The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on August 13, 1999 · Page 52
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 52

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 13, 1999
Page 52
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E2 FRIDAY, AUGUST 13, 1999 THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR Hoosier steers Forbes r"5'"! Three davs be fore Iowa's presidential straw vote, Steve Forbes cam- V - .-' J quick-pnnt snop in , Ames, Iowa, photo Cityscape Susan Guyett copying campaign material. So goes the glamorous life of an event plannerfund raiser for one of the richest men in America, who just happens to be looking for the Republican presidential nomination. Actually, Sexton, who's from Indiana and is no stranger to local Republican politics, seemed to enjoy the break. She's one of two fund-raising event planners on the Forbes team and is responsible for events in 23 states. Sexton, 30, got basic training right here in Indiana. She was event coordinator for Mayor Ste SHOPAHOLICS Continued from Page 1 as other addictive disorders: a recurrent failure to control a behavior, increased tension before a behavior and a feeling of pleasure while experiencing it. And that's what the compulsive shopper or spender is after: the experience of spending money. "I think a high percentage of the time, the article stays in the closet," said Joe Hammock, a psychologist. Symptoms of anxiety Experts say all forms of compulsive behavior compulsive exercising, compulsive gambling or compulsive shopping are symptomatic of underlying anxiety, which in turn fuels depression. Those depressive feelings are so powerful and uncomfortable that (compulsive shoppers) can distract themselves by buying something and making themselves happy," LETItOUT Have a comment about life, love, politics, whatever? Call InfoLine, (317) 624-4636, and enter category 4233; or you may send an e-mail message to; or write LET IT OUT, Features Department, The Indianapolis Star and The Indianapolis News, P.O. Box 6187, Indianapolis, Ind. 46206-6187; or send a fax to (317) 630-9565, attention LET IT OUT. Comments might be held because of space limitations or questionable taste. Citizens of Marion County: Be prepared for an increase in your gas bill. You can thank the steel industry and foundries for buying and using imported steel and Chinese utility coke. Instead of printing bilingual signs and having our police and medical personnel learn Spanish, wouldn't it be simpler to ask our Hispanic neighbors to learn the English language? Despite his faults, President Clinton is the best and smartest president we've ever had. Bar none. I am enraged over the person who said the kid he ran over was "dumb" (Let It Out, Aug. 12). You are the one who is dumb. You are the one who got drunk and drove. You are the one who took the innocent life of a child. It makes me sick to think a person like you walks this Earth. If the Kansas School Board is going to eliminate evolution from the school curriculum (The Star and The News, Aug. 12), I hope the Kansas legislature has the wit to increase funding for remedial biology in state universities. To the person looking for drinking water on the Monon Trail (Lef It Out, Aug. 12): White River Greenways Foundation has built a new fountain on the west side of the trail at about V MB' tWMV MMH 3 for the price i Y V'i Ail in-stock merchandise Westfield 1 mi. E. of 31 N. On SR 32 896-3033 phen Goldsmith's unsuccessful governor's race. Then, she signed on to be financial director for Rep. David Mcintosh, who represents Indiana's Second District. How did she hook up with Forbes? By impressing him. She pulled together a whirlwind evening for the businessmancan-didate in 1996, in which he attended a fund-raiser in Chicago, had dinner at the University of Notre Dame and ended up at a late-night dessert reception somewhere else in South Bend. Forbes told her he didn't think so much could be packed into one evening. For Sexton, it was business as usual. He said if she was ever looking for a job, she ought to give him a call. His number went into her address book, and she joined his staff in March 1998. Will she come back to help run Mcintosh's gubernatorial run? She doesn't miss a beat saying she's with Forbes for the long haul. And, since said Carol Schreuder, another psychologist. "But the happiness is short-lived, and then they go buy something again." Compulsive behavior is, in essence, a coping strategy to deal with fears of rejection or failure. "A defense mechanism is triggered ... so they grab their check; book and plastic and head to the mall," Hammock said. After that rush of euphoria, compulsive shoppers typically are overwhelmed by self-contempt, Hammock said. They typically engage in concealment or deceitful behavior to hide from others this compulsive behavior," he said. "New clothes are hung up in the back of the closet where the spouse won't see them." Learning to face reality These feelings lead to further isolation and greater feelings of incompetence, which cause sufferers to feel so low that before long they're 7100 North. It even has a little water dish for dogs. To the owner of the aging female schnauzer pet who found her way to our neighborhood: Shame on you. You had a responsibility to see to it that your family member be taken care of in her old age. A good Samaritan saw to it that she was comfortable and had food and water. Today, I took your pet to the Humane Society, where they said she would be euthanized. I did your job today, for an animal whose only fault was growing old. I thought I had seen it all until yesterday: I saw an idiot on a motorcycle driving down busy U.S. 31 in Franklin, talking on a cell phone. Jeff Gordon claims Pittsboro as his hometown (Lef Out, Aug. 12) because thafs where he has his fondest memories. Crabby Road ter notice how every state tourism brochure has a oicfure of someone HQtersJtitng? of 1 Hours: Monday - Friday 8am-5pm Sat. 10am-5pm Fishers 126th & Hwy. 37 N. 578-1292 -- to 'right9 he's the one candidate with enough of his own money to keep campaigning regardless of the Iowa vote or other, primary, her job will last as long as he wants to stay in the fray. Sexton's home is in Washington, D.C. She's the daughter of Joe and Marlyne Sexton who are also big Forbes fans. Call it as you see it Indianapolis Downtown Inc. recently hired Margaret Lawrence Banning as its new director of management services. She brings all the right credentials to the job. She was program director for the state's Main Street program, which promotes downtown development statewide. At IDI she gets to play with Downtown Indianapolis. And, to her delight, she gets to do it on a basis other than theoretical. Her fans say no one is more qualified. She's also a very active Democrat now ensconced in what is primarily a Republican-heavy organization. off to the mall again. "It's loading the spring for the next addictive phase," Hammock said. How to stop the cycle? Long-term therapy involves "helping the person face what they don't want to face," Hammock said, whether that is "fear of rejection or abandonment in relationships . , . or lack of confidence in their competencies." Often, the first treatment phase is crisis control. As with many addictions, the Alcoholics Anonymous-type support system, complete with regular meetings and a personal sponsor, helps compulsive shoppers resist temptation. Over the long term, compulsive shoppers have to analyze when they're most likely to spend money, according to Hammock. Sometimes that means avoiding shopping malls, just as alcoholics must avoid favorite bars. Debtors Anonymous proved to be Gary's salvation. Fewer broken hearts with more treatments f.-M nohue: My friend I - I has psoriasis. I Si I Medicine some- f l J times works, but there are times when it doesn't. Is there anything better for him? S.V. Dear Reader: The advertisements are right. Psoriasis is a heartbreaker. It's a genetically To Your Good Health Dr. Paul Donohue programmed skin condition involving the immune system. The lowermost layers of skin reach the skin surface in four days instead of STATUE Continued from Page 1 unit in Ray Brook, N.Y. According to Crown Hill officials, the thieves apparently were members of two overlapping rings based in New Orleans and upstate New York. Authorities have told Crown Hill officials they suspect the dog thieves have been imprisoned in New York for similar crimes; the FBI is continuing to investigate the matter. Passion for hunting For more than 100 years, the hunting dog which is 51 inches long and 22 inches tall rested beside the gravesite marker of Charles Frese (1834-1887). According to Crown Hill's genealogical research, Frese was the owner of an Indianapolis hardware store. He had no descendants. His passion must have been hunting: The dog sculpture is one of several striking and hunting- related aspects'of Frese's burial site, His marker is a 6-foot lime PAC-MAH Continued from Page 1 Mitchell played for nearly six hours and scored 3,333,360 points in the record-setting game, played in a New Hampshire arcade. The victory cost him one quarter. Already a titan in the video game industry, Mitchell holds the world record on the classic Donkey Kong game. He once played a single game of Centipede for 47 hours. Some people might consider such exploits a moronic waste of time. But to Mitchell, they are the essence of competition. "I have an absolute passion, a fever, to be No. 1," he said. "I think that's where the thing grabs hold of me." Once an adolescent video game obsessive who spent up to 20 hours a day in the arcade at Grand Prix Race-o-Rama in Dania Beach, Fla., Mitchell is now a 6-foot-4, . bearded adult who presides over a places Sure, IDI is non-partisan. Everyone knows that. Two well-known Dems serve on its board of directors City County Councilman Frank Short and Betty Cockrum, who heads the State's Department of Administration. But IDI is top-heavy with Republicans and has been known to float more than one trial balloon for Mayor Goldsmith. But it has not gone unnoticed by some folks scanning the landscape that choosing Banning for this important and visible post is interesting. That's the word they used, honestly. They suspect that IDI, just like a lot of other non-partisan organizations around town, is hedging its bets because no one knows for sure just who will be sitting in the mayor's seat in January. Send your ideas, tips or rumors to be checked out to Susan Guyett at The Indianapolis Star and The Indianapolis News, P.O. Box 145, Indianapolis, Ind. 46206-0145. Or Gary said that although fellow members got into heavy debt in different ways, "their feelings are very similar: the desperation, being out of control, terror around money, finances." "I think debtors get into a cycle of where debting is the answer to all your financial problems," he said. "And when that doesn't become an option, that's when you have to start relying on some sort of higher power." Gary has been out of debt for six years now, a period that began with a series of decisions he and his wife made. "We decided, "We're not going to live on credit cards, we're not going to live in debt, we're Just going to live on what we're bringing in.' " To achieve those goals, Gary had to make another decision fundamental to his 12-step support group. To live," he said, "one day at a time." their normal 28-day cycle. The result is thick, red patches of skin covered with silvery scales. Today's psoriasis patient has a smorgasbord of medicines from which to choose. Older medicines that have proved their worth still are valuable remedies. Coal tar, for instance, was introduced more than 50 years ago. Newer medicines, such as the oral drug cyclosporine, moderate the immune system's influence on psoriasis. Methotrexate, another oral drug, slows the migration of deep skin cells to the surface. Two new topical agents drugs applied to the skin as a cream, gel or lotion are Dovonex and Taro-zac. Dovonex is a cousin of vitamin stone monument carved in the shape of a tree stump "A stump symbolizes a life cut short in funerary art," Norwalk says decorated with carvings of a hunting rifle and a saddlebag. Crown Hill officials noticed the dog was missing in 1995. "I can't stress enough how unusual this theft was," Norwalk says. "We have full-time security, the gates are locked after 6 p.m., and you'd be taking an incredible risk by sneaking out with a 300-pound piece of sculpture." In searching for the dog, Crown Hill officials were fortunate in a couple of ways. They had photos of the intact Frese burial site, thanks to a Texan who has a fondness for Crown Hill; he photographs the cemetery during his visits. His snapshots served as documentation that the dog belonged at Crown Hill after a second fortunate occurrence: Sheila Riley, a former Crown Hill docent who had moved to South Carolina, read an article in an antiques newsletter about artifacts recovered from graveyard $5 million hot sauce business at Rickey's restaurant in Hollywood, Ha. His quest for the perfect Pac-Man game goes hand in hand with a nationwide revival in classic video games. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and their progeny are the royal family of video gaming. Created by the Japanese firm NAMCO in 1979, Pac-Man became an international smash and dominated the golden era of coin-operated video arcades that lasted from the late 1970s until the mid-1980s. Wildly popular among children and adults of both genders, Pac-Man spawned Pac-Man wallets, Pac-Man backpacks, a Pac-Man cartoon show and a song called Pac-Man Fever. After languishing through most of the 1990s, Pac-Man and its ilk have enjoyed a resurgence in the past year. Men in their 30s now compete to set records on the clas- sic video games that they mastered People Compiled Boss springs for charity to fix homes Dozens of poor people in and around Bruce Springsteen's hometown of Freehold, N.J., can thank The Boss for their home repairs. A charity funded by Springsteen has quietly provided $350,845 in home improvements in Monmouth County since 1995, according to Internal Revenue Service filings. About $9,500 went to replace dilapidated floors in the Long Branch home of retired truck driver Marty Marotta, 75, and his family. Ma-rotta uses a wheelchair. "It really has been wonderful," his wife, Martha Marotta, told the (Newark) Star-Ledger for Wednesday's editions. "It was hard for him to even get around in the wheelchair." Freehold's favorite son and his E Street Band were to end their 15-date concert run at The Meadow-lands on Thursday night. They are In the midst of their first U.S. tour together in more than a decade. New Bergman film plot involves own struggles The Ingmar Bergman film that starts production next week in Stockholm, Sweden, is being described as scary and shocking but that doesn't mean Sweden's titan of filmmaking seriousness is going the slasher-movie route. The movie Trohesa Faithless) is a thriller, "but not a thriller with murders although you could say a soul is murdered," director Liv TJllmann told a news conference. The script was written by Bergman. Ullmann said the script is based on an experience Bergman struggled to write about for many years. The movie is set mostly in Bergman's workroom. It has flashbacks D. Tarozac is related to vitamin A. Soriatane, in capsule form, is the newcomer. It is reserved for psoriasis that has not responded to any other treatment. It cannot be used by pregnant women, because of the risk of fetal malformations. Dear Dr. Donohue: I am 55 years old and went through menopause four years ago. Recently I have had vaginal bleeding. My gynecologist wants to biopsy my uterus. Is this necessary? C.R Dear Reader: Retrieving a sample of uterine tissue is a must for postmenopausal women who begin to bleed again. Cancer is the fear that prompts such action. Yearly about 6,000 women in the United States die of uterine cancer. thefts. "She recognized a photo of the dog and called us," says Marty Davis, a Crown Hill publicist. "We contacted the New Orleans police . . . The entire process of getting the dog back has taken eight months." Waiting for repairs It's not quite complete. The dog has yet to be repositioned at the Frese burial site, which is in a shady, southeastern part of Crown Hill known as Section 34. Although the dog arrived in excellent condition, its tail was broken. While waiting for repairs, the sculpture is in Crown Hill's service yard. Norwalk says visitors will be able to see the dog at its natural "resting spot" in a couple of months. It's the only free-standing animal sculpture at Crown Hill. Nelson Price is a feature writer for The Indianapolis Star and The Indianapolis News. Or, you may contact him via e-mail at or call (317)-624-4636 and enter category 7181. as pimply teens. Mitchell returned to the arcades last year to join a new wave of video game competition. It took him 60 days of practice to regain his form. Mitchell's first attempt at the record ended ingloriously after two hours when a clumsy child accidentally unplugged an entire row of games. He kept at it. Victory came around 5 p.m. on July 3. Winning at Pac-Man isn't pretty. Screens 21 to 255 are identical, making for several hours of rather boring play. At screen 256, the last one, the computer itself begins to malfunction. Its memory full, the machine fills half the game screen with random letters and numbers. The player must navigate through the muddled playing field to get the last few points. Then, every point exhausted, Pac-Man must die. There is no ceremony, no parade of Pac-Men. Just an anticlimactic announcement: "Game Owr." by Corky Richmond from staff and wire reports as Bergman wrestles "with remorse over what he did to the woman he loved," according to Ullmann. Ullmann had a five-year relationship with him. No cause of death yet for wife of Shatner Coroners in Los Angeles say it could be weeks before they determine the official cause of death for William Shatner's wife. Shatner told police he found his ; wife, Nerine, at the bottom of their pool when he returned home Monday evening. Police said her drown-' ing appeared accidental and that foul play was not suspected. An autopsy was done Wednesday, but toxicology tests could take several days to weeks to process, an investigator said. Shatner, 68, best known as Capt. James Kirk in Star Trek, filed for divorce last October, 1 1 months after the couple wed. Mrs. Shatner's agent said the couple had since reconciled. A year older Television evangelist Rex Humbard is 80. Cuban President Fidel Castro is 73. Actor Pat Harrington is 70. Singer Don Ho is 69. Former U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders is 66. Blues singer-musician Son Seals is 57. Actor Kevin Tighe is 55. Actress Gretchen Corbett is 52. Singer Dan Fogelberg is 48. Actor Danny Bonaduce is 40. Actress Quinn Cummings t is 32. ;:i Country singer Andy Griggs is 26. A dilation of the cervix to insert a curet, a spoon-shaped instrument that removes uterine lining tissue, is one way to obtain a sample from the uterus. This is the D&C method. Endometrial (the en- dometrium is the tissue lining the uterus) sampling uses an instrument that can be directly inserted . into the uterus to suction a tissue sample. Ultrasound pictures of the uterus are beginning to be used for uterine cancer detection. I agree with your doctor. Readers may write Dr. Donohue in care of The Indianapolis Star and The Indian-, ; apolis News, P.O. Box 5539, Riverton, N.J. 08077-5539. North America Syndicate Oily remover should loosen ugly deeds DearHeloise: ; A while back, you had a "recipe" for taking off those -sticky things that ' you put in the bathtub to keep from slipping. We are moving to a condo that has really ugly sea Heloise wrw 1 horses on the bathtub, and some are partly torn off. Could you please tell me how to get rid of them? Laura Van-dermarkt, Wyoming, Mich. : Dear Reader: Since those sea horses have to go, try this: Peel off what you can with a plastic knife -or ice scraper. Don't use metal; it will scratch the surface. Spray what is left with a lubricating oil or prewash stain remover that has an oily base. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes to give the oil time to penetrate under the edges of the de-cals. You then should be able to lift them off. It may take multiple applications. If residue remains, wipe up the spray, sprinkle dry baking soda on the spots and rub them with a dry cloth. Those sea horses should be -gone in no time! Heloise Dear Heloise: Like many people, I spend a lot of time in my car, and the interior gets messy. My hand vacuum never seemed to do the job, especially in the seat crevices. I now use an inexpensive pointed scrub brush (not wet) with a handle. With a few sweeping motions, it cleans the seats and floors, . easily getting rid of crumbs and lint. Carol N.I., Fairfax, Va. Send a money- or time-saving hint to He-. toise, The Indianapolis Star and The Indi- anapolis News, in care of King Features Syndicate, P.O. Box 795000, San Antonio, Texas 78279-5000, or send it by fax to 210-HELOISE. C King Fwture Syndicate

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