Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on January 9, 1958 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1958
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CRM-BOTTOM COMMENTS Established in 1914 Published every Thursday morning at Fayette, Iowa SUBSCRIPTION BATES (YEAR) Fayette County $3.00 Outside Fayette County ... $3.50 SECOND CLASS MAIL PRIVILEGES AUTHORIZED AT FAYETTE, IOWA by Reuben The farmer 's share of the consumer's dollnr is ever shrinking. At present time the average .is about 40 cents. Of course it varies greatly with different foods. Butter, about 71 cents, eggs, 69 cents, only about 15 cents for wheat in a dollar 's worth of white bread, 14 cents for peas in a dollar purchase of canned peas. The percentage will continue to shrink, as the housewife "demands" ever more proccessing, and ever fancier packages. • • • • —r • — • On the other hand, the Ameri- t.ommunications of Ipublic interest are invited. Such communications can farmer's foreign market is on Application for Caks B beer permit was made by R. M. Goulrl d/b/a Ralph's Place. Motion by Schmidt seconded by Johnson that 'permit be granted and bond place on file. Roll call, Erion aye, Addy aye, Henry aye, Johnson aye, Schmidt aye. Application for a pool tabic license was made by C. A. Lund. License granted on motion by Erion seconded by Johnson. All i voting aye on roll call. * Adjourned on motion by Schmidt seconded by Erion. Attest: Mame L. Cole, Clerk 9 JANUARY 1958 Professional & Business Director CHURCH SCHEDULE NATIONAL EDITORIAL AS T OC I NATI@N ^ U D AfFIIIAIE MEMBER Grace Lutheran Church J. D. Wangcrin, pastor Sunday School 9:30 a.m Divine Worship 10:30 a.m. the upswing in some products. Soybean oil is finding a good market in many of the small must be received before Wednesday noon to insure publication in the current issue. DONALD L. KIMBALL _ _ Editor and Publisher Mediterranean countries in com- i?™ 1 * 1 ^ BORCHERT Assistant Editor petition with much more expen- WAYNE BAJINES _ Linotype Operator sivc 0 i ive oil. Lard has sold very MY<§^ A ™P°J TT CZ-VMr-~ Srh .°P well in Vugoslavia. Power ma- MISS ANNA WILSON , Fayette Corrsepondent „,,;„,„.„ nm A „., 0 A ..i™ m „ mm MRS. FRANK CUMMINGS _ Maynard Correspondent ch w J. yu ^Mv ^Sth htn ?«i «S MRS. TED LEWUS , Randalia Correspondent P° lc favorably with hand planted Lima Correspondent in ,nan y P arts °* ^ e world. Fayette Girl* Win Over Tripoli In their first game of the New Year Fayette downed Tripoli 3321. Although the visitors led until the first minutes of the sec. Morning worship quarter, then Fayette surged ahead to a 16-11 halftime lead. The Cardinal guard court, Nading, Eiseheid, Shaffer, did a very Sunday School 9:30 a.m. commendable Job, pulling down Morning Worship 10:30 am. First Methodist Church Paul L,^ Huscher, Minister Sunday School 9:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m Wesleyan Methodist Howard W. Johnson- Pastor MRS. RALPH DICKINSON Here at home, the "stored Gov— ernment surplus" picture is NOT FAYETTE NEEDS A DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION a ££%£\^^* pounds of wool on January 1, 1955. They are now completely sold out of wool. Prater Service 7:15 8 Thurs. 8 For several years Fayette has stood still. This means, in frank terms, associated with the year 1958, that it has gone backward I This comes as a shock to no one. But, the fact must be recognized in such a way as to stimulate action to reverse the trend. Like a prominent Fayette businesswoman said recently, "You can't even afford to vegetate these days," Anyone can look about them, at other towns, at other states, and see what communities can do for them- Congress this next session. Like selves. How many people are 'forced' to go to other when the Devil sheared the hog, cities to shop because they can't get what they want ^ be " a big noise /or a ,ltUe here? But-how many business people, on the other hand, No group in the nation Is have the capital to provide the proper merchandises. studying these complex angels of Many- we know, are not familiar with the purpose ffifK^*^BuSS of a development commission or what it would do for Federation. On e dollar of local 1958 being another election year, the "free enterprisers" and the "high-tprice supporters" will sound off at each other, with a lot of "sound and fury", and very little constructive to sound agriculture will come out of 24 rebounds and 14 interceptions. Youth Service Bonnie Olson led all scoring with Evangelistic Service 23 points, with Maxson's 6 and Dahlquist's 4 also going for the Fayette cause, while Happen- worth was high for Tripoli with 13. The visitors shot 12% from the Sunday Masses: 7:30 & 10:30 a field against 25% for Fayette, Weekday Mass: 7:15 a.m. making 13, Tripoli dumped 6. Fayette opens County tournament play at Valley High against Waucoma Wednesday night with what may produce one pf the better tournament games. p.m. p.m. p.m. St. Francis Church Father Lowell Shekleton Confessions: Sat. 7:30 to 9 p .ci DIAMONDS SILVERWARE JEWELRY AND KLr,m HAMILTON AND B'JLOVA WATCHES SABOE JEWELRY WEST UNION, IOWA DR. PAUL F. GOURLEY CHIROPACTOR Monday and Friday Evenings By appointment, closed Thurs. Lady Attendant Phone 82 Fayette SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Life Aulo-Firo-Liabiliiy and Hor.pttal Insurance 'Insurance you can depend on' PHONE BLUF: 229 Fayette YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union, Iowa BELLES FUNERAL HOME Prompt Courteous Service Ambulanoo Service Phone 199. Fayette j Fayette and Maynard | Dr. Harry 1. Robinson OPTOMETRIST Hours: 9 a .m.—4 pan. Ph. 156 ofc. Faratle Black 79 rat. Iowa Dr. Harry 1. Robinson OPTOMETRIST Hours: 9 a .m.—4 pan. Ph. 156 ofc. Faratle Black 79 rat. Iowa THE FAYETTE AGENCY Insurance — Real Estate Phone 14 THE FAYETTE AGENCY Insurance — Real Estate Phone 14 DR. E. J. DAHLQUIST Veterinarian Phone 171 Fayett*. Ia, Randalia Methodist Gale Hawhee. Minister Sunday School, 9:30 a.m. Worship Service. 10:30 a.m. QUARTERLY FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF THE CONSOLI DATED SCHOOL DISTRICT OF FAYETTE, FAYETTE COUN- the community. In the future weeks the LEADER will Fayette County F. B. dues goes to be carrying many articles explaining its purpose. the AFBF- Just Mayor Roscoe Cousins, thought extremely conservative by many, has indicated his interest in such a commission and is completing plans to bring certain powers in the community together to thrash out ideas. For this attitude and these progressive ideas we certainly commend our mayor, and, we urge all who have an interest in our town to support it. In unity there is strength. Now, that a new year is starting and people are making resolutions, lets make "some communitywise. Development commissions in many towns have organized themselves as corporations' sold stock, loaned one of the IMPORTANT little reasons why you should get that 15 bucks handed in, for those 1958 Farm Bureau dues. • # • • About the time you get a boy taught that he can't put more into a container than it'll hold, along comes a plump girl in "Slim Jim" slacks. Motion by Erion seconded by Addy that permit be granted. Motion carried. On motion by Henry seconded money to new industry or local merchants struggling by Schmidt that the courwtt ac- HF H , j . . r"" , ^7 facing of certain streets during purposes, lr we had a commission that could do things the summer of 1958. On roll call like that, we would be making progress. a 11 voted aye. In concluding the years work it We think of one merchant in particular whose stock was on motion by Addy seconded is often not as complete as would be desirable—and cus- J* , Erio " * ha * th « Allowing .. r j , , XY/. M bonuses be declared to the em- tomers are sometimes forced to go elsewhere. With a pioyees. A. N. Hansen, 225.00, W. little financial help (operating credit), that merchant L. Nading, 225.00, Martin C. could make money for himself and the source of his J™"; capital support, and what is more important, the custom- Council discussed the purchase er would be served. of new truck. No action taken. . Adjourned on motion by Henry Some of the citizens who have substantial means seconded by Johnson, and are wealthier men in our city- would have to back ^o ^cL^k gfi such an idea. In the long run they would profit immeasur- met at the Council Chambers at ably and so would the community. 8 am - January 2, 1958. Mayor R, It has often been said that there is very little unity ^ E J e ° nutsln _l TR^ESOTII™ IT on Main Street. And its true. Any development commis- Addy, T. E. Henry, H. R. Johnson sion would have to begin and operate with unity; it Absent — H. A. Schmidt couldn't be, for instance,, like a Chamber of Commerce an ' M appfovS. Wd meeting. The Council adjourned on mo i.i. tion made b y Henry and second So- lets do something. Let s not vegetate. Lets unify ed by Johnson. and see if we can't see for ourselves a better Fayette cornel „ Attest: Man >e L. Cole, Clerk f L- j a „ • j or03 The Council met at 8:45 a.m this day in WW? Jan 2i 1958 at Council . Mayor Cousins called the meet Fund, TY. FOR THE SECOND QUARTER, DECEMBER $1, 1957. GENERAL FUND Balance on hand September 30, 1957 Receipts from all sources DISBURSEMENTS Oeneral Control Instruction Auxiliary Services Operation of Plant Maintenance Fixed Charges Capital Outlay Balance on hand December 31, 1957 SCHOOL HOUSE FUND Balance on hand September 30, 1957 Receipts from all sources DISBURSEMENTS Bonds and Interest Balance on hand December 31, 1957 SPECIAL COURSES FUND Balance on hand September 30, 1957 Receipts from all sources DISBURSEMENTS Balance on hand December 31, 1957 V* '•*'** , OCTOBER 1, 1957 TO 10.665.88 48.885.51 59.551.39 1.493.K 20.208.18 4.923.77 4.553.95 469.94 1,765.79 513.96 33,928.77 25.622.62 5,703.87 2,019.01 7,722.88 5,420.00 2,302.88 5,037.84 2,587.42 None 7,625.26 vw nomea school dls- trhtH A^SZ&Z' *<Z+-&*v w •"•*«"* '•«•*» 13 a true and correct statement of tne proceedings, pertaining to financial matters of the board of said rifyhiqrt, for the quarter ending December 31, 1957. Russell Swaxtz. Secretary Subscribed and sworn to before me this 4th day of January. 1958. NOTARY PUBLIC. Kalherine Gross Fayette County First To Ask For Brucellosis Eradication Fayi'tlr CIUIII'.V is ||n- first county in luw.i In ask for the ci•aiiicalinn of UnicHlosis in livestock. This was ilenionstrated Wednesday, Dee e m l> e r lilth, when 1!M5 pel it ion signatures Wert' delivered In the office of Clyde Spry, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, and Or. StmdluTt,', State Veteiinai ian. The petitions were delivered to Die Secretary's office by Ueinon llai risen, Fayette, membr of the County 15i-u- eellosis Committee and Chairman of the Fayette County Fstonsion Council, and Kxtension Director Wanssncss. This brings to a head an educational program thai started in 1952. The final step in eliminating Brucellosis * n Fayette County herds will be a testing program where herds positive to the Rin^ Test, will bo blood tested. Other herds, such as beef cow herds that have not been subjected to a Rinj* Test, will be blood tested within a period of eighteen months. Neighboring counties are in the program to have the State of Iowa free from Brucellosis. Iowa and Texas are the last two states in the nation to have an eradication program started. Members of the County Brucel­ losis Committee are I. J. Stewart and Howard Smith of Maynard, Howard Jones of Arlington, Carl Lueder, West Union, and Benton Harrison and Ralph Alshouse both of Fayette. PLUMBING HEATING WIRING BOTTLE GAS Gene Wm. Singer CLOSED MONDAY, JAN. 13 Fayette, Iowa PHONE 247 LOWEST P bonus FAYETTE COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS Earle's Standard Service, Council met in regular session gas, oil at Council Chambers December W. S. parley Co., badges 2, 1957 at 7:00 p.m. Meeting call- police ed to order by Mayor R. E. Cous- Martin C. Timm, salary- ins. All councilmen present. Minutes of last meetings read and approved. Bills were read as follows: General Fayette County Leader, ballots, proc. 48.21 48.31 Street Crown Signals, Inc., switch 5.35 Frank A. iMiUer, labor, parts 12.85 Harry's Cities Service, gas, oil Fayette Stone Co., stone Richard Schiedel, labor Pennington Supply Co., cal. chid. Alfred N. Hansen, salary-bonus 525.00 ing to order. Roll call, Erion, 1000.83 Addy, Henry, Johnson present. Schmidt absent but coming into Council Room later. 34.01 Oath of office was administered 900 ta Mayor Cousins and Council 14,08 men by L. A. Wooldridge, Justice 97)75 of the Peace On motion by Johnson second* 278.31 ed by Henry the Council adjourn 433.73 ed to re-adjourn at 7 p.m. that Municipal Enterprise evening. Fayette Cemetery Ass'n., 1000.00 Council convened at 7 p.m, Anna Conboy, wages 23.05 Mayor R. E. Cousins presiding. A. Beryl Thompson, salary 43.99 Councilmen answering to roll 1067.84 c&ll> Erion, Addy, Henry, John son, Schmidt. 250.00 The Mayor appointed the fol- 250,00 lowing committees — Street ~ Schmidt, Addy, Henry. 116.78 Finance — Erion, Schmidt, Henry Sew**: and Sanitation — Johnson, 78.00 Addy, Schmidt 10.00 Water, Lights. Improvements — Henry, Erion, Johnson 312.31 Side walla, Buildings — Addy, — Erion, Johnson Recreation Sec'y Park Board, Sanitation V. J. Thomas, chains, supplies Joyce Lumber Co., materials Earle's Standard Service, gas, oil Zabriskie's Garage, repairs E. H. Goeken, supplies Mid-Western Pest Control Company, W. L. Nading, salary- bonus Sewer Revenue Bond - The Mayor appointed Alfred N. Hansen, Street and Water Utilities Iowa Oil Co., 74.86 Rockwell iMfg. Co., 73.50 meter Iparts 7.00 Louis F. Whitney, service Interstate Power Co., 57.00 service Swomley'g, D-X Station, oil 4.52 408.38 City of Oelwein, hydrant 193.38 638.84 Mame L. Cole, salary- bonus 303.Q4 Commissioner at a salary of 1018.81 $275.00 (per month, and W. L. 42.00 Motion by Erion seconded by Nading, Head,, of Sanitation at a Addy that bills be allowed as salary of $250.00. Both appoint. 18.48 read. Carried. ments were approved by the Earl Schneider made applies- Council. The Council appointed 10.46 tion for a permit to build a Mame L. Cole, Clerk with saiuy 5.38 garage on the east part of Lot 12, set at $200.00 per month. ^ 8.18 Bik. 7 of Original Town of Fay- pointment was approved ,jpB ette. Garage to be constructed of ^S?^' wood and 10.00 «,„„ ,« mM(1 „. ln „ ,« g 2f S?*. „ J made at later d*te. The M» 388,18 curing 16 ft. by 22 ft. - 7 ft. department remaining as oHw? in height — buUdin* to face east. Qiirisni ifo monfati Jmmy. <* of the LOW-PRICED THREE in the models most people buy* The Bel Alt 4 -0oof Sedan. Ch«vy'» the only ear In Us Held with Body by Flitter and Solely Plate Glass all around. Jn fa models mbsf people prefer, a new Chevrolet costs less than th« «.k ow^cea cars*. Vet Chevrolet „ , h e o„, y truly new « lower, wider end nine lively Inches longer. ffl Ch * vy Your doUars never had it so good! With ail its startling new advances and stunning new style, Chevy is still priced right down at the bottom of the ladder. And look at what you get for the low price you pay! You get boldly sculptured new beauty with the quality crafts* the'year's MB buv-even th« inw«.* priced models bring you full measure of Chevy's new length. You get Chevrolet's own special brand of performance and economy. In fact, you get the one car in the low-price field that performs in the high-price class! Stop by your Chevrolet dealer's and let him prove it. He's making quick annralsals nnd «r^~~» J-IS... • • Onlyfranohieed Chevrolet dealers CMVItOMT display (hit famous trademarks • v 3hr ^.^itwj.vr *-4snw. xou get let bun prove it. He's making toVyw'^Wl bW-oveft tjbe lowwit • ..apprateaU wd prompt deliveries! . *'»«/«wwws ?rc S^m^k^ autfwrteed Chevrolet dealer for quibkajypraisal-~prompt delivery! 3! 'Jo •V,.*..'^ • *SA58D ON PACTORY PRICES FQfJvgOMPARABlt SJpM^J^fe :.*M<.

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