Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 7, 1942 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1942
Page 2
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w You con talk to only or* man - Wont Ads talk to Then, -rands SILL, HINT, BUY OR SWAP All Wont Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone ttn* H**—2e »oM, fttlnliHum 30. thr«e»lme»—3ft« wort, minimum SOc Sht HrHM—3* word, minimum 73e One month— lie word, minimum $2.70 Rates ore for continuous Insef'aru only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" For Sob SAVE SY BUYING USED . turefromus! Chairs, Tables, Stoves, Beds, and many other items all in good Condition with reasonable prices. Also highest prices paid for used furniture. FRANKLIN FURi - jNITURE CO., South Elm Street. 9-lmc. MULES> PLOW TOOLS OF ALT, kinds. Plow gear. See A. N. Stroud, Washington, Arkansas. 10-lmp 200 BUSHELS OF ROWDEN 41-A Cotton Seed and One Oliver Culti- " vator. West Bros, Hope, Route 3 4-6tp GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGER- -- ator and radio. Call W. E. Bruner, , 1020 E. Third St., Phone 868 or 11 5-3tc For Sole Miscl. •" REGISTERED POINTER PUPPIES, ' best bloodlines. Cockers, Bostons. t Boarding. Stud Service. Padgitt's Kennels. .2 Miles So. 6-lmo-p For Rent -ROOMS & COTTAGES. FURNISHED " for light housekeeping. North of ,'Hope on Old 67. Just outside city 'limits. Mrs. J. E. Schooler. Phone - ,38-F-U. ' 7-3tc ONE-ROOM FURNISHED APART-, merit. Private bath. Adults. Mile east Hope Highway 67 by overpass. C. G. Cooper. 5-3tp Trailers For Sale NEW AND USED HOUSE TRAILER as low as lO^o down, balance like rent. See Thelma Stephens or Regnal Roberts, Darwin Camp, on Nashville road. G-Gtp Refrigeration REFRIGERATION SERVICE - WE repair anything Electriiwl, Wiring, motors. Kelly Refrigeration Service. 112 Main. Phone 144. 10-lm-c Furniture For Sale Hope Star Star of Hop«, 18»; PrtsS 1927, Conioll- dot«d Jehuory 18, 1929. Published every we«k-day aim noon by Star Publishing Co. Inc. (C. t. Palmer and Alex H. Wdshburh) ot the Star building, 212-2M South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. Entered as seconcf class matter at th« Postofflce at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n Subieriptioh Rote {Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; Hempsteod, Nevada, Howara, Miller and Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Prett: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited in this paper and also th<- local news published herein. National Advertising Representative— ArkariMS Dollies. Inc.; Memphis, Tenn SJerick Building; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avnue- New York City, 507 Fifth Avenue; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal Bldg. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, carcH of thanks resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to pro- i*£ t-i r readers ' ror n a dfcluqe of space- toklrtti memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for thu safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. IDEAL FURNITURE STORE HAS moved next door to Saenger Theater for better prices on furniture seel «*• 21-30tc Notice STORIES IN STAMPS DON'T TAKE A CHANC1! BRING us your abstract work. MONROE ABSTRACT CO. Phone 10, WASHINGTON, ARKANSAS. 1-23-lmp 2 BOOM FURNISHED APARTMENT Lights and water, on Highway 4, East 3% miles. Mrs. G. L. Johnson- 2-6tp FURNISHED APARTMENT ON OLD pulton.highway. Inside city limits. About 3 blocks beyond Pa'isley school. C. E. Whitten. 5-3tp 180 ACRE FARM IN NEVADA . "County, 8 miles South of Prescott in the Laneburg Community. 65 acres in cultivation; 10 acres in meadow; 25 acres in pasture; 15 acres of pasture hog proof with creek running through it; 20 acres land in cultivation is in creek bottom; 45 acres is upland sandy loam and • adaptable to growing peanuts. Good ' dwelling; barn and outbuildings. 18 ^ acre cotton alotment. Will rent for ../ cish or on 1/3 and 1/4 bas.es. N. N -~ ' !l, Etescott^Ark. V >. 6-3tp | f -'2"RGOM FURNISHED APARTMENT for couple without children. 1017 Foster Ave. 4_3tp ; FRONT BEDROOM, CLOSE IN. Phone 510. 4_3t p i ONE LARGE ROOM, SIDE EN- trance. Convenient to bath. 616 W |J 4th. St. Mrs. H. B. Vineyard. 7-3tp DO YOU WANT A BETTER JOB? Then why wait? See Miss Mary Loggins in charge of our Hope School located in the Carrigan Building and ask about our Special Civil Service Course that will pre- ' pare you quickly for a Civil Service I examination. The government needs ' thousands of stenographers. Perry Business School, Hope, Arkansas. 2-6tc WE SAVE YOU MONEY IN BUYING. Selling, and Trading; New and | second hand furniture. We carry I NEW BEDROOM SUITES, Studio 1 Couches, Occasional Rockers and ' Mattresses. "WE SELL FOR LESS" I Located by Saenger Theatre. IDEAL I FURNITURE STORE. 4-i mp I THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT JESSE Braden, now operating Hoolchers Dairy, is producing Grade A milk, and his dairy and operations are approved by the State and City Board of Health. (Signed) Perry Moses, City Meat and Milk Inspec- ; tor. ,' Wonted to Buy GOOD USED COOK STOVE. TABLE- top or upright white orefered. Mrs. I Anna Judson. Phone 925-J, 220 North : Elm. 5_3t' I TWO ROOM FURNISHED APART- •'TOent. Utilities paid. Phone 712J, ,--402 North "Hervey. 4-3tp 130 ACRES NEAR SPRINGHILL, 7J |' seres good for cotton, 8, sweet potatoes. Meadow, very good house. Se« L. C. Sommerville. Phone 815-J. G-3tp Wanted to Rent I OR TO LEASE—HOME WITH THREE js' bedrooms. In good neighborhood. " See Ted Jones or Call 766-J or 747 5-3tc Legal Notice |FOR STORAGE, MODEL A ROADS- ter, 1928 roo^e!; license number 127-621-Texas; motor number A- 3432657. Will be hold at Cox Service Station at Fulton at 10 o'clock, Tuesday, February 17. C-4tc Answer to Cranium Crackers Questions on Page One 1. U. S. declared war on Japan Dec. 8, 1941. Japan declared war on the U. S. Dec. 7, 1941. 2. Germany invaded Russia June 22, 1941. 3. Germany invaded Belgium on May 10, 1940; Greece and Yugoslavia on April 6, 1941; Norway and Denmark on April 9, 1940. 4. British took Benghazi Feb. 7, 1941, lost it April 4, retook it Dec. 25. 5. Britain declared war on Germany Sept. 3, 1910 two days after Germany invaded Poland. Useful Ferric oxide, a type of iron ore used by the steel industry, also is the chief ingredient of a powder used for polishing metals and glass. NOTICE • e • • W. B. WILLIAMS Has joined the personnel of the CAPITAL BARBER SHOP and invites his friends and customers to visit him CAPITAL BARBER SHOP Brunei Becomes Pawn In Japanese Conquest 'J'HE southward thrust of Japanese armies may bring a new change in the status of Brunei once a powerful sultanate. The stamp above, issued in 1926, pictures a native scene with huts raised, on slender piles of Nibong palm, which resist the decaying action of water for years. Brunei, in northwestern Borneo, once included northern Borneo, Sarawak, and southern Palawan. Sarawak was ceded to Sir James Brooke after British naval vessels stamped out piracy in the islands and aided in suppressing a native revolt. Other strips of lands were; I later ceded to Sarawak and the! ' British North Borneo Company. • The first Sultan of Brunei (city: of peace) governed the country before the introduction of Mohammedanism in the 15th century. The nation flourished and attracted the Spaniards who captured Brunei in 1580 but were soon driven out. Later the capital, also called Brunei, became a resort for pirates and the slave trade market in the 19th century. In 1888 the country was placed under British protection. In 1906 England concluded a treaty with the Sultan which gave[the civil administration to a British resident. Seven "Sons" Seven nrcsidints of the United States had last names ending in "son": Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Andrew Jackson, William Henry Hur- ri.son, Andrew Johnson, Benjamin Harrison and Woodrow Wilson. 75 Cents per Hundred Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas OUR BOARDING HOUSE with . . . Major Hoople TrAATT ZOM6I& ^T BUL-LV MUST BE A <^7// POR VOU, PLAYMATE OF ^HROUMOHOUSE/ SIMPLE SlMOM/~\ WE'LL LISTED,I'LL BLA^T ) CARRYOM WITH TH& HIGH COURAOE OF WAKE IS L AMD ' HERE'S A PIECE QUOTING VIBW6 ONi WIT14 VOL), KE 6^v / S i/ 'TKE PlGUT STARTS AT IO O V CLOCK AND I GOT TO A T(RP\IN AT . I'LL GIVE GOOSAM fUE G/\<=> WlN\ Or4CE AN 1 rA&'LL l40ULeR FOR. TKE PORTER. TO /v\ftv<E UP ROD MO/" [fl •H0»t It At, HOtI, ARKANSAS February fr> 1942! WASH TUBBS 1 ANA NICE FELLOW. VEftV OBLI6INS. I T6UL XSUAUOi.WE EXCHAWSE SECRETS I TELL YOU HOW1 MAKE CAPTURE, AND yCU REVEAL. WHERE IS ••"--' SfeCBET MESSAGE Plan Number Two By Roy Crane POPEYE . - , TH6M 1 MUST fteauEST J ( SECRETS TO [ YOU TO REMOVE aOTHIMS Q you SIMPLY TAMPERED WITH THE 6A-S LIME SO OUR PLANE'D BE FORCED DOWN AT A CERTAIN SPOT, AND YOU CAME TO THAT SPOTf BUT IF WE'D HAft TIME TO EXAMINE OUR PLANE FIRST- HA.HAl ALWAYS I PLAM THEM SO/IF OPPONENT ESCAPE ONE TRAP, HE IS IN TOO 6REAT HURRY TO NOTICE TWO TRAP. VERYCIEI/E& AMD NOW / I HAVE NO ALREAt>V KNOW HOW YOU CAPTURED ME \ REVEAL, SLiH ( A TO FACILITATE SEARCH, v y^_ _^S\ CAPTAIN EASV? The Navy is Scuttled! Thimble Thearer ^ DOMT LAufciH, WA l6MORUMT<SliJABS- 1-5 GO'MER I nti r^. t ~O If I*. J /// ' ' ' •- ' *—' \ I ^*^ * I ^ \*rj AMSUUeR/y// RATHEK V-L^ ,, ^ .OLIVE J^'[ DROuuM ) ^ I I H\ . /./// / VA MeAM-STHIS'STHE UMIFORKl ME SAILORS, OP THE ^.PIMACHOVA MAW tUlLL HAPTA lUHV. 4ES AuMT JOKlE<S AMD I THIMK IT'S V6RV PRETTV .' jHATS UUROM6) LUITH IT j THERH'S V6RYI/^THEH'D\ I AlM'T SAVIM' KJOTHIM'.' .... , A MOU COME LUITH ME '^•^7^ \ AM' WOU'LL FIMD v-=4^ e >^ OUT . DONALD DUCK Girls Will Be Girls By Walt Disney I' i 1\ f /I PARK THE P<\POO£ES AND GET IN LINE 6lC?L"5 BLONDIE Under His Own Power! By Chic Young BE CAREFUL, PEAR TWO MINUTES TO CATCH BUS / BUMSTEAP. WHERE ARE VOU 6ONS ? I'M HOL.C'INS THE BUS FOR YOU THE STREETS ARE OKAY- WE'LL WITHOUT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES It's Always Something By Edgar Martin r \a£<**%&% RED RYDER The Unforeseen Happens By Fred Harmon VM- VJHAT IS It ? VIHA.TS TriE \"5 DIA&LO THOSE LOGS VJ1LL BURfi DAYBREAK.- BLJESJOS K10CHES STILL BUT HORSES _ VJA.KE.-UIA OP/' ALLEY OOP BLESS VOL), OOP, MV \OH, SHE'S ALL RIGHT.,' BOV,X'M50GLADT05EE\ SLIT LISTEN, POC, VOU SAFE ANP SOUND/ I'M IM TOO MUCH ' v ... BUT WHERE ./OFA-HURRV T'DO J IS OOOLA.? ^-,A.AN< TALKIN 1 NOW,.. Stand By for Action Vj* I'VE GOTTA ^ MV STARS, PICK UP POO'Z.V/OOP... I SENT AN' THEN I ( FOOZV WANT VOU TO (THROUGH TO SEND US BACK/ HUNT FOR VOU TO MOO/ A SEVERAL DAYS AGO.' ByV.T. Hamlin FRtCKLEli AND HIS FRIENDS The Chance of a Lifetime YOU DID?HrVW«,' WELL,THEN, I GUESS I'LL HAFTA DO THIS JOB BV MVSELF/ ALL F?ISHT , SOM...THAT'S OKAV, POC..A A BIG ORDER, BUT I KICK ON TH ) GUESS WE CAN THE" FIRST THING WE DO IS TO OPEN OUR MAIL, MR-MAYOR.-- FILE THE PRAIse AMD THROW THE COMPLAINTS IN THE WASTEBASKET / THIRST VJF NOTltE WHAT KIND OF STOCKINGS OUR SECRETARy (S WEARING, AND THEN WE GET DOWN TO BUSINESS/ SHADVSIDE- --AND LOOK By Merrill Blosser WE PRINT THE TRUTH, COOK, AND WE PRINT IT SO PLAINLY THAT A NUMBER OF PEOPLE II-I»M /* INUIWOCK. or PEOPLE INDIGNANTLV STOP THE PAP5R.,' IT FROrA THEIR, NEIGHBORS

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