Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on December 26, 1957 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, December 26, 1957
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19 DECEMBER 1957 FAYETTE, IOWA Price Five Cents VOLUME 42, NO. 25 thru the week with the editor The Christinas .season seems to )I;IVL' come and gone with ;ill j(s rush ;;ncl hurry, good cheer ;md the usual ups nnd downs, ttw Its always good to see the inner Keif of some people 'come out' for u change; to see their faces light up and begin to wish others a Merry Christmas! ttw Patti Stralko helped us with our cards which numbered over 450 sent out and more received from friends, relatives, old army friends, legislators and political associates. tlw Bui, the one, \\-c didn't know about was the Mr. and Mrs. to bachelor, Dr. Lynian Caswell. HO promptly sent a note saying the Fayetle Bachelors Club would meet on February 30th with Prof. Gcoi'gc HnrUm presiding. ttw Then there's li'l Dane McBride who ended up on the top of Hubcap in thc annual Davis Hi-xall contest. He went into Davis' Store Friday prior to the family's departure for Washington, D.C. end said to Lois Davis, "If I win will you send me a collect telr.-- Kram, because I just won't be able to wait until we get hack to know." ttw So, Tuesday morning Mis. Ticklers 43 LOCAL KIDS Fayette Town Council WADENA By George WIN PRIZES IN wai Meet January 2 WONDER WORKERS HAVK RFYAM PrtNTWT The Town Council will meet The Wadcna Wonder Workers VAT 10 IVliArtLL lAIUlCOl January 2, 1958 at 8 a.m. at *-H Club met on Saturday aftcr- DANE McBRIDE. CONNIE Council Chambers Bills will be noon al 1:3 ° P' m ' at thc sch ° o1 BECKNER WIN BICYCLES allowcd „„„ minutes of ^ mcet . houso. /^ J» u0 ^ t Chrfatmn. The Davis Rcxall Boys and '"6* approved. The meeting will less. She had the table decorated Girls contest saw -13 local young be adjourned to mcet at 8:45 a.m. beautifully. people enjpyinR a richer Christ- when the Mf<yor and Counci , There were 14 K i r ls present.. rnuaTcvonT 8 W °" '" *** will be sworn into office. Oath of P™«Went Dcon Fennings called annual event. the meeting to order by repeat- Topping the list wore Dane Me- offlcc w)11 be administered by ing the f [., gc pledge. We sang Bride and Connie Beckner, who L. A. Wooldridge. ustice of the Christmas carols. Nancy Alder- each took home a new bicycle as peace. son read an article "Teens and a result of their victory Th mccti will bc adjourncd Teeth". Rita Jelling* .read Among others receiving adver- & J "Pret:y Preppy You", tised prizes in the boys contest to re-adjourn at 7:30 p.m. when R(tU ' ,..,„" was imsW( . m , by were Tom Borcht-rt who won a a Treasurer and Health Officer bringing a picture- of a good radio, Gary Voshell. a Chemistry will be appointed and employees breakfast. set; Shcrm Wright, a Killer Fly- for the yeai . hi ,. cdi ,, nd a]| othor In the contest of tearing a ing Platform; David Swehla, a hl] , in|1 ,, tnWl>1 , .... fn „,,,., ., ., paper deer. Jtianila Ott had the watch; Dennis Heth. Gun; Billy buslntss takt -'» U P t° ^»t «(f thc j^^ Wc , u|d ;) Chrislnias ux . Chase, camera; and Mike Gaynor, ncw voar - change. After a delicious lunch knife set. All bills for 1957 and applica- wo adjourncd to meet on Jan. 11. Among the girls receiving the tions for business licenses should Keiiee Jclliun*—Reporter big prizes were Zoe Ann Martin, be presented to the clerk by Jan. who won a radio; Patty Scheidel, 2 j^g 'Doctor, Mrs. Smith ia here. Er . . . she's brought her son and husband." OFFICERS ELECTED Bil1 MoeUerin s AT O.E.S. MEETING a doll; Kathy Farney, watch; Karen Weininger, Revere ware set; Nancy Beckner, doll; Debbie Cob, pen set; and Roberta Fish, necklace. Other boys winning prizes were Peter Vermazen, a search lite; Howard Hubbell, Doctor kit; Tom Schmidt, camera; Clyde m h = . Pickett, boat; Tommy Thomas, ^Jr ££ ™»\ifi™£ * flashlite; Billy Wells/telephone; the G & B Cafe at 6:3 ° for a dm - CHAMBER MEETING TONIGHT The Fayette Chamber of Coni- Mrs. Moellering Has Sunday Guest Mryna Moellering entertained Robert (Pearson and son Bill, and Mrs. Bruce Moser, West Union, Harold Moser's, Guttenburg, Sunday'; Brown, Hair oil; Dane Warren, Mrs. Myrna Moellering spent Winky Dink; Mickey Lamphier, The regular meeting of Fay- Thursday and Friday in Ames. Cuff Links; Robert Gould, Skip Davis got the_" message off to a ette Chapter No. 463 O.E.S. was While in Ames she attended the Th^me'rman S Halr' > oU lllfOld: R ° n Mr. and Mrt. L. A. Kiel happy little Mi-Bride in the na- h(1 , d Thm . sday- December 19 in graduation exercises at Iowa Qth { fl tinn'« f.'mitn whn l« nrrinnlilv »-.._*_ r. ,1 , • .... WHII.I 6""" probably lion's capitol who is now very anxious to collect and sport it around town a little. ttw winning prizes comp etc- Christmas is never without the caroler day evening we were sitting at the dinner table and had the phonograph going, playing carols. And we didn't even hear the music from the outside, ttw Then I got up and lookedlout p Dr the window and spied .several ,-?',„„. **;^ n ,iw 0 tw«, Celebrate Their 66th Wedding Anniversary wa.s neui in me tuning room wnn " •>• - — — , r",. nl ' TTrnn^n iPonrli- Mr. and Mrs. Lysle Wooldridge, copied a position with the Iowa ^Jet, £^^^7^'. M,, and Mrs . L . A . Kiel quietly home the Masonic Temple. Preceding state College during which her were j ane Ann Tripp, pearls; ' thc meeting a pot-luck dinner son - ^ill, received his degree in Julie Smith, doll; Rose Ann in the dining room with Civil Engineering. Bill has ac- Step* locket; £ Ann Landas. > Ml . anc , M( . s c , aude Smith Sr _ Highway Commission and will Melody Gi n cttei Beads; Sandra celebrated their and Mrs. Josephine Borchert as be located in Des Moines after Renning, Bullet bag; Patty ann i V ersary December 23rd. Thomas, Identification bracelet; Sue Crafton, Identification brace- 66th wedding at their hosts and hostesses. The election of officers was held with the 'following elected to serve'during the 1958 year: Worthy Matron, Mrs. Dorothy Paul Gourley; Associate Matron, Paula Gould Honored At Birthday Party Paula Gould was honored on Sunday home in Fayette. let; Carroll Schutty, Ring; Mary Mr - and Mrs. Louis Kiel and Clark, puzzle; J^ln Ramsey, bill- Miss Florence Rittiiie fold; Jackie Scheidel, purse. GROUND TOWN.... Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pearson of Iowa City arc in Fayette visiting with Mrs. Myrna M. Moellering. While in northeast Iowa they will also visit with Mr. Pearson's folks in Monona. Douglas Everett is spending the holidays here in Fayett* with his parents. He is now bartering in Cedar Rapids. Mrs. Merton Hutchinson is spending a month with her sister in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her sister is Mrs. Gertrude Shaffer. « * • • Miss Anna Conboy is in Saint Paul where she will spend the Christmas holidays. • • • • Bess Sinnott, a teacher in Rob- insdale, Minnesota, is in Fayette where she will spend the holidays. Mrs. M;ime L. Cole spent Sunday with her sisters in Decorah. They arc Mrs. L. K. Knight and Mrs. Fannie Holmes. very young son^u.,:, "'"b"'fc Mrs Esther j ohmo n; Associate the occasion of her 10th Birthday ' Away in a Manger, bo. VM. m- p . )U . oni Mr Lys i e Woo ldridge; Monday, December 23rd. candy and cookies Don'T know Conductress, Mrs. Ruby Shaffer; Those attending the party were dinner with them. Mr. and Mrs. Kiel have lived their entire married life in Fay- National Wildlife NOTICE the all were One little Associate Conductress, Mrs. Opal Carol Wagner, Rita Jellings, Julie girl said her name was Mary Manderfield; one little boy said he was Jimmy Briggs. ttw Incidentally, we got the paper next week. Si The second bvmch of carolers ' were given prizes and sang mme Monday evening, sang and and Mrs. Merville Earle, Cedar Christmas carols.. For refresh- rame in for a while to get warm. Rapids, Mr. and Mrs. Clay Keif- ments they were served popcorn, Now we don't know all of them er and Mardelle, Fayette, and ice cream, coke and orange punch but recall seeing Doug Fay, Ron- Mr. and Mrs. Will Earle and Mr. After refreshments were serv- nie Kocher, Don Blaker, Mrs. an d Mrs. Wayne Earle and Diane. ed Mrs. Gould read a story. Ronnie Kocher, Ruby Cousins, . . • • • Everyone reported a good time. Lois Bennington'(who with DOUR Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bennington, Fay spent their time over.thc Volga City, attended the commu- dining room register warming n i ty dinner Sunday and spent the feet) Gene and Jim Van the evening in the Lester and Buren, Janis Bennington, Frankic Glenn Bennington home. Randall, LaVonne Johnson, Kaye . . . . Next week's LEADER will be y. Secretary, Mrs. Elgia Woold- Smith, Rhonda Van Bogart, out Tuesday afternoon. All new* Treasurer, Mrs. Marie Dott's Van Bogart, Linda Moore, a^j ads must be in by 9:00 Tues- Nancy Beckner, Connie Dahl- ^ morning decided to have Open quist, Diana Barnes, Harriet y ' Installation of officers Thursday, Johnson, La Dere Bierbowser, ••••••••••••••••••I January 9, 1958 with a dessert Patty Scheidle and Linda Him- following. The public is mel. 'PfiOOlfi Who and all members are Rjt a Jellings won the door f ^ v r'^ TT llv 'Suffered and Died Lived Useful Lives W/H are prone to meet problems " with vain questions. "Wh> does God permit war?" men ask. It is things of this sort that emphasize the problem which faced the writer of the Book of Job. ,Job was tempted to doubt God's goodness. We should remember that the Book of Job is a poem, a drama, in which questions and answers ette County and are still able to enjoy living in their own home, being cared for by Mrs. Etta Wiltsie. HOLDING. PERMITS STRICTLY FRESH A NYONE who thinks that a vacation isn't worth while should look at resort operators' bankbooks. Swiping someone else's honey is apt to cause you more trouble than just a few bee stings. * • » Fellow we know whose boss is bringing his son into the business Charles Lockard is a patient at Applications are now available are brought out through the ac- Vererous Hospital in Iowa City. f QT spec i a i holding permits au- Hon and discussions between the * • thorizing Iowa trappers to hold Finger, _ do not recall m ^ = :, we are certain that "many'homes were brightened by their efforts. ttw We don't know how many others failed to recognize Santa ClaUB last Saturday. Maybe with hW glasses we would have. UM A~NEWT Mr. «$nd Mrs. Robert White and day, December 29th- dav^to* spend thcf Christmas sea- ' ~ Iowa law requires that the ap- lem of evil and the problem of 8 on here in the Ray Warner ^ Lo^ng Wins plication shall be verified and , ^ never found M , ^^ home and m the Robe: t ^ii° e " ft1 ^ Ti.. n i. Mi le show the number and varieties of tion to this problem. But he did .home at Eldarado and toe Eldon JfrlUU inarm iwe ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ hdd fey ^ ^ ^ Davidson home * * Mrs. Grace Huhinson returned hides or skins of fur-bearing frontss e^y thoughtful* indiVld'I Sunday from a week's visit in animals for a longer period than ual. If a person is assailed by the home of her sister, Mrs". that spe cified by law. Ataitor afflictions, he Is bound to Lester Shaffer at Minneapolis. AppUcations for the permits p^Vjr&K^jS! • • • • • must r be applied for within ten doubt*. Family dinners will be held in days after the close of the open ' I£ , a P 6 "?" 18 *"* Xrom ^f" the Ray FWarner and Will Land- ..:„_ .__„..«._ ^ „. sonal affliction, he must surely says that the office is being heir- conditioned. Federation Official Discusses Soil Bank H. R. "Bud" Morgan of thc National Wildlife Federation met with members of the State Conservation Commission's Fish and Game Division December 16 to discuss the conservation reserve features of thc 1958 Soil Bank Program. Morgan outlined the provisions of the conservation reserve feature of the Soil Bank Program, emphasizing its value to tbe fanner and sportsmen alike, through creation of new wildlife habitat. Iowa is one of several mid- western states being visited by Morgan on behalf of the program and its important role in wildlife conservation. Iowa, according to Morgan, has "vast potential" in the amount of acres it can assign to participation in the conservation reserve phase of the 1958 Soil Bank Program. Mr. Gary Heichel and Mr. Dennis Lnmport of Winterset, Iowa and Mr. Richard Kalishek, of Protovin, Iowa, all High School seniors and former pages in the Iowa General Assembly were guests Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Don KimbaM. Larry Maxson and William Finch of Fayette joined the others for dinner Monday evening in the Kimball home. „ , • » • • • Miss Dora Carter ate Christmas dinner with Professor and Mrs. Raymond Dcming. She visited later in the day with Miss Madge Benton, who was ill. * • • • Milo Schneider of Fayette spont Christmas al his home here after a stay at the West Union hospital. Guests in the Schneider home Christmas were Mr. and Mrs. Russell Schneider of Iowa Falls and Mr. and Mrs. John Brandt and boys of Osage. * « • • The Noel Broadbent family spent Christmas at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Perry at Wau-' coma. The Perry's are Mrs. Broadbent's parents. * • • • Mr. and .Mrs. Myron Moore of Fayette spent Christmas at the home of their son-in-law and his family, Mr. and Mrs. Don Pag« of Elgin. Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor of Iowa City have been guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Templeman. sea80n . Application forms are in theTonad Orr home o°nVu'£ *^°«™ the C ° fmmiSsi ° n office in Des (Moines or from any Conservation Officer. be bllnd to th e suflterln g s of nis fellow men. He will know nothing of the tragedy involving innocent people, if the person is not moved to consider the prob- app , icant When issued> the $ M- and Mrs Leonard Anfin- given last Saturday evening to permit entitles the holder to 4on attended funeral service for Mrs. *my Louvring of Fayette. se ll or otherwise dispose of skins ffla Pugh at Strawberry Friday afternoon. Mra lvring or hides stated on the permit. A special permit is available Warner at- current Thank Nile Promotion. at the Commission's Des Moines enabled him to say, "Though He C*f J & **" -.-- - Kenyan Chevrolet Co of •atte at the home of Mr. "n's mother in Manchester. * * * Mrs. Leonard Anfin- 1 on Tuesday at a dinner for their t. were Mr. and and son and slay me, yet will I trust Him." It's doubtful whether there is any solution other than that of faith. It was in something of Job's spirit that Christ cried in His agony in the garden, "Father, if it be possible, let the cup pass." Yet, His supreme concern was that the will of God should be done. He went to the Cross in the courage of faith, knowing that it was God's way. The mystery of suffering has never been made plain. The solutions that modem optimists offer those in affliction are hardly more satisfactory than the ones If you have subscribed to the Fayette County J wt»td°oe« help «• to the teal- Next week's Leader will carry office for those who want to a picture of Mrs. Louvring. sh , p furg out ^ f . 8tate . NOTICE TO READERS > an Darrel Anfinson, Lea d e .r and are not getting your paper- please call 1 1 and point and Mr. and j Popenhagen nnli Waclena. and tnow. Our addressing syatefrn ia mechanical and it is possible that an addressing plate can et lost from time to xpected on Christmas t j me or f or another reason not to addrt^a a paper. Keig home ore Mr. . - . - - - - • '' - ..•;,• '• Uve* ol great usefulness and helpfulness toward others. Even w^ere nations have suffered and , perished, they have given the. heritage ol truth M»d ^/«-*«—raggi cc/vc*-t- INTELHGRAMl Check the correct word: I—The first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court was (John Rutledge) (John Jay). 2—A U.S. Army colonel corresponds to a Navy (captain) (commander). 3—Eclipses of the (sun) (moon) are more fre- quenl, 4—-The North American Indian population is (increasing) (decreasing). 5—The capital of North Dakota is (Bismarck) fc-The earth satellite will be launched on a (Vanguard) (Hercules) rocket. 7—An unsuccessful attempt was made recently to overthrow (Paraguay's) (Argentina's) President Alfredo Stroessner. 8—The new president of Haiti Is (Paul Mag' loire) (Daniel Flgnole). 9—Republicans won (seven) (10) House seats in the South last year. 10—Charles A. Lindbergh's famous flight across the Atlantic took (23</ z ) (33'/ 2 ) hours. Count 10 for each correct choice. A score of 0-20 la poor; 30-60, average; 70-80, good; 00-100, excellent. Decoded InteUigram Guests in the John Hofmeyer home over the Christmas holiday were Mr. and Mrs. John Muller. They ar e the parents of Mrs. Hofmeyer. • • • • Mr. and Mrs. Don Culligan and family spent Christmas day in Oelwein with the John Fitzpatrick family. Mrs. Culligan is Mr. Fitzpatrick's sister. Mr. Fitzpatrick manages the Oelwein airport. Guests there were Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gustin and family of Oelwein. Mrs. Dorothy Parker Goebel and Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Carpenter spent Christmas in the home of Dr. John E. Dorman and Mrs. Edwin F. (Edna Dorman) Lee. BIRTHDAY CALENDARS ARE READY NOW The Birthday Calendars an ready for distribution. I would consider it a lavor if you will pick yours up either at my .home or at the Leader office — other. wise they will be delivered to extras, in casey you did not order you before Jan. 1st. We buy* one, which sell for $1.00. Esther Johnson

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