Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 18, 1971 · Page 3
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 3

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 18, 1971
Page 3
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MR. AND MRS. MICHAEL O. MENG (Theresa (Pieitz) Peitz-Meng Vows Made In Ceremony at Ingalls Thi&relsa Peitz and Michael G. M'eng exchanged nupitial vows at 11 a.m. June 8 at St. StaniMiaus Oaitho'Ec Church, Ingalls. The Rev, George Hein- Z€m officiated. Yellow mums marked the •«pews and were placed on this 'laOibar. Organ music was provided by Mrs. Gwen Frack, •'. togals. Paremts of the couple are Mr. and Mm OLem Peitz, 2315 N. 8th, and Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Meng, Eminence Rt. The bride, given in marriage by her iflaltiher, wore a. floor- lengitih gown ifiealtoiiinig a mandarin colar and organza overlay. The -bishop sleeves were trimmed Sn lace mialtohinig the la as on. itihe dress. Her oaittoednai4enigi)lh veil was also trimmed in lace, and she oaoied a bouquelt of daisies. The sister,of iflbe bride Clar- inen Peitz, Garden City, served as maid of homor. She wore a yellow salbin gown ibrimmed \vMih- green cMEfon, amd canried yellow and white daisies. Bridesmaids were Karen; Pirof- fditt and Shed Hammer, boith of Garden City. They were dfless- ed in "fee sarnie sfoyle as t maid of honor. The binidegirooim'is brother, V Ga-eg. Meng, Garden City, senr- ... ed ais best mam. listers were ; Dennis Peiitz, (Jairdm City, ibroittar of rtihe bride, and Nicky Meng, Ingaillls, cousta of the biidegroom. Groomsmen were .Melvin James anid Dwayne .;•-. Peitz, brotte. of flhe bride, '' boitih of Garden Cilty. !', Bolbby Baitman, Pierceville, i was iriinig beiairer. Kely Loewen ,;.of Imgals, niiece of the bridegroom, was flower girl. She wore a. dress of arad chiffon, lhair libbons, and cammed a basket of daisies. A receptioni in ithe church followed the ceremony. Reception aisstotiainits included Debbie Denning, Sharon Springs', pouring punicih; Cindy Duncan, Huigolton, presiding iat the guesrf book; Rebecca Pefiitz, sister of the bode; anid Oolieen Dun can., Hugiotan, serving oake. The three-itieined oake was topped with a miirailaiture bridle and bridegroom and decorate with daisies. The couple are alt home at 310 Wasihnnigiton St. after a trip to Oofliofpa/do. The bride is a graduate of Gairden City High Sclbtool, and the bridegroom, a gnadualte of Iiigaffls Higlh School, is employed by Lippert Bros/. Conistrudtion Co. Duplicate Bridge Club Announces Winners ANN LANDERS SAYS Daughter Shows Lack of Concern Page I Garden City Telegram Friday, June 18, 1971 DEAR ANN LANDERS: I was married! young and we had two daughters within 14 months. Soon after the second girl was born, my husband became in- olved with other women. I tayed with him-for five years —blaming myself, thinking if I were a good wife 'he would not be running around. One day I returned early fram an out-of- x>wn trip and caught' him in our very own bedroom with another woman. I decided he was rotten to the core and I filed for divorce the following week. [Our daughters were then six and seven.') I went to work and raised the girls with no financial help. It wasn't easy but we managed. My daughters never knew why divorced their father. I always spoke well of him and let him take them for vacations whenever he asked 1 . Now the shocker: The oldest girl is being married in a few months. Her lather is giving her a beautiful church wedding, am not allowed to be present. Those are his orders. I am s'o hurt I cannot describe the agony. Of course I could never give her the kind of wedding her farther can give her, but ,1 want more than anything in the world to be there. Unless I promise to stay away from the church her father will withdraw his offer. What dlo you think of a man like that? — Grieving Mom hrow this letter away just be- aitse it is a kid problem. I lave two girl friends. I like i them both but they don't like ; each other. When I am with' oily (made up name),, she j alfcs about Molly (also made j up name.) It makes me feel two- '• iaced when I listen. Both ; 'oily and Molly have asked me x> be tJheir best friend. (Poly.; wants me to put it in writing, 1 ' ike a pledge.) When I refused to do it she got mad. j I've tried to get them to ike each cither but it's no use. Yesterday Polly told me if I am friendly witih Molly she is jhrough with me. What should [ do? — Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea Dear B: PoJly sounds as if she is the "Devil" so my advice is take the deep blue sea. No friend Ktas the night to impose such a choice. Such a demand, should, in my opinion, eliminate the person who makes it. Incidentally, this is not a 'kid" problem. Many adults are Victimized in the same manner. This advice is for them, too. * * * Do you feel II at ease . . .out of it? Is everybody having a good time but you? Write for Ann Landers'* booklet, "The Key To Popularity," enclosing with your request 35c in coin and a long, self "addressed, stamped envelope. Horn-Few Wedding Promises Said In Wesleyan Candlelight Service Johnson Photo Service Patricia M. Novack Novack-Weber Mr. and Mrs. John -Nova'ck, DeeirilMdi, aranounice tthe em- gaigememit amd approaching marriage of their daughter, Patricia, to William L. Weber. He is fine son of Mr. and Mr®. Al'oysius Weifoeir, Spivey. Miss Novack is a 1968 graduate of Deeirfiield High School and is employed at the Deerfield Cafe. • Her liamiee is a 1968 graduate of St. Francis Seminary, Victoria, amd is serving with the U.S. Army in Fuldia, Germany. Janie Kay Horn and Marvin Dennis Fairr were wed June 12 at Trinity Wesleyan Church in a candlelight service. The Rev. Kenneth Stone read the vows in the double-ring ceremony. Parents of the bride are Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Day, 1611 N. llth. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Carotid Farr Sr., Rt. 1. i The sevenJbranch candelabra on eiltiher side of the altar were enhanced by large bows in the bride's colors of pink, aqua, yellow, lavendar and lime. Similar bows marked 'the pews. Organ music was furnished by Gayle Stone. As soloist, Joy Farr sang "Wedding Prayer" and "Each for the Other." The -bride was escorted down the aisle by her stepfather, Lee Day, and was met by her jrother, Alan Horn., Who gave ier in marriage. The bride wore an empire style floor-length gown with liace bodice and sleeves tapered at the wrists. The skirt was topped by a scalloped and sequin-encrusted overskirt ending in a train. Her elbow- length veil flowed fr»m a sequined crown. She carried a cascading bouquelt of pink 'aqua, yelow, lavender and lime carnations with malte'hinig streamer's. Land area in Finland grows seven square kilometers each year because the share area of the Gulf of Bothnia is slowly North-soulth: First—Duane Schneider and Wm. Judd; second—Sue Unger and Irene Bryant; third—Harry Reed and Ron Snyidter; fourth—Mrs. Duane Schneider and Mrs. Wm. Judd. Bast-west: Fins*—Mr. and Mrs. Vern Holmes; second- Mr, and Mrs. Robert Lange; third—Da Webster and Nelma H e n n i g h; fourth—Steve Schniedeir and Wm. Crotinger. Calendar of Social Evenls FRIDAY LOYAL WORKERS — 12 noon. Donna Gosa, 1115 N. 7th. Covered dlish luncheon. PAST NOBLE GRAND CLUB — 8 p.m. Mrs. Howard Adams. 409 Evans. SUNDAY MOOSE LODGE ANNIVERSARY PICNIC—AH day at liak« MoKin- ney. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday June 21-22-23 SHUGART C tO PHOTOS GIBSON DISCOUNT CENTER 1303 Taylor Ave. Dear Mom:.Never mind about him. What's with your daugh ter that she would agree to such outrageous terms? Any girl who attaches more import ance to a fancy wedding than j to having her mother presens is a mighty weird study. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: My •secretary has a nickname which her colleagues use behind her back. It fits her to a "T." I She is caled "Motor Mouth." SThis woman, chews gum at the rate of 5,000 R.P.M. The crackling and popping fe bad enough but when she talks and chews, it drives me wild. Occasionally she laughs with her mouth wide open and I can /see that huge wad of guni —it's got to be three sticks,' a most unappetising sight. Is there a way to let "Motor Mouth" know that her gum chewing bothers me — without telling her? I don't want to get that personal. Thank you. — Rope's End Dear Rope: Hand "Motor Mouth" this column. Tell her that on occasion you see yourself in the letters (everyona does) and ask if she saw her self today. if * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: I am 11-year-old girl. Please don't Attendants included Carolyn Smith, sister of the bride, as maid of honor, in pink; bridesmaids Charlotte Horn in aqua; Paula Watson in lavender; Ilindia Farr in yellow; and junior bridesmaid La Reita Horn in lime. Their sleeveless dresses were of organdy with white flocking, featuring low neckline, and full skirt ending in a pleat at the center back. Each cammed a white mum with streamers in the bride's colors. * Garold Farr Jr., brother-of the bridegroom, served as best man, with Jeffery Smith, Dean Lancaster and Francis Ha mill as groomsmen, and Micheal Horn as junior groomsmen. They wore black trousersi, white jackets and ties, with shirts and boutonnieres to match the individual brides- dresses. Johnson Photo Service MR. AND MRS. MARVIN DENNIS FARR (Janie Kay Horn) 50th Anniversary Bihtoul Studio orner LIME PARTY SALAD Mrs. Albert Savolt Jr. Rt. 2 Scott City Melt In top of double boiler: 16 large miainshmailows 1 cup milk Pour hot mixture over 1 package (3-<ouinicie size) lime gelatin and stir until dissolved. Stir in two 3-oumce packages of cream cheese. Stir unltil dissolved. Add 1 can undrained pineapple. Cool and blend in 1 cup whipped topping and two- thirds cup mayonnaise. Chill until firm. Serves 12. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Baird, 505N. 9th, will celebrate their 50th anniversary Sunday with a family dinner at the Flamingo Restaurant. Expected guests include Mcs. Baird's sister, Mrs. Maxine Hoots of Canton, Okla. The Bairds were married on June 22,1921, in Garden City. JOHN LESLIE is the ramie cihosen by Mr. and Mrs. Jofan- nie Holmes Jr., 2524 "B," for itlheir.s'on. He Was bom May 31. WEiNDY LEA is the name chosen by Mr. and Mrs, William T. Johmson, Lakfo, ifor their daughter. She was bonx June 13. Senior Citizens Meet : or Picnic in Park Senior Citizens melt Tuesday evening in' Finnup Park for a :overed-disth picnic. Hosts and iBisitessies were Mr®. Guy Miodes, Mr. and Mro.. Ernest ilarquairt and J. T. Lear. Mr®. Howard Woeirttendiyke gave tibe blessing. The next meeting will be a covered-dish dinner at the Civic Center alt 6:30 p.m. July 2. Toco John's 305 E. Kansas "The Hottest Spot in Town" CHRISTINE .DANIELLE is the name cteien by Mr. and Mrs. Johnmy McBnown, Westside Trailer Bark No. 14, for their daughter. She was born May 26. DAD'S KING FOR THE DAY AT THE PEPPERMINT PAD! Kids—Bring Your Dad in and we'll < give him a Hot Fudge Brownie JEB EE (Father must be accompanied by children) 1^1%EC 1105 KANSAS PLAZA Julia Day and Melanie Scriebvogel, dressed in yellow 'and pink dtresses identical to the bridesmaids', served as ! eandielighters and carried ! tapers with bows in the bride's colors. Shelly Horn, dressed in a lime dress identical to the bridesmaids', served as flower girl and carried a pink,basket with bows in the bridles' colors. Mark Farr, serving as ring bearer, was dressed in white acket and tie, black trousers and lime shirt and boutonniere. le carried a white satin rting pillow with the rings cradled * * * In Garden City for Horn-Farr Wedding Out-of-town gu^isitg lor the wedding oE Jariue Kay Horn and Marvin Dennfe Farr June 12 in- eluded Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F'arr .and Oamie, 'BaiftleisvaMie, Okla.; M<r. and Mrs. (Jeorge W. Farr, Goodland; Mr. and Mrs. 'Leon France and Mr. and Mrs. •Roniald Franioe, Modoc; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Fair, Mark and Shaundia, Leortii; Mr. and Mrs. Jean deist, Loreen and Janice; Mr. and M<t*s. Glen Honeynnan; Mildred Berkgren, all of Oakley; Mr. amid Mrs. J. D. Farr, Holicomib; Francis and Linda Haimffl, Deerliield; and Robert Horn, Vitos, Colo. in the center of The mother of the liride chose a pink embroidered sheath with white accessories. The bridegroom's mother wore a .blue and white dress with white accessories. Both ".vore corsages of white carnations and bows in the bride's colors. A wedding reception in the church foasemenlt followed lihe ceremony. The reception table was covered with white linen edged in lace. The three-tiered white oake had flowers in the bride'a colors cascading across it and was topped with a miniature bride and bridegroom before a pink backdrop. The bride's colors were earned ou1 in the nut cups, glasses , and serving plates. a lace flower.! The oake was cut and served >y Mrs. J. D. Farr and other refreshmenitis were served by Anne Johnson and Norman Hawley. Glenda Green presided at the gift table, which was covered with pink. Marsha Me- Vey presided at the guest book. Leon France and Lloyd Farr served as ushers. For going away, the bride wore a white crepe > dress featuring a wide cummerbund of ribbons hi her colors. She chose white accessories and wore a corsage from the center of to bridal bouquet. The dress was fashioned by the bride's mother. The couple Route 1. are at home at IZZLERS! Saturday Specials MENS BETTER SUITS New Styling Wanted Colors SfM»37 to46 MENS SM A PUBLIC HANGING! IT'S NOT FOR WEAK HEARTS! on screen TORTURE GARDEN! TONITEONLY STARTS AT 11:30 ALL SEATS $1.25 TONITE Thru SATURDAY—Rated G.P. •ZW'Valdez Is Coming" SHIRT & TIE SETS $5.00 i ' • They're Gift «o»ed MENS SPORT SHIRTS $1.99 Solids, Stripes & Plaids Saturday Specials WOMEN'S 100% POLYESTER TANK TOPS $ 2.50 WHISPER. IrVOMEN SCHELL MkCAMBRIDGE I NOW! Ends Saturday! Program Mated "k Over 18 with parents only! • Solid Colors • Rib Knit • Sites S. M, L $ 3.00 MENS TERRY CLOTH ROBES $4.99 Wrap Around Style 100% Polyester DOUBLE KNITS 58 to 60" wide SdUs and Stripes $399 a yd. 409 N. Main

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