Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 31, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1939
Page 4
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PAGE POUR HOPE STAR, HOPE, Bruce Catton Says: A. I'. of L. Fights to Upset U. S. Building Trades Probe By BRUCE CATTON NEA Washington Correspondent . WASHINGTON - One of the houLt pre£u?ecan ^igns o( rcccnt is being ,taeed here to get the Justice Department (V soft-pedal ^U trust drive against building trades unions. ^ The campaign came out into the light ojf publicity the other day when high executives of the American Federation of Labor visited President Roosevelt and Attorney General Murphy to try to get the drive shunted aside. Under the surface it has been going on with even greater vigor and determination. Much of the pressure is coming from Capitol Hill, where the A. F. of L. mtmbers many friends among congressmen and senators; lawmaker have been railing the Department of Justice on the phone, or going clown in person, to urge that the heat be taken off of the building trades. "Stop Scoring our Boys" What has stirred Federation leaders and their friends, is not the set of indictments obtained from a District of Columbia grand jury against five union officials; it is the fact that the anti-trust division is proceeding in 15 other cities, calling union officials in for questioning and, as one leader expresses ((.'"scaring our boys so that the unions can't operate.'' They are urging that the department confine its efforts to the Washington situation, making a test case out of it and discontinuing proceedings elsewhere. The Department of Justice, however, is supporting Assistant Attorney General Thurman Arnold in his policy of forgetting about test cases and going ahead all along the line and all across the country. Smiles for the C. I. O. Meanwhile, a little counterpressure is beginning to develop. For if the Federation is highly disturbed by the inquiry into building trades union practices, the C. I. O. is highly pleased. Last spring it announced its own plans to unionize the building trades, setting up the United Construction Workers Organizing Committee to do that job. If Mr. Arnold's energetic staff should disrupt the tightly-organized A. F. of L. unions this organizing committee's job would be just that much easier. So the C. I. O. is all for continuance of the anti-trust drive. An extremely interesting point in that connection is the fact that Daniel Tobin. head of the powerful A. F. of L. Teamsters' Union has been one of the most ardent workers for peace with the C. I. O. in the A. F. of L. high command. Yet Tobin's is one of the unions which is feeling the force of Mr. Arnolds drive the most. lilt Them Where They Feel it Another interesting point is the fact that Mr, Arnold must presently ask Congress for more money. It is rumored on the hill" that even before the present special session ends the Justice Department will ask authorization to spend money already appropriated, ahead of (he budget- in other words, to use in December money which is scheduled to be spent in March. There are two ways to choke off a government department or agency when it is up to something you don't like. One is to get the executive— the President or the department head —to call off the dogs. The other is to cut down on appropriations in Congress. The first method having failed in this case, the second on will undoubtedly be tried. The A. F. of L.. as was said before, has many friends on Capitol Hill. Consequently there is likely to be a good deal of opposition the next time a plea for money for the antitrust division is made. THE THEATER 1 v BIG REASONS ;. It is milked clean. Kept clean. «J Put in clean sterlized bottles. t " Properly refrigerated. It is ,• milked from government in- % spected and tested cows, and is •, pastuerized according to health ^ standards in a plant that has J« passed inspection by the f United States Government *l Call 938 and place your order / or call your grocer and insist % on pastuerized milk. ,• HOPE CEAMERY J and DAIRY CO. < Said to be a golden memory-book for grown-ups and a delightful screen experience for children. Columbia's "Five Little Peppers and How They Grew" will open at the Saenger Theatre on Wednesday Heading the cast of the film version of Margaret Sidney's famous childhood classic is Edith Fellows, whose "Polly Pepper" stirs many nostalgic memories of the days when 'Polly" was the herione of every juvenile reader. Throughout the years the Pepper fiction family has been the favorite of young Americans. Now for the first time, they appear, on the screen to make thousands of new friends and to renew acquaintance with the millions that already know and love them. Charles Barton, the director, has transferred the family to- the screen with careful fidelity and the cast of talented juveniles in the film are said to be the exact, lovable characters of the Pepper series. Tommy Bond. Charles PeckC Jimmy Leake and four-year-old Dorothy Anne Seese hsve all been praised for their accurate portrayals of the Pepper brood who are so ably "mothered" by the diminutive Miss Fellows. The only adult roles in the film are filled by Dorothy Peterson who is seen as the devoted Mother Pepper and Clarence Koib as the stern financier, Mr. King whose heart is melted by the merry antics of the irrepressible Pepper quintet. Ronald Sinclair, talented British juvenile, family who is introduced to the simple pleasures of the Peppers when his grandfather takes them all to live with him. Included in the adventures and mis- Tw»nry-fiv«. y.jri «go Rtull Drug Sforci originated this gigantic drug jtort merehindiiinq «vent. 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EGAD/ TRUST THE IRISH, CLANCY, FOR A BIT OF READY REPARTEE ON THE TIP OF THE TONGUE/ WAR-RUNAPH/? YES,I H/WE ACCEDED TO POPULAR DEMAND FOR AN EXPERT EXHIBITION OF THE: MANLY ART^~- T SUPPOSE YOU'D LIKE'TO C INDOOR OLYMPICS AT THE_OVWLS CLUB MAJOR AMOS HOOPLE BAO BOUNCE BAB A THE AXzAB/AU ASSASSffJ C.. HAVE A PASS? r "r. OFT AMSWER TURMETtA /WJAY TWE'LAW.' -=^^.... V^copp. nw BY NtA seavict. INC. T. M. atr.. u. v" 10-31 Tuesflav, Octob'et' 31,198ft 1812 Pensioner Know* What It hand Hate* It K)RTLAND, Ore.— (If)— Mrs. Esther Ann Hill Morgan of Itulependcncc, I Ore., Is the only dependent of tm 1812 | soldier still drawing a federal pen-1 slon. At lensl she is so far as she knows. Blind as n result of the Civil wnr and 82 years old, Mrs. Morgan has hnd kinfolks In most of America's wars. She doesn't want nny more relatives lo march away. She is sure there is "some way" for America to stay out this time. Mrs. Morgan's grandfather. Jcclinh Hill, enlisted at the age of 15 and fought for two yenrs in the Revolution, Her father, John Hill, who was 71 when she was bom, enlisted with three ' brothers for the War of 1812, and served in the New York militia. The soldiers furnished their own clothing and got no pay, Mrs. Morgan says, while the government furnished guns and ammunition. Mrs. Morgan hnd uncles in the Civil war and nephews in the World war, too. She lost her sight at the age of 7 in an epidemic brought homo by soldiers after the Civil wnr. Some persons af-) ficted obtained expert attention and ; recovered their sight, she recalls, but! hundreds remained blind. The scourge ' was called si'nvply "sore eyes." TALENTED MOPPET HORIZONTAL 1 Favorite child screen star. 12 Sour in aspect 13 Regions. 14 Scepters. 16 On the lee. 17 Money drawers. 18 An ascetic. 19 Connecting word. 20 Chief commodities. 22 Males. 23 Diocesan center. 24 Plural pronoun. Answer to Previous Puzzle health and 49 The gods. 50 To degrade. 26 To make dear. 54 Bulb flower. 29 Scandinavian. 55 Achieved. 32 To act upon each other. 33 White of an egg. 34 Craft. 36 Insect. 37 Quickly. 39 Alloy of copper. 41 Ceaseless. 45 She radiates 56 Vampire. 57 Compass point. 58 Students of plant life. 59 Preposition. VERTICAL 1 Performed alone. 2 Balker. 3 Fury. 4 Happening after. 5 Assam silkworm. 6 To bark 7 High. 6 Essential being. 9 To inspect closely. 10 Weaving frame. 11 Border. 12 She is a clever . 15 And is featured as a in her pictures. 20 Chair. 21 Warbled. 23 Particular creeds. 25 Pertaining to the sun. 27 Adjacent. 28 Challenge. 30 Genus of frogs. 31 Roosts. 35 Pithy saying. 37 Agreements. 38 Rate of movement. 39 Violent wind. 40 Perfume. 42 Norse mythology. 43 Bridle strap. 44 Breeding places. 46 Color. 47 Morindin dye. 48 Chest bone. 51 Twice. 52 Measure of area. 53 Hugo body ot water. that "according to another sentence of Roosevelt's ChaiiUiiigua speech, the effective maintenance of America's neutrality depends today as in the past on the wisdom and determination of those who at a given moment 'occupy the office of president and secretary of sidle'." U. S. Coast Scoured (Continued from Page One) commerce fro'm the seas and made othr vessels cautious. The U-117 found prey hard to find along the coast and headed for European shipping lanes. Here she sank American, Canadian and Norwegian vessels, and shelled her last victim off Nova Scotia on Aug. ;iO. The raider joined the leaking U- l-ll) iincl the pair -successfully navigated mined waters of the Skaw and Alback Bay approaches .to the Baltic. Just as she reached the German coast, the U-117 ran out of fuel oil and had to be towed in. German Sea Chief (Continued from rage On«j adventures of the children arc an epidemic of the measles, a misunderstanding about some mining stock and some pognant sentimental moments as the fatherless family careens along its happy-go-lucky way. But. the proverbial Providence of the Peppers is at work and they always come out on their feet, right side up and a smile CALM YOUR NERVES! \^OMEN who suffer from nervousness, backache or headache asspciated with functional disturb- anets will find Dr. Pitrcc's Kayoriie Prescription beneficial. It (tiimilatu the apprliii' and increase.'* the flow of gzilric juicr and ;;-. X. D'juglaj Si.', Oklahoma fjiyl »»",': I was nervju.1, I,red and upset, and h.iH Iic.irJ.-uhK and bac.-kac.he a«o.:i s trd with '""ciional disturbances. After tikins Dr. favorite J'rescription my appctitr was ices." on their faces. It seems that lions of Peppers fans will have fault lo find with the filmi/.ation their beloved characters. ic mil- no Mussolini Tears (Continued from Page One) serious and determined. Nevertheless those who know him say he's wwrrn, friendly, with a keen sense of humor. The son of a government official, he was born almost in sight of the sea ;tt Hamburg. About 5 feel 9, stocky, cleanshaven, with dark brown hair, he always wears a winged collar with his navy blue dress uniform. Racdcr Ls married, has a son in his teens and a married daughter. Hal: "What do three balls in front lo a pawn shop mean?" Jim: "Two to one you don't get it back." Legal Notice NOTICE OF REVISION OK ASSESSMENTS i icrce & favorite prescription my appi improvej, ;njr strength returned, and I. relic;. e.'l O i the luoctiorjal diiturbanc I'Ct it at jour drug store today. TALBOTFEILD.Sr. ACCIDENT and HEALTH With Life Insurance. Clai'jns Paid 100':i Promptly 9 years with Reliance Life Box H, Hope, Ark. Electrical and Refrigerator Service If others have failed, try us. Work guaranteed, Prices reasonable Graduate Coyne Electrical School ARTHUR MORRIS D»y and Night Phone 686. numerous American ships aru brought 1 in and subjected to criminal search, such disturbances do not appear worth mentioning because it is English action." Korrespondcnx. pointer! t<i recent speeches by President Roosevelt and .Secretary of War Woodring in which they said the United States was dctcr- 'mined to keep out of war and the United States Senate's action in approving repeal of the embargo act. From the joy which prevailed in I England and France it must be assum- | cd. the commentary added, "that at j last (he syes of the Western powers those assurances of the president and | his war minister were not to be taken ] so seriously after all." I "The lifting of the arms embargo." ' ihe commentary said, "alone could: haivJJy nul imputed nt the same time i thru this was only the first stage. ! "Even if the attack on the AJienia ' did not immediately lead to the desired > goal, there remained—especially since j all American door.s stand open for! English propagaj5da--alway;; enough j other possibilities to induce the de- I sire second step and. if .still necessary, the third step. "Sfmptonis" Mich as the City of Flint "did not exactly discourage such seriously iiuricd hopes in the West." Korrcspondenz recalled President .Roosevelt's statement at Cliautauqua. N. Y.. on August 11 1936. that it was a "tragic series of .small decisions" which led to the United States' entry into Die World war. Jt concluded that the de-siie of the American people wit)l'.".i| r!'.i.|l..t i', I... >-<;u>:.'in !H:ulful but Notice is hereby given that the Board of Assessors or Street Improvement District No. 3, of Hope, Arkansas will meet at the office of L. Carter Johnson, second floor of the Arkansas Bank & Trust Company building in the city of Hope. Arkansas, at 10 o'clock A. M. Thursday, November Ifith, 19X1, for the purpose of revising and readjusting the assessments of benefits against the real property in said district. Any person desiring any revision or readjustment of his assess'ments, or any change in values, for improvements erected or removed, or any change whatsoever, may appear before the Hoard and make application therefor and same will be considered. This aCth day of October 1930. POLK SINGLETON, EUGENE WHITE, CARTER JOHNSON, Board of Assessors. Oct 31. Nov 7-M Father—The man who marries my daughter will get a prize. I Suitor—May I see it, please? In recent laboratory "smoking bowl" tests, Prince Albert burned 86 DEGREES than the average of the 30 other of the largest-selling brand] tested ... coolest of all .., as found in automatic scientific tests for the coolcst-smokinf tobacco. "Matin's" smokers know Prince Albert's choice, "no- bite" tobaccos are rich, full- bodied, yet so mild, so easy on your tongue. Handles easier, rolls neater too.Try P. A.! u K 10 u 0 -O II I THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE C*trrl(H, 1PM. H.J.IUjnoltUTiriecco. (.:•>. WlniU>».S*l»m, North C Price SALE $7.95 Dresses $3.97 ..$9.95 Dresses $4.97 $12.95 Dresses $6.47 LADIES Specialty Shop QUALITY PIANOS Stcinway, Haddorff, Cable, Wurlitzer. New Models $245 up. Terms. Drop us a card for catalogs. Bo ware of something - for - nothing offers. BEASLEY'S, Tcxarkana, Ark. HARVEY ODOM Local Representative The Hamilton Depositors Corporation NATIONAL DISTRIBUTORS AND SPONSOR of the Hamilton Investment Plan announces the payment October 31, 1939, of the Thirtieth Consecutive! Quarterly Dividend on Hamilton Trust Shares Certificates John C. Cheatham Zone Manager 110 Doiujtflicy Bli\a. Liltiv Kitvk, Ark. S'liop our Furniture Ocpt. for all your needs. OUTSTANDING SELECTIONS in Student Lamps Kjitc-lloln Desks Secretaries HOPE HARDWARE CO. SHOP-COMPARE ATTENTION BOY'S To the Two Boys Under Sixteen Mho forecast Die nearest to the score of the Illythcvilic vs. Hope Football ('.nine. We will give each a Football. Register before Frllay night. 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