Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 30, 1951 · Page 7
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 7

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1951
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1951 THE REGISTER-NEWS ~ MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS The Register News Daily Magazine Page •LONDIE BY CHIC YOUNG FT I HOPE I DON 'T MUSS MV HAIP ---I HAD "•^«>**«' I •^^^'^ PEPFECT m: DO I LOOK J GORGEOUS • WHERt APE ^OU GOING '? U'L ABNER BY At CAPP HCtUrS A TIP. IFA S- i I SHALL STARVIN' CUSTOMER V TfW TO KEEPS ASKIIsJ' FE« ^ ftEMEMBER FOOD-JUST TURM A THAT ON HIM AN''VELU, HANDS, MAC .7" si /> THAT MAGlCAU O )^ PHRASE .rr LET'S GO BOWLIN' AGAIM TOKilGHT , HUH, ' MAVMlE.'f rf ^'tHK. MAINT > NO QALLIVAKITIM' VWMTRESS, MAMED MAVMIB .''/-SHE'S A _ > SWEET OLE / I.ADV, NAMF-D \ I f o VO' 1^ ONLV AS OLD AS SO' FEELS -rr AM'AH IS STILL A CHICKEM, OH-%ft.':'-DOMT ^ VO' REMEMBER J\ Mt ?-AH IS X DAISV MAC ) ; ooanATCH .''A ii RED RYDER BY FRED HARMAN ^ m PACKliO^ UP.PUCHESS -'f WEHAVE BIG ^ ;«|>' WW /NI^ WE'RE C 50( r^" A LOr ^e A APVE ^^mE. tOUJ ffXif 5 /^^£ _ TRAIL.' ^,^@^e £TCHu^^.'£^ 6HUCK6.'YUH hiO,DUCHESS.'^ Alt^'T 60\K»' JUST 1 60^^E F0UK6 r^EED 'CAU6E 1 fiOT rV^D J W HELP-~ AS>' AfO' e -LEVs) OFF >4 IT'S 600P PAY.' wIL 6T£A/^? , l^., 19S1 M'V"'?'"^-"-''""- '"1- TRAif^ OVER, rn' ^ ( GorTH\ /AOUNTAIhiS TO 7HD5B J mjAKBhi 60LD ^^^S^A ,ll^0lM5 ARm 6-30 IU6S BUNNY HUKR"V UP, eVLVE ^TER, "YER HOLPIN' Uf V ' TW' PICTURE/^ CAPTAIN EASY BY TURNER AFTER TVgBLWe MINUTE* THAT CIIWCH lA 1>0N'$ FUTURE... Hl$ EVES ARE BRISHT 1^ HS TAKES BOW* WITH KIT, TO THE KOlLOf t^PKMSB AROUWD THE BIS TOR. (SEE.THATS^ Y^UBBVOU IWILLi BUT THE aesBST /NoiruEeeEU Dome ALL THRILL OP WV THE WORK AMP GETTINS LIFE. UNCLE Wr 'A NOME Of THE REWARD, I WONT IVIR \WD. IT'LL BE DIFFERENT COMPLAIN ABOUT FROM NOW ONI PRACTICING ASAINl lOOTS AND HER BUDDIES PRISCILLA'S POP BY VAl VlftMNi GONE \N A MIK4UTE... BUT A .COMIC BOOK k LA'oTS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY BLOSSER ''GOOD UJCK,SMIT^ I, WITH CABIM 13 • FATHER AND DAUGHTER/ AS vol) WERE 'alancw Thraurb the FU M of The Keginta mai Th« Newt 55 YEARS AGO TODAY The Ashley baseball club crossed bats with the Resolutes yesterday afternoon and the score was 20 to 9 in favor of the local aggregation, The salary of the Mt. Vernon postmaster has been increased $100 for 1896 over 1895. 40 YEARS AGO TODAY The superintendent of the East St. Louis schools is a former Mt. Vernon teacher, D. W. Potts. The ne.xt three teachers below him are O. H. Kimmel, H. L. Alvis and Everett Bruce, all Jefferson county talent. Vv'. W. Price has commenced work on his new residence in the midst of his Logan Street orchard. 35 YEARS AGO TODAY Lou Watson, who has been in Mt. Vernon so long that he is regarded as Mt. Vernon property, severs his connection with the King City Drug store tonight. Naomi fcogan, Nel! fCell, Merle Ward, Blanche Garrison, Neil Milburn, Beulah Estes and Harley Marshall who are attending the summer normal at CarbondaJe are to remain here until after the Fourth. the Stritz nine miles north of Johnston City today. Rev. Joseph W. Van Cleve, former pastor of the First M. E. Church in this city, died yesterday in Chicago. 30 YEARS AGO TODAY The civic bureau of the Chamber of Commerce has decided to assist the Woman;s Club playground work in Mt. Vernon. Albert Zachari, who conducted' an upholstering business on south 10th street, is dead. 35 YEARS AGO TODAY Ivan and Aaron Byrnes, brothers of Police Chief Huzzie Byrnes, "of Johnston City, were seriously i wounded in a shooting affray at RUTH MILLETT By RUTH MILLETT NEA Staff Writ«r OUR BOARDING HOUSE WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY Rebuilding a Marriage Takes Plenty of Staminq They are both in their early fifties and their .youngest child, a daughter, is a college student. For the most part theirs has been a good marriage But three years ago, the husband began an affair with another woman. It is ended now and he assures his wife that his family means more to him than anything else. All he wants is a chance to make up for the past three years. She wants to accept him on those term/s but is finding that it isn't as easy to forgive and forget as it is to promise to do so. "I go along fine for a few days," she writes, "thinking everything will be all right again and then all the hurt and disillusionment seems to overwhelm me, and I wonder if I can go on living with him. I had so much faith in him^ that it has been a terrible shock. How can I forget and go on living as thougn this had never happened?" You can't. For it did happen. You can't hope to either forget or have the same kind of faith in your husband's love that you once had. But you can be happy again. If your husband is sincere about how important his family is to 'lim, you can in time rebuild your marriage and make it strong again. Don't Go on Brooding To be happy again is going to take a lot of determination and willpower. You can't forget the other woman but you can make yourself stop brooding about her. You don't forget a. serious illness once you recover. But you don't let the thought of how bad it was dominate your thoughts once the BY WILLIAMS illness is conquered. Try to take that same attitude toward the past three years. They brought you great unhappiness. They might have wrecked your marriage for good. But they didn't. So don't let yourself go on brooding about them. Realize that though you may have been blameless m what has happened, you have got to go more than half way in rebuilding your marriage. Show your husband that you still love and respect him, that you want to spend the rest of your life as his wife, that he is important to you. Convince him of that, not by talk, but by your attitude toward him. You will have strengthened the foundation oi your marriage. Don't ever think you can't go on. You can. 20 YEARS AGO TODAY A meeting was held at the Ham National Bank at four o'clock Monday afternoon at which time the Jefferson County Welfare Association was organized. Officers are George N. Webb, chaiman; H. H. Cust, vice chairman; Guy A. Wood, secretary; and the Rev. R. B. Guthrie, treasurer. Eugene Wood, holder of the city tennis championship, was elected president of the Mt. Vernon Tennis Association at a meeting last night. Other officers named included Warren Threlkeld, vice president and Clyde Lee, secretary. 15 YEARS AGO TODAY Dr. T. B. Williamson took over the helm of the Lions Club today, being formally installed by retiring president, R. O. Kaufman. William A. Liebig of Belleville, formerly a Mt. Vernon businessman, died Tuesday morning in the St. Louis City Hospital. 10 YEARS AGO TODAY Harold Myers conducted hlf fliw al meeting as president of the ML Vernon Rotary Club at Its lunch-, eon today. He turned the gavel over to J. L. Buford, who will head the club for the coming year. Injuries sustained Sunday afternoon when she fell from her front porch to the ground proved fatal to Mrs. Rosa Ewlng, 1019 aouth: 23rd street. She died this morning at Mt. Vernon Hospital. Mrs. F. M. Strickland has departed for California for an , Indefinite visit with her sons, Spen* cer and Donald. 8 YEARS AGO TODAY Mayor Harry Bishop is confined to his home by illness today. He will be unable to conduct tonight's city council meeting. ~ The traditional marriage month of June lived up to expectationt here as 58 marriage licenses were issued in the office of Cbunty Clerk Roy Holt. OPA is dead, but Mt. Vemew Chamber of Commerce in lettcn to the 105 retailers who are members today lippealed for cooperation in combatting abnormal pric* rises in Mt. Vernon. ^Twher ^^oi ^urchaM an I naurane* Policy You Cxptflt ^ Two Things: 2 ^ PROTECTION end SERVICE | 1 We GIVE You BOTH! 2 BE SUREi-^INSURE with 4JOHNSON&ESTES J INSURANCE AGENCY ^ • ALL FORMS of EMSURANOI • ^ 601 South 10th St., on Virginia Ave., Thont 3502 PROTECTION In old line Stock Insurance compenlM who have a capital set up for your aecuiity. SERVICE which Is the principle on whlcn our present and future business Is dedicated. THIS IS WHY WE SAY— • • eSAD.'WHy MOST SHADOWS FALL UP0N3 AAE, A MANJ WMO-WOOLONi^T HARM A MODSE ? -.-THACT Df?ATTED SKERATOfsi SEEMED AS STPAieWFORWARD AS A SO/0- DIAL — VET HE AN3D lA\S PAPER 60CKS [DBIk AtOD MV *I00 HANJ& WK\tZED ANMAV ^^^M.V*IOO? OM.' ^ VyIHATAMI SAVlMGf, BOOMER OR LATER, THE HOARDEISVJKO HID THAT MOMEV isi THE HORhi IS GOIKi© TO DESCEfOD ONi ME \M1TH A FISTFUL OF^ WARRAfOT^/ KILLEIVS PACE BY IVUVS LONG > cotmiom I9SI rr NTA senvict ma XXXVl CONYA SAREETA was the first ^ to be brought in. A matron had given her dry, ill-fitting clothes, but on Sonya they looked good. Then Smiley Wetlaufler and Clara Mayhew came in. Clara looked as blondly attractive as ever but Smiley was the worse for wear. As Wertheim was ushered in, he gave a double-take at Esplin and Brayton, but he eyed me with dead-pan indifference. Carl Prater, who entered a moment later, escorted by District Attorney Andy Tanner, froze at the sight of the two Valleyville morticians. "I want my lawyer," he cried out "Get me J. J. McNamara at once!" Merica put through a call for McNamara and then the police official turned to Star. "You might as well get along with it while we're waiting for McNamara. Prater don't have to say anything till his lawyer gets here." Star took the floor. "Here on the inspector's desk, is an affidavit signed by Mr. Brayton and Mr. Esplin, who conduct Valleyville's leading funeral parlor. Prater's hermetically sealed vault firm has been making a considerable effort to sell them the Prater vault. "The company has been successful with their product, making a profit for Mr. Prater, who obtained 49 per cent of the stock for his invention, and the late Barney Bidault, who supplied the capital in return for 51 per cent of the stock. "Mr. Wertheim, the sales manager, rigged up a bizarre device for graphically demonstrating the principle of the hermetically sealed vault. Of course the idea is decades old. I've seen many demonstrations in store windows ot miniature vaults submerged in water upon dolls. But Wertheim went one better by putting on a life-size show with a taai vault. Miaa Qara Mayhew, the company receptionist, doubled as the doll. "When Mr. Brayton and Mr. Esplin came for a demonstration, they arrived so late that Miss Mayhew had been excused. Prater and Wertheim made the best of the situation and took their customers out to dinner at the L« JoUa Club." • • • A L NANABARRO was a greenish white as Star went on. "Prater suggested that Frannie substitute for Clara as the doll in the vault and she said she 'd make it to the ofl!lces between shows. Prater probably told her to bring the yellow bathing suit she happened to be wearing in one of her numbers. This she did, borrowing Al Nanabarro's car. "The girl took her place and the vault was lowered into the water. Brayton and Esplin were favorably impressed when Wertheim suddenly became excited. Too late he reached for the lever causing the vault to rise. When it was at last lifted, the doU was wet, instead of dry as it had been in the past. In short, Frannie Martin had drowned." The gazes of Sonya and Nana- barro turned to Carl Prater, who breathed -heavily. Wertheim then broke. "It wasn't my fault!" he screamed. "It was Prater's! The metal was cracked when it was stamped out." Al Nanabarro reached Prater before anybody could stop him. Merica and Nanabarro's own lieutenant, Lou Brisso, pulled him ofl. The night club man continued to stare acroa the room at Prater with hatred. "When the horrible accident was discovered," Star went 00, "all present were frantic. Mr. Brayton and Mr. Esplin saw ruin if publicity about this episode reached their hooM town, as it inavitably would if something draatie were not done. Mr. Prater and Mr. W«» theim also saw ruin. "It was Mr. Wertheim who CUM up with what seemed a brilUaat suggestion. No one else, he asnired the others, knew of Miss Maitin's visit to the Prater oAoea. Whf not drive her car to some almig the river, send the car tele the river with Miss Martin's body inside and pass ofl her lameetaUe death as a traffic accident? "The idea seemed perfect at the time. Wertheim sent his emplosFer and his prospective customera packing back to La Jolla Club, where they were to establish their alibi. He himself managed the manipulation of the accident, dressing Miss Martin in her street clothes. Bidault probably learned of the tragedy from Wertheim. • * • MvmiAT happened afterward Ii *^ open to, transparent eon- Jecture. Armed with this deadly information, Barney Bidault confronted Carl Prater late one night in his office. He was also armed with bis wife's small automatic pistol. He had borrowed the pistol with the pretext that he needed il for protection on 1 trip. "Barney had been quick to his opportunity to freeze out of his highly successful company. With threat of exposure and : threat of the little pistol, he extracted a complete confession from , Carl Prater. He left Prater with ' the adjuration that the confesaioa would be returned—if Prater assigned his shares of stock for • ridiculously low figure and abas* ' doned his office as president "But he reckoned without reprisal. He was followed hcm% • attacked from behind on his wUaRe own threshold and struck demv The little gun was taken tnmMmmk person and used to muidar M% ,^ That was why the bullet apBietif' to have been fired from the ilof L I H"'"*^ actuaUy Bidault was lying eaHw floor, and the bullet wei §m/i } downward at an angle tlM«iB' his mouth and through Mi %Kmik,j^i •«I1ic kiUer left the piitol billiili y* but took the eonfeaaiae Mil, Bidault's pocket NatureUf.^ n didnt do it!" We att |Mt ^ Carl Prater had wtfuntiT^J ^^•^ - Mm t»..

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