Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 25, 1952 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1952
Page 17
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PAGE EIGHTEEN ALTON ftVBWNO TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, MARCH 23, 1952 I'M SLAP vou oar mt 3AFH.Y, MISS 0Rf£N. AND WHO IS THIS? MARYS FIANCE. M* PEMU*. AND AS A HUNTER I CAME AlONd TO KW M m ON HER SHARE ' 1TAKS IT MR.JAY90N HERE (9 Ttt OTHER HEIR UNDER THIS MYSTERIOUS WILL? I CANT THINK WHY EvHfrOHt 8 UNOfft TMf SAM! MWtWfttNM* IVE NEVTft SAID ANYTHING ABOUT A Will. MY CUMTfcAUVf AN0 WAITING TO ME rr AND wiirw rr* Buir/rli. HAVE IT MADE THEIR BID* WITH pu«y WEAPON** tx>w'r MITI.I~e ANP NAPCX.FON WPRB TUP WOBLP CAN Bfi IT* »V6l.MM Mf VfiP Bt WHEPE t»E'» THAT WHO CAN BUILD PLATPORM, DBAfc. Hi? »t MM 8<lf.l«. I»J CAN t -WAVE A MtC<6U Wtt CANDY WE FIND GOLD, /^ I HEV. WHATS TH ( BIG IDEA TEEN5Y TRACE, I THIS 16 OUR HOLE! WEXJ^S WHOr /YEAH. AN' AN 1 GUY5 COME ] DUG ITOORSELVES) (^ I DON'T / WHAT IF RUNM1N 1 FROM A YOU GUYS GOT NO I SEE NO V WE DID •EVERYPLACE! )\ RIGHT IN IT/ y-f)> 3TAKE5 NO WHERE.' ".WHO AROUND HERE'S GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO STOP U6 D1GGIN' WHERE WE KNOW THERE'S GOLD., EH, BUSTER? 1US-T TELL ME THAT/ OUR BOARDING HOUSE — WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS HEY/; THAT 60UNIDED LIKE A CAFETERIA TRAY HITTING A TIL& HAK-KAFF// |T DOES E/VMT A 6HARP % 6OUMD, DOE&M'T IT ? I MOST CUT r^ DOVMM THE ROVJER OF TH& A MAisl MIGHT BE CLIPPED 0t4 THE- CHIN \MITH THE TI&/-«~ AMD VLL SOFTEN THE STIFF PLASTIC 50 THE CRAVAT WILL PULL. UP VMfTH A . INAUDIBLE: Trf WAY MDU HATE FLEA POWDER., or- vou TO (3 IT OUT OF > jlOHT TO SCRATCH-BLIT AWFUL FATHEAPEP IO C-IT IM A DRUM DO rr. SCARE P6OPL6 OUT OF VOUR WAY/, A RME- CAR CKA6H- MMM--YOU'D BETTER COMr IM AMD REST WHILE L 6Ef MY COAT / FOR. "[HE DROP- IM ON SUE, HILDA-? MEY, DPEAMBOAT, WAKE up. ARE Wf KEEPING- / LA.RD---YOU YOU UP? rr^AKPN'T N THE CX.P FOLKS' I YET I * ^^r weiL,M3U SURE WBRF , ] MAYBE i GOT A DEAD BAULKY TONtoMr/ J SPRIM& FEVER. . . . . . _ >c ^LKSAR ' — IT LOOKS MORE- LIKE' RI6OR MORTIS TOME/ KN0WU ITi MR, ALEEPi WELUT& NICE P'VPU PRIVE W6 HOWE. lit PkCKEP ANP HgAOED NORTH IU NO TIME UPWI HPN6ST, IDUNNO HOW IT HkPPBMPP, Alt THAT'gTH 1 «k$ VOU TOLP Mf TO 6R»*!/TH'P«T? WOUIP 86 IM IT 1 , ISAIP TH'BAGON TH 1 OP T w CAR TRUNK: ! GREW SCOTT! BUT MAV86 IT HASN'T BEEN THMT YPUNG VEB6IOW OF HOW SHE &NkAU ONE OM THAT SIPE-HEVlTHWOLE OAME PICKEP UP SOME THING WHEM SHE BUM ws HASTILY SNATCHEP OUTOP . JANE'S CW? THg TgyrH, TO gAV THE The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart Tuesday HAD (NBC) 880 RC KXOR (ABO tt« KC JSPR. "• KO J!f%. «<« R 0 {-<#>*> tlM KC (MBS) 18M ItC OTL 14SO RO ^. 100 Mg. Ml 5 N«w*. Rhjrtha CddU Arnold Newt Bonti ol t(xt»T Ed Bonntr Bonntr 6 for V«u Rportl RMdlnc Cirel* Alton J*ek*M Curt MMM? Lowell Tnotnu Croibj N«wi RtoenU N«w<—Wttttf TrMMN CMM Sporu M«rln*« I 8 80t», R. lUrknctt Ntwt ol World On* M«n'i rtmtf} Ume Newt Silver C*f1« Concert B«ul»h Tint ftv* f'M only J*ek Smitl Whlnperlnl R*«d« P«M7 L*« Newt IMWI N«*i • John Car/ New* rrazler Hunt Bvcntld* tchow Tour Knl«ht* Dinner Untie Cote Glee Club C«v»tc»<i« of A*. Burrle C'r»l» New* Thetter C«deu Do :i» :30 Bob Hot* MeOee & Molly New* Sport* Family Butlneu Reporter People Are runny Mr. & Mn North Preiton of Yukon Chuck Norman Sky Klnl New* Cvenlnf Muile Frontier Town Vour Heritage Cenhem New* 9 Concert Newi Melody Put (em Life With L.UI0 Punult G«brl«l Heater New«. Combo Sport*; New* Here's to Vet* My»t. Traveler Bandstand Eddie Cintor Man Culled X 10 Muilc Hill Moon Dream* Nawa i no New* World New* Vern King Eve Bletilnf* Newi Open Bible Quiz Orrh««tra Re* Alren Show 'Frank Edward* Mutual New* Black Muteum Niw>, Lombardo Here'i the Band Beautiful Muaie 11 Newi-PI. Parade Newt-Oreh. Muilc Matter* New* Abide With Me Llndley Hlne* I Believe; Spt* Health Aid* You and World tint rive Revue Orchestra Newi Blue Barren Strictly tnttru. New* BT Concert ravorita* Health Aide Frolic* Orchestra Merry Maker* New* New* Dawn Patrol Wednesday 6 :00 :30 45 New* Hymn* Melodlea New*, Weather Charley Stookey Market* Nabor New* nn •M Alex Dreler Weather Time Timetable New* (few* and Weather Concert New* and Weather Morn. Call Farm Journal New* Co. Jr.. Market Sunrlie Salute Tom Dalley Sport* Serenade New*; Wliem*« Muslo Roundup Newi 8 B Barrlncton To-vn », Country World New* Sports New* Time He Tempo* Concert Meditation World New* Blng Croiby New*: B'f**t Club Al Rlehl Hymnn for Home News. Weather New* Musical Clock O.S Navy Band Ozark Varletle* Ed Wllion Newt: B'fast Club Al Rlehl Sacred Heart Fnmlly Worship New* Musical Clock 9 Welcome Trav. True Story B. Bsrrlngton News Newi Su'luto World Newt D»vl» Ed Wltaoft Breakfmt Club Melodjt Maglo Clock WitchOT Newt: Market Rep. N«w« Console Varieties Quli News: B'fast Club AI Rlehl Musical Clock Chapel of Air Double or Nothing Betty Crocker Against MI« Storm Artlit's Showcase Song* and Singer* New* 10 :30 :4S atrlk* It Rich Bob & Rlj> D«v« Oirroway Research Adv Veterans New* Students Devotion Themes of Ages Arthur Godfrey New* Sunshine B'naders News, Walt* Paula Stone . Wiseman—New* Chapel of the Air HI Neighbor Lone ,Journey News Break the Bank 11 12 Symphony Muilo Masters Grain; Serenade Grand Slam New* Homemaker's Ch*t Rosemary Ladle* Fair Queen For a Day Newa; Opport. Hr. Meet the Banal Navy Band Harmony HouM Bargain Counter News, Weather Kale Smith Meet the Menjous Jack Berch Show Victor Ltndlahr Kitchen Club Frank Parker Melody Just for Women St Loula News Open Bible W. Warren. Newt Rec«lllt ind Win Shopper'i Quid* Newi—Wli«mM> Newt Aunt Jennr Louis* Concert Time Helen Trent Meet The Bind Perton*lltlee Melody Lane Our Gal Sunday Quiz New* Playhoui* Party New* In Store* News Hal Frederick* Concert New Musle World New* Curt Missey News; Tike Ten Repose Ma Perkln* Cap Commentary Home Hun Hits Weather Young Dr. Malon* Bandstand Revue Sportj Quiz Grain * Markets Big Sl*ter Dugout Interview Jersey Farm Woody's Ree. Sk. :00 Damon Runyon :30 :43 Doctor's Wl(* Judy and Jan* Melodlef Common Good Music Apprec. 2nd Mrs. Burton Banditand Revue Charles Antell Perry Mason Mary McBride Evelyn Knight Nora Drake Piano, Newi Brighter Day Cards vs. Yanks News—Walker Record Shop Curtain Call 2 3 Life Beautiful Road of Life Young'* Family Right to Happln* Henry Fender Joyce Jordan Evelyn Winter* Sacred Heart Music Showcase Program for You New* Magazine Hilltop House Grain Report House Party New* Cedrlc Adam* Music & Arta U. Carl Smith Tom Dally News Top* in Pop* Concert Master* Concert Hall Backstage Wife Stella Dalle* Wldder Brown Woman In House Hal Fredericks Hal Frederick* Moments-Master* New* Be of Good Cheer Quiz Hnden Family Radio Travelog Curt Ray Hagen Recital Guiding Light Ed Wilson; New* Personality Tim* Records News Dancetlme Song Souvenir* Tin Pan Alley 4 :00 Plain Bill Ed Bonner Chamber Music Song Shop News. O'Brien :I5 Fnrrell Children's Album Curt Ray :30 Lorenzo Jonea New* Fatlma Rosary The Open Bible Lee Adams •AS Cliff & Nancy Serenade News; Ed Wilson News; Records Records News Teen Tune* TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 TUE8DAT 5:00 P. M—Wrangler's Club 3:19 P. M—Buckeye Four .1:30 P. M Boh Ingham 3:43 P. M.—1. N S. Telenew* 6:00 P. M —Kukla. Fran. Oltl* 8:15 P. M.—D. Bennett 8:30 P. M.—Dinah Shore 0:43 P. M.—News Caravan 7-nn P. M.—Milton Berle 8:00 P. M.—Fireside Theater fl:30 P. M.—Circle Theater 9:00 P. M—Amateur Hour 9:45 P. M.—Film 10:00 P. M.—Ken Murray 11:00 P. M—Suspense 11:30 P. M.—Wrestling 12:30 P M.—News WEDNESDAY 7:00 P. M. Dave Garrowav 9:00 A. M.—Langford-Ameche Show 0:15 A. M.—Arthur Godfrey. 9:30 A. M.—Bride & Groom 9:45 A. M.—First 100 Year* 10:00 A. M.—Garry Moore Show 10:30'A. M.—Strike It Rich 11:00 . M.—Ruth Lyons 30 Club 11:15 A. M.—Love of Life 11:30 A. M.—Search for Tomorrow 11:43 A. M.—To the Ladles: R. SeveHa 1:00 P. M.—Garry Moore 1:18 P. M.—Homemaklng 2:00 P. M.—Big Payoff 2:30 P. M.—Bert Parks 3:00 P. M.—Kate Smith 4:00 P. M.—Hawkins Falls 4:15 P. M.—Buckeye Four 4:30 P. M.—Howdy Doody TODAV OHLVi ALL THE ICE CREAM VOU EAT 25' TODAY OMLV! ALL THE ICE CREA/W VOU CAN EAT FC»7 254 TODAV OMIY; ALL THE ICE CREAAA VOU CAN EAT FOR 25* MANAGEMENT NOT RESPONSIBLE FOP "•" LOSSES.' CARNIVAL By Dick Turner They Go Together Answer to Previous Puzzlft) HORIZONTAL I 1 Cream and 6Ups and 11 Procession 12 Chemical salt 14 Warehouses 15 Ceremony 16 Prong 17 Group of three 19 Musical direction 20 Blackbird 21 Accomplishes 22 Rumanian river 23 and followers 25 and alike 26 Cakes and 27 and lowers 28 Strikes and VERTICAL 1 Cotton fabric 2 Astronomy muse 3 Yawn 4 Lemon 5 Puts back 6 Singer Day 7 Medley 8 Dry or > 8 Stomach upsets 10 Height 11 Flower part B A C» B K <3 * A M to A « E A w E B F» s P 1 1 K E S J_ If A M 1 (3 1 l_ A 9 O P R C A N , ••< e E K A _ A '//•/• N4 1' K E O u s at A 1 "«J S AT _ 1 A E ft 1 «-i Ft 1_ A <3 O T P» S •//. S C O N F» E S 1 L. E N ri T U A (^ A M l_ A T e R R a A K 1 3 M a s ? E * = l_ 1 IT R R B 9 U S B R E S S B S A i s T s 33 High card 34 Illinois city 35 Revised 36 Made over 22 River in Germany 24 Missiles 25 Cut „„ maul . v 27 Heating device 38 s'taTes" ..-. r-.. 28 Phlegmatic 41 Employed 13 Makes jubilant 29 Releases 42 Show (Bib.) 18 Legal matters conditionally 44Vace 21 Removes 30 Interstices 48 Mimic "ty '1 think it's letting up now — I see a taxi!" Hardin HARDXN.-Herman Grader of Indian Creek was in Hardin Monday. Clarence Skeel spent the weekend in Springfield. Mrs. Alta Sidwell is staying with her daughter, Mrs. Ted Ringhausen, 800 West Spruce street, Jerseyville, after her discharge from an Alton hospital Saturday. She had spent 12 weeks in the hospital (after being injured in Ihe collision !of a car and an ambulance on Dec. 26. Paul Aderton, cbunty treasurer, has received a set of aerial maps of the county. The maps, furnished by the state tax depart- 31 Wheat beard 32 Knave of hearts and stolen 33 One who takes away legally 37 Mineral rocks 38 Sour 39 Poem 40 Card game 41 Part ol eye's iris 42 Slipped 43 Mistreat 45 Pacific isle 47 More beloved 48 Unclosed 49 receives SO Marrv again inent, show every farm, road, and stream in the area, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Blumenberg of Hamburg were Hardin callers Monday. One inch of rain over one acre of land amounts to 6,272,640 cubic inches of water. Telegraph Want Ads

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