The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1940 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1940
Page 4
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\ fAGE SIX BLYTIIEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS ' TUESDAY, MAY '! = __ A $3,000 Home Constniclion Under Way Tops 1939 Levels By 15 Per Cenl More Uian 40.000 new small homes have already been placed iu construction under tlie FHA program' thus far In 1940, Federal Housing Administrator Stewart .McDonald announced. Complete statistics through April 20 show Hint 38,743 new homes being financed under Title II of tin; National Housing Act had been started under FriA Institution up to that time, Mr. McDonald said. With new construction .started under the FHA program now averaging about COO houses per working day, the total for the year to date is now well beyond the 40.0CO mark, he pointed out. Up 15 1'cr Cent Over ID33 The 38,743 new homes started under FHA inspection tip (o April 20 compare with 33.W1 started In the corresponding period of 1D3D, an increase of 15 per cent, the Administrator disclosed. Mast of these houses are small, single-family homes, he said. Mr. McDonald pointed out thai tlie 40,000 total of new homes started under tlie PHA plan thus far this ycnr Is particularly sljiiiii- cant in view of the fact that January and February arc always seasonal low months for new-home ; building and that unusifally severe ' winter weather also hampered building activities in most sections of the country. •Since early March, lie continued, new homes started tinder PHA inspection have exceeded 3,000 each week and have surpassed the 193'J peak of 3,122 houses,'reached In the week ended July 22 of that year. digger Gains Now ' -The vigor of the current expansion in new-home building under the PHA program is shown by the broad gains over 1930 thai have' been recorded in recent weeks, Mr. McDonald declared. In the week ended April 20, the 3,581 new homes being financed inidcv Title 11 that were started under FHA inspection represented an increase of 25 per cent over the 2,803 new houses started In the like week a year ago. For the five weeks ended April 20, the gain over 1039 levels also amounted to 25 per cent. The outlook for continued large volume of new-home construction .under the FHA program during coming months is supported by the peak level of applications for FHA mortgage insurance involving new homes, Mr. McDonald declared. Applications Top 00,000 The number of new-home applications filed thus far in 1940 for FHA mortgage insurance under Title II of the National Housing Act has ' now passed the COM murk. Mr. McDonald disclosed. Through April 20, new-home nppli- 'cations hnd totaled 58.G55, an increase of 14 per cent over the corresponding period of 1938. In the week ended April 20 applications involving new homes numbered 4,823, an increase of 33 per cent over 3,619 in the like 1939 iveek and comparing with 5,151 in the preceding week. The latter total was s record high. The 1839 peak of 4,268 lions was surpassed in each of the sev«n weeks ended April 20. World War Nurse Servin Again Final Week Of March Sees Work Started On Record Number Of Homes Shunning expensive materials and elimiruilini; the dining room lo mince waste spuco to a minimum, Ilie builders of this lunue have, produced a dwelling that could well serve as a Ktiinilard in its price range. For the purposes of economy, the kitchen and bathroom are located together, thus cinlralr/.iag the plumbing aad saviag inalerials. The lioinc has a fnll-siml liasemeul. Valued at $3,000, the Federal Housing Administration insured a mortgage on the property cif $2,-IUO. A mortgage of liiis amount may he paid off over a period of 25 years willi average monthly payments of less than $!•!, exclusive of local laxe.s and hazard insurance. PLAN- construction continued active on n wide front iu the last week of March as Spring weather gave new impetus to thi current building movement. Federal Housing Administrator Stewart McDonald announced. The week saw a record established in the number of new homes started under the FHA progiam nuriiiB thai period construction was started on 3,271 homes under FHA inspection. This compared iviili :j,2C6 in Ihe preceding week and 2.784 in tlie corresponding week of 193Q. The highest week innil tlie current, upswing was the period ended July 21, 1939, when 3,122 houses were started under FHA inspection. • Applications High Applications for mortgage insurance involving new homes to be built under FHA inspection also reached u new peak during the week, There were 4,08(1 new-home mortgages selected for appraisal in that \veek, compared with 4,43-1 in the preceding week and 4,2(58 In the corresponding period in 1S3U. 'the latter figure was the highest week for 1D39. In addition to these figures, construction was started during the week on 122 .small homes financed under Title I, and about, 500 plans were received for approval on homes under this plan. BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON liY Klllicr. CATI'OM : up in my plane.' 'mu<:«I I-edliell (,'oni'trr News Washington [grimly. Correspondent ' ('A(tt)S LOOKS j WASHINGTON, May 6. —Prcsl-j STACKKI1 (lent Roosevelt's bitter attack on I The attack on tlie rcorganlznli 1 ihe motives of people who criticize | order is picking ii)> speed in hi Ills transfer of Die Civil Aero- j houses, but Die cards are more nauticx Authority back to Die) less slacked in favor of the i j Commerce Department hit airline •> at ion. Under the law, pilots like a ship in the face. ; reorganisation order becomes ! Undoubtedly a lot of the President's congressional crrliie.s did [have political motives. Bui the I pilots certainly didn't. They had I assumed thai someone misadvised I the frr-sident, on ilie transfer, and were hoping if the whole business were properly explained to him he'd rescind the order. A .small group from the Airline Pilots' Assoeiutioji had been chosen to .seek nn audience ai the While House and explain things man to man- «n ( | just then the President unless houses turn it do'.vn, f;i ii>B it, Iti just urn,- isn't enough. As usual, canny Joe Martin, . O. p. leader in the House, is p! ing a smart game. Each day lias seen to it that .someone put op- inio the Record something In position til the order. Few congressmen know much about aviation, but Mnrtin has two fxi«?t'ls— -CoiiKrcs.stn™ Tied urnd- h-y oJ Michigan, ii busine.s.s man who owns his own plane, and Melvin Maas of Minnesota, an experi- Mile. Louise ThtiMc/, (above), wiio was sentenced to death by the Germans ,'ilong with the Brills)) nurse Edith Cavell in tlie World War, is now serving France as a canteen worker on the Western Front. Tlie death sentence was rescinded, and Mile. Thullw. was released by German revolutionist. 1 ; after the armistice. Construction Underway At Corner Of Hcarn And Tenth Streets Better Design, Construction And Financing Seen By FHA STORIES IN STAMPS Work wns started yesterday on n house nt Ihc corner of Itairn and Tenth streets by Ihc E. C. Robinson Lumber Company which has been sold but the r'amc of the owner has not been announced. The residence is to he a modern one with a number of attractive features sometimes not found in small residence. The exterior walls will be of wood shingles, painted white, and the roof will have the same type shingle, the color of which has not been decided. A fireplace on the- front has a small casement window on each side and tlierc Is a sloop over the entry. The roof is broken on me front. The interior plan shows a vestibule, with a closet, which opens into n 12'.; by 18'.-; foot living room with a southwest exposure where thnre nrc book shelves on each side of the fireplace beneath the high windows. Archways connect the 8'L. by 10 foot dinette on tlie north and the central hall. Tlie 8 by 10 fool kitchen is in the rear center of the house where there will be built-in features and there is a door there ^'-|L M l C .. ai !S ll S: "I'""" 1 - "><° a «™™cd passageway to the garage and servant house w: the rear corner. The bedroom with a southeast exposure, which Is I2'.i by 1<P>> feet, and the 13 by 10 foot bedroom on the northeast have closets. There is a disappearing slairway into the attic and a linen close! in Ihc hall which also opens into the bath room. An oil burning stove in the ceu- ! tral hall will heal the house. Holt Funeral Home Being Redecorated An alliance long advocated by the Federal Housing Administration— attractive design, sound construction standards, and a safe system of financing—appears to be gaining solid loundation in the home-building industry, according to FHA officials. • Any forward movement invloving •Jie Important tnctors of design, good materials, and a safe financing system is a step In the right cliiccliott, officials asserted. A number of buildlng-matcrlnl dealers in various pnrt.s of the country have inaugurated ambitious neivspaper- advertising programs calling attention to the importance of' de.sign imd the right, kind of financing for homes, as well as the importance of good materials. Good Planning Vital "Better planning of homes Is as vital as the use of good materials and as the use of a safe anil sound system of home financing," declared Administrator Stewart McDonald. "Only well-designed dwellings of good material can be eligible for financing under the FHA Insiirecl-Mortgage System. "Interest Is resulting the Important individuals in the construction of good homes—the builder, the building-material man. and the financing agent, Aim at FHA Standards "We find that a great many builders and building-material dealers ure developing their campaigns around the theme that their homes and their mnleiials meet Federal Housing Administration standards. The Holt Funeral Home, at the corner of Broadway and Walnut streets, is being redecorated on the interior and the outside will also be repainted while _ establishment. T» n \i ' TI Balloon tires were first inlro- This, of course, widens the market for Ihe builder who builds well, but above all else it contribute.'! largely to the development of better communities and better neighborhoods, for which we arc constantly striving." Wilkes-Barre Students Help Sell Anthracite WILKES-BARRE, Pa (Ul'i — High school student. 1 ; here have become the salesmen for the anthracite industry. During Anthracite Week the .students sent letters lo college presidents throughout, the nation piomoling the. use of hard coal. Answers were received, requesting information on prices and HI (inability of anthracite for their heat and power plants, from college presidents in n slnles, Alaska, and the District of Columbia. Many View New Funeral Home Quarters At Main And Sixth I The Cobb Funeval Home: which had its formal opening during (lie • weekend following its recent removal from North Second street lo the comer of Sixth and Jlniuj .streets, mis visited by n number 1 f persons throughout this section. A feature of Ihc remodeled anil l.nuon Pic Home Grmvn BUTLER, Pa. (UP)—When Mrs. Kate Buckley, 84, makes lemon pie it's not only home-made but also hbme-groivn. Mrs. Buckley has <i lemon tree in her dining room which h:i.s twice borne fruit more than eight inches in diameter. pied most of the lower floor of the large two story structure formerly the residence of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stovall who are continuing lo make their home there. The entry hall opens into a reception room with Ihe chapel to the east and a large hall to (he west which opens into two offices, oiie of which joins a. small private In better home design j enlarged brick building of the fu-1 waiting room A mr^e'display r in a ur.ion of three of uclcl1 Ilomc L<! tl!e llcw organ in Ssvitzerlond Mobilizes Frontier Guards Again ''•OLITZ.KRIEG" means just so many broken treaties, as F.n- ropc has discovered, so the Swiss nvc hacking \ip their guaranteed neutrality \vith increased border defenses and a larger army. The Rangers, the frontier guards who watched the border of Switzerland from 19 U to 191!!, arc on patrol again. The Rangers arc honored in a new Swiss stamp above, one of a series of four lied Cross semi- postals, commemorating S.wiss victories. Switzerland's industries may also help preserve neutrality. Darin" Ihe World War, the Swiss were permitted, by agreement with belligerents, to import foodstuffs, coal and raw materials from botli Germany and the allies, to keep factories in operation. The Swiss were active, loo, in Red Cross work and in helping prisoners of war and men in internment camps. the chapel. The organ, which was placed In (he corner of the reception room at the side of the main chapel, can be heard over the four rooms which can be thrown open lo seat 'J50 persons. solll ], w(Sl O j the funeral establishment unit. Storages, work rooms and garages for the fleet of ambulances and hearses complete the equipment. The entire building has been re- j decorated on Ihe interior in chcer- loosed Ills tilast. As a result. Ih'j enccd Marine - .. pilots are hopping mad. [They've supplied the They have gone up to the capi- '"rmation. lol to do some first-hand lobbying. One pilot 1 talked with was n. w. "Duke" Ledbetter, of American Airlines, who explained the pilots'! sngle thus: "The safely record the airlines have made in the past year is due to the absolute co-operation there lias been between the Air Safety Beard, the Civil Aeronautics Au- 1 Ihorily. the pilots and the airline I operators. If any one of those four I groups breaks down on the co- I operation, you just arenl's going to have safety. "The President says there has been strife between the CAA and the Safely Hoard, uncl among the [ three Safety Board members. That simply is not true. 'The President has just, been misinformed. ' "In the first place, there really are only two men on the Safety Hoard. (Sampler Smith, former chairman, has been in charge of building Gravelly Point airport at Washington since last, fall.l One of those two men is Tom Harding. The president let the pilots j themselves pick him, and he has done a marvelous job. I "The other man is C. Ii. Allen. We were kind of rloublfnl about him when he wns appointed; weren't Sure that he knew his stuff. But we aren't doubtful anymore. We've seen him in action. Some of us went in to. sec him not long ago and apologized for hav- inK fought his appointment." "SPINACH" CHAKGi: FUI.I, OF SAND It is hard for Ledbetter and his fellow plluLs to talk unemotionally when they discuss Ihe situation. The President referred to HID criticism as "spinach." and impugned i their motives; that really got under their hides. One other thing had just riled Lwluetler when I talked with him. He had been talking with a Democratic senator, explaining the setup to him; in Ihe end. the senator admitted the pilots were undoubtedly in tlie right, but added Hint because he was a New Dealer he'd have to vote with the President on the isues, "Would 1 like to gel that bird Corps reserve m expert f Head Courier Mews want atls. The funeral home, which now I fill colors with a dnbonnet scheme has three front entrances for ihc I used in the chapel draperies of vel- chapel. entry hall ;md ollicc. cxvti-' vet. and in the floor covering. Read Ccuner News »ant ntis cluccd 1022. to American motorists ._ I ru&ulim Low Rates Long Terms Prompt Inspections Prepayment Privileges LOANS Wilson and Worthington First National Hank B%. Illythcville, Ark. Authorized Mortgage Loan Solicitors for The Prudential Insurance Compsnj of America CLARENCE H. WILSON RAY WORTHINGTON Prepare Early For Hot Summer Install an aide fan in your home New Low Prices Make it possible for every family (<> en joy a plca- s:inl .slimmer in ;i liwise where every room is tic- grces ronler—delightfully comfortable. 42 Inch Kelly No. 1 ATTIC FAN SKI-: IT ON r 01SH.AY AT OUR OI-TICK INSTALLATION CHARCKS 1'ay on I'll A Plan About §2.98 iic-r Mouth Operatins Cost Approximately m c Per Day ARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 Quality Service Your Enjoyment of Home! • If y&u have negtected to paint your home these pasl tew years, you owe it to yourself to paint it now, nol only to halt depreciation ,ind preserve the surface, but for better appearance as well. • PAINTING really maJtes !t like new again and the Joyous, contented feeling that tomes from having a clean beautiful home will double your enjoyment of it. Pay as lit lie as §5.00 per month (he FHA way. MAKE YOUK HOME SPAR W i WITH TI MAGIC WAI.1.H INTER FLAT PA 11 Here is a r,< "Oood-by.^ cm dark d'S in the hor.y am! iPlan your " be flaw' O N L Y 11 () M E-OWNED YAHI) SERVING THE KIATHE- VII.1,1-: TEKKITOKY 'Colors by Nature • Paints by Pittskuigh E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. In the wintry Alpine passes Bernnrd is known as "the life-saver of the snows." Sure sense of direction and uncanny nose hetp him in rescue work. Huskiest inhabitant of dogdoni, this canine Good Samaritan frequently weighs over 200 pounds. Tolerance and patience make him an ideal companion for children—providing plenty of food is handy. Otherwise your "Saint" mity eat you out of kitchen anil cupboard. He needs lots of water, too . . . But"-we're prepared for that. When it comes to writer consumption, some of our bigger customers would make even the mightiest "Saint" seera a Sap dog by comparison. BLYTHEVIILE 3&TER CO Btrnard Alien, Mgr. "Water la Your f "a*v?--l

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