Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 25, 1952 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1952
Page 18
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TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 195* ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE NMBTfffll Closing New York Stock Quotations Abbott L ... 57 1-2 Allied Chem 71 :t-4 Allied Sirs . 39 Allis Chnl .. -19 3-4 Am Can ....IT) 1-4 • Am Car & F . :vi 1-2 Am Gas & EU 61 \m Loco ... 19 Am Pw & Lt 25 1-2 Am Rad St S 16 Am Smelt .. 43 1-2 Am Snuff ... 37 1-8 Tin Tel&Tel 154 Am Tobacco 58 5-8 Am Zinc .... 21 1-8 Anacon Cop . 46 7-8 Armco Stl .. 37 1-4 Armour & Co 11 3-4 Mchison .... 80 1-4 Avco^tfg..., 7 1-4 Bendix Av.. 49 1-2 Beth Stl 49 1-4 Borden 51 3-4 Borg Warn.. 68 1-2 Brlggs Mfg.. 34 1-2 Btidd Co 13 7-8 Canad Pac... 35 7-8 Case (.If).... 62 1-2 Ches&Oh.... 34 1-2 Chl&NVV 17 3-4 Chi Rl&Pac.. 55 1-2 Chrysler 74 1-8 Cities Svc . .107 1-2 Comw Kdis.. 32 1-4 Cong.. Nairn 22 3-8 Con Edis Container .. Cont Con .. Cont. Sll .... Copper Rng Corn 'Prod .. Crane Co ... Curtiss Wr .. 34 36 42 5-8 22 7-8 2-1 1-8 67 7-8 37 3-4 8 5-8 Doug Airc ... 57 1-8 On Pont 84 1-2 Knstm Kod .. 43 1-4 l-:i Auto Lite . 50 1-2 :ien Kleo ... 57 7-8 den Foot' .. 42 5-8 Cen Motors 53 1-2 Goodrich ... 63 1-2 Ckxxiyear ... 44 Gt N Ir Ore 14 5-8 01 Nor Ry Pf 49 3-8 Greyhound . 11 3-8 Ifomestake . 36 1-8 Houd Hersh . 13 3-8 Hudson Mot . 14 1-8 111 Cent .... 62 3-4 Inland Stl .. 46 Inspir Cor . 24 3'8 Int Harv ... 33 1-8 Int Harv Pf (7) 171 Int Nick .... 44 1-8 Int Tel & Tel 16 3-4 Jewel Tea .. 70 1-2 Johns Man . 68 1-2 Kennecott ... 75 1-4 Keyst'ne S&W 21 L O F Glass . 37 Lib Men & L 8 5-8 Marsh Field . 25 3-8 Montg Ward . 62 3-4 Nash Kelv ... 20 7-8 Nat BiKc.... 30 5-8 Nat Cont ... 12 1-2 Nat Dairy .. 50 1-4 Nat Steel .... 46 3-8 N Y Central . 18 3-4 Nia M Pw ... 25 7-8 No Am Avia . 36 J-2 No Amer Co. 20 3-8 Nor Pac .... 81 3-4 Ohio Oil 58 1-8 Owens 111 Gl 78 1-4 Phillips Pet ..55 3-8 Pure Oil ....63 3-8 Radio Cp- ....26 7-8 Reo Motors . 21 3-4 Repuh Sit ... 40 1-2 Schenley Ind 29 5-8 Scott Pap . 51 5-8 Sears Roeb . 53 Shell Oil .... 78 1-4 Simmons Co 28 5-8 Sinclair Oil . 45 7-8 Socony Vac . 39 1-8 South Pac ... 66 1-2 Spiegel 95-8 Std Brands.. 24 3-8 Std Oil Cal.. 53 1-8 Std Oil Ind.. 87 1-2 Std Oil NJ.. 75 3-4 Slerl Drug.. 40 Studebaker.. 36 1-2 Swift&Co.... 315-8 Texas Co... 56 17-8 Tifk Det Ax.. 19 1-2 Transamer.. 26 tin Carbide.. 60 7-8 UN Pae 116 1-2 Unit ir Lin . 28 3-4 Unit ric .... 30 7-8 tr S Rubber 80 5-8 U S Steel .... 39 U'est Un Tel 39 West Elec ... 37 Wool worth .s 42 3-4 Wor P Pr pf 80 Zenith Rad . 75 1-2 Zonite Pd .. 5, 1-4 MOW YOIIK CURB \rk . ,at Gas A 15 .,-4 101 Bond & Sh 96 1-2 Ford M Can A 58 1-4 Hecla Min . 14 3-4 Kaiser-Frazer 6 3-8 Kingston Prod 4 News of Stocks Steel Shares Sag Beneath Dispute NEW YORK, March 25, IP — Steel shares sagged today in the stock market in the midst of the bitter industry-wide dispute over wages and prices. Losses were held to a fractional range, however, and there was no evident selling pressure. The remainer of the market was fractionally lower with several steady areas giving support to the list. There appeared to be liU]e disposition on the part of traders to get into the market while the uncertainties of the steel situation held a threat to market stability. Stocks declining included U.S. Steel, Bethlehem Steel, Youngstown Sheet & Tube. Goodyear, Du Pont, International Paper, Gulf Oil, and Johns-Manville. Higher were Chrysler, U.S. Rubber, International Harvester, American Can, and Sinclair Oil. U.S. government bonds in the over - the - counter market were steady. Grains Finn CHICAGO, March 25 JP — Grains developed a firmer tone toward the close of today's board of trade session on reports of renewed export and flour business. Bakers were reported to have taken an estimated one million sacks of flour, and Austria was said to have taken a cargo of corn in addition 1o an equal or larger amount taken earlier by United Kingdom. The resulting short covering in wheat and corn pushed all deliveries above the previous close in grains. Lard however had difficulty making headway with a lower hog market acting as a drag. Soybeans bounced upward on reports that the ceiling for linseed meal had been increased. Preliminary estimated receipts of grain in carlols: Wheat 4; Corn 51; oats 10; rye 1; barley 6 and soybeans 8. Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, March 25 M' 1 —lUSDAi—Hogs 18,000: moderately active; barrows nnd gilts 25 to 35 lower; !|ow» steady to 125 lower than Monday: top 17,25 sparingly to shippers for choice No*. • 1 and 2; other choice 180-220 Ibs 17.00-13: liberal percentage 17.10-15; packers top 17.00; bulk choice 230-250 Ibs 1050-17.00, Including full wldlh of grade: 230-270 Ihs 16.00-80: 2BO-:t!iO Ibs 15.75-18.10; choice 150-170 Ibs 15..'0-16.75: 120-140 Ibs 13.25-14.75: sown 400 Ihs down 14.75-10.75; heavier sows 1325-14.75. Callle 3500, calves BOO; early trading slow; good and choice iiteers and helfera opened about steady; other grades not established; cows very slow, few sales steady but bulk' still unsold; bulls and vealer* unchanged: several loads average good to choice steers 30.00-34.00; few good to average choice heifers and mixed yearlings 29.00-32.50; utility cows 21.00-22.30: canners and cutters 18.5020.50; utility and commercial bulls 23.00 26.00; cutters down to 19.00; good and choice vealers largely 30.00-38.00; few sorted prime grade 40.00; utility dnd commercial 20.00-27.00; cull vealers down to 15.00. Sheep »1500; lambs active, 25 to 50 higher than Monday; fully 1.00. extremes 1.50 higher than one week ago top 28.00 to -.shippers: bulk chilce am prime wooled and fall shorn lambs 27.00-28.00: some choice and prime No I skins 26.75; load mostly choice No. 1 26.25; load good to choice No. 2 skin; 24.75, with yearling end 22.75; slaughlci ewes steady, largely 12.00-14.00; culls 9.00-11.00. Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS. March 25 I.Ti — Produc. and live poultry: Eggs, standards 31';-32'b. 32-34. A mediums 30-32. A large Butter, 92 score B9'a-70'.i, 90 scon 68-69. S9 score 67' 2 -68. Fowl, commercial fryer, roaster and broiler crosses and whites 28'a-2fl'/j reds 28, Other prices unchanged Closing Chicago Grain Quotations Business Mirror Seeking to Prime Pump of Industn By SAM IJAWSOX NEW YORK. Mnrch 25 ,'P- More matcrinls and easier credit -to prime the pump of industry 3 Gunmen Rob Armored Car Of$600,QOO Deer population In Mlnidoka national forest, southern Idaho, Is estimated at between POOO and 9000 hend. DANVERS. Mass., March 25, If , Three gunmen today robbed an ind business by summer-., are be-, armored money car of about $600,. 'ng promised or proposed today. |ooo cash, all the money In the ve- k-le, while It was stopped in this lulet town about '20 miles north of Boston. Dnnvers' policeman A 1 a n s o n Jurnham saitl the truck was unat- ended while guards were In a IniRslore. Johansen, who was In 'barge of the truck, estimated the ool and said most of it was In mull bills. The car. owned by the United Slates Trucking Co., WHS being used to deliver money to banks and uisinoss concerns in various communities of Massachusetts' north shore. The three robbers fled In a black luiok sednn which, less than an lour later, was found abandoned n Everett, just north of Boston. One man wns seen leaving the ar, but disappeared quickly. The truck was parked in Maple street, tho main business street in his community, just across from he Danvers National Bank. Police said their quick, early Investigation indicated the back loors of the truck were left unlocked or open. Johansen said he had delivered iroluibly a million dollars to banks md business houses before ar- •iving here to make a delivery to he Danvers National Bank. The robbers' car sped off immediately, almost knocking patrolman Edmund Noonan who was on raffic duty in Danvers square about 200 feet distant. It. circled around Danvers to get back onto U. S. route one, (known sis the Newburyport Turnpike in Massachusetts) which runs from Maine to Florida. It sped towards Boston before it was abandoned. The car was reported stolen from a Boston steelworker, working on a construction job. Everett police later located witnesses who, unaware of the robbery or the part the car playec in it, had seen men "shifting large bundles" from it to another car, a black Pont inc. The transfer was speedy and so was the departure, in an undetermined direction, of the Ponlinc The registration of the second cat was not: known immediately. The Federal Bureau of Invest! gallon assigned special agents to the case as soon as it was reportec federal reserve funds were in volved. Chicago Cash Grain CHICAGO; March 25, .1' — WHEAT—None. CORN — No. 2 yellow 1.88% No. 3. 1.84 I 4-8G 3 4; No. 4, 1.65-86 No. 5. 1.70-81'j; sample grade l.M'a^-ii. OATS — No. 1 heavy white 93 3 494'2; No. 1 extra heavy white 94V95; No. 2 heavy white 94 \'z\ sample Ri'ade heavy white 90-90',4. BARLKY — Nominal: Malting 1.30-70; feed 1.25-40. In a sudden burst, various government agencies or officials are ordering, preparing or proposing he following; More metal for mitos and appliances—and e.asier credit terms r or selling them. Knd to the curbs on credit for liome repair and modernisation jobs—and more'construction mate- •ials for commercial buildings. Easing of tho ban on extending natural gas to new areas -- and more steel for pipelines. End of the voluntary curbs on states and cities borrowing for such purposes as paying veterans' bonuses—once frowned upon as in- Tlationary. More steel for the expansion of the oil industry and more for ship builders. And the television Industry is hoping soon to be allowed to build more stations throughout the land and thus sell sets to millions more. Various RORNOMS Various reasons arc assigned for these steps that are being taken now or are being planned. In the matter of metals, it is partly a case stretched out over a longer period. In the case of the oil, natural gas and ship building industries, it is partly due to more materials becoming available and partly due to (he need for expanding their facilities. In the matter of easier credit terms, the reasons given are both the dwindling of the inflation threat and the desire to perk up sales in depressed areas of business. Earlier granting of more metal to the auto builders is already bearing fruit. Auto production is up. And workers are being called back in Detroit and Flint. The government now plans to let auto manufacturers make up to 1,500,000 cars in the July-September quarter—as against some 950,000 in the present quarter. To sell these new cars may become the chief problem. And Michigan's Senator Moody wants the Federal Reserve Board to lower the bars on aulo credit. Now you have to pay one-third of the new car's price in cash, or trade-in, and pay the rest within 18 months. The senator from the auto country wants that changpd to one-fourth down and 24 months to pay. Fresh Fields Easier terms would open up a fresh field of .customers—those who can't get up the cash and the higher payments under the presem rules, what with the price of cars having gone up this year. What the credit curbs (or maybe the high prices) have done to the great American habit: of buying cars on the cuff is shown in the latest Federal Reserve figures on auto installment credit. Outstanding at the end of January was 53,970,000,000 owed on cars being bought on time, down 69 million dollars from December, and comparing with the peak of $4,175,000,000 in September, 1951. Both the auto makers and the finance companies would like to get some of that business back. II ftOTICll _ AfTlNf IbMl JtXii&AU. FANS! -Tot ticket!, ictitfh »nd special f«m*«, contact Mr tfi. sehlueler at 2-71J4, St. I.EOAL NOTKl; 8AI.B~NOTTCE Slat* n( Illinois i In the Probula us. Court of Mid eunty of Mnrtlson> County •i-l Albertson Nevlln.) xecutor o( tho i.mti Mil and Testament of- J. Nevlln. dr-'SALF. OF nr.AL > KSTATE TO i PAY DEBTS VI. \ \ Mfredn nrimhall, M nd Public notice u hereby given thitl, by Irtue of a decretal order made «nd en- ertd of record by »nld court. In lhe bove imllfled c«u»p. on the 7th tiny of March, A.D. loss, thr mild executor will, t the hour of ten o'clock A.M. on SATURDAY,, APRIL 20, 1082 t the realtime* of the !«!«• Margaret ,T Mevlln located Hi 1(110 Clr.vson Street, /Vlton. Illinois, offer for «ale and sell I public vondtie, to Ui« highest and tent bidder for rn»h „ to pay the debts f Mid culnle, nil or so much thereof K may he neeemniry to pay the debts low due from Kiild festal* and the cost >f administration now due nnd to nc- rue, the rlHht. tlllc. Interest and eslnte vhlch the 'iald Mnrgnrel J. Nevlln. de- eaaed, had at^ihe time of her death, n and to the Tollowlng described real estate, to-wlt; The North Fitly I50> feet of'Lot Number One Hundred nnd Twnnty- clght (1281 In Whitney. Brown nnd Langworthy'n Addition to the Town of tipper Alton mow City of Alton) a« the name appears from pint thereof recorded In Pint Book 4 Pnge 2 of the Records of Madison County i situated In lhe City of Allon. In the County of Madison. In the Stulo of Illinois The above described premises will be sold subject to nil unpnld gcnrrnl nnd special tnxcx. No deed or deeds will he delivered to i« purchaser or purchasers until snld snle has been reported lo nnd approved jy «nld Probnte Court. Dated this 32nd day of March, A.D. 1082. CARL ALBEHTSON NEVLIN. "KA'STEn Cold Wave -- S7..-H) Machlneless -- $4 sn Rocket WAV* _ In.ot) Poodl* Cut — fl.oo Opsn Evenings ANN'S BBAT1TY SHOP 4-itma __ ' __ ___ ron'luas— 6Fd "of new, see 'what Fin» Foam will do. An excellent cleaning ob. PucK's Paint Store. BM R. Bdwy job. P c Executor. . H. STREEPER. Attorney March_2B,_Aprll_l 1 JI NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby given to all persons .hat First Mondny In April. 1082, li the Clnlm Dnlc In lhe eslnte of Leslie ttcdman, Deceased, pending In the Probate Court of Mndlson County, Illinois, nnd thnt clnlms may be filed ngnlnst the snld cslale on or before snld dntc without Issunnce of summons. Dated this 20th dny of February, EVA PEARL REDMAN, Executrix. SERVICE EARL W. MANNS 1820 State, North Alton Phone j-TW or .VBflM fToTlcB—All ~ contracts, accounts, it»t Ingi and buslnesi has been transferred to Hale Realty Co., 20B Smith, East NOtfCIC ~ t will no longer be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone other than myself. Dnted this 2«th day of March. 1D.12. Normnn W. Nave 22.1 Hamilton St.. Alton, III. __ ... sy A ^g Li£|N S E Auto, Chauffeur's, Drivers, Etc, CHAHL1BCLARK, 1804 B. Broadway UN'DKH NEW "MA N A G E M ENT~— curb service. Open lo::m a. m. lo a a. m Starting March 84th. The Dinner Boll Prop., C. R. Wilson. (WO Wood River A vim tie. Wood Rlytr,_IIK_ _ _ VVANffc'n --'chair' seat w'pavTng. "bTa 2-:)floa.* HIDE WANWo — "TO Army Finance Center, St. Loult. Dial 4-7834, Wood Jtlver. _ .__ WANTED" — rFuforii "frmn East Altoi nnd Wood Hlvcr to t)la»» Co. All 3 •hlfls. Special rate. 4-4380. EDUCATIONAL STOftB A 't.UMftRR Y Wilt i«u nepnrate If necessary. AI no fl-room 2-fnmllv home, Write or c»tt fJrafton l.upiber Co, Orflfton, III. Phon* (WS3. covSnfn ni tonhnlM 24-hour isrtlce Central Sew- Ing SnnnlT Co it W Broadway DIM SLIP covnfs"*" mnde Free e^tlmalei 4-5212 and «»mple«. A f A RTHgyrTg i ^FiwiTi .._ — S- room ttnt 4V toon ap»rimenu HutMnltie hardwood floftrj *no v«ft*UH» JMI Inquire ..Apt. 7, Actoft Apt*,, 87 Acton, 4-4SS9 dfjcr S a-n OOM A 1 .— r** or *?• C«",,betwt«n 4 • «. »»4 t T,ARC»B, UNTtfrfNIiHED nOOMS S He«t, lights, water and garden /Uf» nishijd. laoa Marshall street, Alton. 3-ROOM APf.— Llfhls and w»t«f fOT» nlnhcd, $35 per month. 300 CardOt, BnstAttOft. a " ^.- A"n<! Called for and delivered. 01*1 ^ WANTKI) !ronin«>7~Cair"for"»nd" deliver, 4-0547. WASHINGS * nASKMKNTS—Duf from und«fr~hOtliM. Dini_4-4nnn CESrpOOLr And teptlc tanks pumped and repaired. D -l£l 4-n2M or 4-n:ioQ, _____ CENTTftlY TKRMffE & PEarTfONTHOt, —For Inspection and advice phone IS2, F.dwardsvllle. Owner and Manager Fred Casna. Private both and private entrancn WO per mo. H««t and water furnished, . __ APT. — Unfurril«h«d, heat an"d Water furnished. Adults only, Photl* Spouting, metal chimney coven. Fr*« estimate^ Whlle'n Tin Shop. S-MSM.^ HArJi)" «t POWKIl MOWF,nH-~8harpened by machine, repaired, Kin So. 14lh St., -, . ._... HAND""* POWER" LAWN Machine nharpened. UI'J 411 repaired. Saw* .. . I.AWN MOWiRS — "M»"ehin«'"«h«rpened and repaired A. Slupperlch. .HOfl Alby. 2.42nn. __'• "RED & WHITE SANITARY , SERVICE Cess pools, scpllc tanks, and nutiilde U_ MMlCTBANCIINq, OK A MA _____ A'cOORDfON INiiTRUC'fTo'N"— Modern IKSSISS. "TsanSffl 11 ^rr? i ^ ^^7^^- CB " wnod rented. We specialise In accordion and: " Hm «- Bmw m «-.wnn. gulinr Royal School of Music. Phono 3.51142. 3-HOOM MOTJEIW APT.—UtlMie* ft»- nlnhcd, Will car* for child over I while mother work*. Phoft* 3-6336. " 3 ROSrVIS AN6 BAfH" First floor. Private! tile floors, ga> and cabinet*, otherwise unfurnished. Extr* nice apt. bldg. Adtilta only..|60 STECKKR ACTS. Ant, Mo. *.' _,___. 143 K. 3rd, Hoxaru, (1 bi«k,f«H* Community Bid*. Phone 4-9891 between 6 and t p. M UNFURNISHED—,1-room apt, wllh private bath, fit halt, <Ullllll«l paid. Call 3-0877 iftef. <j_ao p. ffl. ... VJORDEN APT.—Will «Ub-I«af«uUri« modern unfurnished 9-roorn apt, H«»t and water furnished. Greatly reduced rental to August l»t. Phons 2-6603. ft'' ^'iMttNIIJHiP ArA'HtWsWlri. ' ""' ' 2~ROOM—Nicely furnished apt.; mod- rrn, clean, good heat On bu* line, close Jnj_ AdulU only. OU1 8-7888. 2 FURNlsffEo ROOMS—Private batn, lights, UBS, htfat, and water furnished. Adiiiis. Dial a-a»B7, .088; union. 2 iTobM^FOnfNSHED APt. — Au"mod« orn, bout and water furnished, wash- Ing facilities:. Close downtown. 380 MUSICAL INSTRUCTION In «11 menu and voice and baton twlrllni Gould Mtulo Co.. 691 B Broadway Alton. EMPLOYMENT 1052. Attest l\ Licai,. DALE HILT, Probate Clerk. M. E. NEWELL, Attorney. March 11. 18, 28. ANNOUNCEMENTS CARD OF THANKS PANSY A. WAGNER Wo wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to our relatives, friends and neighbors for their kindness and sym- pulhy shown during our recent bereavement. We especially wish to thank Rev. Norvln Blake, the singers, pianist, pallbearers, Smllh's funeral home, those who sent flowers nnd who assisted in nny way. . The Fnmlly_ WIC WISH TO THANK — ^Our many friends and relatives, who so thoughtfully contributed to our comforts, during our recent bereavement, especially Mr. Robert Strecpcr nnd stuff, Rev. Enrl White, pnllbenrors, flower girls, Indies trio and organist, friends nnd neighbors, and the many who so thoughtfull contributed to our comfort Mm. L. E. Ragus. COUNTEli IMA"N—And "Wesiniin. Must be aggressive and willing to work. Good opportunity for tho right man who has nil eye on the future. Write Box (150, care Telegraph, giving full particulars. _ _ ____ EXPERIENCED MATSTtlATcER HELPER i—No phone calls accepted. Evans Pas- Irlcs, 21111 jBjate. _ _ EXlPERTENCEb—FYuii 'and"" vegetable jrinn. Apply 1836 East Broadway. ?IREMAN-~For~ small Indue i rial plant; must he qualified to operate stoker- fired steam holler. Steady. Write Box BOO,- care Telegraph. _ WANTED" " WESTERN ELECTRIC INSTALLERS YOUNG MEN, IB TO 28 YEARS OF AGE PREFERABLY SINGLE FOR INSTALLING TELEPHONE CENTRAL OFFICE EQUIPMENT QUALIFICATIONS—Good health, willing to (ravel and High School graduate or equivalent. For Interview SEE MR. CLARK Monday Afternoon, Tuesday or Wednesday at Illinois Bell Telephone Office, 213 East 3rd St., Allon, or Dial Alton 2.11313. Another M1G Shot Doivn in Air War Action IN MF.MOR1AM SEOUL, Korea, March 25 —/P— U. S. Sabre jet pilots reported they destroyed one Red jet nnd probably shot down another today in the second day of renewed air war over Northwest Korea. The battle was fought near the Manchurian border between 32 U. S. F-86 Sabres find about 60 Rus- Installment credit in general was j sian-lypo MIG-lfis. down in January to $13.313,000.000 from $13,506.000,000 in December. When inflation \\as more of a threat, this high total volume of installment debt was viewed with alarm by some officials. Now buying on the cuff takes on more of the aspect of a pump primer. Jury Decides Rover's Owner in 3 Minutes IIUNTINGTON, W. Va., Marc'h 25, /I'—It took a common plciis court jury just throe mimitos to I W1 ||. ;AT . . dcuide which man owned "Rover." -^ _'___ ,_,- 2 Sylvester Gibson of Huntington j (||y "" .7^.-claimed the hound dog was liis and S(l| ; 2 .,.- .^ its name was "Rover." Not so, (;( , c . .j.-l!) said Therman Dishman of Kenova, CORN— Who contended he owned Hie dog May ____ ] 8(i .-. 8 and its name was "Mike." j u]y i «su Judge II. Clay Warih ordered Se) ; Ii8 .y 4 the dog brought into court yosler- 1J(1( . j 7 ( ; day and told Dishman, "call lhe rjATS- dog," May Sri'a "Here Mike, here Mike," called , July §>t> g;{3 4 Dishman, but the hound only looked St , p j^ son-owfully at the Kenova man. ' 1JP( , FIELD SEED — Per hundred- And in Chicago at the National weight nominal: Red clover 30.50- Installment Credit Conference, W. Harold Brenton of Des Moines, Iowa, vice-president of the Arneri- 31.50; timothy 9.50-10.00; sweet clover 10.00-10.50; redtop 29.0030.00; alsike 38.00-39.00. SOYBEANS—None. Chicago Grain Futures High Low Close The Fifth air force said the now victory brought to 18 the number of Communist jets destroyed or damaged in two days. American losses, if any, arc announced once a week. Elements of three U. S. air wings blasted 56 new cuts in the railway network between Chongju and Sinanju, U. S. marines cut the Sunchon-Pyongyang line in 14 places and Republic of Korea iROK) fliers added four cuts near pilots concent rated s.riO'i 2.43'» 1!.4S 1.85'3 1.87'i can Bankers Ass'n., points out: "Mass production and install- Sariwon. mcril selling have been inslru-j Australian mental in changing Hie way of life: lncil . bombs o ;,"n'vc sup"p,y"'lHMi.i- for our people. Our entire economy JnKS ,„,.,,, ,,. l( , ju o|) )he wpst ( o;is) I'. S. Kighth army reported only two palrol clashes along the \^>mile battle front Tuesday morn- wf'i'o on the wcslern 2 51 : 'h-'i i bas been changed. Our standard of 2.43"s-'.u i living has been raised." 2.-1'l 7 s I _— 1.84' a "Come here Rovrr," said Gib- j RYE— son, and Rover trotted over to him. Gibson took the dog home. May S.") 7 8 •J.0'2 1.97'a July . Scp 1 ' 88 ' : SOYBEANS- 811 82 \ 84 Ts 1.95 '.i 1.86',s 86-86 U 83-V,i 85 ! 1.97U 1.88 L'.ltt 2.89 Gus Harbke, Wood River, May Found Dead hi Bedisep. .... -'ss 1 ; i.'82% 2.84'» Gus Harbke, 64, a butcher al the S Nov '-'.79'a 2.76',-i :'.78^4 Rehbdn grocery in Wood River, j died in his sleep Monday night at ' si. I.onis Cash f.raln the home of his nephew, Roland ST. LOUIS, Mo., March 25. .!• A Rehbein 654 Acton avenue. WHEAT- Receipts 17 cars, none Ironis. The accident occuired only Wood River.'proprietor of the slorc. sold. I a few after a ihrong of Harbke had appeared all right CORN - Receipts IJ. cars, sold 1, homeward • bound Hoy Admits Killing 17-Ycar-Old Girl SAN FRANCISCO, March 2.V .'!' -An 18-year-old boy who lold a newspaper reporter he heal a year-old high school girl lo death was held today on a murder charge. Police took Ramon Rodrique/ to a grassy hillside in Mission Park where lhe nude, battered body ol Hilda Ross Patan was found yesterday morning. mi:. Holh front. fN LOVING MEMORY — Of Mr, Ben Matlock, who passed awny two years ngo March. 19SO: You're not forgotten, father denr. Nor ever uliall you he, As long as life and memory last We shnll remember thce. Sadly missed by the Chljdren^ IN LOVING MEMORY Of my fnfhcr, Tobias B. Neumann, who deported this life Miirch 25, 11)31, and of my mother who passed nwny April 1, IM7:'s ml open gate «l lhe end of the road. Through which enclt must go nlonc; There's n light we cnnnol see Our Father claims his own. Beyond the gnle our loved ones Finds happiness nnd rest, And Ihcre Is comfort In the IhoiiRht That a loving God knows best. Sadly rnlsscd by Clyde and Mime. iN~MKMOItV~6r —"Mildred Olive, who died ti >enrs nno. March 25. You are none hut not forgotten. Signed, Ethel " M O NI [j M K N T S—C E »J7" I- O T S reinodellng. OB"NERAl7 '' THErTCHINO Dlg« trencheg B" to M" wide, trie tot— • Drainage Tllo « Kotmdulkmi I Sewer Llnei • Oil It da* Llnei t Water Malnn • Underjround cabla t I'nrm Improvements t Whenever trenchen must In dug For detailed Information »eo or call Dro«., Ph. B«th«lto Bd54— nnn-l. WANTED—Mmi for grocery. Must have chmiffotir's llc*en»e. 5-riny week. Steiidy work. Give ^ull Information your working experience. Slnlc wngen wanted. Box .140, cure Telegraph. WAN~TED^~Bookkcepcr. experienced In automobile accounting «y»tem; others need not apply. Excellent opportunity for right party. Write Box flOO, care T^l^grapji^glve_j)ast_cxnc£lcnce.^ , WANT'ED—MiTn who"might bc'workTng Interested In additional part-time employment as a masseur. Experience no neceBsnry. Give background. Box 610 cBre_Tclegrnph. WANTED" — "First class mechanic by l i5 H .' M ot°r«. MOO Broadway. YOUNG MAN—I~B or over for porle work In bakery. Apply In person, tip town Ilakery, 2S22 College. HELP WANTED—FKMAI.K HOME ECONOMIST— Cn/lcgc graduate for lociil milling Industry. Write Box 500. ('are Alton Telegraph. IBM KEY PtJNCll OPEfiATOnT— Locn liuluntry. Bsglnner or experienced Married or single. I'nld vocation* and hollriiiyn. Other liberal benefit plnn« Alr-vondllloned offlcen. Pleasant «ur- roundlngn. Excellent utartlriK nalnry Slnle ii«e, erlucatlon. experience, address and phone number. Write Dox SIO. run. T cI £* rn J'!l- I.AD1KS•-With nice voice for telephone «nlc»w»rk for local ortjanl/.nlion. Kul' or pnrl lime. Plensnnt working rondl lions. Give phono number. Wrlle Box 1(1110. cijre AlKiii JTelegroph. LADY 6n Girtt - - To cnre for 2 rhll- rlirn. t.lghl housework. Parents work shift, work. 4-IIUOO. ROWLAND REFRIGERATION SERVICE" ~ TREE SPECIALIST rim Tops. Take Down & Haul Aw*y. litNiired. Free Ritlmaten, KD KHAtlT — Phone 4-0343 ONTItACT fcEMKNT WOnK—Of kind). Union work, free entlmntei. LYNN WOOD. 3603 Franor. Phone 3-M03 or_4-71BO. lENiSffffsON «t WdRKMAff— Oeneral contracting, hlock laying, brick laying, concrete work, tuok pointing. 2-P4S4 of 2-Mn. O-Sec _ _ _ __ } — Porch enoioiwr,"??!- Wlndowi, aluminum awnlngi, ._ _ ATi "iioncreje work done; block nnd brick Inylng! Interior and exterior painting. 4-24nn. ___ , i ..., .. J^ROOM FURNisfilD — Basement apt. Uas heat, electric stave und refrlger. ator. mm aoiith Tenth, Wopjj Rlver.> ttS^SST'irUR'NiSfliBD APT.-410 l.v. 8814 Humbert, 2 FurtNrHHKD ROOMS—Private bath, In private home. Available April 14th. 4-nni7. 2 ROOM FtfRN18HF,D APT. — lit floor. Private bath, utllltle» furntihed. Bllt- mora Apt«, a. Roxana. 2 HOOMFURNISHBD APf. — heat, gas and water furnished. Clot* to bu». Cflll utter. 4 p.m. a-a488.,, 3 HOOM FOR"Nt8HifcD APT. — All utli- Itlaa furnished. $00 month. 19 t«it Oth, th or 3 FURNISHED ROOMS—Will prlvat* bath nnd refrigerator. Adulti. IQquUr* 712 Kast 4th. ^_ 3 FUrtNlSHTtH RO"OM!S—With prlv«t« bath and refrigerator. AdulU. Inqulra 712 Bust ^th.^,,, ;•."-,.' - ± 3"ri6'OM — Furnished apartment, private entrnnce. on bus line. 2-9350, 3 ROOM FURNISHED APT. — And 8 room furnished apartment. Children welcome. Phone a-1743, i H-noOM—Furnished apt, all modafn. jApjply 608 DBlmar, Hartford. 4-77Bg, FURS'fsWo ROOMS — Share bath, lights, water furnished. »13.50 par week. 3-0073, -ROOM FURNISHED APT—Centrally DECORATING CONTHACTINa — Painting nnd paper- Ing. Interior and exterior. Union. Morris PnrUlns. 2-3248. ..__ FLOOR SANDING—And reflnlnhlng, «nd Interior painting; reasonable rates, For free estimates dial 3-0314 or 3-3280. "NTElfibn — Arid exterior painting and decorHtln«._2-:H41_ L ; NTErtl6it -And" exterior decoratlnK. Walls wanhcd and painted: patch plastering nnd nil kinds of repair work, Phone 4-240(1. PAINTING Decorating, removing wnll paper, plimlcrlng. patch plantcrlng. Free e«tlniB_le«. Plal :i-B17Z. 2.8004. WANTED" — Planter patching. Work guaranteed. Ph. 2-1444. WANTED—Paper hanging, good work at reaxonable prlcci. Phone 3.B087 or 20tn Vaeger iitreet. WALLPAPKR REMOVED—And wallpa. per cleaned; walls waihed. Call 3-2823. located, a-1807. Heat and water furnished. FURNISHED ROOMS — At 1000 Alby. VOOD RIVER—3 rooms, heat, llfhts, water. Private bath, private entrance. 4-6047. I2B EAST 6th—3-room furnished apt. Private entrnnce and bath, All utll- Itlos furnished except heat. 617 BOND ST.—3 furn&ned roorng. Prl- vale- bath, lights, water and heat furnished. Private home. AdulU. FOB RENT — 3 room, furnished apt. AdulU. 2700 College Av«. , FURNISHED APARTMENT — 3 roomi convenient to bun, suitable for two, centrally located, reasonable. Write Box 630 car« Telegraph. ,....' MOUSE* FOB MNT 3 ROOM HOUSE — Furnlihed or .unfurnished. $88. 128 Van Preter. Wood River. 2-2106. RADIO tr TELEVISION SERVICE SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY - 3-9411 3 ROOMS — Unfurnished house, semi- modern, shower, stool, running water. Call 4-2425. . 4 ROOM —• All modern. Inquire 140 W. Second St., Roxana. Ph. 4-B303. 5 ROOM HOUSE — For rent. Ph. 2-60SS 4K FUKNIfillEU HOUSES ____ ROBERSON R'ADIO A TELEVISION SERVICE Guaranteed Service Phone 2-4213. ~TO"R QUICK MOVING Phone 3-7030 2-«240 2-74M PRES BELCHER MOVERS AGENTS FOH VON-DER-AHE Van LINES ANYWHERE IN 48 STATES Also quirk moving of stoves; refrigerators. pianos, trunks, boxes ar what have you" jMjio storage. __ _ __ McCOY TRANSFER CO." FREIGHT LEASING MOVING MAN WILL SHARE — 4 room all modern home with couple. 2.1883, 4 HOOM — Furnished house. All utilities furnished. Reference* exchanged. Dial 4-8-104 . ___ 4 ROOM MODERN — Furnished borne. Located on Bond St, East Alton. |90 per mo. Dial 3-7110. _ ___ _ IH" WANTEO TO KENT M"l'bbLEA'GED~'libus"EkEEPBH — Also j C AI.L .'I-770I FOR THE ANSWER TO cemetery. First Addition. V»i7(l. CllOICr" tl GRAVE LOT — Valhalla i take cure of H year old child, stay. Dial 4-Jt2i)0 after i5::i()^ WAN'rifn~.Yoimg lady ulenographer. bookkeeper. Slate age, education »nd experience In writing. Stol/.e Lumber Co . Main Office, Wood Hlver. 111. WOMA'N™For~hoii*cwork and cooking. Wrilc Box nail, cure Telegraph. WANTED- Practlciil nurne to slay on place. WELCOME STRANGER — If you have lust moved to Alton or know of a new family In Alton will you call 4-5171 «o our hostess can contact them? Welcome Strangers Service B iiuM'MACJI~AN_»""PAS'TB[V *>ALE RUMMAGE 'SALE~"lVy' College Avenue Presbyterian Church. Thursday, March 27_lh. I^P m._ __ _. APOI.LOS SHRINK _ . .... WOMAN*"-"" White, 'or general housework and rooking. Stay. Privnle room. No small children. WnKcs, »1IH) month. Atldri'ss Box .1:10, pure Allon Telegrnph WAN'I'K.l) — (ilrl or woman, hliiy 5 week nnd rare for .1 year old girl while pnronlh work. Call Hethallo 457:i. WANTKIj"" "- IHnd(ir.v girl for printing i-iimpfin.v Apply rjnlloniil Prinllng Co., I:, KuM Hroadwiiy£2-li.'lll. VOUNf; LADY - Tor ca>ihler and sales. Full lime Apply In persmi. Snpol'i Mradj-to-Weiir 11)11 W Dnl _ —MAI.K A "FK'MAI.K YOt/R TniJCKING PROBLF.M8 _ AFTER H P.M. :i-74nO—3-l245_ SMlfH'BROS. -MOVING LOCAL — LONG DISTANCE DIAL 4-6561 I!) W. Ferguson — Wood River U8ED_fH)RNlT»RE BOUGHT_aiid_" H. A. NEVLIN MOVING"' STORAGE ACROSS THE STREET OH ACROSS TUB CONTINENT LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE 1828 WASHINGTON AVK. DIAL H-2M3 ENGINEER — And wife desire nicely furnished house or apt. Phone 4-0257. _ ______ ^__ YOUNG COUPLE — Desire 3 or 4 rooms unfurnished apt, or house, Mlddletown or Upper Alton. Good reference*. Ph. JJ-II.-I2S. _ . _ REAL ESTATE SALE IIUHINESH PROPERTY ,. i meeting. Mnn-h 2fit>), al 7 45 ciping radio, heard in Tokyo, supper at «. Kivrtion of officer^ KXI'KIIIENCKI) WOOL KiNISHER. — person. Pufugori t.'lcanen, said .'SHfi Allifd planes woro dn- stroycd hetwecn Feb. 1 and March 10. Trucks Kills 3 I'rdostriaim NEW YORK, March 25 - .V — A two-ton tank truck killed three pedestrians yesterday as it sideswiped another I ruck, smacked in- (,' Members In L'. S. Fewer: Hoover WASHINGTON. March 2I> ,-T KIH Director J. Kdgar Hoover says membership in the 1'. S. Communist party has dropped off by one- lourih in the past year and the remaining .'U.OUo 1 have begun going underground. A year ago there were <l.'l,217 Communists told in this country, he the House appropriations com. . , miiii-e in testimony made public lo several parked cars, spun onlo ias| nu ,|n ' ' a sidewalk and into two store , formal AlM'IV ... Pnthick ; Kaf.i Allon '"" ' MAN Oil WOMAN With riir. 4 linurii KHANKI.IN LODGE- Nn mcetniK Tuesday. March Z.llh. 7 i ni. Work In flrs.1 degree. VKitmg hn ren welcome II. E Mitchell. W M per night. 4 nights per week, $4 per ho(ir_Ho» H2ll care JTrlngraph. MAN"~or WOMAN—Wlih car or hoy with Im-vcli- lor delivery work. Full or pnrl lime Give phone number Write llox KIWI, care Allon Telegraph. ttt "" SAM-;SMK.N~~Tm. SALESMAN - C.'OI.I.ECToit--l'V,r esitab- ||N)IC(| route. Alton nnd area. Good car nrTrs&urv. able lo turnlith bond llr.x I rid Cure Telenruph iSALESMAN WANTKB Men's rlolhlriK lii huiK.s K.xpenenced Heal op' Dnlteil Men Shopn .'lltl PIASA LODGE --Nr Special meeting Tuesday, Murch A M 7 P rncnlh Work in :iid dejfree He(^e^tl- Vlslting brethren welcome Clyde H Brlchi-i. W M when he retired Monday night. ; No. 3 yellow 1.8-l's,. When he failed to arise a. his cus- i OATS - Receipls 19 cars, sold 1, ternary time members of the Reh-i No. 1 white %',. bein household went to his room --_ ^ and found that he had died in his : |J, 1S JJriver, 1'ather, sleep. Among survivors are his wife, Alma, and a son, Gilbert, of St. Louis. The body is at the Hoffmeister funeral home, 7814 South Broadway, St. Louis, where friends may call after 7 p.m. today. child, c,, had crossed the upper Broadway inter- sedion at 2071 h street. Hands Out 500 Cigars CHICAGO, March 25. K --A bus driver—a new father—handed out 500 cigars yesterday to his passengers, both men and women. Gus Zukerman, 24, took 10 boxes of cigars into his Chicago motor coach bu* when kw »tarted his run Krilrca Hits First liallot Telegraph Want. A(U "CLICK" WANT AD "INFORMATION" li Win.I- - I li,,,,. 42 la Wind,- :i nuns n n \'i Woitj»— t> tunes $:; oj \2 Words 2-t limes $376 ADJUSTMENTS WOOD nivr.R i.nniir: cml meeting. Wed ' MM degree Vi cornc ! C 1. fiHdmiK her W M Ili'lle S NATIONAL" SALES^'OKGANI/ATION— Needs 'J men In St l.fiuu area as specialty sales rnnnaget-H: rminl be cap- alile of earning $1Z.(X)0 up i"'r year. None others nued apply Wntu Box 1110, care Alton Telegraph. «"n IT HA T10 N 8 "W"A NT E O^r E MALE"" COLOHKD WOMAN--Wahli" b»by ill(mg. Phone a-lJ2ll3. COI.OIIKI) WOMAN "-W^hei <l.l.V work. fOLOHKl) WOMAN"-" Wants work by lhe wci-k Dlul 2-1S02 KXI'EIIIH.NCED WHI'IK filHL Wants clciinmi! .', days per week t'.ill :i(i!i4u. 41 SI.KKI'INCi ROOMS _ KOH HI'IN'I' - Steepinrt rooms, with or without kilchf.'n privileges. Double or iwm beds :i-l«IU3. LAIUiE Cdrntortahh' room for 1 or 2 LAItrjK COMKOKTAnLE HOOM""— ""For Kent UM nlllc Adioins Imtli Ciaraife avall- 2.S47II. LAHfiK. CLKAN SI.KEPING HOOM -For rmiplr. twin hedn All cliiHR downtown. :i20 Dlllff modern. ASMARA. Eritrea, March 23 /I' Krrori not the lault of the advertiser -The tribesmen of Eritrea beg ,r, ; lesson the value of lhe should be corrected the j Check IK VOU'S t.O.ST VOi:it GLASSES • , . , . , ,, , , . ; e orrcre e casting their first ballots in history j first day when one extra corrected today, electing a 68-member es- !" ser !!°, n w '" be nlade wi ' h0 "' charge. • ., 'he Jciegruph assumes no responsibihly sembly tO approve the new coil- for error after the first insertion our Lost and sliulion federating them with neighboring Ethiopia. \\anU to Uve to Vote DALLAS, Tex.. March 25-.P- Want Adi are accepted until 11:00 A. M. for publication lame day. PHONE 3-6641 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice is hereby given to all periont yesterday. The didn't last i A Dallas donor tolls this story: , hal K ir»i Monday m Apni 1932, u, the round (ilas-cs Service If you lind •' pair "I Kl.ibscs. let ui help you find the ownci No obligation. Kmdv Optical Cu I'hone 3-5212 ca BimiNKas OPI-OK i I'NlTira BUSINESS PROPERTY We havu bevti'al IJutiiML'&beii and investment propertieb for sale Some are real h.iryains and sonic have a fancy price UK on them But maybe we have what you win it Tall us and find out LEONARD DANIEL AGENCY LOST -- Saturday around :i.:iO p n Hozza and Washington, 32 piMol in i< frame. In hol.stcr Reglstei .?ri Hewuril c:,ill :i !|«UB. 8 it m lo I a in LOST -New long tuh between and Belhalto Phone 2-5527 near , (jditage Hills Telephone 4-S(m t .,,T^rNvr 1>U » g v K >?!'!!' \iHi-rh •>-, 'i'nn'iT " "" " ' M 80-vear-old man was bnmghl . Claim Date m the esutt ol Stella T SHKBOYljAN'. Mich.. Maull .,) long. • Pullen also knovsn as Stella B Pullen f"— Thalk no another rescue for i he Zukcrman and his wife. Marcel-: 10 lhe ooctois olln e lecently sut- 'Deceased pending , n the Piobate court f. i u ;u,,-u M fiii nvcr l-i ''1 hpi'-imp narents for lhe (irsl fering with a heart attack. °' Madison County. Illinois, and thai coastguard. Iwo ..dlloi* went o\ti la. .1. net ame paienii 101 me ujhi ^ ,.,,.. ,, , . , . , claims may be filed against the said ice hreakiM•! time March iO the first day o( ; L^"-'• pitauca me a^cci \oicr, ^tate on or before »aid date xvitnoui 7th LOST- isalurday top lo Coldspol " ••Mackinav!' ^yesierday'^ rescue a '• spring '"They named their " new "J^t keep me alixe until the No- , > £™? u $ c ™™'»~~ D »^ "»•" brown and uhit- collie puppy from • daughter Robin. vember election. FRANCIS E. PULLEN. a drifting ice floe in the straits of frigerator on Roult l"i!l belwe wardsvillc »ncl W(jnd Ilr.t-i 4-5i:iu 01 4-7f.86. l.OST - Prob.iblv at III Ternnniil. brown leather uallet rontainin( rnonc* Akiun, Ohio. address l-'indi-i cull FOR SALE Pool hall equipment Four tables and f: Alton -ill othu equipment. Worth twice the a-ikmii price Can continue operation in presciii location if desired Price *750 LEONARD DANIEL Sl.KEPING HOOM—East Alton Adjoins halh. I or 2 Kentlemcn. 4-421)4. SLEEPING ~It66M~-Or~ win " "consider hoard for rla.v worker in all modern private home SOI) Ilowman, East Alton 4-4(117 SLKICPINU ROOM ~- Newly decornted private entrance, adjoins bath. Di.'il Sl.EEriNG HOOM"- For 2 genllemen HoaKj (iptlomil. Ph 4-00112. .SLKEI'ING IIOOM--Flrst floor, private entrance with living room, laundry "nil phono prlvilenes. Kitchen privilege if desired .'1-11907. SLEEPING HOOM—For renl in modern East Alton home on bus line. Kitchen and washing privileges. everything supplied. Working person. Dial 4-;i005. NICE H.OOM" Twin beds, kitchen privl. li'Kes. '• block from bus. B44 Danforth HOOM -In beautiful home nrar town, on Washington-State bus line: first floor. Private entrance, privileges. Dial 2-7M8 2 .SLEEPING HOOMS-'Wiih" closcli, m model n lionn. 1 . near husiiies'i dlstrU't and close lo hu~ line. J-IH:itl t-i " iiooVr.nd it'u A no j HOOM "A BOARD—$12 3D weekly up Working men FOR SALE — 2 room house In Calhoun county. Suitable for club house. Must he moved Dlnl 4-flOOO. »T~~" FARMS AND OANP FOR SALE—40-ncre farm. Apply 412 Jqh utreel. Built Allon, FOR SALE—43-ncro farm wllh 7-room house. Route 07, 13 mllca out of Alton. 3 '! JL?. r '!!!J e ' Jerneyvllle. Phone 601-W KA"iFM FOR SALE — SO acres. 4-room house, full basement, running water. Second crossroad east of Livingston and 'A mtlo north off New Douglas slab. Fred Krnusc. » s¥oClT~FAnivI---iror sale by owner. 167 acres. (10 acres tillable; wired for electricity, 0-room house. .1 miles west 'of OUei; v 11 le. _W?W"l_C«iL a ' 48aa ' 77 x 'l50 ~LdT~FOB SALB—New add!", lion In Troy, 111. Write P. O. Box 846, Troy, Illinois. tW-ACFfE^iiieh, production farm on all weather oil road. Good house, barn, chicken house, garage; electricity, tele- phono nnd plenty of water. School bus transportation. Six miles from Alton. John Hermes, Seminary Iload, Alton. Phone Brighton. 111. Bti LOTS FOB 8ALB FOR SALE — Six iofs In Bethalto. Will sell all or separately. Phone Be- Ihallo B5B2. LOTS" FOR SALB—Milton area. f. H. A". approved. 70-ft. front. Price ... .$1480 M. J. W1CKENHAUSER AGENCY Phone_8-OS32_or_2;OS32 WI LSHlRE WOODS—Restricted to homes of brick or stone. Have a few choice lots available. FRANK YODER. Realtor 202 E. Main, East Alton Dial 4-9113 or 4-4627 IIUUSK8 tOK iALI and family ityle meal:,; 6V _ _ NEW nniCK HOME—Modern, 4 rooms, hath, full basement, hardwood floors, plaster walls, gas heat and water better, insulated, city sewer Washington avenue ut E- Main. E. Alton, close to schools and bus $3200 down FHANK YODER. REALTOR 202 E. Main. E. Alton Dial 4-ail3 - 4-B238 - 4-4687 BETHALTO, DUGG'ER ST.—3-robm cot- Inge, not modern. Wired for itove, city water. Insulated. Extra large corner lot included. All lor 12300 CRANK YODEH, REALTOR 202 E. Main. East Alton _ . < -2L l;l _9C t§ 2 ? a GOOD "LOCATION—ON TnaiiWAy IN lunches packed Shift workers w«l- i COTTAGE HILLS. 4 ROOMS. MOD- coinc STA1II. HOTEL. 3rd »nd Henrj strvet 6IJ2 East 3rd. APAK'I MENT»— FLATS BEAUTIFUL 4-HOOM—Unfurnished «H modern apt, garage Air conditioned *1H) per month. Exclusive location. By t'l FOR HENT -- 2 room furnished or unfurnished Liuhls. heat, gaj and water furnislied a-BOO.'i FOlT RENT—Apartment. 4 large looms and alcove; heat and water furnished, eleyatur service: clean and conven- lenllv located lo downtown, tchouls, bu» 3-'j:«l, 2-lilZ'i. ERN LARGE LOT. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. GOOD SPOT FOR BUSINESS BUILDING A GOOD BUY FOB $6200 HALE REALTY CO, EAST ALTON 4-9115 AFTER 5 P. M. CALL _ WALTER HALE, JR. ... 4-8«H 6 ROOMS— North Alton. 3 b«droojn«. mg Mackinac. Read Telegraph Want Ad» Italy issued the first airmail British Bluropean Airways and British Overseas Airways both JOHN T. PULLEN. Executor*. stamps in 1917, according to the j operated %vithout a single «cci-jj Encyclopedia Bntannica. dent last year. March 11, 18. 25 ic future servicing route of vend- machine-. No selling required. a-WiBS srni per munlh possible parl tune, full MALTESE ANB WHITE TAT - Wear- Im.c .nort C;,r and *300 required mg collar wllh bell Answers lo name ; which is .cc-iicd by inventorj. rh s 1 Tommy Child s pet. Call 3-9XU or will stand sliict mveitigation For m- .,, „. ,-randview I tci view with factory representative in . -" •'._ "" XL2. .-. .... , /our i 0 . A , n . include phone and address U _ .NOTICEJ I i,, Duplication ABBEY MFG. CO Dept. I STATION WAGONS 'VARNlSWD-Hee- I M. S35J Zaston Avenu., St. U) tonable. Dial 2-5867. Mo. . Hills Trlephone 4-«i:d I Moi)KRN~ :i~ROOMS "flalh. main floor I *:ino CASH ! 101 Toiuliii(,on. Job's jlill, Ka-i Alton | i-ompany oiler, tellable p»ily NKW LARGE 3-ROOM APT --Venetian ! ^1,,,^.,. h eal and water furnished: wired ((jr , luve i> nva i e entrance and bath TWO LARGE UNFURNISHED — Base- menl rooms, private entrance, bath, hot and cold water. All utilities fi't> inched Children welcome. Ph._2-24U5. WOOD BIVER—It roo/n unlurnished apt new tile bath . ...... I ROOMS-Jerseyvillo road- In»ul«t»d, storm windows, newly painted. Terms or trade IM50 .i ROOMS—George street. Upper Alton. Breeiewav $1300 clown 10850 RIEHL ACiNCY PHONE: 2-7722 2-7687 2-:iu29 3-5800 3-8093 2-4893 BRICK HOME Four roams and. utility room, leu thw • years old Corner lot in restricted ml division, automatic oil heat ~ rooms. B« «ure to «M toU horn*. 12.1 Phone 4-3U60. after 6-00 P- m., 4-il"l>3> LEONARD OANIEIr to inspect. Collage Hill* Teleptxoa» i

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