Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on January 16, 1958 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1958
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r~?r. o~ HI:,TO?,Y ?. A Li/o '..'.OlM'io 1';» I.' ..'i "I" ". I' VOLUME 427 NO. 29 FAYETTE, IOWA Price Five Cents Dr. R.M. Deming f—J Funeral Today 16 JANUARY 1958 BUCHHEIT TO SEEK Meet January 22 RE-ELECTION AS GROUND TOWN... Bwith In our library is a book entitled LINCOLN'S OWN YARNS AND STORIES. Having always been a student of Lincoln, wo draw upon tiuit book for infoniiaiion and comparisons. Saturday eve- nint;, spending a finite- few inin- ti.es at homo, we found this one. ttw Diirinj/ tlio \VKI- Lincoln W as bothered by those who demanded that tlie war bo pu.shod vigorously. sluiutod advice and opinions, but never anything very practical. It all reminded Lincoln of u joke. ttw It seems there was a farmer who lost his way on the western frontier. Night came and t!>c embarrassments of his position were increased by a furious tom- Fayeile— A man who served Annual Meeting, Tuesday, Fcbru- '(Jipper Iowa University long and arv . l *> at tnc Farm Bureau well passed away Monday. Building, Fayette. J. F. Ingcls, Dead is Dr. Raymond F. Dem- Present Chairman of the Coming, former professor of mathe- missioners has placed his resig- matics at Upper Iowa and a long- na t'°n- E. T. Nt-lson, West Union, time citizen of Fayette and this Iowa . and E - S. Pardee, Oelwcin, area. Iowa are proposed candidates. Funeral services for Dr. mond M. Deming, 75, will b Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. in the Belles-Wright in Fayette. Conservation Commission ' — fAIIMTV ATrnnurv The election of a Fayette. ^ heRosar y Society will meet CUUlNll Al 1UKNLY County Soil Conservation Dis- '" • ar ' s " Hal] on Wednesday Mark D. Buchheil, Fayette trict Commissioner will be held ^ Vcnln 6- January 22nd at 8:00. County Attorney, announced this in conjunction with the District JJ 08 "* 8 ™ Wl1 ' b c Mrs. Tom week that he will be a candidate Henry, Mrs, Dale Roberts, and for another term as County At- Mrs. Ned Denman." torney. ' Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paul and Mr. Buchheit has had three family were in Fayette Sunday KIL KARE KLUB years experience as Fayette visiting Mr. (Paul's mother, Mrs. MET I ACT W/E-E-V Count y AUurnoy. When con- Hal Paul. IVUL1 LA3I Wfct.lV tacted concerning his candidacy, The Kil Kare Klub met Tues- Mark, as he is known to most Mrs. Helen Hedrick of Polo, day, January 7 at the home of people of the county stated that: Illinois visited Friday afternoon The Annual Meeting starts Lavera Owen. the people of this county have, in the home of Mrs. Chris L 1 *^ with a potluck at 12:00 noon, to There were 9 members and 5 "'-operated with me and havi 1 Ra.smussen. be followed by a interesting children present. treated me far better than I luivt .-•••• meeting on soils and wildlife. The next meeting will be Jan. had reason to expect. If re- Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Nelson Mr. Robert Moorman, .Wildlife 21 at the home of Lulu Weyant. n»'»in;i;ctl ;md re ek-derl I will and family spent Sunday in the _ _. . Specialist at Iowa State College, Dr. Demmg, professor emeritus Ames wlu be principal speaker, of mathematics, died of an ap- A ll Fayette County landown- parent heart attack Monday ors and operators are eligible to morning, January 14, while vote i n the election. working on his farm near Arlington. ~ He is survived by his wife and Guetti In cariton cole oi Martin Timm Home Dr. R. M. Doming pest which suddenly burst upon ' the /langoix Donahue of the pitiless storm. ttw The peals of thunder were terrific, the frequent flashes of R'chard Donahue, Director '-' the Fayette County Polio 1 at Monday Dr. Deming graduated from the Pearl and Martin Timm home Arlington high school and Sunday. studied at Iowa State college Mrs. Olga Rohrig of Maynard , r At where he graduated in 1908. He i s a guest in the Martin Timm received his master's degree from home this week Lions Club Iowa State in 1935 and was granted an honorary Doctor of w . c , ij «. .• .... of Science degree from Upper Iowa VYe»tneld Worthy Winners Uy college at Appleton, Candy making project for the last meet i n g of BUMPER CROP continue to serve to the best of Martin [loin home at Fairbank. my ability." • • • • » ............ • Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Miller EASTERN STAR llavt ' "'^turned home from several IMCTAI i ATir\M u ' wks vacationing in St. Peters- 1JN5 1 ALLA T ION \ mi - K , Florida. On their return About 75 m. nibcrs and Fri'-nds lrip tlu '>' vis 'ted their son Bill of Eastern Star were present at :md nis famil y at Ann Arbor, an Open Installation at the Ma- Michigan/ sonie Temple on Thursday. .Tanu- . * . • ary 9. Guests were present from Misses Amy L. and Margaret New Hampton. West Union Painc made their P eriodic check- Hawkeye and Maynard ' II P tr 'P to Rochester, Minnesota. Installing Officers were Li-ona stii ying from January 8 through Dosland, New Hampton, Virginia the nt ' J< Broughton, and Lois Meyer, West * • • • Union and Clara Smith, Fayette Mr ' Austin, Mr. Clark. Mr. Officers Installed were: Huschcr and Donald Van Sickle Dorothy Gourley, Worthy Ma- dlovo Carloads of intermediates tron; Paul Gourley, Worthy Pa- to the Wt " 1 Union Methodist Iron; Esther Johnson. Associate cll "''- h 'a;t Sun Jay evening to Matron; Lysle Wooldndge As- see slldl!S of Ja P an tnat Dr ' sociate Patron; Elgia Wooldridgc Gabl °- the District Superinten- Secretary; Marie Davis Treasur- don1 ' -"howed. Following the lec- er; Ruby Shaffer, Conductress; ture l K ' riod refreshments were Opal Fay, Associate Conductress; Serv0l! Emily .Swart*. Organist: Mar- " AnJr ' on the ward. The earth seemed to trein- was ble beneath him in the war of n j Kn ts Fayette Lions Club meet- Washinnton DC and 10 vpar, ™. the elements. One bolt threw Washington, u.u, and 10 years The candy was sent to a chil . him upon his knees. ing. ? l Case Institute of Technology dren 's home. ttw Mr. Donahue spoke and showed m cievelar »a. Ohio. Kay and Ljnda Van sjck]e Our traveler was not a prayiv- ,. c • T He came to Upper Iowa univer- were hostesses. Linda called our ful man, Lincoln explained but ;l " 1(<VIL> '.Survival Is Not s ity in 1922 and taught mathe- attention to the food value in Mrs. Llewelyn Dies; finding himself involutnrily Enough." The film was on re- mattes and engineering for the eggs and Kay told us of the need Funeral On Fridav Ruth^lanch A^hbv Fsiher'LoV* Apartment at Upper Iowa Uni- broughtto a position and attitude remainder of his career. He re- for good measuring. Dorthea runerai Un rriday "_ ltn '"'^' 1 ^ sh l^'**"l u ' ^ ' versity, was host to the Campus of devotion, he addressed himself habilitation for polio patients. It tired three years ago, was named Schuety spok$ on the "Quality FayeMe —•Services will be Soerrv El«-ta- n! n • Wives last Thursday evening. to the Throne of Grace tliusly, was a very interesting and en- professor emeritus^of mathemat- of eggs and how to care for held Friday at 2 p.m. at the warder- Oakley Duvis SenUrv'l' Following a showing of slides of s. Dean Curtis sang two solos Mi - ss Mcvcrs travels abroad the Joan Bennett read "The wivt ' s werc treate <* to one of Mlss ,,. W±Tn "O God Hear my prayer this time for its not often that I call 1'Khting address. upon Thee. And, O Lord, if its __^^^ all the same to Thee, give us a little more light and a little less noise." ttw These days, with Sputnik, missiles, the budget, elections coming up and all the other falderol of our time, a little more light and little less noise is certainly in order. The wife was delighted Satur- WESTFIELD day afternoon when Forrest and WORTHY WINNERS Ruth Claxton stopped after they , . , . had visited their locker and left The making of baking powder a beef roast and some club steaks biscuits by Lois Bennington was in our refrigerator. "> c ,^ lghl ^ ht of theu Westfield tlw Worthy Winners 4-H meeting Mrs. James Sparkman has held at Sharon Thyer's January agreed to give me lessons in the "th. The girls were surprised to Southern language. f ' nd tha ^ he biscuits baked in ttw the wood burning stove were a War dept *"' lighter and more tender than We sent invitations to several those baked in the gas burning couples to visit in oiu- home Sat- s °)' c ;, urday. Everyone replied affirma- Kollcen Anfinson reported on lively and one noted, "I'll have 'How to Store Cereals and Cereal to check with the War De-part- Products. ment first." Now, isn't that a new , < rarrol i, Sch " et y »"«„ re P° rt nomer for a wife? £o™f h,ITa medium sfze ^ou" We are always* amazed at the to and an apple have the same superb manner in which the Del- ""mber of calories. wJm REGISTER'S Russ Piggott Preparation of a cooked cereal handles Ms camera. was^ demonstrated by Sharon We couldn't heTp but notice at A contest on dropping clothes thTaSleton.ftir'b.nk game a P|«J^-™* bo « le fu ™ lshed while back. With only one arm (the other lost in a corn picking accident) he handles his camera and takes most of those pictures you see in the REGISTER and sonie you see in the LEADER. T> ttw LOCAL MEN BUY CONTROL OF STATE BANK OF FAYETTE ics and continued to teach a them." Randalia Methodist church for course or two each year. Sharon Thyer was hostess for : Mrs; Agnes Llewelyn, 80. Burial the January llth^meetmg. '..... win> in DunhamGrove ceme-J^;? (A «™; fro ^Th]m- Beyers ^ *^fe. Llewelyn Hied at'the"Day >' yhe Tv^nine'"closed with " I ' Mrrand*"Mrs.""keith" Baker of nursing home in Oelwein Tues- Dessert Lunch in the dininc Westgatc were visitors of Miss day noon. She had been in fail- ^ om K Florence Richie at Mrs. Dlckin- ing health for some time and _1 son's home here in Fayette. had been at the Day home about We will have with us a Reprc- .... a month. scntativc from the Luthcrn Mrs. Rial Smith, Mrs. Jack Surviving is one son, William, Children's Home at Waverly who Soener, and Miss Patti Stralko Randalia; five grandchildren and will tell us about Hie work and were the guests of Mrs. Leland two great-grandchildren. Her purpose of the home. Boehme at a card party in Mrs. husband preceded her in death Refreshments served following Boehme's home last Friday. OFFICERS AT ANNUAL MEETING OF STOCKHOLDERS F*y»tt» — Three local men, Belles-, Paul Templeman, Russell Swartz j n charge and Attorney W. V. Clark have funeral homo is purchased controlling interest in P.T.A. Meeting the State Bank of Fayette. This announcement was made at the annual stockholders meet- DEDI7ADM1?F\ IIPDE guidance of his father at the age rfinrUKmLl/ nfiftC ol - four and a half. When he was January 14 at Upper Iowa Uni- lwc , he came to the attention versity s Colgrove-Walker Audi- of Efrcm zimballa t who is head torium, Michael Tree gave an of the Curtis Insti t u te of Music _. Fa ? e f t J.ayett January 20th cnthuslastlc , audience a- thrilling j Philadelphia and an eminant «""«««•/ *vui vlohn erformance. Both Mr. h"! fn £' be held m the , performance. Both "if- a « oinp f ntat> combined mature, violinist • m , . . _—, ., " T . — tt — — — — — .._-, «-^- -.W..V. --• •-.*, LJKIlbi* ^.^ftlll^lllWLl llltllllA(.U| U11I1 t 1 V ,,, < ing here last week. The meeting High School Gymnasium on Jan- developed technique with the Paul Templeman New Vice-P!*Mldeni was held in the conference room uary 20th at 8:00 p.m. of the Bank. Those stockholders • not in attendance were represented, and their shares voted by proxy. The Board of Directors elected by the stockholders were Charles R. Carpenter, Dean of Iowa Bankers, Forrest B. Claxton,.. Paul Templeman, Russell 'A. Swartz, L. C. Surfus, Dr. John £. Dorman, John P. Hastings and Attorney W. V. Clark. Following the selection of the Board by the stockholders, the officers of the bank for 1958 GOV. LOVELESS TO RUN AGAIN his own right. Zimbal- as a student and has .. , . , . Tree's career, warmth and vigor of their youth. Mr T ,. eo has bcen invlted to appear with outstanding orchestras throughout the country, such us the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic and recently he gave his second recital at Carnegie Hall and received impressive notices both by the audience and the critics, (continued on page 8) i a Miller, February 8th. , Lois Bennington — Reporter tailing specific courses of action w ® re elected by .the Board as ( - are presented to the Congress. He IoUows: I 1 F APPI AI IDS stated, however, that today's Charles R. Carpenter, Chair- I -I |lj f^r BL M J^^. ^.J M-JfcJ ' * * * A,I T5—. J T^ i Tl" "^^ speech gives a broad outline of man °' tne Board, rorrest vo. IKE'S "CALL TO what can be expected in the way Claxton, President, .Paul Temiple- AfTlON" of bet t er and more efficient or- man, Vice-President, Russell A. Pattison Bros. Buy * .T ,, ganization in the Department of Swartz, Cashier and W. V. Clark, failison D ru». auy Congressman Henry O. Talle, Defense, acceleration of our de- General Legal Counsel. <r Foster Cass House second Iowa District, today ap- ^ ense efforti increasing our reser- The directors also announced ThA Pittison Bros have pur- plauded the "call to action State voir of trained scientists and en- that Russell Swartz will be chief rh-ned the Foster 'cass house of the Union message by Presi- gi neers , an d in other fields which executive officer and cashier of otted on the Southwest corner <«1 *«»^ «?, IIui « rt & will result in "works for peace." the bank. located on at the end of main street. The in ^ lC ^ es S sge The " Th « President's message was lt was announced at the Board Fayette Agency. Minnesota Man on the people of meet the challenge of this day in the same spirit and with the same that determination that our After Crash America is prepared to stand have faced every cr itioai After Urasn wlth M freedom lovmg ?eople ^ ^ ^^ Coi)greS8man ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ Fayette — A 01-year-old Ma- evei . yvv here in building a better Talle ble'Minn. mun paid a $10 fine m fulure f or a ii mankind," Con- justice court here last night after grossmatl Talle said, he lost control of his car and ram- ,.j am con fident," he continued, med the embankment on the 'hill (ltho call to action by the Presi- on the south edge of Fayette. dent in doing whatever is neces- Highway Patrolman Henry to maintain our military TO IATION Blonune, "who was only about j^g'th and in constructing a Dw HbAoM. fa, — The four 100 feet behind the car when the gcnuine pea ce, will be answered nianufacturing plants o< Deere bank credit, a Loan Committee consisting of and Attorney jmpleman will act as Des Moines — Governor Herschel C. Loveless, Democrat of OUumwa, today announced that he will be a candidate for re- \i/Pir i UT > <; WKlV*ni O HAVE BOY Mrs ' Joe Wri « ht • Herschel C. Loveless ,n \ Mr - and rs ' oe r « t an Loveless, the first Democrat o d th fai n f Paul occupy the governor's chair m Wim Qn Jan 13 at thft 20 years „ expected to be un, Wt , st , Union Hospital. opposed for the democratic non- Bdb and mo;Pher flre ^^ re . mmation d ... f . „ In a lengthy report Lovqless outl ; ned his program. The governor will be under fire in 1958 Jimmy Nelson Is from his opponents for his veto D* D of the soldiers home at Marshall- King Bearer town and his veto of the money Jimmy Nelson was ring bearer appropriated for the state coi- at the Delores Kurr and Harlo leges. Meyer candle light wedding at In the fall election Governor Clcrmont Saturday evening, Jan- Loveless will be opposed by Re- uary llth. publican Wm. Murray, Jans The groom is a nephew of Jim- Dykhouse, former Governor Leo my's father, Elmer Nelson. Elehon, John Knudsen or in- Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Nelson, curnbent Lieutenant Governor Chuck and Sandy also attended William H. Nicholas. the 'wedding. been associated with the Bank throughout its incorporated existence and part of h(s stock, surrendered to the new purchasers were original stock certificates in 1901 the date of the incorporation, of th Legion Meeting to Feature Dr. Sasser The Fayette County American that all Fourth District Legion • Mrs. E. H. Finch, County Aux- Legion meeting will be held at airres are also invited to attend, iliary Preisdent and William OU- Maynard on January 27th, Tues- The meeting will begin at 8:00 Y e i\ County Commander, will be 100 feet behind tne car *"«« »«j genuine peace, wiu DC a ™wc 1C u manufacturing plants ot Deere Reports oi ine uanns sianaing - , _,.,..- _ ' g p-tn . ~ " in active charge of the meeting. one-car accident occurred, bind Uh wmplete .responsiveness on and Company gave $24,000.00 to as of December 31, 1957 was day, and Dr. Alfred Sasser, Su- P m. Maynard ffhoae who were privileged fa Emmet W. McConnell lost control lhe part o£ Congress and the peo- ^ Ipw rCollege Foundation, given the stockholders and there perintendent of the Glenwood w S rbe General SirmanoMhe hear Dr. Sasser last Auguft wiU of his car while headed down the plo ,, bringing the total contribution to was a total of resources of $1,711,- Mental Health Institute will be ev ' ent TOe Maynard Legion. Aux- recall what a good speaker he "college hill" on the south edae 01 Congregsman Talle said a luu Iowa business and industry to the 072.19. The capital stock o* .the the featurecT speaker, iliarv will Berve refreshnients. As was and are urged to pass the town. The car rammed mo he analysis of the program offered wocMo* of 19 private Iowa bank is W.000.00 and deposits f » indicated S SeSglon and th^ Auxili- message on tb friends and to hew embankment and back onto tnt by the OPresident cannot be made , lberal ^ and 8dences collegeg were reported at $1,497,917,68. » h ^ g jL «££% invUed tft,:fee ary will hold separate business him again themselves. , . highway. until subsequent HIMMIM o«- (opnttnwd w p§fe «) —" ; '" '" : "' '' mwtiog iwi'U;•'wApbutea the fact meetings, ,-\ (. 1 ;»-J '.

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