Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on January 9, 1958 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1958
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OF HISTORY * AHC r! I7~S OINr;S 1',', I'J'VA J* VOLUME 42, NO. 28 thru the week with the editor First, our roil'-.:',-;!'||;,1:.,, ; ,,, •'"'• •'"'•' •'•I''-". "-.'. I-', fi.-n.-, v-i!,, i '."ui'ly o 1 - .,-, , ,i ,',.:,• , ;i ;, ;] \'-'e if'iu..; ;,uni . r": M • FAYETTE, IOWA "'•"••'- <•;-..,:,„, ;.< ;, ,1-,-, ( ;, ;',.. ai-iii- what I,,, ,.,,,;! ; ,„, .,,, 'l>:il u-n'/.'ii VIM u , ,'i [,, Amy Louvring - $100.00 Winner '<• enjoyed \\-in-sii. ,iin;, n He '-^'ll-'illi.i M I:.,,.;,,-: Cliiiivh l:i ! S.m.by. ;;,><.-. c;.,;v K.uh.-r ;,.-,.<. •• v> '.- mien .--..-IIK .-t-;-nii;n. Uw ''.i I'.iijivJ). .yj;,,iy u<j, <_ : ivcn eal's l.i maki- lo .--olii-i, money lo I'-U.V Ihi. Mvl.fal) lion),.; cc.MI'l]. •;- .ni; mine «v n,;l 1,1 kn, \y s,--. IT,-,I Kr.etle jn-npli- -ml Mm,.- ,. i,iil<- .ietti-1-. Couldn't lu-lp I,nt iinij, v i;... !>.eiu:e.-- in ti^, hunie ol' liuv.vrd i'.ivl Ilel.n SiiMjiahan. Colo;r,i ones of ;i trip || ;i y ri-pu: .1 .1 i->:. -n« in 1050. it w Adde:! to our li.,l of favorite ! ••:-<•. pie is Mrs. .Jinm-s l-'.p;u 'MM.'.II. '•ill- of Dixielaiiil's jurisl (-i)iiii-i- • •utions to the Upper I:i\-.a University eampu... tlv/ Shi- and Dr. Spari.inan •.-.-. r.' ;;! ''.Vest I'nion rccenliy at :i '''.nst mas party. Siu- talked to on,- .'-.'•-'ntleman for about fif.rcn min utes then went to si-i- someone i-l:;e. Then tin- man to whom she iiad been speaking turned in 1)]-. ilendri.K and said. "You know, Hrrsehel, I couldn't uiuiers'.'and a d;;mn ihinj; tiiat woman .said." Uw Well, that's that southern accent. Say 'you all' on ;he campus and you're really "in." We wish we could have JKjarci her '.the day .she a;,kid a clerk Cor ' white boxer shorts three times and he stiil diun't know whnl siie meant. Il mu:i have sounded something like this: ''Y'afi have boxuh slio'Is fo men.'" Uw She also reports: "One tiling 'bout you Afi-vvan.s J.s thai Y'.'.'ll wuk so hnwd." Uw At ' Gufbcc'S Twelfth Night party Sunday evening a whito elephant gifts exchange yielded some rich ones. Paul Picket! got a check for a thousand dollars — it was unsigned, ol course. ttw And we had the V^asurc of play in;; hearts with Mrs. Billings, Mrs. Cr.-ifton, Miss Margaret Paine, Miss Dora Carter, and Messrs. Sparkman, Naylor, Ilim- inc'l, and Bowen. ttw Then there's Chief Murtin Timm. who's going to Marshalltown the Kith lor another lens for his glasses. He said, "When 1 gel back I'll be abk- to see both .sides of the street." ttw Mrs. Ralph Dickinson brought in a post card dated 1B7H which had been Bent lo her father eighty years ago. His name was Oelberg and she reports the family has been around here for over 100 years. West Union's not her Odncy. FayeUc County's topnotch county recorder and iay- ette's got her Pete so we know the Oelbergs pretty well. ttw Two well-known Fayette men, have birthdays this week — Walt Nading. the 10th and Al Hanson, the 12th. ttw Don't you reckon wo ought a be sending Rcuban Jones or the v-u-rn Bureau a bill for advertising in that Creek-Bottom column on pujie 2'!'!'! ttw Well that's about it for this week. Don't forget to send us vour news in 1058. We want to Cow what you're doing. See you next week. ^ Gueftt In The Joe Langerman Home Guests in the Joe Lnngorman home -Saturday ovcnliitf were: Mr. and MM. Lowell Jjangmnnn ss5,r;;-.ssi,r«r. ^ M %r- arasi uid ffuii^^'. Mr. Larry Lanm-rinim »" (1 and Mr. "i>" M'' s man of Ames, low-u. Philip «'»d r« lull . v Sunutiy. Amy LoiivniiK. Fayette, who won the $100.00 Thank Nile rd just In-fore Christmas, is shown above shortly after her luckv " J Sunday Guests In The Prestien Home Mr. and Mrs. Don Culligan and family, Mr. and Mrs. Vornon Prestien and family, Sumncr, and IMiV and Mrs. Darrcll Lantx. Waterloo were Sunday dinner guest in the Harlan Prestien residence. Mrs. N. J. Leamon t-icme From Hospital Mrs. N. J. Leamon of Fayette has returned from the hospital at Iowa Cuy. Mrs. O. A. Handy, of ton i-ougii, her daufhter, is staying wurt Mrs. Leamon for a Diane Mattocks Hostess To Wadena Wonder Workers Henee Jellings — Reporter Dian. Mattocks entertained the kVaduna Wonder Workers 4-H •iub at a come-as-you-are breakfast Saturday morning. We drew numbers to decide the work to be done. The menu was, hot fruit juice, eggs, (fried and poached), bacon, cream of wheat, oat meal, sausage, toatt and rolls. After the break! ast vytas served the dishes were done by the club members. We had jl short club meeting after the breakfast. 1'rice Five Cents 9 JANUARY 1958 TWELFTH NIGHT PARTY HELD AT GARBEES An anno*! (except 1956) affair, the Twelfth Night Party with the Garbees was held Sunday evening in the Upper Iowa President's Mouse here in Fayette. The group played a game called hearts. White elefphant gifts were distributed and refreshments served. Following refreshments the tradition of throwing a twig of th^ Christmas tree into the fire place and wishing was ' Mrs. E. E. Garbee To Attend District Girl Scout Meeting Walcrloo — Members of the > "aid of flin-L-tors of the Concs- ">«a Council of Girl Scouts win ''<• «ncn special training in four M-ss'ons Thursday and Friday at (lie ,.o), lmun i ty Service Buildinc in Waterloo. The group will meet Thursday from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., 1:30 to P . "•.'"- and 7:3 ° l » 10:00 p.m Friday's fc-ssion runs from 7-30 i.i 10:00 p.m. Trainers for the course will be Miss Mary Kay Myers, council a .1 visor for Region 8; Mrs. Ber- P«U-son, Region 8 committee from Eldora; and Mrs. Spring, executive director. The training is designed to in- 'pret-'tn administrative personnel their job responsibilities so Iroop.; vi-ill K et the services they i-i 1 '-- entitled ^o receive. Attend ins from this area will be Mrs. Eugene Garbee of Fay•. district chairman. • Connie Becker ' ' winner of t.e Girls bicycU- in the Davis Rexall 'eath Of Mrs. Allan Payne Mrs. Kenneth Fox of Auxvasse, Mo., has received word of the ill) of her sister-in-law, Mrs. All.-n C. Paynr. Mrs. Payne pas:ed ,-r.i^y rvn-'v Tiu"; 'ay morning Dec: inl^-i- .-,\ fniiowing a heart .-ill.-n-k. A!l:ir's a '•'j-:;-: i<s 2815 West -it;-. I'liice. Chicajjo. 111. Robeil H.-nsons Visit With Mother In Randalia Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hanson anri Kristi visited in th Maicngo, Illinois. were Mr. and Mrs. Paul Templeman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Claxton, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Billings, Dr. and Mrs. Scott Linge, Dr. and Mrs. Herschel Hendrix, Dr. and Mrs. James Sparkman, the Misses Amy Leigh and Margaret Paine, Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Breckner, West Union, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Olson, Mr. and Mrs. William Rhettko, Dr. W. LeGrand Maxwell, the Misses Grace Meyer, Ivadell Brause, Betty Weller, Helen Tuttle, Rachel Van Cleve, Helen Monserud, Dora Carter and Harriett Ranney, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Hoover, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Crafton, Mr. and Mrs. Don Kimball, Mr. and , — — Mrs. Ned Denman, Mr. and Mrs. A local girl receives a package from Santa. Dr. Scott Linge George Neal, Dr. Ernest Naylor, is in the background. Linge Jr., is in line and ready. Mr. Grover J. Douglas, Mr. and " Mrs. Paul Pickett, Mr. George M. Horton, Dr. Lyirfln R. Caswcll, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bowen, Mr. and Mrs. Braulic Caballero, Dr. and Mrs. Gene Beck, Mr: and Mrs. Keith Himmel, Mrs. William Esters, Mrs. Esther Liffring, Attorney and Mrs. Hale Burling of Postville and Elkader, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keyton, and Mr. Jack Lorenz. Violinist, Here Next Week MRS. M. HITTCH1NSON DIES WEDNESDAY NOON Fayaite — Mrs. Myrten (Grace) iHutchinson, ol near Lima, died suddenly Wednesday forenoon of a heart attack. TAts. Hutchinson was in her seventies. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Wilbur Wuers, of Cashmere, Washington and Mrs. Fred rieaiiy ol Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. nutcninson preceded ner in death. Funeral arrangements are pending awaiting the arrival of the daughters. Cemetery Association To Meet January 22 Martin Timm, Secretary of the Fayette Cemetery Association, announced that they will hold their annual meeting at the State Bank of Fayette for i-lection of officers and other business. The meeting will be held January 22 at 2:00 p.m. Smithfield Homemakers Will Meet January 14 The Smithfield Homemakers will hold their regular meeting January 14 at 10:00 in the home of Mrs, Lillian Berry. The noon meal will be a pot luck. The project for this meeting will be the making of colored aluminum trays. The materials needed' for this project are: Small walcr color brush, stencils for tray, carbon paper, scotch tape, hard lead pencil, and old clothes. All Township ladies are invited. Michael Treo Martin Timm To Return To Hospital Martin Timm wil! BO to Marshalltown January 16th to get a new lens for his glasses following a recent eye operation. He will retrun home right away. Marion Felters Here From Oregon Mr. and Mrs. Marion H. Keller and family of Ashland, Oregon, spent Christinas and Ihe next few clays in the parental home of Rev. unJ Mrs. O. J. Folter. Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Felter's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Joe Knox of Hawkcyc. Mrs. over Santa Claua gives his treats to Fayette young folks as they Jeave the theatre. In the center is Karen Ash, daughter of Ronald Ash of Fayette. Guests In Home Mr. and Mrs. Glen Bennington " " I. . . _ . and family and Jim Van Buren Of Oakley Davis O f Fayette. Christmas Day guests in jfhe Oukley Davis home were: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Livingstone and family of Maquoketa, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hurmence and family o£ Austin, Minnesota, Mr. and Mrs, Guy Bennington of Alamosa, Colorado, Mr. L, E. Benningtoo, Mrs. J, D. Parker Returns From Hospital Mrs. J. 1). Parker of Fayette has returned from a stay at tne Weat Union Plamer Memorial Hospital, tihe is recovering from a hip injury suffered in her home several weeks ago. Granddaughters Visit With Mrs. Ida Burns Mrs. Ida Burns enjoyed a visit the past week from her two grand-daughters, Sharon and Carol Burns, of Waterloo. Mr. And Mrs. L. C. Surf us Leave For Arizona Fayvtta — Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Surfus left Tuesday morning for Arizona where they will spend a few weeks with Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Boigtz and their family. Mrs. Boigtz is Mr. Surf us', sister. «4 ..MUiBon, Fayette" Street Commissioner, ninus uiuu Vandersee who is about to get Santa's tfilt. Fayetie — One of the most '.-iil.'ily i-(-L;,-)i-ded young violinists in (hi nation today, Michael Tree, will present the third concert of I 1 .'.' Upper Iowa University series Tuesday, January 14, 1958. The .-om-ert will begin at 8:15 p.m. at (lie Colgrove- Walker Auditorium. Only 24 years of age, Michael Tr. ,- has in the short span of his life ac-hieved success which nor- nially cloi.-s not come to musicians until another ten or fifteen years have passed, if at all. His New York debut jn 1954 was reviewed as "the most brilliant young debut in the recent past" and reviewers were even more lavish in their praise of his second Carne- Kie Hall recital last month, calling him "an artist of refinement" win) "advanced his careen considerably with his second recita]". Michael Tree's career, which included a transcontinental tour last .season and a&pearances aa .soloist with such notable orchestra; as the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Philadelphia Or- LiK-stra, was, however, in preparation for fifteen years before he s.t:ppe.d upon the professional .laji-.- ''<' I'-cgan his violin studies :. '.'•; lather, a noted violin ,i!-h'''. :;t tljc.- age of four and a ' W h c n Michael Tree was twelve,, he auditioned at Phila- dlpiuVs Curtis Insutue, won a nil sL-holarship, and so impressed the director, famed violinist KiVem Zimbalist, that Mr. 2im- '..alit-t ;ook Michael under his, -ipL'cial tutelage and since then ;;'s- .steadily guided his career. In addition to working at his violin for four hours a day, Mich- ii' 1 Tree is also engaged in mastering the viola and the piano, un:l relaxes by practicing the clarinet. Although he received Jlis education from private tutors, he interested himself in a variety of sports, is an enthusiastic swimmer and has a typical American enthusiasm for baseball and ^ t'liill. Michael Tree's program in Fay- .e i .vili include the brilliant Tschaikowsky concerto, a group ol Kreiskv favorites and the fa- GVDSV Airs

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