Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 17, 1971 · Page 1
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 1

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1971
Page 1
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IJ-! Lobster Demand Up, Price Too BOSTON (AP) — The price of lobster is going up and one reason is that lobsters like to eat lobsters about AS much as people *>. Lobsters have gotten expensive because of interlocking economic and biological factors that can b* simplified into one phrase: small supply and big demand. Biological factors, sucb as cannibalism, help keep the supply down. The jetliner is responsible for starting much of the demand and for continuing it. "Unless the lobster can be moved quickly from boat to table, they spoil," said Dr. Thom-aa Meade, professor fisheries and marine technology at the University of Rhode Island. "Before the airplane, it was all but impossible to get live lobsters to a place like Du- I luth," he said. "Now \ve nan, and naturally there is a demand now in places liks Duluth where "there was little or no demand before," In Boston, restaurants charge Tonight On Television THITBSDAY KIOHT «:00-Her4l4 of Truth, 1» News, 6, 11 •:80— Alia* Smith utd Jon««, 13 Family Affair, 6 Fi\r» Wilson, 11 7:00-Jlm Nabors Hour. • 13 Ironside, 11 8:00— Movie, 6 Movie, 6 Make Room for Granddy, 13 1:30— Adam-13, 11 Dan August. 1* 9:00— Dean Martin. 11 9:90-BrandM 13 10:00— Newi, Wthr.. Byte., 11 New*, Wthr.. Spto., « Th« Scene Tonight. 13 W:»-LoeaJ New*. 13 10:30-Dlck Cavfttt, 18 M«rr Griffin, 6 Tonight Show. U U. 13 NIGBT «:00-T* T»U Th« Truth, 18 N«ws. Wttor. BpU. U, • (:ao— Gntdy Bunch, 13 HlKh Chaparrd, 11 Th« Interne, • T:W-NMiny and th« Prof., U • 7:30— Waiton Train. 11 Andy Griffith. 6 The Partridfe family. U 8:00— Jacques Coustrau, 18 Movie. 6 8:30-0dd Owipl*. 18 9:00— Big Valley. 11 . 11, • 3 Firemen Uninjured Affer Gas Explosion WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Three Wichita firemen escaped what could have been serious injuries Wednesday when the gas tank of a car exploded just as they arrived on a routine fire call. Fire officials said the men, fire captain Glenn SmitJi, 53, and firemen Stanley Sevan, S3, and Charles Morgan, 22, were called to a car fire in the parking lot of a west side restaurant. Just .as the fire truck. OT- rived, the tank exploded The men suffered first and second- degree burns. They were treated at a Wichita hospital, then released. Officials said if the firemen bad arrived a minute sooner and been near the car they could have been seriously injured. up to $9.50 for lobster—$1.50 to $2 above the prices listed on menus. In Seattle, restaurant owner Victor Rosellini said he took Maine lobster off the dinner menu, carrying it as an a la carte item at $8.50. "I don't want to sell it, it's too expensive," he said. The increased emand and resulting reduction an the natural lobster population forced American lobster men to change age-old methods of fishing. Until tihe 1950s, lobstermen plied their trade in inlets and coves along the East Coast from Labrador to the Carolines where they dropped their trap s—s mall, wooden pots shaped 1 like Quonset huts. As the lobster population neair shore dwindled, lobster- men went further out to sea, finst trawling with nebs .and more recently dropping 6-foot, metal lobster pots as deep .as 400 feet .along the edges of the Continental Shell. The deep-ocean traps, anchored with buoys; have been getting in (the way of the nets of Soviet-bloc trawlers, causing meetings on the high seas with Kussian fishermen to set geographic limits to their trawling activities. Now the off-shore lobster population is falling off and lob- stermen -are beginning to worry about conservation. Many lobstermen favor raising the limit on the legal size for a lobster catch as a conservation measure. Others said Brazil Is Becoming An Exporter of Corn WASHINGTON (AP) —'Brazil has rapidly become a corn exporter to be reckoned wiMi by American farmers, according to an AgricuLtuire Department •analysis. Wider use of (hybrid seed, more farm credit .and improve port flacdliitfes fhavte helped Brzi- lian farmers to boost exports to 1.5 million tons last year, officials said. Another factor, the report saM, is *hat corn piroduc- tioin costs in Brazil are only about two-'Mrds of what itoey are in the United States. Page 2 Garden City Telegram Thursday, June 17, 1971 raising the limit .might be op posed by inshore lobstermcn who must work a population of smaller lobsters. Whatever is done to preserve and multiply the lobster population, it appears the lobster will have to do most of the work. Lobster hatcheries have been operating in such places as Bootbay Harbor, Maine, and on Martha's Vineyard, Mass., for years with limited success. But, the lobster is not reared to maiturity in the hatcheries. The young larvae, a year or so after hatching, acre turned loose in the ocean to fend for themselves. "It Would be very difficult to raise Musters commercially in captivity," said an. official of the Maine fisheries department. "Because *hey are cannibalistic, they must be kept isolated!, and that creates a space problem. You need quite a large tank." .*>* ' 10:to-New*. Wthr., Scene Tonight, 10:30-T6night Show/ 11 Dick Cavett, 18 Mnvle, 6 13:00-Nlgtitm«.r« SATUSDAY MOBMHa 7:00— Temfocjery Show, 11 Bug* Bunny, 6 7:30-Heckl« and Jeckl*. U 7:57— In The Know, 6 i:W-Woody Woodpecker. 11 SaMna and Groom GOolie*. lAaeelot Link Chimp Hour, 8:30— BugalooB, 11 , S.W-InTh« Know. • •:09—Adr. of Dr. OooHttle. 11 Jenr Lewis Pleas* Sit Down. . .«_' £?•*£, "»S <?•• fat •:M-Dpubl« Oecktn, 19 Pink Panther, il Harlem .»:«?•— in the Know, < »:«-Het Whe«l». Archie. « »• 18 .. — • • l»:80-italor Aitro, U awto, 18 11 ^ Ha, the Know. • **• Deo. 6 Motor Mouse, IS . K«*w. « FURNITURE AUCTION MONDAY, JUKI 21ST 100 P.M. COT DttRNftLD, KANSAS 1 Mack Swift «f liritarion Dlrdi M Mffo SftMt Then 1 ttocktavt •«•« Suit* *•** felto t IM T«Mw A CtffM T4M* Start Tibtt t 4 Cfmfrt •J MW W«*tr T«n TrMk Wotfrab* 1 Ut «f Fwcy W«rfc 2 ew w few DtlllM » If It 9*4 Car. NM* 4 iMk IM Nrtf TERMS CASH NOTHING TO M RIMOVID UNTIL f AID PC* C. M. 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