Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 18, 1952 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1952
Page 15
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Af. •M d* I , !H S A I ClASSIFIED Adi Um ftt Ifl Offlai Diy B«for« Publla.Uw ADRATIS Account II I* II Oft* fbrti Sit On« D*yi D«»« Month .M l,i 1.30 I'M S. JJO 1,00 4,80 8,00 7.80 1,00 A" Tlfnt a,to I.M lo.ao „_. MO 4.00 12.00 i.M MO 4.50- 13.80 l.M 1,00 8.00 18.00 DISPLAY 78o per Inch Mo per Inch (Oo put (neb •toy* ore far cert* Irreouier or iMrv the ont-doy roit. 9 p,m, for <(«y. reterv* th* right to Otfv*rrlMm*mi of. ton am) to releet odvtftUlna **• or mere Ittttri, MJtft 01 nfHlMM Munt el en« will net be report- Went Mt wnlww _, "« our eiwmiwi ut. IrtMrtlen of <xi and "ONVTtN ONI Ineorrett 7-3431 tBE STAR !!»»/ *»M till tl, IIUIHINQ CO. ' ier, WilflHl W. ri M«h, •! IMMtli •!••• N»tl*r «( Off It* •» HUM, ArkniiMi, *,M1' »( Hit Audit •ur««u •! Clr«wl«ll*ni 'Ion Katei (poyobl* In oil* W?fl«r In Hope and neighbor- .28 , , .py Wy«lt«, Howard, ana Millw eoun- I; Monlhi .,„„„„„. 1,60 >imm.iM.i«i.iM«i.mi.i«t 2.60 WM,,M..IH....,..„..,„., 4,50 (I other mall — ' ? ;Mon»h',.„,...„ ».. 1.10 •-' Monthi „.„„„ , 3,18 SOS T*xw T»HOI; 1*0 N. »»•*»*• .9*«« 'A%*ft H I't N» T., I ? , . _ 2, _**wv Vork V7, . v.i I7«J • Dfifwr a, Miiiu Qklehoma Clly 2, „ ol lh» AuoclQtMl Pr»u: iptlatrt PI»H u *ntltl«d «x- lly to tn* ui« tor (•publlcgtlon lh« total MW» prlnttd in ihl» at will ai all AC mwt Strvkti Of fered Ot work contavt CUu- nnnon. Phono 7-3UH or J-',MMm Attention one ambitious man with o wttJto .Hemiwumti nnd Counties, Avernau ng*, |400 to WOO per num. Interested in nuikluu this tit rmwey pkniui* vonloct Norm«u 1). K«d«, & M Btou., 1VX- kND or CUY $1,25 Yard OT»V*i, Cl»y, Or«v«l «nd Ay»U»bl., SAUHDIRS Of NOTICI &&j; to* i*n ., WATWMIION In Town with i. THREE room «p»rtm«nt, Nie«tf> fumlihed. Kleelrlo box, Blll< paid. 204 Banner. MM, A. R. B«bb, A-Hf VAC/CNT"lnow, 3 room furninhod apflrtmcnl. Clonc-ln, Utlllllei paid, OumKfl. Phono 7-4486, 14-tf TWO 4 fiOOM aparlmenli, Both hnvo private bnlh* *nd enlmn- r«». nfSwntown (it 3I8H K. 3d, Apply Trading Poll. I.V3t .1 ItOQM tinfurnUtutd npnrtment, I (u id wood floor*. Built-in fix- lures, Larite cloM>t», .'112 Houlh Spruce, Mr»» J, K. Hehixiloy. Dial 7-3877. !8-3t . ' .'I rofim hwup, Utll» lUtis pnld. Nfiir .Sf.'hnutay'ft Slorc. Mm. J. K, Sclinolny. I'hont' 7-.1.177. 18-31 Notfe-t WILL pay up In $20,000 cflih far vxcelltmt itflck fnrm or ranch, Wi-ltif full Information to Box ), lit euro of Mnptt Stnr. Ifl.Qt thnu«ht« have occurred to m* nines tho convention* which modify my curly reaction nnd per> tuade me to wall out General Kl- i«nhow«r, I thlnX I rni«nt vot« for Urn to break (he rnlKn of tho no-. :»llftd Democrat* who nre nctunlly hut only n little mure «oi CHill«tlc I hit II the flf.-pobllcnti p.-irly. ' tnonn hr«»k the ruljin of the or- (nnlzutlon lUeJf, nut HH proitrnrn. Thn program will continue whoever win*. Tho OemocraU hnvc been In pow- i>r for 20 yewr*, proini»lnj< riinn-j each time and Kitting ro-olrH-ted In-i (leflnltoly until thorc !« Ilitlu left: .u proinUe. fly IB50 they would noli invu to promise much becuutic [ hnre would be no rival party l«ft o bid naulniit them for popular favor, Aetunlly, rluhl now, the two >erty progrumn and their psychol- o0y are ul/nont Identlml, which | really ineimN Hint the outx want | >o throw the ION out and nothing ! eh pimio in Brook wood and OarlnnrJ School*. Vleunv con- tin.'! llnsa Evan*, Phono 7-2043. 13-3t Wanted ONir. more oxperloncod waltren. Wo have five of tho (Inert glrli In the xtnte, but need one more. We pny tho brut milarloa In tho Houlli nnd furnlBh mould too, Apply Mrn. Corroll, Cnf«. TWO B«Wl uleoily cllnhwnnhcrii nnd one cook's helpor. Apply Mrii. Cnrroll, Diamond Cnfo. aatf For Salt SI'KCfAL, offtJi'lntf niy 0 homo, D noreM land, .'I *-(! port-lips, younK orehArcl. 'JVriH«. Coll T. N, Belnw. 7-awa. ta.flt > hmmchiild fiiinHun\ win- ft-iicliiB, fnnn tools, scrnp rno- . l»In, I'lc, Lociik-d ut Crnler of niintuiiulH Pro|K>rly iu*nr Muifrt-p«hoi.i. Ark, Thin mnt- *rlnl miiflt Uo moved til onci». Conincl Hnwnrtl Millar on pro- 17 MKAI.) of „ . y«?nrs old. Including ..„ ed Hornford bull. Kurl Sch otiloy, Hopia Hi. a. Phono 7< ft l->. ^ 15-31 SOWl) onk jMulna inbl« with »lx ehnlri mid two hnnlom. Phone? 7-3073. ia-.lt Fn i a FDA I irTiifl:iTotrionRunJtT"«mi Phllco cunHulo, both llko new, Also porltiblo .bnrbocue pit. Phono ii, M. Floyd «l Hotol Barlow. i«.st •.-. -.-.— "*"" 971) pi M. Sl«e %" to "H" x 4' x fl'. Suitable for wull partition*, Dhonlhlnu. cUwot- liningd, shelving, etc, SOUTHERN PLAS- WOOD CORPORATION, S, W. J-RQVINQ GROUNDS. ifl. Fish Bolt nt Skelly Set-vice Sin Hon. Jfinut Third, Highway «7 nnd No. 4 Junction. Phone T-nwta. Lost Strayed or Stolen WHITR f : «cifd Ttt" nionJth old" h«l(- ev ttalf, Chwrlc* W. Key, Wash>'o«d, ifl.;tt Female Help Wanted DiMiDNSTMA-fORaT S^H.Itett Chun, Housewives. Mako $U hourly. Something Nufwl Our *lyl« Showli\g» lovely Lingerie, Holdery, Apparel are the sensation of party plnn. Beautiful (sules outfit, (treo. *«,-•>• lint- Fashion* 4U5«Qtt L»wren- ce, Chicttao, III. ^ J8-u Uil LAD1KS white gold watch in vlcin Hy of Gospel Tabernacle Jun» 10, U found c«U .. t Liquidate ? 18 , & &*P»&' P»wj* T-880 Let Me H*l» You jPlart Your Sal BUY-SfiLL or , TRADE WITH. MOPE STAR WANT ADS fair Enough •y King Srtidi««u. What difference do you «on be- ,w«en Tom Dewey's political pro(runt, which nobody would serious- y call n philosophy, mul Marry ? I »i-e none. 1 HPI> a «lmllnrlty In temperament. 00, Both are vindictive nnd In- eiKi'ly personfil in th»lr polltlc!i| ind, while Truman iieeniH Iffnurant! »f principle, Dt-wey, In the excel- i pnl phniKii of Henry Axhiimt. H"t» ! he same effect by rlidnji nbovc jrlni'lplc. 1 mean Hint principle neimn nothing to either of tlicm. nn't that n char.-tcterlHtlc of NO- clnllntK? 1 have to flay further .hnt KlHunhowor nml Stt.'Veiuton f:eern equally aloof from xuch con- Kldenillimti unit devoted NlrU'tly to Football Squad Starts Work on Wednesday All senior squad candidates for the 1952 Bobcat football team are! asked to moet In the stadium at| 9 ftt.m. Tuesday, Coaches Joe Kniiminfler and Lawrence Martin announced today. Actual practice starts Wedneday %llh two workouts dally. The coaeljes expect some 60 or more out along with 12 returning lettermen. The first game Is scheduled 10r Friday, Sept. 13. This season the boys will hold practice sessions on a new wel- xodded field located nt the south- eiiwt corner of the stadium. Riot Instigator to Be Hanged KAFR F.I, DAWAH. Egypt W •A military court today sentenced 20-year-old Mustafa Kharnis to bt; h. ngcd for instigating riots here I last week among textile workers, j Nino persons were killefl nnd many injured in tho disorders. Middlecoff Goes Into Second Playoff Playoff Starts Tonight, Hope Meets Prides Playoff starts in the Southwes Arkansas League tonight with th Hope Legionnaires going to Tex nrkan.i for a game with the loop leading Prides. A second game will be playc-< Wednesday night between th two teams. The first team to * TUNNEL OF TOMORROW—MAYBE—English and French oom r mlttcex ore dlacuculnK plans for a tunnel under the English Channel from Folkestone, England, to Cap Grls-Kcz, France. The miniature model pictured above gives nn Idea of how It may look. Two railway sections and two motor vehicle roads will lake up most of the space. Such n tunnel was proposed in 1880,, but opposition, by tho British War Office stymied the project. Wi> iiro eomiiiH Into n pollllt-iil (Mim- which I iiliMi-rvi'tl In Hrlluln vhon Hit- C'uiisci-viitlvfs tiiult office mil found Ihcmsr'lvcs n I'm lit In ni- 'ntvi' thi-lr CdiiHcrviillvc t'l-oiirum, jcoiiusi- tlu-y knew It would Ix- un- i )ii|iu|:ir, Hiu-liil si-i'iu-uy is not CUM- I Hfl'Viillvf, It in riiillcnl nnd »iic'iiil-| Kli'i-nhiiwt-r ci-rliiinly IIIUAVI [bin. Hi- iil»(i inu.-it know Unit soclnl xccurlly Is unonisiUuUcmnl. fur, Kiirt'ly, uv«n lit Wc.it I'olnt, » dt-tit kuiniti that the nntionnl tirnnu-tit linn no cunstilutionnl Iliiirtly to miiki- nil employed /ens buy Insuriiiu'o iii'iiinst Uu-if will from u fomptmy which is bankrupt by nnrnuil Mtuiulurds nt mlitM flxwl by the selliM- for the of flnnnclnx tlu- pnllticnl prutirtim of u pnrty. Y»»t lk« »l»c: knows thnl the uln>- Ittlon nt tin; xociul Hocvirily system would ctuiBo a U-ri'lbU- qunku. Sn Meridian Keeps Cotton Loop Lead .stu- 1 New York ('lrVi-l:inil lin-,lnn C'lili'iiijo I'hilad.'lphiil SI. l.oul't iM'Irnlt Monday's srhedule Ni-w York at IJoston Hajschi 111- VH Mrodowski r>--l. Only (Ninie Hcheduled. Sunday's results New York :i. Itiiston 2 Cleveland 112, Chicago 2-1. St. Louis •!•:>. Delruit 2-1. By The Associnted Press Mi ridiiin dropped the Kl Dorado .fi7!!j Oilers 11-2 to keep its fivo-ijnmo Slates Leiuiuo Niitehe/, NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn New York Si. Louis 1'MliulHpliia C'hlcai'.fi whut dooii he doi 1 Instt-iid of prom- i llosiini l«ln« to wlpi- out this corrupt de. U'ir.cinniiU vice und close iiff this source ol i I'lltslnir^li liillinnsi to be wlisted on soclnli.-itic he promises moro noclnl se- (••Mi'lly. So our Itcptiblicuri nointnoo plumps ftir mor«! »«cltillnm nnd loss That Is a mucky word but "lUrimbllcIsm" si-ems VV 7M till <!7 (II 157 •til 1. :i7 •I") •I!) ftB li-l itV 114 Pet. Sunday's results phiii 2, Brooklyn 1 7-i!, Now York 3-1 Boston ond Kiiui Hess St. Louis 2, Cincinnati 1 C'hlcatto 3-2, 1'itlHburtih 2-5. COTTON STATES U,EAGUfe Moridtun Niitvhe/. (iiei'iuvoud Kl Ourailn Monroe Tine Hlutf Cirei-nville Hut S W 71. •Ill •11 l.:ist Niithl's Ucsults: Mt-ndinn tl Kl Dorado 2 Uiei-mvivd 10 Hot Sprinns S v'i-.-ei-iivilli- « Pint- Bluff I Ni'U-li'V 111 Monroe 3 Tonioht'a Games: Hut Springs ;it Gri'i'iiwoi'il J-iiu- ISIuft ;il CSreo.nvilli- Kl Ooriiilo ;il Meniliiin Moiirui- ai N.itclu'/ ' SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION 71 ti7 Mrs, WlnKrud l-'urrh, the senior of tho Murnhiill ulrls of Marshall, Ti-x,, who hnvo b«on runnlnn n lit- tli- rovolutlon nunlnst tlu> Imby-sil- tcra' withholding tn.x, bnwled mt> out sbot'tly be for c the lU-publicmi convention for obncrvtnii that tho Tt?.xtvs Hopubllcnns were just dumb Domocriits who wunted tlu- sensation of votlnu lU'publlc:ui wllilc voting for u soclnllst prunrum. They simply would not v«U> for tho only Hopubliciin Republii-nn in the con- vi-ntlon. She »nid slu- h:id IU-IMI n niliuirUy Kciniblloun for yours nnd shi- llkod. Ike. Now she will BI-I-, Ike will nut only defend tho buby- slllcts' deduction but rniso the unto us hiith «ii SU'Voimon doo.s t.ir hltih- c-r. Kvon If Iko wins, w<- u-ntly will hav« no Hcpublicuiv party loft i-x- ct-pt In nnmt-. The hilior rolutlons «ct. whtther Tuft-lliuiloy or tho pld Wanner version, is un import i from nocliiHst Kuropo where, in-i (.~hultnnoo.ua vurlobl^ tjio pin lu-lpiition of union-si Atlanta In politics und govornmont under! Now Orleans tho title of -"labor" has meant do-: Memphis ClUte or* disaster. Usually disaster, j Mobile But Ike will,not roconmumd tin-* Nashville abolition ot this man-tiiip linv. HeililiK- Ruck >IOb»bVj' will como out for rcpol of! Miriuiiij:ham Tuft-Hartley" and the passage of! some substitute "eorrectints" the 1 Last Nl O hl '« Results: reforms embodied in Taft-Hwrtloy, 1 11 ' nu " lui<1 '' il ;V1 Atlanta 1-2 Which are timid enough, This would- Nashville ii-a, nirminsbam 5-5 Offend Taft and the few real Republicans. But the union bosses are U mighty toco and Ike will need (til the voles he can wheedle out of them and their subjects Why then shoulo 1 vote for Ike', 1 frankly, I wunt to vote Stevenson. We don't know this fellow. W« had no b>H>k on him even tit convention timo, Hut this U another K. U. Hoosovolt. lie i^ a man with a mission. Uivo him his hettd; «ivo him tho sense of ixi\vi-r that cpir.us wiUt the recitation ul the oath and a record of 30 yours <iC unbroken "mandate" for hu| l»j«'ty and nu» (or the hills, men: My skraight RetHtblican friends: ore unhappy and t can't boast that; 1 am dancing In the streets, either. : In 1848. when the late returns con-; firmed Truman'* victory I confided n.y despondent belief that \ve were; h«>ll-b«nt tor socialism. I wasn't: wrong, was It We have controls.: c<MWCfiptim> fur a war that we are »lr*id to (ight with vigor lest we irtitnte the enemy, inflation, un-; Umit««l payroll t»xes in the guise; Ol SOtial s«eurity levied to finance Uu> SttCi*li»t program and a Kepub- ;itill plnyinj; catch-up : fi\'i> i-aines back, also won again , li.v bratlni; Monroe IM-.'I yosterclay. | The Iwu top team-; each hnvf-i I nnly nine names to play m ,,.j,, K | e.ndod a six-ennu .the rof^ular season. Kor Natchez,; jit's just about a case of net-dint; i tu u in every name. Meridian can \.'ir. only five of its rc-mainlns fiarnes and lake tin- title. In other names yesterday, Green wood dumped Hot Springs 10-, r ) and Cii-i-nville beat Pine Bluff ii-1. The Mllylers .stagocl two four run InmiiKs to drop Kl Dorado. In the •'' , j third itiniiu; four runs came across ••/™.oii sinnlus by Gone Pompclia, •;"': George Foster, Beans Giodanengo •'^i and Vallie Haves, n double by • •jg 1 " | Manauor Tommy Davis, one error nnd a walk. ' In the eighth, singles by Ray Krupa, n double by Foster, an error and Pompella's throe run homer brought in four more. Heavy liittinH by the first five men in Natcho/' batting order save the Indians their win over Monroe. The quintet got H of the 15 hits and sco! ed 11 of the 13 runs. The Greenwood Dodgers batted around in the, opening of their game with Hot Springs to .score six ,lill runs. They added the other four ..VJtl j in the sixth. .."»38 j Greoi-.ville clubbed two hurlers Brown Leads Lookout to Another Win By Mercer Bailey Associated Press Sports Writer Country Brown, limber-leggec'j former Atlanta centerfielder now I chasing flies for Chattanooga, had plenty reason to wear an ear-to- ear grin today. lie has provided the key play In each of Chattanooga's three victories out of four games in his first series in his former home 1 park. In Saturday's doubleheadcr Country's two run homer gave Chattanooga a lead in the opener the Lookouts never dropped and in the ni g h t c a p, Brown saved the game by cutting down a cracker runner at the plate with a neat, nohop peg. Then Sunday, Country slammed n ninth-inniiiR triple to send home thr lying run. He crossed the plato with the winning score on a bad throw-in of his hnrdhit ball. Brown homered and doubled to help down his former teammates, 54, in the opener. • In the second game, the Crackers losing streak by the Lookouts, 2-1. Those amazing Memphis Chicks grabbed a doubleheader from New Orleans to move into a third-place tie with the Pels. Woodrow Rich hurled two-hit ball in winning the opener, 5 1. Dixie Upright and Floyd Fogg, each an exPel, hit successive homers in the seventh. The Chicks scored twice in the top of the ninth to .win the night KANSAS CITY i,P — Cary Mid' dlecoff brce/ed into his second | touinameiit playoff within a week tiKiiiy. tiv.-i.-linK .lack lUirke Jr. of Houston. Tex., for the Kansas City Open nolf title. The Memphis, Teim., pro and j Hurko lied at 27(i strokes, 12 under' par. ai the end of the regulation 72 holes in the $15,000 tournament. The Ill-hole medal play match fur the $2,-100 first prize was scheduled to begin at 2:30 p.m. over the H,200-yard, par-72 Milbtirn Country Club course. Just a week ago today Middle coff lost a playoff to Julius Boros. Mid Pines. N. C., in the $25,000 | "World" Golf Tournament at i Chicago. In y e s t c r day's competition. Burke turned in a sizzling 5-under- par 67 after missing a 30-inch putt on the last hole. He blamed the bark of a dog, which came just ns he started his putt, for the mi.ss. Middlecoff played his last two holes in a driving rain and got a 69. Burkp, who won four consecutive tournaments earlier this summer, played eight rounds of sub-par golt in the Tam-O'Shnnter and "World" Golf Tournaments at Chicago and for Hope tonight. Mineral Springs will journey ti Nashville for a playoff game tc night before moving to Minera Springs for the second game an ,'! possibly a third. Winners will meet in a three game series next week for th> league championship. 1 Strike Fight to Be Aired in Court PINK BLUFF, Ark. UP) — Henri iiilL! on a complaint charging unio members with hitting a trainrrui «board a train entering a strik affected plant hero began t morning in Jefferson Chance* court. Tin- complaint was filed by llv Standard Brake Shoe and Foundr; Company against the AFL Inter national Molders and Foundr, Workers Union. On Saturday two members of th union were arrested under Arkar v.as well under par in four roundsi sas ' Anti-Violence Act for the r< here. I ported injury ot the trainman. ioi kc " .Boros, who took money witlings by tho lead virtue of in his .422 .2U-I dark IVt ABC — B a.m. The Breakfast Club; 10:30 Break The Bank...MBS — 11:30 a.irv. The Mac McGuire Show; 10:30 Queen For A Day...Baseball — MBS Game of Day Network l:2. r i p.m. New York Giants at Chicago Cubs. Prosecutor Pat . Mullis s a James (Dixie) Meeks has boon hit-' j:rab at Chicago, had to settle cused of striking J. D. Goosw T for $50 here after shooting 74 for. 11 - 0 trainman. a 2f>2 total. Meeks and Gracly Alexnndei "It just goes to prove I can shoot union business agent, were arres poor soil 1 as easily as I can shoot ofl Saturday and released on $f>f bad .noil'," the good-natured Horns' bonds each. Mullis declined comment on Alexander's ar but both explained. Kd 1'nrky Oliver, I.emont, III., who started the final round in Un- meij wore charged wit "interference, of lawful emplo, lie at 277, good for $1,200 each. load with 2(M strokes, and Dave! ivrnt." Di>ii!>l:is of Newark. Del., who was I An attorney for the union men in second place one stroke behind, tors said that neither the uni fettled for a second and third place n "i' its arrested members had comment to make. The Company's complaint—fild Friday—was entered as an amcTj nienl to an earlier petition seekii} a temporary restraining order t rwinst mass picketing of the planj The amendment also asked thf Ciip.7-5. Little Rock, which like Memphis 1 as taken on new life in the stretch sparked a run in the seventh inning which put the Travs ahead. The Bears scored once In the ninth. Nashville's Bob Boring homered in the ninth to give the Vols a 0-5 edge over Birmingham. Nashville took the • second .game. 8-5, after a bases loaded homer by Bama Ray put the Vols ahead in the second inning. tre temporary restraining order made a permanent injunction. Some HiO members o{ the uni. left their jobs at the plant JuJ| 21 because of wage differences. • In England the radiator ornj ment on an automobile is called j "mascot." ij i SPANISH RANGE LEE WELL5 PilliiWlc.il 1. I '.>.',!. liylxx-K Wells. ,r>l3 .50-1 .48:) for 1^ hits. Tho Bucks drove Bob K(>cnini!sni[irk from the mound in tho fifth inning and scored four ,;UU!i runs. .503 .542 .492 .477 .409 .-127 1-5 ; Little lUa-k S Mobile •» i Memphis 5-7, New Orle: 1 Tonight's Games: Chattanooga at Atlanta • i N:.s)u'ille at Binninghum Little Hoek ut Mobile Memphis nl New Orleans ! AMKHICAN ASSN. Columbus \i-\ Charlestiin 0-0 liuliiuia|u>lis -It) Louisville SC : St, 1'aul a Minneapolis 5 Kansas t'ity 'J-l, Milw;\viUee 0-6 PACIFIC COAST irolly\vood 137 San Francisco 5-fi Oakland 8-10 Los Angles 4-1, Portland 4-fi Seattle 2-0 i ' San Diego 7-4 Sacramento 0-V* TEXAS UEAOUIS ? D&IIus 7 Shroveport 3 Kfrt Worth 7 B<euumoiu 5 Oklahoma City 4 San Antonio Tulsa 5 Houston 3 WKSTEKN LEAGUE IVnver l<5 Pueblf 4 CoKirado Springs 10 Sioux City 5 Lincoln 4-3 Omaha 3-5 IVs Moines vs Wichita at El Dora do. Kus., postpiu\ts.1. rain. Irving Boim limited the Judfics to six liit.s. Tho Pino Bluff stftind tiol its only run in the sixtn when AI \ViH!>'!uk walked, went to second on a wild pitch and scored en a single. League Leaders By The Associated Press NATIONAL LKAGUK BATTINC, — Mnsial, St. LouU, .X'tl; Kluszowski. Cincinmiti, .315: l.oekman. Nc\v York, .311. lU'NS — Humus, St. Louis, (10; Lofkman. New York, 79; Robin son, lirooklyn and Musial, St.Louis, 77. HITS — Adams; Cincinnati, 143; Schoendienst, St. Louis. 142; Musi- at. St. Louis. 141. HOMK UUNS — Saner. Chicago, 31; Hodges, Brooklyn and Kiner, Pittsburgh, 2ti. PITCHING — Roe, Brooklyn. 81, .tW9: Wilhelm. New York, 102, .;;:):!; Black, Brooklyn, 92, .818. AMERICAN LEAGUE BATTING — Fain, Philadelphia, .33(3: Michell. Cleveland, .325; Woodlins, New York, .321. 1?UNS — Berru. New York and Joost, Philadelphia, 79; Minoso, Chicatto and Rosen. Cleveland, 75. HITS -- Fox, Chicago, 149; Rob rnson, Chicago, 138; Jensen Washington. ISO. HOMi: RUNS — Doby. Cleveland. 2U; Berra, New York, 24; 7.erm,il, Philadelphia, 22. "•PITCHING ~ Consuegva. Wash •ipgum, tW), .800; Shantz. Philadelphia. 214, .840; Raschi. New York, 133, .813. 2 Top Radio Programs NEW YORK « — Monday night: NBC — 7 Gordon MaCrae Show 7:3ti Barlow Orchestra: 8 Lavalle Band ot America. CBS -- 5:80 Curt Massey Time; 7:30 Godfrey's Talent Scou}.s; 8 j JRcmance. the; ABC — 6:30 The l*n« Ranker; publican coti£r«i« devoted to , Cttndida'le who is afraid tw ie- same socialism that tfce Democrats{7 H^nry j7 Taylor; 8 Paul ate soci»li*n\. offer. What \v« really have »« njau's Teen Clvib.' 6:30 Gabriel I never *«w such 41 listless cam-jiuo rival branches of one Socialist I h«*r Republicans consol-I party. 1 think 1 prefer the Kisen- Uw«i»*lve* w4th * hope that we|hcw«r branch. It would be new to preserve Ui» rwpublie by el«ct ...... fjp^*^****** Jt» amfaiaiMMIfc • jmith a KA. ^^^ ^m^^^ff^^ ™7 mvt im ^*r 6^& power and would start oif slightly, seKcotucious. I flinch trum the sfeoclf of ttllopin* socialism Badge MBS Stars in the Ni^ht; Keatter; 7^30 Crime Dees Not Pay. Tuesday: NJiC — I com* Travelers..'''^ 10:30 *.m. CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE BLAISE leaned forward eyes level. "Wo need to lay cards face up, Lc6nis. You had me put away in jail, you grabbed land where you could, drove oft your neighbors. Now you claim to be all sweetness and light." "So?" "You talk . . , but you ride me out of Calabasas. You use my rancho as a line camp and when 1 take over, it's burned. A man's killed in Siml. My partner is kidnapped—and now a woman. I'm warned to get out of the country or bo bushwhacked. Kidnapping, land grabbing, arson, bushwhack and plain murder. I think you're behind It." Leonis blinked. "You're crazy," "W o r d s ain't enough, Leonis. You talk fine but prove nothing." "I have never take words like that before anyone, let alone my crew. I do not take it now, except I see that you believe these things. 1 tell you the truth, then you do what you want. But 1 do not wait next time to explain if you still call me liar. What is this about a woman? What are these prisoners you bring to Calabasas and send word that 1 am to leave them alone? Why should I bother?" "They're Vasquez's men. He's interfered twice now ... to your advantage." Leonis made an impatient ges ture. "Give me facts, not what you think about theni. I know nothing." Blaise told about Rennle's kidnapping, and the attaek on the hideout. "And you blame me?" Leonis Mked. "I think Vasquez is your man. Maybe he look Rennie on the spur of the moment, but a split of ten thousand would help you." Leoaia' ey«a flashed but hla voice remained calm. "I have done many tnlnjf*. perbapo. But I have never kidnapped a woman, or ordered U done, or ahared any profit from it. You may believe it" , Biaia* studied him closely. "Vas quez does your work for you." be said. "That Ui never so! I have tried to build a ranch here . . . once thoufbt to make it big to the mountains east and soutn and north. But I never use Vasquez. I will five you Scorpion riders to »wni htm down «ad km him." "And Uu*t prt»<*ersT" *I WWW not raia* a ftacer .help tUttta." l*Mfe decUred hotly. Mj|i|| t~UM"Q^Aini tfcMM *~ " .hat you believe of me. You drive viy men from your rancho. You come back to live there, it is right hey leave," "They didn't talk that way." "They did not know. 1 tell them .hey arc not to go back, ever. It s your rancho . . . you have it. I drive you from Calabnsas because 1 think you start gunning from the moment you return. I put ,'ou in jail. You want to get even. ; want only to Uccp peace in Calabasas nnd this land." "Once you didn't." "Once I did not," Leonis agreed, 'But then 1 have not nearly lost everything with flood anil drought. I have not then understand this will not be big cattle country, that nave enough land tor my own needs. 1 do not set tire to your place. 1 do not have anyone killed in Siml, nor do I join with a dirty bandit to kidnap. That I don't do," "You're asking me to believe a lot only on your own word," Blaise sffid finally. "Is that not enough?" Leonis demanded. "H a r d 1 y, under the circumstances." Leonis' eyes flashed. "Maybe 1 tell you something that help you. SVho is buying up homestead claims a little at a time over the past ten years ? Who has bought tax-delinquent lands? I do not care who, but 1 do learn the old, vacant land out in the Valley is bought up, a bit here, a bit there. Up toward Chatsworth, between there and the Mission, are the most farms. New . . . almost all In ten years. Who they buy from?" "All right, who?" Hal interposed. Leonis paid no attention to huii. "I take advantage of what I find. Like I icarn about Chavez when 1 think 1 want Valley land and I come to your rancho while you are gone." "Then it was you!" Blaise exclaimed. "I hunt, that only. We do not plant Chavez's gun because we never had tu Neither me nor any Scorpion man kill that bad hombre. But 1 find the weapon. I use it. You blame me for killing Chavez. I never did it. No man of mine did it. The trail you follow was never mine." Leonis straightened with a sign, looked from Hal to Blaise. "I have toW you what I know. I want no mere trouble, but I will help you hang Vasquex. for that brings peace at last to the Valley and to me. Out do not ever again call »e liar, or say that I <to!w« or kly patience is gone. Yet I will; icnd Scorpion riders to help guard; he prisoners and take them to Los| Angeles for trial. It is a pleasure.! . regret that Vasquez is not among 1 hem. So goodbye now." Back In Calabasas, jaded and veary, Blaise and Hal partook of heir meal at the little Cafe. Mon- .anas riders had galloped into town, stationing themselves Ilk juards at strategic points. "^ Over his coffee Hal asked: 'Whore you headin' next, p«rd- ner?" "Conejo. Maybe I didn't ask all the questions I should." "Maybe I'd better ride along. You flush this gent we're hunting and you might need a lot of help." "No, Hal. I'll go alone." Hal rolled a 'Cigarette, and spoke soberly. "I don't know much about the folks down here . . . not you. But it it ain't Leonis. it'd be just one other." He took a Dime,with his match. "What about her?" Blaise looked up. "I don't know. Hal." I'd rather It .wouldn't be her," Hal said, testing each word. "She's married, and you—-" •Net now, even if she wasn't married," Blaise cut in. "Weil, that's a little something," Hal admitted. "I ain't said a wort! since 1 didn't know how things stood. But she caught me hard from the first time 1 seen her, Blaise. So I hope it ain't Mark Davis." "Who else?""Leonis ...lying fast and hard," Hal admitted. He marie * wry face. "Ride or» to Conejo. Tell me what you find out." Blaise came to the edge of town, and settled to the ride ahead. He saw no sign of Mark he rode by the house, so he con" tinued up the rojjd. Mrs. Case mad< b4m welcome and, soon-after, Wai and Paul returned from the .. was ready and they atie lm" mediately In that concentrated sil ence typical of ranch and farm. A last Paul sighed contentedly an sat back. "What's the news?" he aske Blaise sketched Rennie's kidnai ping. They listened In stunne. amazement and Walt spoke ingly. "You said you'd call me. never heard nothing , . . and this was going on." "Things mo-fed too fast." answered with a smile. He at Paul. "But when your done, I could use him a few «ng,« Paul •y GltM Y«ttft§ 02AMKIKI ONLY THR6Gf 6UTU9 GAMES f VMAVBA PLAY \NITHOUTA N-THE LAW i ( MAN IN v)x WOPLD.' Electoral College Answer to Previous Puzzle OUT OUR WAT By J. R. Williams VIC FUN i HORIZONTAL. 53 Equal 1 York has 54 Boy 47 electoral 55 Cooking votes vessels 4 has 4 56 Vipers electoral votes57 Streets (ab.) 8 Rhode Island VERTICAL has 4 votes 12 High priest (Bib.) 13 City in what may be 49th state ICape 2 Pen name of Charles Lamb 3 has 12 : electoral votes 4 Beneath 1 14 Prod 15 Female a if K W c o K E A V 1= * e N O O M A N R A U U A L. T O T • N T T K A M S e 1C • K 1 e i_ i i s n B B ft K 1* B M T 1 T B S T A T • A T e T FT N B N\ S N T H e «s i N u M In K A U O A R. n e» ••>. i T A K T R S O P 0 < T R V A S B A N A V e j u p o T • l_ l_ O K B S A M E T 61 S B K e N T f» B R S Climbing 40 Inclines plants ,41 Horned •«:. Yielding ruminnnls ' . Emanation 42 Upon Enthusiasm 43 Roman Oils from emperor Israel 11 Poems statesman 18 Perfumed pads 20 News—- 17Eatsaway show election 19 Sd activities 21 Rowing tool 22 Cry of Bacchanals I 24 Without i 26 Dry i 27 Musical syllable 30 Ejection 32 Closer 34 Well-wisher 35 Get free 36 Brown 37 Small children 39 Show disapproval 40 Weary 41 Lair 42 Wrath 45 Causing reverential fear 49 has 12 electoral votes 51 Electrical atom 52 Mouthward 6 Entertainer Ke27 whale blubber44 Insect 9 Theater box 28 Corded fabrics 46 Cry 10 First king ot 29 War god of 47 Ditch around Greece 31 Whole 33 Hurts 38 Torments a castle , 48 Finishes ' y*v 50 Watering i^..; place t 12. IS 1 IB' XH 'iO 3N % m 19 !>Z 55" 2. Hb 43 3 •i\ W V 'if HO H 13 16 il 'SI a '','.:'. 'ib i>0 53 £fa- fe 22 '••; •' ''. -'•'' ib IS 7 •:'/'.-: n 32 y m> >7 20 41 8 "I 3'i 39 9 27 bl S'l 57 10 28 W II - 29 H5 IB VOU MAY MOT BB SMOKING VET BUT VOU SURE WILL. BE SK.ILLEC? BY THE TIME. MDLJ START.' SOUR. PA'S BEEM . , SMOKIM& FOE.THIRTV >-"' YEARS, AMP HE. STILL HOLPS 'EM LIKE A PARROT HAN<5ISia OK) A , PERCH.' . ,/V WHV MOTHER'S (SET WHO 15 THIS AVSM >OU THINK <VMSHT HAVE KIL1.EC7 OKl?IN TlPir^ \\IC£± LJAPPT'eii-rvyt MkhMl O'Malto* anil Melt* THAT NICE C.HAUFr-'EUH OP VCUK FATHER«. «.USON/ YOU'RE OUT C- VOLiR ,\p/ , kNEW APOUT AWOfZKIN. HB C?lt?NT LIKB\I KNOW*" OBfWN. WB TOLPj VVMBRB HB A\BTHATHtW/ 19/LIBUTEN- SBUP. »PLINT. I OUR BOARDING MOUSE Major Heopl* HERE VJE ARe.tv' WE \l HOV4'5 *& \NELCOMEj 8Oy6f HOVS/*« LAFAverie >M OMLY \ BATTLE-J( FORTU^Aie yoo CAME/ —v-Je & HADS,\ AX? ^-^6ATTLE-AX RACES FAIRLY FLEWJ > 6EV&M ( 6TILL *•<&. TOMORROVM. AMO rr?'- " FLAT /XTRVlNSp? SHE'LL VsJiM 50 7)\ TO BEAT/-\EASILV IT. ^ • ~ ?"' CARNIVAL •v Dick Tuner T. H. tttt- U. S. P>l. W. Copr..i98; by NE* Stryiti, In, _„ FUNNY BUSINESS •y H«nhb«rger j "We landed that big customer the boss has been trying to 1 get for months—when he gets back from his vacation t...-"--- he'll ba furious!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbrolth "Miss Woods, take an office message to Mr. Jones!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ly lletMr VOU'RE RIGHT. FI2EOCLES !\ ITS GOT TQ SOMEONE'S PULUWS-THAT 1 BE. LARD/ STRING THE MIRROR'S J He'S.TRV|M& TlEP TO / IF nrs • HOPPERS HIDEOUT, VOU CAN BE SUR.E -HEfe. / "fevswr. COMTACr OTHEI~-'">~ WE'RE 7 PULUNQ OUT ! WetL BOSS.THE COPPER ARE T WMAT ELSE C \: BUOWIM'.' THEY DIDWT J DIWATHIMIC K> }SEE us/ WASH TUBES WON'T YOU KWOW Y AW, SHUT UP! WOTTA IT WAS WPON6 TO I V£»U KWOW ABOUT TAKE THAT TIE.BILLY? DICJN'T YOU REALIZE ITWASSTEALIN6?, •I L.i!i«Tur ., ; '..•:','...-.- i-..'. .vvh ^vKEasa NOW VOU'VS RUINft y BUTlCANTBELfeVE \ B0«& ME STIFF, SEE? y<9u'»e RtrALLv BAP...Mor 1 UBMMC SEE THATI MAYBE you JUST THINK IT'S SNAART TO AC.TTOU6M! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar AI .•*»>;»» •<**M GS BUNNY ,: ,^ ••^' ALLEY OOP __ »'M. C.I.W.. kl, """^~ -~ • 6-ia » " •y V. T. homHn, SO ALLEY OOP/ THAT'S RIGHT, AISDOCX3I.^ I AMOS?..LEfT'S TAKE ARE OVER IN I A LOOK. AND Bf.U ' OLD AGIA V HOVV THEY'RE MINOK, EH? ; fc DOIN3. 7-^/i m /., \r BUV I DON'T GEE OOGU.A... *', AMOS BRONSON, ARCHAEOLOGIST, i /Mfc. \ t-- >*^v ?l HEAD OH BRQN5ONIAN INSTITUTION I /PfiK'M ^ /T 10 V \\ AND A5SOCIATE OF PR.WONMUG 1 l"1¥'((0))J YB-iaN .I'LLIKV ANOTHER W THERE 6HE 16. AND/ IT MUST UITINGI HMW /[ FOOZYTOO...BUT / MAGIC OF WK'RE ^/ \ LOOK/ MY STARS, I SORT, '" THAT A MAGIC V FORSURB/* CARPET? CHRIS WELKIN, Plonctcer Bv Michael OCMolley and Ka VAygZ *HB'P """"""""""F NOW THAT'$ '* '*? fr c?w:c« nwce WITH VSALB&. UBK IpgNTJT^ ^m HENRY «A. A j *&-•> 't i-»

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