Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 30, 1951 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1951
Page 4
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THE REGISTER NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLtNOlS SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1951 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEW^ MT flRNOII MEWS ESTABLISHED 1071 JIT rCBNOA •COISTEM eSTABUSHBD ISM 00lia01 >U >ATEO SEKTEMBER 28. 1820 •PWUi AACIAWAT O. J rUOMPSOJi — oaiAD MntAur ~ • L tUHOUt >. ^..Mi«w .Butlntn ll4Qtc« -Maw* Editor .Plant Supcrlntaodwi KEHBCfl or nU ASSOCUTE^ PHES9— Th* AMndaiad Pnt* U nelualTalj m tftlac. «e tbf «• (01 tli* publication oi aU M«* eradltad to H ei ast otherwtt* credit ad la iku paper and aiae tb* local aaviij pubU «lM« thmia Cnurai M Boeootf Claw matt^ for iraM- portatlon throufb th* mailt at the Post Olflea at Meant Varnoa. OUnoii. under tba •ct of Marck a. 1870. BUBSCiUPTlOn KATBS SubscrlptioDt must be paid to ad*aii< By mail leltersoo eonnty and ad lolninji countler per real ... 06 .00 0 mos $3 76. 3 mos 02 26 I «0 1.00 mail outside feffersoa and adjoining counties within 86U milcai real 0S QU 6 tac $5 00 t « mm. $3.26 pei dnarlf moDtb Outsidr 260 milei. raai 00.00. 6 mo* 06 70^ 8 OMM 0S76: ana month — — Uellvered bt carrier In dty par week Theyll Do It Every Time VheH the DraOP-tJ GUESTS STAVEP ON /<W0 Ot4,MAMA 7H0U®<T THEV WAMTED TO FUTTHE FEED BAG OM* — By Jimmy Hatio So JUST WWEN V\ORTH OF FOOD /ARRIVES THEV EAJT-RSl "n-JE FAMILY WILL UVE ON COLD COTS AUL ^SEK!- IM tJO A Thought For Today For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. ^Colloftstans 2:9. 5: * * • At His birth a star, unseen before in heaven, proclaims Him come. —Milton. EDITORIAL LET'S KEEP U. S. COMMIES ON THE RUN, BUT BEWARE OF MAKING IT A 'WITCH HUNT' T HE "CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER" TEST under which the Supreme Court upheld the convictions of 11 top American Communists has now become a clear and present danger for the rest of the Communist Party in the United States. It does not mean, of course, that it is illegal to be a Communist in this country, but it does mean that it is illegal to teach and advocate overthrow of the government. This has been pretty clear to all American—«xcept the Commies and their fellow-travelers—for as long as we've been in business as a free nation. Now another batch of the party's leaders in the U. S. has been jounded up by the FBI for trial on the same conspiracy charges. And §he howling from the "American Kremlin," a drab loft building in downtown New York, is loud enough to be heard in the tiniest Commie cell across the country. T HERE IS GOOD REASON for the howling, which ought to be pleasant music for the rest of us. For one thing, the FBI's net this time caught some pretty Important CP characters. Some said they were the "second string" leaders, groomed to take over while the top 11 went to jail; others pointed out they were the leading Communist tacticians in the U. S. tha ones who told tha little Commies what to think, and in reality, phantom bosses those importance was concealed by the so-called top 11. Whichever description is correct, these were no little fish. Nobody ia going to be foolish enough to forget there are a lot more fish in the U. S. Communist pond. But little by little, as the leaders are hauled away, the small-fry will hav^ no one to guide them and will start hiding under the rocks. Another reason for all the howling from Red headquarters Is financial. It cost the party, as some insiders figure it, about a million dollars for the losing defense of the 11 leaders now headed for prison. This time there are 21 to defend. Naturally, the main office b ack in Moscow sends out fimds so the branch Kremlins can maintain their dirty work, but not enough for expenses like this. And the liberal pinkos who were once so busy helping the Cbmmunist-front organization a while back aren't being so liberal any more. RADIO Day By Day T HINGS. IN FACT, ARE SO TOUGH that the Daily Worker has had to whittle down the size of its paper, and Eugene Dennis, the party's general secretary, suddenly announced that "our party does not and will not cooperate with the FBI." We had never suspected the U. S. Commies of any such cooperation, but we are happy about all the howling. It means that the Reds, having been on the offensive for a long time, are now on the defensive. There will be Reds around for a long time more, to be sure, but we are whittling down their effectiveness. America has recognized the "clear and present danger,'' and the Gommies are on the run. Now that they are, let's watch out for one other clear and present danger: let's not get so excited we turn the whole thing into a ndtch hunt. Breed of Feline "Answer to Prevlbu* PuzzI* HOBBONIAL 1 Depicted breed of cat 7 It has a thick ruff of long, soft, fur 1 Roman emperor 3 Artificial channel 4 AUeged force 5 Pause 6 Scope 7 Ruthless 8 Smooth an unaspirated 9 Chemical suffix 10 Perch 11 Tax 12 River h Belgium 17 Ream (ab.) around its neck IS Director .14 Memento 15 Craft 16 Finch 18 Pedal digit 19 Thus 20 Stutter 32 Transpose 13 Hebrew letter 20 ^^^J^. uf^^' "Stocked 81 Vehicle a-— 32MiButeskin I Ji opening 38 Against 34nowtr 85 Year between 12 and 20 86LMS* !87IVom 88 Diminutive of Edward 88 Written form ofMistw 41ToUed ,47LungdiscaM (ab.) 49 Consume 1 51 Biblical city , 152 Charge 58 Expungcr 55 Sick 87 Rounded and cylindrical SfCoIers VnilCAL lladamatioa oi 26 Begone! 27 Window glass 29 "Emerald Isle" 30 Nuisance 39 Gather 40 Uncommon 42 Encourage 43 Unclothed 44 Arctic gulf 45 Harvest 48 Pseudonym of Charles Lamb 47 Canvas sh*>*« 48 Entreats 30 Paving substance 52 Fish pait 54 Symbol for selenium 56 Chinese unit of weight NOW IS THE TIME TO INSTALL YOUR FURNACE W« kwe WlaUer Oil or Coal Fnmaces, Conversion Burners aMf Mehera. We eaa Install a furnace to suit your home. Large "^wm iMve plenty metal to complete your Job, \ CALL VS FOR ESTIMATES iroi ^OB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL WoltonvilU Rood Phono 1801 HORUN & EATER NEW YORK. June 30. — With June swinging into July radio really gets its summer schedules under way. Television, to a certain extent, is following suit. Over this week end a host of program shifts, mostly radio, are due. Included is the ABC decision to realign its morning schedule to incorporate an hour or more of daytime serials, starting Monday. In radio, the changes will comprise: Tonight—CBS: 9, Steve Allen becomes the MC for Songs for Sale. This program also goes simultaneously on CBS-TV. Sunday—NBC: 4:30 p.m., Martin Kane, with Lloyd Nolan replacing William Gargan in the lead, moved by sponsor from MBS, jvith the video version continuing on NBC-TV Thursday night; 4:00, The Whisperer, Crime Mystery in a new series . . . CBS: 1:30, premiere of String Serenade conducted by Alfredo Antonini; 7:30, Horace Heidt Talent Show moving up a half-hour to become permanent sponsor replacement for Red Skelton . . . ABC: 8:30, Rex Maupin's Musical Black Night taking over from Album of Familiar Music MBS: 3:00, Bobby Benson; 3:30, Under Arrest, and 6:30, Singing Marshall, all at new times; 7:00, Whispering Strings, new exchange program from Cartada in which Latin-American music is played. Monday —ABC: Realigning its schedule to provide these serials on a regular basis: 9:45 a.m.. Modern Romances, 10:30 When a Girl Marries, formerly on NBC, and 10:45 Lonely Journey . . . NBC: 4:00 p.m. Just Plain Bill, 4:15 Front Page Farrell and 4:30 Lorenoz Jones at new times; 4:45 Bob and Ray, comedy team from Boston, starting a daily program in addition to Saturday night hour opening July 7 . . . MBS: 9:55 a.m. Happy Felton's New Talk Back, in which experts are to supply answers to listener's questions. For television, three summer items are billed on two networks at these times, all Eastern Daylight: . For television, three summer items are billed on two networks at these times, all central daylight: NBC-TV 7, American Inventory, under auspices of Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, in which economic and social problems are discussed, guests to include Charles Ketering, Jackie Robinson and Gladys Swarthout, and NBC-TV 7:30 Television Recital Hall, both programs serving as replacement for the Comedy Hour . . . CBS- TV 8 Guest House, panel-variety quiz conducted by Oscar Levant with guests, sub for Fred Waring Hour of Music. SPECIAL FOR THE WEEKEND: TONIGHT—NBC 10:15, Silver Jubilee Series celebrating NBC's 25th Anniversary Year. SUNDAY — NBC 5:30 p. m., Canadian Independence Day Program, Sec. of State Acheson and Canada's Seco F State for External Affairs Pearson . . . CBS 8:30, "Freedom Under God," program in cooperation with committee to proclaim liberty, recorded Fourth of July message from Gen. M. B. Ridgway, commander of Korean forces, also movie stars. ON SATURDAY NIGHT LIST: NBC- 7:00 Music Merry Go Rround. 7:30 Monty Woolley Sketch. 8:00 Hit Parade (also TV). 8:30 Dennis Day. 9:00 Judy Canova. 9:30 Grand Ole Opry. CBS— 6:30 Vaughn Monroe Show. 7:00 Gene Autry, "Old Tom's Show." 7:30 Hopalong Cassidy, "Stagecoach TraU." 8:00 Gang Busters "Trigger-sad Burglar." 8:30 Broadway's My Beat. ABC- 6:30 Space Patrol. 7:00 Dancing Party Extended to two hours. 9:00 More Dance Variety. MBS SUNDAY FORUMS: MBS— 10:30 a. m. Reviewing Stand "Traffic in Narcotics?" CBS— 11:00 a. m. People's Platform "Meaning of Declaration of Independence." NBC— 11:00 a. m. American United Discussions. 12:30 p. m. Chicago Roundtable. 9:30 CNew time) American Forum "Do We Irritate Our Allies (also TV). TELEVISION (Eastern Daylight): NBC-TV— 4:00 (New time) Mrs. Roosevelt, "Narcotics Crisis." CBS-TV— 5:00 Facts We Face, "Future of Defense Production." 5:30 (New time) People's TV Platform. NBC-TV— 6:30 Meet the Press, David Lilienthal. 9:00 (New time) American Forum. SUNDAY OTHER: NBC— 11:(X» a. m. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. 2:00 Music With Girls. 5:00 Can't Take It With You. 6:30 NBC Theater "Noon Wine." 7:30 NBC Symphony, Percy Faith Conducting. 8:30 Mr. Moto's Mystery. 9:00 Phil Baker's Questions. CBS— 12:00 noon Invitation to Music, Recordings. 2:30 Summer Concert in St. Louis. 4:30 Phil Regan Show. 5:30 Our Miss Brooks. 6:00 Guy Lombard©. 6:30 Peggy Lee's Show. 7:00 Mario Lanza Music. 9:00 Contented Concert. ABC— 9:30 a. m. Dillard U. Choir. 11:30 a. m. Piano Playhouse. 2:00 Week Around the Worid. 4:00 Concert of Europe, Recorded. 5:30 Q. E. D. Quiz. 7:00 Stop the Music. 9:15 Gloria Parker Song. MBS— 11:00 a. m. College Choir. 2:00 p. m. Bandstand USA. 4:00 The Shadow. 5:00 Challenge of Yukon. 6:00 Wild Bill, "Secret of Arroyo Diable." 8:00 Opera Concert. 9:00 This Is Europe's Music. 2:00 Baseball—MBS Game of Day Network. Recording of Washington at Philadelphia and 8:00, Recording of Philadelphia at Brooklyn. TELEVISION (Centra! Daylight —Standard One Hour Earlier): NBC— 6:00 Leave It To Girls. 8:00 TV Playhouse "The Plot." CBS— 6:30 Show Business 100th Program. 7:00 Toast of Town. 9:00 Conrad Nagel Quiz. 9:30 What's My Line. ABC— 4:00 Super Circut,. 5:00 Ted Mack Hour. 6:00 Whiteman Revue. DUMONT— 7:30 The Pentagon. 8:00 Rocky King, "The Knife and the Number." 8:30 Plainsclothesman "Murder Stops a Wedding." MONDAY EXPECTATIONS! 1:55 p. m. Baseball—MBS Game of Day Network—Recording of Past World Series Play by Play. NBS— 9:00 a. m. Welcome Travelers. 11:15 a. m. Jane Pickens Party. 1:30 Live Like a Millionaire, Talent. 6:45 One Man's Family. « 8:30 Band of America. CBS— 10:30 a. m. Grand Slam. 1:00 p. m. Second Mrs. Burton. 2:30 House Party. ABC— 8:00 a. m. Breakfast CTub. 1:00 p. m. Mary Margaret McBride. 4:00 (Midwest at 5) Big Jon and Sparky. 6:30 Lone Ranger. MBS— 10:00 a. m. Ladies Fair. 11:00 a. m. Curt Massey Time. 12:15 p. m. Lunch With Lopez. 6:00 Fulton Lewis Jr. FOR LEASE Vacant lot 50x150 on comer Tenth and Lamar, ideal for used car lot. Will Improve to suit responsible tenant. Call In person. OFFICE LIBERTY PETROLEUM CO. 1014 Virginia Ave. 7:00 Twenty Questions Continues. 7:30 Take a Number, Quiz. 8:00 Hawaii Calls. 8:30 Guy Lombardo M"sic. 9:00 Chicago Theater Concert. TELEVISION Central Daylight- Standard One Hour EarUer: NBC— 6:00 Victor Borge. 6:30 One Man's Family. 7:00 Saturday Roundup Fihn. 8:00 Midwest Hayride. 9:00 Doodles Weaver Comedy. 9:30 Hit Parade. ABC- 6:30 Stu Erwin's I'ilm. 7:00 Whiteman's Teenagers. 8:00 Girte Baseball at Chicaga dumont:- 8:30 Oiicaco WreaUinsr. FIREWORKS... Aro great fun and deeply rooted into Americon independence. Celebrate the 4th wisely. WE HAVE A NICE SELECTION OF FIREWORKS! COKES BrinS %^ttle$ Try Our Delicious Sandwiches ot Our Soda Fountoin WOOD SUNDRIES V Audrey and Woody GRANADA THEATRE if MIDNIGHT SHOW ONLY SATURDAY — JUNE 30 Starting at 11:30 — Doort Open at 11:00 ONLY CAPACITY WILL BE SOLD! Tickets Co On Sale at 5:00 P.M. Day of Showing ADULTS ONLY CHILDREN UNDER 1« NOT ADMITTED UNLESS ^ACCOMPANIED BY THEIR PARENTS!! Admission: 74c To All (Tax Incl.) ThepkWlhof dortt to reveot the problem that niJrti' (hogtiprnds of yovftg ^ A MOMOetAM MCtUII ^ « WtrttrH FIELD «M R h 4 Rtktrt N isi HADIEV-CLARKE-BRYANT TODAY IN WASHINGTON By Associattd Press SENATE and HOUSE: Called into unusual Saturday sessions to complete action on emergency appropriations measures to provide stop-gap financing for government agencies during first month of fiscal 1952 which begins tomorrow. V-OUR MANNERS You are asked to join a service organization and you realize you don't have lime to hold an office or work on any kind of committee. WRONG: Join - and leave all the work to others. RIGHT: Say that you haven't time to participate in the work of the organization and don't join it. Auctioneer T. B. RUSSELL Ml. Vtrnan. il*. SALE BARN. Every Monday furnitur* — rarm —Dr>— Lanrf — Satisfaction Cuarantaad — All SIIM breadcait avar WMIX '.!,'!.•"•»• Moytlten 17-0 Day - Mt W. !*'**•!•'"^ '27. NliM - MIV. C W Wait*. Raa. 1S4t.W. FOR SALE Grocery Store. Meat Market & Building. Must sell immediately due to ill health. Write—: Box M.L., c/o Reg.-News Specieiiiing in Form Seles Furniture and Real Estate at Auctions, Salea. Carl Krootz, Auctioneer Phone 86F12 Ullln or Phone S414, Mt. Vernon, 111. NOTICE GENE'S GRIU S WILL BE OPEN JULY 6, 4 A.M. CLIFFORD CHERRY, Owner LUMBER FOR LESS YELLOW PINE AND OAK ... $7.00 Z,"^"^ BUY HERE AND SAVE! Also Blocks, Wollboord ond Roofing SHERMAN ROBERTS crpl^nV 1st Door North Vikini; FroiKht Co. on Bonton Road Phone 3106 —We Deliver NU-REMEDY Knocks the Aches AT ALL DRUG STORES .25* 3 Current % Dividend On Your Savings Accounts Insured to $10,000.00 KING CITY FEDERAL SAVINGS * LOAN ASS'N GUY A. WOOD. Pres. 1005 Broadway Phone 2044 ATTENTION, ELKS- ANOTHER FREE CnrifTMl PARTY Saturday, June 30 6:30 P. M. TILL 9:00 DANCE to the MUSIC of MAXINE and HER BOYS • • Elks and Out - of - Town Guests $1 Per Person Service Cliargfe Mt Vernon Lodge No. 819 B. P. 0. E. Notice to Shareholders of The Illinois Bankers Life Assurance Company Brinr in your Stoeli Certificates and the papers received with your NOTICE TO SHAREHOLDERS. We will t>e flad to givt you the service needed free of charge, and tielp you file before July 14th. 1951 Joe H. Hossebrock Insurance Agency 915 Vi Bdwy, .Mt. Vernon, IB. Fhone 1815 or S801-J2 Drive-1 II Theatre Last Times Toiii'>'iit TIM HOLT • RICHARD MARTIN "MASKED RAIDERS" PLUS • JOHNNY WEISSMULLER • TARZAN and the MERMAIDS MWnlsjhtp,;^ Hove Land&i" Show t FREE TO THOSE ATTENDING EARLY SHOW Sunfiay and Hlfifiday GARY COOPER "TASK FORCE" Fox Theatres 'tir From 2 p. m. «IR COHOITIONID fOII TOUR COMFORT Opens Sunday It's A Laugh- Packed ''Must"! When Speedy Skelton Goes Stepping 1895 Style! STAHRINO RED SKELTON FORilEST • CAREY Wifai OMMfist • IMbi M —ENDS TODAY— "Prehistoric Women" and "Two Loet Worlds'* MR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT iTADiUi^ Now Showing THE STORY OF CO-EDS ON THEIR OWN... For fhe First Time.' DALE ROBBTSON MITZI GAYNOR JEANPETDIS It iMt ciNTuer.fOi NCTua — FEATURE SHOWN— 2:00, 3:51, 5:42, 7:33, 9:24 •om/ng- THE STORY OF THE JET FLYERS IBWMStmitUIMMm 5?^ COOLED BY WASHED AIR Opens Sunday STAR-PILUD ERRoiFLYNN ^ MIRIAM HOPKINS : RANDOIPH SCOTT HUMPHREr BOGART FLYNN OLIVIA DeHAVILlAND SHERIDAH CITY -ENDS TODAY"My Blue Heaven" and "Fort Savage Raiders" Chapter No. 9 "Flying Disc Man From Mars"

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