Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on December 19, 1957 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, December 19, 1957
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OF m.rroiiY ,1 ;.:•".:iv::3 JL:.i:o l r ), I- 1 . 1 :A 19 DECEMBER 1957 thru the week with the editor Christmas is rushing madl; us. but isn't it all fun. We even forgive the almo:-l m;\ ranled commercili/.ation in light of some of the fun and joymerif and genuine good we note from day to day in.-piied. of course, bv the appmarhni" day. tlw Always about this year is the annual Garb, Game dinner. And this was excellent, in true Gai hi e tradition, as usual. Antelope, coon, turtle soup, squirrel, spar row pot pie (that's right, it \vas HKAIj sparrow, and good, too). venison. Fayette's own Terry Mullins caught the beaver while much of the meat was provided by area people who attended, ttw Knowing full-well liiat the Donnell family, related to the Hath's, almost command the giant Hath Packing Company. I asked A. IX Donnell, v. ho attend ed the dinner, what he did at the I"fath Packing Company "for use in our paper". His answer: "I'm the President." So. another faux pas. ttw I went to high school at Hast High in Waterloo wilh his s<m. Jim, and other son John, was at the Legislature several times, but. how was I to know what the Dad did? ttw Dave Archie, publisher of the Iowa maga/inc was there and enjoyed himself. For those of you who read the IOWAN, bo sure to .see the feature on the wild game dinner. It's interesting and very well done. It behooves every local citizen to read the story of this relatively new annual even 1 , in Fayette society. ttw Back to Christmas. The annual party at the collide was held Thursday eve. Mrs. Editor was presented with the Josephine Borchert award for Uxorial Fidelity in the light of sacrificing her career for an "ambitious and domineering husband.' Everyone knows I'm not ambitious; I just work all night because I can't sleep. tlw In Ihe major address of the evening Dr. Hendrix lold about eating at a place where they give monogrammcd napkins. At least, 'he reports, he thought his was monogrammod—until it crawled away. ttw Among our most beautiful Christmas cards this year is one from Bob and Shirley Carson of Independence (Bob is State Rep. from Buchanan and Majority Leader of the House.) They made a trip around the world last summer and obviously boughl their Christmas cards abroad. tlw Anyway,, inside were pressed flowers wilh Ihe words below them: Flowers from the Holy Land. On the back the lettering, Made in Jerusalem. A truly beauliful piece. ttw Also, on cards, one from Mr. and Mrs. Louie Ilalverson, whom many of you know with thc address; Mr. and Mrs. DLK and ?. tlw I was in Chicago lasl Sunday visiting with some of my good '.Hebrew friends there, the Schustoffs. Mr. *;* "'« his cards with a big MERRY CHRISTMAS with a large six- pointed star of David below it His wife didn't know about it until he showed her and he was severely reprimanded, she thinking H would offend his Christian friends. To which he replied, "Oh" this is just for certain ones who'll understand." FAYETTE, IOWA Price Five Cents VOLUME 42, NO. 25 VOCAL MUSIC NEWS CHAMBER OF COMMERC SPONSORS FREE TURKEYS „. . The Mixed Chorus has been Christmas Program Sunday busily preparing for their part Evening ' n tnc Student Council program \ , , r ,„, . . to be given this Thursday night •>...; Methodist Sunday School, j^ j h rf Q •_ • n smas sound Mm w,M ard Ye * p , ' AND SHOW FOR THE KIDS ior Department will give recita- also be solos, come and hear us. sure to <-.„,,„, Choir. The Teen A^rs K T "'¥?' ^^^ ***** <** T ° MARTIN TIMM -^^.^ T * ^"'IT? RECOVERING FROM , , ^uli'^tK^ ^Sc r-tS'SSd'i the £^orS U r, b ^^^^^ Gnau,, Gift, with a modern day ^Tnrf «/ .h^WM^ Jnr^ ^ay, December 27.1, at the Fox and at the Willing Workers Farmer Takes Own Life rvr nnrnATiAM RANDALIA — A r><)-year-oi,i tit UrtKAllUN Handalia farmer. Louis Haht. FAYETTE "— Martin Timm. l()()k ''is own life by hanging on FREE SHOW FOR ..[. ..; t..,,, u^,.,.,. , ,. :t »»• A v«.v UIH.A en. un; vriiiing vvuiM-'is - , . r , ,,nin -m, l", u *' CKlb moetin S llc>ld at the hom <' XL™ ¥•?* -Howard btranahan. Fayetlc Police Chief, has success- U> a unique appeal to keep of Mrs. Streeter. Last Friday they There will be a 12:30 Potluck fully undl>1 . Bolu , an 0|H . 1 . a t ion in p.m. Wednesday. f-'rm near here ahou, f,:U.i ('hrislmas. the central person in sang for the school pep meeting. luncheon followed with will be treats for the Kvery one welcome. Mr. Farwell'accompanied "them ch " n 8 tf ° f «"* c , enl « ifts an ex- Marshalitown for an eye Cataract Fayelte county coroner Carlyle , .. ... .. l>ach tlmc Wlth tllc ;ind is rt , c . overin g nc ,. L , All who have December birth- Tn ,, y ,. L , poI . t sl!(;in Sf)me w()n . days are invited to join in the d( ,,. fu , operations, being performed while in Marshalitown. Hint/ has ruled the death a Ilahl was found by his lf> veal old daughter in Ihe barn on Id-: farm. His widow said lie had been in ill hi.al.h Father Shekleton Installed yjfl W Q[J TO RUN As Cathoic Pastor Here pQn fQWrDrcc ArAIM School To Present Monsignor Vernon J. Peters, * y u , 1 V" 11 " 1 * XLl OJ rtunin tl , Dean of the Ossian Deanary, has u>n Wolf - Elkader, Iowa feed I he Christmas Story officially installed Father Lowell manufacturer and mill operator. "The Christmas Story" will be J. Shekleton as pastor of Saint today announced thai he would presented ibis Thursday night, Francis Church here in Fayelte run again for United Stale con December lilth at H:()()' in the at the church prior to 10:30 mass. g ,. ess fo ,. i owa - s seconc i district Hi « h S"-' 1 ' 1 "' 1 Gym. The program The parish had a potluck dinner „,,,,-. » . , i- s sponsored bv the Student for the new priest at the Farm Wolf ' Democrat, who was bare- ^^ ;m(| llu .' va , 1(llls mllsil , 1 , Bureau building following mass, ly defeated for this same office ^nuips w ji| participate in the '• in the Eisenhower landslide two event. JGl Kare Klub, years ago, says he intends to Keryone is invited. Have Christmas Party campaign on the merce will sponsor a free movie for all kids up to and including Ihe lith grade this Saturday at 1 ::«). I're.-iilent Erwin Goeken also announced that ten free turkeys will he given at the Bank corner at ~.!.:}~i. Santa Clans will be at the theatre following the comedy- cartoon carnival with treats for all the kids. SOME STORES OPEN LATE 'The Chamber of Commerce has announced that several Fayette Stores will remain open until 8:30 Thl|| .,,,. |V .,„,, Frid . |y o{ this w.'i k and Monday of next week. Saturday they will be open until i!:(lll a-: u.-ual. THANK MTE Have Christmas Party ^ampa.gn on the same issues nin7CTlml 7^,,,,; mnni/o ,,„, n Members of the Kil Kare Klub wnich P™mpted him to enter UUtDlIUW Uf lilt WttK/ WILL BE LAST and Iheir families met at the !»"«<* two aRO ' home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank He defined Ihese issues as de- Janis Kinco Christmas is just around Top left: Split butt crosswise so the tree can take up water. Downing, Saturday evening, De- terioration of world leadership; Ulo corncr - i thought I'd ask Top right: Put tree in water; keep protected from sun and wind, cember 14th, for their annual bankruptcy in our farm program* somc 0 ( u u . 1,^1, sehocl ••.Indents Bottom left: Keep reservoir tree-holder filled with water. Christmas party. under Secretary of Agriculture w hat they wanted .Santa Clans to Bottom right: Hang lights so they don't touch needles. The evening was spent playing Ber < s «n; high interest rates and brinK tholri Here's what they "inn inrl nhpfkprs their effect on small business and „..:,) Take Care Of Your The wax reduces moisture loss su », .™ a ™° exchanged and at consumer buying, and the need B ilf Hughes: a to,, coat, sweater. Christmas Tree the needles - However, the thc close of the evening a pot for modernizing our educational t , mu , ni h;l( , . l|1( , solm , thmL , ,, llfl t,r-t7r> ™r.e,« more moisture a tree gives off, luck lunch was served to the 42 system to cope with present day ;md t . utld i v (Wonder what Hill KEEP FRESH, ,,,„ „,„„„ *„„,.—* :» :„ „,.„„(,. ~- n ,.r,.,t science developmenls. means by that last one ''•'•' Tin Kav •!!• Chamber of Com- niei•(•'• ha; ; nnonnje.d tbat Ihis Saturday's Thuiik Nile drawing will be the last in this series and will conclude ;he Thank Nite Promotion. AVOID FIRE HAZARDS the more fragrant it is. guests present. .... ,. , .. , . t . Keep your tree cool, but shelter The next meeting will be. at Wolf, who served in the United Bill Fmcn: ., , op ctytll am , THE Whether your family trims the it from drafts and sun It , s best thc home of ^^ . Owen on Stales navy during World War II, THING Chris.mas tree a week or so be- t H th u * for,- Chrwtmas or whether Santa outsid / doo ^ and out brmKS ,1 in on Christmas Eve icture window For safety's Twent ieth Century you n want to do what you can sak K ^ iwentietn century f Jfl 7th _ „ sunn , . sake, Keep the tree away from to keep your tree fresh and to tne fire , a £rom rogisters , ra . keep it trom becoming a fire diators and ()thcr heat sourccs . hazard. was born uH«i~Wi*<-Hj*.oM- a farm. R/ ICI , van Bog-art- cfolhe;;. attended rural and urban schools j ;mit . ( , Schabaker; luggare and and graduated from the Universi- ( .| ( ,t) 1( , s ty of Wisconsin wiUi Majors in Barbara Nading: a record player. Have Christmas Party political history and agricultural SI( , V( . Vermaxen: a radio and a The Twentieth Century Club economics. . There aren't any chemical solu- mot Tuesday afternoon, Decem- hind the iron curtain this year as dog like "Fred Finger". Alan Finger: an Edsel or a clock ... - . . . i.ii\ J i<-t(i«-*J«,«4iTl_i*l t , ill t\,(A* OUAM lilt- I Your tree will stay fresh mois Uons Qr as cf£eclive as fa 10 , for "their annual Christ- nma me iron curuun lnls yeu, as ,,, di() and fire-resistant if it's bought watcr . in k ^ ng a tree firc . re . ^ '";. t the homc of Mrs . part of a JO.OOO mile tour of Bmce Heck: a new sister (Wh, fresh, says Marie R. BOV.S County sjsiant ,„ faPct g some solutions E E Garbeo. with the Guests Europe has made many talks U) , m; , Uei . Bnl , ( , (|lin ., ,,„, : llst - After have the oooosite effect-the n=,r^it,,,. n**l*tin*. smce returning home, relative lo Carol get along?) ex.ension home economist. you buy your tree, throw cold assisting. w * re o . he increasing dangers which K;iy( . ( , impbl , 11: ., nuisancc flnd safcl hazard of d> , fa Van and Mrs off the but! end of the tree. Then atrung QUt extension cords . Mame Cok , rcad a pocm and a you're ab handy '"with Tat and Check to see that tree lights guests. hatchet, do these things yourself, are in good condition btffve - Put the tree in a container of stringing them on the tree. If P/tljAAI MPWQ water When your're ready to your strings of lights are unsafe, SUiUUL NfiTIO trim the trio use a commercial have them fixed before pulling Fifth Grade News r-st-rvoir tree-holder or devise a them on the tree or replace them We broke our record again last holder from a pail or other con- with new sets. Tree lights with a wec k in spelling and had 25 A's. t-iiner concealed by metal foil, frayed cord could cause a short We seem to get better each week. Kit a crosswise rack over the pail, circuit and set the tree on fire. Our room looks pretty now. Put small stones or pieces of Hang lighls so they don't touch We have made Christmas decora- Mar K o Downing «r,,rds. brick" in Hie bottom of the con- needles. t'liner to give it weight and to Always '•import the tree WATER EVERY DAY tions, have our tree up, and most unplug tree lights o£ the presents for our Mothers when you go away from home are made. Allen Holtzman and when you go to bed at night, brought three strings of lights isn't safe to leave them burn- f or our tree and Mrs. Everett we have lots of Jim Reasland is President of Rod & Gun Club A cut tree needs at least a . ., .u i . • quart of water a day to stay fresh »ng even if the electric connec- brought one so 5SJSS£HS,^*JS WS? £?*#- TXSZ. - c,™ „„. -,,,„, M« JW ™,,, c .,«, ,„»-. »..,, v,,,,™,,,,,,. The Fayette Rod and Gun ing conservation activities. Club met at the Farm Bureau Other officers, besides Reas- mnora because every needle gives off tree down at least by New Year's pose d this nice Christmas poem 24 members present. The annual Sanderson; Secretary, moisture in a warm room, and because the danger of fire grows uri der the guidance of Miss Lus- election of officers was held and Stevens; Treasurer, Bili the tree has to replace this mois- greater each day. Don't leave it t er: j jm R eas ]and of Fayette was Board of Directors, llarol H a n k Bill Orr; the tree has to replace this mois- greater eacn day. Lion i jeavu u ter: Jjm R eas ]and of Fayette was Hoard of Directors, Harold Mul- ture lo keep fresh. Now you can in the basement or yard—a dried- Qn Christmas Day elected President of the Club to lins, Eldrcd Dumermuth and Don buy commercial"wax preparation °ut tree will burn in a few sec- Qn Christmas Day is the birth of SUC ceed retiring President Pete Kimball. that you can spray on the tree. onds. the Christ Child. He was a babe Busta. Following the meeting an :^.<:;:;:;;;:::;i;i:;n;;;i;n;!ii;!;;i::;ili!iin!l!;iU!l!!!!in!:!iH!HHHHU!i!!innHHniniiHnnnni!!ilii!!!nmi!!!nn'.!i!ii!!a both meek and mild, On Christ- Stale Rep. Don Kimball of Fay- oyster stew was served by Betty " mas Day we eat and play Skate ctto reported to the club on the Wilke, Mrs. Bill Orr and Mrs. with our 'friends, and model clay. ;, c tions of the legislature concern^ Doyle Kauffman. We come downstairs and what — : do we see, All our presents under students waited anxiously. It was fighting them. the tree. When Christmas is over the day of our first basketball The next girls Junior High and we take the tree down, We eil me. We are sorry to report basketball game is with Randalia are anxious for the season to that the girls lost, 29-3'J, but the on December 17 a! Fayette. We again roll ' round. boys won 49-1G. Good job boys! hope the girls win this game. A new unit was started today, The decorating committee for Lots of luck boys and girls! Mrs. Hod JoJinson has an- Some are still available and may Monday, December 16 in Social our Christmas party have put a In music class, the Junior WSCS Calendar Now Available Mrs. Hod tlw (Kslhcr) Johnson the W.S.C.S. calendar. who have already ordered one. of Christian 'Service of Fayette's Wfi drew names f or a gift ex- | us sleigh. Another decoration is Our Christmas party will be The Calendars not sold may be First 'Methodist Church. change for Friday, December 20. our Christmas tree. It is decora- held Friday afternoon. We have obtained from Mrs. Johnson. We lan to nave a Christmas ted by lights, bulbs, and brightly decided to let thc seventh grade its Fri- co lored ropes. On another bullet- join our merry makfng. We will in board there is the story of the play games, exchange gifts, and Birth of Christ. i-njo.V our refreshments of cookies -, Hid event iii;:iii^;niUi:»«i:iH:::Kii»iiiiiiiiHiiii:Hi!lHI»iiiH!I!!iiiH:Him»Uii!mH«iii!l:iiiUi!Hi!ii!:!ilil!iiliilIii!ii!lilimUU part y w ,th games and treats 11 >• Kn • *•«• •Clxvllfh I a frltYl^l" ••v^k •••••* M*. M. •«*• ^^m n i-Jmt r\f4m»r%r\nn tlw ™ * in who is taking her Chnslmas n",n the pines to the palms. ttw ,. We uv e still hearing comph- JSs on Dr. Maxwell's presentation of "The Messiah. Miss Stella Latimer Leaves For Georgia Miss Stella Latimer left this wi ? hul '| 7 £ week for St. Simons Island, Georgia to spend Christmas in the home of her nephew Rep. 8 ^J^^ t Charles L. Gowen and family. She intends to stay on Island during winter months and have day afternoon. Science Class has a nice dis- hich bowler P^y of model planes up in our i n American History we have and ice cream. ni t n » °™T t on how our We all are anxiously wailing BOWLERS pnme OV u'nd room. The one made entirely by just" completed a unit on how our We all are am 15 for 3 hand from materials at home by government was formed. This for our Christmas /as especially in- unit, as the units before, was very vacation will probably do us all signed, construct- interesting. We learned the Pre- good. " it all 'by himself. am ble to the Constitution of the We have read the•Uncle Remus as vacation. Ihe -was H u/ifh 33 wins teresting. He designed Rock N RoUers ed and painted it all 'by d „ ,olSf ... and 17 losbeB. ™ story, The Wonderful lar Baby. g Qn ^ werc ull bnff] d , th part-lime employment in a Gift Panhandlers third with 30 wms * uen8t £™ December 10 was a diffci .ent disease carrying insects, usual dialect used in the story. Shop. and 18 losses. day for wh ich all the Junior High «nd the scientists who helped in It was rather nurd for many ot amble United Slales. unit a UPPER IOWA COMMUNITY CHOIR PRESENTS MESSIAH liy Ethel Gillette Last Sunday the Upper Iowa Coniinuniiy Choir, under the capable/ direction of Dr. LeGrand Aia.\\vell. iiead () f Upper Iowa's music department, presented George Frederick Handel's oratorio, the "Messiah". A near capacity audience was rewarded by an especially fine production 01 tin- niagnificaiit score, in this annual Christmas event. t ne chorus of 72 people was drawn not only from the members ol tlie UIU student body and the Fayette community but from towns as far as 70 miles away. It proved to be rich and well balanced, particularly in the familiar "Surely He Hath Borne Our Grids". HacheJ Van Clove's soprano Milns showed ample evidence of her many professional appearances before she joined the Upper Iowa faculty and "Shepherds Aoiuing In Tin 1 Field' found her in complete command of the music. In the tenor solos Ted Zeran gave each the full benefit of his vibrant voice. Hussell Elliott's several bass solos were excellently done, especially "Behold, I Ti 11 You A Mystery", which was enhanced by the trumpet played by Mmdfurd Sill. Both Elliott and Xcran are well known performers m tin. Fayuttt! area and will be remembered for Iheir appearance in the "Mikado" among others. Another familiar figure was Walter Farwell, Fayetle Community School vocal instructor, who sang "Why Do The Nations So Furiously Uugi??" with feeling. William Davis has a rich bass voice that seems always perfectly under control and he showed a capability tor fine shadings. One ol tin. 1 most pleasant surprise's of the evening was the rich contralto voice of LeRayne Hurcl of Maynard, whose performance retained its scope without sacri- licing mobility. The entire performance was beautifully iii'd together by the able and sensitive accompaniment of Professor Robert Keyton at the organ. Tin? "Messiah" has come to have special significance at Christmas to this community as well as to many others. The story work is sung or. various occasions of Christ set to music, Handel's throughout the year, but the oratorio, especially the "Hallelujah" chorus expresses to Christians throughout the world the full meaning of the Christmas season.

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