Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 17, 1971 · Page 4
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 4

Garden City, Kansas
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Thursday, June 17, 1971
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Hill Doesn't Remember Hazletine ARDMORE, Pa. (AP) _ "Hi, Dave. How do you like .the course?" Dave HSI M«d his eyela'ows, looked te questioner right in (lie eye and replied, "I like it, and if I didn't, I'd say so." Nobody wiH let dairk-toaiiired Hili . forget his description of last year's U.S. Open Golf C'haimpi'MWhip site as a cow pasture. The tempestuous Hill was aisfced to compaire Hazletoe in Chaisfca, Minn., with Meiion Gr&f Club, the course over which 150 goiters started the 1971 U.S. Open Ohampionsihip feod'ay. "This is a fair golf 'course," said Hill of the 6,544-yard Merlon coumse, a short but tricky layout in suburban Phila- delphia. "A short hitter has as good a chance as a long hitter. As a mater of fact the short hitiber will be in the fairway moire often." "But how does it compared with Hazletine?" someone .persisted. "I don't remember Haz- leltine," retorted HiH, who despite has dislike for the course finMied second to winner Tony Jacklin in the 1970 Open. "I don't intend to go back to Hazletone. It's a dead issue. It's gon«," he said of fine course that cost him a heavy fine for his unkind words. Hill doesn't think too much of his chances to beat a field which instates Jacklin, the favored Jack NickJaus, Arooid Palmer, Gaiy Player, Lee Tre- vino, last week's tour winner Tom Weiskopf, 1969 winner Or- vHe Moody, Frank Beard Geoi"gie Archer, Miler Barber, Bob Murphy, Ray Floyd, Geine Litifer aod aH the ottier Mg names in golf. "I haven't been playing wel for a year, said Hili. "I've been playing like Andy Gump a comic strip ctoara'cter." Hil said he 'has been working on has tempo, explaining that he ihias been swinging too fast from the top of his swing to the bail. Hill predicted that a two- over-par 282 would win the 72- hole tournament over the historic Merlon course, this scene of Boibby Jones' Grand-Stom ctemax in 1930, 'and of two previous U.S. Open Chiaimpon- shiips. He cautioned, however, that it could be five or sdx over if iit gets hot amid the undulating greemis day out. Two days of initermiibtsnit rains let up Wednesday and the sun came out at times. The raithier cod weaither was warming up amid the oulflook was for some typJoal hot summer weaitiher the niexit four day®. HiH, who ir suing the Profes- siomal GoMers' Association for placing him on a year's probation for deliberately mis-sigminig a scoreciard, sayis he doesn't regret aniytbimg he 'has said or done in his controversial 13- year career. "You should, never regret something you can't get back," he said. "You can't undo it" Six Teams Enter Industrial League Six teams will compete in this summer's Industrial Golf League. Action start* next week. Gary ^Fuller will serve as league secretary this season. The six-team round-robin will require five weeks to complete. The traditional post-season league tourney is tentatively slated Sunday, August. 1. The league has played at Jaycee Airlinks for a number of years. Last summer, Western Kansas Sporting Goods was team champion. That club . broke a reign of several seasons by the Spencer's Market teams. Trophieis. this season will go to three of the six teams, and members of the championship' team will also receive individual trophies. Other trophies will go to the season medalist and to the most-improved golfer. Firstr week matches must be played between Sunday, June 29, and Saturday, June 26. Roisters of the 'six league teams (first person listed in 1971 team captain): Puller Construction Co. _, Gary Fuller, Bill Sclbroeder, Cecil Summers, Jess Aivila, and Pait Elliot. Rod's Gulf Strvieo Station — Merle Weiderstein, Harold Evans, William Yost, Bob Barton, amd Jmi Duryea. Spencer's Marktt — Jim Hightower, Claude Eastman, Mack Woods, Gene Deavcr, and Bernie Caldwell. Fostor Music — Steve Spellman, Alton Foster, Fay Hatfield, Leo Fife, and Clair Rumford. Gordon City Monuments — Dallas Coen, Ray Vannaman, Ted Foote, Robert Johnson, and Norman Elliot. Westorn. Kan. Sptng. Goods —Gordon. Fair, : Henry Wolley, Ron Blackwell, Virgil Craig, and Brent Barker. Garden Golfers To Liberal Meet LIBERAL — At least ft dozen Garden dtiiants >are scheduled to compete Saturday and Sunday in the annual Liberal Country dub Invitational gall tourney for men. Tbe big meet wM offer merchandise priaas lor first, second, and third places m each of its five fligtobs. 15 Games Are Played Fifteen games were played Wednesday evening here in soft/ball and baseball programs sponsored by the City Recreation Dept. Late-evening rams washed out two games; those will be made up later. . ' In the men's Softball league, all three games were decided by one run — and une went an extra inning. Wednesday's scores, listed by leagues: Baseball — Giants 19-18 over 27-9' over Chiefs. Prep Braves. . ... Minor League — Nafaajoe) 10-8 over 31<ohawks. Oomaatohes 13-10 over Oheyennes. • Major League — Yankees 5-3 wrer HoJcomt). Pilots 3-fl over Jets in one extra inning. Softball Zoo Learn* — Holcomib over Lionghorns toy forfeit. Loboa 37-17 over Ranis. . . Garden. League — Ail game* this •week are postponed because of Brownie day camp. Revised schedule will be anwunoed later. Zodiac League — Libra 9-8 over Tanis. . • • Prairie League — Bimmc* 10-7 ever Ootfcowtails. ' . • " Skyline League — Hawks 3-1 ev»r Falcons. Rainbow League — Oranges 8-2 over Whites. Game between Browns and Blacks was mined out; makeup date will be announced later. Adult Men's League Western Kansas Sporting Goods 11-10 over Triple-S • Steel. Ktnney 5-4 over Weeden Aviation to one extra, in- nme. Ulysses 11-10 over Oarmelita's Oafe. G«mie betwetm A&W Root iBe-er and .Team Electronics was rained out; make-up da*« will b» wnnounc«d later. Eckman on the MoVe; Tr«d«d to Rough riders HAMILTON, On*. (AP) John Ectoman is on the move again. The Hamilton Tiger-Gate traded, the young quarterback Wednesday to the Saskatchewan Rougthriders of the Canadian FoatbaM League for the 'Riders' first-round dualt choice 'Sn 1972. Eckman was sent to the British Columbia Lions nebr the end ol the 1970 season. In returns, the TJoarts were to receive future considerations. However, when the teams were imable to negotiate a suitable deal, Eckman's ownerslhip reverited back to Hamilton this year. • Britain's population density is one of the highest in the world — 589 persons per square nule But in Greater London it's 12,600 persons per squar* All goMers play 18 hales Saturday to qualify, sibafrtmg at 8 aim. At Satarday eyeninig's banquet, Sunday pairings will be announced. GoMers wM be fliglhted on their Saturday qualifying rounds. Sunday action starts at 7:39 a.m. CSbampionship-flisbt golfers play 27 holes Sunday. Those in *he lower four flights shoot just 18 boles each. Lffberal Couimtry Club Is nine •with ?rass gireens. Men's par is 36 boles. Club pro Sam Cobb reported today that the course is in fine shape. The field will be limited to 100 linkstara. They will come from Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, «nd Texas. Last year's chaimp was Skip Gvaibaai of Browni&eld, Tex. He was working in the Liberal axeia last year, but since has transferred. The 1969 champion was Roger McKkunon of Guy. mon, Okla.—aiow in the service. Neither will be on hand this tome. Garden Ciitiaos. entered in the meet include Dr.' Kenaeth L. Bourne, Lelyn Braun, Bernie Oaldwell, Don Caldwell, John Dickerson, Ed \Brown, John Hawk, Whitey Hilyaird, Terry Jones, Rex Ladner, Harold Stonier, .and Steve Storey. Becky Wright Is Top Loop Kegler MONDAY, JUNE 14 HOUMW!V«S L*agu* — Becky Wrigiit had Mgh individual games of 197. Best individual series was 531 by Midge En< ctoias. Doodlers posted best team game of'587. High team series was 1,640 by Three Ms. TUESDAY, JUNE IS initial* L»agu« _ Alyce Nakamoto had both 'high in- divMuai game of 178 and best individual series of 492. BCP had best team game of 567. High team series was 1,597 by AOF. FANFARE By Walt Ditzoi More Tilts Are on Tap More baseball and Softball action is scheduled to'diay and Friday in leagues sponsored by tiie City Recreation Dept. Schedule for the next two days, listed by playing sites: Today At Clint Lightner Field — 6 p.m. Twins vs. Royals. 7:15 p.m. Indians vs. Oilers. 9 p.m. Knighte of Columbus vs. Ldons. At Fansler Field — 7 p.m. Standard Suipiply vs. Dew-field. 8 p.m. Sublette vs. Garden By-Products. 9 »/m. Dodge City vs. Farm Bureau. At Cleaver Field — 6 p.m. Gemini' vs. Scorpio. 7 p.m. Chipmunks vs. RHIbbits. 8 p.m. Holcomb vs. Mars. 9 p.m. Maroons vs Holoomlb. 10 p.m. Golds vs. Greens. At Prep League Field — • p.m. Padres vs. Batters. 7:15 P.m. Expos vs. Spurs. At Zoo League Field ->- 6 p.m. Tigers vs. Bengals. 7:16 p.m. Pan-- thers vs. Holcomib. Friday At Clint Lightner Field — 7 r . Sulblette vs. Rotary Cluto. 9 p.m.. Liakm vs. Shriner®. At Fansler Field — Eight-team, three-day tourney (or adtuit women slow-pitdh softbaUers starts tonight. Three giamiea. At Cleaver Field — ft p.m. lieo vs. Torus. 7 p.m. BeBis vs. Browns. 8 Oranges vs. Holoomib. 9 p.m. Blacks vs. Greens. At Prep League Field — 6 p.m. Aggies vs. Vikings. 7:15 p.m. Braves vs. Eodjgws. At Zoo League Field — « p.m. Bears m Bams. 7:18 p.m. Longhorns vs. Lotas. At Garden League Field — All Garden League games this -week are postponed because of Brownie day camp. Revised schedule -will be announced later. At Oardendale — 6 p.m. Comaji- ohes vs. Sioux. 7:15 p.m. Navajos vs. Kansas. At Jennie Wilson — 6 p.m. Jets vs. Cowboys. 7:15 p.m. Pilots vs. Holcomib. Americans Tie English Team in Track Event BIRMINGHAM, England (AP) — A track amd field team from Harvard amd Vale Univer- a team from Bir- IMversilty Wednesday, 9-9, on tbe strength of victories by Yale's Richard MacDonald in two hurdle events. The American team took the toophy, however, with 100 points, compared to Rkmimg- bam's 89. Topeka Golfer Is Pacer in Amateur WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — VdcM Foss of Topeka, Kan., despite a fait 7-over-par 81 on Wediuesday, took a four-stroke lead into todlay'is final round of the 54-hole tournament for the women's amateur golf dhain- pionisMp of Kansas. Mrs. Fosis bad a 36 -hole total of 159 ait Holing Hills Counltry duib.. Four isitroikes. off the pace weire Lyran Merrick and Eiie Stagg of Kansas City with 163s. Miss Merrick shot on 80 Wednesday; and Ellie Staigg, wtho haid only 25 putts iand Iholed out from 30 yards on the IStfh, tunned in the day's best round of 78. Loinraime Smiili of •who trailed by only a stroke •atflter itfae first' round, skied to an 85. She was tied for fourth wUh a 164, along with : Levon Deivans of Kansas City, wtho fired a 79. M'arg Crowe of Wichita was sixth wth a 166, TMe Becker of Topeka, Eitedira Roulier of Leavenwortih, Evelyn Gfrigsby * * * Maralyn Chmelka In State Meet Miarolyn Chmtelba of Garden City is playing in the cbam- pitonslhiip fligtat of the state women's amateur golf tournament tMs week in Wichita. The event started Tuesdiay and winds up today. It's at Rolling Hils Country dub. Mrs. Oitmelka Shot 87 Tuesday. Wednesday 'She had an 88 on nines of 45 and 43. She is not among tbe leaders in the light —but the flight takes in tlw select 23 golfers in the field. of Oofleyviille, Sherd Goodman K Wellington and Perry Wright of Wkfhdlta wane in a five-way tite for seventh with 169s.- Memick appeared on her way to catching Mrs. Foss when she shaved three strokes her five-stroke deificalt by getting 'Stix-focrt birdie putt on the 13th. . She dropped back when her tee 'Shot wound up in the rough on the 14th. She was short with her recovery shot,'and posted • double bogey 7. ! Sweden Win* Title In Table Tennis Meet NEW YORK (AP) — Sweden won Khe team cfhaimipionship amd Tilboir KLampar of Hungary captured the inidividuial crown in the finals of the, $5,000 Van- derbiM Mjerniational Table Tennis Touitaainvetnit' Wednesday night • •= . Sweden, defeated previously- unbeaten Japan,- 3-0, in the teiaim toals. Klampar upset Stelan Bengtsson, the reigning world singles tMehoiider, 2-17, 12-21, 21-19, for the singles title. Officers Apprehend Reformatory Escapee WICHITA, Kan. (A?) — A man who escaped from the Kansas State Industrial Reformatory in Hutchinson nearly 10 months ago was apprehended Wednesday by officers from the sheriff's office at Wichita. Sheriff Johnnie Darr said his office, acting on a tip, arrested James Franklin Wilson while he was at work in the southern part of the county. Wilson escaped on Sept. 4, 11970, after being sentenced ait Wichita.. The Standings By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS National Looguo East Division Pittsburgh New York St. Louis Chicago Montreal Philadelphia W 40 34 36 31 25 25 SFr an cisco LAngeles Houston Atlanta Cincinnati San Diego Wost Division L Pet. 08 24 25 29 32 32 36 SVi 4>'j .625 .576 .554 .492 8Vi .439 11V? .410 13'/a 41 35 31 30 27 25 29 33 36 36 23.41 .621 — .547 5 .484 9 .455 11 .429 .35917 Wodnotday's Results Cincinnati 1, St. Louis 0 New York 7, Los Angeles 2 Atlanta 6, Chicago 5 Montreal 2, San Diego 0 Philadelphia «, San Francisco 3 Pittsburgh 6, Houston 4 „• Thursday's Gamos St. Louis, Oarltoni (10-3) at Chicago (Hooton) 0-0. Atlanta, Reed (6-4) at Cincinnati, Nolan (3-7), night Only games scheduled. Friday'* Gamos Philadelphia at New York, night Montreal at Pittsburgh, night Atlanta at Cincinnati, night San Diego at San Francisco, 2, twi-night Houston at Los Angeles, night American Loaguo East Division W. L. Baltimar* 37 21 Detroit 35 Boston 34 New York 29 Cleveland 28 Oakland Kansas City Minnesota California Chicago Milwaukee Wort Division 41 21 .32 25 31 32 29 35 22 25 22 35 Pet. GB .638 — 27 .565 4 2". .557 4V4 .468 10 .467 10 33 32 .661-^ .561 6 .467 10 .453 13 .386 16Va .386 161* Wodnosdoy's Rosults Minnesota 3, Cleveland 2 Baltimore 8, Milwaukee S New York 3, Kansas City 2 Detroit 6, Chicago 5 Oakland 5, Washington 1 . Boston 4, California 1 Thursday's G*mo$ Detroit Gain (4-1) at Cleveland, McDowell (7-5). night New York, Stottlemyre (7-4) at Baltimore, Dobson (3-4), night California, Hassler (0-2) or May (3-4) /at Kansas City, Drago (6-2) night Chicago, John (3-8) at Minnesota, Williams (1-2) or Corbin (1-3),;,night . , Only games scheduled. Friday's Gamos ' Boston,at Washington night Detroit a4 Cleveland,: night- New York at Baltimore, night California at Kansas City, night Chicago at Minnesota, night Oakland at Milwaukee, night Defending King Trails In National Golf Meet NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) — Hometowraer Richard Tinsiey, the champion, was in defending contention 'two strokes behind leading Bob Davgan of Oamden, S.C., as the 72-hole Idtihancters Nattaonial Golf Championship went into today's Hhird round. Dargan was , at 147 after a one-over-par 73 Wednesday after a 74 Tuesday. Second at 75-73—148 at Bob Johnson of Charleston, W.V*. bad 75-74— 149. Bahnsen, Yankees Trip Royals KANSAS CITY (AP) — Stan Bahnsen may be moving in as the ace of the New York Yankee pitching staff. He now has won five in a row and over this stretch has turned in the best pitching of his career. That's the appraisal from Yankee Manager Ralph Houk. Baihnsen agrees. "Stan's last five games have been his best," Houk said after Bahnsen tossed a four-hittar for a 32 victory Wednesday night over the Kansas City Royals before a crowd of 25,496. "This one wasn't as good as the four before this game," Houk said. "He was more «r- ratic because he dad five full days rest. That's too much for him." Biahnsen's triumph over the Royals was his second in less than two weeks. He flew here from two weeks of military duty at Ft. Dix, N.T., and had to be back in camp early today. He walked six and struck out two. "I didn't get to run between starts," Baihnsen said, "J didn't get to throw t!he ball into a glove. I threw against a wall at Ft. Dix a litfle. "But I was strong. I just couldn't position the ball like I should. They could have* beaten OAKLAND'S FIRST BASEMAN TIES MAJOR LEAGUE RECORD me with a hit in a couple of innings." The Yankees got the winning' run in the eighth. Reliver Tom. Burgmeier, 3-2, gave up singles to Jerry Kenney and Boibby Murcer and walked Roy White to load the bases. Ted Abernathy replaced Burgmeier and Kenney scored when shortstop Rich Severson threw to the plate wtide and late after Felipe Alou's grounder Paul Schaal drew a leadoff walk in the first, moved to second and third on groundouts and scored on Ed Kirkpaitrick's single off Bahnsen. Severson beat out a bounder in the seventh, the first hilt off Bahnsen * * * leadoff double, reached on Schaal's single and since Jerry May's second inning third scored on Cookie Rojas' sacrifice fly. Singles by John Ellis, Gene Michael and Kenney scored a Yankee run in the fifiib. New York puled ahead in the sixth when White singled,, went to third oh Alou's single and scored oh Thurman Munson's sacrifice fly. The loss was Kansas City's second in a row but only its third in 15 games. The Royals now trail the Oakland Athletics, tbe American League West pace-setters, by VA games -*".*' * ' Bison Belt Elkhart in Loop Battle Garden City's Bison boosted their season record to 4-5 here Wednesday night. Manager Duane Hays' crew shelled Elkhart 11-1 at Clint Lightner Field in an Ok-Kan League mix. The contest ended in the fifth inning because of the runs-ahead rule. Pogt • Garden City Telegram Thursday, Junt 17, 1971 Porter Case Flares Anew NEW YORK (AP) - The Howard Porter case nas flared again and threatened today to wipe out.., Villanova's greatest basketball season. The problem erupted aniew Wednesday upon disclosure of papers filed in ederal' court here that say Porter did indeed sign a professional contract last December while still playing for the Wildcats. H so, the Wildcats could have erased from the record most of <he victories in their 27-7 season; including their runnerup finished to UCLA in the NCAA championship tournament in which Porter was elected the Most Valuable Player. They also supposedly would forfeit some $6,500 revenue from the tournament. Vfflanova's athletic director Art Mahan said the school would ask the NCAA to join in a thorough investigation arid the university would abide by any NCAA ruling. NCAA director Walter Byers was not available for comment in his office in Kansas City. The 6-foot-8 star, who-averaged 23.5 points a game for Villanova last season, signed with the Bulls this sprirag, prompting a suit filed by the PitvsiJnirgh Condors of the ABA, who claimed they had been given his signed contact by the league. . John Bergkamp started on the mound for Garden, working the first four frames. He fanned five baitifcers and walked two. Russ Boone piuched the final inning, facing three batters. He fanned one. Garden outwit the visitors 7-1 and committed just one enror to eight for the losers. Lone Elkhart hit was a fourbh-inning single by Junior Gillaspie. Elkhart's only run came in the third frame when Bergkamp issued his two walks and Gal-den committed its Jone error. Richard Ceding paced Garden at bat with two singles in three trips to the plate. Other five Bison hits were also singles—by five different batters. Next action for the Bison is Fridlay — and the .schedule ha si been changed a bit. The locals will be competing in the annual Ok-Kan League tourney at Hugoton. • The OKL has five teams this summer: Garden City, Elkhart, Hugoton, Ulysses, and Hooker, Okla. Three invited teams were to compete in the meet, also, to make it ah eight-squad tourney; Walsh, Colo., plus Penry- ton and Spearman, Tex. But Walsh dropped out of the tourney this week, making it a seven-team affair. As a result, some game times have been changed. Garden City will still play tourney-host Hugoton Friday as its first-round foe. But the game will be at 7 p.m., instead of Friday afternoon as originally sla*elaX The double-elimination meet runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. R H E Elkhart 301 00—1 1 8 Garden City . .004 16—11 7 1 Ten teams — including a pair of powerful squads i»om Oklahoma .City — compete over the weekend herein an adult women's silow-piteh slaftlbal invita- tionnal tournaiijjent. .. The double-elimination event runs Friday, Saturday, and Sundiay, with five sessions scheduledi. "Eighteen (and possibly 19) games will be required. AH action will be on Fansler Field.. Five eg the squads are from Garden City, five from out of town. The two Oklahoma City squads are the Soonerettes and the Southside Bears. Two Liberal teams will also take part: Kemper Enterpises and .Liberal Gas. Also playing will be Sublette, a member of the league here again this summer. M, •• • . Garden City squads taking part will be Fansler Tires (the two-year state women's slow- pitch champion of Kansas), Standard Supply, Farm Bureau, Garden By-Products, and Red's GuM Service Station. Three games are slated Friday night. The schedule: 7 p.m. — Standard Supply vs. Garden By-Produots. 8 p.m. — Liberal Gas vs. Red's Gulf Service Station. Epstein Drills 4 Straight Homers By KEN RAPPOPORT Associate) Prtia Sports Mike' Epstein took a drive arounid the piairk and enjoyed it so much that he did it thire« more times in-a row. Before he ran out of gas, the Oakland A's first baseman bad come home with a major teagiije-ifcyiinig record—four con- seoiiitive home inns. "I'm hitting better" said Ep- s,'bein, who didn't have to teJ! anyone alter drilling bis third and fourth homers in a row in Wednesday night's 5-1 triuimiph over the Washington Senators. Not so incidentally, fabulous Vidia Blue gamed his 14*h victory for Oakliand wiflh « six-hit- Epstein, acquired from Waslh- ingition in a recent trade, ripped two in his last two appearances 'against his former teaminuaites Tuesday nigfht before has attitack on Denny McLain Wednesday. The next tame up, he was hoping far No. 5 but struck' out against Paul Lmblad. In the other. American Leiague games, the Minnesota Twins nudged the Cleveland Indians 3-2; the Baltimore Orioles ripped the Mlwiamkee Brewers 8-3; tlhe New York Yankees turned back the Kansas City Royals 3-2; the Detroit Tigers sfcaded the Chicago White Sox 6-5 and tlhe Boston Red: Sox topped tine California Angels 4- Epsltein and relief 'pitcher Darold Knowlea were traded to tlhe A's for Lkblad, first baseman Don M'iiuchea- and oaltcher Frank Fernandez on May 8. The homer,spree, which tied him wSJfch several major lea- guiens, was particul'arly ®atis- fying to Epstein, who hilt the shots in a pitcher's park—Oakland Coliseum. ( Joe Rudi also hit two solo homiers and Davie Duncan crashed another in the five- homer .aisisiauilit on Washington pitohing as McLain dropped his 13th game in 16 decisions. Blue boosted his mark to 14-2, striking out eight emroute toj his 14th complete game *s he continued to top the. majors with his stumninig biotory total. Cesar Tovar drove in a run wMh a single and Rich Reese knocked in the decisive tally with a sacrifice fly as Minnesota oamte up wiith two runs in the ninth to beat Cleveland. The Indians 'had a. ninith inntog rally, too, scoring their second run on Graig NertttOes' single before reliever Stain Wliamis .shut the door., ;••• •"' ' '•''• '• •. ';-• :'• Netties, incidentally, had five hits, including a double in the first inning that sparked the Indans' first run. Rod Carew had four Mils ' for . Minnesota, including a triple in • the ninth when h* scored on Tovar's single. . . ' ,; •'•. \ , -.1 . t • Paul Blair and Brooks Robinson smashed two-mkn homers, helping D*ve McNaMy gain bus KWh Victory for Baltimore. ' Blair connected ki the opcn- jng tapng following a sangle by Don Btufiord. Robinson's btow oaim* in the sixth with Frapk Robinson aboard. McNaJry, seeking his fourth straight 20- victory season, doubled horn* a 'ruri^latberiin the sixth; <•/ ,.' ' Stan Bahnsen, Who flew to Kansas City from two-week military ditty,: pitched Ms fifth eitraight comptotie victory with a four-bitter ats New York bea't'ttie R^als. Enter Tourney 9 p.m. — Sublette vs. Kern- per Enterprises of Liberal. Saturday afternoon's session will have five games, starting at 1 p.m. Three games (7, 8, and 9 p.m.) are on tap Saturday night. The Oklahoma team* see their first action Saturday afternoon. On Sundiay afternoon, four more games are slated, starting <*t 1 p.m. Final three (and possibly four) games Sunday night get under way at 3 p.m. Western Cattle Co.. Inc. Wt ipvctftlin In cnlcr buying *f •II elasiM of iteuUr and l»tder caftU. Will sail fai: cattla on commit ilen. \ .• • •. ;•'. • •ETE HUTCHINS* •hone TR 2-3SII — Scott City : JIM JASPER , ' Phone 397-2353 — Dighton -JACK DALY Phone BR 6.7196 • Garden City HAROLD WOODS Plona) 397-5556 — Dlqhtoaj MAIN OFFICE PHONE Oiahton — 397-2424 Entertalnn Saturday Guests LEGION AMERICAN EAGLES LODGE MOOSE LODGE SAM ft SHIILA Anniversary Picnic at Lah* McKinitay RottauraM Houn I P.M. To 2 A.M. GRAIN BIN SALOON Saturday—Hall o f Famo Ivory Wotf. A M. THI CONTININTALS KATZ 1 CLUB PARADOX r THI REHLS .

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