Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 31, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1939
Page 3
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^ : <n v. SOCIETY ftfrs. Sid fTpnr-v m_i i ««. HOPE ffTAH, HOPE, ARKANSAS ^3id Henry Iliillnwrcii Without, the darlt, liU,. folds of crap<° I'.lols every slar from sight, .For ghostly fonn ;,uil goblin sh:\pe Arp :i)l abroad tonight; Tho^ hitter wiiifl.i in fury howl tortured sou);: unseen. telephone 321 chapter wns a Very earnosl jmd foiee- "il nniitti! to th,. Christum p,..,p|<; lor Iho e.stiihlishnwnl of >h;ipels." 'I he four-Ill ch;i|itr.|- wns reviewed by Mrs. Dor.sey Mcliac- follow-,! by a heaiiliful vocal .spied ion by Mrs. Dick Walking, ficcompanied by Mi. C. NcNeill. During (lie tioon hou As iirifw and friends and witches'i ... i- , • , p,,, W | wiuius, lemptuiK .sandwiches with hot coffee Without on 11-illo-eeu ,.'>|Kl cookies- were sorved. At one 0 - Wilhin. how Wi ,r (he fire., alow ' t n '1 ''''^ v "<'" li '""' 1 '"'"-•lier A,-. ., f .,,,a ( c,,,s;m,,* rt;±r s t'tfxs w tsu^w'; ;;""" hipr fi " w •;«-,"- ^^ n ^^K "'" A::: ,tet;t,,";t K /"" i :r; ""'«- ^ti'-vr£ I'll iii-e-old lov,,'.,,„! f'! ',"•'"• i have won first honors in the State t Within ,n If 11 '' " nfl f "" rth in llu ' National eonlesK . ' i. louecii . M,. s Kuffin White nave a most in^ —Selected. tercstin K .survey of conditions in Mr MmrT.r>-~7*r*7- "" , -,„ H p 'm>s'enil County, follow,.,! by Mrs. a,,, M," F ." ! '"'""" T **'•• J ' W ' "'•'»'•>' «•».,, reviewed the las, itorl- i «i ' •'•'''' C . S "" tl: '>;^»l>lei of this interes.iiu, hook D, , ,"-,r S, ^";: V ""°"- m ""« «h" Thorn.,,, Urewster closed ,,„, ,,,,,,, (m/ , ' '•"'•' Slil1 " l>i " 1 ' :*ill> « N'lemlid challenge. "What Can «..,., , . ! W( ' n " Ahout It." followed bv The ,Vl',ck il'e'w"'"" 1 h :' 1! "",' M "' "', 'v'" L ° nl ' S Pl ' ;iytT ' " Tl " 1 Rre,,t...st fV.-,ver." 'M lot K tin 1 Woin.-ins Auxiliary of the l'"st rW'hyl,,,;,,, ehuich opened a | Tl,e Choral Club of Ihe Kridav M'"'-', n'T"'^ p 1 ,"'"' 1 '"'" 'yv.ewi.iK.Mu.-ie Club will meet for Praeliee at k ' ,''••..'.'"'' , ^M''"'''"'-;\. , fllasl!l>W ' S 9:M w «'n"«l».v momim.: ,„ H,,. I,,,,,,,. ',/,,, A' '"' n- V'" k ^ W '"' ( '' |of ">" Director, M,,, M. C. Rutl,,, "> '"l Avl '" lb '- vs ' 'f""" 1 Missionsj.fi;; North Hervey *!,«.( « .m«. iuspn• i,,« devo.,,,,,,1 using .lohn' Misses Wybie 7,"frd~Pa,,sv Wi.nl,..,-|v 3-11, Ihe (neatest Ver.-,,-' Mrs. M and Op;,) Cheelc were Smidav visitor • C. Duller introduce,! ,),,. 1) ,, ( , k M ,,,. | „. Shrcvcporl, I,a. Ji ft "Chapel 1 ." and gave a inu.sl in- —O— li'reM.iiK review of Ib- fu.st chapter, j Mr. 1 :, R-wil F.. Nt-ivlon of l.ifde Rode followed by Mrs. C. H. Taiplcy. who war; the .week end gue.s. of her mother de.eussed the .second chapter. Mi.vsI Mi,-r. W W Dn,-k/.n 1929 Panic Proves Midpoint Betwen 2 European Warsj Great Depression of 10 Years Aj>;r> Stall? ;1 on "BLACK THURSDAY" Produced by One. War, II Proves, to Have Led lo Another Snapshot Wins Double Award for Ohio Amateur .-Vscciateil Cress I''ui;uid:il Writer NKW YOIIK - Wall st,-e,.| ,,nnta- iMMl. of I!,.' v;.st organism of husine>( li.-,>'i- • lick, 1 ,) ,.ff .-, decii.le of niaikrt K'-poi,',. to a swiftly cliangiiu 1 world vim-" -.locks coliaps..,! on "hljick Tliius- o'av ' in H,e auluir.u in l'l?.l I It «;•-, (J, I,,).,,., 1 ;M. j,.,, .,,.;,!,- ;^,,,. j 'I' 11 ' 'he •,!<„!.; n,ark,.| mns | .s'.-liM-! live n-eonli'j- of Hi,, uiil. 1 .;; fi-elill^.s l-.nown ,r, "hie.!!!!. 1 .-. 1 : si-ntiinciil" shvid- | ilered a-, if in a|',|,icl'ension of comini,' 1 ' vent .. ihci, ,,|,in:.,..,| i,,..,..ard the iihv.ss 1 de.eussed the .second chapter. Mi.vs i } Lynn fiayless' review of Ihe third j .•._~. ..'.. ' =:r - ^^ ! ''lie Cosmopolilan Cluh will j f I' ' • • "•• • • v.-1 11 11 will I(M ' ( j rinirsdny afternoon nt three o'oHock |iit Ihe home of Mrs. W. R. Hamilton. I South Ehn street. Mr. iiiul Mrs. Will K<! Waller have returned from ji week end visit in Oklahoma City where they at- lemled the foot hall ,..•„,„. between , Oklahoma University and Kansa. 1 -- STARTS TUESDAY SHIRLEY TEMPLE BILL ROBERTSON "JUST AROUND THE CORNER" -PLUS- FROZEN FEET EVERY INVENTOR SHOULD KNOW CHURCH NEWS ! Church services will be held at Oak' land schoolhouse Sunday. Novemhcr a. i at 11 a. m. and II p. in. j Hev. J. F. C. Grain of Gunlon will preach. The public is invited. PT. .MARKS KPISCOI'AI, LAST TIME TUESDAY "Roaring Twenties" NOTE: Only One Complete Show — Starts at 8 — WEDNESDAY "WS^t You '" ;-*?;•;• v A'S. have to give <t-''*3X'-*. U() and | OVB every ador- oble one of Ihcm in this giand film! FIVE LITTLE PEPPERS •W. I «••"• !^i EDITH FELLOWS THURSDAY - FRIDAY I The stwumqstfa I OF AMERICA'S \ FLEDGLING m FLIERS! RANDOLPH PBtilON seen • FOSTER MARGARiT LINDSAY MARY IIEALV • ROBERT SHAW GEORGE ERNEST-KANE RICHMOND JANE DARWEU-MAXIE ROSENBLOOM — PLUS — Declaration of Independence NEWS Holy communion at 7::i(l Wednesday morning. All Siiinl.s Day. November 1st. Conducted by the Rev. Harry Wintermeyer. , " liv '' li'.u.s of the most frantic, M-lllll!; \V-.II Sticel h:.d -ecu 111 It., • entury and a half of lr;..dinj:. a ton- i <-MIII; peak .,f ;.,., cul.-.tiv.- values top- i in nuns. V:. nulled in the d U M -f 'ieflated ,,;,,„.,. pp.fi,., ;m ,| s ,,|,| 9^»& en dieanis ,,'f '.," l ,''i' ( i,i "-'n'mv ','r Titt'le ! c - !riintl l M ' ix -° winner at Washington Salon of the Newspaper National Snapshot Awards is this picture tiad.rs who h,,,i i,',.,, M ; ,ti nll '.|c,| to the! cnU ' red "V Joseph Guillozet of Dayton, Ohio. 'Besides S1000 award, Guillozfet won S500 first prise market l,y a five-year advance in' \ in Class tor pictures Of Children. sllllro pi i Stock'-- had bee , - IM the decline becam I'csl Shares Crush inj! down for se- j hods. Tin; SKC set out to make the ic morning of; market a "Hold fish howl" instead rout, j of the plnce of mystery it was reputed i to l>o in the year.s when the titans idividualism battled there Sellint; order 1 -, comiru: in larije part; of ,,, from rlislrefscfl maiujn trailers, swam- | while .-.waims of little fcllowers. ;it- ped broker;,. The ticker fell hope-1 traded by hi«h prices, operated more le.s>:ly l.elimtl (he market. Some of the [or leys in 111-. 1 dark, best-rated shares on UR. board crack-j Ami Now .. e'l^SIO ami S3! and $;||| In-fore ihe, in miiny eoiintrics, inflationary mea-: panu- pass 1 . ,1. i sines, government .spending for rev Hie speelaele, .some • lief anil public works, and huge re- I ayitaiion to close; arniamenl programs primed the dis- Business the ..,.i mi n.,i i,, , lo^L• ; «ii oi.unvoi pi 0^1 ams prune e.M'hanwe. hi .Midst of ihis m-| abide pumps of industry • - ..-I i.» itit.i <I i-|.-" 1 ..v j/iiinj,.^ ui M it.i iloi I y, 011 SI IlCSS mos),here of unreasoning fjyhi came recovery wax uneven, regarded with new . thai a group of Wall Street's Mi.spic-ion by orthodix economists. In leailnu-. hanki-r:< had assembled at Germany and other countries where J. I'. M,>M;.i,, & (•,,. i,, ,ji.s-i u.s.'; |} )t . j tin., .shift to ji war economy wns most Mluation. The word went out of thepapd. lienvy industry revived rapidly. • - ' f - , |i, c . cycle of time and events cam? ,, . , ! '" «''"•• "Black Thursday." many rear rel.ixed its hold, prices rallied I i eonomic suulcnt argued, really wa's o"iev.-liat. tin- marl-.-i took a more the herit:iKe of the World war. the • "f letieat. Will I Street echo of a tipsy post-sui|:a:s'-d all previous re-1 war orrlcr. But a decade later the arm- cord:-, totahin; U'.KM.U.-.O shaies. It'ies of Germany and Ihe Allies again w:i- hi,ii, .; ..,||(.., -(I,,, closing gunj; whim ! «>'<-• massed for hatlle on the western llu ' I 1 '-'- 1 fiuotation v.-a.s registerurl.! IVont. tl\. hr-fon- the autumn crash ! il.-elf. volume sur- : Paul Revere nuule two rides to warn WHEN A COLD THREATENS YOU DO THIS A red blood corpuscle has an aver- e life of from 'M to 70 davs. VlCKS VA-TRO To help prevent colds developing, use this specialized medication ;it first warning sniffle or sneeze. NEW Tues. Wed, Thur. Mat. lOc Eve20c I'" '•-'.'" ''"' 'I'laek Thursday' 'total .the colonists: on April 10, 177H. and lint i; never attained a K.I in the drama ! JiKain two clays later. "!' Ihat day. : . Only the Beginning hi retrospect. Oclohi-r !M. IM29. stands! '-ui -•!•-• a s(ar!mg point. A ;'ew faint • w-irr.in,' -i.!inals of the impi-niliiiH col- I !ap:e ol the POM-..V;,,- order had sound- I efi in the spring an-i sunmicr of Iil2fl. , For the average ear they were unicc- "t:ni/ahle. Rui ihe messagi.. ,,f "Rlack ! TllUr-fl.iy" V.-;,, I,,.;,,.,! |-;i,-' ; ,||,| v .-1, |,, \ A chill .--e'tled over ihe land, dox- i |.ite a..-MII-;,nee from liusiuess anil poli-' lie;,I livxlrrs (hal i-veryllutiK was "fun- ! d.imeutally" s-.,uni|. Industrial barn-i meters, virluiilly al the peak of posi- | war prosperity when the market hit ' Ihe si:ids. bet';,n 'llie w.-iver, lliei, i de;:cend. i The market tried a eombecak in lite ! "1 rinj; of l!i::i|. |l fli,p|-,ed because busi- I ne-s ,| i( | m ,| f,,llc,u'. Another .severe ' •-pi!i look place in ihe autumn of I!IHO. '. Then followeil a series of dot-lines. cul r i U'iuMinv, at mi> 1-year in 1'X',: 1 . when | only the badly baiiered Mump ,,f th,-| lll^l price list remained. > The whole world felt tin- cold .grip ' "f ileprossion. In l'.i::i the central! Kuiopcau financial ciisi.-; .-.yslem tin it.- root:-. The Briijsh 1,11,111,1' Merlin». j long regarded as the rack of money se- j i-iuily in wi.rld finance, fell f,.,,„, j ( . ; : S'old slandard j» tlestal. j llefiirm Tim Holt in "Rookie Cop" of .-lav-uim;; ,.,,,n,,' )l ,i l . ,i,.,,,.,ie, n N','. WI; .__. | government look over. de,licute,l to ! relorm o,- almeil t,, liglucii ci-mrali/e.l ' coiitiol. Hi,; ,_.,,,,,, ihimdere.-l at Shan;;- . i' ; n -i- ,I,,pan sei/eil ail v;,mane of the economic breakdown lo begin Us cou- (|iie-.t of China. The Na/i.s tool; over | m (lermimy. The New Heal swept inlo j power m Washington. '. Amnn;; the firsl reform measures' pu^hei! by ilu.. ;\Yw D'.ilers was | legisl.-ui.iu aimc-.i at preventing ,,n,,ther ! Black Th:i:-.--tl;iy. UrmkiiiK laws- ivere ! I'verhauled lo gi\-c federal authorities l.-troiiHer control ovc-r credit and. ini-id- | enl;,|]y. ove,- miu-yiu .-pecula'ion in' I the slock m.:ikel. The f< Jeral re, Mi-ve h, .ard go; power lo .-ay ho\v much' ) cash !iie livio'cr ;jiii.-I put up lo buv I slock:, on margin. ! Tiie '(-curiiii-.s ,,j,,| exeliaut'e com-' mission hecanie Ihe federal cop oh ' , the Wall Street heal .Mampnlalion ' | wa:: oiillaweil, including pools, which | ivert- aecu.scd of luring i|, ( . |i t ||e IVI- I low into the m.iiket by ileviou.-, met- ! ROBERT MONTGOMERY l.EH'IS STOVK VIRGINIA RltlH C - IN - "YELOW JACK" No. 2 • HARRISON IN HOLLYWOOD Lucille Fail-banks Thinks She'cV Make Better School Teacher Than Actress was so bad that I didn't get a contract. By PAUL HARRISON VEA Service Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD — Along with several other young Warner players, Lucill Fairbanks made a west coast personal appearance tour recently. It was an uneasy experience for her, especially because she never has appeared in a picture. During one show a member of the audience called out: "Are you related to Doug Fairbanks?'" "Why—uh—yes," faltered Lucille. "I'm his uncle/' That's an example, thoug^i extreme, of Miss Fairbariks' confusion regarding herself. She doesn't know why any one hired her, why she went on ihe tour, or why anyone would want to interview her. She doesn't consider herself especially attractive, nor is she confident of ever learning to act. Maybe being the elder Doug's niece had something to do with her siart Something, but not much. "That was the reason I got my first screen test," she admitted. "But it . I don't think I should tell you where I made that test, but it wasn't Warners. I got my test here all on my own. without the studio ever knowing of the family connection. "I always liked school dramatics, and when I graduated from U. C. L. A. I went to the Bliss-Hayden Minature Theater. So one night I was playing the second lead—quite a small part- in "The Colonel's Lady," and a Warner scout asked me over for a test." Holds Degree In Political Science Thai's no gag about graduating from the University of Southern California at Los Angles. Miss Fairbanks has an A. B. in political science. At first she had decided to be a lawyer, and later she fastened on politics—two vocations which make excellent use of histrionics. She was able to (ravel a lot and went to two good finishing schools, one in Paris. "If I don't get anywhere in pictures," she said, "I can easily go back to school for awhile and become a teacher. I look just like a teacher when I put an my hornrimmed glaat- es and*, comb my hair straight back." The self»eslimate, intended to be unflattering, isn't quite fair. Miss' Fairbanks is what is known as a gqrgeoim blond. Five feel six inches tall, weighs J20, and has (he aort of fig- lire that studio photographers likp io delineate with spotlights and deep shadows. "My tegs," said she. 'sticking out on* shapely gam, "used to be rather mus- culnr from toe dancing, but I tool: >m cfown with massage and steam baths ami exercises nncl I don't know what-all. I have short muscles that tend to bulge, and that's why I gave up. dancing, although I studied one kind and another for eight years. I still can't dance." • As for acting: " don't know whe- their I'd like comedy or drama best because I've never done any comedy. The few parts I've had have been heavier, hut some were meaty and I liked them. Maybe I hammed them all up, but 7 got the feeling I was going something." Nobody Knows Who She Is The personal appearance tour was an awful shock. Miss Fairbanks pointed out that nobody knew her. "Why," she said, "I've scarcely had my name in the papers here, except for a couple of little lines saying I was seen at .such-and-such a place with so-and-so—and those weren't true. And this is my first interview, so I'm probably saying things shouldn't. She hasn't any special accomplishments: doesn't play the bullfiddle or sing or do needlepoint or collect hand grenades. The ballyhoo boys will remedy that: they may even bolster her ego. Incidentlly. the press agents are getting into the hashish again. Here's a nifty from the Kernville location where a new Hopalong Cassidy picture is in the making; "A flock of buzzards estimated at more than 4000 halted production on 'Gun Chores' for five minutes because their mass flight darkened the sun. This migration of buzzards, according to authorities, establishes a record in Caliornia." PACE Tlflfcfefe Furniture making was not considered a craft until the end ot the ''£• W HEN your nostrils bpoor/ie r«d rntated, arid stuffy due to » M nd ,, c ,° Ml slmpl - v insert .e membranes, reduces IOMI congestion, and promotes h«aim* M«i«iolBtum also relieves stufflnSI' " or tube handy altt-aiys. oS;y E 30e. J JITTERY HEADACHE ( MORNING AFTER ) CAPUDINE Have you eve QUALITY PIANOS Beasley's Texarkana, Ark. HARVEY ODOM Local Representative AT YOUR SERVICE Prescription Specialists We have long had a reputation for filling prescriptions with scientific precision, and the freshest drugs we insure your health; we cooperate with your physician. Two graduate phar- mists on duty. WARD & SON The Leading Druggist "We've Got It" Phone 02 Motorcycle Delivery ''mci s'lutytst autf Hallowe'en Show Tuesday Nite 10 p. m. Double Horror Show ;n HTIT •in- 1 Legal Notice ICK ()!• KKVISION ASSKSSMKN'TS i Notice is hereby given lhat the Hoard of Asses-o,.s of J-'ireel hupri.v.-- ..meiit Ilislriet No. ;;. ,,!' Hop,-. Arkansas! I will mi-el ai !h,. nffu-i- »| 1,. Carter ' j .lobii.--i,n. second fl,,,,|- ,,f ||..,. ,\,!-an-.:is ' jB.ui!: ,v TI-II-I C,,i,,p,-, ( i.'. hiiddmu in ''be [ii > of Hope. Arkansa:-. at in "'elock A. ?.|. Thursil.-u. .\<r,-<-inh- -i n;ih. IK:::!, f,,,- ii,.,. pe, r p,,,, ,,r revismc and i -.- ( ,i.ii,-..|niL: !l». .,. e.-.-mem,; of bi-nefils agaiu-t th.-- n-,-,1 nropei ty in -aid i/i.s|,lel. An.\ per.-,,n d, „,, i,,,, :I]P revision or ' re.'.l.i:i.-lmeni ,,f |, ; ., ,,.. ,„,..,,,,,,,,. ,„. .,,,,, ebaiige i-i valm -, |,,r impiovemenls ere, led o, reinov e,(. ,„• : ,,,\ change ' V. bal.-oevei . in;, 1 . ,,ppeai before- ihe ' '•• ; '"' '"''I make .ipphcatiou iherefoi : noil .-•.-line will he eon M d, red. I This ;!!,'ih d,~n ,,)' October l!l,';() ) I 1'OUs. SINC1.KTON. ! KICKM.; \VH1TK, ', i (-'AKTI-'I; .lOIINKON. i i l-iorml of A-U-SIOI-S tj.-t ::i. N,,\ 7-11 ' The style sensation of the New York show is taking America by storm ! I T'S GREAT TO STRIKE out boldly in "clicked"-and "clicked" in the way a new direction — create a totally different kind of motor-car beauty— have it viewed by authorities and the great motor-show throngs—and hear it acclaimed as the hit of hits! Because Pontiac's new Torpedo styling has that foretells a nationwide sweep to Pontiac! So if you haven't inspected the 1940 Pontiacs~be wise and don't buy until you do! You'll see irresistible external beauty matched by appealing interior luxury. You'll see added length—added room—added comfort in the biggest, most beautiful Pontiacs ever built. There are 17 sixes and eights to choose from—and any one will lead the style parade! A GENERAL MOTORS VALUE **c» for Frid« And Performance £°*a red. af Po "°ri a r 0 f f on » "nj . ",<t "Sex °<"">,c ' c . f 'o 207 East Third St. HEMPSTEAD MOTOR CO. MAX C'OX. Owner Hope, Ark.

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