseptic on in Black and White Ointment. For removing grimy facial dirt, enjoy IBlack and White Skin Soap daily. Prescott News By HELEN HESTERLY Slllimnn-Wnten ©Mr. Moore. A wedding of interest in Prescot- is that of Miss Mary Suo Silliman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Silliman of Camden, to Charles Waters, son of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Waters of Prescott. The wedding was solemnized Saturday night at the home of Dr. E. P. J. Gnrrott, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Prescott. The bride was lovely in a blue crepe dress with black accessories. Miss Edna Ruth Waters, sister of the groom, was the bride's only atten- | motec ' to a Corporal. He is the son of dant, while Norman Whitaker serv- I Mr - ancl Mrs - Owen Waters. Telephone 163 Mr. and Mrs. Dale Denman of Bluff City spent Saturday in Prescotl. Miss Mary Sue Gordon, of Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Gordon. Miss Juanita Ward of Magnolia A. & M. College, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Ward. Douglas Waters, who is stationed at Camp Haan, California, has been pro- ed as the best man. The young couple will make their home in Arkadelphia, where they are students at Henderson State Teachers College. Stave Mill Robbed The Stave mill was robbed Thursday night. A leather jacket and ax belonging to Mr. Yocum, operator of the mill were stolen. Sheriff Curtis Ward arrested John D. Henry, negro, for the robbery. It is believed another negro was involved, so investigations are being conlinued. The trial is set for Monday at 10:00. Tire Permits The tire rationing board met Friday night and three permits were granted. Dennis Dickerson, Prescott, 1 truck tire and 1 tube. William Samuel Roe, Prescotl, Rt. 5, 2 tires and 2 tubes. Forrest Westmorland, Prescott, Rt. 6, 1 tire and 1 tube. Hcndrix's Campus Sweetheart In the annual Who's Who election of Hcndrix College, Conway, Miss Carrie Jane Greeson was clecled campus sweetheart. Miss Greeson, is the daughter of Mrs. Hartwcll Greeson of Prescotl. She is a sophomore in Hendrix, and a member of Kappa Kappa sororily. INOTICE • • • • W. B. WILLIAMS ; joined the personnel of the :APITAL BARBER SHOP and invites his friends and customers to visit him IPITAL BARBER SHOP Infantile Paralysis Drive John H. Greene, executive director of the Arkansas committee for the Celebration of the President's Birthday for the National foundation for Infantile Paralysis reported Salurday lhat Nevada is one of the counties that has exceeded its quota. The quota was ?300, and E. M. Sharp was chairman of the drive. Society Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Prewitt of Arkadelphia spent the week-end with Mrs. Prewitt's mother, Mrs. H. E. Bemis. Mrs. Ed Barliam of El Dorado, and Miss Sara Ann Barham of Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway spent Sunday here with relatives and friends. Subscribe to the Hope Star now, delivered at your home in Prescotl each- afternoon. Mack Greyson, Tele- hone 307. Man Held in (Continued From Page One) lion and placed her body in the river." Wells said there were no marks on the body except those caused by the chains. The sheriff said the man told him he had known the girl for a long lime and had allempled lo befriend her, but denied he had any personal relations with her. Wells added the man was being held without charge pending completion of the invcstiga- lion. Found in River ARKADELPHIA—J. Kirby Jones, 37, member of Ihe NYA slaff al Dumas was held in the Clark counly jail here without charge Sunday night, after he had directed Sheriff William Wells of Clark county and other officers to the bridge at Calion, Union county, where he confessed he dumped the chain-bound mody of Miss Mary Bell Furlow, 19, NYA bookkeeper here, last Sunday night.. The body was recovered from 30-foot water at 4:45 p. m. loday. Sheriff Wells said lhat Jones alleged that the girl killed herself accidentally while attempting an abortion last Sunday afternoon. The officer said Jones told him he waited until that night and then drove 125 miles to the Calion bridge and hurled the body into the water 70 feel below. The body was bound from head to foot with 18 feet of heavy log chain. Deputy Sheriff Wilson said that the Nutrition Group Holds Session Has Conducted 7 Cooking Schools Over County The County Consumer's Interest tmd Nutrition Commiltee, a part of the County Defense Board, had their monthly meeting February 5 in the city hall. The committee members present were: Mrs. Mary Foster, Miss Elsie Wisenberger, Miss Ruth Taylor, Mrs. Marie Nichols, Mrs. Mary Turner, Mrs. Laura Hodnell, Mrs. Harry Shiver, Mrs. H. O. Kyler, Mrs. L. D. Springer and Miss Phoebe Harris. The meeting was presided over by the chairman, Miss Mary Claude Fletcher. This commiltee, since it has been organized, has conducted seven cooking schools over the county through Home Demonstration Clubs; has posters of 'eat the right foods' in most of the grocery stores and eating places of Hope; has made a survey of price rises of food over the county; has assisted with the hot lunch project over the county; kept timely articles on foods and nutritions before the public. This commitlee will conlinue with their work each week. Certain teams will keep timely publicity before the public. There will be a team to serve each week of the month and a column in the paper will be headed Foods for Defense. This commiltee is urging every one to cooperate with the sugar shortage; to assist with the hot school lunch project in the schools by giving your lime and your co- operalion lo Ihe supervisors; to do careful buying; to buy foods that will give the most food values and not for likes and dislikes of the family. Whole grain cereals are very essential in our diets at present time because of vitamin Bl and B2. Brown rice, whole oat meal, whole ground corn meal (especially yellow corn meal), whole wheat breads, graham flour, rice polish, soy bean products are rich in these vitamins. A nutrition shelf will be available in the County Library in the Cily Hall. Any one having books on nutrition foods for family we will be glad lo gel your donalion of books lo place on Ihe shelf for public use. Food and Nutrition classes will be taught as soon as people register for Food and Nutrilion Work. On the fourth Monday of February, February 23 all interested women in the City WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP 75 Cents per Hundred Pounds Paid ^ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas [Plumbing Repairs .Harry W. Shiver Plumbing Phone 259 309 N. Main RADIOS - BATTERIES BICYCLES and ^AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES BOB ELMORE'S AUTO SUPPLY Bob Elmore, Owner n»__ c T , ,. e . , only mark of possible violence was a n^H I T n -f,\ £ y '"'head wound, which could have been Dallas where she will be the gues ed b a chain _ The bod of her daughter, Mrs. Steel Moore and dothed only in shoeS) stockin( ? s and === —-—-___________ I underclothes. I An autopsy was ordered by Prosecuting Attoriney to determine how the girl was killed. Sheriff Wells said that Jones told him he was attempting only to be a friend to the girl. He said they had arranged to meet in Pine Bluff January 31, but their plans were thwarted. Miss Furlow worked with Jones when he was supervisor of the ?14,000 NYA school project at Ashdown last year. Mrs. Jones and their two child- Model Planes Needed by Navy High School Students to Be Asked to Build Them NEW ORLEANS — High school students in Arkansas will be given an opportunity lo participate in n vital part of the U. S. Navy training program by Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox. Under a new plan, 500,000 aircraft models—10,000 models each of 50 different types of fighting planes—will be needed for training personnel in aircraft recognition, range cslimalion in gunnery practice and civilian defense training. The Navy soon will call on Arkansas students to build at least 5,000 of them. The United Stales Office of Educa- lion, which will administer the program, will send letters outlining the plan to slate superintendents within the next few days. The first set of working drawings will be in the hands of cooperating schools by Feb. 23. The models will be made on a precise scale of 1 to 72—one inch on the model represents 6 feet on the aclual airplane. The same proporlion holds true as to distance; a model seen at 35 feet is identical with the true airplane seen al jusl under half a mile. Studying the models through the standard ring sight used an aerial gun mounts becomes invaluable training for the cadet flier, teaching him not only type and identification, but range. Only three dimensional models can serve properly for all these functions. Aflcr a review of every model submitted, studenls completing staled quantities of models, will receive certificates in recognition of the importance of the work. Approved models will be sent to aviation units ashore and afloat. The Boy Scouts of America, the of Hope are requested to mccl at the City Hall to organize Home Demonstration Clubs for North and South Hope. These Home Demonstration Clubs will be turned inlo Food anc ; Nutrition Clinics and classes. Any one wishing information on Consumer's Interesl and Food and Nulrilion please gel in touch wilh Ihe Chairman of Ihis Commillee, Mary Claude Fletcher County Home Demonstralion Agent. Horace Jewell Wins Law-Book as Prize FAYETTEVILLE — Horace Jewell, Hope first year law student at the University o£ Arkansas has been awarded a volume of American Jurisprudence because he made the highest grade in the course, Contracts. These hooks are given to the student making the highest grades in certain Wife Outlives the Husband, as a Rule NEW YGflK — When n man marries he not only gives a hostage to fortune but, barring divorce, he makes a contract that in most instances will bind him for life, unless his bride is a few years his senior. For, according to the statisticians of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, if a man is the same age as his wife, or older, her chances of outliving him are betler than even. And as the difference in the ages of a woman and her older husband increases, the mans chances of outliving his wife grow less. A man whose wife is three or four years his senior, however, can expect thai he and his spouse have a- boul Ihe same length of life ahead of them, the statisticians say. But when the mates arc of equal age, the wife lias better than an even chance of outliving her husband: to be exact, her chances are 55 in 100. If Ihe husband is five years the senior, however, his chances of outliving his wife are only 3G in 100, and when his seniority is a.s much as ten years, his chances drop to 27 in 100. On the other hand, when a man is five years younger than his mate, his chances of outliving her are 55 in 100. Our Daily Bread (Continued From Pnge One) Presbyterian Men Will Meet Tuesday The Men of the Church organization will hold its monthly dinner meeting at First Presbyterian church at 7:30 o'clock Tuesday night, with the Rev. Otis L. Graham, pastor of First Presbyterian church of Texarkana, Ark., as the guest and speaker, Pastor Thomas Brewsler announced Monday. The Rev. Mr. Graham will s]5cak on "The Moslem World and the Present War in the Pacific." 4-H Clubs, the Air Youth of America, the Junior Birdmen, various Boys Clubs and oilier youth organizations throughout the slate have pledged suport. off in tnxes. Congress is working on this. It cnn't work loo fast or too thoroughly. Third, it is to be presumed that the shock that must have run through the whole Army and Navy command at the deficiencies thai led up to Pearl Harbor more or less assures that the same mistakes won't happen again immediately. The appointmenl of supreme commanders in the Pacific war zones with full authority, and of the new AEF in Britain, with all branches responsible to them, indicates that the danger of lack of coordination has been sensed and partially remedied. That's good, but not enough. The whole military setup, and the whole habil of military thinking must be revamped to fit modern conditions, and that as quickly as possible without fatal confusion. Here again the revelation of the whole truth is of the greatesl service. A free people can function only by knowing tile truth. The greatest possible service has been done by these three brutally frank reports. We want to know the worst. It's when we've been told the worst thai we starl doing something about making it better. There is no other way to deal with a free people. Sweater Glamor If you knit (and who doesn't these days?) why not try your hand at an evening sweater? Your most becoming pastel shade in fluffy brushed wool will make a lovely accompaniment to the evening skirl you may already have. After the sweater is knitted, but before the wool is brushed out, stitch tiny flowers in silver beads round the neck and across the shoulders. Then brush the fleece and the posies will show only as a reflection of gliter. Lnml of the Soviets Sixteen federated Socialist republics make up the Union of. Soviet Socialist Republics. They cover an area of 8,819.791 square miles, or one-sixth of the world's inhabitable land area. New Arrivals at Proving Ground Lt.-Col. Keith F. Adamson of Burlington, Iowa, replaced Col. D. C. Cahell as commanding officer of the Southwestern Proving Ground last week, according to an announcement from the SPG Monday. Col. Cabell was ordered to the Jefferson Proving Ground at Madison, Ind., where he will continue as commanding officer. Among the new lieutenants reporting to the local Proving Ground during (lie past week were: U. Robert N. Wolfe; LI. Frank E. Prawl; and Lt. Paul W. Klipsch. So YouVe "ALL £ Tuckered out, and BO much B M^ f ff work waiting. You may » 1^ 9 lock the proper strength nncl endurance because you haven't the appetite for the ncces- eary foods. The Vitamin BI nnd Iron in VINOL helps promote appetite. Get pleasant-tasting VINOL from your druggist. John P. Cox Drug Co. Piles Pain Is A Da nger Signal The McCleary Clinic, EG18 Elms Blvd., Excelsior Springs, Mo., is putting out an up-to-the-minute, illustrated 122-page book on Piles, Fistula, Slomnch and Colon disorders, and associated ailments as shown in the chart below. You may now have a copy of this book by asking for it with a postcard or letter sent to the above address. No obligation so write today. —Adv. ORIANA AMENT BOYETT Teacher of Music-Voice, Piano. Art-Drawing, Painting, Studio R08 South Maiw Street Phone 318 W Bring us your Sick WATCH Speedy recovery guaranteed. Repair service very reasonable. PERKISON'S JEWELRY STORE 21S South Walnut Oil and Gas (Continued From Page One) acres. Assignment of O. & G. Lease, dat- led 2-4-42, filed 2-9-42. Floyd Porter- j field, et ux to James B. McDaniel. NWV 4 WV» SW'A Sec. 2; SEV 4 ; S% NW'A Sec. 3 all in Twp. 14 S., Rge. 26 W. SE'A SE'A Sec. 34, Twp. 13 S., Bge. 26 W., 520 acres. Assignment of O. & G. Lease, dated 1-30-42, filed 2-S-42. Gene Goff, et ux to P. R. Rutherford. NE'A; N'A SE'A Sec. 2, Twp. 14 S., Rge. 24 W., 235 acres. Undivided % Int; Royalty Deed, dated 1-14-42, filed 2-9-42, 40 acres, (1/32 Int.). Willie E. Hunt, et ux to Lena Drake. NE'A NE',4 Sec. 14, Twp. 14 S., Rge. 24 Warranty Deed, dated 9-26-41, filed 2-9-42. Grady Rogers, et ux to W. Milton Crews, el ux. Pt. S¥> SW'A NW'A; Pt. N'/ 2 NW/4 SW/ 4 Sec. 21, Twp. 14 S., Rge. 23 W., 20 acres. Lafayette County February 7, 1942 Prepared by Eunice Triplet! Lewisville, Arkansas ren live at Ashdown. Lots o£ Paper In the course of a year, each person in the United Stales uses an average of 50 pounds of newspapers, .22 pounds of wrapping paper, eight pounds of paper boards, 21 pounds of magazines and books, and 120 postage stamps. ISSSSftfaftowi •' •. ^^^Ei>-^ • J .x-s 'J^ I JOINED UP WITH CAMELS XEARS AGO. NOTHING LIKE 'EM FOR FLAVOR <w> Taetj DUDLEY [Flour & Feed Co. ON COTTON ROW Agents for International FERTILIZER Recommend that you buy your now. As the ingredients ertilizer are used in the rnan- re of munitions, shells and Price subject to change out notice. WANT A PIANO? This Model $365 cask or terms: $36.50 Down $19.38 Monthly. 5 us a card for Catalogs and ittformation. Quality makes STEINWAY, HADDORFF, WURLITZER. f Jg, feoad Tesufcaaa, Ark. *, $75 up. Assignment of O. & G. Lease: book Y-6, page 456, dated 2-5-42, recorded 2-7-42. L. W. Whittington and wife to J. E. Cargill. Undivided Vz interest of my entire undivided interest in the South 30 acres of the SE>/4 of SE'A of Sec. 21; Also the West 10 acres of the NE'A of NEi/4 of Sec. 28, all in Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/128 Int., hook T-7, page 106, dated 2-3-42, recorded 2-7-42. Gene Goff and wife to R. H. Venable. S'/ 2 of Sec. 13, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/256 Int., book T-7, page 107, dated 2-5-42, recorded 2-742. E. J. Craig to Marcus Justiss and Louis Suckle. S'/i of the SW'A of Sec. 2, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. 15 year term from Aug. 28, 1941. Royalty Deed: 3/5120 Int., book M-7, page 309, dated 1-24-42, recorded 2-742. George A. Goss and wife to E. B. Germany. SVi of Sec. 13, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. February C, 1942 Prepared by Eunice Triplett Lcwisville, Arkansas Mineral Deed: 'A Int., dated 1-6-42, filed 2-6-42. J. C. Douglas and wife to E. M. McWilliams and J. S. Mathews. NW'A of NW',4 of Sec. 4, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 West. Royalty Deed: 1 96 Int., (10 royalty acres), dated 1-12-42, filed 2-6-42. J. A. Johnston and wife to G. C. Hurst. NE',i of SEV 4 ; NW'A of SE'A less six acres in the NW corner of the NW'A of SEVi described as a tract 277 yards east and west and 105 yards north and south; the NW'A of the SW'A; and a six aero tract in the NE'A of SW'A described as beginning at the SE corner of the- NE'A of SW'A described as beginning at the SE corner of the NEVi of SW'A and running west 277 yards, thence north 105 yards, thence east 277 yards, thence south 105 yards to point of beginning; all in Sec. 2, Twp. S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 5 968 Int., <5 royalty acres;, dated 2-6-42, filed 2-6-42. Leo Robins and wife to F. E. Nolen. W/2 of SW'A and SE'A of SW'A of Sec. 6, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. RojaJty Deed: 10 2400 Int., U% roy- alty acres), dated 2-4-42, filed 2-6-42. R. N. Vickers and wife to Joe S. Maryman. 3'A acres in the NW'A of NW'A, and 71 3/4 acres in the E'/ 2 of NW'A of Sec. 10, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/256 Int., (7% royalty acres), dated 2-4-42, filed 2-6-42. R. N. Vickers and wife to Joe S. Maryman. S'A of Sec. 2, NE'A of NW'/i and NW'A of NE'A of Sec. 11, 15, 24. 15 year term from Aug. 28, 1941. O. & G. Lease: 10 yr. term, dated 2-6-42, filed 2-6-42. Mattie Johnson to B. H. Dobson. N'/fe of SW% of NE'A of Sec. 28, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/16 Int., dated 1-2742, filed 2-6-42. J. N. Landes and wife to II. L. Lester, L. H. Edwards, and R. L. Searcy, Jr. The Frl. NVfe of N'/ 2 of NW'A, and the Frl. N'/ 2 of NW'A of NE'A of Sec. 6, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/25G Int., dated 1-1542, filed 2-6-42. Gene Goff and wife to F. R. Carllon. S'/a of Sec. 13, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/256 Int., dated 1-1542, filed 2-6-42. Gene Goff and wife to George A. Goss. S'/i of Sec. 13, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: l'A1280 Int., dated 122-42, filed 2-6-42, George A. Goss and wife to E. B. Germany. S'/a of Sec. 13, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 3/2560 Int., dated 122-42, filed 2-6-42. George A. Goss and wife to B. F. McLain. S'/ 2 of Sec. 13, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/2072 Int., dated 122-42, filed 2-6-42. George A. Goss and wife to E. B. Germany. S'/ 2 of Sec. 13, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalt Deed: 1/1536 Int., dated 122-42, filed 2-6-42. F. R. Carlton and wife to George A. Goss. S'/ 2 of Sec. 12, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Mineral Deed: 1/8 Int., dated 1-1642, filed 2-6-42. William E. Hodnett, ex. and tr. to R. S. Randolph. NE'A of Sec. 18, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 West. Royalty Deed: 1/6144 Int., M-7, page 299, dated 1-27-42, recorded 2-6-42. J. J. Travis and wife to N. P. Brown. SW'A and SW'A of NE'A of See. 10; N'/i of Sec. 13; N'/i of NE'A of Sec. 9; S'/a of NE'A and N'/-i of SE'A and NE'A of SWA of Sec. 14; SW'A and SE'A of NW'A of Sec. 11; SE'A of Sec. 10; E',i of SE'A of Sec. 16; and S'/i of NE'A of Sec. 9; all in Twp. 15 S.. Rge. 24 West. Assignment of O. & G. Lease: dated 2-6-42, filed 2-6-42. W. L. Allen to Dreeby Prior. An undivided '••; interest in the NEV 4 of SW'A of Sec. 18, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 Weit. ''<* -*&& '•^ TEST PILOT BILL WARD— Tcstcdtlicncw ft- Curtlss SD2C-1 dive- Si bomber for the Navy. \s ^: ^•\^ ^ t THEV TASTE GREAT AND THEXl/EGOTTHE' /MILDNESS THAT COUNTS WITH /ME \ \ X <\ ^"-x V v /- TANK. TESTER CHARLIE DEVVEY-Hurr/cjouf (he army's now tanks at Aberdeen proving around. iVe SMOKED CAMELS FOR /EARS. THEIR EXTRA /MILDNESS IS MORE WELCOME THAN eyeR IN TIMES UKE THESE x $*>i TORPEDO-BOAT DESIGNER IRWIN CHASE. P-T boats arc his job as chief of the naval division/ Electric Jioat Co. ~»e*"\ THE SMOKE OF SLOWER-BURNING CAMELS CONTAINS 28%LESS NICOTINE than the average of the 4 other largest-selling cigarettes tested—less than any of them—according to independent scientific tests of the smoke itself! H. J. UnynoMa Tobacco Company. Winston-Balm. North Carolina SgST '-TURKISH & DOMESTIC? Vi i BLEND \X BY BURNING 25% SLOWER than the average of (he 1 other lurnestsellini: brands tested— slower than any of them —Camels also ijive you a smoking plus equal, on tlic average, to 5 EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! IN THE ARMY- IN THE NAVY- IN THE MARINES- IN THE COAST GUARD Actual sales records in Post Exchanges, Sales Commissaries, Ship's Stores, Ship's Service Stores, and Canteens show the favorite cigarette is Camel. «••< ,/nrMMf& Camel is the favorite eigarette of civilians. COSTLIER TOBACCOS

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