Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 14, 1971 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 14, 1971
Page 2
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editorials PAGE 4 Garden City Telegram Monday, June 14, If71 Another Kind of Crime Diverting attention to the conditions of migrants in other states will not help our problem. And it is no answer or any consolation to the afflicted to say things are worse elsewhere. But there issomething beyond the mass murders in Yuba City that speaks clearly about attitudes toward the poor and the friendless. And the message is not just for that shocked California farming community. The murders themselves were a horrible tragedy. Whether the person arrested is responsible is something for the courts to decide. There is another question, however, which should haunt us all, another kind of crime for which the guilt is widespread and for which, possibly, there is no adequate prevention. One murder, one missing person in a small community is possible to understand. But how could more than two dozen residents of a small city disappear into crude graves without anyone's knowing it — no one in tfieir neighborhoods, at their jobs, in their church, among that host of bureaucrats hi any city who are involved one way or another in the health, welfare and safely of citizens. The answer lies in that blunt description in a wire story: "... middle-aged drifters and itinerant farmers . . . many remain unidentified . . ." In other words, nobodies. Faceless men. Homeless men. Jobless men. Churchless men. Non-citizens. Non-persons. Easy victims because they already existed in a kind of living death; because no one cared, really, whether they lived or died. What dark corners there are in this glittering, .affluent society! That, too, is some kind of crime. "I CAN'T come over," one little friend told another on the phone, "until the man on the TV cancels the tornado." * * * SOMETHING TO look forward to; seedless pickles No one we know ever has spit the pita out of pickles, but Michigan horticulturist thought it worth thai* time and research to eliminate the seeds. The, area around the seeds is soft and mushy, they thought, so wthout seeds there'd be more crunch in cucumber products. * * * PICKLES ARE consumed at the rate of four million pounds a day in this country, according to a recent consumer report. That comes to more than seven and a half pounds of pickles a year for every man, woman and child — and it doesn't count salad cucumbers. Michigan is tine nation's largest pickle producer — a $10 million dollar annual cash crop. * * * TWO KITTENS to give-away: one is yellow and white and the other is multi-color. Call 6-2186. Those are good ones. * * * WE KNOW a fellow who has a copy of a Police Gazette from the year 1886. He'll sell it to a Gazette fan or collector. Call 6-3069[. * * * A FISHERMAN says that of all the trout species, the brown trout is the heartiest. It can withstand more pollution than any of the others. But how does that make the brown trout taste? * * * A' HOUSEHOLD hint suggests using toothpaste to clean bathroom fixtures — it doesn't scratch and .leaves a bright shine. And probably there's a dob or two of the stuff already squirted out and left around the lavatory ready to go to work. * * * WE HAVE a note on our so-called desk that says: Mud Slide Slim and The Blue Horizon, zon. What does it mean? Who or what is it? Needle... by Harold Coffin Consumer debt, the Federal Reserve Board reports, has increased by $450 million in just one month. Now if we can just get those eager consumers to pay tiieir bills. * * * Here's a clear indication that folks are starting to spend more freely. Trouble is, they're still spending other folks' money. * * .* Installment purchasing has, increased four months in a row. For this upsurge in business you have to give the consumer credit. * * * If prosperity is just around the corner, so ia tihe day of reckoning. * ¥ * These days a fellow can get just albout everything on the installment plan including a huge debt. Garden City Telegram Published Daily Exctpt Sunday «nd SI* Holiday* Yearly By The TtUgram Publishing Company 276.3232 1)0 N. 7th Garden City, Kani«>, 6784* this mindless wave of cop killingsr JIM BISHOP: REPORTER Short Notes on False Fronts and Phony People The natural state of affairs full of tt» sex habits of toe be said. The janitor did not tell is misrepresentation. Those who Prussian weasel, he hurried to the novelist that the blonde had have consciences realize that his girl friend's apartment, to- paid him two hundred to keep they are dishonest. Those with- stead of knocking on her door, quiet about a oab driver named out them regard themselves as benefactors who accidentally dealt a card from Hie bottom of the deck. The tw.vs who steal apples from the fruit, peddlers had grandfathers who stole furniture from warehouses. There was a New York ( columnist who learned that his syndicate judged his worth by the amount of mail he drew. So he proposed a contest called "Why We Should Have Trees in Our Subways." A spurious notion. The winner, it was stated, he went to the basement sought the janitor. Jim Bishop "Okay, Don. One .night, Texas Guiman was staging <a sucker show with phony booze, phony musicians, and phony customers. When the show was over, Richard Bennett, one of the great Shakespearean actors, stood on his wobbly feet, -and hushed everyone ait the white tables to silence. He opened a Bible. It seemed sacrilegious. In the low, hollow tones of Richard Burton, Mr. Bennett began to read the Old Testament. He read for twenty minutes. It was iihe waiter said. "The notebook." The janitor would win two tickets to a hit gave it to him. "Two men," he not related to a girlie show -with Broadway show. Twenty thou- said. "All the time. One night a legs, buit he read and mud. sand responses came in. The columnist was a big man. He tall dark man who called him- when he finished, Richard self Stanislaus; the next night Bennett sat to tremendous ap- becaotse he inaugurated a swiii- They get there at eight; die, which was understood by leave by ten. the syndicate bosses. cover. It of the "And we wiD do everything in our power to thwart » thousand by morning or your * ~ * i raincrln.cF j-vtirfcalre ** received no increase in salary a mato who said he was Ycsef. piause. Then he handed the - '-'-'- '•'- — Bible to Texas Gutoan. "I proffer this," he said solemn- The novelist broke into laugh- ly, "as a souvenir of the oc- Legs Diamond was a disrepu- ter. Both men were his brothers casion." table punching bag. He had so and he forgot that he had paid She looked on the many bullets in him that he them a hundred apiece to keep said: "Compliments was afraid to weigh himself. an eye on his girl. "Thanks," Ctaridge Hotel." . . . Someone told him that Al poison, a greait talent and a small mind, was afraid of gangsters. Legs phoned Jolson .at the Winter Garden and said: "This is Legs Diamond. I want fifty sunging Jolson, a thick-lipped, molasis- es-skinmed man, suddenly bad a face that looked like a barrel of (nows of Discrimination Of Fierro,, Leoti, Discriminia- one bites you, you feel the pain tion and Stuff: If you never in and won't forget it; but when dis- JACK ANDERSON REPORTS: Power Chairman, Natural s~. Gas Producers Conspire , , . , then it hurts worse. In oHher crimination and hatred — you wordS) gome ^ j^ ^^.^ ^g^ simply don't know how it tastes ies are in our own "Raza", until or what ooloir it is, also if we they wake up and see the needs don't look at problems in the of others less fortunate. You can't take a joke? A pal e ye Show can we cope with torn Let us not forget, that if calls up and makes a funny and ^yj now ean we solve them? everyone went back to where know a very well known they came from our USA would be empty.—I.G. VALENZUELA, ged for help. In the morning, Legs Diamond phoned Jolson and sweet-talked: "Jolie, Baby? What's the matter with you? you go around screaming. A group of theatrical person- sa ying or phrase "that goes — alities wais sitting around 1 a - - -- ... table in the late hours .at Reuben's. There were Oscar Levant, Vincenlt Lopez, Clifton Webb, Ben Bernie, and Zelma O'Neill. The waiter's name was Charlie. In the kitchen, a skin- Tennis Courts Crummy •f * r WASHINGTON — Feitoal era Yet Nassikas told Senator A formal riding fwm the FPC with him for a dollar. Charlie Power Cihiairmain John Nasisi- Plhl Hart, D : MMi., the Senate is &6H1 pending. But since Nas- nodded. We ^ ^^ Wft ^ &VQ a legit . ny Puerto Rioan waiter asked imate ^ latat about ^ COIl . e ng * «tai of the tennis courts in • e9pe , oia]1 y the workfag ait Ben Grimistey gym. This maikes it inaide- quaite for niigihtfttme use. The lights don't even operate on the kas, who its supposed to protect awtitrusit dh»fcmam, that thie the (housewives from ejccessive gas reserve figures from the producers and pipeline operators "cloisieliy parallel" each other. This lafppaairs to Tie an outright Me. For Nassitoas knew we in. fpom MS own econom- stady, dated Fetoiiary 12, the figures were pnistagly wide apart." On© of tihe Nassikas Paipers showis diramiatioailily how 'the economic division had tried to parsuiaide «he FPC <to uphold gaa charges, (has conspired stead to add a whoppig $4 billion ito "t)heir Wls>. . He has gome so far as to conceal evidence and mislead Senators about tie $4 tffilion raite icitea&e, which has been greaisied for approval. The suppressed evidence — in Uhe form of studies, letters ainid miemios — have been kept under lock by Naissibas. Never- ftheless, we have obtatoed copi'es of ittase damming docu- xnemits. Squeezing $4 bilMon out of the g^^ oou^sZ housewives, of course, is a com- ^ plex operaiDioni. It is easier to understand a $1,000 payoff to a politician tan the bilMmg of biHions from the consuinneirs. But here are the facts as simply ais we can present them: The Federal Power Commission fixes ifflie basic rates that mlltons of comsuimeins pay for naitural gas. The gias psrodw:- ers always want to raise 1ihe rates, naturalty, to increase tfaefir promts. But line FPC was esltaMisibed to keep <t!h.e public from being gouged. The producers am mow seek- Thie economics office wrote ing a rate increase on fche gas a isitronig, detailed dissent. It tihey wim draw from a vast, not only was excluded from the Louisiana reservoir/ The high- legal brief but was buried in sikas has concealed evidence The skinny one was a police damaging to the gas producers stool pigeon amd his,name was and has quasihed Rendetoan's Ohile Mapocho Aicuna. By serv- is in. Onily an outpoudng ! of on top of the reservoir soudih counts at Fiwnuip Park. ' of Every<liinte it rainS( ^ ^ court f^ thought he could bag some from the housewives can bi § &hots fOT * ne Police. Every- <tibem from $4 billion in bod y a* 6 and telked about how were. Nothing else. court is save exitra gas payments. In coimdmig diays, we wil quote There is very Hrtle to do in town as far ais reorteation is eoniceirned. Poor maanitein.- ani#e of the tennis courts makes cracked and tihe condition worse'. The city should take action amd clear up the waiter and fix the lights. "sur- more SuMy from the Nassikas Paipers, Wbidh are supposed to be 'hidden forever from the public. We will also turn the documente over to appropriate congressioniai aiuithor.ities for ciitsies ait *hs reservoir an left a tihei*—we just wish they work- When wall this be taken care -crosses- ^ propedy. If <tihe water doesn't of? A day? A week? A Monlth? dr«in properly the city sihould A year? Never? There is too A novelist with brown wooly *&* aollim . durin S *he day alter a ram to see *hait it is hair was jealous of his girl friend. Very jealous. He was that, because he was cleaned up. The counts eiast of Ben Giims- These courts been in this condition for a long tjj»e <a<n!d -there are mamy flanmis players Who an appeal was made to Naissikas's Gooch, brief to Show tot itihe" economics clivi- giveawaiy. Jack Anderson Phooy Savings—The Office of Eduoaition has boasted in a house orgaai about reducin>g by $169.45. was more g, blonde, bosomy _, ,. , ., . S ii.i uu,i»i. un, 1 was about the This H the first royalty check wease is ^hich pointed to a from its program of copyright- modicum of intelligence, ing contract;studies. What *he- Before departing, the writer Office didm't inanition is that it approached «he ianitor of his has spent tens of mallaons of giri friend's apartment. "How tax dollars to pay for the stu- W0llld you j^g to nave fifty " he said, "to keep an n my girl friend? Here ten-cent notebook and I you to mark in it the hour, the day, amd a description of any man who enters (her apartment" The janitor, who cheating, she must he, too. Hfe toy -are fee for playmg in day- -would like to use them j» to publisher sent him to Europe to 3a®ht but late evenfag tennis is late evening, t- xrREG LAB- write a discourse on the matmg haimpereil by improper IgShtimg. SON, 909 Hasrdimg, and RON the Prussian weaisel. Only six of twelve aoodlligMs RUPP, 812 Fitz worried " season The •about •girl CROSS WORD -.. - - By Eugene Sbeffer wMclh wiH now be copyrighted. Not only does the contractor get a pieae of itihe royalties, but Ihe <also colects greait- er profits from the original con- traicte. Andimal Cruelty— A dog peddler who was caught nearly three months ago with 107 un- caged dogs and nine cats in ey , e want HORIZONTAL 43. Rake 1. Indian 44. Weep 4. Dip and throw 8. Biblical king 12. Salutation 13. Assistant 14. Etna's would sell his second cousin for the same amount, agreed. The novelM ceparted. He his stuffy, unverotilated truck is was gone eight months. When „ er rate, which would be tacked the locked files. Thus the eco- still "licensed by the~Agiricul- he" came" back with notebooks product 15. Women's 16. London Square 18. Mature 20. Spanish uncle on to tbe. momitMy bill of every nomics experts 1 werte denied houselhoilidier who uses the gas, even the daignttiy of dissent. is supposed to be an incentive to encourage the reducers to sink more wells. Then, over' the protests of com- ture Department to ship animals across state limes. The department's Animal Health Division, The producers, however, have gireaifly uwdlerstated I/he amount of natural gas avail- Bible Thought Wherefore hicfest thou thy face/and forgettest our afflictions and our oppression?— Psalm 44:24 H (My we hide our faces from tioii, whiidh ffiglhts lor the con- typical, say insiders, of tihe de- the Lord. He is every ready to sumer advocates, Nassakas took which is ctoairged with emloirc- the $4 billion naite case away fog federal animal ciaine laws, from ia touigh Ihearing exomi- hasn't bothered- to revobe the ner, Mairfbin BenidelnDaii,. The license of NocDh OaroMna dog American Public Gais Associia- dealer John G. Seward. This is aihie under the I-oulis.iainia bed. sinners, tells UB Hhis tnove was partment's laokaidaisiioal ea- Their figures make Dh© risk and expenise of sinking 0ew •wells iaipp©ar to be far faigtiier (than is true. The American Gas Association, wihiclh speaks for iflhe pro- duicers, estimaibed one part of the Louisiana reserves to be 34 trlMon cubic feet. But the FPC'« own experts, after careful calculation-, came up with a 34 trillion ifiigur©. The difference of 10 trillion 'Cubic feet would sieriouisly weaken *he pnodiu'cers' caisie foi* a rate increase. Nassdfcas not only accept- imprecedleintted. forcement. help us: nior He neither slumbers BUSINESS MIRROR WhoSpeaksforConsumer? Ford Motor Finding Out mountains 24. Oliver 28. Cain, if or one 32. Weather word 33. Chemical suffix' 34. Cliff site 36. Edible . rootatock J37. Author O'Flaherty !39. Reducing in rank 41. Famous violin (short.) 46. Very wealthy man 50. Important London street 65. Palm leaf (var.) 56. Diminish 57. Beige 58. Relatives 59.13 in debt 60. Collect a crop 61. Chinese sauce VERTICAL 1. Spanish dining hall 2. Eager 3. Philippine island' 4. Fought 5. Melody 6. Mountain on Crete 7. Bank in Pairis 8. Permits 9. Joke 10. Girl's name 11. Pish 17. River island Answer to Saturday's puzzle. Aver»K« time of wlitloa: 27mioat«i. 19. Young boy 22. Goad 23. Cut 25. Cruciflr abbrevia« tion 26. Without •delay 27. Small branch 28. Wire measures 29. Distinct part 30. Posterior 31. San—35. Rodeo 38. Large quantities 40. Light meal 42. Speck 45. Rabbit 47. Stud 48. Hodgepodgl 49. Infant 50. Not a crowd 51. Gee's companion 52. Compass reading 1 53. High card 54. Blu» Eaglo agency. damaging to tihe producers'. This shocking malifleasainice, could coslt the consumers federal govemiment. By STEPHEN H. WILDSTROM to replace seaitbelts for front- standards,", said John Morris- Associated Press Writer seat passengers in 1974 cars. sey, direcltor of aidvertisiBg for DETROIT (AP) ~ Ford Mo- In the ad, Ford cihideis driv- Ford's marketing subsidiary, tor Co. has begun an advertis- ers for not using safety equip- * We're dealing for the most ing campaign which asks the meat now provided, saying the part with younger, better edu- consumer whether he wants to government would not even be oated, 'smarter people. • , pay the price of new safety de- considering devices such as air "We've learned from letters vices being considered by the bags "if people would only use that people are reasonable and Fred Brooki L* Roy Allmtn John Frazivr a isaggerong $4 billion, should be groumds for impeachment. We know toxm the suppressed Nassika® Papons that *he Federal Power Chaiirniaitt was' filly informed as early ais Fielbruary, 1970, by boitih his Economics and Producers divisions <ttoat the inidusstry's figures were suspect. Yet Ihe concealed the * discrepancy and sided witih Hhe gas producers in public statements, Senate hearings and concessional ccxnre- spondenjce. The FPC's experts bashed figures furnished by the viyv- By carrUr In «thtr eW«i whir* «*rvle« h •valUbU, $1.50 t> ^ companieBi. These figures month plus tpplicabU i«Ut t«x. By mall $15.45 • y«ar including potta^t, were far .hiigher than those •nd appjlcabi* ialti ta«. ^submitted by itbe gas produc- the belts and shoulder bar- cars cars Editor Managai Managing Editor "You pay a lot more for the nesses that are in their seat belttas and shoulder bar- right now." nesses in your oar," says the It goes on to list headline on the Ford ad which achievements in making appeared last week in national siafer .and ends /by asking read- may be of value in lining up magazines. "How much are ens to write the company with support for Ford in its battles you willing to pay?" their views on the subject, also with govemiment regulators The 'ad is "the latest move hi a pointing out, "You are the vat- over safety and exhaust emis- intelligent. We're trying to convey the idea thialt Ford Motor Co. is reasonable and in- Ford's telligent, too.'' He also indicated the S»cond clan poitag* paid at Gardan City, Kantat, 67144 TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION By earrlar a month fn Gardtn. City, $1.94 plus applicable salai tax, Payabla to carriar in advance. itudants $10.30 including postage and school yaar. running balfctHe between the industry, (the government and various consumer groups over er." The series ad of sion stendlards. is the latest in a General Motors Corp., and "informiaitive adver- Chrysler Corp. spokesmen de- Who speaks for the consumer tisements" prepared for. Ford clined comment on the Ford and who is looking out for has by Grey Advertising of Detroit, ads, saying it would be improp- interests. Earlier newspaper and nuaiga- er for them to discuss their Along with Ufae rest of the zine ads dealt with issues such competitors' advertising. auto industry, Ford is fighting as product quality and value, Morrissey, however, pre- tough 1975 exhaust standards but the latest was thei first to dieted that other companies and is also asking the federal deal directly with an ongoing will switch to such ads. "I courts to review ithe Depart- political controversy. think this represente something ment of Transportation stjjnd- "We are dealing in the 1970s, you'll see * lot more of feom trequiring passive resU-ajute in my opinion, with a set of now on out)'' he said. ON.J.V CBItT CDBJONLNU RI T D GRIN ^LNNJ. Saturtlay'H Oryntoqiilp — SILENT BUTLER CUBKBRBD, THE CHARRED CIGARETTE BUTTS. ,/ <© 1W1 JCtPt Feature* Syndicate, Cryyto^ulp due: Q

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