Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 12, 1971 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1971
Page 5
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COLLINS CATTLE CALL Chicago-Angus Like Rocky-Money By EDDIE COLLINS Joe Gassidiotis, Jr., sat and cogitated. Others at the Paxton Bar might say Joe was three drinks beyond comprehension; or some might think he was smoking the weeds that grew up near his water tanks. But, I drew this coarse-featured cowman into conversation because I might get inside information on local fisMmg holes 1 . Joe Gassidious, Jr., was an Angus man. Second generation. J. G., Junior in partners with the third was buying ponies and paraphernalia for the fourth. A solid Cowman, Joe tad shown some twenty times at Denver . . . felt the Brown Palace <as the best "fitting stall" in America. Knew San Antonio, San Angelo, Fort Worth, lately Las Vegas. Had been to Houston where he solid l-3rd interest and possession of a short-legged but good headed summer yeairMimg, for * five- year override on a producing oil well near Haty, Texas. Turned out a paraffin base, was just as bad as infertility. Joe wore a gold headed Angus tie clasp, but no tie. Seated, Joe was heavily shouldered, puffy cheeked, hald a hilly-rolling mid- irift. His shiiirt was expensive, tight, soiled. His Levis, not fresh; his boots, unishined since purchase, showed eight switches of floral design. His eyes indi- cated tear stains. "What's the matter, partner?" I asked. "Chicago is closing for sune," he sobbed. "Oh, was it the vice squad, the Crime Commission,, Mayor Daley, or Spiro Agnew, or maybe the ecologists or the bird- watchers ... or Who?" (Per sonally I always" 'thought maybe God would bestow Chicago the Sodom and Gomorrah, Dead Seta treatment.) He looked at me a long time. Looking back, I can see I was being rejected as completely as Would be a spotted Angus offspring with a six inch 'scur' and a high tailhead. "No, fellow, I mean the stock yards." Joe fingered his now warm, unbubbling bear. Final- Many Dead Fish Found Along Cowskin Creek WICHITA (AP) - Kansas gaime officials have found an estimated 2,000 dead fisih in a two-mile stretch of Cowskin Creek, ,a sportsman's stream which flows west of Wichita and into the Arkansas River. The estimate included 300 game fisih, according to state Inspector Virgil Cox. He said he would continue an investigation today with state biologist Leo Dowlin and two state Board of Health representatives. PONYTAfL © King Feature* SynMcatt ho. »71. VeiH >!«»>»• m«rrrt. "Any requests T* ly he obliquely looked up, eyes unfocused. "You see, Chicago and Angus cattle are like Rockerfeiler and money. One depends on the other. Fellow, no matter where travel I have never seen an exotic breed resifcaiuinant, unless it featured a salad bar of Tahiti food. But, Black Angus Restaurants are in every city . . . Course they serva meat of any breed, which reminds me of a packer feeding paunch manure . . . but the ma me Angus meant outstanding meat." Joe, slipped into his pensive cogitation. At times, he selected and chewed a Frito chip and two salted peanuts. "Stoanger, I've spent a lifetime believing 'that as long as people wanted the best meat, I raised, it!' Chicago has been the highest selling prime market ismee my gpanddaddy mustered out of the Kansas Militia, and, since my daddy bought his first registered Black in ... Chicago buyers have loved Prime Angus. "Friend, let me tell you, Angus cattle have topped the Chicago open market over nine- ity per cent of the time . . .true. Also, over ninety per cent of the Chicago prime cattle are Angus. "On these facts, I built all my assets. I leave my boy Joe III, three-taidred mother cows, aM Black, all registered. But \vfiitih Chicago closing, I'd rather leave him a curio shop next to two deep wagon tracks on the old Oregon Trail. At leaist, he could freshen those up for the tourists after every rain. "But, we Aingus Breeders de- epnd on that precious Ohiea/go reputation. To seel a Wgh^good, Youth Injured in Cycle Mishap An 18-year-old Gairden City youth !ts in St. OaOherine Hospital fofcwiing * motorcycle acoidemt. John Kjrdhoiff, son of Mr. and Miris. Jim Kirchoff, 1605 N. Siih, is suffering from a mild compressed fracture of itlhe ower vemtalbrtaie and a bruised kidney, his mother said. He is expected to Mmiain in the hospital another 10 days at least, she said. The Wednesday alteimooin accident occurred northwest of the city while EirclhoSf and his fwienids were hill climlbing wdltih their oycflje®. Bis mother said that the youth topped a Ml, unaware that the MM ended in a steep dirop, amid fell some 15 feet. The cycle sustained no damage, 4he salid. a low-ctoiice Angus steer is like eating green (???) cherries. Not ready. Okay, for green asparagus aaid peas, but not cherries . . , and no Angus good's eitter. "Chicago will close, I thought the Chicago commission men were to reopen a market at Joliet, Illinois with fair rail service . . . That is important to get those steers to plants in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania for fresh Kosiher slaughter. Brings more "But the money fell thru. The ja'cklegiged mortgage-expert promised a moon-shot but could not light a lady finger. The money fell thru and tuns ran out. "After six months court ex- tenlsion, not one post foole was dug. Not one sewer laid^ and the steel building contracts canceled. A bad deal! "Fellow, understand, Angus breeders will be the higgesit loser. As a group we have 'stepped in ahd helped. Asked $10 ia head assessment on every (registered critter in the United States in exchange for one share of common stock. We could have built Joliet and bought ifche other ten biggest terminals. We could even charge double commission on off breeds . . , Hhen we'd have cornered the bull market. "Or why couldn't my Illinois or Indiana Farm Bureau brothers (finance the project. If they can play the Chicago Mere Futures . . . why not invest in a long term essential terminal? understand our insurance companies own nine radio stations in Ohio alone. A terminal seeans more important . . . why should agriculture need to depend on Chamber of Commerce mortgage hounds that leave our industry hanging? Why?" Garden City Telegram Fog* 10 Saturday, June 12, 1971 some good "Son, the all our fisih My cattle river now. pollute St. leans." "Sir, while where is I begged off . . I love the stories, fishing?" ecologisfos netted to test for mercury, can't even wade the Regulations. Might Louis or New Or- War Toll at 5-Year Low SAiIGON (AP) - The U.S. Command reported todlay that 19 Americans died in combat in the Vietnam war last week. It was the lowest weekly toll in more than 5% yeans. The command said another 19 American servicemen, died from such nonhostile causes as accidents or illness, and 261 Americans were wounded in action, 32 mane than the week be* fore. The battlefield death toll was the lowest since Oct. 17-23, 1965, when 4 Americans were reported killed. The U.S. casualty report last Thursday listed 48 Americans killed, 229 wounded and 16 dead front nonhostile causes during the week of May 23-29. But more than half of the dead were killed in a rocket attack the week before. The count last week reflected both a generally low level of fighting involving the 250,000 American troops still In Vietnam and their decreasing combat role. BONUS SPECiAlS +EVEftfcWtt«Sf ffclCES= t* !& m- A GooP LESSoM IN SAtf Nl<st iHISP-v PRICK GOOD THROUGH TUESDAY, JUNE 15 KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP With $5.00 or More Purchase Quart .NEW ISSUE This innounceimnt ii neither M otter to *cH •or • (oKcllMion of an offer to bay «ny of theie sccuriti«» The offer i» made mtlfby the Protpeclw. 60,000 Units .„ »»m»tae*wiSI«i« rtCoBUnonStoelc,p.rnlBeS.10pcrilnr«, •nd one Right la pweluue •• •ddllionil *«vorCouBMaSloeltitfS.OOperilMK. COMMON STOCK<«.10P.rV.I.«) Price $5.00 Per Unit Cbtfe. oflfce PrMpeet.1 M JSSSSf PROFESSIONALINVESTMENTSERVICES, INC. Iw,r«aiu66»0» Topdia 913*^664821 Leoti Youth Aids In Lake Rescue SCOTT Ciry-^A Leoti teenager tunned hero when >a canoe capsized in the Scott Counity State Park lake, epMing a farther and his two children into 4he water. M i a*t Farmer, 14-year-old «m of Mr. and Mm Don Farm ear, Leoti, was swimming along Che lake shore with several friends when the canoe overturned about 50 yards from tihore. The Sunday afternoon mishap spiled an unidimtilied man and ibis two children, a boy about 17 and a girl about 10, into the water. Neither the father or the young girl could swim. Fatrmer swfeim out to the main, (helping him into a boat wMcih had puled up to help in the resicue. He then went to the aid of the teenage son who was tryinig to help the girl who was said to have panicked. The Leoti teenager took tine girl from heir toother arad swiam safely to shore with her. The mishap occurred about p.m. All children in Britain between the ages of 5 and 15 must, by law, attend school or be otherwise educated in a way approved by a government education authority. . if HEARING , is your problem is your BELTONE HEARING AID SERVICE , 11* Wttf Uttrtl StrtM Oil tfoor w«tt «f 6tltr Htcfrk) • M.MM? fO •«« Sll CkwUt Clralimn, mgr. «N repair* for all •!*. SCHLITZ BEER CAN YOU REMEMBE 555-1212? Sure you can. 555-1212. Got it? You've just memorized an important Long Distance number! It's the One-Plus number for Directory Assistance in all distant cities across the nation. Dial 1 + the Area Code** 555-1212. •(If different from your own) It's easy. And there's no extra charge. Southwestern Bel 6-Pak 12-oz. Bottles Pkq. of 2 Ice Cube Trays 68 , Ladies' Sandals PAIR ONLY TOPFROST LEMONADE Frozen 12-oz. Cans FOR FOOD CLUB PEARS No. 2V2 Can Each ONE-QUARTER PORK LOIN Sliced NEW SUMMER HOURS MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 8 am to 10 pm SUNDAYS 9 am to 7 pm

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