The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ABK.) COURIER NEWS Today's Sport Parade !)>• 1IEMIY McLEMOKE Writer Hints They're . Through But There Arc Few Games Ahead BY GICOROK KIKKSKV Unlird Press Staff Correspondent To SOME W HERE BETWEEN LOUISVILLE AND NEW YORK, May 7. i UP)—Slop me It you've heard (his one before, but I think Blmelcch Is a sure tlilin;- In the Weakness. I menu, which will tie nm OJ1 Salui'day at Al VnudM'WU's lovely old Pl/nllco track in linlllmore. I'm nol a j>i<i.'> !o clifinae horses In Die middle of a stream of adverse critk-lsm. Let the more fickle. NEW YORK, May 7 (UP) Mate the csse plainly, the Yankees "?«>•<«> -witch to Gallahadlon, Dit, definitely aren't what, they used ' Youi ' Chnnce, Woof Woof and .the 10 U c i Cillers', now thai Blmelcch has been .Overnight, a ngliter, a ball rlubl' :cale " '" tllc Kentucky Derby. Af- or a race horse can go sour. The 1 tcl a " l!)01 ''' ls llle <:hnnce that Yanks have, lost lhat keen figlil-1 Himclcch doesn't like roses, or lhal ihg edge, lhat. extra something lhat : lie t)nce ''ad a look al Colonel made them champions. And with' BriMllcy's chc?k tiook and rcall/cd 11 went their psychological edge ' llis ownc >' < ll<ln 'l hl < v <-' any need for over the. other American League ' SGO.COO. ball clubs. The Bradley colt's record is .still The Yanks are loo yood a hall !l| e lie went (o the wiir.s for club lo be counlcd'oul of lhc lhi-i mor< ! 'han « i'ear before any horse 13-10 pcnnani, race for keeps al this I''eat him, nnd ho sllll has won early date but llicy are going to ' eleht o! nine .starts. Tlint's :i great face n harrowing fight to battle, deal more (hnii yon can say for their way back up the ladder. To-1 »»y of the, liorsc.s- who raced him day 'finds Ihem In slxlii place, only I Enturrlny nt- Loiilsvllle, Including one game out of Uie cellar and j Oallahndlon, the winner. 4',t games behind lhc league-lead-1 . As a matter of Irulh you'd have ing Red Sox. And what's more to look right carefully to find n important Ihey face ihcir toughest | ihrcc-ycar-oUl who has been beaten opposition during lhc next six] any more consistently Ihan Galla- days. They have one more game wilh the Tigers, two wilh the Indians and three with the Red Sox., Tlie Yanks losl their third (.spring limiseclennlng. And nol al- hadlon has. He lias been bcalcn mere often than your living room nig, and lhat includes this year's str,iight yesterday, bowing to the Tigers/ B-4'. The champs had tills game won, 4 ; 1, going into the eighth with Red Ruffing, their ace. breezing • along. They were 20-1 ways by magnificent beats, cither. Come of his trimmings were at the feel, shall we say, of horses unworthy of carrying the Bordcn Company silks, shots to win behind RtiJIing but] Bimclech didn't run his true race Tiger power blew Ruffing's triumph I on Saturday, lie couldn't have, ff into the aslicnn. Hank Orecnberg homered,- Higgins doubled, pineli- hitter Billy Sullivan homered and lie did how is one going to explain the pre-Uerby opinion of so many holiest -lo-goodne.'is horsemen. And (he score was tied. Then the Tigers by horsemen went on-lo win oil Johnny Murphy and Lee Grissom in th6 ninth on two walks and Hunk Gvcen- bcrg's second double. Southpaws continued to plague mean such men as Hlrsch Jacobs, Sunny Jim Pitzslmmons, Roy Wnl- tiron, and most of tlie finj trainers in this country.' They all thought llhnelcch vyas Clmsc To Be Secondary To Story Telling AnrJ Current Politics STANDINGS .SoiiOic rii NashvWo Memphis 10 7- ,!jlj8i Lillle Hock 10 10 .5001 Allnntn )0 II New Orleans 9 11 .450 liirminghnm (j 11 ,421 Challanooisa 7 10 .412 Knoxville 7 12 .MD IGS Kile W. u pa. N 3 .824 Steele-Cootcr Society — Persona! cream and cookies the close of Iho afU punch was served di t * Mrs. Taylor Knlerta Bridge {.'Inb al l,ut Mrs. Arthur Tay Boston Cleveland ., Detroit St. f-ouls .., Philadelphia New York . Washington Chicago Brooklyn ... Cincinnati . Chicago New York . Philadelphia Hem i Rl ' Unlls ••' H Pittsburgh . floston lly HAIIMON IJMMill United 1'reas Stall Coircsiiondenl HKIiKR SPRINGS. Ark. — Pox hunters of Ai'kansus, Missouri and oilier neurliy stales v.'ill assemble in llelini 1 Springs on May 23, '24 and 25 (or n tinet-day chase. limiting, however, will .share the spotlight with politics, n good roads meeting, an old fiddlers' cor test, niul several other Activities. For nn Arkansas fox.hmtl differs from fox limits singed elsewhere. It's lunMiy Jusl an n)d-fnd>ictmd "get-loaelher" in an outdoor .icitlng will: fox hunting 11 seconilary ileni. There arc some, of course, who actually do dike nan In Lhe chases, lint 11 ie majoiity of ihe "hunters" i-pond lliclr time in ennui spimiiim lull yarns from every subject from Ihc Insl hunt to Ihe next clcclion ; M " e ' Mm > and listening to the barking of foxhounds when Ihnv lake up a Uail. No Itcd C.'onls N'o fancy red coals for the | Arkansas fox hunter. 1 ;. They come to camp garbed, la khaki or bsisi-! suits 1 , with n canvas cap lo I distinguish them as hunters. Casts are staged each rtny al daybreak when a pack of hounds numbering from 50 to 150 are turned loose in Ihe field to find reynartl. Tins sight, of clean-limbed dogs racing out from Ihe stalling line ami Uie .sound of Ihcir bayhvj a litlle lalcr as they .scent their quarry arc llic Ihings lhal delight Ihe hcarls of Ihc old lime hiinlevs and keep them coming back lo al- W. T,. pet.. . 11 5 .C8H . 10 !i 10 fi .C2f) j 1*. T. A. lionors .Seniors At Tea The Pnrenl Teachers Association WIM hostess al- a lea Tuesday afternoon from 3 till 5 o'clock when Ihe so.-.tors who were gradu- aliiiK from steole high school Ihls year were guests of honor. The affair was held In Uie home of Mrs. J. W, Uobblns amid a beautiful selling of decorations in cut Mowers TUESDAY, MAY 7, 1940 Carl Sbeclcy will be hostess next to her bridge club of Cooler al n 7 o'clock luncheon Thursday night when she also had Mrs. Tom Ilon- per ns a guest. The luncheon consisted . of open face sandwiches, combination salad, ice cream and cake. The high score prize, a table lamp, went to Mrs, Hopper; second high, a bwiuse tray, went lo Mrs. Lewis L(slcl '' nntt hvldjb award, iced Isa s * )oons . »'*nl to Mrs. Robert. Rush- time. Mrs. If. N. I'lilllnm wns In Osce- I ola, Ark., Saturday afternoon lo attend liic wedding of a relative. Mrs. Carl Djllender of Mini, Mich., has arrived to be at ihe bedside of her mother, Mrs, O, W. known." Nearly 800 peisoiis on 80 teams look part in lh c tournament. More than 1,000 spectators intended. 7 fi 9 fi 10 B in o < t .~ ""b "• ^i^vui aiiujjs m cut. nov;crs n '],' i Bringing out the class colors of blue w. 11 10 ,. 0 . 5 . 4 . ft . 4 .. 4 PH .017 .WJ .417 ,3G4 N'orllirLisl Arkansas cslioro I'aragonld i Cjuullier.sville .GOO .COO ,400 .400 Yesterday's Results Soulliern l.rauui: Open dale. American l.*vi»ue Uoston 8, Cleveland 5. Philadelphia 3, Chicago 2. Detroit G, New York 4. St. Louis 11. Washington 9. the Yanks. Tom Scats, e. veteran I n shoo-In, a cinch of Ihc bcsl 16ad rookie from (lie coast league, relieved Tommy Bridges and stopped pipe -variety. Take Wnldrou, who saddled the Derby winner. He didn't the Yanks cold in the last three like Oallnhadion's clmnccs. He hon- Imimgs. He was the seventh Icltjcslly felt that Dimclech was the hander to bent the Yanks. In the test horse in the race and lhat the ninth he slummed a third strike past one-time Bad Bill Dickey, wha looked, at it with his bat on his shoulder. Verily, limes have changed when a rookie can slam n third strike past Dickey. Look at the southpaws who've been making the Yanks eat crow- Chubby Dean (twice), Emil Bllrtilli, Ken Chnse, Archie McKain, Thorn- Ion Lee and Tom Scats. Not ex- nctiy the elite of (he American League. , . Far further proof of (lie Yanks' y, look at how they made their four runs yesterday. The first run/was forced in on a walk, the second tallied on an outfield fly, Ihe ihird on a single, and the fourth on an outfield Jly. Yankee power has G. W. T. W. or maybe Joe DiMaggio, still laid up wllh a troublesome knee, is the heart ami soul of the world's champs' attack. The Red Sox forged back into the van by smashing out a 8-5 Iriuniuh rover the Indians. Jimmy Foxx touched on' a G-riin rally by hitting homer No. 5. Tc<l Williams hit two doubles, driving In two runs. Emerson Dickmnn, wilh some brilliant relief aid front Jack Wilson, was Ihe winner. Ill Ihe other two American oiit- League games Nelson Potter dueled John Rlgncy t o g i ve the Alhletics a 3-2 win over the White Sox and the Browns slugged out. n 11-9 victory over the Senators. It \viu Washington's fiflh slraight loss. Brooklyn continued its rampnge by blasting (h c Cardinals, C-2 behind Luke Hamli'i. DoH cmnilll homered wilh one on. Cincinnati won Us fourth slraight, liampling the Giants. 9-1. Harry Craft hit a homer with two on. Billy Herman's homer in the llth gave Ihe Cubs a 5-4 win over the Phils and . Larry French his fourth victory. The Bees won a weird game from the Pirates, 10-7, in 12 Innings,. The two .clubs used 40 players, breaking the record of 37 set Sunday by lhc Dodgers-Cards. II was Pilts"burgh's sixth slraiglit defeat, and left the Pirates in a triple tie with Ihe Bees and Cards for last place. rest of Ihe field was going mil lo take a shot al second money. One of Waldron's close friends. Ihe Hollywood director, Dave Butler, wns with-him when he saddled Gnllahiullon, yet Duller didn't have even so much as a penny on the horse. So whal Waldron lold Duller mnsl nol have been dripping with optimism. It Is Irvie that great l\vo-year- olds don't aKvays nmke great, tlu-ce- year-olds, bill Blmelcch hi his tirst Iwo s'ttiris ns a Ihi-ce-ycar-old 'ookcd jnsl as good as he did when he was an unbeaten Juvenile. Ha was a thing of beauty In winning the Hlucgrass Slake al Kccnelftnd and one could nol ask for a belter performance than he turned in'win- ning the Derby trial on Tuesday before the Derby. Admitting that I have litllc or no horse sense. I sill! can't help but feel thai Jiimelech jti s | I UK \ one of those off dny.s thai occasionally come lo man and 1 couldn't have rim a very fust race Derby Dixy. Have you ever been lo n Kentucky colonel's dinner Ihe night before the Derby? Maylic Bimeleeh Imd been out on a Derby eve parly anil mixed his grain; Anyway, we'll see what happens in Baltimore Saturday. Icml cad) chase year after year. The judges arc stationed on horseback at points the dogs are expected lo pass. They check Ihc numbers fastened to the leaders when the pack passes their station nnd nl tiie conclusion of the chase they gather to compare notes mid announce the u'lniers. Few Follow Hounds A few—but not many—of the hunters follow the dogs 'on horseback but most follow the chase by the sounds they hear back at the starting Hup or silting around -camp. Bench shows are held in connection, will) some of the hunts and (lie show dogs arc paraded • on leashes down n wooden platform after Ihe day's hunting is over. To Ihc unlnitinled the hounds all look more or less alike but hunters have no trouble in picking llic finest nn- Imnls from the size of Ihc feet, the shape of the legs, thu width of the foreqimrtcrs, (he set of the head, and other indications of brccdiivj. What the hunters enjoy most arc the evenings around Ihc camnfire when all guests of uny prominence me introduced and given an opportunity lo "say a few words" If they wish—mid most of (hem do wish. Further cntcrlalninccl is provided by old time fiddling, hillbilly tamls, and negro quai'lels. Most, of Ihe slate's constitutional officers manage lo attend at least part of the bur), lo work in a lltlle handshaking and backslapping. Oov. National I,<vii'iie * Cincinnati 9, New York 1. Chicago 5, Philadelphia 4, 11 innings. Brooklyn G, St. Louis 2. Boston 10. Pittsburgh 7, 12 innings. Northeast Arkansas League Night games: and silver. Centering ihe dining table lhal was covered wilh a beautiful lace cloih was a large bowl or sweel pens, Ihe class ilower, with lighted candles in silver holders placed on eacl) side. Kccclvlng wilh Mrs. Muschell ifamra, [>. T. A. president, were Mrs. Veriion Wells, Mrs. Kobbins find others. Thaw ass-Ming In Uie dining room were Mrs. W. A. Carter, senior class sponsor, Mrs. 1>. P. McCnl- ehen, Mrs. J. H. Workman, Mrs. Pied Kelley, Mrs. Gerald Brooks, Miss. Mary Sue James, Miss Margaret Jo Rntledge, Mrs. Raymond Ili-ooks and Mrs. J. W. licno. Enlerlalumcal for the tea was furnished by Mrs. Jack Wimij. llslen, Reva, and Nelva Jean McCann and Pnye Glenn of Cooler, Mrs. Noble Culsinger, Mrs. Ncw- and Miss Marjoric Kelley. The girls of Uie senior class were presented corsages of sweet peas and the, boys were presented bou- lainu'lres of sweet peas. lieitye Cutsinger presided al the flower table. There were approximately 200 guests and members who attended during the allcrnobn. Refreshments were sandwiches, nuts, mints, iin- gel dips and fruit punch, (his nil being in the color scheme of blue and silver. Lawrence, , , , . who has been seriously Mrs. Miller Entertains Cooler Utilise Club Mrs. Arthur Taylor was a guest of Mrs. Sidney Miller Jr. when she entertained her bridge club of Cooler al a party last week. 'f'he high score award, a hand crocheted divan sel, went lo Mis. Jim Miller; second high, a pot rack, went to Mrs. Glynn While, and brldgo award, goldfish, went lo Mrs. White also. Dart Enthusiasts Open Tourney With Grayer KANSAS Ctl'y, Mo. (UP)—Dan baseball enthusiasts here open every dan baseball tournament with prayer. This is Ihe explanation of the Rev. R. o. Chancy, Coiigrce.itlon- alist minister, who opened the annual tournament: "The reason we begin wilh a prayer Is that S5 per cenl of our Dlaycrs are members of church teams. The meet has the finest t;o- ciali/ing influence of any sport ROIL-YOUR-OWNER RNDS NEW JOY at !| „ , , .......iv iiidllmst, IVLl. 1 ,. OLU1I11" Llll- ParaeoiiM 10, Newport 8, 11 Inn- mcr , W as guest, of honor at a bridul itgs. • Cai'iitliersvlllc 7, Jonesboro 3. : Reao Ccurier News »ani. nds \V<\RMN<; OKOKR IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Louise O'Brien, PlnlulifT, Vs. No. 1213 John O'Brien. Defendanl. The defendant, John O'Brien, is warned lo appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof end answer Ihe complaint of llic plaimtlT, Louise O'Brien. Dated this Glh day of May, 1940, HAKVEY MORRIS. Clerk. 7-14-2I-28 J. L. GUARD Ontnmetrist Only Graduate Optometrist in lUftlicvllle Glasses Fitltd Corrcctlj Carl E. Bniley hunlers on Ihe will address the niSsht of May 24. COURTS Several divorce suits have Ixien filed In chancery court recently. They arc: Fred Nicholson vs. Isabella Nicholson. Ivy W. Crawford, attorney; Louise O'Brien vs. John O'Brien, Claude P. Cooper, ntlor- nry; Peggy Jones Lay vs. Carl Lay. Parllow and Bradley, attorneys. Today's Games Southern l.enfi'O Cbaltanooga ol Memphis (night.) Birmingham nt Knoxville. Atlanta al Lilllc Rock. New Orleans nt Nashville. AinCTlr:irl '' ..-•••"•• St. Louis nt Washington. Chicago at Philadelphia, Detroit at New York. Cleveland al Boslon. National re-true Philadelphia al Chicago. Boslon al PiUsbiirgh. New York nt Cincinnati. Brooklyn a(, SI. Louis. Nnrlhcast Arkansas l.tngae Paragoulcl at, Newport. Jonesboro nl Caruthcrsville. llccrnl Briilc Honored al Shower Mrs. Herbert Clem, before her recenl marriage, Mrs. Clorine Gil- shower at the home of Mrs. E. W. McCann Friday night when approximately 75 friends from Steele and Cooler were present. Mrs. McCann was assisted in Ihe cnterlainment by her slslcr. Mr:;. Muschell Haiura of Slecle who | sponsored a number of Inlcrcstlng , gnmes and conlesls, and prizes were i awarded to Mrs. Alma Copeland, I Rfrs. Susie Brooks, Mrs. Glynn (White, Mrs. Jack Lucy. Mrs. Tenner Russell, Mrs. Ray Jones, Mrs. ToiVi Lewis, Mrs. Alpha Chandler. MLss Junnita Lossing, and others, After Hie guest of hor.or ojwned her gifts refreshments of mixed sandwiches and cakes anil fruit punch were served. Gwin Golfers Win Over Kennett Team i CAHUTirariSVILLE, Mo.. May 7 —Owin's golf letun (lefcateil Ken- netl team.:ta-H in Ihc first round robin tournament game for the Carutliersvillc-Hayli learn at Ihe Gwin course yesterday. Lcroy Whileiicf K'as low for the Gwin team with 74 over the par (iS, while Harold IJosivell, member of the Slate Teachers' College team whose home is at Kennetl it was stilled, was low scorer for both teams with T.t. Mnldcn vlsils the Owin course Veiling Matrons of Slcelc Eiilcrtumed ' Mrs. Muschell Hamra was hostess to her Young Matrons Brii^c club of steele and the following guests: Mrs. J. W. Reno, Mrs. ,Ierr> J Holly. Mrs. Clark Frame, Mrs. Rns sell Frakes, Mrs. I Hubert Hndgens, Mrs. ,1. w. Robbins and Mrs. Els- worlh Walson al Ihc home of Mrs J. W. Robbius on Wednesday afternoon of last week. The home was altraclivcly doco- ralcd with baskets of cut flowers. Hijl) score award, a silk umbrella. went lo Mrs. fieno; second high, a double deck of cards, went to Mrs. iUnrshall Cameron and biidgo award, costume jewelry, went lo Mrs. finlph Hall. Refio.shmeiils of luna fish salad, Honk Club KiitartniMil Uy Mrs. O'ftfliH'r A very large number intended the regular meeting of the Book Club when ihey were entertained at the home of .Mrs. f.. B. Cooper In Cooler Wednesday afternoon. The afternoon program wa.s on flowers and .Mrs. Cooper presented each with a beautiful corsage from her flower garden. A dessert course was served at the close of the afternoon. Mrs. A nriouncements: The Courier News has been formally authorized to announce the following candidacies for office subject to the acllon of Ihe Democratic primary in August. Mississippi County Judge ROLAND GREEN CLARENCE II. WILSON i Sheriff and Collfcttir | HALE JACKSON I County Treasurer I R. L. (BILLY) GAINES (For Second Term) JACK FINLEY ROBINSON County and Probate Clerk T. W. POTTER (For Second Term) Circuit Court Clerk HARVEY MORRIS (For Second Term) Congressman First Arkansas District : BRUCE IVY * * • Representative (For the seat now held by Woodrow Hutton) J. LEE BEARDEN For post now held by Frank Williams FRANK WILLIAMS (For Second Term) (For jxist now held by L. H. Antryl L. II. AUTRY (For Second Term) FRANK D. UNDERWOOD FARMERS AUCTION SALE EVERY THURSDAY Sell {or Top Cash ' Prices Buy At Your Own Bid OUR HAIcN OIS1N- FECTEI) AND INSPECTED EVERY WEEK OF THE YEAR. A Wide Open Sale Give Us a Trial Missco Corp. ISlylhevillc Barn at Highway 18 and J. I,. C. K. It. It. AND IT PUTS NEW JOV IN TOUR PAPERS PRINCE AlBERT MFANS RMC.TASTC MELLOW MILDNESS THING-RA.'S / DIFFERENT; '< ROILER — PRINCE ALBERT -ANDEVERV SMOKE P1UMP. RICHER BOP/ AND'NO IIARSHNESS- ROttS MUCH _________ very b.miy tin of Prince Albert THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE W Assessor W. (BUDDY) WATSON rpor .Second MEYERS BROS. RIYYTHEVILLE WIM, !>AY YOU. AS MUCH OR MORE FOK YOUR LEFT-OVER COTTON SEED. — RRINtJ THEM TO OUR GIN. I -'•• t • ALSO WE HAVE A STOCK OF NITRATE SODA FERTILIZER ON HAND YOU SURE WILL WANT TO USE. Mniticn visis the C.wm course cmc kers. nllvi-s. polaio chips ice fov n round robin malch next Sun- L ' ' ' day, May 12, while Ihe lilythe- ville learn will come here the following Sunday, May 10, fov a return iijntdi. having defeated the Oivln team nt. Olytlierllle a week ago. 2 Great New Gasolines! STONEVILLE 2B COTTON SEED PLANT THIS'QUICK MATURING, I! I G BOLI-, HEAVY YIELDING COTTON AND HKI.I' YOURSELF TO "MORE DOLLARS I'ER ACKK." WE HAVE A LIMITED SUPPLY— ?3.00 PER HUNDRED Kimetl Baihavn's RED TOP GIN Ph< "" 273 N ° rt >» 61 ntglre.y BlrltetHlt. Ark. isso tsso BUY ,.r*e$tou~ STANDARD TIRES •OTHER SIZES •KOPORTIONATILT LOW/.' At Today's LOW PRICES! 50 BUDGET PLAN As Low As Per Week On Our STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA > PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810 no safer spot on toilay's highways than a seal in a LaSailc. Yon Ye snrrniiinlcd hy every safely fciilnrc of proven world. Ami yon have, the hasic security of llic fincsl materials, and construction it is ]>ns- sihlc lo liny—for LaSallc is a ]>roilm:l of Cadillac and .Cadillac quality is Standard of ihe World. Get peace of mind at a bargain price— Imya LttSnIlc. 9 12'l« for the Scries fifty Cvupc, rltlinml til Detroit. Sedans start al $1280. Trunynnlalioii Ixixil an rail rales, stole ttml land turns (if any), optinnnl ' equipment, accessories—extra. Prices subject lo change nithout notice. SERVICE MOTOR CO SOFTBALL OPENING TONIGHT Haley Field 8 o'clock - Admission lOc First Game: Coca-Cola Bottlers vs, Arkmo Power Second Game: Hubbard Hardware vs. Phillips V-8's

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