Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on January 2, 1958 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1958
Page 3
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Nothing fa V/orry About You can see that little Elizabeth Lucas won't let any harm come to her pet boxer, Duke. And Duke looks like he could do a mighty good job of protecting Elizabeth, too. But what about protection for that lovely floor? Time was when mother would have shuddered at the sight of her floor after these pals got through romping on it —especially Duke, with his sharp claws. Nothing to worry about today, though, thanks to wizardry of modern chemical science. Dad's just re-done the floors with one of the new synthetic resin finishes, Fabulon ... so hard and tough that not even rough and tumble playmates like Elizabeth and Duke can harm it. What's more, this kind of floor finish never needs waxing for protection or scrubbing to keep clean. And Dad confessed the refinishing job wasn't nearly as hard as he made out. Says he sent a dime to the Fabulon people Pierce & Stevens Chemical Corp.. Buffalo 3, New York — and got an illustrated stop-by-stcp manual that made everything easy. small grain in 1958 in this county without grass or legume for pas- fiiiv. hn.v or green manure after tiK' Krain crop is harvested. He says Extension Agronomist Harvey Thompson of Iowa State College reports there is more eei titietl seed of the new varieties of :ilf;ilf:i than ever before. When both price and variety are considered, certified Ranger looks like the best alfalfa buy for 1958, Thompson says. The supply of alfalfa seed still exceeds that nation's annual consumption rate for this seed. Ranger,, Buffalo and Vernal varieties all off good opportunities for 1958. Heel clover, alsike, sweet clover and I.adino are also in adequate supply, Thompson adds. Bromegrass in 1957 produced the best seed crop on record. Thompson says there's a "huge" supply of this on hand and the price; is less than half that of la-t year. There's also an adequate supply of timothy seed. Oreharclgrass produced its best seed crop on record in 1957 and is also in adequate supply. The bluegrass seed supply is "good." Thompson believes the prices alfalfa, red clover and sweet clover will be about the same in 1958 as they were in 1957. The piiies i I other legume seeds and the four 'pasture grasses (above) are (i cents to 30 cents a pound lower. Survival Is Not Enough 2 JANUARY 1958 n;!!) il was "only a > you'd kept on go] you hail pneumonia. n'l gone . -h time will you lose "f sickness in 1958? 'Iv theiv will be II"\V lim.'h MAY ile- ;.- "ii You: n; -e a urt at deal of ' < avouli'd \vjl h pre- ' . • .iiv aU kinds of . .! iMr to learn how :V mptonis of c|is- .;;• health. How to i'.nid (.'niching colds, v. <'ll-lialanrec.l diet tin ;s each of us can materials are no lom;er v. lill-ti m language only a dodo,- can iinderslancl. They are \vri,ten i"r you: Avail \ 0:11. -el; of Iho free lieall h mioi'in i! ion thai surrounds you t'Vi'i v.vhere . . .in the niaga/ine.:. l'a IH w.-'papi r.s and on the ra.iio ;,nd motion picture screen. Send for the free health phampli't-. that are available In. in the lo\va State Department ol Health. Make !!!.'>.'! a :.eal!llier year fo:' yon aiul \our family, hecaii;.. 1 von leai neil lo make il hi altliier! PROPARED BV AMBRICAN FOUNDATION FOR ANIMAL HEALTH YOUNG CALVES ARE PARASITE VICTIMS Internal parasites tnko a terrible toll o{ younj: calves. Many fine yoii'i^ animals never mature, be- A victim vt internal parasites. coming only scrawny, low-grade runts. Others may clio from injuries EV';Uui'.ccl one to parasitic infections;. Tho principal ?uurco o£ this trouble is allowing c.-'.lvcs to graze on coi\;.-.r.i;nt\{?d p:\.uuvs. Infected adult cattle yprt • U parasite cess in their droppings. In a few days the rggs hatch, go tli:\:t'.'.:i a ciiruif.e of form, then iiL::K\i tin rn:;elvcs to i;rass stems. The cycle Is completed when cr.Ivcs cat this prr.Es. Veterinarians sr.y flint thiv? ty])cs of ;:uch parasites r.-.v; r.,io::;; tlie most dangerous. They ,i:,; stoinacli worms (Eo;not;;.-.rs r-.!!r,1 twlsl.cd v.-ire-worms), lung \v,ir.,-,-, and noclulrr worms. Rlnmrli worms live in 1'i3 fniu-;:i sto:v..-. v i, lung worms in tiio lun^s, and r.r.:'.-.i- lar worms in tha large into:: in?. They r.\:a draw off c;-ou- 11 blood to Icr.vo an anir.-.al r.:icr.-.lo. Pale s. ; ;in, r.:ul a watery sv/clll:-.-; under the jaw ava hath a rc.,v.H il nnomia caused by stomach V.MIT.IS. Cattle bothered by limp; v.\>:-ms may cough frequently, while those suffering from nodutar infection aro likely to scour badly. By careful examination, veterinarians can determine the ty,>o of parasite present. This Is highly important, because no one "worm medicine" Is effective a;;ainst more than a fc\y Idnt'.s of worms. Then, working with their veterinarian, owners c.".n develop management systems that will avoid the heavy lo.-ses that always follow parasite inTact'icns. Legume and Grass Seed To Be Plentiful In Fayette County For 1958 Thre'll be an adequate' supply of legume and grass seed at reasonable prices for use in Fayette County seedings for 1958, says County Extension Director M. C. Wangsness of Fayelte. With this supply of good quality forage seeds, he 1 adds, there's no reason for seeding any oats or By Bob Hullihan The clerk was short and snappish. "We're all sold out of that Hem," she said, "have been for days." Her look was calculated lo make Mrs. Lacy feel that the last-minute-Christmas-shopper was a pretty low form of life. Mrs. Lacy made her way out of the crowd around the counter and promptly became entangled in the line of youngsters waiting to talk to Santa Claus. With her glasses steamed over from the outside cold and unable to sec' well around the packages she carried, Mrs. Lacy bumped into a child. She caught a glimpse of a frantic mother's face and heard the hiss: "Some people . After weeks in an Iron lung, Mr». Jane Atwood, Ann Arbor, Mich., housewife, mada a dramatic recovery from polio. Her arms and shoulders are still paralyzed. But with March of Dimes assistance the got 17 months of training at the Ann Arbor Rehabilitation Center, was fitted with a modern brace, does housework, cares for her two children. UNDERSTANDING IOWA CHILDREN HOME, A HAPPY PLACE Many per.-. HI.; have memories HOMES OUTGROW Property insur- \\ ance that gave V ample protection even 5 years ago would fall far short of meeting replacement costs W today. LET US HELP YOU BRING YOUR PROPERTY INSURANCE UP TO DATE SEE FAYETTE INS. AGENCY FOR PROPERTY AND LIABILITY INSURANCE REPRESENTING IOWA HARDWARE MUTUAL FAYETTE INSURANCE AGENCY "There I was, dreaming of a juicy steak, when suddenly out pops this!" For sirloin- T-bone nny kind Why dream! We've not so hard to find I DRIVE. IN mHiUUiUIUIUIIIIIUIHUIUIUillllllUUIUI! Weary and wounded, Mrs. Lacy edged her way out of the store. Up to this moment, she had always thought it would be a joy to be a grandmother at Christmas time. Now, with two gifts yet to buy and with crowd and clerks showing anything but the advertised spirit, she began to wonder. While she stood close to the store front, out of the streaming crowd, she noticed a weary Santa tinkling a small bell by an iron kettle. Mrs. Lacy had a sudden inspiration. To give . . . that was the spirit of the season. Thinking to revive her own spirits a little, she struggled through the crowd, shifted packages, found a quarter and dropped it in the kettle. Feeling a little flustered but somewhat better about the whole thing, she stepped directly into the street from the curb, head down in thought and blinded by her packages. There she received the final it takes more imaginative planning in modern life to establish and carry on a home where all participate. Children are our greatest help here: they love ac- unkind shove of the Christinas season. A cur knoi-ki-d her down in tho street and broke her hip. Remember, it takes ;i pretty careful pedestrian to survive the final Christmas push. Don't forget to give a little. FOR A HEALTHY NEW YEAR • As you face the New Year think of what it would mean if you knew that it was bringing good health to you and your family. Secure in the knowledge that sickness would not spoil a single day, you could plan to do everything you wanted to . . when you wanted to. Suppose you had escaped that sickness last winter. You'd been laid up a long time with that one . . missed a lot of things. l»y tamily lile not mom enough which these feelings develop. lor each person; too manv Dill- side activities even for children, lo say nothing of the demands mi parents: crowded conditions in school-; t; at react on homes, and relatives living so far away thai .. .. r ,, , . d.ildren miss the loving" rela- tmt - v for lls own sako - for P as ' "I .1 happy childhood and happy tionships our forefathers knew S ' VI! •''"••cptanci 1 is not a role fiimily life. All w.'iil this, too. in an earlier clay. ' which they enjoy. '""' lhr ' r '' mllln ' n - Happy homes don't just hap- ,, ,. ,. ... , Torla.v .ho^htful persons may pen: they are based on the way Man - v m ' atlvi ' ; " tlvlt '<-' s c ™ ^ sometimes I'.-. 1 that the modern people feel toward each other in camwl >>n "t home: cooking, family i laced with problem the home: love, respect for each weaving, working with wood, studying birds, simple home dramatics, family picnics — make your own list: and let the children make ,i 1:.:.. Hire, shared family < :•:;.• n. :ue.< iv.ake for More, and mure youn^ parents today a v '•:• ominn aware of chiKlivn's n. ens: tor adequate nutrition, for activities suited to their a«e level, for other children their own age with whom to play —to mention a lew. Bui above all, children need the security of knowing they are loved and valued each for his own *«fc<— this ix the ba.s-fs for a happy home. 'hat cut d"wn chances for ;i hap- other's rights, and the security Tasty Potato And Corn Chowder For Appetizing Family Meal PLUMBING HEATING WIRING BOTTLE GAS Gene Wm. Singer Fayette, Iowa PHONE 247 ^*£;iii :K. £•! We wish you all a very prosperous New Year Test Mark NAPKINS Como TISSUE _. ipkgs. roll pkg Jiffy CAKE MIXES Aero WAX pkg. Minced HAM lb. Pure Ground BEEF Ibs. OYSTERS 29c 29c lOc 35c 35c 98c 98c Goeken's Food Mkt Fayette, Iowa This delicious potato and corn chowder with sausage dumplings Is n real treat to servo your family because It's high in eye-appeal, mighty apppctizing and offers lots of nourishment and extra nutritive valuer). Especially timely now when top quality potatoes from Washington State's green mountain valleys are being harvested and some 25,000 refrigerated cars are moving into markets nil over America. You'll find good supplies of the tender roly- poly Red Rose varieties and the Long Whites which arc known us the aristocrats of the breakfast table as well as the all-purpose Washington Russets, so popular for baking 1 . POTATO AND CORN CHOWDER WITH SAUSAOK Dl'Ml'MNGS 8 large Washington Stale Long milk White potatoes 1 (No. 2) csin cream style corn 3 large onions 1 pound country stylo pork 11. j tsps. Halt siiusafro S tbsps. butter or margarine '/i c "l' *l r y bread crumbs Pool and slice potatoes. Skin and chop onions. Put in medium sized kettle and add enough water to cover. Add salt and cook until potatoes are tender (iibout. 15 minutes). Meanwhile, combine Bausage with bread crumbs and .-shape into small balls. Fry until browned on all'sidcH and cooked through. Put potatoes through ricer or strainer. Add butter, corn, enough milk to make desired consistency and add meat balls; heat through. Season with additional salt and pepper if needed. Makes 4 to G servings. SCIENCE IN YOUR LIFE Eating And Arteries Atherosclerosis, reportedly responsible for more than 200,000; deaths ("icli year in the U.S., used- to bo regarded as an inevitable result of old a^c. Fatty substances j collect inside the walls of arteries , in much the same way as grease I ivllefts in the drain pipes of sinks ; ovrr the years — with comparable! results. .; Kccrntly, however, more and; jfiPV more scientists i \_ v iT 'are questioning 1 ..\rfJ-^\ its inevitability. A'^t ' \ Dr - Ancel-Key». / i-.#'v$S?m of the University, f *', "e? W ) °f Minnesota. Dr. 1 U , ' I \ .*-*%iL TT 1- Ct; 1-/._ _.»! THE EMBLEM OF DEPENDABILITY "You can pay more — but you can'l buy better" Mfd. by BELL BRAND FARM SUPPLY Fayette, .Iowa. .„ . American scientists will examine a cache of food stored at Antarctica in 1910 to ^determine it it is less radioactive than comparable foods today. * * * A test version of the Army's Jupiter intermediate range ballistic missile flew more than 1,500 miles, the first successful flight of such a weapon in this country. * * * New York's Coney Island Aquarium, a $1,500,000 marine showplace, is successor to the Battery Park Aquarium, closed in 1941 to make way for the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. * * * Philadelphia's Library for the Blind offers more than 50,000 volumes in Braille, Moon arid "talking books." * * * The Yukon Territory, with" an area of 207,000 squpre miles, has a population of about 9,000. MAYNARD LOCKER SERVICE COMPLETE PROCESSING Phone — 6| <t J other researchers. believe we eat too much animal (saturated) fat and too little vegetable (unsaturated) fat This fat imbalance in the bloodstream, they suggest, gives rise to roughened, thickened arteries — the condition: called atherosclerosis. Slowing tho flow of blood' through the "pipes" that feed the; heart, brain and other vital organs, may lead to formation of blood clots in the arteries. When, those clots block the flow of blood! to an area of the brain or heart, a coronary attack or paralytic stroke may follow. j The signal that tells the physician that fat balance has been up-J set is an increase in the blood of a futty substance"called cholesterol.' In the past, persons with danger- 1 •ously high blood cholesterol were! often put on low-fat diets. If the balance theory is correct,' simply cutting down on butter and' animal fats may not accomplish) anything, unless there is a corre-' fil'iuiiding increase in the intake of I special vegetable fats. One rich source of so-called "essential fatty acid" is linoleic acid, i tho oil of the safflower plant. This substance, together with pyridoxin ' (vitamin B-G), has just been made available as Linocioxine, an orange-flavored emulsion that helps _ restore the fat balance in the bloodstream. Linodoxino was found effective in reducing- high blood cholesterol levels in 80 per cent of patients recently studied by Dr. Jerome J. Van Gasse. No attempt was made to control the diet of these patients during tho study. They were simply given three tablespoons of' Lmodoxine a day. f ( Atherosclerosis is now e tpajo?. targets ofcmad ,.^, 7 ^ «;

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