Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on January 9, 1958 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1958
Page 3
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9 JANUARY 1958 THETATTL THROUGH THE GRADES Fourth Grade News f,-om°chns^J^SI^w^ EDITOR THE TATTLER STAFF~ '^^t^* sounds as though t-vcrynnc of us ASSISTANT FriTTOn " "" £ b *? *V- ten "/The Jarfe Pnt" ; ^ h'ui -i • .TV. i tn ziooioi /\IN i r/ui i Lfn ... . Ruth Nims fine jacKriroi is a dramatic \Ve h-ivo y l^ri' 0 . vat>atl0 "- , ™V5™ E ; 5 , HI ' rS Donna Hetth" andKathy Shaffer Play to be given by F.H.S. Satur- we have had two master tests MIXED CHORUS Steve Talcott day evening, January 11 at UD m Spoiling s ,nce lhc last . nows GIRLS GLEE CLUB _ Carol Dahlqulst per Iowa University I is aboui report. Those- on Boh Swehla's SENIOR SKETCH Jan Sehabacker and Bill Hughes a poor family whose father « team w.th A-s for both tests are: GRADE NEWS Jan Bennington and Roger Otterstoin forever dreaming wi1 s ,rik,- Sandra Gray. Dennis Mnirfrix. TYPISTS .__. Ruth Nims and Jan Bennington it rich on a radio 1C Wl " slllla , Ernie Johnson, Mike Schrover BIRTHDAYS ...... Bob Swehla, Larry Webb Carol FUR AND FEATHERS ........................ ......... _ ................. Lowell Paul Wogncr, Jackie Mill,,- RT Kauten, and Allen Omar Those er S??™V Kip Knight and Gene Van Buren Jan. on Rodney Whiffs m In SPECIAL FEATURES ............ Kolleen Anfinson and Gloria Alber j an . A', on both e ,s ; , S« v "^50^°^ NEWS *"" ° UC 8nd C 'ff ^W ^ NS ° R .................. ................. -------- Mrs ' Plckctt 'am with on both tests are Steven Aanes, Tom Butters. Curt Dum (.'iTiuith, Paul;, Gould. Howie Hubbell, Harriet Johnson, Tommy Larnphier, Louise Pickctt, Rodney Whitt, and Patty Schic- dcl. Welcome to our room. Jackie. We are glad to have Jackie Miller join us. He came from Manchester. Thanks to all of Becky Maxson and Marge Downing Peg Eischeid and Sharleen Mullins JANUARY Kip Knight and Gene Van Buren Jan. 1 6 BIRTHDAYS Jerry Burns Elaine Kuhcns Marlin Weyant Jan - fl Kay Van Sickle Joan Cue Bill Finch Mary Lou Weyant Kip Knight Jim Van Sickle AND FEATHERS We notice on the bulletin board a schedule for semester tests Jan. 10 January 13 through 17. Reminds me of a portion of a poem: Jan- 10 Be still sad heart and cease repining Jan. 15 Behind the clouds is the sun still shining, Jan. 17 Thy hate is the common fate of all, Jan. 31 Into each life some rain must fall FUR Some days must be dark and dreary. rwrv Semester tests serve a number of purposes among which are: Trapping season is pretty well 1. The teacher learns what he has and has not been successful in over now and about the only teaching, and how much students have learned. 2. The student thing left to hunt is rabbits I you who realizes what he .has accomplished in comparison with his fellow read in the sports ' w" U> \° ""'' Chl ' istmas P r °Bram. classmates. other papers there 'is a should have mor e than 3 people We have noticed that since the ~ p j l ? ly ° f r f bbits ' There are still interested in music. eye tests three more people have *° aavs ol hunting left. The sea- many to Mr. Farwell for playing all our songs for us. We enjoyed putting on the play and also receiving our Kills. Right now we are busy inak- have 12 dental cards back. Louise Pickett, Rose Mary Owen, Klfts from P u P' ls and Mike Schrayer have just Wo both wlsh to recently visited tho dentist and al ™ wlsh them a have returned their dental cards. : " ui Prosperous New Year. i» hill *- V. t 1IVA V- (^tW^/*^ IIU T >~ . — M'ss Luster did not come back glasses and two have different f on c . losues J: >n"ary 31. The best for our first two days of 1958 glasses. ume to nunt ls ln tne <- >ar ly morn- hut is back today, January 6. ing and tho latt? aft <?rnoon. Chuck Nelson and David Tor- Fayette Boys Fall In son are also absent. _ _ _. received many nice Christmas in Ice fishing on the Mississippi has been pretty good lately. Three boys had birthdays this • * • week. Pat Ashby and Howie Eighth Grade Hews Hubbell gave us treats on Monday. Ernie Johnson gave treat.-; on Tuesday. Thank you boys for thi 1 treats. We are learning to make introductions in Language and wi made their free throws Grade 5 - that was the whole story Friday everyone night as TrjpoH durnlped p ay ctte neal * h y 38-37. Both teams snot 55 tlmeg from mini LUNCH »._„„ ,. . „ , co January 13-January 17, 1858 Monday ' * the field with Fayette sinking 17 Cream of Potato Soup and Tripoli 12. From the charity Meat Loaf 'Sandwich Mrs. Stirk line however, it was an entirely Carrot Strips and Cauliflower Thursday everyone came back different situation, with the vlsi- Buds to school with something new on. to rs scoring on 14 of 24 tries and Fresh Fruit Cup (Diced Apples It seems Christmas was good to the Cardinals hitting only 3 of and Oranges) everyone. 19. It was from this advantage H- Pint Milk Friday, December 20, we had that the final ending was decided. Tuetday will b c practicing introductions our Christmas party. We played Maxson's 20, Davis and Eis- Baroecued Vienna Sans this week. Fifth Grade News Everyone came back on Jon- uary 2 with happy faces and tales of nice presents they received for Christmas, Santa was good to everyone it seems. games, opened our gifts, and ate cheid with 6 each, Dennis with 3, Buttered Bun ur refreshments of cookies and and Gross with 2 accounted for Buttercd Broccoli sage on the armed forces. Hesl Duane. ice cream. We all had a won- the losers 37 points while Hen- Lettuce derful time. niger's 15 points was high for the Buttcrscotch Puddlng Tuesday, December 31, our visitors. ,, p jnt Mjlk Junior High girls played Cler- Fayette resumes conference mont-Elgin. C-E won 44-19, we play at West Union Friday night Wednesday -~ are sorry to report. Our high while supporting a over-all 5 win Chili Con Carne with Crackers Alien Address Report Dane McBride didn't make it swirors were Mary Manson and 4 loss record. Bread and Butter Sandwich back until January 6. He said Marjorie Webb, with nine points ------- ....... ------ Cabbage-Apple-Pmeapple Salad he had a nice (rip East. Dane apiece. WF was very lucky in 1956. He won In American History we are HIM N.E. IOWA WOMAN NAMED POLIO MOTHER OF 1958 Mrs. Jan Berg. 31. wife of an assistanl rofcssor at Luther college. Herm-ali, and rnothrr of five children, was named Iowa's polio mother of 1!)58 in recognition of her figru back from the crippling efforts of paralytic polio. Stricken in 1952 and paralyzed from the neck down, Mrs. Berg is a daughter of the assistant su- perintendcnt of schools at Cedar Rapid:;, Iowa. Her first act on the road back to pcrfoming a housewife's duties was to learn how to crawl. She now runs her own home and takes pai't in college and community activities at Decorah. Mrs. Berg gives her husband much credit for her amazing recovery. Describing her rehabilitation, Iowa's polio mother relates her "fight back" program which began in the University of Iowa hospital and was continued at home under the direction of her husband, Warren. Berg teaches economics and business a (ministration at Luther college and serves as its sports publicity director. "When I was brought home from the hospital," Mrs. Berg, relates, ''Warren built an elaborate framework over the dining room tab!'.' and equipped it with weights, pulleys and slings as ...... , . well a-- building a parallel bar ! Md_n;rtural,,at,oM matt, rs. Huff,- f()| . my , , ( , ,„ i;l ,, p , )K pu ,, my _ cienl trained available ti> in all Piist Offices. personnel are not s( , u . mi( u , Ulrn unish this srrvici Brownits V<. Pint Milk bicycle at Davis' studying about the expansion of The first one act play of the the colonies of America. We season is cast and practice has *? ct '^ Stew a brand new Drug Store. At present we have 2 people learned how the government di- begun. The characters are as in Junior Band. Barbara Keit> vided the west into townships, follows: and Gary Maurer are the Jr. The class received a Christmas Horn — Marge Downing members. Dennis Schmidt is card from Mona Givens, a girl Stella —«. Becky Maxson taking lessons. It seems that out who was formerly in our grade. Pop — Larry Maxdon of 29 people in Grade 5 we She now goes to Stanley school. Jo* — Max Gross Thursday Tomatoes Cheese Sandwiches Apple Crisp Vx Pint Milk Friday Fish Sticks with Tartar Sauce Program Underway i39 Baby Beeves Entered District Director !; ( ,iicrt r. 1958 In Fayette County Wilson of the [inmi;;i a; ion anil A preliminary cheuk shows, Naturalisation Si rvire. Omaha. Hi) 4-H and F.F.A. Baby Beef Nebraska, advised today that the Projects are entered lor 1058. annual Alien Address Hcpoi t Of this number 72 are Hereford, :H Angus and M Shorthorn. 7 groups Jr. Cattle Feeders ON ALL WINTER BOYS Sanforized Flannel Shirts sizes 4-6-8-10-12-14 SPECIAL 1.79 • n -Poano. Bread and Butter Sandwich ^ Pint Milk Program is again under way. According to Mr. Wilson, 21,000 aliens reported their addresses last year in the Stales of Iowa .anci Nebraska. The mimbcj; tllis totaling ' "t' l '' (1 d for 19,')ll. Ainntals were 40 head, are and "I spent most of my waking hours on the labk and my husband stretched me unt ; l we were both blue in the face. My first bit of linuseu'oi k came after five months when Warren propped un up at the kitchen sink to do the dishes. I was on crutches and with a chair aV my back to hold i.v,' up. This is one of my most vivid memories as it was the greatest physical effort I have ever put foi'th." Mrs. Berg graduated progres- SENIOR SKETCH anticipated increase to greater publicity of the program your, as well as this year. The Immigration official poini- Duane Watkins, (commonly ed out that the addre.--.-; reports called "Twin") was born in West are required by law and willful Union, Iowa on March 13, 1940. failure to comply with these re- He has attended school here in quircmcnt.s may had ;o serums Fayette since he was in sixth consequences, grade. Duane likes sports, especi- Forms with which t" make ih, ally football and track. Duane reports are available at all I'M: I lists his favorites as ham, straw- Offices and Immigration Offices. berry shortcake and apple pie. it j s an easy matter to fill <>>it He likes George Montgomery and O ne of the cards anil return it lo Doris Day. He says he doesn't the same office. care too much for music. His pet Mr. Wilson added that trained peeve is "People who think they personnel will be on hand in all are better than the rest of us." Immigration Offices to an.-.wer After graduation, he says he will any questions the n.poriing aliens probably join some branch of may have regarding immigration weighed •>nui<o-a miring Christmas Vnrn- siveiy irom me crawl, to a wneei- C'lul) Leaders, Vocational Agri- ^n Canadian sticks, then two 'I. 1 . 1 -! ciiiliiral Insli-uclor.s, Scale opcr- ralu '- s ; ' ncl now one - She , stl11 at.,r-- and the Beef Producers W1 ' ; "- s " lo « bl '' 1C1 -' but sometimes Hoard all helped get Hie job ^ (1 .- s .•"'•Hind to do her housework ii.uie. FARMERS ARE ASKING three Salk vaccine 20% disc't on all style knit Headwear. MENS heavy work Soxs 3 pair 1 Lot fiOYS Winter Caps Men* Jersey work Gloves 39c 1 Lot BOBBY SOX'S Nylon Reinforced 79c ™™ 4 0 C 1 Lot of Girls and Ladies All Wool Gloves and Mils Tic 1 *' Jiffy CAKE MIXES pkg. Buy Ten get one FREE Appetite Satisf ier *) OLEO L Ibs. Wax PAPER box large CELERY stock large LETTUCE head Mulberry Q lb BACON Opk ( lOc 19c without the cane. She sings in the Lutheran church choir, is a I'rownii 1 mother and is active in P.E.O. and Rotary Ann. The Berg's five children are Paula, 10; Kristin, 8; Karl, 6; Torger, 4; and Erik, 2. The two •Viil loo much lime reduce crop boys were born since Mrs. Berg yields? contracted polio. Only Paula and Extension Agronomist Joe Mrs. Berg had polio and both Slrit/el, Iowa Stale College, an- were in the University hospital at swers: The chances are it will the same time. Paula's recovery not, except possibly on light- was complete. All children have textured sandy soils. However, had their the main problem is one of un- shots, profitable ness, since applications "~ of lime in excess of the amount indicated in the soil test do not result in increased yields. What yield increase can be expected from alfalfa when the H is raised from 6.5 Jo 7.0 (pH s a measure of acidity. The high- r Ihc pH number the lower the cidity.) Agronomist Stritzel answers: ionerally, the yield increases to v expected would bo small or lonexislc'.U. For instance, in a ming experiment at the South- in Iowa Experimental Farm in Pure Ground BEEF OYSTERS Ibs. Pl . 98c Goeken's Food Mkt ly no increase in yields of corn, alfalfa or red clover when the (Continued on page 6) 10 Fayette, Iowa Fayette Theatre SAT. — SUN. — MON... _JAN. 11 — 12 — 13- JOHN WAYNE MAUREEN O'HARA DAN DAILEY IN "THE WINGS OF EAGLES" In Metro Color The story of a man- a woman and the U.S. Navy — He was all man — She was all women. Another Top Action Picture Get a little more out o life — Attend a Movie at the Fayette Jheatre. The other day, Bill suddenly announced that he Just had to IKIVG a workshop. "And whll« I'm fit it," he decided, "I'll fix UP UM basement— tile the floor and put, up .some wood paneling — mata U into a roal game room. How about that?" "I don't want to curb yout enthusiasm," I replied, "but ne«4 I remind you that your golf bag j)ii!de'.veci down there? Our bMfr» meat is so damp, we could grow mushrooms in it!" "It »o hap* pens, my d«ar. that I think of everything," BUI a foot of pan*. elinff,,*r»'rt: getting an RCA, Whirl* pool clehumldifier." - • '•A what?" I yelped, Vlsualllin* ! a monstrous machine. il ••'••• Bin explained patiently t)Mt: this npplianco doesn't look Uk« ft machine at all. I was relif when he described a comp green and gold cabinet IS inches high. "if it's that small," "maybe wo need two." Bill laughed at my igRortUKtt.' "Hardly! This dehuml3lfi«r"" removes over three gallons moisture from the air a enough to control the h in a room 40 by SO ieet: can be hooked up to & drain to, dispose of the accumulated wfttir. Incidentally, it's mobtt«», ' Rolls on casters BO you it where you need U." Well, who am.X.tifct»Jk out of a game roortit We the tile and the

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