Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 31, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1939
Page 2
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•Sttl HOM8 STAft, Stag tit 1 Bope, 1M> ; Press. 1927. Consolidated January It, 1J2» ' —O /Htfa'cs, Deliver Thy Herald From False Reports' PMtflsRet! evsfy week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. " ™ C. R Palmer and Alex, H. Washbtirn, at the Star building. 212-214 South walnut street, Hope. Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ' ALEX. ff. WASHBUKN, Ecfltor amf PnbtMier *-— -..^ - Tl ... . ,. (AP) —Means Associated Press. (rTEA)—Means tfevrspapef Enterprise Ass'rt. fcte (Always Payable in Advarw*). 1 By city cat-tier, pet >at **£ Mle **** J* 3 * B * m * rt - in Hempstead, Motor and LaFayetf* .<am««, J3.JO p*r ywtr; elsewhere tt Th* Ajri*el*t*l Press: The Associated Press is exclusively "** fo * r «P uWie ** ion o f »H news disi*rtcf»s credited to if or in thia paper and also the local n«Ws published h*r«ln. Ch)i«|w «n Tributes, Eft.: Ch«ge win t* made for fill tributes, canfe of , M&ttuttofts. o» meniofiafs, cono«mifttf th« departed. Commercial . hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers front a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. America Is Seen Through New Eyes When I- die, I will tell the dead about it." It wos an incredulous, happy old lady speaking— anil she was talkinn abotrtAmerica. She had been brought from her viBage home in Romania by Jter San, who had lived in the United States for some time. It was Iw-r first visit to this country. ,1. ^ thingS Sh ^ saw antl mai>vell? d at when she reached this shore were the things most citizens see every day. They were little things, most of them- bbut all integral parts of a land that is still comparatively rich and frep On Lzr^i 18 ,!' P* C0lmtr - v - slle WM str <»* by the dairy herds on American farms--*?* Unbelievable Size of the full udders. Cows are not so productive in her homeland. Political Announcement The Star fo mtlhffrixed M mi- WojWice th* folfnwtot candUftrtes Sutijtft to Jfie action of the Democratic city primary election Tuesday, November 28, 1939: For City Attorney E. F. MTADDIN LAWSON E. GLOVER • ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER • "Thy Uort Yon Tell the Quicker You $e.ll" • * You Can falk to Only One Man • Want Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL.RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone QiK-stroir-i on Paftr One 1. (b) Dover. 2. (d> Tallahassee. 3. (n) Lansing. 4. (c) Carson City. 5. (ui Austin. I"!! 1 m ^ man 2* ™ ree *»•*-«*« word, minimum Sfe Six tim#»-«c word, mlrrfitwnt Me One month-lfc word, minimum 12,70 ______ Rate* are for continuous insertions only. For Sale FOR SALE—We save you money on your furniture- buying. Complete I stock new and used furniture, stoves, | beds. We pay highest prices for fur- nilure. St-e us. Franklin Furniture • 02 1m Discomfort in the lower part of the IM Acre F.-rnn, half in Bridge Creek Bottom, some good timber, near Mctfnb pains in tin- thighs, and a j on All-WVnther road: Half in ••Ultiva- goneral sense of pressure are not I t i oll; Cooperating with the Agricul- .nfretuicnt during such periods. When- Ulra l Program. Must sell to divide ever p«m is severe wumijli to inter- among Heirs. A REAL BARGAIN— fere with mini,;,! rouli,u> ;, pl.y.sichm | Write or see Cecil T. Wullace ;>t Lukf- *l.uiiM he con.su1led. Frequently, men- Bule ; sd , o ,,, s HKU N ., ,, g . >.l fuetors are respons.ble. especial- Al . kal , s . ls . ^f' ly among girls who have received in- I _ . ade(|ua(«> preparation for the role ofi Sale _ FOR SALE— Lumber and shingles, «> Mr. Claude Wadillc, Phone 289 W. 23-:itp FOR SALR-- Jersey milk row 2'i. year olil. and heifer calf. * Co.. Hope. Hull. White Wanted WANTEt) PECANS-We pny highest prices for Pecans. McRne Mil! & Peed Co. O-17-IM WAlvfTEl>-WHntefl to buy, Hope Creamery & Dairy Co. milk. NOTICE I will gin beds and quilting cotton November 10, John S. Itiirtsfiold, Blevins-IIope road. 3ft-3tp Servicet Offered SF.nVICES OFFKRF.D-Sce Hcmp- slcacl Mnttress Sliop, 712 West Fourth, for new antl re-built. Phone Paul f)8-,) S<Mit. 2fi IM. Lost LOST- No. 425 Pocket Slide Calippr Hulc mi Clear Lake on Get 21st. If fonml i ehti n to me ;tm \vanl. ••'. M Kesncr. Radio 2fl-P:,y Life Pnlirie*. $IOflO up. Ages 1 clay old and up. Talbot FeiUl. liox 4-1 Flop*- Ark. !l >TS with Reliance Life. Oct 27-1 m, (Juin-.-iritc'il Hs«lm Hrfiair Seivice- . i .mil repliu cment purls. Tuhes tested Our plnnt Is nRiiln oppr. for Men! Curing mid your pulnmngi' will bf np- Home Ice Coinpuny, Kast | hiulio Srivu-c. I'lioui.' Sill!. liny Allc-n. preciated, Urd Slieel. Plump -l-l. O2-liii(i 28lf OUT OUR WAY By J.R. Williams Male Help Wanted tldod Watkins rnule open now in Hope for Ihu right piirl.y; no i-ar or i pcriiMice -niTl'SMiry: n I'lumro to make some real inolicy. Wrili V/ATK1NH CO., "711 '.III W MeruphiM, Tfnn. HEV, HACK,THIS KID HERE'S GOT A FOOTBALL BLADDER. HE'LL SELL US-SE2. HE'LL BE. GLAD TO TAKE, A "DOLLAR, ._ ~~~ n- . J /THAT PROVES US G.UVS IS BOCiW PLOPS--IF HE'D GO TO A WEDDING HE'P HAVE A RiWO IF TH' GROOM PIDW 1 7--AM' MAKE A PROFIT OM IT.' IT'S IMSTINJCT, THAT'S RIOHT PLACE WITH TH' POU6H ER WHATEVER. IT TAKES/ TH' RIGHT PEOPLE, RIGHT TIME.AN' TH' IWSTIKJCT ...THAT'S ALL VOU NEED, BUT HOW PO VOU OIT THAT —> WAV ? To this little lady, America is the most remarkabe ploce in the work! She ._ ( •" — •-' *•"~ i«»".»!. \ vim** rk.iuc- i/uii't: in me worm one rottldn t get over the fact that she could travel for several hundreds of miles u«ross state lines, without once showing a passport. . How often do the citizens of this country stop to think what that means? Atriarjcans travel thousands of miles across the continent without once being Stopped for identification, unless they run afoul the traffic regulations somewhere. Americans don't stop often enough to count their blessings. They accept fell, the details of their lives as part of their heritage. Yet. they are part of Amencan heritage— automobiles, telephones, electric lights, radio lw>althy eatte, freedom of interstate passage, opportunity to become sxiocessful. They teMftg to America, and the citizens here have become trsed to them. They have fcecttite so much a part of the general acceptance of things that no one ever stdps to reffeet over them. "What about the houses?-there aren't any fences around them. And wfteredo the watchdogs stayr Leaving houses unprotected while their owners slept seemed to her like over-reliance on the virtue of humanity. She is learning now* that houses don't get rowbed in this country-most houses don't, at least It might do a lot of people some good to shut their eyes for a moment and open them again—on a new America, a country they never saw before because they were too close to it. Count your blessings, the little ones as well as the big: ones. They belong to American life today, but they didn't aways They had to be fought for. The little old lady from Romania knows all about these bessings and perhaps she will teach a few veteran Americans a thing or two before she "tells the dead about it." i FOR KALE -f'onbion Tractor conv- When the pain is not severe the use I Pl elfl - side breaking plow. Oliver disc. f'( mild doses of ordinary sedatives! wi " fad* 1 for young cattle. Ross H. THE FAMILY DOCTOR By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN jMrnl of the Amerlam Medical Hyyela, (be Hevltk Regular Functions Should Cause No Distress to Woman of Today In past generations many girls and t a week each month m connection with young women were incapacitated for the functions that are a part of the periods varying from three days to i life of every normal woman is frequently helpful Young women often inquire whe-' ther they may exercise immediately before, during or right after their regular functions. Most physicians hwlifve that stretioirs exorcise is to be avoided at such times, but normal activities need not be curtailed. In some instances it has been observed that .strenuous exercise at such times is followed later by painful periods. Physicians are sometimes asked whether it is safe for a girl' [ O take a tub bath or even to go .swimming at such times. Many women have tried the experiment without harmful results, but in general it is not con- j stdered advisable to take a tub bath I for at least the first two days of the cycle. All sorts of medicines are sold to women to relieve difficulties in connection with the periods. Most doctors believe that the use o£ simple pain relieveing drugs is. not harmful. But all doctors naturally! condemn the use of habit-forming drug ' Physicians also warn of the dangers that may lie in taking remedies con- raining amidopyrrne or pyramidon j without adequate control. Too many! cases have been reported in which Women who used such drugs without medical direction had difficulty with the formation of the white blood cells. The practice of hygiene, including plenty of rest, hot drinks, the use of the hot water bottle and a correct mental altitude is sufficient to make the cycle uneventful in the vast majority of cases. i Clillesuie. Phone 243,' Hope, Ark. 23-6tp FOR SA1,K OR TRADK: Reg^ilu. f'unnall tractor, recently overhauled, on rubber tires in good condition. Apply Hope St.ir or phone 26-R1-). FOR SALE—One female Setter pup. Six months old. From IFiMier Atkins Slock, Little Rock. E. K. Timberlakc. 30-6tp FOR SALE-Colli old. Registration papers. Waller. Phone 5I5J. FOR SALE—1 GO acres. 80 acres creek bottom, goud house and bam, four miles southeast of Hope. P. H. AHjers, box C28, Fine Bluff. Ark. 3l)-Ctp SERIAL STORY JOAN OF ARKANSAS BY JERRY BRONDFIELD COFYRIOMT. )»3e. NBA SERVICE. \H& YESTEBDAYf Joan offer, H(«• rsplanatlan at Jier <iHiek trip. Kclfh !• peeved over her (allure to c»ll him.' Sfce koen rldlns wKh Juu tea he »aik« to «ell ben "Jam, i 16re yua." CHAPTER XVIII JOAN felt her heart race at his words. It was something she had wanted to hear from him . . . something she was confident he would say sooner or later. And here was the moment. She buried her face against his chest for a long moment. Her thoughts raced along with her heart, and racing, they became confused, jumbled, conflicting. It was the moment she had been waiting for but she didn't know how to meet it. After all the thought she had given the idea it suddenly occurred to her that she still wasn't sure. Finally: "Keith—I must be honest with you. I did want you to tell me that. And it wasn't out of selfish, conceited motives. I didn't want you to feed my ego. off to sleep. at least. Before the chimes struck,practice and smack the tackling the quarter-hour she had dropped!dummy for the last time. Quite a ceremony . . . pictures, and stuff, and even a radio broadcast from the field." "There shouldn't be much for him to do, then." J^EITH wasn't in class Monday. "What's the matter with Prince Charming?" Joan asked Dan nodding toward the empty seat. "Oversleep again?" He gave a short affirmative nod. "Yep the guy's impossible. But now oh, Keith, I don't know what to say." "Afraid you'll hurt me by giving the wrong answer?" "No, Keith. I just want to be but I can't tell you sure. I can't tell you I do love you . . - - - I don't." He kissed her again, tenderly. "You're the k/velitst fence-sitter I'va ever seen." * * * JQUT late that night the answer came to her. The suddeness of it made her sit bolt upright. From out across the still campus «ame the clear, mellow chimes from Hadd&n Tower, tolling „ p'clock. She "propped herself against the of the bed and stared out the window at the opposite end at the room. The moon danced on the branches at the trees swaying gently in the wind. A .street flickered And I'm warning you" ... he shook a finger at her . . . "I'm not going to kill a solid evening cramming with him before finals. You're welcome to the job . . , exclusively." She grimaced. "Thanks. How'll the poor kid get through if we don't toss him a life-line?" "For three years," he said slowly, "I've been tossing that guy a life-line on the football field. Can you blame me if I get just a little fed up. Keith's a nice boy, but—" Hs left the sentence unfinished. It didn't need finishing, she thought. The word "but" sufficed. Keith called that night and asked if he could corne over for awhile. She told him she had too much to do. After all, she had been gone for three days. Later, upstairs, she realized she didn't have so much to do after all. Then why hadn't she let Keith come over? She didn't have the immediate answer, but through her head filtered the "life-line" discussion she had with Dan that morning. * * * QLANCING idly through the paper next morning Joan sud- i.eniy tound herself staring at Dan Webber's name in print. According to the story in front of her Dan had been named chairman of 'her "Last Week" committee by Barney Hughes. Her brow knitted perplexedly. And what might that mean? she wondered. She turned to Elaine Chesibro who was poking with a great lack of interest at a dish of "That's right and Student Senate even names some gal to help him do nothing. It's the poor stooges who have to go out and gather wood for the bonfire that do all the work." "Sounds like fun." "Oh, nd you know tho Senate usually just makes a formality of appointing his co-chairman. He just lets 'em kno • who he wants and they d the rest." Joan looked up in surprise. She wondered who Dan would select. Eileen Campbell, perhaps . the girl he had tuken to Gamma dance. No, she guessed not. Dan hadn't elated her since. "I give up," she mused. Elaine looked at her. "Huh?" Joan was just a bit flustered. "Skip it . . ing out loud." I was just think prunes. squirt — what's this 'Last toward out "Oh Jamp" flickered fitfully, trying j /' Hey > £ 3' desperately to compete with the i Week> business all about'.' sjnoon but failing miserably. i shoved the paper Everything was so clear now.' roornmate and "Everything. She saw it all. If she were in love with Keith she would have known it tonight. She would have known it when be confessed his love for her. That's what she had been waiting for, wasn't it? That's what she toad wanted to hear him say. her the that?" Elaine pushed "That's a tradi- So, then spark registered? . why hadn't the Maybe it would rekindle. But one thing she was sura of — she wasn't in love with hirn now. It relief to Know that much around here whereby the football caplain appoints another senior on the squad to represent the boys who are playing their last game for Tech." "I'll need more explanation than that." "Oh, there's a lot of junk they do and observe," Elaine continued vaguely. "Like the last rally and senior tackle—that's when all th& seniors line up Thursday after "About who Dan would select, I suppose," Elaine added dryly. "It's a natural thought, isn't it?" Joan said as she got up to leave. Elaine watched her retreating back. "Ummm. Now, I wonder," she said softly to herself. Elaine Chesbro wa ; : gifted with a highly analytical mind and as a sudden thought came to her an impish expression stole ovt-r her face. * * * 'JTHE impish smile broadened into •*• a wide grin as the idea grew on her. First, she had belter call Tommy Peters for a little information. He raved a blue streak for gel- ting him out of bed 4 'in the jnid- Jle of the night" but gradually subsided. "What's doiri'?" he arum bled. '•Who's Dan going to name ay co-chairman for the 'Last Week' committee?" "No one," Tommy's voice came back. "His ideas on the subject are strictly blank, from what I guthc-r. So what?" "So then the Senate just goes ahead and names someone for him, doesn't it?" "Such questions you can ask me before the sun is up,'' he groaned. '"Go 'way and let me sleep." She? pt-ered into her compact reflectively as she repaired her makeup. Bert Cassidy had been trying to get a date with her for weeks. Maybe she ought to stop in at the Student Senate oftice and .-ay hello to him. Ax secretary of .student affairs, he might bf iible to do her u favor some tu rife. (To Be Route 1, Palirtos, Ark. -. FOR RENT: Nio,- hornp. Newly ilc nraU'd. Jliird wxnl floors, til Clli .sireel S.'e fMms. Hader. 807 \Vcsi FOR RKNT - -Nice hiAiie. Newly (!<•<:- atcd. Hard wood floors. 717 Wc.sl street. S.'c Clias. Hadcr. Sl)7 \V<-sl Puppy. C weeks FOR RF.NT -Liir«f mom over November 1st. Ihilf bulb. Wilh without board. Mrs. S. R. Yoiiui;. VV. Division, phone 71. 27-!!!) FOR RF.NT--Five-room unfurnished apartment. North HWvcy St. C;ill Mrs. I Rettig. G7. SO-.'Hp i9MBr NH ttnvicr IKC. T. M. etc. u. s. P*T. art. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Ladies and Gentlemen By Edgar Martin COME Qo\C\< '. V Si AT TH' W TOR net sconce, inc. r. u. KK. u ALLEY OOP Yes, Junk! Bv V. T. Hamlin '5 ABOUT THAT SUIT OF /'BCOM50M\ UP, I BETCHA! HEH.' I VWAMTSTOJ KNEW THAT'P GET '" (SEE vou I SUPPOSE, HAD I BEEN oQME > " AMOTHEG WEEK,YOU <3EWT- ' OH.MO 5IR-- LEMEM WOULD HAVE HAP / THE CARDIFF THE CARDIFF (3IAMT SET ' GIAMT Itn AM UP IM THE ROTUNDA HOAX OH; 50 vou LIKE vouc HOAXES ESTABLISHED, EH.'ALL RIGHT, (\MSTER AUTHORITY OM AMCiEMT ARA-',OG, TAKE A LCOK AT 1HIS WASH TUBES Uncle Link Has a Complaint By Roy Crane •SO VOU'RC IM6TOK1'S BEST FR1EWD? PLEASED TO MEETC.HA. eoy. PLEASED TO WEETCHA. » THAT'S A. FINE uookiwa AUTOMOBILE, VVASHIKI6TOW. HOW MUiH IT COST THIMK.OFTHAT.' ONLY $345. AMD DOES IT RUM? IT.' THEY CHEATEP ME.THE P\CTV POLECATS! THEY CHABAFD VfOOO F0<? MV AUTOMOBILE, AUD IT'S OULV HALF AS LOMG. 7 HERE, ILL-SHOW ir TO VA. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Nubbin's Round By Merrill Blosser MISS KUENK IN WHUT WAS WILLIAM THACKERAY BORW ? THACKERAY WAS BORN IM AND DIED I6G3 YOU SURE GOT A NERVE ACCUSlN' ME OP CH6ATIN' IN THAT , EXAMINATION I WHY, GET THE ANSWER. OF ' COURSE'/ ACCORDIM'. TO YOU, AT THE QUESTIONS -'-- AIN'T LIKI: YOU HAVE Tb LOOK UP ANSWERS WMY, WHAT DO YOU MEAN? LOOKED IT UP? BBIN HAS DECIOEO It) RED RYDER Into the Werewolf's Lair By Fred Harman 6.TCHUM / VJeRevOOLF"; HUR.TUM YOU, \A)EE 6HOC?T/ j\

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